Haynes: I believe everyone should stand for the anthem

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Tuesday, June 12th
Mike Haynes, Pro Football Hall-of-Fame Cornerback for both the Patriots and Raiders, joins us. Is having an NFL team in Las Vegas a good thing for the sport? Plus, what’s his coolest memory of Green Bay?

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I've five MC or so 855 MC or so. And assume they have to offer and the Marshall clinic health and health care system and Aussie you have to go to Marshall link dot org. If you wanna find out the doctors deal locations and all the different information. Regarding Marshall gonna go to 855 MC worth of the official procure provider. Of yours truly and a guy that today is no strangers to some orthopedic surgeons along the way Mike Haynes now joining us. Pro football hall of Famer rod Schneider orange ally you probably had a few of those red. Somehow I'd keep that in one that outplay aspect it's like today. But you know lot of beat Beazer. Are fortunate to be out on the corner and so we get to avoid some of the injuries that football players are likely to get. When you. During the playing days. When that there would could and we're talking about many camps all these different guys kind comic coming in and meshing in jelling and getting no guys in coaches and changes in. And such one transition like damn there's always dredges in Europe a transition like that how difficult is it is a player to kind of keep your head and absorb everything. I think it's probably more difficult now that wasn't my air because it wasn't a lot of movement out you know. Guys would moves around from team to team. But not like today you know like I compare my career like they Deion Sanders I played a key lead I'm like I. You know you. But but it's a little different now guys are more likely to move around now. They're together a lot in the offseason with the with the OT gays and everything so their spent a lot of time together. Bonding hopefully. In it's something that's probably a lot easier to do it and others. Because they know how important it is you see some of that veteran guys that are fortunate to be on a team for a long time and probably take a lot of newcomers to the team in under their wing and in introduce them around the community and things like that. So I'm sure it's different every place. My bad I think the green may be one great place because. I you know like we consider a destination all place I don't know where guys in the league feel army and I know. This way when you went into a different team that you play for the year ahead patriots and their generators. But when you would we have the opportunity your start to did guys talking about opportunities played other places. Back then I don't think Green Bay was destination whites think in today's day and age with the facilities. The stadium the history the ability to win now with Aaron Rodgers each and every year would you consider that a destination placed a black. Oh absolutely plus I have been there has seen their facility it's a great facility that the community loves their team it's almost like. Like you know in conducting all fame that's a special late the people there love their team they love the athletes. The whole community embraces the whole concept of the aisle framework. It's the same thing for the Packers the Packers fans that I've noticed that. There was a time I worked in the league office let go they are maybe once or twice a year and I got a chance to see that I'm never for get out that the airport. Being Mario Kart they can you help me on. I'm trying to sinopec facility and they walked me outside please don't light so there. Is that it's over there you know everybody knows with a pack our streets remain the streets. I'm sure Aaron Rodgers and street named after him so poignant life. I got to ask you when you talk about dust and racial places the raiders have always have a special relationship with their fans now they're moving heading off to Vegas how does that hit you when you found out that that was going to be something that was gonna become a reality. Well I I have to say I wasn't really excited about it and it's I'm starting to try and and chain's debt ceiling you know because I want and the raiders disdain California you know I just just. That's easy for me it's medium they gambled selfish I don't know. But I think for the NFL I think it's great that they're gonna have a team in Las Vegas I think he'll help. Grow our sport around the world it's gonna get destination site I mean I wouldn't put Green Day on the on the rocks on that list of teams that. I think people in Mexico City and and Asia you know Japan and China. In Europe countries want to go to Green Bay but like Las Vegas. Everybody wants to go Las Vegas you I think that's gonna help the sport and they might wanna see the Packers play against the raiders in Las Vegas. But you know going to Green Bay in the wintertime as the bat not not a destination locations. The fact that. When you see the dominance of patriots head over the years playing for that organization is well. And obviously there's. A very good system in place for when you hear guys say you know winning championships is great are we having fun there. What is that what what kind of emotions you have is a former player. Well didn't you I I looked in my career has it's going to be short time. It's fortunate you're fourteen years and I wish I could've played in fourteen championships. You know I I didn't I didn't play football pro football. They have a good time I really played them make some money. When a lot of championships and hopefully get myself setup for the rest of my life. So I would have been fine with that I was you know I am sure that Garrett had a good time they didn't have a retirement they could at other places. But I'd be surprised if if it was a lousy place to be artistic and maybe being around that the facility. You know you have to be serious when your around there and I don't have a problem with certainly that's that's what I would've enjoyed actually. Telling Michael Rains and we're gonna get into the reason he's on which is prostate awareness and then screening and such coming appear just a moment. But I do wanna talk quick about to leave in and I would be remiss if I missed the the 800 pound elephant in the room and that is the fact that for as much as they wanna avoided did the owner Stephanie by trying to implement some type of rule regarding the National Anthem. Well I just you know for me the National Anthem. I believe we all should stand up for the National Anthem I believe everybody all Americans. Just stand up the National Anthem at the protest should be could be for the anthem or after the anthem. My recommendation was that bit the GA announced it would help fans that are in the stadium. That the players are kneeling now be because of this reason you know whatever the protest is and then have the PA announcer. Afterwards to say now please stand and join us in the singing of our National Anthem yeah it's so so everybody's happy in that situation. And then it would have been nice if the National Football League. Could have said it we have 32 teams so that 32 cities where their team we're gonna work with beyond local our police department. Do you try and deal with this problem that Colin Kaplan tickets raised. And well we'll get to the answer you know what will work on it. But Tim you know it's not it wasn't about the anthem. But it ended up being about that I just think the message got. Distorted you and I still think it would have been a nice thing. That could've been have a a little bit differently that the president didn't help. The folks jump there had been in didn't say good things. And I think the best to just get distorted. You know I'm I'm open it it'll be. Rectified now and and people understand that every player who loves being in America. And there's been no there's is not perfect. Yet in in our country but there's a lot of people focused on making as perfect as they can and this is not gonna change that people sit gonna continue to work on it. Talk on Mike Haynes a pro football hall of Famer in the reason you come law and because we're talking about prostate cancers will even a bigger a proponent of getting checked in knowing your stats in such. For a long long time every time we get a chance to have you on the program we always wanna make sure we mention that so the biggest thing and you and I talked last time was. You know didn't give or your doctor and guys that as you get little up there in years younger reject. Yeah well you know it's really not necessarily up there in years have been because it runs its family you wanna. Have these conversations with your doctor before you get out there because. It's a slow growing cancer when I mean Baghdad is like it's it's probably an every man system. But the bodies just dealing with it and tolerating it then. And everything is fine but if there is a you know situation where. The PSA number there's a spike in that number it might mean you need to take some action so. The rent and your family you're more likely. To have that happened to you on the east or you're in your you know bitchy or whatever so I just wanted to be aware of it because it's like cancer that is easily treatable. If it's caught early. And I didn't know and it might and we hear that. Died at some kind of cancer. And then when I talked to my primary care doctor I was 55 years old. And he said I was behind in the second minute orbit and are wrapped in the American. He sent me for the biopsy and my biopsy came back positive they checked twelve places on my prostate cancer in nine of the twelve. And so I was fortunate to find out when it was easily treatable and I was fortunate that I had that conversation that doctor because. By the time I may be at you know had a conversation with my doctor. Might have been a different stage in doesn't mean I wouldn't have been able to to beat it but it might have been a different kind of fight. Mike it's always a pleasure to talk TO look for to see you down the road as well lo and next year should be in Atlanta and organize a lot of fun there as well but to bestseller TL throughout your endeavors and we certainly appreciate your time okay. Are appreciated thank thank.