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Sunday, November 19th

Bill Michaels and Gary Ellerson break down the Packers 23-0 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.


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Hackers gained this overt and now it's time to bring this one down my face is the the goal post game show now along with former high. Wee hours and here's the big. They don't Michael's. Ever witnessed it. Hearing greenback at the hall of fame chop house alongside Gary Ellis and I'm bill Michaels this degree the goal post game show and we start out with simply one question Jerry. What the hell was that. Bank shot. Now. You're really united you know. First. All on the commodities. McCarthy. And partly account control of the author and it's all. Change plays on the legislators Europe and on the fitness through. I want to throw for five. A fitness through. I didn't want MacArthur and and it is gain McCartney McCartney gave to. He gave the playbook. Go to work and once they elect while McCartney the if he's in doubt that. He couldn't doubt about it could kick it back. I know there are a lot of people out there obviously you people on the borderline UP blogger complaining. That McCarthy were hit corrupting public the first couple games. You want to see more of Juan. That's what you get if you more you for your quarterback. They're unsure of itself would have to go over well you can see appear particularly really. You're only ready and get better he gets better by what he hears that about weight gain like the every bit afterward if you come down to do all that is what his first start I don't know flip part but. And bailout what quality of Bill McCartney led him the whole league. Are you people that are out there were screaming. At the alt a game plan that would have been defeating a guy like volley we're Hitler. What ought to call the play bucket probably freer Iraq. We'll be. Yours all Hartley drink in place. You saw Harvick for a marriage and your storm duo and all that. And which yeah I'm okay were. I am moving forward they would have to happen is probably have to learn from it. Preventing an effort when it lifted bay fumble at first it was very hard for him carry. Our young rookie that's gonna happen we got young guys like that who never visited never bit or are they report measures indicative of that. Our Jason brave today claiming to not play well with that remotely look better when he's got up to. We. And bought stuff well he's a column. Out of every he's not up through in a pair of beat he's not there yet so that connect. You're three players. Right now that played on. The operative and a year. Ago. Gave partly a lot of time. If their years he shifted northward go full wallet for them so. The odds that if Roy you people who want to McCartney here on the playbook he gave them. I guess now we're Tuesday night yours is the bringing Kelly on the wrong thing and first of all my question is why. Why why Audrey. Walker oh he's not doing well right because partly it's not what you thought you going to be. Partly. Partly it's not a good that would that right highly doubt in their quarterback. Tell him some sort of like. Line is this for those who want to see your ballot and use your seasons eve it was Iran watch whose stories she's done anyway tomorrow matter remark and what you have to hope fortunately usually enough to be able to trade. Correct so you you don't do value your product by then managing human hoping that continent they can better correct that this guy gets better correct it got the rest of the season make him make a name for itself so it it's of the children or our budget that any category there were correct because if you mentioned that why would anyone else want correct. So that the figures that in your squad and allied tribunal and I wake about that fall and quicker through my head record so I like Ike yet that that you know why because the financial world if we get screwed drive through we go to the next drive we drive through Lisa wanted to win that we wanted to one for one right now our base and it would look at or play. As we go yeah I got it and also you've been spoiled by open quarterback play for pointless years there and anything you see out there last and that's not measure up so I understand all that. But this was a crap you know. I mean they basically just partly could make a decision offered through Europe are not going to let. You can't put defense on him for where were our defense played well you can't blame this on the defense. But this was a crapshoot oh you've got in offensive line became missive. I to Mike McCarthy please use our playbook that says the wildcat in anywhere in the water run there I saw one tournament. But we're 11. What 12 bipolar reporter don't blow whatever well yeah which was just terrible warm seat they they ranch not rip it would -- Europe you read you know partly to have the direct. I want. Mirror or give it the right back to her into her actions they take the old they were in the hour I'll take anything out of this summit take out that when it went Eric Jones comes back are you don't want to put on route through. You got a pretty good run it all is a dangerous jobs you discovered so yeah. So unhappy was that week. You know severe answer the question what was what that was the that's the thing they're gonna come back on my part. Is going to be him getting pounding the podium. And condescending to the media it was who was asking all the questions that people wanted to know. When he was talking about it on the when he was talking about Japanese when he was talking about Romo who's you know he said. You know last year of highly successful football so he labeled himself give credit there Rodgers anybody else he took credit for. Among highly successful football coach B was it okay you wash your quarterback will be highly successful football coach as but it would do. And that he got kind of crappy with the media and he said it right Huntley he's been here three years I've invested three years kind of cool Mike McCarthy's quarterback school. It is what you get. If you click on that's it that's like you tell us for years years years behind closed doors your building for our. Her buildings up you've got something going on you put these together he took what was makeshift Carla play to put the fenders on injured in this that ethics roar of the Roger OK here we go. Let's go wait fort and it comes out. It dies right their right there on a story that's what. Bradley's got a don't you put on like that three years that's where it I don't expect on we'd be out by any stretch of the imagination. And he can't live up all of the quarterback it's a terrible thing even have to be put in that situation. With summit decision making it seven his throwing across his body has some audience it immediate or somewhere Gary said Brett don't do that don't want anymore. I'm sure the image of Islam which. McCartney. Were. You know anybody or make or reading about. If Jeff shepherd pepper effort out of California yes. What what they're not all what about the payment yeah. No I don't because report that number going. But these report a huge numbers on. The rap mogul guy. Mechanically they are bad because your effort bought these guys hold on certain where they're. There's some you of people out there that the McCarthy you're there where all we hear rock and I disagree. I told him he that he had a lot more raw talent. Right but I. And I think a lot of people I mean they're Rogers you all of bond himself and that can be order from the Q bit. And so. We would not talk about that brought you last week. There