Hour 4- Packers Preseason Preview and Brewers-Padres Review

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, August 9th
Hour 4- Also, we are joined by Dave Schroeder from WBAY-TV in Green Bay to preview the Packers Preseason opener.

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From the league front to. And this is where Wisconsin sports fans come to tour. Michael show named best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. Thanks and welcome Gil Michael show is on the and we are glad you are whether it's we are broadcast live at the Wisconsin state fair we're brought you by our friends cousins so that's what they believe in better operative because themselves the most overrated tool in the kitchen that he quarterback. The quarterback and that is the real. The grill is the person that walks into the party and things heat up all for the better and now I keep telling about pepperoni about the bill while Michael with the extra Mayo expertise. On that good Italian bread that is on up the real as well stop in any cousins out to pick one up for yourself based the power the grow by friends. Over cousins of where they believe in better yesterday a very special day. On the program and we had a chance to right now but he got back from. In Ohio. The fact that he you know had a chance to get a little bit of an app many get a little rest and soak in what was an incredible incredible weekend. We had a chance to sit down and talk with packer hall of Famer Jerry are repeated here yesterday. Here as your golden opportunity to sit back relax and take a listen in our conversation. With the hall of fame. It's a great man to get there. And at the door swung wide open for Jerry Kramer and out joins us after he gets along needed nap. From his home and a terrific weekend Gerri how you doing my friend. Billy Condo and should facial. Have been looking for superlatives. And all our super curtains in the works anymore. Extraordinary. Unbelievable translational. So I decided that. Terms super telefrag realistic as you know looked O two in the ultimate into every day it's a peak in schools get any better. So that's well I yeah. It's been tested. What it means to have a leash on stage with you. Well it was sensational and and not only Alicia we're All My Children that are so on the mired mutually is that that's your grandchildren and and significant. Number of my family. And that made it very personal bill that flows are. Extra special. Lisa Anders. Just don't such a wonderful job. And with that and push and push and then coming up to the value of such. Where are so. Yeah which year it was really great to see her get a little spotlight and mature. She's very mature ladies and career right lady. Wonderful for her. It's gonna will serve her well in the future so. Very nice all Blackberry guys will not have been the center of up to children that. Com I guess Jerry when you look at the entirety of the weekend and I I know you've been through so much it's gonna take some time to sit back and absorb it all and the realization of what what just happened like. Was very moment for you. When you had a chance you'd ever everybody that ever done something great is always had a normal he had a chance to to look at it and go wow. Was there several wow moment for you to hear. Well before and then build it they'll lose quite a bit. More involved is bigger than I anticipated. So there was several. While moments were very I yeah I took for whatever reason I imagine from time to time. Eric had never managed and that should tell her she just it just kept calm and kept coming and kept coming and wonderful. Michael Eric can't look to mate Paul backed guards from a Los Angeles can about street John hello. Joseph level they're all guards and just had some wonderful thank you to say about being bear all or. And there were cries from the cup level requirement. Indulge in that Jeff got there are so. Wonderful moments bill pulled from the Buffalo Bills. General manager. Or five years or so there are some great success. Jerry your your book changed my life. Well tell me about bill. When I was in high school I read your book. I change my direction. And our ability and this shouted they're going to football. And that book and a huge impact on my life slow and you know. I did that it yet how do you and you're except that didn't take. Who publish that so what's the big could've been there was Mahan. Enjoyed those comments and praise them up a workweek get together. So it just one after another after another. Guys in the in the top of the list of thirty or forty yards. Earlier. Then about that. My act and all of just Padraig and Jerry are long long overdue long overdue. And so. You know let all credit to help wash away my or resentment that little rented do. What may have been there were always. So long but they'll turn bird positive. And that he would much larger and much more involved that. I wouldn't street. There was a lot of talk about to roll Lois not being there and some discussed whether or not. He just was kind of mad because he didn't get on the first ballot I kept saying. You look at a guy like yourself. Who had always deserved to be there are just couldn't get through that door. On. When you look at the entirety of the weekend and I I know you've been through so much and it's gonna take some time to sit back and absorb at all and the realization of what what just happened polite. Was there a moment for you. When you had a chance that you did it ever everybody that ever done something great is always had a normal you have a chance to to look at it and go wow. Was there several wow moment for future. Well yeah. And then bill