Hour 2- What do you want to see from the Packers in preseason?

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, August 9th
HR 2- Also, we are joined by Titans Beat Reporter Jim Wyatt from TitansOnline.com to preview the preseason opener between the Packers and Titans.

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From the league front to the crunch this is where Wisconsin sports fans come to tour. Michael show named best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. Money teams. Hey Jerry and while on the go Michael shows on the air we're glad you're on board today thanks so much you operate and how was we certainly appreciate this portion of the program brought by president Mal medical talk more about that coming up here shortly broadcasting on the Wisconsin state fair in the goose island ale house. That's where you can find this in that we'll tell you more about what's going on out here at the error shortly as well meanwhile the Green Bay Packers get set to take on the Tennessee Titans. Tonight at Lambeau Field Jim Wyatt of the titans beat reporter from titans on line dot com now joining us on the Schneider orange hot line Gemma you don't. I don't grow I don't know what you want. Worked on while also weigh lowdown the Tennessee Titans well let's start with the expectation for this upcoming season. Well a lot of I appreciate it dictate policy that they. By Greg Chirac in recent years what one gain last year what have well won a playoff game thinking it city is achieved first playoff win and he 2000 Fleury but. Was symbolic position like Butler Deon Lewis. And certainly there. A high expectations and natural that a lot of changes have taken place in addition those jobs that are brand new coach Mike brought people write new law that the battle will. Forward coordinator. You know walk in ask god to different to years past and he got an in route division where protections should be better. Michelle walked back. The cold should be better what Andrew Luck factor actionable obviously much improved cases it Toppert visit. She while letting. He'll look like they could be another step in the right direction is not going to be a lot egg all you have to come together. Decision as well. So you know when you talk about getting a playoff win the first time in a long time for this team. Usually something like that gives your team a shot in the arm and you come back with a lot of certainly like you said new head coach there's a lot of things to watch for this this titans team. Like is there's as you mentioned there's still a lot of uncertainty IE he is does the uncertainty strictly come from. Their own team or within the division getting quarterbacks with the division like you would mention or is there something else that goes along more than it because they do have some decent weapons that you have. You know like you said markets very go to they've got that Blaine Gabbert. They've got you know and guys like Taylor and Davis and sharpened Kevin aero I mean they've got some weaponry there they've got a good tight end combination. So what is the Achilles fuel this team. Well I think you know they've got so blatantly insult me obviously you don't like coaching change. After a seven. Season. And the playoff win an election felt like something the original form nothing from my Milwaukee. The previous code got to thank. That fear was that there was more out here with Marc Morial he did have. Is going to be your last year previous seasons. Like a new law that will allow him to do more but see. Certainly have to adjust to a lot of changes in the we've got a very your mercy cool work you know all the jobs you replace them by. Or are god not a lot of exterior curiosity I loved playing there just had it looks like your project shortly as what your experience. You know a lot of young god play or do I guess is it that Doctor King at. Don't know that he's played and not short bad news of better receive quality but not played. Dot gov are still keeps Betty. So those are some concerns still got a question of the opposite of La we're jackpot could. You know looking like top government and all over it will be years before they yelled playoff game in New England yet rockets. Well all all these that is still hold the UP. You know big coach quality shot the ball so a lot of changes and he had yet to division is better but. The got a social groups and I actually who. And that and they're still out of work of groups of that here during the training camp that now appeared to the pleasure. As much as I wanna see the progression of markets verio I don't think we're gonna see much of him tonight but you've also got the that you met before. Who was hired as the offensive coordinator comes over from the rams so that we. What is every night my question is like if they bring him in specifically because of Marcus Mary Oda and open up his office a little bit. Good up like or love it what looked hello community is that these that he really didn't call quality. We shall we play. With the Ryan but he did it Nicole. Well preceding game well these oh with the Williams and it was a good talkers here at Lambeau so. He's coming back here to call the game for the first the socially with the titans. And I think all that will be