Hour 3 Are the Packers making a mistake by not playing Aaron Rodgers in Preseason Week 1?

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, August 9th
Bill breaks down the preseason opener and asks if you are comfortable with Aaron Rodgers sitting out the preseason opener against the Titans. Also, who is the Brewers true ace on the staff? We talk about the Brewers pitching rotation.

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From the league's front to the want this is where Wisconsin sports fans come to talk. Though bill Michael show named best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters a war. Here's your home. Welcome we are glad to have you again we have not catching a lot of the Wisconsin state fair where the goose island ale house next to the Budweiser pavilion across from the creek park pavilion. Down the street from the giants' slot it we are just north of the exposed that are you can't finest it's your time. Look I mean it's just that's it or you've been cricket since early this morning and you filled out somewhere. But you have no idea what you're so I can understand that later tonight you've got Packers and titans. A later on this afternoon yep brewers and Padres in game three go for the rubber match. Of that series we're gonna deviate away from sports moment inevitably we got that kind of cool when that announcement to make. So I've got to Warren's got here and if for those that don't know that you got the Harley dipped to 150 coming up. We motorcycle products out on Sunday August 2 but that entire weekend. Is dedicated it has been for a long time now dedicated Harley-Davidson. Dedicated to motorcycle riders of well well why it's not just probably put I mean whether to an Indian on this Suzuki whatever happens to be. And at then they have. Flat out Fridays in mama tried and so like I warn it's got here with me efforts organized thanks so much for joining us which you wanna give a plug theater the restaurants are. And now it's. I found this. But let let's talk about that flat out front because that is it the first time I went it was just it was just cool. You know now it's blown up I mean it's now to be the only people who like vomit from all over to see this thing in writers are coming from everywhere to participate yet sold. Fellow riders byters slots raises lots like they vote just like that so. We announced sign up it's usually about 48. 272. Hours were all filled up every every class so Warren explained for those that are listening exactly what it is if people don't know what the flat out Friday and arbitrary. Yes let up Friday's an indoor Fletcher race we. The announcement doctor pepper syrup and I successor to create trouble free television you know and really we write really fast and circle. I think just. So for those that don't know it takes place at the UW up at the arena in downtown Milwaukee and it's going to be during the relative to 150 weekend that's gonna take place and that Friday night. Is so it would how this started for more hot wife to call from a truck. Monica shows started five years ago and now we've warned that were just talking about motorcycle shows and how we didn't really like the format of more. One thing that killed one that you our own. This Tyrone taken what it's what we like which is a lot of race whites don't really get the attention they deserve in the what's that show format yes and then kind of 67 felt choppers. Kind of stuff like that so we decided he wanted to be in the summer when everybody from the so packed with events and family activities and weekend. We decided in the middle winters February. Here's an is not a whole lot going on in mostly guys in the in the midwest are working out by their very good for the summer. And it did. Eight it's did you get used to this past February you had the rave yet which was filled with classic custom bike since. I mean how that go crazy to me it was it was fantastic it was every it was every classic biker that's ever been born there you are. Old you know hipster you know you and this whatever everybody cannot see the bikes out. Great yet you know the idea is to agree like minded individuals in the same building or in the same place that would normally you know nobody likes motorcycles. But there's different genres like get nice food and then click so we try to mix them all up you talked equipment prior but it. Priest guy. Next year brings a chopper chopper guys that you bring to replace them. It was interesting because he saw everybody from the high end banker. Kind of because it's always at the biker and input just as a different job and you had a guy with a beard down past his knees that. Is dirty and grungy and you know works as a day laborer somewhere where everybody came together for that thing was amazing so the monitor right. That's the bike event and that you get into this this flat out Friday. Now from what I understand this my buddy Dave hock who I was with beech woods just serviceable wiser and such he calls as we got an event. Ever to do an experience with god is what you part of it but he says we got to do with you with the