HR1 – Be honest…Are you fearful of the Browns?

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Thursday, December 7th

Hour 1. Bill is back! We’ll also talk Bucks with Steve ‘Sparky’ Fifer.


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From the league runs through the riverfront. This season we are Wisconsin sports fans at home too tall mobile Michael you know. I. You know while I don't know Michael should always on the error they get the Michael's radio Joseph across. And I gonna be back. A couple of days off. Wasn't like I was lounging around and a feature anything. Two days it's almost easier to come to work other than the fact you mounting work at home by two. It is it's gonna be back. I'm busting my backer and you aren't there right now on the reason I mention that is is because a series moving on her house and in my house and kids are moving in the whole thing and so. I've been doing that for the last 48 hours between packing up the office in running around getting some stuff done and trailer full of of belongings in such and storage facilities in its stock. Getting ready for the movers. So yeah you ordered is a pack of an entire house so it too that's that was the last 48 hours so anyway that being said. Nothing no ran off the tracks everything good that resulted whose it was yesterday Kevin Kevin maternal and CBS. Kevin's always do. It Tim was on the Tuesday Tim was yesterday's always itself when those guys are on board all Packers which we were talking about this today in the studio before. The one on the air. It beyond its okay. Pat on the say this first of all are you expecting the Packers to win against the browns on Sunday. OK secondly. Second. God forbid. What happens if they lose what is your if you had to go to your level of confidence ten being completely counted the packer to do you know win the medal wide. And one being there's no way I held it in your win. Your level of confidence in the Green Bay Packers going in the Cleveland getting this would read in on it all on us. 855830864. Notes. I I did you see by the way bomb there was a Fey and in Cleveland. That has proposed. That the Brown's goal. Owen sixteen. And they will then the the fans were trying to put together. Parade parade to celebrate. The Owen sixty. I gotta find this because if I'm not mistake mistaken. Here it is eight Cedric. The hot that day headache. Medicine I guess is better than you know investment put. The headache pill on the over the counter pain reliever. That bills itself as the headache medicine. Has taken a lot of the headache out of the parade plans to correct commemorate a possible Owen sixteen season for the Cleveland Browns. It now this is a terrible time because. Many of the Cleveland Browns players going there's no way in our own own sixty. Now they're fired up but Chris McNeil. And they fired their vice president today as well. Chris McNeal started go find the page for what he called the perfect season 2.0 parade. Bomb. 101000 dollars for the event. Last month he filed all the necessary paperwork with the city and aid to hold the event he's going to do it unfortunately. The event was still about eight grand short of its goal. So except grin who was now getting free publicity out of all is basically for a minimal amount money versions are free but from animal moment. You're the counter drug brought by by GlaxoSmithKline. Stepped in it called put all all the rest of the month. So they're paying for that opened for the parade to the Owen sixty parade. McNair so a lifetime fan of the Cleveland Browns and they've given me my share of headaches on Sundays. Sometimes Mondays as well. But I'm not unique in that. Clean the fans are passionate about this team even when the team literally gives us zero in return. That's why I'm excited to have Excedrin sponsoring. The perfect season parade to help us browns fans deal with the pain so we can focus on having a little bit of fun on January 6. The frequency of low sixty in the NFL has been extremely low but this the first time that he citywide parade has been planned to commemorate the accomplishment. It was a while rare opportunity that Excedrin could pass on according to Scott. You Covert UU Kobe you know yet who venal. Odyssey your brand manager for Excedrin. All sports fans have felt a team game or even single play. That is induced headache at some point Isa has this season has been especially people for Cleveland Browns football fans we want them to know we understand their pain and we're here to help. So it said rim. Man what a brilliant marketing scheme. But now as good as a Green Bay Packers come a calling to Cleveland. Now Cleveland players are fired out so they don't have to go in mid bear this little wanna be a part of it obviously. But they don't want a bear the ugliness of and only sixteen. Quote perfect season parade. They are they are now all vowing to get a win. You know they said look we've always tried bottle law but you we will receive is out organ into everything in our power not to have it happen. So an outer from the Green Bay Packers noble. 85583086. Story that total loans but kept our council for doc point 855830. 