designed to take advantage of Mario skills she bulwark me. You can distribute got more about the perceived as Bob mentioned report showed what should be a pretty good Gordon gave it the Louis and they're jittery. It plainly. Yeah I look forward ago. Personality that low mortgage owed. Pretty innovative and you know route ruby could play callers. During his career yeah actually interviewed for the head coaching job putt. For like body was harder to publish such problems for all those. And ownership all of so. If you're good period. With Gloria noted it still a work in progress about. Walking somebody on the clock he'll look for balance and through but does not worthy to be yet to be one vote studies on the practice field that you can tell that the decision but it is quick with more go to. A victory getting more comfortable. They conceding goes order conceded get better better. I know first round pick for John Evans not gonna play put god that I was really high and in the draft and I was kind of opened the Packers might end up with him is Cheryl Landry. This guy should be fun to watch how has he done a campus for. You don't well it does not elevated this coveted after really good career all our legislation vital laws. It will pop left tackle in the league got a new contract is that this off season and the historical note. You know blocks against him. Asia some other. Ball which you can't Ortiz slapped you in the backfield and up next year's. Kind of a game record player and I'd like to secede but still how he goes against somebody else. I think there were fortunate to get him to move got to get in the second round. You victims to god did you ever have nothing to what we're rose because players for you to talk optically read. Are you change it. No place behind Iraq will play him behind Morgan kind of a location of those I think he doesn't change the market a good impact even as a rookie. I really like the I wanna call the after the energy of that secondary it's going to be adjusting without Aaron Rodgers playing tonight. You can have read Huntley and you're also gonna have to show on Kaiser. Going up against the NN CNB crude for those that don't know what that means it basically stands for the my man catches no walls that secondary in Tennessee you. This is of this can be a fun bunch to watch this year they're gonna rely heavily on that secondary to create turnovers. Yet it didn't strike hook up. The team and practices the desk made remarkable you're right he's got at least four picks. Trying to camp you're at war on the very first guy he's the tone setter. You'll get a Bardot. All in all closely you led the league in takeaways last year localize it to reject the couple more quarters. It took 45 to root out of people just a little while ago that. In the remote village where would of those seizures. The Bombay case is no fault tee shirt actually broken up that kind of is challenging that group wouldn't count. You know clicking on like we're told that national that is well it played an exciting group but obviously it will be grouped. If you get hit. Early in Kiev would jobs separated you should have been you know the storm strong safety. They knew he suffered an injury a torn ACL had to be replaced him I think people look in the got a kitty or vote. Forward with the site was around it is George that they even require this week I think we'll play that night that. I think that's a really good group or talking. Played last night that. I think going into the season. It left your outlook shrink the like he. Or I'll wish brawl with the second here because I think he's got a really good mix of veterans and some. Lot benched or that are younger as well. Before I let you go I gotta ask is Jacksonville last year tenants six Tennessee to a magic get to the post season nine and seven. Too bad teams had a lot of injuries Indianapolis and Houston try to rebel report twelve records who went up winning this division to the Tennessee Titans. Better what they did last year. Well I think certainly potential clear is that there's talk radio about strictly to win the division involved worker for the street Albert. Also have to respect the other teams in the division. Yeah I did Jack people vote on last year put Jacksonville. No shoo shoo in Mumbai should go to the Super Bowl at the pictures seat Olympic Games slip away the fourth quarter so you know that they are going to be it helped me to do that salt. So all the protections. We looked at seven point to get you plugged infusion would shell while it was play and they were completely different. Without you know obviously they're going to be to they're gonna be it out of Indianapolis is really. Dominated this series against the pot and a lot of their quarterback. He told you about what they're going to be sort of the after pops up last year they departed the Utley the pitched change. A great opportunity to win this division but. They're gonna have to play well we have to stay healthy already three Gaza are. Well try these games you can't have that triggered it to you and you got that would close games. Jim always a pleasure we appreciate you coming knowledge or couple minutes to look for targeted down the road okay. OK pretty well you'll resume about to let you soon Jim Wyatt from the titans on line of web site titans on line dot com. 