Hour 1: What are you looking for in tonight’s first preseason game?

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, August 9th
HR 1- Also we speak with Eric Edholm from Pro Football Weekly to preview the upcoming NFL Season and Wednesday nights preseason slate of games.

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From the league's front for the and this is where Wisconsin sports fans Compton told. Michael show made the best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. Mike hey Julia and while I don't know Michael shows on the air we are so glad you were on board today. Thanks so much for take a listen we are back that was got a state fair goes silent ale house right exit Budweiser pavilion and across the creep up the million people aren't by and say hi nobody. At this point I'm here today. As far as inside and sent him they're just opening the doors a little while ago. What you know all the tables got everything ready to go the waters the Beers that they're gonna do some special happening here today. For some of the craft brews oh. Getting ready for another terrific day the Wisconsin state fair let me say this I don't think the weather. Could be any better if it had to be. Right here it was not the speaker don't forget that we got another event coming up and oh by the way a day game at Miller Park and a night game at Lambeau Field. You don't get much better than what's going on Wednesday it was continent right now I mean you put the badgers out there on Saturday and were all it. It's just that kind of week so a lot of fantastic things happening speaking of fantastic things happening the brewers last night exploded at cant. Exploded again early on this ball game. They win eight deported out a little bit nerve racking towards the six that he ought to be that fifth inning and pottery put one up and then they put a couple of in the sixth and another one in the seventh. But the brewers have already done enough damage eight runs fourteen hits yet another error not a clean defensive baseball game but when you start out with a five spot. Early on a ball game as pretty terrific brewers get the win last night knock off the San Diego Padres. They go forward via. The rubber match today as they take on the Padres yet again last night Lorenzo Cain. Two for five a couple of runs scored also last night whose stock has another good night the plate two for four runs scored. Yet Hayes whose ankle are. And he ends up by two for 43. Runs driven in last night he hits another blast his 28 this season. In the first inning off Kennedy. And he to go two for four also well or runs scored last night ravaged Shaw. He adds that with another one last night two for three or runs scored a couple of RBIs there. As he hit his 23 of the year in that was also in the first inning. Off with Kennedy Eric Spain's blasts one last night one for for a bomb. And he knocks one out of the park in the first inning. Put Kennedy who had a hell of a start. Good night last night for you at least shot scene who goes six strong. Giving up six hits three runs all our and one walk three strikeouts Soria comes in. Rose throws an inning and giving up a run in Iowa ball in a couple of one hit one run a couple of strikeouts jury Jeffers. Rosie clean inning and as soon as quarry and able but. Not a bad night the ball park. All at all. For the Milwaukee Brewers now they go for via the game rubber match game today I gotta tell you today's one of those days it it's. I love the beginning of all of this is I imagine you get the state fair today. I'll be heading north to Green Bay get brewers to a game got a lot going on in the state it was counting. It has been I was just in your right or that producing the show today by the way radio to go to the morning show locally our flagship station one of march 7 in the event. So Ryan's and today it's been. I'm sitting here topical Pulitzer meetings this morning and get into an ice we have time for the ship after that he do this and and between gold acts of terror December. When this year and I got engaged about a year ago actually it's coming up in two weeks about a year ago. Ended up moving and in my house in December. Go through Christmas Super Bowl spring training vacation kids all the kind of start planning a wedding got married. But in addition that's still doing all the traveling the cigar dinners in the coal permits only kind of stuff to do and it showed all the affiliates all over the state. And then now. She has a house that still for sale that we really haven't paid much attention to so we we've got to clean that thing up in stages. Get it ready to sell what she's got a house in beautiful farmhouse that were selling. And then we sold my house last night on March 23 hole we've looked at 23 homes. In don't know five days something like that just as stupid number of houses. All we found the house who walked into a house that I had known for years. And I've always wanted to know what kind of house it was we walked into this thing and it's yeah you we if you ever bought a house you want an ego were home. There's nothing I would change. And it's perfect. And because we were looking for rootkit is all you think about this as the kids get older when they have friends over. Do