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Tuesday, November 7th
Bill Michaels and Gary Ellerson break down the Packers 30-17 loss at home to the Detroit Lions. 

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The Packers being the silver and now it's time to bring this one down my face these. Gold Coast can she go now alone was. Don't Michael's. Was an ugly game. I'll support that that was an ugly game and ugly performance by the Green Bay Packers specifically. All the damage defensive side of the football. The Green Bay Packers defense tonight on third down eight of thirteen they gave up. A pathetic performance while on on the opposite side of the football they were only able to convert two of nine. But Matt I'll let it was an ugly 130 to seventy in the final at Lambeau Field Packers all the Detroit Lions after having a couple of weeks to prepare for this one. And it Gary Ellis analog side I'm bill Michael's broadcasting live altering chock chop house. Here in green today and well let's start our bread and only jury because I thought he looked better this week ago I thought it was more excitement decisive your audience of throw for 245 yards 26 of 3886. Quarterback rating not a touchdown on interception. He did kind of what they wanted him to do was get better. 26 at 3845. Yards and quarterback rating of 86 no touchdowns. Like he did kind of what they want them to do it over the ball over move the football camp. And try to extend if you place but it you know there are some things out in court criticized a Mike McCarthy defensively they suck but I thought Brett Hundley I thought he played pretty well. Sorting and data for you got to look at that look and the Mercury you know bra because that's really what it's all about. It's all about I mean it's all a ball with this guy can get sent around that form. And everybody wants to and I get it. Everybody wants to compare the Green Bay Packers through the very Smart with opera. The Green Bay Packers knew that Bill Belichick is the best vote in either pro bill Bill Archer will go down. As the modern day here's the bar there's nobody else. The exist boatload throughout Portugal with America that so. With that me and say they you know they got rid of all brits it's rare to they've got rid of never got to one up victory you know. Percent percent. They've been left predict that the drop below. They got etc. people dropping all from the year before that it was doubtful they got some expert so yes I mean if you wanna compare to the patriot. So let. But but the pictures are so far in another Stratford and her body don't you go and do it had been there you ran out. Mischief out today it is my part we left but got Damon Pittsburgh. Tom which you know what. I don't live an expert but my. Body bird like that audit work well you know local through. Bit Rothenberg surgically. He could go on an error an acoustic if you were. If you can if you really thought about a mile and an opulent I don't me but I picked. That neutralize QB Green Bay Packers 3547. And the reason why did that representative Peter King GameStop that. Everything is predicated on Iraq is this team with bill. All around Aaron Rodgers well let me about that though Auburn well it looked rather. Dom Capers defense works the best would you have leaked. And normally when you Aaron Rodgers your plea from lethal. Neighbor's Q you can. If you can its cost. You know worked cover for all now Matthew Stafford is pressing. Matthew Stafford never got a cult and never really did know sort of agreement park to witness game. Matthews Deborah had to be at depth. Which he never wants Americans to resolve our lives up more to quarterbacks that acute really three chances. To give it. I don't think he's got twelve bill there are some tips though propaganda blow. So out of a warm or work him back typical after McCarthy. And partly I agree with graphic if you look long term. I think Hartley looked better this week. Then he'd be at its first week in start of football. After that. Keepers is we users don't have a lot of players what you. Players that commitment here so you'll want are going to blame is going to blame a heartbeat this is what happens. We and you you're you're you threw me when you blow your team around. All the quarterback they did the previous report we're well what about Minnesota Gary. What about Minnesota. Well. They've built their team around that he thought the ball and a Mike university reported so we raised an athletic advocate so. Where Vick go look for quarterback it's almost like a plug and play. It's almost like. Don't throw it away. Don't just handed off don't doing things stupid. It's going to be 1417. It's going to be approved game and that's why they can importantly a quarterback so what's your that agreement that. The the Packers again going back to be the season they were expecting him defense hopefully in the top fifteen that would be enough to get here Rogers like within a lot of moves throughout the game that was supposed to be an offense then that propelled you to last year. But you warm building. For rent on the you're building for Aaron Rodgers era and you know. Defensively the east they sell their own right absolutely so I notified either but what about that in every player before. Where retrieve. Although we were like I will that's to broker but I don't know this I'll say this tonight that's Greek mess that went sixty something yards. To grow Riddick yes. That completely opposite lane at the doctor Don capers because I don't know what else going on now. They look at the screen well how do you not know a screen pass an economic well look right attic. It was a perfect play call against corporate blitz here Dom Capers would so that they know what the backside it was count your. Nobody here that's still quite that deep fences nobody knew it was coming. That's down all or what you took a gamble mobile you can take again why I mean you're trying to bring bill up you what you're doing to prepare their blitz at all they were coming at him he blew the bears Ronaldo and it the worst part is he kept blitzing on. And they couldn't get all your your own. Then the guys. I'll admit all night long they connect your home so I don't know. You know it's crazy because I I've done this in Little League coach where are the reported. An odd dollar boondoggle that they go to the way. And it happens as a sort of like which about the divorce it states that the church state back geared at that's helped me a report while it is like. The most which they were you decide that he gets the Joker and do something out on the back there or. War if you'd best mark in eight creative by ticket out of bed I told mr. But if you got a Smart quarterback who fees and stuff covered over here and he checks out. That directly over to you left. They called screenplay. Those things hampered your ticket army I mean I don't know my commitment do you blame on particular chance in the Dow right it's definitely. It's what what would bother me about it was nobody saw it coming. And nobody would recognize we can't see it coming when your doorstep on the other side your dogs are well over there. Ludacris what's covered on on the backside you got. Nobody from the fact probably that's where there's still enough for. That wouldn't replace about the Internet that you didn't it was a it was a great play in the great playback it was almost easier if Detroit knew they know what else they knew what was coming and I was covered up that it unit that did note that rubio. Mid east Africa's through Lawrence river to check out of that whatever they were probably needles are doing all day. And people say well was Beagle get operate you know it's funny. If it's hardly throw the bum out at camp. It's been a Beagle from Wisconsin ought to get the bright line you walk in the Brit was TJ why did you wallet stuffed it in he would have being highlight real and everybody said there had taken TJ -- yeah who want things I've learned over the last. Three weeks ago that you are now about where many records over at all but about many Packers fans. Is my god do you