HR1 – Are you buying into Jamaal Williams and Aaron Jones?

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Wednesday, December 6th

Hour 1. Kevin Holden of CBS 58 in Milwaukee is in for Bill today. Plus, we’ll have the Stat of the Day and share highlights from the Horse and Plow Huddle with Mason Crosby.


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From the league's front. River runs this season we are Wisconsin sports fans can't patrol. The bill Michael you know. The bill might go show begins and first of all with us is get something out of the way right now. Villas trademarks. How we looking. And several other phrases that Joseph probably has just like ready to roll. You may get sued if you say yes Dallas to hit I totally get that date bill has this large legal department just ready to roll rated just has this group of people dislike okay. Did he say did he say how we look at. Kevin Holden CBS 58 filling in for bill who it's December ended the mayor needs couple base I mean. If you've been through the grind of seventeen weeks of an NFL season you understand them can't you you need days you've got to take it day here in there you do. So bill is getting a couple of well deserved days. You had he had Tim Allen yesterday. The myself today. Talking Packers every day doesn't matter what's going on you're talking Green Bay Packers the Green Bay Packers. Lost six games. Through the first ten last year. Then they won eight RO. I made it to the NFC championship game before and six football team. Did exactly what Aron Rodgers wanted them to do. They ran the table. This year's Green Bay Packers. Are six and six through twelve games and it's not quite the same path I get it they lost in Pittsburgh were five and six after that. Six and six now thanks to the overtime win against Tampa Bay but the question is can run the table. And last year the answer was as long as you have Aaron Rodgers. Anything can happen to any sick. We don't have Aaron Rodgers or you haven't had him. You could conceivably get him back in week fifteen. But the point of pride. For this Green Bay Packers team to conceivably run the table. You you could argue it's the defense although I don't think there are hit and miss games from the defense. It's the running game we did this happen. When did this happen. Jamal Williams an Erin Jones. Who were at BYU and you chat a year ago. Our the hearts. Of your Green Bay Packers offense at this exact moment as they head to Cleveland to face the browns. Taking scarier by the way has got its gotta make you nervous. Tim asked me this yesterday just a little all right. I'm not gonna lie in the it does little but you know one. Let's cut the crap they're gonna win cut the crap you know went yat you're not going to be a we should just go through. And look at all the browns losses this year into who they have lawsuit. And by how much I just I'd like to look at that. But I don't think package was considering everything that's been going wrong for them yes and bully me I could point to things. That scare me into this game. Watts. Package it's Cleveland. There are bad tourism videos about this city on and on YouTube and I've been annoying Joseph all morning with debts. Listening to songs about Cleveland. It's Cleveland it's it. Even with. The issues that this team has had in certain games and I understand it did not look that good against the ravens at all. And there were certain warts no question about the win over Tampa Bay Sunday teased it's a different thing the NFL is a very haven't have not league. Right now. And the browns are squarely and have not category George Josh Gordon's back. He could present a matchup problem in the packers' secondary get that. But what else can you truly point two if I zip crow well better run all over the Packers defense. Well there's one guy that scares me and that offense guy by the name in fantasy football owners and all this guy. Guy by the name at duke Johnson yeah out. Now because that's a guy that you can. To a lot in the screen game went something that the Packers defense is not being almost stopped all season long we sought again against Tampa Bay. Net packer defense has the final way to get off the field against Cleveland duke Johnson will be used. White abet. Gotta stop that that guy scares me. Yeah you have to be able to contain do chance and because that is a guy who is tailor made for the screen game. Do jobs duke Johnson now he's got hurt right I mean I gotta just double check I think and. Number there and he's fine I mean I guess. Peyton barber did some bad things to the Packers. On Sunday. So. Maybe do Johnson to do some bad days I am but I just. I am having a hard time convincing myself to be anything more than late conspiracy theories worried about Cleveland in that party you know it's like. All I can see way off there in the distance its app you know. Outside of that. I just have a I have a really tough time believing that the Packers could could lose in Cleveland and again it goes back to the running game the question. For you here is to the Packers having legitimate. 