Griffin: Don’t invest beyond three years on Aaron Rodgers

Bill Michaels Sports
Wednesday, May 16th
Burke Griffin, Sports Director for WFRV-TV CBS 5 in Green Bay, weighs in on Aaron Rodgers’ potential contract extension. Plus, does he feel Brian Gutekunst is more like Ted Thompson or Ron Wolf?

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Griffin sports director WFRVTVCBS. Five in Green Bay. Now joining us on the Schneider orange hotline Burke you've been embodied. Man you know I care about embodied out of Milwaukee who went to wanna hear cigar deal but it's like. And it though Michael and K. Are you at a lower and Al arts or don't like this. But it's great yeah we've had we've had a lot of mean they're really there are a lot of fun we did wanted to probationary greenback as matter of fact I did well with that Gary Ellison and that was that was a blast that was actually funny because they recorded. And then make Qaeda and afterwards we did relays are recording and so there we say this is like Vegas there's some stuff you you can't you can't just air so far and how we have we have added a little creative editing get a few things out there. I'm not the Packers should of finished up their rookie orientation gimme your sides is to what do we can stick his dine. And if we could we were asking the question is he more like Ron Wolf for more like Ted Thompson. I think there's there there's a road it's being driven that's in between right now. Well I gotta be it was much emotionally ready to work out as I do like cheap the Al with so. I would agree and I would say this I would say booty so far. Has drafted like a move like Ted in better part of yachts you but he the course of like Arnold comes to create. You know Jimmy Graham yeah smokers and I mean there's these are two guys who are currently there careers who. Think about it I mean sure on homes Q2. And proper. Equipment crest long term and any of these guys Eugene Robert I'll. He'd play analogue. You know we're awkwardness that that one sees and where you really change the the secondary shored up a lot of problems that they. In the middle of the field in that that people are hurt. And gendarmes there was another oddity of mark two years maybe angry at you. Well course a little will move won't get out at east. Import calendars career would still work outside tight ends Andy. And inside the twenty also in alternate years and an Ernie can't block or work. But he's a difference maker site and gritty so far has perhaps like that because that first round rock for that since you're basically. Healing the first router from the war Brill. And that's the kind of step you know that would drop back a few years miracle on who look up at you know he didn't think you know raji and clay. And backtrack some from ten that's crafty in. Taking act. Thirteen and then you know picking up something down the road that was not expected for for Green Bay knows stealing cents or Robert. How many holes and they still have. Better glaring. You don't blaring I did it appear the earth or are. Now that Google query. Each side and we get to see what CPA a couple of years go by necessity. And I think he. And that are out there and start a law. That can dial any defense city lots. Our country you're not as of last perks but this or perk up at such a work site. Please say he played defense of they've played outside linebacker. Forty ish. He gains and how you got him seriously tell the whole fleet and Spiegel takes setbacks stepped forward. You could have an interesting mix of guys did their quarterback I think that the glaring hole honor. That it exercise of football and their wide receiver what are you resist pocket as anything can happen at today. No no as matter factor yet he what Ian Rapoport reporting that they were not going to go after Dez Bryant. Okay light yet sorry you last night last has so that you are operated or something like that and he was going to be dealt. If you're gonna get there has white and just keep Jordan. The other and it makes cents and two guys or readers. I heard the rumors about arms to touchdowns for a and to go to. Obviously comparable if you want to it can distraction. Like Mark Ellis a legal I like. We thought we really like those rookie. 48 draw more Allison is gonna take that except board because clearly it may about it and it taught Adam the Alfred a guy that money. Alec this company and in disrupting or a bit copy now at at that position epidemic well and offensive line. We I think a lot of it comes. You desperately got Murphy. Who got reluctantly and Blaine Taylor and and let the clip that you played played well Neil on. You want and we're the third tight and amp up a program standards I think is running spektr's. Well and then my question when you talk about Dovonte I was making him the alpha dog the only concern I have and I believe he he can be a terrific wide receiver for years to come. What I do have to question whether or not his his durability is going to be there he mean don't me wrong he's taken vicious to give him a concussion but said three concussions in two years. He's one hard hit away from not playing for very long time. And then you're out of veterans all of a sudden they know you're looking at Jimmy Graham to be you're you're a veteran wideout. Odd too that would be the only reason I would say that it Dez Bryant would make sense. Yeah well and to kick the tires on that and that's that's the attitude you have to go in and then your extra thing to do yourself. What do you like to cocktail that money that would be my question right if there's any chance and you feel the heat could be that one getaway guy. Because it is sort of an athlete and so Michael certainly effort into that a concussion so next and it's you know career Ender types and we know about a talked about it here she's. You definitely take them accept corporate actor. If you're sitting there are character parliament were inner surge or let receivers and sort out as God's spirit or liars and Jordy