they had enough space. You know like if election has friends over there in the teenage years. And they're in one room and he still has his friends over there in another room and their gaming do they have enough room in their rooms we have offices to work in. Are we still wanted you know are following to we wanted to have our friends over and patios and fire pits in two hours in. Do we have a bar in the house and we walked into this towels Ryan I'm not kidding it in it it was completely what I thought was undervalued we walked in this thing. Everything is brand new SP completely gut and everything's stoning. And you start walking through the house I got lost in the house. Looks like a pretty much else that you see that on FaceBook did you see the announcement FaceBook yeah I saw yesterday okay. So cheery put it up last night because we finally ethical factor for them back and forth back and forth back for Chile to homes and closing dates and inspections and everything. We finally. Got the offer accepted in everything is now done so we're gonna close. I don't implement make it tomahawk this year so. Because of the closing date in moving dates and all that stuff. So in addition to the wedding we've now got golf tournaments Turco player coming out cigar dinners we've got Packers football season. We've got the motorcycle ride a Harley-Davidson weekend during the 150 which by the way coming up in the in the second hour of the show our third hour of the show today. They and an announcement if you're in the Hartley to your in the motorcycles if your in the racing. We have an announcement coming up on the show today. In the third hour of the programs we wanna be listening to that. And then all of that and oh by the way we wanted to go to tomahawk because I do that every year we go up into security right everything there but we've got to closings a move. We we've we've got accepted on a house but we went into this towels and you walk out that in the gentleman that had owned prior to. He bought this Tiki bar. It's genuine Tiki bar but it's been enhanced to tipped to be moderate. So it's got Bose sound system and it in stereos. And it's guys MP3 players and scuttle this difference definite plus it's got this. This giant Weber grill now that Grilli can only imagine is probably about a 5000 dollar grow its stupid. It's crazy stupid and that he's guard. A refrigerator. In a refrigerated beer tap now men are quick to tap so if you wanna put two takes half girls appear. Underneath the cap you can't plus they plus warning water plus electric. Plus it's all outlined in like those those rope LB the lights and everything with the real grass skirt or tight. It all over this they swarm all over that. An Easter walk through the house in this great room to shoot and all the so anyway we get down to the bottom we don't even know where we're at the house we know how we got there we don't have to get out. What you pop up from this work room this this workout room don't work room you know everybody. In the older days so to speak all the guys used to have a little room that had all the tools that you do when their fix anything in there there's one of those rooms in next to visit Jim. And that you go up the stairs. And there's a country war. A modified. Born would reclaim. Beautiful. Poetry bar. With refrigerators and your taps in and everything's geared to put your liquors it's it's just stupid. And so we walked in or like we got at this so you know you get in the bidding wars and you get you know you try to work everything out so that's been. The last few days of my life so might sound a little bit tired today. It's the first leg of a very long. That's what's going on at all by the way in two weeks we have a wedding reception. Let's go it's as it's been crazy it's been completely crazy and I have been out about it much of the wanted to put. That's been that kind of what's going on to those that are listening going why is he called me back now in a and I you know one 855830864885583086. 48 that is that habitable we should you choose to do so by all means give us shall we look here from it and in addition to that. You could fight is over on a Twitter at bill underscore Michaels at bill underscore Michael's track is down there. This portion of the program by Agile who brought you are terrific friends over and it doesn't Celtic cousins out. Speaking of grills the growth that is like the quarterback of your of your food. Okay when you get to the grill everything goes on it that would all start like getting the snaps all the food comes out goes in the growth boom. You make of what you want you got it done cousins the same thing that pepperoni about that extra Mayo expertise I read the bill Michael's order it live it love it learn it. It is fantastic and it all starts on the roll over cousins out and subs were they believe in better the officials subs in which should go Michael's sport stock network stake to. I don't know what the hell or talk about but no awarded to a coming up next that the Michael's. Sure listening to the bill might school's sports talk network. Robert have though Michael Shelley Johnny -- broadcasting live the goose island ale house here at GO Budweiser Boo Williams stopover in sale at the