Grobstein: Unlikely players helping Cubs success.

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Wednesday, July 18th
Les Grobstein of 670 The Score in Chicago gives us the low-down on the Cubs. What is the biggest problem holding this team back? Does he feel it’s a two-man race between the Brewers an Cubs for the division?

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He I'll let scribe Steve from six have been scored on Chicago last say don't well. Hi bill lie about things otherwise and that the world in the big unit report. Why you don't want we're watching a baseball team that gather had a little bit of rough spots and now you figure they get arresting turnaround a little bit they've been competitive and I think really most people seem to think that that's the only team that's really gonna get the cubs' problems. This season but you something like this you've seen or less over the years I mean. It either blows a team apart or it's something to rally around and all of a sudden they catch their second wind and finds chip on their shoulder to say you know. Damn the torpedoes full steam ahead so we'll say our Alamo city. They don't need something like this sets the our statement of thought really of the year so far immediate. There's a big if they got enough problems and now this thing involving Josh trader at just just ridiculously. And what makes it. Even worse and of course what he did it the worst I mean that you can't defend it you can't say anything good about it it's deplorable it's terrible. But they all so the problem is one. Hater has not been pitching that well lately was part of a bullpen essential lights out. More recently a media was not very good at that series against the pirates that was a four game series they could have won that. I'll be conservative but they could've won three of those five games or couple they just couldn't get. At least a bit looser leak and Nader had just as much to do that as anybody. And there's no way they should come out 015 in that particular series against Pittsburgh. Mean no I agree and in the meantime. And I wrote about this the other day the cubs. Since may 29 the cubs are 2716. The brewers a three games under 500 hell even the reds are seven games over 500 it's. The cubs though have really grabbed hold of this and they started to play much better baseball and that's without Darvish that's without chow would. She is so you're looking at this team going okay. They're missing a couple of guys that they acquired in the off season and there's still now getting it done as just strictly because the bats are starting to heat up their bullpen has been so good. That's part of it then you got to remember Rizzo who has got a bunch RBIs batting average is still terrible. Are and also look Chris Bryant I mean these two have not been all that you'd had a figure of state. Whereas sub sub par as they turned out to beat for the most part I mean they're still dangerous hitters all the time but. Well pitchers the one after a mix it up it's been hobby nearby as for the most part. I mean he's the guy that is really get thick and nobody expected. At this point. Jason Heyward to hit as well he did I've been defending him. And a lot of my callers have been on my case saying I get him out of here he's pathetic either than to leave them alone number one. He's the best defensive outfielder on the team maybe in the the National League and perhaps strictly American League as well. And it turns out he's sitting in the biggest blow yet it was a Grand Slam with two outs and two strikes and that Depp won a game that look like they were told them also named rocket went into the wind. Against how old lefthander I mean it was a fellow left hand pitcher. And that really got him going in the he was doing okay both forehand but the guy's been hitting about two bloody. As a cub. This year no right up around what to 8285. And have ranger he's been a heck of a lot different. Now the question is what's gonna happen know what the crew a year ago. The crew had a five living half game lead going into the all star break and they didn't go into unknown actual right afterward in the cubs went crazy they won three straight in Baltimore followed by three straight in Pittsburg. And what the brewers lose something like five out of six right halt yeah breaks and up five and hip game lead for the crew banished. Before he could blink your eyes and from that point down a couple of the rest of the way the brewers tried to make a couple of runs but we all know what ended up happening. For the most part this cubs seems pretty healthy right now cracked. We gonna wait yeah I think got a lot healthier than that we thought I mean. You still have some pitching issues and we told you already mentioned. Are a couple problems that mean Hayward is just been terrific as part of the rotation goes so. On the you're talking about chat would then he has been bad. He's just been plain old bad walking a lot of people fallen behind. And he's not the only one I mean and so far Yu Darvish. He's still not coming back they keep