Heilprin: Don’t give up on Hornibrook

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Tuesday, December 5th

Zach Heilprin, Sports Director for 96.7 FM/1670 AM The Zone in Madison, looks back at the Big Ten Championship. Should we be concerned about the future of the defensive line? What does he think of the Badgers chances in the Orange Bowl vs Miami?


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And welcome in the sports director from 96 point seven zone in Madison Zach Powell transact our men. Great that's good all right now that the dust has settled a little bit from Saturday. The odd question is an and I think it may be a just a tick unfair to pile on. So horny Bruck but the questions that I'm getting here on and off the errors that. Why can't the badgers. Find a and I guess an upper tier quarterback your thoughts. While I mean we have to be fair about what the situation is Powell played out Gary Anderson the quarterbacks but he recruited or not that quarterbacks that. We're gonna have economic success on in poker assistance so he missed out when it DJ Gillen you have had remarkable and it had. Aussie circuit they've recruited much quarterbacks that were going to be ordered that this system so. If you look back to the last big time quarterback they got it was Far East if you want about a lot of schools Jews forced our kids and you know Paul Crist leaving got a really I think impacted his development. I think they'd like Jack call a lot. But they're forced to play a Richards saw or even director freshman last year and elsewhere were because. The they were hurting at quarterback critic. By Gary additionally that they wanted to go itself. Not you know necessarily I don't personally think it's. I'm Paul Crist but you know you're trying to make about to visit Europe and elsewhere or at least this year was the best with the best choice. Sure in the in your closer to the situation obviously that I am and and closer than than Mostar. Do you see a development. Situation for Alex mortar Bruck as says he moves along here as I mean how much hi how big is the ceiling here. Well you know I think Errol point two twos entree to whether that's good enough. To be Italy quarterback and I I don't think it ever will be and I don't think he'll ever be Italy quarterback Kirk though certainly can't have success of Wisconsin right. I think he has shown. Flashes of what he can be up not the Michigan game after the interception in order or structure if this is not really bounced back and finished. That gained strong was great against Minnesota. So are we seeing flashes and I think the biggest thing is. You know make it consistent. I don't know I guess I don't know what his ceiling is as a player in the NFL guy I don't think so. But it'd be very good quarterback it was coffee could it be a very good college quarterback yes IQ and I. He'll be I don't I doctor look at that opportunity I think he's going to have a battle and as for the child come. Sprayed with Jack gold and if he can beat him out then that's that's great Wisconsin I think there are a lot of under center like Jacko so Al sort of ridiculous the amount that that Gary they're that good to Wisconsin but. Well a lot will be determined here the next. Five or so months and we see where Jacko as compared out toward America where they wanna build the future. Oust in my mind can be very good college quarterback but he never go immediately. I'm a little lean toward agreeing with that because third there have been signs that that horn brook can get it done I mean than. You look at his his clutch in in the red zone has been good through throughout the season and if anything YouTube you can point to that. As as it as a definite asset I mean you run between the 21 easier pushed to a third long. I trust him down there. I mean that they're searching through Detroit for going to red zone enact under partnership drive the other day. That was uncharacteristic he had highest passing efficiency rating in the red zone of any quarterback in the country committed and I was just sit a really poor decision and I think that. And you know back to me decision making is is really what. I I think effective more than anything to the approach he may just those are the mistakes you can't especially you get more experience and you know he is. Lets me carry its start much game director freshmen so this is essentially is second you're the starter but he's still legally assault wartime I've talked with. You know a couple of guys who were. Including job not who himself about it joked that he may permit soft warriors started this war will not support you idiot but it got very good. 20052006. Over the years to get to work with Paul Crist. He was very good as a as it was not quarterback they would take debt second so. I think before we. The city out sort of reduce it cannot do. The things that aren't a lot of people. Know. Q what they can't be good let's just wait yeah give a little bit more time I'm not willing disappearance in give up on out of work at this point I don't there are a lot of people that are. Guide I agree with you. I definitely do I I think there are some signs there were tart was Zack Kyle prince sports director. Of 96 point seven the zone in Madison and and just throw quick before we move on to that Miami match up. How were the players and that's that's something that I I've I was curious about after the game you know these guys super disappointed yet they got a turnaround and now a little less than a month from now they have to play another football game that's got to be challenging. It is an error saying all right things you know in that interview room may. And Joseph there so I mean there's been no. If they ever gave there was certainly a lot of this one because. A lot of those guys are seniors that would that we talked to especially on the eastern side of the ball. They they know that they just. On this their best opportunity to end their last opportunity to win the Big Ten title to go to college football welcome. Those are all major major things especially twenty minutes after game I think they will be able to refocus I think they will be able