new bride. That just got married he says so it's there it's one of the B one of the first official appearances for mr. ms. Michaels are gonna get you don't get a chance to stand inside the track. No but that's split the law really it's just. Watching from the stands as an experience in itself watching it from the senate track when your. Little bit yeah in the riders eyeballs that they're focused on what they're but you're gonna do I'm look at Ford at doctor pepper my face that's yeah. But I do. So what did the thing for listeners and for those of you that are out there we are eventually now this announcement could come next week is for the official details but. We're given a way to experience in and Budweiser Bud Light but what is the official sponsor there. Is going to give away the experience of somebody listening to this program today that's going to end up texting and is gonna win the VIP experience to come with myself and Jerry of the people from Budweiser. We're going to be the only ones allowed inside the track and we get to watch the race inside the. Threats the only letters plotted that attack at a race officials with foreign workers now starting people a couple of photographers and that's. Particularly thoughtfully so we we get to go it's in the we're gonna have to we're like football helmets and stuff is always there picnic. Under heavier that I think you'll be OK okay can look like it duke was my big inevitably going to be there on the radio can't the F theaters and I have stated so. Again for those who don't know it's flat out Friday to be taken place you'll beautifully can't the read by itself this thing already yes it's on August 31 tickets on sale at the box office because fifteen bucks. Yes on my depending on where yours yeah. He's. I think is that there's fifty dollar ticket that's okay. It is that we can as always whoever put its search wooded town Wednesday the events begin on Thursday. And everybody's writing it shopping and looking all the others but if you're gonna gather some place that Friday night. Downtown Milwaukee. There's going to be tons of motorcycle parked there Boller and I think that that was like a scene outside. Integrated in the fans who have been a block party candidate now part of starting at 4 o'clock. That's gone on doors or five feet ten minutes you know warm ups in the races and killed how many racers will you have throughout the U. I think if you 150. Basis I really yeah. That's about all different classes. Everything from froze with a big troopers yeah you. Because who follow inappropriate laughter got screen actors conference really batteries each other how careful are you by expert or. Obviously it's almost like rat bites are running around other area in the that everything it yet you got it yet victories over. The crowd it is what we're going through flowers and every type yeah. Different people so you get them you know you get the little kids get there's a wouldn't class there's open vintage opening images break with class. Morning narrates and and break this for those that don't know me your racing we know right now for a the final moments like performance. Homer tonight. Now how fast you go you know. The pro is I think at the end straightaway is probably around 6070 when their in the morning holy got a real authentic attracts whether you're talking basically a hockey hockey yes yes you racing and hot and Hillary if you like ice racing without science. So it's. They're sliding but as they're getting a lot of traction also it's amazing what's amazing watch what they can you want there to watch these guys adapt and going you know through there. Everybody's going really fast and one Villanova that Yemen. It's as the professionals OK yeah the president except for the guys in the vendors. So the data can't is that Friday at liberty we can we tonight I was 31 it's gonna take a place that you'll be a panther arena has more details to come out probably one week from today right as we're all the other official announcement go up. Well it we've been invited to myself the new mrs. it's one of our first public appearances together I guess the couple you can come with us. And hang out without us inside the track takes and doctor pepper in the face I promise if I have to give you my football helmet. Now for you and your friends have been hit with a suit that we're gonna got to watch as it's coming up. If you want more information go to UW at the arena dot com and they constantly want to try to go forth. Flat out Friday dot com and you buy tickets they're guys once gotten appreciate so much and thank I gotta get over your restaurant. It's it's it's down the street and I feel ashamed sank it and opened up and it was like I. And I have had a chance to walk through the door yet and it's not gone anyway. It's it's it's that there were user Graco and the reviews are fantastic it's got my ticket quickly replied that's a lot about here it yet what to believe in the goose island they are how's that Michael shook. It is. Everywhere in Wisconsin. Though bill Michael sports talk network. Back for the program. We're having a fantastic. Day