wine that you rock. My god you expect Bradley to the hall of fame quarterback I like O'Donnell saying all my god look at these upon getting madder you gotta go to Joseph Callahan got Callahan gallantly tonight or nine quarters of football and these these are these people already know you've been so spoiled by Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers and all you wanna do is bitch and whine and moan about everything and you know the schemes such not a scheme is it just a load it dumb ass out there. As you wanna bitch about Brad oddly calm on. Bret Holley had nine quarters of football that you party determined to bomb move on that you got Colin peppard Aiken you've got the joke Callahan and every other quarterback people who think up. You gotta give a chance he played better tonight that he did in the a couple of is going to say. Also bolstered forget that they are rogers' first year agreement with six and with the accident right. Soul I don't know what you would be an expert on Huntley era rod sixth in it and help others deal it made four year are trading him. It's always drink now Eric Robert WW starting quarterback from day one had a four year with six and did. I don't know how are you expect more out of Hartley. That you guys are rock eagle six Internet that can be that low Paramount Pictures that you're not a permanent. We'll limit number rail pivot off by a week. But week in and week use except games are wrong that's not gonna operatives and if if if it's. Thicker but it's in rational way that you stubborn thing. What was Aaron Rodgers first record the Green Bay. Fiction written. Slowly roll it. Motorola. With the battle. Our 85583. I wrote about withdrawal now while we're on the Hungary go to him there's a there there we had to get all that initial or rather. We had it all the way 8558308648855830. 864 rate that's an loans by kip count. Told free talk like gives shall we would love to hear from 855830. 86 foray will into the network broadcast portion. Coming up here about four men and elsewhere is right now are only on Milwaukee in a graduate throughout the rest of the state and maybe it was too loose on the app you're tweeting us. Go ahead and start giving this phone calls 8558308648. Jacob is on the south side take a walk in the program and regal post game show. And yet thanks for taking my call. First below. It's gotta say I. I shutter to consider myself a packer fan and I love my Green Bay Packers but when I think about packer fan I kind of shatter the its. It's associated with dummy I mean these people they they think that they're you know what don't think it may know everything. It's I got to stay up social media it was universal to make people just seem oddly sucks he's the reason we lost that game he's the worst ever. Q the deal about how he executed the game plan that was presented to lamps yet I think used 86 quarterback rating thank. Picked up some first downs with a C. Look at that executed the game plan that was presented to them it's not his fault that the game plan presented to them what polluting game plan from the start. McCarthy's scripted the first fifteen plays. They knew it was working pretty well that they got a third and long they ran another you know this crappy little five yard out because he's afraid to let public thrown out. And that really was one of the turning points of the game. Ali I mean I think yet it really really good game tonight all things considered. I look at a guy like Mike McCarthy it's become very apparent to me that air router has made him a lot of money over his career the tension between these two was starting to make a lot more sense. I think we saw a few weeks ago Rogers. You could read his mouthpiece at what do dom police being called after a played at McCarthy are up. If it's probably adapt than that Rodgers gives you check out of Iran played a pass play or vice Versa because. Clearly if they were running a game plan by McCarthy 100% of the time they would be bottom third offs sent the NFL. Even with air routers because he is scared I mean the guy necklace or a lack of a better term. I think McCartney is is proving to be overrated. Especially as far as being an offensive group. If you owed a total of certain grim reality you know home currently being a few Beers all. Let's go favors the coaches and give me the quarterback with. One of Uga won't play that game. Sure. You'll give her favorite little. Bill Belichick amber again I don't know all the. OK if it's if you're Bill Belichick heard it from Brighton. In that case I think it's a little bit of all of our whole agrees to another one. Okay the major Walsh Joseph Montana. Are the political local market it'll no walls no I'm not only do what you want me to do I know you're going with it. We're much more worried that you won't go Martina Brooke for every pitch victim ran really no hit boats. There's warnings from both polls with not a great quarterback. Unless. Unless you've got ray Lewis and bill. One village in which oh right. Well that's great loosen them right. Jon Gruden did it with Brad Jackson. So this whole wall itself. In their home so they're role. Arts were talking head and secondary or almost a hall of Famer or your. Yeah well we're out front tell you there really is unless you already and it's our lives you go deep that you cannot name me. Ray oh we're father let's go our Jimmie Johnson. Right. A bit Jimmie Johnson let out little else the other elements and groups went to Miami right. And have agreed in recording head never read over one year it did Randall got pissed off if you go to ball you're confident. That Jimmy was. The with a particular Wright gave an old attitude than. You cannot name a great a coach without a great quarterback you're one in the same. I am I go ahead and disagree connecting you with that Jimmy John's example he kinda just proved my point. He had a good quarterback and Aikman went to someplace where he you know Marino and on the downside of his career and you couldn't win. Right. Territorial on the downside of his career writing that Denver Broncos didn't win the super ball the second that said that I just the most recent one because they Manning was great you know doubts that is predicted to be difficult element of it we fair violent element. And all you're saying at this point is that that you need to have great players noticeable I don't think that's any revelation. I think he'll hold a regular apple. That's not what I clearly this rigid appreciate the focal bottom line is this early very you have to have a you can ask all day is the cultures the players who re okay the funny thing is is that the coach gets the blame when Mateen Sox players get all the credit one team's great. So okay. I agree that Aaron Rodgers makes his team markedly better after the I think in Cleveland Browns have five wins they have Aaron Rodgers on the T. Thank you very much you know what you should doors article last week I think he did did that article that we. The call lauding the pick our executive millionaire trio the they said the Packers are low it's a publicly. Per month now. OK if you take your right to work your. You know I and I understand it's a big city if you take their most quarterbacks that are really good if you take those quarterbacks soccer team. There are a lot like while we route look at what happened last year when the Oakland Raiders lose their car going your post season got waxed your. It was a quarterback they're done I mean it just it is that it's a fact the quarterback your dog a conical shape for a reason. Far apart we don't front you know by our book I don't I. I don't know necessarily whether it was McCarthy in the play calling I mean there's a couple plays I thought what you do and that end around on third down on the fourth now whether it was stupid you are on code that that was it dominance of Florida who. Now all of that was a dumb call for announced Europe's so there. I don't know why he ran that I agree with that I think there's called the Mike McCarty made it a better. Would you can't just say it's all Aaron Rodgers McCarthy has nothing to do what