is not a highly successful pick vote that doesn't have well polished off or Paula for an autograph right. But one thing. Slaughter I don't know watch how McCartney yeah value. Haven't Rogers. The primary and they're not gonna not like one thing. My point being is I agree with the differences Mike McCarthy is the one on the podium put out there and he never sat that you are and said hey. I'm a successful football coach but I have to work hand in hand with a whole new quarterback all right you know he took credit. I had he not. Does that you put himself in that quarter mil wee sing it's today it worked because here did it he said it yeah he put himself record our art our finger from a lot like no problem where a lot we renewed the problem. We use politics. I would we've got to what are called the rebate rounds of potluck and all that holy crap. Stick around it's 5580864. Rated by 3086. For rate that's the load quite yet to account all three to Auckland Buick U usage out Olympic. Record went there. Yeah. Item you'd write blood. Oh. If you get all was well we could do so let's go to Jules listening to a themselves jewel of the program. Would. About a beleaguered and Jill Carroll and the Packers need to go to air because I am not a leader. It hardly it and near that seduce you. We don't need to let him make mistakes because he's the quarterback of the future that you recorder for the future first round pick the guys that they're trying to get reps did inaugural. Okay we're all used to do is not lose some new portable game. Last week people give him credit because the result but I don't think he played laden made one nice start to divided on the silent otherwise would be a running game. He needs to you next three games at deterred or expect from the Wear and by Cleveland. And yet the game I've ever. You need to win those games so at least fifteen if rat is in combat it are pathetic if you go for the year that it doesn't matter but it does its answer in the back. That's why you need to win these games if they're five and eight. Week fifteen an act of regret is accurate injury by they have seven wind which which he doesn't lose the game you can't give him the what do you that a playmaker in that game. He's taking sex and throwing expected to get it expects. OK but cultural picks this year so they're okay you're trying to make plays both expected doing all. He knew that he bets that because cattle and better but because you know you can't win with hardly sources fuel you haven't Callahan may lead and went to our next week. You know that you're devaluing the guys you're trying to trading off season that doesn't matter. You're gonna get less than mr. itself bicker about right no big stretch of five. You know I can give that is sinister threat now. They're nothing to bench him you're not getting anything for him. Also as got to cut your losses because he's in that. Everyone has seen the tape on them and initially at would it be a blessing in disguise he's gonna put the good thing about it that you get second third outfit forum. Now you lucky to get the seventh but he got to work back up to get a fifth forum and I don't see it in it get just aggressions. That in order so the ball wade of Norma run he just doesn't look at me saying well. And so acute you have Caroline that he does something well that the Packers and try to went way. I disagree written in world agreed to three other got to play well I think you guys the Harley through all. There's like Iran with 62 in his first year on through there. Here's what we saw Brett Favre throw your units are the year you went through that and I've seen these guys that can develop. I think you've got to give the arching it to come back and figure out what are your wrong go through technical meeting. Entered a woody you're wrong and try to read something from them back you've got to give him watching it to correct the moment. I I don't this. I I don't see a lot of backup quarterbacks coming in and taken thirteen if if all the minimum quarterback ticket thirteen to play. Now if you go to to promote the friendship that that could happen. If not you plug and play quarterback but green beret photography Richard not let him play but if you're not that long he can too when the game. Appreciate the wrong call for Robert Merck nor the game brought by Brian Stratton college athletics offering athletic scholarships to six junior college sports. Learn more at BSE bobcats got John here's the Packers were escorted. A lot that Andy. They shocked. Avid they are shocked that brought you by bright Stratton college that. They're sucked them nightly live right now on the albums are. This. Est class a mama how successful control could coax. That statement here. Brought to a price for a college athletics Rea Atlantic states. Are just listening course by the senate to. Yeah. It all goes. As well. You know you know what I want what's that I do really worked their non which by. I can't wait to being to be over. Mike in you know repair. This is the future holds. Icrc the fact remains would be fitted and if you look at the numbers. A year ago how. Much where the other way you know like you did not yet it would be elected and not years. Is let's just let's if that's if you're gonna Volvo guys let's roll the dice. Lets you go far. If you look at it rather ill. Got my my the content of grocery bill does like that don't groceries. That you don't. You got spoiled gotten lucky to have these guys are electrical connector tournament. If you if you think if you look at other organizations without the felt real and here are your mother. All Packers beat tractors were a bummer is that we you know what. Net profit locked up. And drafting error rock knows him he failed to that theory that. With no thought that if don't want it to how hard it is to win a B you know fell. Look at all the 32 other organizations. In the NFL. And tell me. Harassment sustained success but agreement. It's almost if it's embarrassing. To me it's embarrassing. She packer president. The way they are. And it's gonna happen. It's gonna happen. We're gonna go through right critical law sparked our remote forest grad remote from the audience but it looked over the credit if you would talk. Audit and led by. I would regrow. It's gonna come a time when it's gonna happen and you're with the dramatic element are you going to happen mark my word. 85583086488558308648. About a way to learn more about Brian Stratton college and bobcat athletics but of the SE bobcats. Dot com or take a quick break and come back that more your phone calls lines are lit up and you're John that you can do so I'm rarely 855830864. 