today we certainly appreciate you hanging out with a scene and we are broadcasting live from the goose island ale house here near the but by Budweiser pavilion and if you wanna stop by the Wisconsin state fair. And say hello that's redefined as were crossed the cream up the million in the main square of the main mall out there with a fountain is in just north of expo center. And thanks to Warren's god from mama tried and flat out Friday's gonna march right dot com to get those tickets it is. And the experience. I have seen this a couple of times. And it is if your motorcycle enthusiast or maybe a wreath Grayson who's used. If they get yourself how they racing inside in arena but it is really cool. And they're not getting they dropped down. A bunch of the syrup from doctor pepper. And that's what creates the stickiness for the track these guys to reach these men and women to race on so it gives them traction inside. And that's kind of how they do it. And it then they just that is gross sixty miles an hour around basically. A hockey arena. Another not on the ice there on the before. Like other than in the race officials and photographers nobody has ever been allowed to view this insists there inside. The track. And when they came to me when Budweiser came to me and said hey we wanna do this experience in we wanna. We wanna put you in you know kind of the misses inside the track. And we wanna put some people with you in with some or Budweiser people would you be willing to be a part of this. Well like hell yeah that that sounds awesome so. It's myself and sharing and that's of people from Budweiser and then you possibly you because they're gonna make all the detail announcements coming up. A week from today next Thursday. They're going to be announcing this on the program giving all the details in the text number. And its athletes can be just a lot of fun I'm I'm really really fired up. Really fired up opposite it looks like it's going to be. It looks like it's gonna release. The cool that. For lack of better terms statistical meant 85583086. Foray. Also Brad says I'm curious to see how dry your Alexander and Josh Jackson what that's or what he Brent listen to us and Sturgeon Bay Jimmy writes. And the Wendy's email inbox. Let's see house rigs in a lot of what you think polite as going to play I don't think blogs and what. I could be wrong. But I think it's a little early to all of us and throw him into a game situation. I don't think blog is gonna play just my just my thought I haven't generally read anything officially yet to be honest with you good. I'm thinking to myself that bloggers probably not gonna play in this one. This is from Stephen Richfield leases happy football season for the game that I personally will be watching the second defense of your players. Especially king if he plays maturities and it's Beagle Goodyear teachers to deceive people can make the job that he needs to and if Adams can chew up like he did. At least a couple of weeks in practice on offense and interest in saint round. And the duel between Huntley and Kaiser on the Kaiser also once you knew potter JK spot JK Scott. In allied game situation. This one is from Tom who writes in the Wendy's email inbox speaking of is he really all that this is that god can flip the field into the Packers in real possession advantage. It's just another aspect of the game that we tend to forget about when you have a mediocre potter. I agree I mean one of the biggest weapon you go back years and years in I've talked about this we are kind of comparing him yesterday to a Reggie Roby noticed a distinct sickness and bodybuilder Reggie Roby goes. With the same flexibility that Richard Roby had years ago when he putted from Miami. And one of the things about Reggie Roby was. The guy pulled it sixty yards in and had an on both the global hang time every time. Every time he ended up taken the field so you could take chances. Deepen your own territory because if you beat it Reggie Roby to whom and on your territory you can flip the field forward. You're right nobody. Knew what to lower. It over and over come around. It's glass you'll like it you'll like it in luggage herbal cotton amaze for God's sakes. Nobody would view from the web Milwaukee admirals walk you know your group Saddam present. Make this thing go. Think there. I don't what I'm doing great fits the fair to every pack I cannot be great in the Milwaukee admirals doing you know what it's been a great summer. Working hard and it's things happened out. Now it sits on all it's really been fun yeah coaching changes you get all kinds of things happening over there and other sites players ever if it's important changes them. Really an incredible position. We're just talking about the flat out Friday come at you go we have victory that we can forget every now and then the bigger the the ovals later which is fantastic I mean I went to a couple of games last year. With the kids in Europe cloture personal mean it's it's we were playing with people got so upset that simply the bucks were not an invite to their arena. You guys have made the most of it