it was it was quite a bit. More involved and bigger than I anticipated. So there was several. While moment where many idea I took for whatever reason I imagine from time to time. Circuit never imagined that in its integrity and just sit just kept calm and kept coming and kept coming and wonderful. Michael Eric Campbell debate tall black two guards from a Los Angeles came out street John's hello. Joseph little bubble they're all guards and just had some wonderful thank you to say about being Bair model. And they were crying and the couple of looks requirement. And coached in the Jeff got there are so. Wonderful ball but still pulled from video. Buffalo Bills. General manager. It's five years or so they're it's great chip shares Gerri here's your book changed my life. All told me about bill. But I wouldn't high school I read your book. And I change my direction. And our ability and decided to go to the football. Then that book and a huge impact on my life slow and you know. I did digest how do you view except that didn't take. I wish that so much sit there could have been there with Mahan. Enjoyed those comments and pray and go up a workweek it together. So it just one after another after another boat guys and the and the copilot there must have been 3040 yards. Earlier. Made about that among active all of our search just Padraig and Jerry are long long overdue long overdue. And so you know let all kinds of washing away Mari or resentment that little rented do. What may have been there were always. So long but it all turned very positive. And that you had much. Larger and much more involved than I would history. There was a lot of talk about to roll Lois not being there and some discussed whether or not. He just was kind of mad because he didn't get on the first ballot I kept saying. You look at a guy like yourself. Who had always deserved to be there are just couldn't get through that door. On. Gold jacket with all of those that you just mentioned sitting behind you going. Jerry we're glad you're here you're one of us. Well in a little bit of pain they're a little charity period that niche is not there. Actually there are not there or somebody in retort. So many of our guys. Past and gone. The women wonderful to have behold there crew and Eric. In one swell swoop but it was it a lot usually though it took it well. Partly yeah that was very positive well that's. That's great moral and spiritual and and again the children outbreak dole saying. Special. And that my little grandson Charlie root about five now. They just jumped and opened down and that. He would he didn't contribute to expect most of the kids this interview is still. They interviewed Charlie. That it Charlie what's your favorite part of the week. Land grab a soda everybody cheered. And so we're. Bunch of ash so everything was. You know they're violent or the negative. Moment. Of the grim premonition about overplay or shall go on. But good that it's all just. Or simply that they have control of our mates revealed. Young guys from four probable loss to. Helps negotiate. Which channels with millions who eventually Aubrey who just. Wanted to go. He's got a system. Should ensure racial job so he can be on time and place. Right and then it just. Done a great job so I've been very well at least there would make. Every step of the way. This governor up there at Uga OK okay I got it again. So I've been very black and so we waited a long track and short but. Maybe it just made that little weaker bill. But we Jerry prayer of the hall of Famer terrific packer pursue many years and Lombardi Europe. You mentioned some of the guys that are no longer with a share the guys that are. I would assume that the guys in the families of those that you played with that it reached out to you is much as you love. The heat the approval and the congratulations. From the peers that are there. It had that means a lot to you from the guys like Willie and probably getting a call from either partner Cherie and the guys that are still there or even maybe current Packers are saying a cheery felt our. Of Willie watching TV show there applauding when I got my jacket. Solo. Not nice very nice. Of them you know the look relationships on their team bill were. Brotherly. I hear so many instances Singler certainly split time with Don Chandler and make you an impact Daughtry. Went totally lost their job particularly. Well at least that both sides dearly for the rest of the street. And coached. Inserted look this guy like this movies is it has the tendency to do this and do that now what you need to do which. Any coach clearly a little treat and don't art. When Bob Jeter took his job that besides you and cockroach in the old city that felt like that. In our organization is a beautiful thing and it's. It's sub tidbit collection Lombardi inspired and was responsible for but it was just say you're a brotherhood of garbage and you know you. Gave whatever your ads. Do not let him. It you can play with broken grips because in the muddy the coach it was a diet. You know all the injuries all the difficulties all the problems. That you try to push through. The sort of guys that their brother it's awfully sweet and that. Just been tremendous number of guys. All ordinance family members of those past them. Just touched base with the awful lot of folks over the last. What social. Gerri before I let you go I just wanted to ask you because you and I have talked about this before I love when you get into the explanation of it. For people that may not know with Vince Lombardi. Handy even talk about the party comes in there's just a different inspiration and says I have no interest in failing