8558308648855830864. Its regal post in July here in Green Bay Packers beaten 23. And nothing like today at Lambeau Field more to this. Everywhere you Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. This one turn this is the turning point of the game. Presented by Iran. Healthcare for your life. The programme it's in the post game show broadcast live all of his job out here in Green Bay I'm bill Michael's burial is the former backer vigilance 23. That nothing the Packers blanket all. A game that I thought they can win 2070. And I can't believe I've bought into what the Packers did last week that the offense played pretty well against the east it. Bears defense that it not be giving up points with five weeks prior to that. I really thought differently had little bit mode you know you kind of view if for energy that bill did I I did didn't you I did and man I was. Which you see how shaky that is I was wrong who don't know are you really were you saw what you saw. My. You've done it before you see how should you it is when you got a young quarterback like that. And he threw their victory in zone and it felt like the blood in your birth right I mean and that's all guys they're young. They had on a threat like that that you look at the company's local agencies you know you're are trying to understand how gusting to go to Augusta and the he is heading in on a rail like there's a lot since you saw what you saw. I don't deny what you thought about first report spotlights. At an all of that he wrote that and it looked like. The lead with his tablet can never really gained it back. Our Chicago from Mike Singletary. Were we gonna go we have to meet with the their records Brit you have what you call it you'd do. I give mark a lot of credit for donor. Most guys motor coaches can't come back over that and the Beaufort rugged. It will it will everything back. Mike into this. Our nerve Ottawa calling your equipment your view on his own regular you know let them tell them that not first heard you know oh I don't I am Mike and I am. VO I am in my current here all day reach the two. Wouldn't. I've. Ever we are very popular. I. Disagree. With you because the court. Subsidies where it's coming on the court the is because it would Otto here while we're there now that they Canterbury that's fine. Thought about the we do and that occurred among the well what what god you don't go go. Get our commitment commitment to. It's ought to you know who told us arts are told that sees it if you're ready. You eat only but he. What the best way Bart Starr you. Afterward what vote you're in the blood started in 1952. That's the way that you want on what. Godless that's all about low blood stock Bartolo when he unethical medical records that the. And you've won a football player yeah right I mean whatever you were. I mean. That's Bart let mark be mark. You might mean completely separate if both wanna brag on. Auld mug congressman you I'll. Let go all the bit about the. That is new. Turning point of the game it's rocked by a roaring health care offering exceptional care world class doctors QB is it that you were busy life to Rory health care for your life turning point of the game. Right Ali was about to go to the end zone and that the pit. It does not get down. Until June 8. In the broadcast the. Interception and a big mistake made by only. Everything right there was Roland they were moving in the right direction they look impressive. Are either tweeted out at that point Gary while. Who we ask god I thought he came out with complete command of the offense I was extremely impressed. And then the pick and everything went downhill from there that's brought to buy Aurora health care offering exceptional health care world class doctors. He beats it fits your busy life Aurora health care it is for your life let's get back to the phone call says that by the way. Well as the the nice tones of we're but he can harm your parents CBS sports. Their very you got him to give you should be Paramount goal certainly all warning you if you're correct when our way. You can really help out yeah environment the laws about Nolan while the ball. Policy here we've got to Tyler listening to which it weighs Dallas Tyler welcome the program in the critical post it notes up. They got about regard com. We had been Alden and you know I. Are off. You know all I don't think the Packers shouldn't apply and I hope they all try to get a big line. And at that you. We are now you have occupied you know now you you odd ball I put Aaron. Roger you're you year due to a year and I am due any of our regional. And restart and had I will all. Be fired players that be accurate at the start a new guys. To me while I happen or you're right definitely. You are all the future you'll want to even. The yen and are doing or are you actually got are getting our team yeah I am. Role player a whole team together. Projected I'll call 85583086. Way I look I agree with you Garrett my I think my McCourt the does well with what he's had beaten and it by the way for those that say it's a disgrace to only have two who rules you brightness that. They committed numerous NFC championship games in 2014. Johnson didn't (%expletive) away that game with the it was dual layers it was the coaches it was a couple of bad mistakes but Ted Thompson headed up that it had they won that game I firmly believe that when another Super Bowl sure. Could that that was that was not that was on intentional say Ted and fortify this team has that anything over the years because he passed. That's rustic pepper tablet right now. You've got like I said you got some of these guys are. When I mean it is beautiful but left Paula want everybody gone. If it. Is that the right thing to do. If you can talk about with Aaron Rodgers in his prime. Change everything up like that on him all the things like if he wants that's Dario the body yeah. Start all over he wants to reach out. Is that the right thing to do right now where. They are Rodgers to start the order of and are coming about Fran. I don't know if I would mr. Ralph reboot the what you want to do. That's a great question. Because it took. A couple of years even after Peyton Manning who's Smart who's anybody know Peyton Manning's skills that diminished. But Peyton Manning it was who ruled the best years with physical ability he wanted to the year after when they actually built the defense around her. So it because they keep is the highest rate office in football. It catches it real by Seattle in new York and took him a couple years back that. Now granted he changed teams we went into a different system is basically they cater to him. So whoever would if they would indeed say blow out people they have to cater to what Iraq Rodgers does that he would have become part of that decision but. I don't forget you also had a quarterback in John Elway and maybe talk that the Indians that it will do this for you right right so it's a completely different circumstance. You know Tony Dungy went after group left and wanna struggle but not on defense right you know. I mean all these teams that go on it and head coaching change it within an office that one on the. Right. So that's what you would have to look at the one who so let's say you used to but it might have gone all of it going this year. Who whoever that coach right now. If you would have to be your that you're you're not Reagan and pharmacists know. After a coordinated from some of the things you would your lawyer Barack I don't know that worked so well what does coach right now. That's on the hot seat that you'd think you bring him here. And they do what we're rod. The only way that would he sees somebody that's the eighties that's with Roger's office system now states here god I don't know its inaugural folk don't want their they want everybody go to. You have to know where to go to the oh I get that. You you're not a phone call while you're not a hatred you know what's not their fault and everybody go download on paper don't want anybody from total of one about ago. Let let the American agreed to give the folks are thought to ask you where or what what guys. Out there right now. And not an outward face has to be a head coach. All that's permanent. And you can make note of it. That's the vehicle right now that's kind of cute about that that would be good it yeah that that's that's and I. I cutesy here like Tony Dungy I think that that's the good and now that you've made him with Tony Dungy went in got a job by the person totally under the agreement uplift what's they would example. From Oakland indicated that there group root root for therefore got a efforts to got to cut it