in the on over to UW victory. Absolutely and I'll tell you know what he's a bigger Bradley Center dad and my myself having. You know and part of of the building of it into the edits being part of the whole thing that's the owned by the pennants and nobody is bigger Bradley Center guided me. You know I image are we gonna miss that fielding effort or die absolutely. But to make the home that we made via under paerson now and John's leadership. To make their home. At after in the world the way we have. Some of the we refurbishing the bathrooms and game making it they funeral. Fish are great placed injury and I'm gonna ask you this really senator. Top two or three memories of the pros and well obviously you know we we didn't win a champ which of the browser but we came back to celebrate the championship with a browser. Still want the most incredible thing that's winning the Calder cup I was going up absolutely that was that was huge. Other method and it brought in tiny Tim and accurately. Everybody thought I was crazy and I brought thank him enough. For a playoff game you know and if I remember that it was in it was huge for me every it was that we were the lead story on the sports. But we're the lead story on the news yeah you know everybody remembered and missed the key thing of all the things that. You know of course all of millennial their bills and you're short on whose act but that you know ten Tim was it was it was like at the Village People. I look at a lot from promotional stunt men and a lot of the great things we did you guys have done a lot was signed over the years are a lot of courage of those assigned thousand. I just all the crazy stuff you know it's been what you may not take ourselves too seriously. Yeah now that's and that's the it always on the coolest bubble heads up and coming out coming of the Milwaukee admirals my life prosecute them. It yeah I mean I thought I mean I will play as it was still to this in it in on a lot of BOC should write a book of Saturn Saturn. I was laugh about it but one of the most gratifying experiences I ever had in your dad you've had those over the use of all the great causes you've been tied to. But to have a lack cross examine people stopped in the street that people write letters that you saved my husband's life. And I had been doctored 12 years now that he went to five yet thanks for survives that and blockages are yet plus it crosses it off that's the but I mean I literally was. That with the with. With a half a dozen. Guys that are alive today because if I did something stupid enough I am positive and I kept back. Side if it's just you know a lot of things maybe yeah I look back at these years and just in just. Really. That there's a few people that are running around Milwaukee and in Wisconsin that Brody that applicant insight into the ground which you would be one of them. It's so many great concerts. So many different events everything from full writing to ice skating to basketball and hockey in the head by frozen four that was there. When the badgers were going to be they had so much over there and people kind of forget that the rallies and a and an innocent that building there and down. This thick new building but there really was a lot of history there even though we didn't have a ton of basketball championships there there's still Marquette room when Tom green was here this'll. But there are all there answers a question and you know that people forget a lot of the things. That we would never ever got to see here in Milwaukee. Happen because of the NCAA tournament people thought but you know that the whole management group and in some of the finest. Love Tennessee basketball terms married they pitched former B when their church yeah every year there seem to be something going. Right and that person is ever gonna happen Seifert. And I you know so think of all the great NCA a action thing about the supposedly got the badgers went in the end and that you know frozen form ground up saying was that we have. At with a purely for open. People that catches you badger hockey and a better hockey show whatever your prison Christmas time I mean you're bumping. A lot show was that people never would have ever seen and he now. Because it would played buildings or that's it everything from what Bon Jovi Garth Brooks to share do you need any big star at one point or another they cross pass health threat. Granted these shows eventually out rooms and what the Bradley Center to do put. I mean every major star one point or another has come to the Bradley's every major building. It's a shelf and abilities these days and it is right around when he yours right and everyone's looking to replace or billion when he. And you know it and all the coach meant so all the extra room. You know perks that it Billy possess a lot of data as quickly. That they the Bucs to a Reno office. That is there. They'll be getting new latest and greatest that they don't have and it I mean because that's just wait so easily it's like planet a computer and iPhone you know that it opens or something. And latest and greatest SP connection united having