8648. Give us shelf so these other news that the browns fired their VP Sasha brown ya know he's mentioning I saw it again mid which is. If it was then that will throw his retirement as last week it's a train wreck. But here's the hot name. John Norris. Via. Yeah I kind of figured that lot general manager goes I thought for sure the giants would be interviewing. Well I think the giants a little bit skittish right now after getting a packer product in den mat could do. Who did not enough and well. Lot of packer fans out there would love that John Dorsey run in this Packers team right now here if Ted Thompson just stepped down I'd be perfectly found generous I've. John Dorsey I I've always said when they lost Dorsey. Dorsey was cut of that that's scouting guys that lead guy. And he would just who we talked on the goalie back when I was doing the outpost can show prime noble. George used to talk to us all the time now that was a confined press box. That we had in Green Bay before they did the renovation. And I just remember sitting there for hours. Talking about scouting reports and different players and who they were counting in. You know kind of what they're looking at them you know they they we talk more about the guys they weren't looking at. You know the guys disguised as you know and that this guy that that data wasn't because he was when he gives insider information we just we did. You know part of the network we did to the did the draft she'll. So when things would come up in new was like we would go no they don't feel that that guy's a good guy we wouldn't say that we wouldn't give away trade secrets we just simply say. I think if I were them I would go in this particular direction because we knew the guys they liked. And he's thrown out there to get opinion you know that typically. But Doris was he was a lot of he was on the lead a lot of those guys at Ted Thompson so successful picking up early on in his tenure in green back. Doors is remember they had John Schneider. They had our Reggie McKenzie who's now the IGM Elden Oakland and it John Dorsey. All three guys in those capacities been pretty successful now Reggie McKenzie on eleven of the team this year. But he took over in absolute train wreck. Train wreck in Oakland. And got them to where they were a contending Lester before Gary Carlin the only injury 8558308648. Reminding you of the cousins out the officials of Sims in the Michael sports stock network speaking of that only one game remaining Green Bay they may be able to butch and the that you are like Lambeau Field. Simply go. Packers dot com slash best seats that's Packers are com slash best seats. And you could win the best seats and house contest sitting on the fifty yard line for the Minnesota Vikings if you're lucky enough to win. That is all brought to our difference because says when they believe in better. What is your level of confidence. Going into the game against the browns now it's you know the browns have fired the vice president. And now that the that the fans are planning a perfect season parade of Owens sixteen sponsored by Excedrin headache medicine. And the players and all fired up saying when I don't know sixteen they have a reason now more than ever to get away. What is your level of confidence 8558308648855. B 308648. Can get back to the phone calls we come back also bottom of the art auction bucks basketball Steve Sparky piper. Darrell royal or the brown reporter for a 9233 and in Cleveland also Dan Kasper ghost morning locker room. On sports talk 105 point one know Clair he's vigilance coming up in about an hour and a half from now or fifteen minutes we got a lot of guests today don't forget we have Peter came on today we also appalled charging coming up in about an hour couple aren't half. As a we have fantasy football we got a great when did. Stick around more of a much cushion next. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. I. Felt like we'll show on the air glad to have you Packers getting ready to take on the Cleveland Browns this coming weekend browns now. A little more incentive to be fired up. As a fan and Excedrin and have gone to the city and now they wanna hold a perfect season parade when the browns goes zero and sixteen. Browns players fired up about this morning to get a win now more than ever and great here come the Aaron Rodgers was. Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers running the scout team. Which is you know why today I'm I'm I'm. Fired up to be honest I'm I'm surprised ME there are I'm glad that Aron rod. Yours is is back and you know the interesting thing about that Joseph is in I was listening yesterday's it was a driver around. Here correctly he is getting a bone scan is that this month or is it next month that he is it because I'm my assumption is before he comes back that we do both scared correct. So. I IE I thought I heard him saying next month but I believe it's we would be this month. If fire if fired if I heard regretting it used to read up on put. I wanted to find out more about that committed to the fact that he is not had one yet yet he feels comfortable enough to throw. My assumption is the bone scan is gonna be the telltale sign if everything in the bone looks good. And the fracture in the screws and everything you've set properly in the in the fracture his he old then yeah you're gonna see him come back. Got to get this win. But yet you would seem come back. 855830864885583086. 