and I I I'm not going to accept that. On the how much. Of your life and not just your life with the guys that plea from the party that came out of that same locker room. From that point point. Have changed because of the touch of insulin party. You know are they just about everybody played forward soared nearly time had their lives changed by it. There were guys who did it ships. The rules regulations. Were treated. As soon as possible it would traits that we look for the championship game. But the week after you treat. And he's he just wanted all your if you threw in with him and gave them everything it has. It was pat you on the back in the target near it. Prayers and era and that approval. And beliefs in the individual but there's maybe the most powerful motivational tools are bureaucracy. Just. Bully. When a whole world apple. The matter how many thousands of years it's been since we were in their tribe. Absorb those tribal instinct. That we desire. These approval of our peer group. And we. Kind of look around and see how they're doing that work or are we here that are are ouch and when swallowed so Jeter built a great job you're relate to super. While it just breaks your heart start beat a little faster Chet slope. And you can't do without for the guys you can't do not Spurrier he. So what's so amazing. Motivational thing it did too and we believe. We didn't believe additionally first date you first week but. The already talked about preparations and commitment and consistency and discipline than private. Perseverance character introduction we have believed in the team at one another it's the more we filed all of those. Principles. We're light poles and that she. If you had like eight or nine or ten holes and have all of covered it can look up that was bigger push drawl. If you let one of gold in the tip would kind of Shaq and no matter what you do it it's no matter where you go. There's a price that they were achieved their supporters to pray protection has. You're willing to pay the price make effective sides do your preparations. Do all your principles. You little whip is just so it would sat there and it doesn't matter bill. Walk of life support repression what you're involved via the saint Gloucester it's the same principles apply. So little wonder selection and I picture of him more and more and a teacher. He believed teaching loads of world greatest professional. If he considered himself a teacher. He says they can't cultured but nothing more than future. Well there is future. Keith Carlos about flights using football. And he made us much better football players in much better. And our Blige. Wrote so it was a sensational experience of look like. Being at a college a lot of new course for. Nine years watching them work what do eventually is dedication that is a bit much to worry you applied themselves. Well Blatche star. It Cochran. Suited for Christmas. Approach. It goes shop although wrestlers are. You unhappy or attic are you wanna be a football coach we don't work you do here. So you are a little too far and oil that at all or it all works. Jerry I could be. There you go that was Jerry Kramer from yesterday and joining us on the program a great conversation with him when we come back they Schroeder from WBA YTV in green bank a touch of Packers football. When we come back we are broadcast live at goose island am house one of my show coming up next. Six clues station strong though. Bill might school's sports talk now. Program the Michael show on the glad to have you thanks so much. For hanging out. Lot of people here at the Budweiser pavilion and the goose island ale house in. We're just kind of enjoying the day that is so good weather a little bit of a cloud base so it's not wait to Saudi way too high to Wiki human it's just it's perfect walk round was cut the state fair this portion program. Big rocket landed friends in March field courage it's a new biomedical sent. Well medical city treaty guys would be the oldest it was cuts go to or is 98% success rate that he. Can help you jumpstart the all the weight loss program or the OT treatments all of fantastic Italy and missed call for what 445544. 514144554451. And Dave Schroeder don't BA YTV Green Bay now joining us in the Schneider or its hotline Dave idyllic. I'm doing well have you. Don't OK so how what are askew give me your thoughts is there's a lot of people back and forth on that that I'm watching on Twitter right now. Argue about what they're Aaron Rodgers shooter shouldn't play I'm of the belief of look you at least the first game or two. I don't think any easier writers out there especially with the outline that is not fortified in front of giving your thoughts. I think tonight it makes sense to rest and I think I would claiming games two and three a little bit. But not so nice seeing you got box you Arianna and you got a lot of start practice like he played it eight. So. And their owner and how they react I know in camp he's thrown a few interceptions are there. Is dealing with new weapons and I'm receivers part of that and defense that he seniors that are. Analyzing that Dom Capers you said here a year I would wait as well. So looking at the wide receiving corps Aaron Rodgers calls a lot of the young guys Alps to tell me about your thoughts when you heard his reaction to. They're quote departed sessions. Yeah yeah we it was not a good practice and I was when they ask the question that got the older grumpier response because Aaron Rodgers is competitive we both know that. All the listeners out there now that. So for him to be in training camp NC player to play go in complete because that's someone else there that's gonna