to go somewhere else next year the demand at all in the end you know that it as like that my hat's off the people in the park. They've made me think bill that Philly with the ability to do different things have changed the footprint make things different. So they have something you would've marketed basically right you know you've got you've got this we've got data we've changed this happened and it makes it. Attractive man I know that the boxer on the street and there's going to be that final hole in the middle for a little while quit creating that district and creating its own. You are you gonna see a trickle of effective because you guys will have some games a winner act insane night down there. But he youth just creating that that was downtown again does that bring more people interact titled and with the movement that downtown it. In more businesses bringing their era. There headquarters that downtown it's it's you know it down times he's going to be sort of mechanism and it's going to be in going to be exciting time to be in business them. That's that's one of the things that we don't know it it's bittersweet because you guys who really wanted to remain a big building. And it's bittersweet with what's going on in downtown Milwaukee for those that are so against. Sports taxes teams social and I understand it's very touchy issue is nobody wants you tax raise security and free money given. What we you're talking about the revitalization of the downtown and the income and then the tax base infrastructure. It does not the equipment to the community absolutely absolutely not make it for years to come I mean you know. I just remember back in him in John Weaver tells the struggles. That happened to bill Miller Park owe him an effective and I I actually there's very few people out there today that are we shouldn't. Mean. You know what it's it's been it's been great assets for the ones like the recreational have a few apps. Perhaps we. But decisively if it does it affect you personally don't want the picture practical and you know there are some people. You have about a bubble we look up or sports guys we love entertainment wanna concert wanna go to show who avoided it and and you know. Therefore you have maybe we pay the extra ticket tax that it or servicer charges. I tickets and they'll say they've got some good stuff but that's all the restore but I think we also understand that if you get you know the tax base and what to review unit. You know say a police department whose work meets new canine. You know. Suddenly there's a little bit extra money that could bring in a tree police dog did you meet you may not notice the big things but it could be the little Leo that you community built my game. And in the community I like last that the group option I mean. It was great the Bucs were involved in the river not much the admirals were involved McGovern let's not on the list. It's great to see. The success in things going as well as are going for for the Bucs organization. In in you know was smaller and elect a new building but that the fact that. The sports teams in this town they Seattle's Bucs of course I mean the Packers of all we all event. The communities is. First and foremost you know it's up there. Missy is that you're hanging out his daughter away and we'll have a the president of the foundation and I admire about your. They are allotted time occurred under quite a bit. I see or hear all the time I ask that you bought a house item or feel like missed a four days four days of this I've missed four days the state fair. And third said holy back. Two were tour I was out of town I was at Cape Cod for a couple days vacation there and two others were Little League meets. That an out at the grounds every single day. Just our nuclear just you know let America make you Roscoe is as he did everything right just just handshaking baby have a good time shaken babies and yes they think. And I don't powers to pull it loads of your commitment and a model. Its legality at it now if you took the hustler for the phase of the exactly. If that's the US budget it's that you think they go to go ahead and take a break we'll be back credit it was a little Michael so. Johnson won. Bill Michael's sports talk. The programme though Michael show on the air. Hopefully you're having a fantastic day today. We are broadcasting live on your Wisconsin state fair metric you find this if you wanna combines sale long. Please feel free to do so. You're at but wasn't a billion also with the goose island house we've got the creep up pavilion across from us and there's so many ways you can come by and say off. And a look at Indy mortgage some drizzle than drinking all advocates. All candidates. Packers take on the Tennessee Titans tonight the brewers getting ready to take on the the cynical moderate to rubber game the rubber match of their three game series. Coming up eight by 583086488558308648. If you wanna give us jobs feel free to do so. What do you look at for tonight's ball game. What do you got coming up what do you look at for tonight's ball game. On. This is Aaron Rodgers not playing