12 punch. And running back with Jamal Williams and Aaron Jones and again. They were in college at this time last year what Jamal Williams had that suspension rate he was. You know. Did try to find the right exactly the rate worry was booted off the team I guess is the way to say it. For violation of you know I've Baghdad not familiar with the code death of that particular football team but whatever it is he was you know he was gone. For a length of time because of it. Jamal Williams and Jerry Jones. The center. Of the Green Bay Packers offense at the moment Jordy Nelson hasn't done anything in several weeks. Randall Cobb. Has been almost nonexistent Dovonte Adams has a nice report going with Brett Conley that's good to have at least you got one receiver who's got a good report with Brit comic. But this thing on Sunday was one off the backs of Jamal Williams and Darren Jones and and by that I mean Jamal Williams ran the ball. For the entire four quarters in their throats cut what Kerry. And it won the game but I think a healthier hair and Jones does get more carries. Against Cleveland. Do the Packers have a legitimate 12 punch at running back and your thoughts about because. When Aaron Rodgers comes back. And this is a legitimate concern people say OK well there's going to be rust or there's going to be you know he did you can't just expect him to step in NB. Week fifteen Aaron Rodgers. And be in that rhythm. Having not played for two months. I think that's legitimate. But I also think that against Carolina. Green Bay can do something a little different they can use riders if he's TVs come back and I still feel like he will almost no matter what if there's any chance at all I think Rogers comes back. But you can use him effectively because you'll have a run game for him that the Packers haven't had in a long time. This ain't Tony eleven folks. They can run the football. And they can do it effectively it's it's. On us it's kind of fun to watch. You know. It there's no Aaron Rodgers. So with that the Packers have become this mortal team. But he went out and grind it out win against Tampa Bay with that run game Jamal Williams Aaron Johnson nice. 12 punch I guess you don't we can dig deeper into that question to deal which is. Jamal Williams. Is gonna give me the power runs he's gonna be a guy who can help you eat clock he can help you just move the chains push it along. Erin Jones. Gary Ellis and Fred flagship station in Milwaukee calls Aaron Jones elusive. He's more elusive than than Jamal Weyand so. You match up those two. And you've got there's so it's a little bit of the old school feel to it. Caddy is right and they go back to. 1980s football there. Mean you had great quarterbacks in the eighties but more than anything else. You had teams that could grind it out in the most effective teams on offense had those change of pace changes of pace in the in the backfield. Hard runner and elusive runner. Jamal Williams Aron jumped. Just far. Amid the church's. It's a fun team to watch that night they get it they're not favored in every game. They're not going out there and blowing out opponents this was 26 to twenty at Lambeau Field Sunday against the team that's now for an eight. In Tampa Bay. So yeah you don't walk away from their thinking and Super Bowl blasted it just not happening again it. It was fun. And this is a team that found. 84 yards passing. And a quarterback rating of 48. And they won that football game. We Janus wasting got sacked 243. Times and it it felt that. And his quarterback rating was 113. And Brett how these quarterback rating was 48. That usually. Is a fort teller disaster. In this case it didn't matter. Because Jamal Williams ran for a 113 yards on 21 carries. And yes the defense. Absolutely did. A huge chunk of the heavy lift. Seven sacks deem Lowry returns a fumble for a touchdown I mean they the defense played in this way that that made you say if they could have had this in. Almost any of the other Rogers seasons in the last five years you might be talking about more than one ring. Just say it. But this is about running backs. Jamal Williams Aaron Jones who want to get your thoughts about the packers' backfield situation looks pretty impressive led him to win against Tampa Bay and we have more the bill Michael show right after it. Says portion of the Michael Joseph brought to my cousins were eating it the best seat in the house going to Green Bay sitting on the fifty yard line and play excellent recliner just simply go to Packers dot com slash best seats and that's all brought to you by cousins of the officials of sandwich at the door Michael sports soccer network and where they believe in better. Six blues station strong yeah. My school's sports talk now. They can. It's. Her job. And I just let you know you don't have a little marks. We did it help from President Putin is. So I ran the ball. Once you get or afford. He's. Ourselves so we Jamal Williams Packers running back. Help put out Brett Hundley. Who is is learning his way. There's no question from from week to week we see spikes of confidence highs and lows from humbly but those can even out with a guy like Jamal Williams. Help would do push the pile man move the chains and 121 carries for more than a hundred yards. As the Packers beat Tampa Bay 2620. And they're six and six in there hanging in there any NFC race and I'm telling you they're gonna make the playoffs and get to the simple but they've 66. They have a chance. If they could beat Carolina in two weeks. Then the two teams that are two games ahead of him talking about Seattle at eight and four in Carolina Eddie for. If the Packers could winning Carolina they have a tiebreaking edge over both of those teams. Now Atlanta is sitting out here on the side to. Percent chance to Duke's hoping. Pretty special if I have Rogers comes back and and again I'm. I'm not gonna sit here and screamed we're gonna have January football it's still a long shot but it's still a shot and that said the most important thing. I guess call let's talk about that running back situation 855830. 