Nelson here yeah. Yeah I completely agree or or even you know I agree there I just feel like they must know something more that you know aren't things or one. Wonders that. They're predictions about what you last. A basic back out there which you can you know page it's much easier. I don't care science you bolt we all know you much you get on the back tomorrow. Yeah yeah no no doubt about it on the offensive line wise with Bulaga sprigs both coming back from knee injuries. I they must know something there because they didn't really heavily address that right tackle position they fortified their line a little bit put. I don't necessarily think that they've got to go right tackle that sitting there waiting going OK this is the next coming. So are you nervous about the way this office and line sits upright now on the right side. Not on not particularly I mean I think. Spurt in the got to come off as a more athletic on her look under. And it and and and but it right tackle that that's okay. And you you can have those those kind of players has packets I think it's by committee right now. Well received the healthiest whoever looks at best at the end of August before every week and gets the job first a lot desperate dorm. And then you'd mentioned pass rush you talk a little bit about climate how good do you feel about the rotation up front and I look at it is. If Montrae these atoms comes back and end. He is the guy that he was projected to be. Holy macro do you have a really strong defensive front with. With Daniels and Kenny Clarke and 00% in Montrae news items and that will then allow make Perry to become Mick Perry 2.0. All well and only I mean you have to carry. Out. But I mean. And came and tapped into what will pursuit had a Elliott at last year's. But he looser remained and it deserves her skirt. That that really I think because injured or urged. Are on order and good standard report. Are anything but you can find me any mixed and so which Britain you. The open architecture edit and you can really. You retire Michael Kurtz errors. Include Lou. You know mom situation. We surprised it took upon long snapper. Yes. About a little Lou. Well I guess you're getting. Yeah the next great guys and grew richer Spielberg. Kit from Alabama is your agent case Scott. But I just a long snapper that has sparkles like a month when he received a bit because cookbook and yips. And it announced here at Boston College politics and small. Every year. In you gotta you've gotten just chill. Stall well what is the difference between London Brent crude and got an injury history been consistent. And never botched up. Rookie who's got an injury history when we talk ludicrous our locker malaria. You can see our ten year veteran. Already. We will hear what you're trying work like thirty million per year route. For her doctors buy monogrammed with nothing to this organization. Dahlberg Griffin's forced her to her WR for VTVCBS five in Green Bay and you just mentioned the other thing I've been talking about quite a bit. And that is Aaron Rodgers in the contract and look I ate he always has pressure he always feels the need to win he always tries to excel on nine there were questioning whether or not he can handle that pressure vote. When you won't begin and then look and say he and he's done this where hey I don't wanna see them get rid of this guy I want to retain this guy wanted to do that. And you feel look in the mirror near the guys heating up almost 20% of your team's total salary cap. I I think he kind of loses that right a little bit of thin dividend indeed is all about him being the highest even though he said he was in it certainly seems like all the indicators are that he's gonna be the highest paid player and that's the way everybody wants to admit. I would say exists there's a reason it's somber because there's Super Bowl Rick as you dot com how much is enough. I mean between the commercial deals and he sent our lights just. Barbara circulate. Each regardless separately the right it's not my money that we're talking about here. But I still. It's team player and expect to win and if you're gonna command that much money and it. Let's be honest here to a couple of bone injuries that at and agencies and these other guys separate of the part in the abduction issue and it's. He had issues that this track it as any. He's also not just chicken. If you couldn't ask that much money in a new chapter pick except furniture expects partners creek it's sort of backed by a if you're gonna do it. For years honored and he'd gotten that financial year 6665. Million or whatever maybe. But not in archer just it doesn't make sense or brawl also French. I totally got on message. Yeah I know I wanna keep them happy and only wanted to be you know content in wanting to retire packer and all that kind of stuff but I think also you have to you have to wrap your arms are any organizations say OK what's best for the organization to in the long term health of this thing so. And look very saw. This yeah articles on some games going bracket. You know to me. Rob well that's that's what's so amazing about it is that he'd be and that's a reason he does his press coverage at his locker because he wants to be the eyebrow at. Well that was the depth that's always been from day one but it. And around London known and see Sharon. On day one. Term it and continues to later on other. Well. He yep and it really won't be that guy is. A look at it and this could be. And yet I don't vote on movie also he wouldn't. Neat. And clean room on you can. Almost. A you know an. Apartment. Good stuff man we appreciate it we'll talk to you soon. Oh. Thanks buddy talked yet they'll Burt Griffin sports director for W ever be TV CBS five in Green Bay joining us in the Schneider orange hotline Schneider. Hiring drivers right now you work hard to treat you fair eighty plus years that beginning you don't call on. 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs dot com 844. Pride or Schneider jobs dot com.