saying he keeps. Claiming all I feel better this and that but. We're not so sure what he's talking about a half the time anyway and I don't know we have recovered from that. From that bad World Series showing that we have against the Dodgers he pitched well against the cubs in league championship series last year but we gained against that especially games so than. Doctor sample never forget about it and they would love to see him pitch against with the Dodgers or some other teams match up in the post season they're done playing in the regular season but. They're pitching rotation is the big problem right now their bullpen has been way above what people might have expected. But they have all kinds of difficulties with the rotation Jon Lester has been the best that they've got. And there have been a couple of others that doesn't have pitched okay but sub par and despite that. Come now find themselves two and a half games ahead of the brewers in the standings. I wouldn't have thought there would happen with some of the things that have occurred to the cups. Tarlow less grouchy mr. Simmons scored at a Chicago looking at this team is really the only threat still believed to be the Milwaukee Brewers or do you think with the changeover Metheny being fired it might ignite something out of St. Louis Cardinals and maybe they get a little bit of a resurgence. Yet looking he had to gulf. From saint louis' standpoint I mean there were too many players that and it turned down whatever and on. ED six feet blue route that the wild things are going pretty good and I think what a lot of players have turned on him. Are the fans all day but not calling for his neck or around. Really really offseason anyway and the biggest issue two was so of course Dexter Fowler was having a real sub par year. Ironically the first game after missing it was lack. Who had a big home run in their victory was sent Dexter Fowler is the only other really gigantic hit all Yuri epic game ending home run in seeing low against the cubs. That was a game in which had Jason Heyward went back into the corner banged his head and they without several games because of that but. Right now at Dexter Fowler he has been kind of boxed out so far so I don't know if the changeover is gonna end up igniting the cardinals are not. Or if they're just not that good. Yeah I wanted to ask you when you talked about indeed the offense and some of the players playing above. You know like Hayward who's really been hit the hell out of baseball. Plane above do you wait for the other issued a property you think OK this is what we expected out of some of these guys and now you're starting to fire and also wonders. Like I said I've defended Jason Heyward from the beginning and a lot of my own listeners are keeps saying let it go he's terrible and all I've been saying is well. Once in my life. I'm right a lot of you're wrong since. It seems like I stand by what I have been saying I mean they get well without the guy they're not in first place right now and you could point to a couple other I mean hobby by as. If he is not on this team not doing what he's doing. They're easily blow not only the brewers got the cardinals but hobby by has has carried this team initial. Last is always a pleasure to talk to your buddy I'm sure we'll touch base once the bears a start to hit burn today and then now from their role be fully enthralled in Packers and bears football after that maybe even some. October baseball it's always a pleasure to off. You all can have Danica Patrick people down here Rasheed gets all the air is now because of her. Our affiliation if you wanna call at. -- Alessio Roger she's hosting the -- and I wanted to see Aaron Rodgers be up for awarding her have to give Aaron Rodgers and award. You talk about an awkward moment now that they departed ways you know so. We pretty washing machine a pair of our way yeah I was she's kind of like on an island now. She LA and Packers fans alienated their respect. The bear the bear fans are basically saying you know she is this so called the bears well bear fans of this order through. Are they wish her well they hope that this chi even if it's just she's retired if you will but if you get behind a race car. One wish everything well for a Coke she's safe and sound but aren't well when you pull stunts like bed its like with. Right interior did when he signed as a free agent with the cardinals when he made the comment he says although I'm very happy to see that I am now on the right side of the rivalry beer cub fans just get the feeling. Well when material period at Wrigley and cardinal uniform I need not tell you how much she was booed every time because of their attorney with a very popular player down near you ought Danica Patrick up I don't know how popular she has been there hasn't been but now. She is this so the bears in favor of the much relish up there in north of ruffled road are you kidding me. 00. Well it is what it is now she's on the island it's always a pleasure LS will argue symbiotic. Is there video let's drop Steve season storage.