8648. Mark in hails corners walk them a Michael show. Mark. Yeah I really think that some you know packer running neck and that we got enough. Jones and woods really kind of reminds me of Lebanon's it and Bennett picked that date back in the nineties as you know I expect that Bennett and he looked so good novel treatment. And I can't believe that these kind of similar balance streamed live. Jamal Williams who just kind of occurred in the movie and told the and the that would last year one cut runner you can. You know do a little bit Eric may catch the ball Catholic level low spec and I'm personally excited going forward. It's gonna resonant even if we get geared back in the next season if he can have like another plate plate and complicate U. Jack and put it that often I don't know how he would be able to stop them you know going forward next you're nobody has probably gonna make an appropriate level. Last couple weeks and that would turn overs which is nice to see. Let me speak gear and apparently he can squeeze play out maybe can win a playoff game I still think the deed that was good enough you know get them to win. He put up games economy you'd more or anything but it does give you a little hope for the future. Especially for the offense that and I think they can be like about it Lebanon's equity loans people are I'd I'd encourage programs the united those guys they're really old players. I'm with you there mark thanks for the call an end did nothing wrong with a evoking memories of of the nineties Packers noted there's a lot of success. That was done there in a different way Brett Favre was coming into his own but. They had an effective running ten. And remember. Teams in a couple of super balls for a long time the Packers have had a really great history when it comes to running backs I even remember growing up as a kid watching and like the three headed monster of Ahman Green Najeh Davenport Tony Fisher that was held a tree right that was that was really good that was a great compliment to Brett Favre in that offense. And really since then I just. We we we can't Eddie lacy Eddie lacy was good in his time and you know holders. Are all that other controversy with Emmitt now ideally see is just. An attitude another dude he's another guy essentially. But but I think Ted Thompson and I don't think we give Ted Thompson enough credit for this season. Because yeah. Sure the Packers you can argue are being exposed in many ways without Aaron Rodgers. And I think some of the blame should be put on Ted Thompson not necessarily for this year's draft but for pastor that's. But this year's draft. I thought Ted Thompson played at where he took defense in the first. What's three rounds and then comes back. Inserts loaded up on running backs that running that class was so deep camp and you remember how deep was and I and I I thought to myself it's like okay. You don't need to go after the delta and Koch's that's not the end of the world like if the Packers to Delmon Coke web and upset with that not but defense is more than need. Over the right that class is deep as it was you can get guys later in the draft Jamal Williams is a guy that I was insurance. Intent takes that one not two but three running backs and you're just hoping that she hit on one. He's been able to hit on two and that's something that I don't think we're really looking at on the surface. These are guys that are essentially saving the packers' season right now is what we get on Brett Conley will talk more Barbara telling the show later. You've got to give credit to these rookies. Critic of small Williams and Aaron Jones for what they've been able to do an air Jones. This guy's coming off Eminem's CL injury. And he's able to break one through to win the game for UN overtime and Jamal Williams continues to be. And a elusive as good word I think because he's good between the tackles he's good around the edge he's got some good speed of one. I just think. We with the offense struggling with the passing game struggling to go to your running game and to see these guys come through the way that they have. Has been its little light sicker it really has and that was a big part of the reason why. The Packers won that game against Tampa Bay for as bad as things looked offensively. For as much as Tampa Bay all the Packers when it came the time of possession the Packers were doing it right on offense and really Kevin. So this the Tim yesterday at the Packers probably should've run the ball even more adamant game instead of trying to. You'll put these play action plays and Bret Holley the running game was working Jamal Williams was not going to be stopped. By the Tampa Bay defense of front. You've got something here I just wonder now. Going against Cleveland. Has believe it or knock him. Clinton's got a good run defense that's technically. I thought for a winless team I could not get over the fact that they actually have a good run defense. My argument is I think you need to play your strains the running game is where it