mount up and on the very last play a practice. It was a missed blocking a sign. That led to Aaron Rodgers scheme and really Pete. It would have been a sack him normally practicing or what that would that spare parts QB on the Lagos and sometimes there are stretched this time. He gets put on the plate threw the ball out of balance is hard edge he possibly could in the started barking at people that they wrapped up practice she was not that good which. And it would you are you didn't see what you saw people like mark where is spelled instantly dropping wide open touchdown catches. In this and it's coming up a crack itself on and we night which now it's every bit the same thing saying sorry she Spain and so I'll. This same guy is not to say these guys are slightly included can't get it together but that was a particularly bad track usage. In air and the second year. So old. Powell overall you think this camp has gone. I think we can't go on really well for the decent. And I think we can say that. In camps on really well for Jacob well that Whitewater got Aaron Rodgers can't operate in. But for the offense I really don't know. You know we need against history in which is why a lot of people want to hear Rogers in to preceding games that your serve in May be a bit worried after watching train track. But it's not it's not September not Samberg January to August so patients. BS the offense when you talk about the defense being let of the offense still one of the things that I think this season is gonna hit decline. Is obviously Jimmy Graham and his ability to catch balls into the red zone but to me it's also the control of football. And not necessarily just be winging it down to consistently do what particular about the run game. I think the run game will. If something that's clarified that the preceding goes on as much as and the practices start to help piece you look to run game to do. It there's no real tackling and also it had air Gerald. A lot of stench we can training camp so I think the preceding him to just a lot. And what we learned last year when healthy he's the Packers have a lot of the first acts can have success small Williams went over under guard couple times. Total yards. Aaron gel in time Montgomery and get whatever he put payers and can pretty get all the time welcomes help he so I think the run game news into. In that as tourist spot and has been in years and and that's kind of crazy considering you had Eddie lacy black English air Julie Goodyear. Attitude down yours one of those including bank entry. And I think there are good spot if someone gets injured they're going to be in the delegates are actually guys had a lot of experience question. All in addition of that now looking at the tide in position you talk we do I mentioned Jimmy Graham do you this the depth of this. Group this trio. What do you think that adds because we know that they lose Jordy Nelson used a veteran experience everybody seems to think that's going to be made up by the presence of Jimmy Graham. Obviously we rent a crowd about the atoms they really like Toronto or Allison is this enough now weaponry around Aaron Rodgers to keep his case consistent as to when he had Jordy Nelson as a weapon. I think it can be am I got that covered the saints and one mile from Jimmy Graham was actually acts. And I know that Jimmy told her I know Jimmy didn't have as much success outside the red dog Seattle. That he did in New Orleans by. Jimmy Graham got a bad stretches the field makes it in the middle deal you know is a big red zone target if you look at the last two years and years ago Jordy Nelson apple. 1112 rectum traction catch pressured to block at a Adam's apple won't let them touchdown catches. This year your Adams and Graham I don't think either one of those is gonna get ten plus red zone touchdowns they tried that. I think the key to the passing game have a consistent success. Is whether or not Jimmy Graham is a part of the down shield middle she'll stretch shield passing game outside the reds. Looking defensively you've got a good rotation what you at least feels good rotation up front we talked about mole will pursue coming into the situation. Much previous out of had a lot of hope coming in the last year so we've been Spiegel. Obviously Jake Ryan going down somewhat hurts them alive Becky depth. But with the front that they have and the linebackers that they have and the way you've seen Mike hadn't won a mix things up and play personnel packages and all that kind of stuff. Do you think there's enough there there for this team he used to continually climate because you know let's let's face it there at the bottom. After the league they're not going very far when they get in the post season and other what you just simply relying on Aaron Rodgers is there enough there. To get that it is say that copy not talked at the top fifty. I think a lot of it depends on health care and neither. Those two guys didn't really. Reliable in terms of being healthy for an entire siege. They go to those same time may be a lot to ask launch and walled outside linebackers lady and the descent and why initial stout. It might not make a difference special election that secondary blitzes that likes to do. It's one of those reasons that I really accepted the secrecy all of it and timeouts I think we're gonna put some humility chances out and show their entire and appreciate. It's one of those things where I am concerned about the outside line backing GAAP. But I'm also someone who realizes like never coordinated it deep trench but and the guys. Or perhaps except so. I think it's a wait and see approach their blood I think there's got to be