48 today and so what are your level of confidence in the Green Bay Packers going in Cleveland this week it was gonna Franken. It says it's probably got a frank way where you from. I would contradict an hour straight. I under. Okay I thought it was but it wasn't sure I wanted to make sure wasn't two top baucus could top one island is in the northern portion of Ohio a device in dusk are. Gotcha. They are quoted already Jewish Ireland that but it's all against powers say more tired I'm. To not go to fire against. On the ground. I've been called a bit because I was under role as I honestly don't got dropped a couple times a whipped through a couple of areas. And a point about last week's Dubai mall all goes well I solid they're what we are somewhat straight. Why. I'm. Jennings during broadcasts should bad for the game that McCartney's global warming six completions by public. We assume that 60% completion percentage. Of the unacceptable the issue of attempted 43 ounces. It's been said is. That they were cheering for 22 so we doubled numbers. Come up with what I just mentioned that you end up where we want to ensure that your 4368. Yard touchdown until next. We saw Jordan ultimate odd compilation for seventeen yards. You have been ugly McCarthy at. The numbers mean we've got a big enough trampoline all I can. We know urged Egypt all the deep ball accurately. All of us is to get 26 completions. All the necessity look at group along the line of scrimmage which would have been battered up in the air and image and god knows what else. Thank you. If you wanna get deep pattern. A lot of these receivers to people have for mr. deep routes. You can't have it running game that gives you the line spacing in each year quarterback and a boost almost. And you know drop the ball downfield. And I'm afforded your dear Abby and run by this and when they're when they're called deep she'll. Get sugar yeah they're they're going empty back field with him. Because. We have to show us what should run as we can. Do FE MA is wrong place I'm off for that. But I would make such second checked and then one insert one. After the running back has gotten it and then decide to get creative. And you get shut them effective and water and he has kept that launched a blog until now. And then a couple place where they're trying to short vast majority this year completely nuts and Turkey and all. The Sudanese trot. You try and beat 300 he's got to get back. The true impact. Won't let me. Play action it would be pretty picture out. But it a particular young quarterback. And watched Roger gets back I think we should continue with their usual formula. I think will be all right there but boy. This treaty shortcut is what you or actor or actress you go try it good that's like a gambler we're losing streak. And hit it. I know I I understand that I appreciate the phone called resistance and there's a lot there that suggests only you know that could. One you you you do what you do dictated on personnel you try to dictate a personnel it's going to be across from you by different personnel packages. Bomb you'd you'd you have. I mean I know they had Erin Jones we had a hell of a run for forty yards in the game basically are they gave Jamal Williams a breather every now and then. Bomb Blake you know did he it's not like he hasn't hit any deep passes and you have to have that threat you have to go deep every now and that. Even if it's overthrown you have to do it every now and then just to keep the defense honest I mean he did hit that 42 yard pass it Monta Adams in Chicago to. To watch it pulls in one hand beautiful paid pitching catch so to speak. So you have to do it every now and then if you do nothing but play action and do nothing but short pass play action. Without going deep without running the football. All you're doing is saying this what we're gonna do in order to keep doing it T stoppers and then when will those one yard out into your routes. Don't work all of a sudden you're you're still sitting there at third down and and on advantageous go you know him but he amount of yardage. They got a mix it up but I agree with you oh. When you start to go empty backfield you're gonna say we're gonna put it all and read only chance in the last year running a motion with read option or something which was brilliant in the overtime. Then. Did cats are just gonna sit back and go we're gonna come after you with everything and make you throw the ball fashioning you want to because we know your reads after two and a half seconds aren't very good. So I I agree with that in a sense are real quick let's go to while JJ drug David this into his downtown David I don't and Ameristar. They're out to. Curious if you remember back in 1990 idol and Reggie White tore his hamstring. And dot doctor McKenzie had scheduled for surgery and everything. All of a sudden got an album I have not the same and the lump all of that because. I I last checked it hadn't even been eight weeks and he's already been throwing the ball fifty yards and all of a proposition look. Her column itself or not. I'd I'd I'd appreciate it follicle no I've we had. Doctor Ekene on he said he usually eight to twelve weeks surgery depending on how many screws the Brazilian that did you know the break itself. Was a complete displacement wasn't just a hairline fracture. Ought to they had they the plate just to add strain to do they had the plea to really set everything. So. I I don't we don't know what the depth was Erin has a really sat down as far