Wisconsin state fair later tonight automobile Lambeau Field after that we're going to be doing our post game show. And a really looking toward that back on the air are what is it or seventh or eight years something like that material is in the former packer badger running back. And packer running back we're going to be together yet again we're looking toward taking off another great season the Packers football talk more about tonight's game. In the NFL in general pro football weekly Eric at home it joining us on the Schneider or hotline Eric I don't they man. I absolutely love the fact you're at and help out within 30 in the morning I think that's a tactic ready to sleep with that I fully endorsed that. You know it's funny because I've got to the craft brews off to my left I've got the concession stand that serves up the cheese Kurds in. And seeing which is off to my right and I'm looking out of the sun splashed day at that creep up pavilion across from me at it you're right it it doesn't get much better than this is like Ali it's it's supposed to be would you treat as a kid you could pay to do this. Right exactly right unit we've got ludicrous that segment. Charging up I don't know enough there outreach up there. Perfect and I got a question for you in regards to Aaron Rodgers. He's been somewhat outspoken he's gotten. You know very poignant with some of the wide receivers. Nationally how has it now how has that been received because here. Most people seem to think that it's very much a leader who knows the window is closing eventually and wants to win and win now. Others look at it as well he must be unhappy that they government Jordy Nelson and he's taken a shot at upper management and I don't see it that way but given that it your perspective. EA doesn't feel like that now the ethnic there was. You know at a time in the op where he thought. What's going on here especially her two people out though were they in man or the Packers do let me Jordy got great all stuffed up. And I'm sure in the aftermath were immediately convened OJ that was probably sent to that but Smart enough and I think. Compartmentalize it well enough that now look good in any lingering feeling I have murder you know upset about that happening. It's five drag dead in the the regulars you battery in the creek he's not going to be negative market so I I see more like you do which is. We've got to get these guys that beat OK we know who are wanted to our. We think Geronimo Allah in the three. You know just had Jake who route had good training camp practice and we don't know what you can be able to step up in that role he's going to be the next Jeff jail or whatever. The young guys step up weathered the three draft picks whether Trevor David whether it's you know somebody else on that I'm not Procter. We need because of who we are our identity. We gotta have four and five wide receivers that we truck along with their tight in the back to make this whole thing work. We now Aaron Rodgers healthy takes his team to the post season. What how deep they go in my opinion depends depends on what might that he's defense does. So give me your thoughts and might threaten as the coordinator in what you heard coming out of Green Day. As far as the ability to write I guess get the most out of these guys or change attitudes regarding the Dom Capers regime from years ago to where Mike Patton is today. Yeah I mean aggressive man be that that is what he's been known for prepped me and be sent out he'd seen it. You know in terms of the guy they drafted that is the upbeat note that this and that op pool play allotted to it. You know he he's always been I think he was unfairly. Hurt by its head coaching experience in terms of its reputation I mean. You look at it that street had good defense to teams. Looking to have been able to generate pressure. And that's kind of ballpark but he with a good. The way I would describe it was described to me when he would in New York with that. You don't wreck with a guy who you know wanted to play certain fronts and blitz aggressively to all that that was kind of his offer. And Mike would say hey coach you know. Let's dial it back in the situation let's push the pedal and others situation if you kind of a perfect. You know it'd go to. And an old great I think that's important gap that somebody who heads you know heads strong enough to turn it in at the head coach and remind them here's what we're trying to achieve. But also deferential enough to know the head coach Doug cup final say I think he's a great spot here. You know I get it right in what take a little time maybe share by you know for like you're right I I beat them to take that next step they you have to just developed. A little bit more vote. He'd be played mentality at the leak and you know it just sort of key words relatively low. About a often had to do its work in and we know their score points so I. I feel like they're in pretty good shape heading into the league with some you know some good challenges early in the year. And I got to look northward towards Minnesota there the by him by many accounts the favorite I mean obviously they've got a tremendous defense they get the running back. Back this year and they've at least in their minds