is right now the running game is is better than the passing game but do you try. And pour all your eggs in one basket and try to rely on your run game against the top run defense clicked well. And in here's what Ohio State did against Wisconsin is a great example of what I think the Packers could do against the browns. Ohio State looked at Wisconsin instead we see your strength on defense and we're gonna come right at. We're gonna come up a big plays against your defense and they did. They relied on their talent to do that and I think the Packers could do that Cleveland has a stout run defense. But I think the Packers could still effectively run the ball because they've got some guys with some momentum right now iron Jones coming off a game winner and Jamal Williams coming off. More than a hundred yards in this game against Tampa Bay now the flip side of this KJ and west Alice is gonna Telus is. These young guys KJ Arctic. Yes they are there rookie. I'm not ready to anoint him as thunder and lightning. Peanut butter and jelly salt pepper or. Not not quite yet. Tampa Bay has a horrible. Rusty points. You know our Cleveland will be better and they are I think there will be better more effective when aaron's does come back. Because he is going to be more multi dimensional art opera. On wide Tampa Bay didn't completely sell out for the rush. Because probably you know be conceivably would not be. Passing the ball. Yeah it'll help the pitchers just you know result. Why they didn't completely sell out for them. Raj I don't know what I peaked at. You're going to be adequate is going to be able to run the ball. Against Cleveland probably going forward it's certainly it's going to be an injury still. TJ I don't know. Yes it did the cellular you look at this and that we've elected haves and have nots of the situation you. You see what happens against a Tampa Bay here or someone like that you do not equating that as to success against a Carolina or Minnesota. No absolutely not no pop. You know especially if Aaron ignited the comeback. You know against Carolina. Is not to be nearly as effective weapon all. Against Carolina. As they were urgency to attempt a greater Cleveland. Yet makes sense KJ thank thank you very much for the call and eyes got salt pepper and my head by the way. So in peppers here that's gonna be going all every commercial break dues can be glaring at me resentment singing salt and Pepa. It's gonna happen pushing it real good look. At salt is older than you are in their. Might be ballots crazy. It is absolutely nuts. A big KJ you know. Makes the point that it's in one of things it's really difficult to do in the modern NFL on the current NFL. Is is to take this concept of success against one team and then translated to success in general. It seems like and maybe this mean did you see it more than they used to but it seems like there's this bottom third of the NFL. That's it it is turn into like college football. In the Big Ten you've got those teams in that bottom third rate and keep going back to colleges that is the comparison but in the Big Ten you've got teams in the lower third. And you learn over time watching it enough. That success against Rutgers doesn't equate to success against Penn State Ohio State in those you know it's it's not the same thing. They're completely different teams is completely different talent levels but I don't remember the disparity being this large. Wasn't that long ago we talked about the NFL as the league of parity the league where. You know anybody can make the playoffs year to year. In and I feel watching teams the last couple years that there's there's a dearth of talent in that bottom third of the NFL Tampa Bay is. I if to meet a good example of that date. Have a lot of talent if you just you look at the names on paper especially offensively. He would not a good football team in Green Bay on on Sunday and part of what KJ said to was it the idea of Tampa Bay not completely selling out for the run because. You know you watched Brett humbly does that widespread only throw a ball over Geronimo allison's head in the end zone. And Allison is so wide open he's over there late sitting in a chair eating a sandwich and the ball goes over his head. As a defensive coordinator I think that's the moment you go you know what I think let's let's. Not worry so much about that. Let's let's go on the you don't focus this whole thing on the on the run game and it didn't necessarily work out that way but again. You take that performance. And put it against. The Steelers are put it against the patriots or the other some some teams that are showing out really well in the NFC right now. If you look in today. It not just a loss but a lopsided loss it's it's such a weird year. For me in the NFL maybe that's why people are concerned about Cleveland. Because it's a weird year because the giants beat the chiefs. Said maybe maybe that's a good. Way to put that. Just there's concern about. Why I think from a parity standpoint this season there is a ton of Perry he may be the most parity act efforts what do I told you. He here's a trivia question without any laptop parent who is the third of who is the number three seed right now in the ANC. And we're talking about playoffs and into anyone into that question right. So that's that takes care of the east and it takes care of the north were talking new England and Pittsburgh