as I know and told everybody exactly what the break was exactly how bad it was exactly how many screws 'cause even. When he said it on Conan. Many came back the next day and said well you know. You can exaggerate on TV so nobody really knows exactly what went on there I remember doc MacKenzie didn't do the surgery. Somebody else did he went to California have the surgery. So one undocked MacKenzie. So. I've looked give credit. He's back quicker than many thought to but I hate being back. And playing and taking hits are two different things. And I just hope that he's capable of getting out there and taking hits because if Aaron Rodgers even has a modicum the where he's not going to be able to take a hit. I'm sorry I just don't play him. I don't risk the future. For the now and now it is a longshot at best. Let's go to Roger got a Roger what are the programs garment. Yeah good morning belt status they have it is bella as I mean we have this question. Now is especially with king being out. It and back. It was the Cleveland academic they're they're not out of that. But don't you think. We have to take a real good close at that as it would be tough if they want out. But that they've looked and leave the land and they're not out academically. Wouldn't be wouldn't. Two law and realistically. Look at that seems like the and the fact that they probably all have to lose out. And considered that meeting I understand. We wanna play as August there's a chance but my god if we lose the Cleveland where it came being out. On shouldn't we just go beyond. Considering. There at. That them excelled at all and that real live from involved or realistically. All watt we'd have to do and that's how we. In terms of playing Aaron Rodgers after that. I lower it if they lost to Cleveland I didn't I don't they got me bring in Aaron Rodgers back at all period appreciate the phone call I would be doing that. Because at that point your season. Is is all but over which it's close to it anyway. Soul RR wouldn't do it I know. They're a bit look at them they're there won't take a quick break are coming up permanently I know there's the reason of statistics and there's a reason of there's certain goals and to do Aaron Rodgers would like to get to on the in his career in Hyde I completely understand it. I completely understand that I just don't wanna see. I don't seem come back for that and ultimately ruin. Or at least diminish. The rest of his career because of heat god forbid should take another injury that would anyway. Hamper his ability to play quarterback down the road as Dorsey that happen for his sake can't for the Packers. 855830864. ST Sparky part for coming appeared mineral quick KJ Joyce tells KJ don't know it's up. The aid their belated birthday man surgical idea of what's. In the net I'm not believable science. Scientific and he'll logical. Prospective a lot of it. Nuts and bolts they've got a date it can't look past Cleveland. There's a reason why the Packers narrowly favored by three gap points and. They're gonna make probably try to beat him. He's got a good rushing defense. You're not gonna run the ball like it did against Tampa today so Ali it's gotta have probably over 202 yards. Put them away and I look at my level competent to about six that the Packers when I look at me I'm waiting around thirteen Jan. There. Are manned project he just if you get onboard come and appear a little bit but Macs weren't honesty Sparky piper host of the box post game show box. But got a nice one man knocked off knocked off. The Detroit Pistons and their happy birthday be honest it was you it was really cool calm there was some national stuff that was said about young cynical. And there's some things that I did not realize we'll talk about that coming up next and no Michael she. Wisconsin love. Michael's sports talk. Rather the Michael show. On the air. Winter his hit. Cold his hit day after. Running through the fifties for awhile. Sure the day that I'm out doing stuff and moving and working out so I was a David finally got cold windy and nasty so it's. The old what does it Newton's law. There right Newton knew was a guy that I was part of gravity and things would go wrong or could go wrong would go wrong. I remember correctly. They by the way this portion of the program speaking of things it go right. Tonight the huddle back out on the road or any of black in America while we're gonna be and that's inside the Brookfield square in Brookfield Wisconsin. Yours truly Mike Clemens. Bart way cooler from 1057 from the fans morning show the co host there. All going to be joining me out there tonight in and if you get a chance if you don't even have to come on see us they have fantastic. Food out there. Tim and his staff do a great great job so caught on checks out tonight Albright to bud Bud Light. The Michael settled back out on the road this evening last night Bucs gonna nice win over the Detroit Pistons Yana has has a birthday. And the national publicity I don't know if you're on CBS they do lose more minute vignettes whether it's. Jim we're home or brewers' size in her just whomever happens we doing tumor size and an entire vignette on Jonas and went through his numbers. And said if you don't realize where he's at in these numbers wits with points in steals and blocks and rebounds insists. During the he has going on. With all the averages his