upgraded their. The quarterback position so as far as Minnesota goes and let's face it Mike Zimmer has been a guy that's been fantastic at scheming against Aaron Rodgers you can go back to his years with Cincinnati. So now with the return of Galvin cookie got out of the violence upon bigs and they still got a pretty simple it died in the Kyle Rudolph. So how good is this team I mean you know I I still think they're the team to beat but many seem to think just because the return of Aaron Rodgers the Packers are the incumbent. Yeah a little like Brooke records I've sort harp on the scene to talking points that saw these in the nothing that I in the street he changed it. Which kids. Like you look they were thirteen preteen Lester right I mean they were in a report. You know 45 bet being in football no question about it last year in theory that they upgraded quarterback bait they added Sheldon rich and on defense they get. Now we cook back in the back field. They should be better but did that either gonna win more games now not at all not necessarily so. You know they they want to close one blaster had a good record in one score games from. No there there is the assumption that a little walk and all of that which advocates troops to put the Steelers they're thirteen and three but. It mediated that barely resemble thirteen and three team talk about Pittsburgh so. You know win total there on time Todd medic in a little bit and the vikings could theoretically be a better team Powell Powell than they were a year. But they go eleven and five. You know they can go to particular really counting division and they've got they've got a team is not the Green Bay got the knot the Chicago and whatnot but the lions they'll buy it. Don't you start looking at minute though the schedule. Forty niners injured Jimmy drop little weak one act Green Bay we can do you know I don't think much of the bill but the ran the Eagles. You know this ain't all in the first part of that schedule. What do stun me if they were you know three and three or agreed not to win so I think it. Reasonable to say that they can they can get better football team. But we're confident playing better than what queue and even during the regular beat last year. Don't assume that that's going to be a cake cookie with exceptional here and I think people ought to keep that in mind. Culinary get home or pro football weekly now I I don't know really what to make of Detroit all of you with them in just a couple of moments but I wanted to get into the addition of Matt Nagy and that growth and development. The quarterback got to Chicago and in mister frisky and and what they've got going on I I keep looking over the fence saying this team is getting better I don't think an up or giving them credit. I just don't know what Matt Nate he's going to do to elevate this team to another level. They're gonna have diversity on offense that he would be the biggest difference I mean lack Q when you play the bears. You know it was handoff and all short. And right I mean that would. We got so used to it George how artillery Collin OK and then. In what 36. And now got to keep the ball away after completion and I was really kind of identity TX you're gonna see a team that is. The first formation only that could go to all Alan Robinson twelve times one game in wartime the next. In other happy opening Miller rookie who looked fantastic acting white now allow one he lied practice to one walked back. I played a really bought about and that he would not your typical second round pick at receiver he could be unit to contributor they've got. You know I did you get the ball back he gets the ball George Howard has improved as a receiver so. The two biggest issue with them for me aside extra bit you'll put into a permit. Doctor Klein which can come together they don't get the others the trigger now picture this a little bit. And the pass rush on the parents if letter Floyd that in. Ernie does something of a productive edge rusher. I don't know whether it's like pressure from they're going to be a good coverage either going to be good tackling teams that may not be the kind of team. Back Iraq up 3540 sacks and more I don't see a topic that really know who's been edge guy on that defense. Soared to wanna touch on Detroit I know Detroit trying to get better I mean they bring in. Mat per trichet you know he's still keep Jim Bob cooter who worked really well with Matthew Stafford over in the on the offensive side. Paul passed Polonia he is now you're defensive coordinator I mean I'm looking at this team thinking to myself. How much better really our day they still have a lot of the same guys. In the secondary put that they can employ over Quinn they've gotten the free safety back there and very solid but how much better are they defensively to slow down some of the teams in the same division. Yet the great question I think that's currently where he started that would map that you are you coming on and and having that reputation of being eat eat that the two aren't all that. It it's still the same because there he sent you confront the really scared me that much indeed beyond that it that is very good player upfront. But you know a shot Robinson had been okay. You know