you were a group needed to the rookies in the youth and veterans and any entity that yes. As of today right Tony Dungy took the body as quarterbacks. Bill to defense round match I think it worked well what they are are thought then that gruden though the end you because if you that Merrill amount about the crime took Dutch guys that you want the Europe that don't you think you. You know basic and won't won't quarterback at all ally and went and won and local political organize it OGU whoever thought that I and over. And make your virtual reporter read it well at all they were eased down there where there was these days bailed out. 855830. Or very little 855830864. Alone like that accountable for talk like. Let's do this take a quick break we got Moses bill Roger our guys thousands all adults and two more than go wire or the critical post interactive. Wisconsin one. Bill Michael's sports talk. In this one but someone had the best hands of the game. Sponsored by the brick layers and allied craft workers in Wisconsin there is a best hands in the business. Packers. They don't even did this or reported a 23 to nothing shut out by the Baltimore Ravens at Lambeau Field on bill Michael's alongside cereal is we're broadcasting live at the all of may chop house formerly the Brett Favre State Council and chop house here in green it Green Bay behind. Stadium viewed just a block and a half down the street from Lambeau Field to a stop by and say hi to his time now for the best hands in the game. Thirty yard reception Huntley Dovonte. We drive here it is. Dovonte with the thirty yard reception red high doses of pretty solid opening drive was well scripted drive Brantley look pretty good month and a look pretty good. They moved the ball right down the field in one of the bigger place in that. With the Dovonte Adams catch thirty yarder was brought you by the brick layers and allied craft workers was content. It is you can trust your next project in the best hands in the business law out on the BA CW ride dot org and his BA CW guy. Dot org let's get back of the phone calls if you will and they get back into Moses listening to us in received both his welcome program. Oh boy it. What's up Moses. F I F and popped higher and yes I am one of those people Gary. I would agree easier but on the planet and it snapped disagree. I think that this is an all out in time or we can possibly get a guy like judgment in who you look at. You know we've got coaching in New Orleans that Shawn was his term patent. I think he's the next Sean Payton he started off in Denver for you know as a head coach. And you know things kind of fell apart there with a hook and people think that was a Smart move he shouldn't give. Get any you know decision making ability when it comes the general manager. But. I think that eligible has the unique opportunity or has that sound you. Bring in the next filled out check and then at the 1 team that I am continuously jealous about. And I think that Aron had a really strong relationship with Tom Brady. Though he would be on board with that and he would be you know kind of involvement saying OK okay I'm ready says. The kind of make it's changing and we can turn this thing around back look at what's on the mayor on. In in Los Angeles I think it's it's a good move by Gary you could tell me why I'm wrong. You know. The fifth and. Years he took four at the heat it up brio. The UK Sharma very. You know flu but with a bogey at Shawmut back. How many years thanks to their political analysts on the very every two years. An effort to gloat but to rotate through physical product I like them being the Josh McDaniels. Arguments operated on Jive Records Johnson scored QB he. It's hot it's it's the approach you gotta give it in a very. If you're. No matter what happened and beverage that's kind of removed from below or whoever titled god succinctly. I think yards yet I think yard problems to a you know what he wrong endeavor and now probably would do a little bit different. If you were to his coat. I. The one thing and I was listening to the NFL network writing but today they were talking about. Josh we you know and the one thing that they kept talking about Oilers. Coaching trees but what if you reach Purdue's look at all the different coaches that came out from underneath and he read which you know Murray home regard or no from Bill Walsh. Bill Belichick has its hero role as cold out and successfully National Football League because he does it all. He has a methodology he has respect when guys try to go beat Bill Belichick the key do it's it's it's not there. Yeah let's sit there and in that's the one thing there are people say he's hot commodity that's great email alert today. So much to take a chance on my idol I don't doubt that I choose. I would be a little leery because that coaching tree is not produced any room Conroe chip for our review it would you say well a regular. It's a while ago. Because bill what we'll ordered him or market a new and yet what we're not afraid of don't want to stay in. It's all ready Buell objective right how he'd make it look so easy right I mean. If you pick up the greatest players geography if you think that the greatest NBA players that you've ever seen. Live. That's about it. Don't know what their income and where are you done. I mean the whole thing off he made the team how he put it on. Some guys happen to. What hasn't acknowledged that he suggested that perceive think and here's the other thing when he. Because you're right when you rise a point he said well. Josh McDaniel was train wreck he's one orchestrated Jay Cutler deal it really never in doubt evidence quarterbacks it's it took me many and so on and on. Bill Belichick's not that he's got it's got total control there. So you can you're not asking you want Bill Belichick but you're not getting Bill Belichick you're already handcuffing the guy that you say should be the next Bill Belichick because of that coaching tree. And if so where it's not to say. What's a guy Houston now that he came from go to victory O'Brien is in some ways bill O'Brien with both of these that next guy. From your culture. Left left left him left. New England with a period state game terrorism recognize that around a little weird at the goat used you will be that guy brought. She quipped you'll O'Brien though. And it is the other point is this is. He's gonna bring instantly it's gonna give him as much per hour now more than him. Is it that has not nearly as Eliot wolf goes that is illegal gonna bring in somebody that I'd have as much if not more found him where you've got. Not arming. The senate and not you Uga Uga you earlier first gig you know what ails the power you guard earlier you are wrote while ago local partner got those three guys. Whatever shakes out and you probably got to on or sit out there that's okay where factor because you know Dorsey was one that write one of the best out there were expensive doctor that's that's absolutely right here for people. That could be in. 85583086485583086. Worry that's in the long like if I accountable free to Auckland Packers to 223 zip. We got a lot more yet to go state to where it takes more focused we combat we are broadcasting live altering chop house here in green today. Isn't likely where we're trying to answer the question that is. Probably the most prominent question BS wrote this it was not to be on packer nation is what the hell was that more runner in this. You're listening to go there. Bill might school's sports talk network. After every Packers game there's only one place to clean the fans bill Michaels and former packer Jerry Ellison takes your calls after