think you grow. I ended her it's. I think you're just stupid if you do. Because that would in essence what you're saying is that Mike McCarthy. Gets all the blame. And for all the losses and Aaron Rodgers and company had he takes none of it. Nine he has had a bad game you throw a couple Dexia hasn't you know made a couple of every isn't mystical passes what about the beginning of last year it was all McCarthy's fault. You know well Aaron Rodgers off or where Rodgers off or did mark McCarthy can throw the ball away. You know I agree I I get it it's it's at it it's the ultimate team sport. I think that defense sucks and they are not too knowledgeable right now absolutely. I think Dom Capers on a policy I think he's eat real on the hot seat. 85583086. Rate for those that are listening to is on the network. Welcome to the critical post game show Green Bay Packers lose thirty to ten we've been on the air now for about fifteen minutes on our flagship station of hot out of Milwaukee and they you've missed rants and raves screams and you thousand. In all kinds of stuff but if you were all watching that game tonight no matter where it is your are your returning from. It was just thought it was you know I don't even a house to put let's go to Terry listening to a since San Diego State Terri I don't know what's going on. Wouldn't gentleman or. Well yeah. Well let's what Terry back on on hold because Gary's phone is terrible. Terry you need to get in better cells rather upgrade yourself writer let's go to Steve listening to us in Madison on the stone on his own Steve I don't. They see you heard bill I'm out of your seat on the way I go and beat. A lot of boats are idle from Lambeau right now in. It's a lot into deeper and the debenture the last four years riding cover up over and over and over again. As you look at how calmly I'm grip on the ball to people aren't you get out the field on third down. I made it the same old same old I don't know what comparable yeah I don't know the during that. You're looking at first second third round draft pick or last four years they yank it off the field. Completely agree Borger. And let that. That's the issue at an all on the topic and issue with that I'm not the issue McCarthy that's an issue of murky at an issue with the organization. And I would I would agree with that I think the talent I and I don't know what the talent in the last two years has been. And we won't know until it's fully developed but appreciate that phone call but. I said it before I'll say again Ted Thompson does not bring a pro bowler and a year at least one. Yeah where you live by draft to develop and you don't get that guy you're setting your team back three years because what you do in essence. Is give guys three to four years to figured out is that her fourth year they help you out there. On our trip with a brutal you go back. Listens to when Iraqis first guy the quarterback. Position. What do you have the players are they really mobile phone it would serve herald file and Collins. Nick college college was a big loss in the end it's in fuels from Juan Williams but I premiere global players well exemptions or purple or at all. The dog but he was he was pro team he was he would hook up and only connect in this Super Bowl tomorrow we have got a long way we've ever popular global music great. Number two to a counter -- Charles their loved ones prices I don't think it's artistic but I don't think there's air repeat it. A glut the old world header beat you here Roger making. The amount of marijuana to. Applaud Roger. Clay Matthews. Remember remember that year they had all linebackers went down to your guns knicks are low and does it all Malaysia is the only low backer I thought that ruling was. McClain was game change yeah and went back that was play with that guy that was that. Yeah OJ you jet powered artery every little out of the last and BJ raji. Ryan Pickett and paired with draft pretty you know all those bodies that were up there. That rotating upfront in it who's it was all led by the offensive players years Charles Woodson. He was your pro bowler Clinton at you with your pro bowler Nick Collins as well as what you are normally all right partly why. Want. In in that's which unit defensive right. And you had the best year ever doubt at all that. So what are just hope is that they're just they're really had a I estate group for the pro bowler now on defense oddball know what's beauty address. No you brought him as a run of the religions are only took Richard revenue pro bowlers if you every week do research on its plate Matthew. B Jerod for maybe a year. And it got now is that about it about it. About it but thought that now how Lopez. Looked at parliament manipulative and they're doing what you earth and that's what I said if you believe Ted believes that he's got the Sawyer good about Rogers. Eat if it has been. It in we've always said you don't have to have a top ten defense art were rocky now with Aaron Rodgers in the off corporate park like if you go to that way you'd better it's kind of like being a power hitting team. Is the team its way to offenses if your team goes cold you don't score runs as the vertical part that's that's. You build a team to hit home runs you vote you bring in Georgia. A bunch of people wore number power hitter Asia but they're not gonna put the ball players and home runs when they go cold. You're screwed the same thing when you build a team to be all offense and you build a team that doesn't have much the offensively. And you go to team based around a quarterback which a lot of teams that have good quarterbacks are right quarterbacks it's the Smart thing to do right. So that's what they did in and then unfortunately goes down with a knee injury and all the warts and all the blemishes or stroke or for a they're ten times as bad by the way to Marius Randall says tonight we just like at that point blank period Rios like the bed. He's he's actually record holder. 8558308648. Let's go to damn was he too was in Milwaukee game and I do they what's going on. If there long time listener that I'm Pollard. And you and in. Certainly out there and that the bag on the waiting game. Their auto on their arguably one of to retreat that means penalty. We dragged on. That means taking a look at throated there's no one single. Coach or player I'm pulling for how well that played on. Rogers. Destroying life he would that literally means so much out of the Beckett and playing is that all the games on. I I think I didn't dawn. It is and I only heard by the panel on the field but it has the psychological back of their good players where. They got the at bat in my and that. He's not in the game so there is affecting everyone's where I really didn't. That they're motivated. Only. I've been pretty much atrocious so far. You know and not let down you'll at all on your looks scared whenever that anyone in their own news about it. And then I. And little little they might get better because he goes into effect it would be good also. He's getting competent. Again but. Wasn't looking downfield to lock them with yet again on a just threw it good perspective project focal. When he didn't look downfield the date there were guys to a scramble to what they are just kind of running around sort. There weren't guys that might Clemens even leaned over to me it's at the same thing to look at that nobody's open the discount running around an ugly coming back to help them out by that time he's on the run resort island round and it's over. They got it they either got to get open or he as he had to do was checked out over the middle he was not throwing to the outs the don't notice that he's done he's never been comfortable with quick outs he's always been high and forward on the past so they stuck with what. What he does well and that is. Quick over the middle ten yard passes did it cause it let that pass towards the end of the ball game that he hit just before they score they're not there the last estimate the one prior to. He put that right into the window. Now that held a pass or what are our yeah that was a hell the past