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Packers got some bucks around the core hole will not done by any stretch a lot more to go like a show coming alive the Wisconsin state fair. And the goose island ale house right next to the Budweiser pavilion. Where Tony rockers onstage AKA elevate this. More than a microchip it. Wisconsin line and the bill Michael's sports talk. The program. So Michael show on the air we're glad you're on board and we are broadcasting live at the the goose island ale house you're Budweiser pavilion. On the Wisconsin state fair park in that just enjoying ourselves having a great time and if you wanna come by and say hello beautiful day today. I got great weather coming up over the weekend a lot of fun stuff happening out here you've got the temptations the Four Tops tonight. On the up bottle ought to be main stage over The Milwaukee Mile historic. Milwaukee mile so good music a lot of fun we owe a lot of great food. Everything on a stick right stuff for the kids' stuff for you. 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Last evening Travis sharp going yard last night pacers that you are heating up going yard last night Eric things going yard last night. Pacers I he might be shaken off a little bit of the Ross left over from the all star game last night two for four and a run scored three RBIs on the blast. He is our hot stick of the game last evening given it to him yes Trevor shot 23 let's. But pages regular starter breakout was sold Travis you army go either direction. But it nevertheless if there pacers last night for his performance at the plate. And he ends up going at it before. The hot stick it in occupier friends at Clements Clements maxed that she got one yet and there are premium cuts of meat. High protein throw me in the kids' backpacks drove in their gym bags drove in the US soccer bags. Whatever may be thrown that your golf bag over your desk drawer keep your car. And what you need to supplement ago that's a great way to get a lot of protein and quality protein you're good to go that's on its acts that you can find at your local grocery stores. And that is that is the highest in the game. Packers coming up tonight. And I said before what I expected the Green Bay Packers. The CD is just a few things I'm looking at the battle between quarterbacks John Kaiser red Huntley. I'm looking at the defensive backs tonight are they playing man rescued a student in good position do they hang with the receiver. What are you looking for tonight. What are you looking for tonight. And I think there's a lot of about a self watched tonight's game is we finally get. Football against another team this evening at Lambeau Field but what are you looking for tonight 855830. 86 or 885583086. Foray. If you wanna give us a shell 8558308640. What are you looking for tonight. Regarding the Green Bay Packers crispy it says our body there says I want on offense. To seek Kaiser and Huntley who the ball looking to see the wide receiver reform after the homeless. From Aaron Rodgers on defense or was he aggressive hard hitting the that tackle well. And I wanna see Scott whom a sixty yarder five plus hang time regarding a part that's what he's looking for. This evening Cahill says that he secret communication the second theory and the line backing core. This was from mark who writes in the Wendy's email box and we'll keep the Green Bay Packers defensively to better and I wanna see what Mike Patton has to offer. Do you think he's going to go all out no. You'd be crazy to want you don't call while. Mean as far as effort goes absolutely. Which you don't go all out in the pre season games for showing all your different books. You're not gonna do. If you use you don't do that. 855830864. You're just trying to get guys in the right position in the right place seep their communications there. That's it. Nothing more nothing less to see the communications there what are you looking for tonight's ball game is agreement Packers it's that. To take on the other Tennessee Titans. Nick Mitchell says ruthless aggression. On the our Twitter feed at bill underscore Michael's ruthless. Aggression. This is from oak. Folks as I wanna see the Green Bay Packers hit hard and be short backwards. They've been pour over the last few years. AJ says what you expect Clay Matthews welcome back I I don't think I meant he's going to be back probably. Until maybe the last pre season game. It you know right now of getting used to mask that he's gonna have to Wear for awhile but I I don't think he's going to be back maybe to last pre season game. This is from steak man and statement says I wanna see this team defensively feast. From statement. Our brains sit interested in seeing Jake who borrow the device they may bring any thing. We loaded running back group and what does he owe you my previous atoms that Spiegel and Kevin King will life. Which are all good point very reports. Like bring it. Break it. Bet your Pete. Looking toward the Green Bay Packers finally on the field I wanna see with the John Kaiser that you have heard a lot of doubting he does he have better at lettuce is in the back on the if it's that they're very at both very athletic