Kerry Hyder is coming off an injury you with their press kind of you know interior roster two years ago so back to Williams they thing you sort of a cap on turn it too well they have upfront that. You could really trying to hang your hat at that that'll than my old player but. That that front seven that gonna come under a little pressure and you're gonna have he guy like Jerry deal with it inside linebacker really step up and you know the bartender from from the giants they picked up I would like to imitate. Part time player but it the 800 snapped I don't know though. The secondary I'm not worried about I think they have the pieces back there really got front seven to me that that. That I the big question gripping you do a lot of mixing and matching you know build pressure different kind of things that. To counteract you know their way to expect a little bit and maybe copper up but they're they're talent deficiencies up front offensively Stafford. Maybe a better run game carry on Johnson Eagles receivers. I think they'll put up ploy. I don't know they're gonna be exceptional that they better hope to be good situationally differently third down. Port quarter red zone all that stuff that's really where I'd be bacon. They can hide some of their their shortcomings on the. Morning before I let you go and that is to win the NFC north and who refereed represents the NFC in the Super Bowl. I promise. I'm not just during favorable locals but I'm I'm kind of leaning Green Day on this one I can see it coming down to where. You ought to tie breaker all teams are Lebanon's fiber Walton for maybe ten and six that the it hit the copper division top to bottom than we expect or something like that I. You know I wish we had a eight vikings Packers game and in week seventeen obviously that's not how it worked out by. You know we're gonna DDT and go head to head if they split you know could be one more tiebreaker that we have to go down the chain. I think the Packers have a chance and for the recently laid out earlier I. I'm kinda hedging right now that can I make my final pick in a couple weeks but I'm. I'm ever so slightly leaning green bail minutes. Good stuff that we appreciate it to when you make your way into the into the Wisconsin state fair you gotta come over to them goose island now how's that gonna do what's happening today at 330 from some new some new beverages in the into the cheese Kurds across the way or that I'm an IQ I can be honored at the Oakland and that it but it fitting about that right drop. My name over here maybe it'll throw a bucket of about their for an Afghan. You are occurred man all right good body. Now it is that it may go Eric at home he is with the the pro football weekly guys. And they do a fantastic job wealth of knowledge great to talk to a great to talk to put football and he is saying just. By an edge it's the Green Bay Packers in this division. Over the Minnesota Vikings with the bearers in the lions then trailing so it's a third tortoise and the side or top. Schneider our drivers right now if you work hard they treat you fair eighty plus years they'd be getting it done. Call 844 pride are going to Schneider jobs dot com 844 problem Schneider jobs that now. You hear the music picking up near the Wisconsin state fair on the stage coming up just a little bit here at the Budweiser pavilion Tony rocker on the comeback special. That you got 33 RPM later today in the toys are playing here tonight. Over at the charcoal or road house tonight 7 o'clock. The rush tribute band is gonna be taking place later on this evening Ryan MacIntyre are different Ryan McIntyre. Between him and and and and miles Ryan or miles their fantastic miles actually ended up is the one that played our wedding reception. And miles did an unbelievable job as a matter of fact miles though white grin he he did Parisian or rational fact flats broken road. That was. When we walked on the on how he sang it at people upset that he sang it better than Rascal Flatts does. And and Ryan Mack and tires on the stage overactive major schools beast today and Ryan is incredible to a of the that's just local lists. In the areas of the get a chance to come the state ferries you Ryan McIntyre and miles is playing here tomorrow. Go out and see him go out I highly recommend going on see in those guys. Routine is Bobby way and the way out coming up later on tonight crank the radio over its senses tonight the road trip is playing it every department reckon miles. Over the Sprecher landing so that your lineup. I had the affair and plus on the main stage tonight the temptations. And the Four Tops. You got a lot of Motown up there tonight on love and by the way speaking of Budweiser pavilion to going to be how about an ideal equipment for the Tories on the big screen here. They will have the packer game this evening C come on your watch packer games well you're during the day you can see the brewers game on the on the tavern television so they've got him everywhere he can't miss a moment of the game because they're frankly all over the place. So come on out say hi we are broadcasting live at goose island ale house about what's pavilion this bill Michael's got a lot more of the White House show coming up right after