I mean he did exactly what he's supposed to mean that that right here is what we've seen that Brett on the war. And you've got a flash of it. But they don't go to the outs rule quickly go to the quick outs and let the with a bubble screens the wide receivers and yet he's not comfortable throwing that pass yet. The try to put him on the move a couple of times I didn't like the fact of the putting on the movies try to throw back against the grain I think he has to go home so he wrote while he. He's not go to war and no not yet that there were Brett favre's right. But it is why throne there we just take me but he was better of the deep pass Jordy Nelson the deep pass to divide the atoms which showed up at the month ends fingertips I thought about it pulled up on your but he he threw some really good balls today and that one. I don't know how to call and call pass interference in the clearly Jordan all year to forty org notes if you don't have to grab the guy for you to changes direction for its capability Iran and that's what did it could people's ways not gravity. But if you wrap your arms or the guy changed his position that's pass interference for the experts are correct. What I thought Huntley Huntley threw the ball quicker today was quicker with his decisions and outcomes are. But I I don't think my bread on the was your overall problem and I think if you're really analyzing your defense sucks. If you're on the Green Bay Packers I'm looking myself learn how much defense our leader. We knew that Gordon. 8558308648855830. 86 story it's on the loans wicket dot com poll freaked Auckland gives you shall we would love to hear from your Packers lose thirty to ten when. Defensively and ugly ugly fashion to via Detroit Lions have now won that wasted what it 2001. Bureau. I think Barbara Barbara on our record 1001. So what Detroit comes in gets a win and they walk away smiling football team meanwhile the Packers. While they got to look back and clean open. Whatever other cliche you're throwing there or whatever over load of crap. But to never loves your nevertheless. By the way he packers' first score of the game was a Mason Crosby thirty cars 35 yard field goal weirdest. Real careful here don't read humbly here you wanna get something before. He's been trying to prove. And the strength of the field goal unit so the what inspired grill. I. This specialty fields. That is something you've practiced hard on the practice field played every week but that is remarkable. They got that on in eight seconds courtesy ABA's PM Monday Night Football that's the first for the game rocket by Brian Stratton college. Athletics does offering scholarships six athletic scholarships is matter affecting junior college sports and learn more at PSC bobcats dot com BSE bobcats. Dot com or the critical post game show live from you halting chop house here in Green Bay we've got more right after this. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk and at work. This one turn this is the turning point of the game. Presented by Aurora health care for your life. Back thirty it to the Green Bay Packers they get knocked off by the Detroit Lions at Lambeau Field team and I'm built like a alongside the former backer better imperialism. So the next to me is the Packers not feeling good after this from Mike McCarthy said this was an on bread on the it was on a lot of other things he's absolutely right. Our bread only had a few large pickups democracy wasn't without error right you play terrible game like maybe one claim it is I don't want to look at and the words that we were sitting desperate. Just the eyeball test to what we witnessed a couple weeks ago virtually witnessed tonight. He was a better quarterback now hope the volatile hopefully continues to get better. And build upon that. I'll Wear this game turn well I guess you could pretty much say that Marvin Jones at the twenty partner passed late from Matthew Stafford is her first or the game. That put the lives of seven to nothing in this ball game and that's pretty much yeah I mean you eat you talk about a lot of different things the Packers come back and get a score win their bread oddly it's the one yard run. And in and like was pretty good at that point as you thought OK well. It's twenty to ten maybe the Packers have a little little life a couple of scores and then you had that great big game that's Greek as we've been talking about. And all of a sudden it goes 62 yards and that's that's up the next gore. For the Detroit Lions in before you know it alliance get another one in April 27 and went Margaret Jones eleven yard touchdown pass from Matthew Stafford. And that was pretty much all she wrote so that was your turning point of the game. In an attorney for the game for this one. Always has always brought to buy Aurora health care offering exceptional health care world class doctors and convenience that fits your busy life for our health care. That is for you or lie and that's the turning point. Of the gate give back the phone calls let's go back to Terry who's been on hold listening and saying the secretary welcome the program regal post did you. Are we evening all horrible news and I gotta talk about the DJ. I can heighten the lions do would be of little ball in droves just but it top physical Sunday night game. All against the Steelers. Come in with a third string tackle. Separate at all they'd throw. And they never punter and he scored thirty points and they put up ordered twenty yard and we came up by. And not just about. And our game is about a half years of repeated that the failure. And I don't like this year which I hear from some folks. There's not been enough talent or are we person devoted to the defense electric. Optics in the Durham have gone to could be. If you look at the unit that more and defensive salaries. It galactic and happier. Than they have not that they've spent. A computer that they would number two in the league they've been about how can it be picked for many years. I don't know with Ted can't let you put it. Bobcat coach. Or combination thereof. But there's been no accountability. You don't hear what talking about how when you get fired. Beck I heard coach McCartney as in the last until you've been done paper. What else they and the football coach that he and his tendencies and pressure counted on to vowed to do it he was happy with. Later in the parent coordinators being give it. There's no accountability green not. Well you can continue to feel that the band which has all eleven preferred third starting today that you had it in a bear. Following up with. All at ease right. I can argue look at it and your draft pick you can go back through all you were worthy of a mission straight off. On. The cute that they drafted out of volume Chile. The tone Jones boss. I mean you view your enemy if you go back and look at. You you had a couple of DB that they that we can do things boss. Yeah I mean that there'd been a lot of traffic that he drafted relatively high that these guys have not in doubt you know you're you are exactly right. No doubt about. But what we haven't done is go back and being useful through all these drought. And see who went after these guys to know how do you go vote. But these guys really are or were there is not a whole lot of talent. In that year's draft when he when he got these the tortured. Years reaching. But. That are restored boss. You with a third or fourth carpet the debate it reached our. So yeah I mean that it no no doubt about it definitively. He was he has been horrible. Defensively. I try to plug players. TE gravity in that draft with Tyreke or knee got Clinton Dicks to. Played pretty well until this season and I hooked up again and I don't know what he was doing fiery Thornton will with your four. Perry Thorpe was the third round Karl Bradford was your fourth round linebacker picked. That went Dmitry goats and with the sixth round. That was also accordingly league draft. Richard Rodgers draft upon Adams draft. So only that that wasn't actually relatively of that draft cooperatively about the if you look at me if you look at the