ray so then would be three. It's hit so you got south or west and at this time about a dearth of talent and those tutored it's not someone from the south there's that I just don't think that's right. It's got to be the west leader it's got to be. Docked at that. It is it like seeing Diego or somebody lengthen. And now who isn't. Tennessee. Team from the sound that stuff three. They are eight and four best of three considering Howell. I'm gonna say pathetic Marcus Mary Lauren has been he isn't good at all he's he's cost me like fantasy season. The titans hearing for the jaguars are eight and four in the of the five seed. So Tennessee's got the tiebreaker over Jacksonville right now also in the playoff picture in the AFC. The ravens. Are the six seat at seven and five in Kansas City is the fourth seed at six and six. Sophisticated city of six and six Kansas City is six and six it lost six games in the last three weeks or something like weren't they'd. How that that's an incredible fall and they are still at the top of their division I think the chargers to make a run in Kansas City. But but that is your AFC playoff picture and then in the NFC just for people they need to know. Who was the number one seed in the NFC right now nine I know that one. Although I don't know that when yes are you sure because here's the thing people are going to say Philadelphia but there's a tiebreaker isn't that yes there Minnesota's the number one seed Arctic. So I can once said once every four times I can play in the big leagues to fifteen here. What do you think is the number three seed so a case of Minnesota one filly too and then. You weren't in the three question mark known. Don't that if the rare score. It is the rams have the three seed the singer of the four seed because of course it was a tiebreaker the rams and saints played each other right rams beat the saints. So then in the wild card picture you get to eight in four teams Seattle eight and for the of the five seed Packers of the tiebreaker over them which is good. They need to lose the hole which it lost to Philly and then you got the Panthers for the Packers who play after Cleveland. They are eight and four as well are it's a big about this. Hang choked up thinking about. Your three seeds in either conference bar. Tennessee. And the rams. What do you wanna be going into the playoffs. Succeed. This doesn't that sound pretty good. If you're a six seed in use weekend and you go play the rams in LA or you go play Tennessee if you're in the AFC to play Tennessee in in Tennessee. That sounds winnable. So again not to not to stoke this this you know low flame that's going on but if the Packers make it it's a six. And they have the momentum off five straight wins going in. Day then go and play the rams in LA. I'd feel pretty about the one. Or does anyone wanna play the Packers with Aaron Rodgers right if they if it adds that's the million dollar question none of these seems wanna go up against the Packers with Aaron Rodgers returning if they go in. With five straight wins and Rogers in December Rogers mode. Then dale rated team no one wants to. No even the top seeds in the NFC which by the way in my mind are both beatable much more so than New England impair its angry. Having the NFC is a little weaker at the top and out in the AFC. A little fun with this and we had a little fun on the show horse and plow huddle on Monday we're gonna revisit some of the high points of that show from Monday and next on the bill Michael -- this portion of the program run by Marshall clinic health system on the official health care provider is truly my doctor doctor TV picks my knee up awhile back great experience biking feeling great losing weight continuing to lose weight and keep it off it just take my word for. Go to YouTube type in March field clinic and you can see all the patients. And all the friends. There have gone their had a great experience in their words just don't just take my word for it's there were also they have care my way which gives you flexibility and quick resolutions of the common health conditions without an appointment or travel to see a doctor call 844 fairway seven days a week between seven in ninety. 844 fairways the charges never more than forty bucks. In all you have to do is give McCall check out Marshall clinic dot org for all the information the official health care provider of yours truly. Freeware. Wisconsin. Michael sports talk. The film Michael showed Kevin old and from CBS 58 in Milwaukee. Stepping in. There's there's no such thing is filling the issues of bill Michaels I just stand in his face for awhile and that's that's totally fine bill is. The B busiest man I think I've ever seeking. If it's everywhere so good for him let's get him a day and I we will have some fun and talks in sports in the absence of bill Michaels again Kevin hold CBS fifty in Milwaukee. I joked before we get to outed for we talk about the horse and plow huddle we were talking about. The Packers being listed. There's publication. That lists the Packers playoff odds right now at 700. In fifty to one. A little much isn't it. So I deploy at five boxed out on that then I get paid what 3500 hours yeah. They actually won at you have food that's another question is who's taken that it is whoever created this are they taking bets right right. Because all five dollars now oh yeah absolutely. I've been real