that. You know don't you know Miami that these circuit they're not gonna go away and we do podcaster massive knuckled that this can't put that. Rapper stands and he was part of the team it just for the opportunity to win a Big Ten title is had to beat Michigan State. And I lost both of those games and he never wanted to tenth title. And while it's not something that keeps him up at night it's certainly not at that goes away and I think there's certainly heeded case with these guys and how close they work the puppet so special. But again they and they proved last year. They get past this appointment and they would play predicted it is what commission in the Cotton Bowl got that win and so there's evidence that it did. And want to see. That will be the case in this year. Zach is Joseph. I was trying to think about this the other day was also relish the only senior that they brought in that interview room because I don't remember really any seniors being there and I guess I can understand why because. It's hard for them to really take get it you know consider another loss in a Big Ten championship. Yeah it'll. Were put on him there as well yes he was out. There and I think we're eager to leave him there as well but not positive. They're the work a lot but that was more about it. What you do these guys in Italy yet what you do because they ask who people want it we were kind of in China press box we get an opportunity you know. So you know. Those were probably means selected by. Some of the people in it sent a pressed Watson and who gave editor who did but I sure wish I would a followed. Alec gains in cutter CEO in. As you know later walked towards Boston you can tell obviously it was. I'm a very tough moment that they reduce it lists and them. This is not something that cynical waiter he's leads it leaves more. Her term. Was at the biggest game and badgers history. Turned out not to be in if they would've been right that's true you know it's it's. If they want to know that we had yes it is and it the next biggest gain because of the the semi final game Mercer the it would be huge huge opportunity. To not only would speak entitled Natalie. Make the playoffs but it really changed potentially change narrative you know make everyone that bashed them all year about their twelve and those scheduled make them. You know eat crow to what extent didn't you know and I am not seeing it turn. What is a very nice story about Wisconsin football but I think a lot of people know about and maybe they don't necessarily. Respect. In Q you're beating a blue blood like Ohio State beat a lot of play on the biggest stage the college game has to offer. That yes it we that's what could advance. It is not not be that way and so I don't think anybody will think about. It'll we will be talking about his tenure should now think about that that the biggest gain in the got a couple history like it was. Her like they did at the Rose Bowl they lost that in in 63 like that was the great scheme ever thought that Israel lost. I don't think that's going to be hoping that the case. All right so. Against Miami here what are what are we look at nabbed what are we looking for how do you see that game shaken out. While the whole game for Miami essentially and that's that they're on stadium obviously so. You know I mean can you explain goes out there with the task of Albany they router Saturday though they eat project it checked out there. Until that I think that may be the biggest that the biggest story for. From Miami and Wisconsin got a king. How they don't expect you talked about a little bit how do you bounce back happy REIT focused you know. Deity. First law I think Jonathan Taylor you know give it a month off will be very beneficial to him on the results in explosiveness and ability to break tackles and saw earlier in the year. Down the stretch for him and anxious to see him back closer to percent. But really Tuesday. Whether Wisconsin brief focuses dictionary and it has an opportunity to win or will or would even begin this person ever or even yourself that abuse story. And then also. Outside of the game. What to some of these users decide to do whether it's nick Nelson or key Edwards or Michael here. Do those guys you know that's going to be a lot of questions this in the next month is audited nearly added that unaudited though that you have been on election. He's that I got one question about the defense of line because there's so many seniors there. It is the defense of line in good hands going into next year. Does that mean they're gonna I know louder milk will be a part part of that cycle poll will be there but is that defense of wind gonna be okay. We don't know the younger guys right and so you've mentioned Tom Foley pension. A lot of little. Here rain and certainly could be a part of that as well those three guys think that you are starting to move probably ran back to the president. In play in their good play comedy in Spanish Utica about it was the backup nose guard they need some of the younger guys to step up the eighties and the younger guys that we don't know about. It will get to meet that middle but it did know that here in an extent you know Pro Bowl practices and in spring ball but that it is that a concern again. It's possible to Gannett replacement as many as senate eight starters and eat it it's easy Edwards and now to go in so that is. That's those are significant questions in the deepest Linus. Is that he bought the ticket that has allowed. In market and their linebackers are very good but even the line has allowed them to play almost. It is free as possible up until the last game. I'm keeping guys confident and letting him romantic place so that yet that's it that's the key thing I think they're good starring. They need depth there and that'll be what will we watch report in both car and bowl practices as well as our next spring. Good enough we appreciated Zack and I'm sure you'll be on again if now with me certainly would bill and thanks thanks for the time all right. Art critic there is Zack Kyle print these sports director at 96 point seven Mazzone in Madison here on the Schneider on chow line.