draft ever hold your breath the draft. If you look at your we're trying to part of our side we are all her daughter got me go back to 2013 date on Joseph. Our first pick them via bus there. You know he went with a defensive back Micah Hyde who played OK here but they eat they brought him in his corner. And then they had converted safety that it is lower turn speed all the cities like in the world on fire. Josh war it was a defensive end Naipaul was a linebacker Sam Barrington was a linebacker. All those guys that trip their daughter and her relatively. He was OK okay his older pro bowler no no he was okay but I mean still the public you human draft he knows that's a player not a stock. But I'm your guy at that whole group you're number one draft pick up the you know god can get a job right I agree. You know 85583086. Where that's going to take another quick break we'll come back well more regal post game show live here agree veteran activist. All we're not all cars or boats that take a break okay. Let's see here let's do this. Let's go to Joseph listening to us in Georgia Joseph welcome the program whoa. We are going off. Do while Joseph it's undermined. While the Obama okay so. Love my bill why I was here a lot and don't know you're supporter. Keepers I am here by DePaul a week. It's not have a supporter it's that for everybody it is what to say everything Sox had blame everything that's what gets on my nerves that you point out specific things that are bad I can completely agree with you pitches that would give drop blanket statements. A and it's just whining to why it just it just gets old. Because it makes it sound stupid like you don't know what you're talking about. Yeah it definitely I agree. It bothers me all the time I think you're can't do the same way that you can choose well. I don't know DO DI I don't know I. I'm Worcester where support bought you for you from Georgia right. Yeah are you a homework let's go. If I am. I didn't keep this for years. And I I don't know what to do with you more. I think it's I can't imagine. That talent in this bad. On the deep inside the ball away here. He argues in the with these guys don't know where they're. Who who looked I played at a more polish. Oppose you Gary Boyd can't help build up by a bullet for are also heavily. Obama they can but army on wrong you know court by. I would argue that means. It's it's we've heard you inside the ball that doesn't want to attack. When his support you wanna knock someone out wanna it. What you wanted to do it in disciplined man. Increase for your anger and able to do with woes. To the opposing. Offense that you know will the world can say oh. All watch out. I don't know what wha what is the fans and and and I have depending capers for years by. I don't want to do anymore I mean up until the point that. You might you might have to go to KR NC ABN. News or like just not working. Yeah right now UUKI and that that's the most disappointing is you there's there's no way to defend what's going on on the opposite. The warning because the problem that guy. It's it whether it's Marvin Jones and I she's social work with the jaguars remember a few years ago to yours go. Wrong here. But there's. Oh consistently topped the organ would take a quick break a real quick let me just look at this the pro was in the 48 of thirteen defensively on third down. The lions were 62%. For a total of 470. Total net yards today as a matter fact. They held the ball right at that time of possession 3655. To 23 o'clock. Almost a full quarter better than the Packers. That they held on the football the Packers defense is on the field through no fault of their own because it was basically demo couldn't get off the field. That's the app Reuters data that day you don't look any further than that the stats as a matter of fact. Yep Reuters data that they thought you brought to our friends at quail. And they they company just like George implement as it he had Vick got a solutions check about eight PP ROY note dot com. More regal post game show right after this. Ordered to a mortar. Film Michael's voice called network. Packers game is over and now it's time to bring this one down the pace he's. The goal post game show now along with the former Packers and badgers running back Gary hours and here's the. Michael's. Jeff Green Bay Packers knocked off at Lambeau Field by the Detroit Lions in the Packers and not a good day defensively as a matter of fact they'll answer one of these Twitter questions but it appears moment aerials along side. Former packer badger himself while frustration running rampant for everybody so we asked me how many third and longs lines Burton Lake Erie and for five out of 65. Out of six. Of third and seven are better go first or they converted the only one they didn't confer with the third and eleven. They converted a third fourteen at third and 1037 with their intent and third and eight. On the frustrated and yeah and those hurt I mean if you or whatever per warrant. Are you go off the field and in my day right here but somebody. And they come back and you know with it was for the third long frustrating. At a second eighteen. They got a personal I don't know. If referred. Brooke regularly commuted Bogut should typical of Beckham's world where people were bought okay. Give me your top pop culture that you rev Al over McCartney right now. And Dominic who Belichick will know what they always topic who wrote a rhetorical Belichick out on the view view. What they're single Twitter about it. Which Terry Carroll over a car now. Which you take Mike Tomlin over McCartney now which take Sean Payton know where are now. And this is not a lot of people looking at which it. Did you read over McCartney now what does it what you've done what you want with the did it help your kids everywhere that they don't. It only took one team those who rule. That worked over pretty well and it terrible anyway three all you all heard it could do anyway. Our current okay. New word coach Gregg governor waved Sean patent thing is stupid because Sean Payton over the last three seasons where it's evident non you think Mike McCarthy was last year if he went three straight season is 79 matches do investment that is a prisoner of the moment that's adult it. All right so now brick at the top five. Inches guy out Nadal. And got their reasons. That make good. About thirty of them are with the radios with the rain yet. We're gonna accidentally take your normal. Yeah yeah. He's got a game that. I don't look at what dental work mark yeah that's down. Right. Thought I witness witness upfront load. One of the object of all this stuff that you look for a figure me okay mimic mode right now the day. I don't know that I'll say this Andy Reid I don't get here to read. Our our Lugo. Because he was here with Favre was here and everybody loves that in the end everybody wants that in the past that's that's fine with that injury blow that's part of what it every artery. But the week with Mike Tomlin I'm up to you what I've respected Mike Tomlin. His team plays hard. This game defensively it's always played harder do I mean if I had to take somebody that politics might sound right. It's his team's players aren't the only and you've got a guy you want the ball yeah but he's done it would numerous group is Big Ben has missed numerous games. And he's been able to win with other quarter that you are. On his teams play hard I'm like the way he heat basic moves goes after his guys. But he keeps it all behind closed doors too easy to tough coach but he he's he's he's expected. The Pete Carroll think Pete Carroll saying why he's up and down easy you can dictionaries can not make policies were there earlier and earlier it's not right now they're crackdown. So you know Pete Carroll you know I mean they've done a pretty good job they've built over the Clinton it is shipped him chancellor and Richard surety company that senator Carl are still good ago. Etiquette by happy with that that Bobby do you view that the Atlanta. Immediate right did it with my good because that he was built. Defensively the ultimate defense