Henning: The “young excuse” is getting tired and old

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Friday, January 19th

Paul Henning of BrewCityBucks.com is not convinced the Bucks coaching staff is doing enough to put them in the best position to win. What are their biggest needs heading into the Trade Deadline?


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Joining us now on the Schneider awards allied Paul and any adversity box dot com cause I you don't. I don't Gloria I'm doing well how sick are you Lovie we are young excuse. It's getting pretty tired goal. Been tired and old for a long time because. And a lot of close when around Twitter yesterday Jason Kidd. Basically set right before the season started that we can't use being young excuse anymore. And when you look at the guys are what now they are you look at the average age where he might mean. The box and you know thirteen youngest team in the league but I mean that is right about that old pac. You know yacht young and that he's 23 years old but then the season and out there dominating at an MVP level so. You can't we use these young excuse with him because he's out their daughter. And the guys around him you know John and their let so Middleton point now we are not young guys are all guys out or plastic here and the experience though. Or him to go out there and continue. Insult in the and pay is that street. Our it is seemingly I and I said it's not young it's immature as it did because they just simply can't handle success we can't figure out a name for whatever reason. The coaching staff can't get through their head to the need to play for four quarters against teams that either it are on the same par with them or lesser than the teams that are better than them deliberately they bring it. But the other teams they don't seem to bring it on a night in night out basis. Is this in your opinion now down to coaching or isn't a talent on the team. It's a matter of ball that think I think that talent there but the coaching when it means more technology BQ car route and the air with a comment in the night and secondly how these guys so much and they're gonna do it or not. We do two things there one. He's not able conveyed a message that fact that we were too. He would campaign effectively and they're not getting it or they argue or because. Our seventh ranked in India ought we we get it often. And that's a very good offenses that he called them selfish. The other night but that's kind of what. Happened in India we you don't have a strong system of the fall back when I don't know what to do. Late gains they're reliant isolation all that rely article 11. What the system in place that was a little bit better it might have others are alliance to continually move the ball. But on the defense demand where we've been atrocious ranked seven. We're right about their rebounding. We kicked it stops when I get out and about all the coaching now because up to them. They have a system networks that the players can and effectively. You out of war. And it'll put them down a little bit rot you know the bottom and ruptures bury or because. You know portrayed in imports China and then and or drastic. You look back to two that your and John Hammond to nominal. Replacing Michael Redd with Jerry Stackhouse. He made straight for Kurt Thomas and when Bogut went down. Those two guys held that came together Jerry's decked out and retirement of the opera and you guys and they beat those guys I would be irrational and out of regular personal night. This team doesn't have the actor and an out indefinitely. And we've never been able workplace since we jettisoned Nam for our extant now. What does this team need. Moving forward I mean they need to. Get somebody who can rebound the ball I mean we're getting heat up in the paint in. Right. You know he saw without weights site just manhandled our impact the back game. Signers is averaging eighteen minute. And you not been anywhere near he was last year. So the fox wants to write this ship they're really need to find a way to get nobody here who can get stops and who can. Rebound the ball and provide a fox and or. Because the boxes are talk you know even our our big Ole Hansen a great year while standard. It's still not bury a guy you get pushed around any and Greg bring any beef. I really don't understand why they wouldn't bring in Andrew Bogut. Is if you wanted to come here from that you can pick him up for not being. It's you know go for the trade they'll come. Otherwise he hardly think they got a few Baikonur you'll get a guy like that. Out of Atlanta who can who can rebound the ball. Can clog the lane but then after all about it the shot. He's available. The talk to put on the market and a really good to do something to become popular we just. Are a very passable. Why and they hit the the question is due in when you hear different names being bandied about. That we gonna give up would do the do the Bucs have enough. That's my question used to get some equality is really gonna fortified in the middle. Do they have enough to give up. Well. That's life. That's what kind of look at it in the lower and assets you know hundred jordin is just too big packet. With the the other. Because we don't have the asset. Same thing you know now not Charlotte haven't fired eloquent Campbell. We're at our marketing people are talking about going to get torn artery. You don't you know it united our next two years and the bucks just don't have that the packets. Put together salary structure to make that kind of deal so to go get it out rightly that in our what he it will and out there you know he's been. Very very bad and I am very little hope that he's going to be a good rotation player but the box. And best case scenario kind of organ stroke on the label. So you know going back that's it you're you know the orchestrated. July out hander