every day. Sometimes you gotta step dad and sometimes you gotta say. Let's find out that it took the game sponsored by boilermakers 107. Building and rebuilding America for over 225. Years. Lot of Mac. Real post game show Packers take election 23 to nothing area was alongside the former packer backer though Michaels were in Green Bay lively Green Bay. Block and a half away from Lambeau Field redundancy if you'll find is it's the whole thing chop house that are those reports take off from years ago. Stop on by in it's an occupation the crowd here they're sick tonight Gary beverages are flowing heavily use. People like to forget about this at the game torn through that the Packers didn't like it. You really blame them. Ya know I know you're well all right and that you know what you know. Interpreters. Are times that we've been here there is property route here I think they're the death. Yeah we in this opener there's there's open there's. It's of people came in earlier and they said were all great we listened to show right. And in her opening statement of what the hell was that only project that we've been asking. Rang true in Indy they toasted if you notice they took they re appeared less. We have her work says is yes you knew they had a lot of delays along the way they're they're him on the waitresses or they're. Yeah they go up bottle I hit a game let's do that because the guy that well played pretty well that and getting her team. Then come back though with a hamstring injury I Clay Matthews. Here's the hit of the game brought by the automakers local one of seven. Yeah. It's time for the season. And apply the money it's the field. Matthews gave for the right pairing with pressure from the left Matthews no word ago when he takes him down in the area evidence brought by the board makers look one of seven building or rebuilding America. For over 225. Years Jack up their friendship opportunities at boiler makers 107. That can't. Let's do this let's get back to the phone calls Lotta people holed that we apologize because we're talking to a doctor Wright for awhile but that's OK let's go to bill and add. Actually bill welcome. Program. And you know within its. Probably the biggest city close to me. I don't look at this see anybody get fired whispers which have but one thing I would say I would hope. That Ted Thompson might with currency. You could help you know horrible. Because they have been very very arrogant from my perspective. What anybody in the press this question what they're doing. There in fact that position it is it's obsolete in about this in its people. That's the only complaint I really I mean curious you said it's a typical. Task that was successful themselves. In understanding that this should be a little bit more humble. In their success at that's since. Like them and well we're. Well you know what and when that wouldn't McCarthy would bet I am I at least successful head coach. And when somebody questioned him about kept predicting his response was it it would that was uncalled for. These people are asking questions. And I don't think that maybe he responded. It took me it was really disgraceful. And along the levee that was that if the that you probably don't do this if you on the oil crack for him which is absolutely great appreciate that. But. Usually it's to ensure that to. Popovich. Our media when they adrift in the U. I'll call at least you can go to our lives and be sure sure here are the good. You know Belcher and if your what are numerous ring miss their initiative that nick Sabin. When you but he's got the worse. Or down what you would take them out of MacArthur is really great fortress well if you look hard. On the view I'm giving you the worst of the work. Doug Dolly now. I would I would I would agree with you sit with the usual and I thought about their abuse aggravated the media how things have changed rock. I mean we can go to Atlanta we go to Dallas and we we have got a cart block where we wanna go with that thought that bill. We come agree that we. They change it your outlook Buick. Mean threat or. Partner I'd give it a day that you got to hear it was like you don't think. They're not. As bad as most people they. They have Israeli. That's the reason they don't build project outlook for the well Rocco what ones that you're that you know where a mere. Bill bill bill he's not his fifth one day and it's like they blew up ring no I is that what might. And on like you look bring him back together a walker and you if you think that really diet that goto. I mean don't don't guard men and greens as an ample food and shut down. You're thinking of your wedding that would be much more apt. You know what though here's the thing win when you're on top of the mountain and you look down the people below you you give them that grief. So be it. People's that where you've got that you got cred sure but people can't. Wait for you follow them mountain network group line and that's and I think you are very well I think our caller there but I think that this point are to its pitchforks and your fire into what you are really their corporate law where the car that's that where they are in the dollars and waved their hair or actually there's a similar Bill Belichick. Our armed with Bill Belichick when he takes it tumbled volley to Albert he's gone that's just doesn't work anymore that these people don't burn him around to but but he'll run off with missiles and rocket that your. So anyway we've got another hour yet to go because this we're still asking the question what I was at that that was that was a dumpster fire out of here Julio. That was his bat we are broadcasting live here in Green Bay a block and heavily from Lambeau Field with a massacre happened that day 23 enough you what you what you more. What would it play out Chamorro is. Well do it yet you available. More. Of the I agree with you aren't already thought about that out of duct artist so little for don't quietly while ago. But rebel yell. Uncle and I still believe in what part of August. Setting itself up. This level. Anger hate ridicule right now. Backers get like 23 the level of another hour yet to order here for that coach Brittany here for the quarterback. Age of he would get popcorn ready. Florida this. Border to border. Film Michael's voice talking network. Hackers gained this overt and now it's time to bring this one down let's face these. In goal post game show now along with former pac. Tillerson. Michael's. At Lambeau Field the Green Bay Packers get knocked off by the Baltimore Ravens 23 to nothing record goes to five and five on the season. Good evening everyone we are broadcasting live the ultimate job how's your green today. Gary eligible for packer backer alongside bill Michaels we're watch an ample Wafer level that would Lawrence the stadium view. You know where it is to track it down. But this season face the crowd the crowd here tonight with not a lot of happy Packers the Packers played about as our league game could possibly play offensively. And we've been trying to answer the question what the hell was that. All afternoon in the mean time. I won't hear from my McCarty coming up here shortly Waltz in here from Brett partly coming up here shortly what it is the statistics in this game Gary. The Packers today. All on third down. War worth 31%. For a thirteen they were by the way one of four. So there were five for 71. Of four on fourth down Mike McCarthy went for numerous times you know. They weren't successful long meanwhile. This is the one where you can't complain about Dom Capers defense. Three of fourteen the ravens were on third down for only 21%. That's all they can convert today the defense was now. It wasn't a bad day he would defense defense Joseph Donnelly 58 total yards of rushing. 