quick at at the sheriff funny story I was in Las Vegas just for a literally like two nights my wife was doing something out there and I just flew out whether. This was last November. So the Packers word. For either foreign five or four and six this was right that run the table top. And someone I work with that day at 58 said. Jimmy if ever run over and put ten dollars on the Packers to win the NFC and ten dollars on the Packers to win the Super Bowl and ask you are absolutely out of your mind what are you doing. He said duet and I will pay you back. Fine. I go over in their snickering at Maine righted dead at the little boost. Eight bear let me put that in now laid out there like there yet career from Wisconsin. Ed and go on that run they go bonkers and that so that takes me back sued to this at 715 of one of course I would too. Oh Gore's ever do that we have bin. In this. State watching these Packers do this long enough where their playoff percentage chances have been below 10% to other times that I can remember. Tony thirteen when Rogers was gone for half the year they were down to something like 4% and they made it. And then last year. They were down to something like I don't remember the exact seven or 8% or something like that. So the sites that that I look at for these percentages I think cabin somewhere around 7% rate now six or 7%. So it's it. It's a long shot but it is not 751. You've seen this team operated you know it's not 750 to one so and it just had a bet that's an off the chest moment but it really funny moment to where where my voice got almost got paid a huge way he is he said when they were foreign whatever. Put put ten dollars on these guys so we talk Packers every week. And as we do and we relives some of the great memories of Packers Weems and in games that have taken place. There's a show called the horse and plow huddle which you can neck here on Monday night's over most of the gas stations many of the stations on the bill Michael's network. Mason Crosby. Was was on the horse and plow huddle Monday. Of course Crosby. Played his own role in this win over over Tampa Bay and halo beauty kicker where the guy sitting in the 22 row you understand it and Mason David did too. That this was not pretty. But it was a win that big. It's not easy winning any any week in this league so it's to just you know scrap out a win like we did against the the Buccaneers I was. That's all we needed to do he got to do better at home when you take your business there. It's it's fun because we talked about Lambeau mystique many times two years we we mentioned that is something that goes on. And the Packers. In the absence of Rodgers looked very mortal at home Brett Hundley is just not. Succeeding at home at Lambeau Field which is defying all kinds of logic. But they did what they had to do and again going back to the run game. And forgetting all of did a little bumps and hiccups during this game a third quarter without a first down. The Packers played some of their best football at the most important time which is the last two drives of the game. Maybe we will pass we're talking yards all that put those last two drives to tie the game and then the drive in overtime to win it was. You know those are exceptional and great drives that's a bridal industry. And and here you go kicker is Dicker saying hey I'll help you out when I can but he can appreciate good football as this is going on Mason Crosby is joining the joining me and pour some volatile on Monday night. You have in the kicker position may be more than any other. In the sport of football. A very different field to preparation for a game if it's August and it's 86 degrees or you're in Miami your Jacksonville. Or it's December and there's a fifty mile an hour wind blowing you have to come at things very differently so preparation. A before game is very important for Mason Crosby and bill talk to Mason about his pregame prep. The other all my information breeding and so obviously we took practice all the work we put in you know that's just that's just preparing to go out pregame and then just get all that info for that game itself. I'm very diligent. You know that's my job is to say OK I feel comfortable hit next 100% of the time. And in a position like kicker like Mike Mason Crosby hasn't always seen him go through just a few small pick ups in his career but when that happens. It's a miss or a couple of misses. Any gets inside your head a little bad and on like a cornerback Mason can't go out there and attempt 22 kicks in a quarter. You know he gets a chance at something eighty misses and he has to sit on the sideline and think about it. For an entire quarter so you have to be Teflon a little bit stuff has to bounce off a view. And you have to stay in the right mindset for Mason pregame is out most important time to get himself in the right mindset. Pre game every game is so important for me and that that's where. That's why the most important part of my week is making sure that I'm prepared and I know exactly where you're comfortable. On every kick entry. Mason joins them right this isn't in person thing that he does it absolutely I it's usually when most weeks since bill Michaels and Gary dollars and and then they will bring in a special Packard gassed. And when we had pretty much everyone mission hopelessness and you know Josh Jones Erin Jones drama Alice send Mason Crosby's