get into that a little bit because there worst of people that's why you like easier Rogers Keiko. Let me ask you this you are pollinated Aaron Rodgers now planes bought in the night. You have a problem with a Aaron Rodgers not playing in this ball game tonight eight by 5830864. Export program rocket fire present Marshall clinic health system. March field clinic. Marcia clinic they're you know try to take carry the best they can as far as your my way goes call me for pork here when it's 844 they're way. All you have to do for the Marshall clinic. Health system all you have to do. Is is he is immobilized before fork fairway made it meet your prescription central pharmacy near you run over the phone and if they can't help you they don't charge with that simple to great way to go 84 port here when it's 844. Care way. Give Michelle that's Marshall clinic argue okay with your Rogers Nutley tonight's ball it's that simple. Are you OK there Roger's not play tonight's ball game. Yes or no while people nodding her head Lotta people out their eyes saying that Aaron Rodgers. In this office at Tim Rogers who didn't play last year he had ended up getting hurt. And ended up you know Kyle on the silent for the remainder of the season needs to get on the same page what I am of the belief that you don't really have to go out. And get Aaron Rodgers out on the same page. Until maybe the third he preceding it the third pre season. 85583086. Foray. As far as are looking for tonight judge Duane says our running game and defense defense defense and we see some of the pass rush or what kind of scheme that has. Unnatural the secret to gonna be on display but I hope we get a little taste of what that the regular season will become. 85583086488558308648. Do you have a problem with a Aaron Rodgers not playing at tonight's game and also. In addition to that what you're looking for in tonight's ball game the Packers it's that take on the Tennessee Titans and don't forget coming up a little bit later on today for those that missed it yesterday. For those that missed it yesterday. Terrific interview we sat down and chat yesterday with that Jerry Kramer the hall of Famer. As we get you ready for Packers and titans coming up tonight the hall of Famer Jerry Kramer. You can hear that interview from yesterday also day trader. A WPA YTV green Bay's gonna join us coming up a little bit later on about an hour why would it lessen our 45 minutes from now he'll be joining us as well we have some fire so coming up tonight. What it is that discussion is well with Aaron Rodgers not playing tonight's ball game. And some people like like Jim Jim writes in what he's email inbox. Aaron Rodgers needs to get on the same page with his wide receivers yes divides the Adams and company probably won't play the starters but the young guys. Need to contribute their four era has to be the leader and show them the way it's done. Jim he only has to be a leader practice and did is far showing them the way it's done now I think they need to earn his trust in and I'll be honest with you you're not gonna be out there with David Bach Yuri. And in Bryan Bulaga and united got through with your full complement of offensive line I don't think I'm playing Aaron Rodgers. Just just my thoughts are only a play there Rogers. I don't want him running around out there with a backup offensive line hoping that he doesn't get hit. So take that into consideration yes I agree with you. That the offense needs to get sick I agree with you that the office these get on the same page and I agree with you. That you wanna see this thing come out firing on all cylinders game one against Chicago Bears. But I'm not going to risk health early on in an exhibition season. I will with kind of I don't wanna see the makeshift but. Oh less than fortified offensive line just just my take on. This one is from Jerry Jerry writes no problem with Aaron Rodgers sitting if he wants is that the entire three seasons. He has nothing to prove we know what he can do we know this offense usually starts out a little bit slow in the defense has to pick us up. We're relying on the defense early on against mr. risky to confuse him and make him pay. And we believe Aaron Rodgers will be on Klein messenger Gerri appreciate the 8558308648. If you wanna chime in. That's who were here for. This one is from mom mark. That says no evidence that says you get better in the exhibition season in preparing for the regular season only if you're rocking your finally seeing live. Bullets I hate using that terminology but I'll use it anyway because it's written in the email. He goes on the say I think that the young the young guys are gonna go before those what it's like to be an NFL football player and that will wake him up if they haven't been woken up already. Aaron Rodgers just needs to handle clipboard and watch this one from the side. 8558308648. Jacob says self love the Wisconsin state fair if you're got to tomorrow will probably see you know we will be under tomorrow recapping Latin tonight's ballgame. That he goes on the say no reason for Aaron Rodgers to play in this ballgame keep