219. Total yards of office. 161. Yards passing for Joseph Flacco 109. Yards. Four up right oddly 265 total yards from the Green Bay Packers. But he. She's obviously not an he just was not weekdays better I read only 2136239. Yards. Quarterback rating of 43 point 63 picks on the day Joseph Flacco 2228. Conservative 183 yard touchdown picked. Quarterback rating of ninety point nine. What Packard defensively did their job offensively it was turnover after turnover after her two picks. Three picks and they really with toothpicks early on that a fumble your first three drives that you never gonna be your own way after that nor it's software and then from your. You know when your turn Bobble locker room. From tomorrow. That is the has stats of the day and that is Roger budget threads that app Roy they make it simple company just like you were to implement SEP a big data solutions. Ignite your future at a Froyo go to eight PP ROY yo dot com that's eight PP ROY yo. Dot com plenty of people on hold let's start out like all right away Dan in receipt Dan. Welcomes the program was going on. Hello Dan. And wants it twice eagle. A lot of people Gary China and India it would I know you're would've blown up by your loan out your well. Both lieutenant then it but he could bit darker maybe that's received little bit off we went over the phone call with your thing but this one's from Larry there's note here from Matt Martin another one from John sit guys give us your honest opinion. What do you think of Mike McCarthy's play caller. Well my motto of the fifth number I thought it was great and and I do Connecticut down with the bill that would block that's about it in awhile and then there's a lot. You want to run while there would Iraq. You know because you take a lot of golf lately your your vote that thing. That thing through. But for the most part I thought it was fine I thought the play call with great. You know there are likely they McCarthy got 100%. Apart like what McCarthy the work he gave hotly ownership of the opera. You call it you'd do whatever happen now ruled with. They're built their goal back now partly M McCarthy they'll they'll look at all the state of the day no break at all down who can see everything. Would you do if you will play Nicole Ari got into. I thought there sometimes revue with breaking containing. Receive prevent a better job back. Obviously that would much bigger like a short work when Iran quarterback. Replace broke down but I think they're all all wrong that are accurate figure. What you're seeing is a segment from work being perhaps. So while you then probably have at all the bill. That he. And kind of what Rumsfeld will. No doubt got to go back there you gotta fixer you've got to learn its roots here in Pittsburgh victory expert. Let's go let's go. That's been really test them on hall Paul McCartney and you know that you feel now part of this office the deputy repeat victory. 8558308648855. V hero but what about Spiegel is there will be over the Obi who now Google. Now there are no movement you calls that you know. None of it. There you know. And see a lot of you know replace its people you know. I you know what between its Beagle my trees Adams. Do we go next year your release you've gotten it right you see a little bit this year but you know you're really kind of waiting for walks season or bury him. All that kind of stuff to see what's going on me this year and so group of eight. Today I became a believer in the Minnesota Vikings point fortunately knock off the red river we've football team coming it I thought the cardinals' regular team Texans beat them at home. 31 point. And the giants got to win the home being one of the best teams if he can that he walked out there so I it is the season anything can happen. Period it has right now Cincinnati that socks there on the road in the Denver beating Rocco you can set your arm. We're both hosting the benefits I don't know where were brought over Europe and their 362 weeks ago. Another wrote in Denver historically awful and here for to get through Buick Theo and I think him flip through now for the year here chancellor is out for the unit announcing yesterday they laugh they laughs are at Sharma and us you just chancellor. Wrote house of software bought from the right that lost them it's not Allegiant movements legion who and that's where does that. And that's where you're very lucky and we gave defense and within that they loft through the bird before word via. 8558308648558308648. Leaked book boom to it anymore. Emily says that it Beagle was you know one of the sacks today Perry show little flash his name was called right there on just simply saying as far as like. You'll be timeout values language but he played oldest dog yeah our cigarettes are probably well. Ryan Matt Ryan yeah urging graphic right yeah right yeah it's seven tackles obviously won't really tee is continues to prescient to tackle for loss eight tackles and they let the team. I I like to thank you John Jones that is headed there quite a bit today hot chocolate Dicks with a little bit better today. You had another sack from the fact the flowery. On Clay Matthews got one today gave complex. Gave you flights before going down right you with the industry that's the other thing. You're not giving it to the stats from clay please injured again last week was kind of grabbed his lower back. In the cold those Chicago now he's got the date yet answering you overcome Google lover yet something that plagues him quite a bit. The question becomes with no cap hit. And what you're gonna pay that guy. Last year quickly and agree we've got warmer years Hartford does leave you putt and this year there is bureau cap it. Are. Don't see them you'll meet than Clay Matthews or. Or. The top. And a lot brighter for it won't vote goes to a hot but refrain from those who got in the a lot of money. If you're lucky you're not gonna production that you need to bottom when that's me you know. I think they play out their contract that. 855830864885583086. Foray to Montana to 25 yard catch and run it you wanna move the sticks coach slap shot wise. Your move it with Milwaukee admiral the Milwaukee admirals have so what's going on right now a lot of great promotional nights. In Milwaukee only at the dues go to Milwaukee admirals dot com bill hockey. Hash take mill hockey. That's where you wanna go here's the robot to 12 down and there. They haven't that is the move in this fix segment it brought you by the Milwaukee admirals go to Milwaukee admirals. Dot com that's Milwaukee admirals dot com when we come back ready for whoever we're gonna hear from Mike McCarthy head coach. As. He units because of the media that should be it stands at eight. It's popcorn state to head coach 43 that the Packers beaten head coach next hundred oppose it. Six clues stations strong yeah. Bill might school's sports talk now. Critical post game show continues her broadcasting live revolving chop house here in Green Bay or about a block away from Lambeau Field with the Packers. Were shot out today 23 did nothing compliments. Of the Baltimore Ravens on bill Michael's alongside former packer badgered Gary Ellison. If you wanna say before we hear from Mike Garten. Not it's known here we're what your arm that you guys are back there when they regret if the on the fitness to run and why room. Your local agencies or where Wisconsin saves groceries now. Here's Mike McCartney. Diego that was Mike McCarthy. Doesn't wanna talk about his quarterback being you know