going Taylor. It's it's been a really cool thing this is this is brand new to the network this is our first year to an end and it's it's that a lot of funny it's a related content. Mason you talked about a number of subjects you talking about playing at Lambeau Field obviously. It's a wonderful advantage for a player who is wearing green and gold you've got that. The other the atmosphere and everything working your favorite conditions are a little different than most stadiums in the NFL little little colder most of the time. But here's something interesting. The construction of the new end zone apparently has changed the conditions habit for prospect. And the wind patterns and every stadium are different got to kind of figure that out since they put the news. Newman's Own arm on the South Bend in Lambeau outside certainly changed. What it was early in my career so you know I feel like I've really I've learned a lot my at night. Constantly gathering information goods or continue to learn their. And that's that's. Which you have to do as a as a kicker things changed that the lead changes defense is and how I mean you know special teams having come at you and the different formations and so on that changes in. You know each plays a factor the body changes over time. The other thing that happens and and we don't think about this very much until you go to Chicago and you get a really terrible snap on a field goal attempt. Is the law separate the person who is is at the beginning of each of these field goal attempts you gotta have somebody good in that spot. Or it's a difficult situation so the Packers had a bump in that realm this year but bread duties back in Mason Crosby's a happy guy. Britain I. Been together for ten years now and I just you know on and off the field though the cute cohesiveness just the trust and although you know to see experiences we've been through that. That builds over time and you know just knowing exactly what you're gonna get every time. He likes his long snapper course he likes you know that the team he's with in this situation that he sent you two outs he likes. Telemundo Wisconsin. You remember couple years ago he hit that the field goal and we had he had the the goal caller held it for Tony seconds or whatever and yeah. It went viral and everybody went bonkers on that grows somebody asked him about it and you've seen it. And he was. He thought it was funny thought it was it's. So tip your cap to Mason Crosby helix he likes telemundo Wisconsin the pre pre season broadcast that we do there so that's from the horse and plow huddle and again that is set. Monday night's over many stations here in the bill Michaels says sports that worked out if you missed it. And you want to I hear the horse and plow huddle. When Mason Crosby. Bill Michael sports dot com is the place to go. And you can check out of Mason Crosby his appearance from money that we got a lot more Packers a lot more local sports to talk about on the bill Michael should. Wisconsin why did you go bill Michael's sports talk. Michael showed Kevin old a CVS 58 in radio Joseph. Haven't some fun as we. Get ourselves to the next Packers Green Bay Packers at Cleveland. We it's been at. I'm really intense time of football in the Packers keep in their season alive badgers playing in the Big Ten championship game losing to Ohio State. That was sad it's nice to see them go to the Orange Bowl. But those future is insanely great Joseph and the biggest reason why is a man named Jonathan Taylor badgers freshman running back who. Two more years of that appeared I I think this won't be the last time Wisconsin is in this playoff discussion Islamist Jonathan Taylor is a badger. Yeah even though Jonathan Taylor couldn't break through against Ohio State. Which is is critical in their candles hoping for something Napoli Taylor. Overall this year it has been incredible from this true freshman this came from pro football focus on Twitter. Jonathan Taylor. Has 1247. Rushing yards after contact awful that is the most among any FBS running back this year. Wow. How about that he's that he's more than a thousand yard rusher after contact. He still has a chance to at Eddie dream Peterson's freshman rushing record as an it is the bowl game count. I mean that there's so there's the question Baghdad as if it does then yeah I mean it's sad it is it's possible he could still do it. It crazy to think about. Because I don't know where it really where the badgers would be without Taylor they have great defense obviously but there have been a lot seven to six games otherwise. That is the stat of the day brought to buy at royal they make it simple for companies just like yours to implement SAT in big data solutions. Revolutionize your data and ignite your future with app for oil on the web that ATP are OYO dot com this is still the greatest thing in the world to just sit here and talk sports. Have you guys calling and we're talking you know Packers and you know you mentioned some bucks you'll wolf find their way in here we got a lot. To discuss it a lot of time to do it stick around the bill Michael show rolls on. About Michael's back on the road again this Thursday night black fan O'Meara over going to be in the Brookfield square from 68 come on out and say hi we have faced the crowd brought you again by Bud Light. You're listening to the bill. Bill might cool sports talk and at work.