him fresh for the regular season we don't go anywhere with out. Our Patrick. Writes I'd love to see Aaron Rodgers play tonight but then again embassies digital. I'm paying to see Aaron Rodgers play that aside no reasonable. CI a as were some people begin to fall you're gonna pay for it if you like to see her Rodgers play and it's not tickets that you normally would get. And then you find that he's not playing yes Camilo would disappoint and you understand. But. In the grand scheme of things you keep Aaron Rodgers upright in use you know it's all about Aaron Rodgers playing and playing well through the regular season. Not just a receipt. What else we have your port. Everything's running slow absolutely not. Says Jacob. Don't wanna see him out there. It CP can be flipped for an early turnaround maybe something for next season or betray you is that what you're going through. Kurtz is absolutely not he gets paid to play football. The message he is sending to his teammates is that I'm too good deploy you wanna Hilliard yell at two wide receivers or practice. How about getting your butt on the field and playing Favre would play no doubt about it. Are we sure comparing the Brett Favre Aaron Rodgers thing is that we're still lack in all of this. I mean you really wanna see Aaron Rodgers played person Brett Favre Brett Favre. I don't how many receive games he sat out. But I know they're responsive Brent went and played a series they got out may be headed the ball off two or three times and that was the extent of it. Port always wanted to play because more was afraid of losing his job I mean Favre said that. The suit Larry the army and what do you always insist on playing well because he was afraid of losing his job. Mean that's how he got his job he got when dom accounts he went. So bit. Part of a little bit different motivation and let's be honest there's nobody behind Aaron Rodgers right now that's pressing him for his job. And yes I think Karen Rogers has earned the right to say I am one of the best players in all of football. And this is the way I did it. I read on the practice squad is if we are playing in the Super Bowl and all I wanted to do was beat the starters defensively when I was running that scout team that's what we did. So if he's gonna give the effort on the scalp TV certainly expects the other guys get the effort on the scout team I don't think he has well improving self in a in an exhibition game to say. You know hey look at me. I could be wrong there's obviously different the difference of opinion here but it but I I don't I don't think. Only so. Gonna take a quick break what does that rich direction his wife from wants so they came down its that I posted a picture of FaceBook we took together. Glad to see them thanks for stopping by via BL house here. The goose island ale house right edge of the Budweiser going Wisconsin state fair tonight. You've got to have the moisture on the state starting at 7 o'clock sukur coming out here you can watch the game you can check out the toys it's a good music good food. And a lot of sports on the TV's stay tuned we are mortal might show live under the Wisconsin state fair right after this. You're listening to the bill might cool sports talk and at work. No hope Radisson hotel and conference center green and gold training camp update rescinded by Robert peck diamonds being green but eight years Mike Clemens. It's the Packers in the titans tonight here at Lambeau Field kick off 7 o'clock it's our first look at Mike pens no defense for the Packers now Patton says expect to see more corner and safety blitzes this season to pressure the quarterback. You can't line up in just Russia down four and drop seven and and bring the traditional guys on pressures and it's just. It's way too cookie cutter and I'd like to put stress on an offense as far as identifying with the Russians are going to be when the guys doing they usually enjoy those little guys like. Like Russian pastor's office holders they don't get squared up by those those offensive lineman. I hear of all this week. Third round pick defensive lineman Mon previous Adams was headed for surgery for foot injury cost him most of his rookie season now in camp this six foot 4300 pound defensive lineman has tossed two guards to the ground one he's been double teamed but number nine he says his speed after the snap. Is what some. Or the main thing we must get off a man that's what operators must have phone that's what people always talk about widgets. Marquis who's who go to Barnes is the work different variety of characters move. At inside linebacker look for a few foreign per Panama's Thomas filling a role left vacant by Jake Ryan but starter Blake Martinez told me he's been impressed with number 58 linebacker Greer martini. Authors of anyone artists Mercury does must in all this. They deserve it makes the corrections right when they'd make it in the meeting room a mix we don't do this is a guy that's gonna make sure the next practices corrected he was behind me on. The depth chart first questions and stuff off day coming it's here. Brought up in there but Maloney