numbers right now are better. Then what LeBron James his numbers are the end were at that young an age. He said this people wake up this is a bonafide superstar we bring announced he's party by pros and bucks post game show 1057 FM the fan. Sparky did you know all that did you know the numbers of yon eyes were as good as if not better than what the bronze putting up and better than when LeBron was putting up when he was shown. They act I did know that it's it's not all that are in you know it's. I want this car players but it heroically looking. For object are they all brought shall I app. Apple's they tried but it could get up. Players that I got that is our a tactic situation yet but yet they had a couple injuries equity last night where not a you know it's gotten a lot by Middleton blood all over one point and you got a vital point point you're gonna have a lot oh. So the team now the last him and I talked we're talking about the change we were talking about. Bledsoe thinning in we're talking about some of the injuries right now so now that things are coming back. Kind of where you're getting a few guys factored in addition to start a little bit better basketball. Reaction to how this team has jolly. I think it is the law I mean obviously besides it's something that attitude you. And rigidity or. Forward you know stop in the quarter three. Getting a wide open he. And considered attitude and that he got the ball a little bit of hot air on the Europe fired at all time. Content trapping doubling and so forth and all without all come around at the Eaton comes around and Q what happened I thought. Our park will be back at some point yet they say. They'll ample outlaw but it is out because technically Edward Michael speak out the seven games go 500. They want to edit the bar part of back like he liked it really you know Syria on it in person wins and the second at the speed and right now other. I'll pay you write about 67 game over probably ought to really get. Are you wanna sell you re more when you look at this team and I -- I I it's hard to believe they're young. Because we've seen these names and heard these names for such a long period of time. But when you think of him Thon maker some of the guys that are on this team brought in you that there's there's some young cats in this team and I I keep forgetting. This is that stole Orleans molded clay so to speak you know I in thought maker forgetting twenties or minutes or notes on was getting some playing time early on and he has not been overwhelmingly impressive. That's the guy that I think I was counting on is kind of being an expected this year and his game progressing what have you seen out of him that has caused him to regress. Well I I don't know regret that I don't think seek a big step forward like everybody else hoping. I did at midrange jumper blocked a couple of games all black or. I don't at ought not as well if that's the debate. They still are currently at multiple. Get those whole OI. So. Like that. Are. Still at. Oh our all go out we. Also I didn't. Are bought her portrait finish which are out about it yet. Greer or your an awful I have like but so awful even more ordered. And it is. Wind you're going back to on maker for a minute. You're right he had a pretty good post season he had it coming into the post he's a pretty good post season I think that let us auto believe that he was going to take that big next step the one thing. You talk about there is is adding muscle adding weight. It's sometimes it's tough for guys who don't have that extra 101520. Pounds also may have it. And that just changes the way they move the once they had if they say about foreign makers his footwork is not big he hasn't it looked as quit. I just wondered and trying to add weight to him as just eat it it's taken them awhile to catch up to where they want his body to be. Yeah probably I think it's you know going into what your body is. All that you continue to develop and at and and having Kevin Garnett via her that there that can help him you know Garnett with another guy. I'm McGwire. It may probably what prop without ice cool thing that. You're you're yours ago look at the at a developed his body over the course I mean I looked at Garnett and thought you know he was. Also I whatever else but it did we figured out. They'll be athletic still rebound at a high level blocked shot he knew he had to do also and an ethical I'm wanna get them to that same level. What do you thought John Henson's play since he's had Mora starting opportunities. I was really really good really. In the beginning. Debacle little bit here at the recently. What we're at it out of place on iTunes or apple what it got caught up at bat that. They believe that they are either. I don't think there's anywhere around the epic figure out how to add another big man that look a look at peace here get inside back and beggars like Andre comfortable. Lot of rumors floating around out there is that is there one that you're latching onto saying this would be beneficial. Eddie Jordan rumors is it that they are X Canada. It's our money guy that you're gonna have signed a lot about trading for guys that have a player up not a this year he can pick up the week. I'm Elliot Jeff Gordon an agent which obviously. The guys went to block all toward the net or additional players coaches who value look at OK at the beside