this. Michael's sports talk and as Earth's. Lot of back to the progress though Michael jealous audio we're broadcasting live and silent now miles we are an excellent question who billion. Now we're Tony rocker is that getting ready to go on stage a comeback special Tony rocker is one of the like the Elvis impersonators. And right or that Bruce in his Saturday radio chosen Zoellick to the morning show on our flagship station but we're Ryan and I are talking during the break it. The guys that do. Elvis impersonation it's. That they grow the hair you know they grow their hair they get the walk down. They've even to go live to a certain extent. And if you've never met an Elvis impersonator. There is a part of that that efforts on that the he. It's not like they just go away and all of a sudden there there Bob from account and routing it's it's it's. He hit you know hey your you don't want to backstage before and I was walking over to us to get something to drink. And you know so I just did one of those you know you pass people all you're like hey it was you know that type of thing. And so I'm I'm like hey NATO and that will vote. A little boot man he's a skinny Elvis bodily not via the always that they found. You know make it and yet on the point it would offer better stand. Is publicity he you know they they embody that you walked past him and I go on and vote you know if do you think a big. A lot of first date. Are there they're talking to women out of the bar around and around already I come off as Elvis like talk sneaker are they themselves time Bob but I play Elvis and the way I can only imagine he's gonna Dresser with a really big collar. You know Kenny I I don't know way. The fact you can't help but walk but notice the dude to walk around the opus there right I mean that's his real hair. You know it's only a week security like it's it's it's it's been put on his token candidate it's you. Do you know the midi UC want it if you saw him going down the giants like go well I think it's Elvis. As skinny I was but it Elvis coming got a giant slide well with no one wrote special you know. I don't know if it's a bit about guys that do Elvis impersonation now there's a couple of bands that will say this is the couple periods in the area. That do eighties metal rock okay these guys still believe they're in the eighties and I'm sure he eighties. They were in high school or whatever and they were rocket you know they were playing air guitar in the cars they were you know try to put bands together coming through high school. They wanted to live there the rock. Lifestyle. But these guys still have the long streak greasy hair. The still you know if we you're playing. On a side stage at a state fair. Which is great you you rocked the house to get to 3000 people just rocket team it to music that you did right Richard just you know amplifying that's fantastic. What I'm sure. You're not going to your local North Shore bank and you're locked and and the guy at the that look like they'll lead singer from white snake incidence and they're going out and I hope you are I mean again it's like these guys do you know you can't. You can't walk out of here. It in Doby the CEO of a company. You know here. No it gradually what you do you know usually it's it's it's it's. You like the one guy I know he's a welder he has appealed so what we know yet until you definitely have to go yes it's not like a welding company where he has to be the CEO lumber business in the old days latter having choppers businessmen now. He's he's a well over eight bit than the other guy you know like hey what you do with. It's like say oh. What the hell is the 020. It is. So this is all you don't look if you could make enough money doing this and and enjoying your dream and that's. In all more power to you because I get the chance to do in my dream every game day but it. I'm always looking at these guys go out what are your date jobs you imagine. Walking into say your product colleges. You got a recommendation from somebody who knew somebody new somebody's is I got a guy he's pretty cheap he's really good. OK if you want to get in the dike of the with the the skull rings on his fingers he's all had without me it's Wear rubber gloved Alex. The figures that out. And yet you lost now. Away well I don't they ability and on that you know it's just you know just the thought if the thought is on the site to see if there was not this then there it just it's one of the things him all over 85583086488558308648. Now we are going to be alive for the Budweiser pavilion of the goose island ale house where speaker today speaking of a good stuff we have coming up a little bit later on today. In the third hour program we're want to make an announcement today I'm not making it. But as some people that are going to be into the Harley-Davidson 150 weekend. And along with Budweiser are going to be making. So were really look reported that in when they told me about this and they said oh by the way. You're involved. I was telling really and it was pretty it's pretty cool it's something that nobody gets to do. And we're gonna get a. He has to do it so it's gonna be really cool experience and if your writer. If you're into that thing man makes your listening to