quarterbacks I think what he brings he's Maurer. But like what is. The eyeball test. You can barely visible difference between justice John Kaiser. Embrace of what that visible. Test is it that they just very athletic quarterbacks now I think you John Heiser overall will bring better accuracy. James writes the way these email in box do you think Mike McCarthy allowed Joseph to open the call to gain my always liked it when Joseph Philbin. What is in Green Bay this office released team to click Joseph Philbin. Which is a great point Joseph Philbin is a guy. That win you you've got a chance to talk to players that when he was here before. Inside the locker room that house that kind of the same thing Joseph is Joseph was that glue guy there's somebody kind of reliable you know don't go to red that he for your equipment. You know you always go to one of the locker room guys for some of the things you may need to get. And when it comes to being like on the field you always hear that and I would that your position coach or whomever. When it came to the office that Luke got it got really Americans it stirred the drink would all of altogether he was the guy that. Was between Mike McCarthy and the rest of the group more so Aaron Rodgers company. He was the guy that was pretty open mind it let's try this let's try that and he's got a very good schematic mind. So I don't know necessarily that it's gonna be calling plays because I think Mike McCarthy really wants to get an of that rhythm. But I think. Joseph the opening and I are you know his influence maybe I guess I don't know how you can quantify that. I I don't know how you can put a statistical analysis on that. Because I don't altered the Syrians are we don't know what place he would wouldn't call. I just know that my record he's going to be looking and I think it is his team his guys in some Kmart at some type of rhythm and he. Eight by 583086. Foray gives call. Gives a shot what do you look at port tonight what do you look at for tonight. In this game between the Packers and the titans a lot more coming up we are broadcasting live under Wisconsin state fair this Porsche program brought by march don't let it. Health system. Vick might yet come back in the game call 855 MC or so. That's 855 NC or the weather to hip and ankle in the doesn't matter you got to live with pain and all you have to do was call. 855 MCU or so that's a question of public health system. And they are the usual care provider of yours truly that's the only people I trust me. A fifth. At a multiple was valued asset meet there you go that's Marshall clinic health system. Stick around a lot more than likely show what are you looking for tonight from its backers titans matchup at Lambeau Field more than a like a Jonas. You're listening to those little white schools sports talk yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And the under the program the Michael show audio we are glad to have you thanks so much. Thanks so much man settlement of an amendment. It is. It's just awesome to be out here at the Wisconsin state fair and it kind of hang out. And judges to meet some repeat what you saw a group from Wausau they came by. Just Joseph in Bryan who stopped over in those guys are from Lake Geneva. We had Marcus and Janes in your mall came by they are from east Milwaukee and they wanted to say hello there big bucks fans wanted to come over and and asked my opinion on god you got that cool bowl and and at the box coming up this season and finally getting a Christmas game so that was kind of cool. You guys who else is that I write down here at the end Allen. Which by the way they came up they said hey I know we're probably only female listeners I hope not. But it's nice to know you're out there they came by going to Johnson creek later today. They don't so my group shopping it's a girl's day here at the Wisconsin state fair that sets they're gonna go out to gonna hit some of the Tiki bars do some of the rides it. With this over the music and it's a shopping day coming up after that so thanks to them for coming by its sales while it's it's. It's it's nice it's it's a lot of fun out it was not a seeker what you what are you expecting the Green Bay Packers is he what are you looking for hitting a particular this portion of the program being brought by reference. I cousins do not forget it doesn't selves. Every new beginning every celebration they make it better happen and cousins out that work better that's more than just to work. It's a promise they serve at every party customizable party boxes classes to put party so individual box like they got at all. They've got all the options you need whatever the occasion. They're never gonna settle we'll just be good enough order them on line cousins up dot com cut itself that is where they believe in better you should do. You should do. Thanks to cuts of important program what do you look for tonight. In this up Packers tight match at 85583086488. By 580. 