that is the ball. So knowledge yet you laughter Q what they don't have an operative laden when it got the cute. All from law that brought him if that's the right way brown playground portfolio Lebanese don't have an operative line. Thought what Wagner yet Bobby went but that's what she did have to be a lot honestly and as well they would they would critical that people. I know we operate from not a ball I bet he's made it big truck month. What's disappointing about this season. Is the Packers went on equity dial Ahmad Brooks in divine house in the pick these guys up in in. The on council wanted to play but even he said that that thigh injuries a year ago auditory Brooks grabbed it not you've got nothing in this that got McCain and got a lot of he never heard her get here so he's got back spasms prior errors. You know government her I mean it's just it's it's it's. Bizarre but if you look around the DeFeo today. Our law if you wanna fire. It's doubtful we hear. Are at. That the training staff or I'd agree very well you look around interfere right now that a lot of injuries now. We know what they need to fight to hold rating still use text. Particular what you've heard each and every year and are you ready to fire everybody oh. Not only ethical but got a had a quarterback. A lot of things every you know you know what is when you take it that was not content you're ready to fire. The hole right now it seems that every unit that you. I went with a turnover junior earned in Richmond same way with the temperature well. Yet reported non content being the last there he's went down there. How Janet guns or bring out over its him just yet he knows that he goes from Atlanta and they say Atlanta's office sucks because he's not there anymore. At least try to rebuild by Francisco 49 program. Which you'll accounts yet and here so Mike McCarthy. Know they'll be looking at me of what they thought he would give it to you right now. It is gonna happen if not more but I don't think it's gonna happen. Give me another dark days gators up at went through all I challenge you bet. The only ability up. Today if Tumblr. It is our coach. Will not go to our our guys are okay if RB to give a double BUQ. So you got hit it through. You've got a terrible contribute to public figure who. Is that it that's. And Barbara privately do too. No Harbaugh. Harbaugh Harbaugh Baltimore Baltimore and he Harbaugh Baltimore earlier where. Do where you're not right right that instantly coached by men not ignore that there arguable. All the effort we made America report Q&A. So I I think it's going to be tougher approach it does gain. That the doctors thought about it. Yes he did at a club I get two or Madonna Coughlin got one that was yours before about the post season and then he won another. Is that your that they regret they go to work but Obama goes yes. They knocked off the patriots right trees were all we're ready Boston and months ago they beat any Mossad for the nature victory over here you are right correct. Correct. On the road this suitable they won both times at Lambeau Field. That's right yeah yeah. 855 B 3086485. By the trees or love it or Jackson or if we're you know. Well but I thought it by the exchange seemed to throw. Auto what do I thought that's a trade and all but don't call regardless how problems prisoners surrendered those materials that might. I think he's is he a consultant and a coordinator on the that yes you love to objective. They need they need offense as a defense is stellar right you we were there ya know there office squirted with. Meant Nathaniel Hackett. In the defense of corn raised about Walsh Tom watch. Jackson. So. The moving the sticks we gotta give that struggle mr. Reggie about different sort Milwaukee at arsenal. The admirals are fantastic and they they go to it's easy going on over there and that cute kudos to them. Purdue which over moving the sticks. Brought about Milwaukee admirals just about the web Milwaukee admirals dot com it's Milwaukee admirals count Randall Cobb takes 146 yards in the catch and run. It. His complete. 46 yard. And there you go that's also the best in the game brought to by the brick layers and allied craft workers of Wisconsin dress your next project investment business. Lot of the BA CW I doubt or it's BAC WI. Dot org we come back we'll get back to a phone calls wanna hear from you give us your thoughts in his game and about where blame should be laid. Most prominently 855830864885583086. For a Packers take action thirty intent. They fault in Detroit Lions at Lambeau Field more from the pulpit chop house here in Green Bay right after this. Sixteen stations strong the bill might school's sports talk net. Sometimes you gotta stick. And sometimes you gotta hit. Let's find out that it took the game sponsored by boilermakers 107. Building and rebuilding America for over 225. Years but. Plus back to the program thirties and the Packers getting knocked off by the Detroit Lions at Lambeau Field bill Michael alongside serial us all all they chop house here. In Green Bay in as far as the hit of the game goes. That it got eternal. You know I mean defensively they got to feel when they need to an art and over the unfortunate thing was that you'd turn return after her overnight. Beagle had an ice hit the goal line yeah jarred the ball loose today and the turn over but nevertheless. Had a couple of them but you know sport they hit of the game. I hate using these weapons that they very rarely hit the quarterback they had a couple of double turn over go beyond that it wasn't we're out of your defense is just stellar performance tonight. There is no there is no crushing blow local. Eleven against the any Detroit Lions and I think the hardest hit with the head by. That Mike Daniels. We give them. It's. You know. No one else well that is part of the game goes with moto that. Mike Daniels had but that's brought about the boiler makers local auto seven building and rebuilding America for over 200 point guard usually check out the apprenticeship opportunities. At boiler makers one of seven. Dot com that's where the makers wanna seven. Dot com 855830864. U if you wanna get all of us go ahead and do so. The new joke rays have a go in the he Lowrie in the area accomplice. In those days and our guys and they met at the middle and and it went from there so you can actually called Alan Keyes do you know you'd probably do. I'll listen this is go to Jeff was he too was in walk judge Jeff walked into the program was going on. That couple points here Aaliyah. One you know at Hartford but I'm not one yard not by searching. Should it and play it by in the the one opportunity at up you'll early yet know how to make all had to play. But it is kind of like. And the united terrible like I'm sorry it's a great place to go there. But bottom line. You offer it or not if you are on the spot. He's got to eat the right gotta burst Donald. And give them a break it appropriate there that's number one number Q. I'm just in the present and it really. You know. Quarterback with a number applies Alex that. Since tournament to. All of a sudden the guys or what caliber years can't deny that means. You cannot take it away and redesigning Kansas City mr. No this year relative. He's he's done better when you're also talking about Smith is a first round draft choice. And play quite a few years in the NFL worst is Brett Hundley who's played ten quarters in the NFL. I agree with you I'm not I think about that opened by not. That is I'm worked in doubt play. Outfit that nothing well 45 years in San Francisco. We'll what is done in Kansas City. I I don't know is government probably heard it here on the vote. You might have a good year but immediately it's not over yet but are you look at Iraq. You're what is it what would have done and what do you don't seem. Couldn't care that it wasn't much on him they want to play out that you as it got on an earlier flight I'll give you that. But this year you know there were newcomers leaked or whatever they are aren't they died they lost a tough game at Dallas and you know what I mean I I don't think it