some optimism despite. This in outside linebacker corps despite injury to get right. Looking at the secondary the youth back there how do you think they're going to report Kevin King coming back from that shoulder injury that he had last year. And really it performed well and I think there's a lot riding on him but with the EP. I guess the tutelage of a guy like for Juan Williams who's coming back I'm really kind of anxious to see how much more this group is going to learn how fast they learn. I think health will there. Played big part of that Kevin King missing some practice time this week with an ailment to be a bare shoulders and you're wondering. To this guidance to have children can't hold upped that and help practices and much less NFL football. You're you're hoping it's not that serious and from what you eerie it's not to be that big a deal. If you guys are healthy. You've got a mix of veterans the teacher in the ropes and veterans can play more maybe earlier in the season. And by mid season you'd really want these youngsters out there making place. If the Packers are healthy at that position it's a position of strength for the first time in a long time for the first start since you have younger from odd playing. I was really really in his prime can't shoot. Also looking at this team in the sense of overall though leadership you've got Joseph Philbin that comes back you've got Mike that in coming in replacing Dom Capers. You've got some guys move around Mike McCarthy you're comfortable in his own skin bringing in former head coaches not filling threatened whatsoever. And now quote the knocking down the silos give me your overall perception of the way the direction that this franchise is going. I actually and then new voices were necessary you keep Mike McCarthy back. On offense and defense you get your coordinators. Are that you mentioned it had been head coaches. They had successor as head coach as well both have very much a lot of success at coordinators. You've got a lot of leadership from them. In the practice they'd bring in Mark Williams on seal the coach play. Bring back to block outs to guide it has never been pro know how to get the job done. And you bring in Jimmy Graham on the other side of the ball guidance in the works council Wilson true greed knows how to put football. I think the leadership level has stepped up a notch this year and I think it's. Also some yet to talk about that you have voices it'd been elsewhere in the week that Packers it's along the draft and develop and doing things that power away. But having that outside experience. I think it helps. Good stuff as always we certainly appreciate it day the we will talk decency at Lambeau Field OK. So good though. OK doc is soon they go that is Dave Schroeder WBA YTV Green Bay joining us. While the shatter or it's not like chatter Harry drivers right now you work are they treat their eighty plus years that he didn't call 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs dot com or 844 try to go to shattered jabs that now. We've got by yourself coming up next that'll likely show. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Clemens therefore yeah. Always good to get a chance to chat with him and hear his stuff coming out to you from green bank as they get set for tonight. The end. In addition to that they get separate tonight the game against that the Tennessee Titans game one of the exhibition season with a Green Bay Packers. The C think it's that we don't forget after the ball game you can. Can listen do what Gary Ellis in the former packer badger running back yours truly we're back again this year with a another addition. Of the critical post game show so hopefully you you know get a chance to to take all that in. 85583086. Rate than ever to get all of us it is time now for some buy or sell let's do this. I don't know that bring you the question now is looking when he got to go. All right nothing much Philip -- a little out what you're surrounded by herself today so we'll started out with all Packers stock is what I wanna go with pierce let's start off Brett hum we will beat out to Sean Kaiser for the back up quarterback job. Fire sell. I'll put it I that I think it I think geyser from what I've heard has just as much if not more criticism. Federal arm. Better throw in the pocket vision all that kind of good stuff he's obviously got a lot of experience so in that in the sense of being dealt disorder right away. Sandra Imus ignited eventually takes over that role. Our ID so why they always sell it. Or berths will be the surprise of the season and have the best season of any factor rookie fire itself. Well that's a great question. I think ordered Burks. They're really relying upon him so he's gonna get a lot of opportunities I have a feeling it's going to be one of the wide receivers it has a better season but huh. A lot of why weren't Burks he needs to have a big season for the Green Bay Packers the relying on him. I don't know specifically. How much of an impact he's going to have to think you're gonna shuffle in and out. Placate its into giving him one of the rookies unless of course you judge you're Alexander Josh Jackson really come up big in that secondary but. I there really relying on or Burks to be that middle that that middle got to deploy everywhere some blinded by the fact or purge these epic season. But yourselves. The Packers had a three headed back field right now once Aaron Jones does return from that suspension at least one of these running backs will finish the season with a thousand yards rushing by yourself. That abide. I'm gonna buy that today you end up with a right you don't want let