86 rate call it was about phone lines are open this one is from Zack who tweets is that problems were Michaels is really interest in the young quarters Kevin King especially. In the outside linebacker position would love to see the badger and Spiegel. Do well. Joshua says so we'll keep foresee what Kevin kinky do and whether or not he's come back fully from that shoulder injury from last season. We've got Kimberly. Who writes in the Wendy's email in box I think Mike McCarthy you've done a good job fortifying this team would head coaching experience for all that experience do you think Mike McCarthy. Feels threatened at all I'm looking forward to tonight's game my husband and I are going out with our kids. And we wanna see Aaron Rodgers yes we know he won't play a little bit disappointed when I'm looking for the back of position as well longtime Packers fan go pack go. Army I don't think DA Mike McCarthy of what Mike McCarthy it's it's like walking around and Victoria's Secret. OK if you if you get the analogy. If your duty to walk around Victoria's Secret there's two ways to do want you walk in there like you own it like you've been there before just walk in and know what you want. Buying it for the girlfriend buying it for the wife whatever rabbit walk up phony go Mike McCarthy very confident zones yet. These he's walking into this thing going hire two guys that are both head coaching experience. And threatened by them or try to better the state we're trying to win a Super Bowl. You put the best people in the best possible position. To put your guys in the best possible position to win. You know if you if you are worried about your job or that you or worry about winning football games you don't belong as a head coach anymore. So don't worry about walking in like you won't and that's what Mike McCarthy does so to want think that if things went horribly horribly wrong if Mike McCarthy could possibly be fired. They may be at the end of the season but he does having to worry about it during the regular CN less like this atlas of the horribly horribly went wrong. But I think as long as you've got Rogers the defense is progressing the journey to the right direction and you're not just we just nibble with the injury. But he's got a pretty good football team. So. It's your question no penalty might our jobs in jeopardy I think all the talk about my record being quote on the hot seat. I think is a little bit ridiculous like I said in less things go horribly wrong now we've seen them. You know you come in with a lot of expectation for whatever reason guides you to do well or something happens where you opened the locker room that kind of stuff can happen short. What part he's a pretty good had pretty good football coach. I don't I don't I think he's done the right thing in bringing in the right personnel beneath them. To make this thing go. And I you go you can have a difference of opinion but I that's just my opinion. 855830864855. 8308648. Joshua says with a noose rob play books on both sides of the ball. What should we expect this to the Packers play calling pre season playbook it's basic. What if it's at all new should we be seeing something unexpected. Milk you know what it's new in the sense of terminology its new with a sense of what it is in the way they used to call it may be what it is they specifically used to do the basics are still there. The basics are still there. But as far as are we going to see you all with different new stuff we gonna see a lot of right beside probably not. Well you see a lot of dive left and died right probably not. Or we're gonna see just what do bug people. Insights Lance that are going to be surprised passes or jump passes or you know I don't think so. I don't think so. 855830864. Rate. 85583086. Torre on the outlook on who gives a shot. This one's from Jimmy and Jimmy says the BC yards for the Green Bay Packers go to the super warned that they're very good if you go by what Vegas has to say Aaron Rodgers. Tips the scale that's all we need to worry about the rest irritable they could there's seek. I said this the beginning of the program. Aaron Rodgers is long as he's healthy he's got some weapons to throw to your most likely gonna get 910 wins. The other wins are gonna come by the support of the defense. And once you get to the postseason you have to be bound to be at least we have to have a semblance of defense that can get you there. And if you have a sub five put this way sub fifteen defects say the defense is right eighteenth through twentieth 21 two point seven. So you can post season what you're not gonna win in the post. Okay. If you. If you have a top fifty defects or top ten defense Natalie we hit the post season chances are you're representing the NFC in in the Super Bowl. Let's go we got a lot of people that are on hold let's do this. But we got here. I got let let's go to policy to a to a. Harbor Tom how you doing what's going on it. And doing great how are you what happened. Until well into Oreo. Are wonderful what's up. OK I would I would. Feel like the back up. A outside linebackers. This public debt eagle was mentioned before and Kevin King also hurt quarterbacks. In my entry visa Adam there's. So many questions like decent result off sensors that the apple also get a make sure there are rated that's what I'll be looking so. Good point version phone call. The the the backup tackles absolutely that's good I mean you got to look at your offensive linemen because those could be the guys are protecting Aaron Rodgers some more channel and