who very underperforming rookies for this kind of a battle in Thatcher and and John dammit and I think. A trade like these it will intertwined that in could be you know kind of that your disputed your bowl where. Highly underrated you know disappointed rookie for another another guy that's not name on the market but the Vatican committed do. Exactly what this team lacking which is rebound the ball box out I've never seen a team that is missile or Boxee now. And I know compelled to do you think it's scheme and and Byron are rebounding as well. I've at the end of the day you know beautiful game and forty more shots and we did. On the the end of the day you've achieved take twenty more shots you're not one example. Obama and go back to that you talk about Jason did scheme. Look when I see this team play three quarters or one quarter where they're standing flat footed no plea defense which they when they play defense everything transitions offer that there's like an energy there there's just something different when they actually playing at. So what's the matter clear they doing to take them out of the ability to play defense so. Well bait you know what market job market on the broadcast. You know. Chris Middleton and certain number one number two in minutes played and they're also normal there are also top five in mild hand defensively. So what this scheme requires a lot of paper activity on the defense and a lot of switch in a lot of double a lot of you know boy and all grown strong side and then having to rush back to try to stop that or three without but he got to be run ragged. On the parent to parent. And that political on the offense demand in our debt structure so if the oil down to a lot of one on one given at the trip giving it to what so give it to yeah. And see what they can do when nobody else there in the corner on the perimeter with their hands and knees so. We're maximizing these guys energy as well we could be and etiquette in key you know help guide it back because he. You want you know or transition defense we never crashed or. That's part of it but. We just haven't been kind of system that we're maximizing what our guys do well. Hand it is turning out and it's. It's gonna it's gonna Rupert you know we continue this pace you know just adding a part Parker. Is going to be in nice condition but there's much bigger problem. And it's not going to be something that we're gonna go in the playoffs and all summer term. We're gonna go and play out and gonna get it all again. Jason Kidd wasn't able. The match you know the raptors and the way that they were able to adjust to lock. Executed is at a great you know home. Actually an old guy is not a great. You're not a great coach in and I wrote there you know the greatest players. Art ever really great coaches you know you look at guys like. Magic Johnson who passable if you gains were the lakers you look at Isiah Thomas with the knicks and that the situation that. But draw a lot parallel to Jason kid with the or street now because. The players respect from the players like him. At the end of the day he's not the best start the job. And they. Well ER I understand that the players like my question you was this do they play hard for him because what I've seen is. I see Jason Kidd in now and again I I'm not an auto. Well it seems like there's just guys looking around as if they're deer in the headlights or talking to each other JC kids got to talk of a nobody's really paying attention ain't. He is he this game. I don't go I'm not an auto but is he the guy for the job do they really play hard for him. I don't really think that they do. Not not the principally because you can see I'm taking place dock you can see them playing carelessly with all due to make you ought we have an offer. This team just never been. Referred you visited disciplinary team that never been a shark he. And you see Jason kid sitting on the sideline. With a head in his hands or spirit off in the distance but I never. Honest he'd actively. Lobbying the refs are all actively. You know looking at extreme and tech guy in and I don't want you know outstanding Gundy say. But I don't wanna light with coach on the sideline and cool really looks check out of significant portion. And then after the game he does continually blamed the players that never heard coach. That you never said that you know well it's. You know ultimately you know a lot of coaches say whatever happened on the war. That's on meet because my job to prepare than it's my job to get them ready marked out in our game plan. You never heard any of these ought or do you think you tutored out of Greg Popovich all the time every time that that the spurs get blown out he says you know I got a I into the car was shot and I got a better your attic you guys. And in response to be effective and that I'm in the coaching staff and can just never really kicks as our ability oh. Are you look police checked out. And that press conference that go to reminding me of Scott Skiles. During media. Jenny and mark Ellen era. And it really feels to me like it's the beginning of the and Bert are chasing kids but the boxer trying to stock because they're not really any. Guy out there that you can say yeah he's gonna comment maker cutter and it so happened that way. And an ad in the ownership group cook and even decided to gamble this summer and it's very concerning for them to go on and coach search as well. Good stuff man we appreciate it telegenic and sued general okay. Are brought baseball talkies and they go that is Paul Henning. He's with Bruce city box dot com you can read this stuff there and I'm breaking down the Milwaukee Bucks and so the woes of the fallen them as well he join us on the shutter or challenge shatter our drivers right now you work arbitrage a fair eighty plus years living idiot then call 844 predators Schneider John Stark County.