mowing and mixers these great ago. How much does the front office value tonight's game. Mike McCarthy says it's a big night especially for Brett Connolly and DeShawn Kaiser at quarterback. This is really when you look at producers and listen when guys don't have a chance to make attaining. Christine goes inspiration for quarterbacks and especially to play an honor Robinson to goals from. Both play all year and these opportunities you are so important for both of guns hopefully ticket stuff this week if we do run Tennessee for. From Lambeau Field in Green Bay I'm Mike Clemens on the bill Michael show. Always good deal for Mike what. Reports of theories Green Bay get you ready for tonight's ball game between the Packers and the Tennessee Titans. Looking forward to us he finally football and then this team hitting somebody else beside themselves. And they're going through just kind of the that the pads and shorts attorney camping we get so many bad practices related to beat on one another so. That being said excited for tonight's ball game and there's a lot of people looks at the start of the season. Being Smart about all of this 8558308648855830864. If you wanna chime in. You'll get a feel free to do so let's go to ritualistic didn't do was in Madison read what the program but Michael show what's going on. I don't offer soft graduation and year out wedding and I'm gonna say about that is the very end you get married man myself well. Armed. I don't think Roger should play at all all so maybe a better game just my opinion I'm not an expert on any bank. All they're always at risk reward accurate they're now obsolete already war president. Bomb. Don't will be doing you know what he needs to do. And I'm sure the coaches know what he can dual com let everything play itself audit practice. And get those reps in in the third game in baton now. Go from there but or compare I know you are Lebanese callers. You know not comparing him to the art day that's just ridiculous. All. But that's my opinion don't plant and I don't play next week their game OK. And give them now. They don't they don't appreciate it 855830864885583086. For ATA gives a shout 8558308648. If you I want to charge mentioned Aaron Rodgers do you feel like he should be playing that most people don't and again. Others W that said let's not get into the argument of far vs Rodgers is different day and age Rodgers had a couple of significant injuries there's no reason to put him out there that is from coach. This is. A mom honey Steve. And honey Steve says and I think that Aaron Rodgers playing united crazy idea no reason to do. This is also from a number of fire. Who says and the way he's email inbox hey guys we'll listen to the program via the speaker of the week and hope to see you there no reasonably Aaron Rodgers. Chad says no blinking away I wanna see Aaron Rodgers playing in the game where he doesn't have its offensive line full complement and that's we are talking about earlier that he couldn't agree more. You don't want the offensive line to be kind of patchwork so to speak in a little bit unsure and thrown Aaron Rodgers Specter even if he is is going back there handing off a couple of times you hate to see. You have some with some rookie try to come around the edge and take down. Well one of the better quarterbacks in all the football this portion of the program being brought to buy different. Over it but like but like the official response to the bill Michael's sports talk network also the official sponsor. Or motorcycle ride to take place. On now are eleventh annual coming up or eleventh annual as a matter of fact. Compliments or friends but light to benefit the Fisher house of Wisconsin we're gonna start out at each would sales and service on Sunday September 2. Go about a hundred miles an epic Wisconsin Harley-Davidson. 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Is by registering at a time and that is going to fill Michael's sports dot com get registered right near the events page. And again it's Sunday September 2 we are gonna ride from beech wood sales and service which is Budweiser down into Berlin with about a hundred miles we end up. At Harley-Davidson Wisconsin Harley-Davidson and O'Connor Milwaukee and it's going to be a big party. And a lot of fun it really really looking forward to a brewers getting set to take on. The San Diego Padres in the rubber match we'll talk about that coming up but after the top of the hour state to. Jerry Kramer the hall of favor repeating it just hearing yesterday on the program you're going to get a second shot and hearing him today. That interview is coming up after the top of the hour we are broadcasting live out here at the Wisconsin state fair. And the Budweiser pavilion also the goose island ill house. You've got more music today the boys are on the stage tonight as a matter back on the state on the state fair main stage the temptations and the Four Tops. Are on the stage tonight. So a lot of good stuff going on there as well. Saito a lot more they'll like a show coming up right after this. He ordered to. Film Michael's voice talking network.