you don't usually go through an entire season. Within 100% healthy offensive line the secondary I think all eyes could be on the secretary here's another one and this was from Jacob. Who writes my eyes are going to be archer on Williams how much will be played and how much wisdom is he going to import on these young guys and how quickly can they get it. Appreciate let's go to airless it was a Wausau area how you go what's going on man. I get it all kind of going off that guy said he. Back my back that. I'd kind of like at Bob thanks man up mentality. Get hurt. Of those baca should always ready. You know I. But I think I've that I lose a little bit yet you appreciate it thanks to a phone call may cut off well but I think he broke up a little bit you start to talk a little bit and Easter regular program. If you get back to better sell signal area going to was shot on the you know this this one's from a point in Dwyane says hey guys I'm watching the offensive line in the run game the run game is currently support Aaron Rodgers this season. And figure out who's going to be your main ball handler does and I'm Montgomery habit or not it is not what they do with time Montgomery that's a great question. Because. Look we we talked about this. You've got. What you would assume to be a pretty good right. In the Green Bay Packers I guys that you go to okay. You've got to always atomic gummery Eric Jones we know is gonna be suspended early on a Dovonte maze he found his way to the dog house last year because of the fumbles. What you know he's still a decent running back what you've got these guys. And you think you're so what am I gonna do with a now. Eric Jones is going to be suspended so you know time coverage going to be around is I'm a cover the guy. It's comedy Jamal Williams beats. Okay Eric Jones is kind of that. That god can hit the hole really quick get through catches and yards in the that he between image while waves they both it's a pretty good speech I'm Montgomery is is. Is is he your it is your blocker is he may be best picture of the back field. You can be personal when an exploding now. You know you can do a lot of things whipping his flexibility is that access. But. Is he is he has to jackal trades and master of none or is he really really good at something. I did you watch atomic gummery tonight as well 8558308648. He'd like my 3086 were what is your excitement level for this football season started out. Is starting out in what are you looking for specifically. Tonight. When the Green Bay Packers take the fuel at Lambeau they take on the Tennessee Titans this evening this portion of the program being rocky barker friends at. But like the efficient be responsible Michael sports talk network more out here that was got to state fair coming up next. Michael's voice talking at work. Oh Radisson hotel and conference center green and gold training camp updates rescinded by Robert peck diamonds being groomed eight years Mike Clemens. Pitched the Packers in the titans tonight here at Lambeau Field kick off 7 o'clock it's our first look at Mike pens no defense for the Packers now Patton says expect to see more corner and safety blitzes this season to pressure the quarterback. You can't line up in just Russia down four and dropped seven and and bring the traditional guys on pressures and it's just. It's way too cookie cutter and I'd like to put stress on an offense as far as identifying who the Russians are going to be when the guys do if they usually enjoy those little guys like. Like Russian pastor's office holders they don't get squared up by there was it was offensive lineman. A year ago this week. Third round pick defensive lineman Montrae miss Adams was headed for surgery for foot injury cost him most of his rookie season now in camp the six foot 4300 pound defensive lineman has tossed two guards to the ground when he's been double teamed but number nine he says his speed after the snap. Is what some. Poured into the main thing we must get off a man that's what upgrade my cellphone that's what people always talk about losers marquis who's who go to Barnes is the work. Different bridal path was moved. At inside linebacker look for a few corn per Panama's Thomas filling a role left vacant by Jake Ryan but starter Blake Martinez told me he's been impressed with number 58 linebacker Greer martini. Careers of anyone artists per month or does monsoonal all just. They deserve it makes the corrections wrong they'd make it in the meeting room and it makes we don't do this is a guy that's gonna make sure the next practices corrective he was behind me on. That depth chart first questions and stuff off today coming it's here. Brought up in there when I'm on any mowing and mixers these radio. How much does the front office tell you tonight's game Mike McCarthy says it's a big night especially for Brett Connolly. And he Sean Kaiser at quarterback. This is really when you look at producers and listen when guys who haven't changed my containing. Christine goes. The inspiration for quarterbacks and those who played under orders from the goals from. Both played all year and these opportunities you are so important for both of those open ticket stuff this week if we do run Tennessee next time. Com reach 