battery door and go long term. Extensions they point 530 million dollars a year. What does that mean after the Chris Milton Milton had feel like over the region after net income which means he believed that protecting it and you are what wears. Out of the operate Jordan injured two pieces after the first season. In the new stadium and I Jordan never liked by. Until you got app like we had earlier I've ever wonder Morgan have happened. Arts and now you're not only you my ego is art blocking shot in rebounding. Gathered ordinance I don't know where health EAFE are that you're you're going to be lax and it's going to be hard. I'm Bonnie equality act he. Do you what what do you say go go back to when he returned elegance you get your thoughts on him because last night comes in gets a couple of steals and the team itself only god you know handful of steals last night playing defense put. Give me your thoughts into song more than a few minutes last night. Yeah unrelated to shoot a reporter. He didn't just learn how to shoot that decent human thought a lot of money that we've seen that you know indie wire got a plate on the wing you know locked down the other two got dark. I mean she's not in the three from the other side of the foreign desolate upon you make a lot of minor property not been able to catch up. That's why he's out all over the leak that. Good stub is always spark would appreciate it we'll chat again next week Alcan. Yeah one other thing or a and now the first shot on one. He came off the bench. Quite well actually got on seventeen minute I think last night I had an impact on that basketball game or games. It talked about early rock or shot while we're gonna get more luck with Jerry injury. I kind of chocolate picture odd man. Actually get bought rock and I think market yet you check back to the bench. If it entities like like all sports so always do capital we can get back to back this week when the mavericks in the yet Bradley matter don't get it bought books. Yeah the you that you should have plenty to take Israel for the mavericks game no doubt you get down there and check it out because it's it there's a lot going on downtown too and if you did don't go to the bucks game right away and you just wanna kind of meander around out there and think about it. They know all the Christmas lights are displayed as went to plays going on down to get downtown and check it out is if plus you don't receive the new building have you been over there or did you want judges media walk through. I do in the locker but I I've been down there and check him out it. I know one of the guys that was the original heated ticket holders of adapt it in the beat them not him for numbered years. I just at the protocol bill what about you know they let a bicycle seat excited media members be the first people in the seats they at current players but. I under your regional heated editor's picks on. From the very first day of ought to ordination I talk about the first class. What about now absolutely couldn't agree more real quick one thing away from the court what do you make of this stuff with the Weinstein lawsuits in last three being a part of this soon. And his name popping up. Not not a big fan of and obviously I'm you don't want anybody urination captain negative light obviously at in the media. The one thing that I I you know what I know absolutely nothing about what happened in our reliance CNET and mark library to comment one way or another. I'm I mean you you would hold. And it not be disappointed final that exceeded awards on an. App that will be. You're the one that stand. Up back about where Kabul that we don't know anything. Does. You well if that would come alive I wonder what the NBA would do if anything. I don't know. A great question I don't that we add anything need to promote all their history. Now no doubt good shot male doctors have. They got that says he Sparky five for hosted the box post game show it's 43157. FM the fan. And that was a music came out the Weinstein lawsuit. Vacation followed at Harvey Weinstein obviously you know he's he's been accused. Multitudes of times for sexual harassment all the way to rate. As a Hollywood big week a mogul and huge name in Hollywood and now his name is even bigger install because of the negativity. And I and the alleged you know the act accusations. On anyway I'm here accompanying. And some people that have been involved and its its company. Have been named in this lawsuit because the claim is is that they knew what was going on did nothing to stop. And Landry one of the box owners is named that lawsuit. So my first thought was you know obviously on my dot you know because now these women are coming on pointing fingers and other direction saying that other people knew about this and nobody was doing anything to stop it. And then my second thought was. The negative light of the box to be reflected in my third thought was what what happened just what I ask porky if this turns out to be true and he did now. He was complicit in some way. I wonder what the league would do in that particular case because right now. Bomb sexual harassment in the workplace. By those in power. I mean it is it's raining right now accusations and it's it's like. On who was the guy that was let go from fox Joseph bill all right bill right. When he got he when he went down for all this and