your friends tell your neighbors because it's going to be equal that of to speak to that the Harley-Davidson weekend that we never motorcycle ride security coming up. We benefit the Fisher house of Wisconsin and it's for wounded veterans those in the military and their families we can only do so much for them and this is just another way for us to say thank you. It's all brought to you by Bud Light at the motorcycle right it's Sunday September 2 that Sunday September 2. And that we we can't do this without you we need is but he writers if we can get in whether it's hardly whether to an Indian a Suzuki on it doesn't matter what brand of fight just pleased les. Come out and join us won't you end up. Recently for a very very worried because again that's the Fisher house of Wisconsin if you wanna find out the information. All you have to do is go to bill Michael's MI CH EEL as you'll Michael sports dot com. And you can get register right they're go to the events page. At the bottom of the page at the eleventh annual big unit poker run charity motorcycle ride sponsored by a spotlight to benefit the Fisher house was counts and also brought to our terrific brands. At according university. Veterans Affairs Department there and it was the constant rumors deal that was concert brewers' guild. There are new sponsor coming on board this year and they've got. A great way for you to face the midwest it's the second longest running beer festival in the United States it's Saturday August 11. Coming up this weekend Saturday August 11 this year at beautiful Olympic park. Our soul every year the event contributes 30000. Dollars to community organizations in the beer festival world. It's one of like trying to get packers' season tickets a huge huge Wisconsin's brewers' guild giving away a chance to win two tickets. To that great taste of the midwest. In Madison this Saturday. And again it's like trying to get tickets to have to Lambeau Field for for beer which you joint Wisconsin brewers' guild today. Wisconsin brewers' guild today. Today only. They used it was not to tap chaser mobile app that you could find coupon. For great taste of the midwest tickets repeat that coupon and you automatically be entered to win if you don't win. You still get discount to the breweries all of this it was Johnson's that you can't lose there you're gonna throw a five dollar discount. Or membership if you choose to use the Q are you part BI LL belt. The ILL what you joint makes you do that so it's going to be a fantastic thing go find more information that'd download the app Wisconsin who was killed at this Wisconsin. Actually through the Wisconsin after a trip there prompts for the ride as well. And I'll tell you more on the right coming up a little bit later in the program but if your motorcycle rider. Please join us it's a great cost point five bucks you pre register get a member of T shirt long sleepy. That goes along with this and he Sunday September 2 wide open on your calendar. And join us we're gonna start at what wiser. Which is the upbeat with sales and service in New Berlin a hundred mile ride and we and give Wisconsin Harley-Davidson where we're gonna throw the Liberal Party it's going to be a lot of fun. And we want you to be at least around join us for very worthy cause say two mortal Michael shall lighter that was cut to state their right after this. Sixteen stations strong. Will my school's sports talk now. No hope Radisson hotel and conference center green and gold training temple tapes presented by Robert peck diamond swear they'll pay you clean. For your gold from title town here's some might clemens'. It's the Packers in the titans tonight at 7 o'clock here at Lambeau Field. Former patriots and chiefs linebacker Mike Vrabel became a defensive coach and Tony eleven and then was hired by Tennessee in January tonight is dribbles first game. Ever as a head coach. What am I looking forward to it. I'm anxious watching our team platinum and watch our team garden. And and hopefully play physical play with great fundamentals and and finish and finish every play that they're out there that's what training camps for this is just an extension of you know training camp. Packers quarterback Brett Hundley situation hasn't changed. You know the Packers added Du'Shon Kaiser humbly says he needs a showed GM's Iran believes he's better than he was last season. Everybody's always no matter if your fourth your thirteenth you're always trying to improve so to me the game continues. The years you know just keep stacking and I just wanna keep in better here here. On offense watch for number sixteen J. Crew were all on the all the Packers drafted three rookie receivers cool morale has Aaron Rodgers on the side and says he's anxious to get out there. Dan Chapman and them ready to go. And pre season had such got to make sure I stay focused stay healthy. And you know on their thing it's out there involves applying to scattered under training don't try and do anything out of the ordinary just stick to what you know sticks with coaches have taught us an average on the place. What's the front office reaction to Rogers endorsement Packers GM Brian good against him that's that's good for. For Camaro you know that's a positive thing