Hader: I don’t want to be predictable

Bill Michaels Sports
Monday, March 12th

Bill sits down with Brewers’ pitcher, Josh Hader.  What does he think about the current pitching staff?  How can he improve from a strong rookie season last season? 


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Last year you guys were pitching like you guys are kind of the strength of this team especially down the stretch so give me your assessment and how to pitching temperature there. Our pitching staff is relief you know moving. Missed the bullpen disease RO. We. We got a bunch of guys that come on you you you know whenever we needed to when the ball and that's what it's about sentimentality. Every day. Right. There. You know concerns that we guys. The company that does. And I think really have a good do you miss news network for an extra pitches and we're gonna get the job done. Last year you came in like a ball of fire units are really big moments. Is that a huge confidence boost Missouri manners or this or is it something you can build on her sister something which is every other day no big deal on good. You know it's it was actually really easy come and visit movement and less you know you really come. Need to buy him into the right place at the right routine. It's and taken that from. And we comfortable out there and it makes everything easier just. And do but I knew how to do and you know it's been my insurance and you know and played out pretty well in. And just continue. And learn from you know my mistakes last year and you know. Fix those cheers. Going into this camp was or anything in the offseason did you we try to develop another pitch re trying to work anything in particular. I'm practice time audiences around. Yeah so last year I mean obviously everybody talked brother Bryce Harper moment that was huge for Yorkshire. Quite looking in all the different moments you have last year when you talk more about the mistakes because everybody knows success she can handle mistake she can't. Anything stick out in my he says I need to do that better. Not really to me in this Italian edges words it's elections in the pages. Make sure that you don't give us news and an error in it's. Nixon classic experience much else. Or secretary Jefferson Orleans talking about the way you guys communicate with Craig Counsell. And mark how old you guys say OK I'm good this day I'm not this day. And the use of the bullpen give me your assessment kind of how you being used and how you feel about yourself and how many times you can go. Yeah half of that right now that's where we're trying to figure you know what what you boundaries are on you know just trying to go out there every day. It's. Good chance the winds that on the communication right there on that pars as you. And me not being too familiar. Several seasons here. That's going to be different for me you know. As my things he emphasizes that you communicate and game figures works. So last year a lot of guys in this team trying to make a name for themselves and I made a name for yourself negatively pressures this year. Better or worse a little bit different. As saying Montel is saying each year. Always working on things and trying to get the best I can being. When it comes at a game this being prepared and ready. Thanks. Your corner kind of I want to say laid back guy a little bit as opposed to some of the guys in the clubhouse and all the personalities match. I think it's great these guys. Back guys that are funny. You know campaign. It's dispersants. It's every. Reenactment it is okay us as intentions. And and do plumber means months years. You got leaders here to. He you love puts him right track and make sure things phone here.