we've got out of fox was paying out millions. That opened the door and then Weinstein is the one that just broke the dam and the floodgates have opened. And and now women feel comfortable coming on saying I have enough support out there for this is this that has happened in it man. Just wonder what would happen just won over half a dog got a lot more of a Mike just stick around right after this. You're listening to the bill. Bill might cool sports talk network. Michael shot on me now we are glad to have you thanks for hanging around with you surely appreciate it. This portion of the program brought to our friends in new well medical training guys with ED all of this in Wisconsin beyond the borders. Can look and feel better look better. They got they got a lot of things there to help you out. 98% success rate entry guys with EV. And when it comes to LOT treatments feeling better better mood that are not clear emea and getting some sleep tonight feeling more refreshed during the day and some weight loss along the way. That's Mann act that is done wonders for your surely it really hands. And then there's the all one weight loss program. Micanopy now that Nokia there. And that specialist on the year and I'm telling yet cakes pies Turkey's mashed potatoes carves out a while zoo. You're laying there each and every weekend on you come to work and people are bringing cookies and Christmas cookies and chocolate chip stuff and Peter voters say yeah Ian start that right now. Call my friends over the knew them articles that are 4144554451414. 4554451. Martinez. Snow is in the forecast in Cleveland. And you know clearly it's that heavy duty lake effect snow you see a lot of that on the forecast in on the radar. When they were doing that this morning and last night as I was watching the news. He's talking about planes now. Yeah I mean and I think. I've always thought people there was an afternoon. You kind of just the cold is it tough to play in my thing is practice is the worst thing for me. If you gonna do start outside stand around for ten minutes. And can you do it's extremely Kohl's senate leader. But during the day and there adrenaline rush is going on you if you advances. He is on the sidelines here jackets and all those things are meant to do more. So practices getting it from a reader get cold. Bridge right when you're on the fielding advances and everything Blake says a display zero to twelve. Zero to twelve record the browns right now other competition bring new weapons. Authority all across the board that great players and there are none of both for a reason I'm also with the software and come back these amazing threat wants them from last week. And it's all across more than our great running backs they the very athletic tight ends that can make poison. I think all across the board just like anything else to kind of thing Devoe on twelve lieutenant sleep on there position players out there. What are the concerns about facing a team that has not had a win yet. Approaches this like any other week. I think us as professionals news we know any given Sunday anything to beat anyone and if you don't bring a dent. Dot teams like on quote things are gonna sneak up on in to that first one and then he says you know the defense. They found a little bit of an identity in releasing games after missing you know Mike Daniels and Morgan Burnett in the Von house. Throughout the year no matter what no matter who kind of stepped in those those who trust us. Have them get experience and I think I go on throughout that we got better armies ever we denied cern is the no matter who we have been there expressive with us and come back concern be healthy. From the beginning of the season. Dishonesty just animal than Newt who we wanna be as we move forward and then I mean big news was Aaron Rodgers running discounting how he'll. I mean those doubts in Somalia two months but not so it's often about there slinging the ball is thrown it further than ever. He looks just like the twelve. We is is he and you know you guys surprise you Roger and bent. If there was anyone else I'd be surprised. And we estimate that it. He's gonna do anything it takes to be number one whether it's. Being vs meetings being first to come back from called enter whatever spin how Aaron Rodgers is German returned really ahead of schedule at this point. Nadia is these extended rather than anything he does them and wants them out there is having fun things in that. Competitive spirit back going I'm not a practice this image. They go hearing from Blake Martinez linebacker for your Green Bay Packers when we come back Darrell rader. Writer right right or robot figure out what is Honda Odyssey for improperly using things writer Joseph thinks it's right I think it's right or two there's no. A well reported 93 FM the fan in Cleveland were to talk with him. About the 00 for start about the parade that might not be here might be and we'll talk to him about did the Green Bay Packers. You know coming to town as well. So by the way our body your we're going Joseph says are right now snow flurries for the game looks like a measure of looks like measurable snow won't arrive until later that evening. Thirty for a high in Cleveland is not a bad day. In the town you need to flushed down. Out mortal might show coming up next. Border to border. Film Michael's voice call on the network.