bench. Which we figured you or your quarterback that's my guy. And obviously they agree we practice vote about the game in the Cayman equities and fell apart. And you know toward the eastern over in turn go over. Now Hewitt said and we talked about this. Huntley kind of get a feel and go for VoIP as turnovers he has internal battle lines rolled it trying to throw it. There were times it was stupid to throw. You have done that as part of a project A bureau you are and their their their law that. And some guys. Can get over it and move through a and some guys can't. And so we consider it out of him. We and I'm not concerned Q Bert. We had a gun here a long time ago. Throughout the you can throw light of the few who are probably six over one day. That Brett Favre. And then. Some Gaza Bedanova that they can it recover recover let's see what the holy site now used as you come back. And go to Pittsburgh or Pittsburgh owner wrote a note GO. The military if you look at the one hour ago most storied franchises. In the NF in the in the NF Leo. On the on the FT shot. Ruin them. And play political plate Steel City a conflict going like it's. I think I had a our game bear the Iraq. That's the premier event lemurs with Three Rivers rivers yeah phony of you. Gabriel Ayala gave me well. Yeah Allegheny opulent even make Eli they've already at a higher they'll come together two programs that. But it the first two terms I took the ball in program that upon. That was back that was lake the old. What was her McCarthy made out there right but that was just like the ones Philadelphia two Philadelphia got off. The personal diploma sector one rocker called bubble where we have every that you know. You're gonna go out on the curtain of how much here that long. But that is a place like how right here right now a lot like that both people are into their team a lot like Green Bay Florida cracker for either. Story drug it clear to go like giants the Packers and cowboys. And that its virtue right those are probably the most story here fan bases and where droplets or partnership no doubt. I'll we're gonna take a quick break we come backward here from Brett Connolly will talk more about this upcoming matchup because you needed to win four to become close to eligible. The figure regional while core. You need to beat Baltimore you'd need to be tip of need to beat Cincinnati had a steal one here I got a steal to get there. We'll talk more about that is well Hagan there are broadcasting live here at halting chop house. Here he agreed based menial Brett Favre steakhouse when over say hi we're about a block and half away from Lambeau Field Packers beat. 23 that nothing more right after this. Everywhere he was gone soon. The bill Michael sports talk network. Green Bay Packers they were blanked at all Lambeau Field shot out he would. Just awful Clinton ought we of the football game the offensive perspective 23 had nothing. Beat that date the regal postage on bill Michael's alongside the former packer vector Gary Ellis sitting here we are over all the chop house theory green tea. Block and half away from Lambeau Field to a stop behind sale or for any of those. Remaining home post game shows we've got a couple of him based emirates now we have. Minnesota's got to go down here so long you know more than a few that are going to be here so you wanna come by this place to pleased to be. The quarterback that did not have a good day after starting to gain a little with a swagger a little bit of confidence feeling good coming out of the win over the bears. Humbled by Italy today at level realistic listeners he would read only had to say that's brought you by. Our good friends and grant go business improvement district feel the energy and the power it grant bill business dot org ran bill. A great place to grow your business and to work here is Brett Connolly. They go right on Lee talking after the ball game and you know. Like he says Gary this. He was pretty last week sort of feel confident in them as did that shake you. You know you like it that it doesn't let he looked shaken after that first drive he threw that pick at the end zone. No here I mean at that includes the confidence level going to be condemned your back on track and then go and I think. And he never made it more but he's right we start talking about reaction are you react to certain ways and you do you see flash of color been reacting vehicles like. So I like you sit through massacre earlier that nickel back and look at his film bureau were to look at Oakland. You had that big game we come argue youth throughout. Can you come back and you'll learn from making your personal all the things that you can live. The ravens. Are the Packers. Negative corporate Steelers. Don't. Both teams it was there all replace saying defense report deepen if they don't mature a lot. We should be used she's somebody's combination of things are gonna kinda happened to him. And he's arguably more patients they weren't wonderful well. We'll do this or take a break because usually what happens we always run a little bit later that we are getting my clubs -- we have to hurry so let's hope this will take a break or come back we'll get your MVP for the game OK we'll pick that we come back and then now we should be hearing from my club over decided that it was what the mood is inside the locker room. Coming up here just few minutes of Packers beat the 23 enough that they are blanked at Lambeau Field in that we will give you the chilly in BP we come back. Woolsey used by politics in that we'll hear from my clothes and groceries radio inside Lambeau Field locker room coming up next to the critical postage. Wisconsin one time you don't build Michael's sports talk and work. Somebody stood out today and that player there that Chile's seventy. Enjoy Chile's twice to a dollar dinner for two today let's see who billing Guerrier picked. Lot of backing we are glad to have you we're here at the all of a job Ellsbury rebate toward freedom that the Packers blinked. Packers flanked by the Baltimore Ravens over at Lambeau Field in materials in the former packer better along side. I go Michaels is time now particularly in BP. I I I don't they were doing anything offensively you're here penalty yet if it happens at the office is pretty he'd be today although if you really wanna to. But Adams target to at times eight catches 146 yards and averaged fifty point eight or for that long of 33. So you wanted to do it there I thought Jamal Williams earned everything he got eighteen hearings 57 yards I'd like would eat it. But since the office which is bad. Overall why don't quite go that direction however. If you wanna go play Martinez with a tackle for loss and eight total tackles league team today when a guy that we would crush. Who played well today and had a pass defense. Hot Wednesday its fourth on the team in tackles pastor Britain today apple launched today play a good game. Through the well okay your your right that's got to have if not you heard from Tyler back or five tackles and a sack today as well. These two tackles BI analyst them that there will be America. Let's go without the fact 5851. Believe yes I think he showed up lovers we showed up today and that is riots 47 Martina is fifty if you got to help move forward and apparel fired back they go. You've you've got to have our from a functional great movement at Wimbledon and stumbled several through Arafat. We came back underneath the deck and get to flee to a group for me that that Tyler fat roll is dead. Our chilies and BP give it to him so Visio. It joy Chile's. Two dollar dinner. For two today at any participating chili's. It is