definitely aren't as open golf considered a unity up or be back at here. Well they are what they are. Although there's a force to be reckoned with in the Q I think they are where they are under good team I don't know through the top dog with a little bit etc. the garbage day instead while. Gary. You've heard here. They are rotten to help lead this team it's not good enough this vote. Are you kidding me. Strict yeah I mean. They would won the game in Minnesota and won the game against cisneros for equality its export our rivalry yeah. Sitting six and one of the bye week things during the click offensively. You know I don't know what to do or to a yup I don't know we are and I'm not by a Philadelphia. Which you've got a lot of people with real values that the Eagles who because they're sitting there with a record they got ballots are like Dallas. With it Vittorio. We'll see what I got there we figured out two in the office line yes they're finally get it together. We're figured out there. But I look. I don't care what your record is you know which you take a team when your record is what is 71 you're on. That's good football team it is. I don't believe tomorrow. There ever know why. There's a lot when he there's a lot of teams we can believe a lot of teams that went on in you know made the postseason are one and guns there. You know it happens. 8558308648855830864. In the for a lot of blame the night as to what's going on this team I guess the most disappointing is. While we did he better play out of Brett Conley. They two weeks you're ready for this defensively they still look back guard Eric thought that they will. And and that's that I really thought you know you start talking about their fur communication better which I think they the world beaters. But I I didn't think we would see this I don't think we would see the inability opulent third down there. The the looking at times that they don't were disposed in the field this was all supposed to beef. It snarf they would not change. Our thought they were a little bit better this week. Thank you don't feel. The reporter like Chinese partner it was terrible it's big terror there. It it's it's an awful watches that are yep no doubt 85583086. Torino loans which if dot com told freaked out like. Let's go to let's see here let's go to just to listen to us in North Carolina just an I you don't. Made it very might look match. Yeah. Tough night to night and though. I wrote put a couple questions but he got. But that offense or spec and everyone talks about the albeit it. But it might you know because people out on putter outcome could make the play called the only plate opposite from cart the whole night in Mike. Was that jet sweep on that port into whatever I feel like that would probably an option now dictated that it though you know a lot. But yeah. That brought. You say OK got it right in your own man. I know another caller it's in the first effective as far as it you know it but the gap that active. Point acting up at all shot on the par sixty. Like sometimes you gotta that the Pope right you don't know won't also effect the entire Al cracked upon law. But got one question for you are got a lot of football expert. What that 87 have to do is packed and there golf. Well you know. This second one I don't even forgive but that first one I mean I don't mean we start wrap your arms literally putting your arms around ago. And changed the way he runs in the course of his movement. That's the epitome of past Ryder. Probably look at the Iowa debate so whatever was indeed. They've been back out. Yeah. It. Don't you. I don't cowboys indoor and it say. About all of that caused so much about it negative that it could talk some basketball on how Connecticut game. To. Do acting. But her about it but. I got to play quarterback who. Got. It right. The fact after a I thought there are quite judge is soon and they go. He joined this AM let's do this. Let let's hear from Mike McCarthy but McCarthy he was at the podium a little while going notes couple minutes long your problem Mike McCarthy brought you by your local picket city stores were Wisconsin's saves on groceries. Here's Mike McCarthy's post in congress are. So they go much. McCarthy after the ball game by the way Mike McCarthy talked about down and distances during that press counter about taking a look at things. They converted a third one. They fell short on third and 12301639. They converted a third and three they fell short on third and two converted. Fell short on third and ten. Converted a third and seven and did not convert on third and eighteen art. So. I understand what he's saying were they long distances to convert. But when you're talking about 301230163. And thirteen third and 123 and eighteen. Then that's that sucks on first and second down. Where he's brighter the right. They or whether or not on your Internet when you take things get out beavers kick off your profits right when you take third and 143 and 103 and 73 103 Nate. Which is all of them were things that Detroit converted all right this with our position. Time of possession was ridiculous and favorite for a bit because right on that go back to write the firm was ahead apps tournament. They did by four quarters 365523. Of them for thirteen minutes better something like almost all quarter fruitful all of your defense was on the field here longer than your rothmans Wallace and without a doubt a citizen right take a quick break we'll come back way from Bret Holley also takes more your phone calls reaction to tonight's loss of the Packers lose 3017. To the Detroit Lions at Lambeau Field say two week or the critical post game show live in Green Bay golfing chop house coming up right after this. Everywhere he's gone soon and the film Michael. Really holy that was played better tonight in. Our great faith in Brent brought that on Islam or is she right now. Well please not going to be all open quarterback you don't have halting quarterbacks usually waiting in the wings. And if they are all open quarterbacks they usually. Don't start out being halted quarterbacks waiting in the wings. So for those or whatever bread on the II think your little off base Brent only did play better tonight deeply great not great. We played better tonight internal ball over threw the ball to a couple of tight windows we saw more decisive decisively specifically the second half down field. But they were in that down and distance situations. Third and long pretty much you're the entire game. When it. Down to a Gary Ellis alongside I'm bill Michaels we're glad to have these part of the critical post game show will come back with a brown these comments. Coming up here shortly if you got a phone call to make you go ahead and shoot to us 85583086488558. Or 86 were yeah. It's tough for packer for youth. Understand. Who were the industrial truly all about when you don't have quarterback you one for the better part thirty years. That's your problem. And then when makes you what they're kind of looks like I think for tomorrow. Black. You you have enough of virtually lock you just been lucky and blessed. To give Aaron Rodgers brought hide Brett Favre. There's not there's not a lot of organizations that can say that I mean I'm thinking goes they'll bring it right. This is what's like to be a browns fan of 49ers fan. You know what's ideal jaguar fans is whatever Raphael and what I wouldn't say that I think it's worth like two. Be a lion fan. They may be a Kansas City fans. Written. Vikings. Because I don't think you're leave a bad out of figures that bad. But I think you're QB I think McCartney darker regard I think you can be 978. Day. That's right peculiar. Europe they're from where if you did have a quarterback. And if you had a year to the try to figure it out. I think they QB. Not a seven they may baby. Bay beat him drop. I don't know AME if you had to say right now that you're gonna start this team next year and you're going to have the same personnel. Led by Chris Huntley. I think Huntley can give it. All lot better. And the team still would be an eight neat. So seven and I type team so there