to brighter more balls from the woods what's up. You know we're gonna evaluate the tapes and removed by doing every days and was out there and the professionalism how they I would go about it their consistency their durability we simply want pre season game but were we're excited to get out there from Lambeau Field in Green Bay I'm Mike Clemens on the bill Michael shall. Program the Michael show is on the we're glad to have you thanks so much as always for take a listen to is we certainly appreciate it what you expect to see tonight let's be honest okay. What do you expect to see tonight how the Green Bay Packers the Packers are not playing Aaron Rodgers I know. There are some fans that are saying you know off product Alice money I'd like to see Aaron Rodgers play I get it. I do by. I guess we talk about this every year the balancing act between. Between whether or not you should or shouldn't zero Rogers should be your should be play of what happens because he gets hurt and what happens if he does in the team starts off slow. We do this every year we go through this every year and other people that it really wanna see Aaron Rodgers on the field but. I don't I don't. They did a chance to really practice which is what is probably the most bothers. They don't get a chance to really get a lot of practice in specifically under. Under fire so to speak under that that the heads and hitting in and you tackling and such they don't do a lot of that. So it's hard to really get that rhythm that timing and say well you know Aaron Rodgers can play a series or two well I guess my question is how much he's doing a series of really and every year we talk about the same thing at the offense looks really good in the in in your training camp in north through the exhibition season. And then after that did they start the regular season and if figure out what is starting out slow and and the defense looks good that is he goes on in the defense begins to spotter eight. You're looking to change patterns. This year I think really what you're looking for out of his first game just me and you may have differing opinion on this. I'm looking to see with John Kaiser remotely depressed partly is in the fight for his life. Brent at least try to hang onto a job now some people seem to think the press releases can keep that job that that that backup role because. He's got the most familiarity when it comes to being a back up in this particular system. We go to John Kaiser has a lot of athletic ability he was in a system that just. Really wasn't beneficial to him he is the best he could with the Cleveland Browns were. It was pretty much all for not now you wait and see what he can do in a system in which he's guy yeah. I don't wanna suggest better coaching but I better support group around him. And now we'll see with John Carter can do our part you know my clemency to think that we anymore yes I was a little bit surprised but my clemency to think that read only is going to be the incumbent there. And for a year and you'll see the transition because the shark Kaiser has more upside by. It would not surprise me if you shot Kaiser all of a sudden shines at bread only comes out again and just looks. Mediocre he has his moments of you know solid play in that he's got his moments of you know inept play in order would be you know what you're doing or you see that role from up where we sit. You know like what what it will weir was that going are you sail one because he's got a habit to sail one. Every down so that's what I'm looking for tonight and the other side of the coin I am looking they charge. For his defense right place right time. And and metal no mental mistakes. You're not gonna see a lot of switching up it's gonna be we always talk about the quote Vanilla defense. You're not gonna see Thomas switching up inaccuracies not a personnel moves I would assume. Which are gonna see these rookies these young guys go one on one they're gonna do a lot of press man. They're gonna do some hand to hand combat so to speak you wanna see how these guys do you wanna watch their footwork you wanna watch your body wanna watch replacement. Do they do they stay with their man. You know do they have closing speed once the ball's in the air they have a nose for the football are they playing with their mind are they playing with their in state. All that kind of stuff that's what you're looking for coming up tonight we'll talk more about it Jim Wyatt. He is the titans beat reporter at titans on line dot com as Tennessee Titans got a call in the Lambeau Field tonight with a load balance at a C. That's coming up just after the top of the hour brewers and Padres. Game three preview coming up over the hot stick to the game from last night talk about the shot of the day upcoming as well. And do not forget were about an hour and fifteen minutes away we are gonna make an announcement on this program. Regarding the weekend that is the Hartley David's at 150. That's that Labor Day weekend and specifically. Friday. Friday night. And apparently have included some fired up. Saito a lot more than what Michael Joseph brought catching lap that was got to state fair coming up right after this. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network.