they're the MVP it is mutually beat these parts to the us the name that you leave him now. Submitted the opposite no. We don't hear from my club before we the united today micro look report was you know my keys over there canals limbo right guard forward looking portly right now apple use of broadcast equipment on the showers there. You know she's every bit of its information we possibly guard. So we should be hearing from him minutes of the beauties yen over there at the moment and people it should be happening. At any point. One remind you that it tomorrow on the program you've got your local show I have my network should only BC stations. And tomorrow refused on a whole lot more hours talk more about all of it and don't forget tomorrow night the horse well huddle. Taking place at the horse and plow and now Kohler Wisconsin. And George Jones who's going to be me against go there marred right so he's faced the crowd. If you what is while also looking forward that backers. You know atop the all by the way speaking the Packers that would but who Dozier was cuts that are now. Badgers did that that was no small battle and today they did and a defensive pounding fashion in regulations then backed by the way eap. Did not move up to bunker. When everybody else late basically directly. The badgers put it on top 45 teams and community. This is probably the only time that I kind of big disappointment. About public register the moved out. Bob who they played about who Wear body of let him go look in the years to did you go to penalize a baggage that. Gotta you know dialogue somebody else for that a good that you know that the SEC in mediation the only place in the game with a victory in late yes. Right that's reason they have the skeptic right that's resilient discuss it ahead of Coptic. And I think I think you know if your third. You know I think these were pictured before in the in the college football playoff but I know they won't be but it's the first year our publisher. You know what efforts are these first partners sharper this year different picture before but they won't be proposal to play cupcakes so that we hear. Clemson. Defending national champion it's going to be hard to take it away from them Alabama the overall number one might get a you know we go through that list with the cougars in the bed Michael Evans said over and it Lambeau Field a few minutes before he got here did at the top of the hour but Michael so. You've your I sat there next to each other watches they won an ugly dated. Yeah and then watched other uses your road in on Brett Huntley first though the Packers locker room quiet. And very upset you know claim matches with a groin injury you know we had a number of those kinds of late entries. But they're very upset about what happened Kenny Clarke in the second half an inquiry drew get a departed off. As a matter fact well in the here's what the bottom outside about losing those two guys in the second half. He's a man so shabbily Kinnear. And as young guy and finally you're doing where it sucks. Hopefully he's all right who plays or two. Limited there. There are big dollars me me neither. They do great job passing the person passes. Class and pocket for us. On the two double laser backing when they're playing healthy and in doing doing the doing. And bill hot hot Clinton nixed. Accused right jets in the center of the other ravens offense all the dirty play that led to that Kenny Clarke. Ankle entry. As an inside out there. On the ravens' side of the ball. John Harbaugh told Kevin Harlan and Rich Gannon recruit in the production meeting yesterday since you don't want Brett oddly he tell the grass just passes. We should be able to get some picks off of them and I ask Harbaugh then after the win this was his 100 career win by the way. And the last time a shot out here that the Packers special I was by Bill Belichick Tom Brady and the patriots back in 2006. The game or Brett Favre goes hunting on Saturday. Banks who's double against. Tedy Bruschi sept cast that he had his hand Aaron Rodgers comes in on the surged after the second half. Breaks is what petition the second half and goes on mine are to that back in 2006. I had job like that as the game moron. Picture defensive coordinators are taking away things 'cause by the end of the game it seemed like the only guy that Brett Connolly was trying to. Was Dovonte Edwards here's what coach Harbaugh and so. I probably exactly right and I felt like we. Thought we covered well we mixed up our coverage is dean told a great game he prided let's quite as much as we usually do resilient you know close to 50%. But he was mixed coverages I don't think I don't think record ever exactly know. Over a few times you know I guess show early which does a good job and I am using when he did that he completed the pass but. Our guys are playing so fast not covered so well it just me telephone. And and so on the first strike though the Packers look great with a nice mix of plays the first fifteen they dragged on the field. And that Brett Ali's back to pass looks like he's going to be thrown a touchdown to Randall Cobb he gets picked up by Jimmy Smits. And I talked to the veterans seeking here queens about this he said that was actually a mistake. Jimmy's case to start the game I guess that doesn't happen in this and it's boring because rid of that not having a guy over the that we should've so that I was trying to get over there. And aides he ends up making huge plays so luckily he was doing his job that's responsibly. Vote everyone else it was it was Baghdad so. Just huge when we needed it. And then the second pick to intended for Lance Keddric split. A ball those whatnot there you end up with five turnovers one of the worst case in Mike McCarthy's tenure in Green Bay. So Mike I after the ball game Mike McCarthy aide that I could greatly his guide hasn't won a waiver from any event. Do you sense as we saw some optimism and enthusiasm as a metric getting a win without Aaron Rodgers and senator. What was it like today. I don't understand why they could not at least at halftime or some point this game. Even a nickel conditions just figure out you've got to go to somebody else besides about the Adams. You know we've got to figure out on how to get. Let's Kendrick so open you know drawn more houses like practically ghost they've got plenty of weapons. Everybody on the perimeter is healthy. They just can't seem to find ways to get the ball in Apple's playmakers. And as the game wore on probably just seem to get. You know have more. Of the tunnel vision as to what his options were and it's you know by the end game Iraq up to Saks dot. Mike good stuff it we'll talk to get tomorrow yet. OK thanks guys appreciate it pal he reached that point you know through doing knows about the real problems become kind of nonexistent. But usage Ramos and the ghost because it's I told the stature of lockdown today again another big day for Dovonte. Ten targets when everybody else Jamal Williams got six back to rent a cop that's extorted Nelson got six. But between probably knows they only had five catches for for a total of so what 65 yards 68 yard. Note to go. It is my rock. Oh. I. And vote for Obama supporters aren't your product. From Brooklyn after I think that's the problem. I generally. Don't. Have bought this record is that you ought to operate. We the you know like he did it but no art some things they are wrong. 77945. On and disease is one of the Packers get shot out it was the Packers Zippo Baltimore 23 per stereos bill Michaels John rush to get out here have a go out. You're listening to a bill might cool sports talk that. Network.