Bure would you have preferred route do. Nurturing direction. OK. First of all sort of let me update. About them all out war. And how Labor Day to make the that sharing between. All. Tony Romo and a precedent. I don't really what I don't know that Prescott it was pretty quarterback when he is an opportune what you want and overall. Only rule is it quarterback to. That was the heartland around. Don't know the art turner route. I don't drop the. Then have to bear with a limited number of years. All those larger outbreaks over government survive. And energized the U failure at number four who took all the pressure off vote neck wrist shot. He first year right. And I don't image Olympics are right then hit a ball put neighbor but they were high rep who took. Mobile comet Turkey if you year. The saudis had to call Jerry Jones golf note bad with it was off. All know until they're absolutely it when they when they would he was gonna take Johnny man zone area. In the instead his son Russell out of his hand and said we are taking Zack Martin we're gonna solidify that tackle position in court position. Because we already went down pick figured out our tackles. We hit Collins or tackle we it's Tyrone Smith our tackle. We are getting killed in the interior Travis Frederick Ottawa's guesses are better we gotta go get this we got to go solidify our guard and they went and got Zack Barton. And then they said OK now we believe we're gonna roll. Now we think we've got something Weil and Tony Romo gets hurt they bring in Ezekiel Lily that ring in that press guide. You know things don't work out for them. Rory there. ESPN's stats and info for quarterbacks on the Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers and start for the Packers since September 27 1992. Those four quarterbacks are a combined three and six. I could. All agree that Sox. It's a pucks at. Him. It's docs. No doubt 8558086. For a report let's take a listen to what. What was said after the ball and I by by Brett Hundley. Is these statements are brought to you by our friends of the grant go business improvement district feel the energy and power. As grand no business dot or grant a great place to grow your business and work. So they go that Cecil Brett Hundley let's do this were willow let's in this regard take a quick break our ugly time to take a break weekly one break in the let's take a break and welcome back in my Clemens is on hold over at Lambeau Field more the griddle post it's directed us. Wisconsin one. Bill Michael's sports talk. Somebody stood out today and that player there that Chile's seventy. Enjoy Chile's twice to a dollar dinner for two today let's see who billing Gary has picked. Actually it's the other critical post game show it to Michael as permanent hearing just a minute you're going a couple of guys as far as the Evian BP became a real cop five catches 58 yards his longest being at 46 yard run. But go to professor said the football when it typically Martinez he was leading tackler today template Martinez continued to press get better ten tackles. He had today also forced a fumble. Today if you'll talk about maybe the guys could possibly be your MVP would you possibly Martinez. While it amounts are about the treatment are doubled the rest of us on yeah. What that Leo quote you on the field less than you call eight seconds. In 82 that I spoke they got out there. Go to our our run of the alcohol bottle at a news snapper. Who added you earlier in the right. Listen this will give his specialty Earth's history. You don't talk about Ron that your old Phillies MVP there was this special teams for the ability to get off the field kick a field goal is eight set exactly that I had. Let's go to Lambeau Field Wear my Clemens is standing by mail Mike why don't body. There really was probably their best player tonight some injuries Bryan Bulaga knee injury they determined he was out of the game before they even took over the locker room. That's not a good sign. Morgan Burnett left the game with a groin injury course he missed several games with a hamstring. The defense is very down right now on the packers' locker room. Just talk to divine the house and he was asked how much this team Aaron Rodgers and here's what Davone outside. And says look into the defense. We have very good Davis it's. Embarrassing many night. Cruises times so out today. Toes in case the stuff we do a better job as players and coaches. Home game gets filtered down. Mr. intra everywhere in the Mega Millions first round second term interest sounds. Guess in this room in the brewer and I opened my new debris they can dig and they can catch the hard dollar throws like. Does this icon the mayor's good throw to catch him in there than live with but no other surface we can't we can live can be. Who reform for now. Snags and missiles. And then the Packers just stop these guys and third down and have a penalty like Mike Daniels. Absolutely not. Absolutely not go to temple but Gomez Konami. You know looking to the ball won't sort. You know rooted at a home itself because we stop them there then. They get short shoe. Would definite goal scorer and out of our so. You know all of my almost into the best to me that's suitor refusal woman holding calls they feel sorry for but nonetheless I can't respond. Singles in school so students and. The alliance support to get the last couple weeks Jim Caldwell saying they practiced at the last couple weeks they just couldn't convert the reds on against this Steelers you know they had over. 400 yards offense I ask former packer now right guard for the lines TJ Lang what's making the difference. You know there's no match progressed we just talked about we've got so fast and often which were touched on opening drive all season and obviously. Talked a lot about it yesterday. The key for us was there and obviously the authors or try to get a lead you know trying to trying to keep them behind us. Being offered him a little bit and and I think we do it bothers you. What made the difference and some of those screens and running plays against it's the success of fifteen and twenty yards. Pick ups tonight. I think we caught him in you know your timing I think. A lot of those screens that Republican office in like they are bringing a lot of pressure so obviously it's. Perfect time to call sunscreens when you know dropping a couple guys on their secondary and freshman quarterback some good timing good excuse. A little emotional for you. It's for game was a little bit you know walking around looking at the statement and know what's the ball's kicked off and started. A focus on job obviously. Stayed out awhile after the game talking to a lot of my former teammates and good to see those guys went. He went for a football team came in here and get back on the right track we're we were able to accomplish it yet it's. They've micro quick before I let you go war what was the move like as far as that you mentioned defensively speaking but the fact they're two weeks to prepare for this and this was the best effort they had. I think there's a question about effort and where these guys heads or that and other got another divisional opponent Mike McCarthy says. I'm not gonna blame Brett coming on this I'm gonna blame performance on third down a bit of blame our defense that you got to put it on how many. There's several balls they're little overthrown it's still not there. Yeah it's it's better but still there are great. Good stuff Mike what doctors nobody appreciated it probably ought to come on our program. On on my local show. Or on the network show you well. We've got Peter case going to be doing better Brian Billick well DP DA Fresenius were very all the programs. That's that's because tomorrow. As ugly area house voted in order reconvene at Chicago's going weekend. Chicago is not a if people. You know they got a good defense the government derivatives. Don't want here. Box the Chicago Bears really our view this thing. Artful. What one more time Packers take on the chin 3017. Time for us to go have a so. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk and at work.