Henning: We should absolutely expect the Bucks to win a lot of games

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Wednesday, October 18th

10/18/17: Paul Henning of BrewCityBucks.com (formerly of SaveOurBucks.com) shares his expectations for this season.  What’s the ceiling for Malcolm Brogdon? Is Thon Maker the X-Factor?


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Paul heading from Bruce Reebok's dot com joining us on the Schneider orange on mine hello Paul how you doing. Our hero well I guess might discern Al Joan artists and you're talking a little while ago about expectations. And and I'm also the same thing you have as a Jason Kidd lest we gonna show and that is I I expect this team to win about fifty games. Detonated top for the post season and then get themselves at least a first out of the first round I think that's a realistic expectation. He backed me up a little bit by saying it's a young team which has some veterans on it but they've actually got a taste of the post season so what are your expectations this year. What they're the coach's job to try to support too many expectations on the team that is still young but from outsiders. I think we absolutely should expect the box. Two win a lot of games this year and went well serious I. Win through this funeral last night and I haven't bought when it he. And it comes down to a number factors but. Obviously the Eastern Conference this significantly weaker even before. Other Gordon Hayward injury last night he's such people or at least the oldies are all sorts of the pacers. There's not a lot of competitors teams out there in the Eastern Conference they're gonna challenge. Up along well on so. The bucks are are primed and poised to make a run and it looks great. For a few games and the raptors series. What they ran out of Catholic shall stand. I'm middle and he does turn out what's the key election victory that playoff series up Robin has that back in right or playoff. I'm Michael Beasley was trying to come back from a key industry I have we have those three guys all the help he. I opened vehicle one that play out series sold out the bucks are coming into the season and expect it to ground aren't because they have so much roster continuity and it will only lost Michael Beasley. They added two rookies we're probably not get on the plane early to their top 78 guys are all. Fully intact. They know what the rules are they know they need to do that mystical art form. Hopefully you know the box. Free agent acquisitions of last summer what emerged. And dealt with bill are able to put together a batters he's in the year contribute a little bit more are coming off the bench and providing their scoring on that they're gonna need. Or Chris Middleton has played extremely well acting on the salt and he's and warning intent. But I think it's really gonna come down to the start on the middle and it's gonna come out on Brock how are extremely goes to. You saw a completely different defensive mentality. Our identity with this team after Jabari goes down and two games short game later. On an inserted the starting line it is started playing a lot more minutes on stretched. The Bucs went warning and and and you can really see the system start to work again that this heavy switching system that chasing true oil. Hostel for them to go far this year I'm gonna need they'll play each point point five minutes and amber are you gonna need to deal take the next step. So here's my question for you regarding our first role abroad we were talking about his ceiling. I don't know what his ceiling yes I'm anxious to see how well he plays this season. Buy it through the first you know I don't know 101520. Games we were getting good gauge as to whether or not last year he has a lot more in the tank or he is what years. And I think that's where a lot of people are with him right now because I don't think his projected ceiling at least. Gives you this giant level of optimism because he's got the tag of being a second round pick on right. We argue that you know you've got a fourth four years in college. We come into the league older. I Hewlett suspect Iran takes the bucks only sector optics and vehicle sector optical and virtually year. It was a bit of a down year for rookies but they factored in the two that decision happily. But you know Malcolm brought back a turnaround are scored when our ports and night. Are just not his game. Huge kind of more of a slow and steady hand at point guard. He does have a limitation that politically but I have seen them all by. Guys like doing way carrier agreement LeBron James in broad on the stump right now they are you able to turn on the air oh win EQ but. He's going to be more you know war general leader and I think he's eager to act that occurred a lot bans state. It exactly what you need you have got like Udonis who going to be driving range you don't wanna got it's going to be. Or dribble you don't wanna guy that's that's going to be dominating the ball he's gonna need to knock down shots including the switch on the standards all things you can do extremely well. But the Bucs do need to more dark Specter create their own shot ballot probably playoff civic got exposed itself. I do think broadly can get better. I don't know whoever be it all star perennial all star but I do think he can be. A guy that console like Pete and Andre Miller course and consult height he's not gonna get. The accolades or academic how it's not flashy guy. And it is a quiet guy that kind of go out of business sort of thing he can certainly get better on because he's seen Malcolm or from a lot of obstacles in life. And and push himself to the limit and I think cute and perfect system it up for the coach to which and to learn well. Who you think is going to be that player that everybody looks and says okay. Outside of the big name it's okay who is going to be the contributing player that this team is gonna rely on. To give them that extra something something I don't push him over the top. It it's got to stop. It's early got to be found the whole system all boxed expenses system relies on a lot of switching and a lot of active hands and a lot of frenetic. Pressure. And I'm excelled at bats and and we saw that he he got a steep wet in the last third of the season. He didn't look good in summer league at all. We didn't get to see him in the streets he's. Until that last game first the pistons all that song again very urging because you're facing one of the biggest big man in the league and Andre Drummond. I'm not able all the position last year. At all against guys like that and I was able to grabbed eight rebounds U plus 28 game which is complete swings from what we thought the giant Tencent. Are in the first three game you have like a negative fifteen negative or almost every night and you knock him you'll provide. Quote audible one that's gonna keep up up. Our he can shoot the three ball and you can blocks shots and can be an anchor on the defense to grant. I think you get what you get out more he's going to be in eleven the kind of guy you'd. Extremely important guy off the bench oh we kind of know what we're getting from him I think. Diner still has significantly higher ceiling and that we're gonna see intake and that's the next local this year. We're talking at all heading for mercy box dot com go back to moose how much am maybe not just losing Joba how much do you think the landscape of this team changes come trade deadline. What English is going to be a very attractive tree here come on line. A lot of teams are looking to shed salary and moos has eighteen million dollars or contract. I don't think he's going to be returned to the box next year so. Depending on where they're at what has performances. And what available fielder out there and in the box where it would like to make a mold. To try to find somebody else. The coming year. Perhaps the point guard horse Lehman's leader Kemal badge. And can you you'll have more scoring punch are we saw that you Ronald series wearing and what Norman Powell. Into the starting lineup and remove certain pocket the honor so. It's the ball cleanly that's constantly changing. And moos is part of the old regime. Actually not a guy that bought certain wanna put down another 1015 billion dollars for these very useful player. He's obviously adapted to the evil quite well and he's coming off the bench and doing everything. That a good player can do in this situation but the nature of the league is that that the game going away from what he brings to table. I'm so. That the box you know were interested in looking at him again. It would be at a much lower dollar value so and I really don't see him coming back. But you know he's been a good guy has been a good China in. You know for the most part but. When you get out of Max contract to a guy. To be your starting center. You really hold for more than ten Pam come out the parents should be happy in a small hole on that's not exactly what the condition when making it an hour. Here's follow wrote quake we got about thirty seconds but the holy bird Parker thing give me your take on that and that he does he become common X-Factor midway through the season. I think to bark come back currently is and he's going to be huge factor down the stretch you are in the morning and full speed practiced I think you can put the box in a very difficult position hopefully they'll able to retain him out but I think he comes out guns blazing and helped the box go to Eastern Conference finals this year actually believe it. Oh awesome stuff. Awesome stuff for us a lot on the right there Paula just you want to know that so victims of storm are blame you so we recruit him at Harvard buddy. Hurtful Kentucky as soon. Verio Paula adding diversity box dye job joining us for a couple of minutes on the Schneider orange ally not our drivers right now you were currently treat you fair eighty butchers immediate and call 844 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com.