11057. F. And. And and what about the program. Though Michael show era on the air we are broadcasting live out here at the goose island jailhouse where at the Budweiser pavilion the Wisconsin state fair park in I just had a few people come by miles dot mindset although in. Wanted to say hi it was friends' listening he is from the Elkhart lake areas that came down the day. Just to say I knew of the program to stop by what billion listen some music is not a factor over there eating some of the the third place by the way. There's the top three here it was not a secret is for the awards for the newest food's the best new foods. It was cut to state fair. In the the third place I don't. Is he works in which year. At about what's really came over to get that today also wanted to sell items marked. Marks up by a little while ago in the east out by with a box of cream biopsy was taken to his mom and friends work they work downtown and Northwestern Mutual self. Appreciate them stopped by and then there was Debbie. And her daughter that I saw earlier today they were over a getting every year right do this I get some of those. I get this from day the handmade. Items that I keep you more stuff. And they have over one of these these high speed of these sailboats right here in the main walkway. Down main street in every year I get one of these things and they actually had seen 11 of the pictures from my house and FaceBook from. But a year ago. And they'd they bought when he bought one in this with Debbie and her friends they do they got one in their I'll walk around that things so anyway. Wanted to say hi everybody and thanks for stopping by what are you looking for tonight in his Green Bay Packers match up when they take on Tennessee Titans at Lambeau Field by all rights when he Gmail inbox. No Rodgers don't care wanna see Aaron Rodgers get on the same page with a wide receivers do you really think he's gonna be a would do that the pre season when he doesn't play. It's time to play him. Now here's my question. Why. I'm not disagreeing but why is it why is this game matters so much is because you wanna see them get on the same page right away remember you got a guy coming off vote. It broken collarbone not that it's not healed but that he has been hit. Nothing doesn't look good not at that it's not 100% okay. But why you know with every hit with a every snap with every chance offensively that he's under senator is one. One more opportunity for him to end up getting injured now I don't ever likable look at football is not pleased here. OK you don't wanna place here. Put it your Mike McCarthy you play him you say okay we're trying to get on the same page we've got we've scrub the playbook we've got some new terminology we're getting everybody ready to go. And if he goes in it for three touchdowns it's in it's it's that's we wanted that's what well our path is you know hey man we got it done. What do you go in there and he gets hurt Mike McCarthy. Is run out of town. It's almost the only way he wins is if they go in and look really really good if he goes in Aaron Rodgers plays and they don't look good. Then Mike McCarthy and Joseph who what and everything that goes along with a very idiots. Aaron Rodgers is clearly not healed there's a lot of problems in they drafted you know guys it can't get the job. In the zinc property gets hurt well then you're talking about it even worse scenario. There's not much of an upside playing Aaron Rodgers other than just getting him in rhythm and they're going to do that as the pre season goes on the just not going to do that. A lot. 855830864885583086. Point gives a shout. What are your permeate by five B 308648. It was supplies this one is from Linda who writes I am looking for Clay Matthews. The state put on the sideline don't want it to her don't wanna carry him straight. We know what's going to happen at some point we just don't want him down. For the season. Linda with a pessimistic view. Thank you very much personally usually when you talk about hamstrings on on Clay Matthews it's not here streaks in the sense of of a terror it's hamstring in the sense of maybe like this a pool report hamstring you know little bit sore you can drop as much off the wrong and that type of thing that's what it is. So he doesn't Terry. But we've seen him strain it before we've seen a will before and that takes a little while usually what happens is it really eliminates that borrowers that that that. Quick horse that he gives you coming up the line of scrimmage they like 58308648. What else the Wisconsin state fair this portion of the program as I mentioned before brought back different to spotlight spotlight. Is. Is the proud supporter of the motorcycle try to keep encouraging you you can't. Join us coming up on Sunday September 2 it's on the September 2. As there were going to be ready for the Fisher house was content for all the information go to bill Michael sports dot com or go to events page go Michael Schwartz not count. Go to events page and get signed up for our motorcycle ride it benefits Fisher house Wisconsin. Please join its gonna take a quick break when we come back we've got an announcement to make state don't portable models that. Sixty stations strong the bill might school's sports talk.