me let me belief that an album back it up I'll put itself because they think you're gonna have enough for the guys. With say 67800. Yards maybe got a thousand yard rusher because you've got Jimmy Graham you've got other wide receivers to throw to. So if you can try to mix the ball up Mary Jones is not gonna get it for a couple of games you've got Jamal Williams who's gonna be back period time recoveries could be back here. I just think it furs is much. Versatility they have they're not gonna find one guy just give it to. So I think with that the addition of Jimmy Graham you know yet device that you're going Everett a coveted try to throw the ball around a lot lets you gotta shoot back at the bottom of the hands of Aaron Rodgers very often. The run game complements what Aaron Rodgers does sound but this elements say that know they have some good yardage it's a big gains with they don't at a with a thousand yard rusher this team. Buy or sell. Last one real quick with the loss of Jake Ryan to an ACL injury in the lack of depth that the linebacker position the Packers and go outside the organization and add another linebacker either trade. Or pick somebody up off the street Navarro Bowman's a name that keeps coming up X forty niner. Yeah but I don't think they do something like that I mean they call it like it's it's I think what you're gonna do is indeed it. You know white. Our city is opening up the street but I don't think that make it's great for guys you know as much as you want to seek to say okay what fights but he really good because you got that first round draft choice that you can you'll. From the tree this year I don't think that you and I I think the Packers are two very much to back away. They do like while the organization two traits and body but they end up. Reviewed somebody off of the street reports also it. Perfect there you have about yourself. That is it that is by yourself. That is fire sell in we do it each and every each and every week right here are quite a show that's what's done. Eight by Friday 3086488558308648. It gives you shall finals another Michael shall live under that was gutsy they're coming up next. Wisconsin look. Bill Michael's sports talk. Program. Though Michael shows on the air already get daddy you're gonna head northward towards Green Bay had a great win today. Hope we enjoy today tomorrow we're going to be back out of our final day the Wisconsin state fair as we round things now we're talk about the Green Bay Packers. And the game tonight who recap things also recap game three between the brewers in the pottery were by the way winning right now early on that point. Tonight here at the Wisconsin state fair there is. To find out really good music and there's good music go all weekend long as a matter of fact but at the Budweiser pavilion got Tony rocker the comeback special. Onstage right now you have 33 RPM later today and that the forties later tonight over the charcoal grove road house. Rush the tribute band is going to be performing over there in a later today. The Bobby way in the way outs always over repeat as crank the radio which says is barbecue. Bracket miles 6 o'clock tonight at the Sprecher landing and a road trip. Is it ever on the part that is at 630. So as I mentioned a Honda a ton of great. Music on the the polity pickle main stage tonight. You have the temptations and the four cops coming up at 730 TLC. With in Bogut tomorrow night. On the motto ought to be main stage the metal men are going to be over the charcoal road house but the love monkeys are right here tomorrow night at the Budweiser pavilion so they Friday night. Coming up at the Wisconsin state fair is well foreigner. In living color. We're gonna hear from them coming up on that Saturday night in the pot or on the up but a lot of remains days and then in the evening with Reba McIntyre. Closing closing things out there for the Wisconsin state fair so we're getting ready to head north. And like I said looking up tonight's. Come out of this game injury free. We really wanna see what to the Packers offense that we have to offer with a backup quarterback situation. Defensively speaking you're looking to see if by some of the young guys. Really compete and stay with their man and we had that press coverage that like that likes to play. Who's thinking too much who isn't thinking too much who's playing. You know kind of analysts say mistake free football a three foot pointless as football rather than thinking about it a lot. It getting caught up as to where they're supposed to be in when they're supposed to be their so see who gets it doesn't. And beyond that you know you've just got to Yost circles some of the match ups. You know look at the guys up on the defensive fronts he would O workers are bracing Lamar attribute set a bit Spiegel rings I think there's a lot of things. To watch tonight to with a lot of story lines. As the Packers you ready to it get underway take on the Tennessee Titans. This evening and again reminder coming up immediately following the game on these particular stations Gary or shutting doors through the former packer badger running back we have the greens goal post game show. And outgoing and artfully it's our eighth year together by in remember re recall correctly. Ari you're together and really look at forty back at football season is back. And it's it's always fun it's always a good time. We are broadcasting live the goose island ale house here at the Budweiser pavilion the Wisconsin state fair until later this evening won't we Chad again it's not rush to get better have a lower. It. You're listening to go back. Bill might school's sports talk that. Network.