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Tuesday, November 14th

Hour 1. We’ll look back at the Bucks win over Memphis. Plus, Chris Price from the Boston Sports Journal stops by. Also, Is Martellus Bennett the most hated Packers of all-time?


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From the league's front. River runs this season we're Wisconsin sports fans column too tall mobile Mikey show. I. You'll welcome bill idol shows on the sound editor. Now we loaded. I know Michael's regular Joseph across the board. And we got a host of people running around here today. And it's. Boy I tell you why did it just keeps getting better and better from a if you wanna extend the weekend if you will. Our DC Joseph today have like 101000 spoons over here. Our guest rooms everywhere and if you hear that movie ransom because they have to move them for the death and I'm sitting at. But you broke quick the issue here. Is that in the in the lunchroom we actually have metal spoons in this place and we had dishwashers amid kitchen. But you can never find a spoon that's one thing that goes missing between yoga its soups. Food and coffees that people stir. People take this boots so every time I go first who really slipped is like one of those giant scooping spoons. Four when are we have a bank what are something here so why sir bringing in plastic spoons why brought in like sixty. I bought this case of sixty. Somebody has found a stash from my desk I don't know who it is but as soon as I get video equipment to find out how fresh and thoroughly. But in the meantime I need it's booms are brought in handfuls who's in there a cement here now armour wet their. But the Winnie continues. As the bucks win a yet again eight. Yeah game if you've got UW and the knocks off I was state Demi you know you've got do you have some really going on last night. How about that. Yes a winning going on. So. It it is forced the state of sports go but we wanna really pontificate about the overall state of sports is not the state of the union message here. Bite if you're Wisconsin. You probably look at this weekend in found. You really don't have a lot to complain about. I mean last time you had. The box were relevant the brewers were relevant the Packers are still relevant they're always relevant you when the bad the wrote. The badgers are overwhelmingly relevant. You've got winning basketball programs right now. Things that surprise you may be even. You know things are pretty good. There's a pretty good he had stayed high school. Football playoffs over the weekend I saw a lot of pictures from that a lot of god people just happy a lot of schools back to being champions other school knew champions meet its. You got all that kind of stuff sitting on the right all that good stuff out there right. Just did didn't you what are you feeling right. I thought by so we talk so much negativity negativity today I'm sure we will it's gonna come up it's just it's just one of those things that happens. Because it's easier to complain about what Sox then feel good in genuinely good about what's good. But overall the wind continues the Bucs win they won three in a row. Packers got to win badgers got to win UW and gets a win Marquette gets a win Emmys. Everybody's get wins kind of nice. 85583086488558308648. Yen. On top of eight. Since Bledsoe and I'm not saying it's just strictly Bledsoe I think sometimes when you get that. That extra eats if you will Bledsoe would they make the trade Bledsoe comes over. And and he seems to have been. For lack of a better term rejuvenated. Maybe from the release and getting on how much how long it's gonna last open open last a long long time. The one you get out of a bad situation you get into a situation that's fun and young and have been. And you can see when you walked into the Bradley said you can see what's on the horizon. You can see the Todd Moore I think this is going to be a night I was listening. All my god who lose our guy for the NBA dusty desperate Steve dashboard. I was listening to. He was on a radio station heavily was in Chicago I couldn't because I serve a lot I do a lot of the endorser freeing Europe. And up into orbit. But a tune in radio serving. And they were talking that's when the reason come right here was because he was about supporting cast around you honest and it was all a stupid thing and then. At the end of the interview. He says and don't forget Milwaukee will by far have the best. Most unique building and all of the NBA when that opens next year. I don't want yeah. You're right there's going to be our backyard and I know I don't get a whole political side I know some people like. On the again yeah and what he's saying that nationally. On the radio stations and in the if guys are listening might have been NBA radio or soccer or what it's like I'm thinking in the gap. Yeah things are things are kind of treading in the right direction I know the bucks one hit the ground running when they get into that new building. I'm not saying that that is going to coincide with championship turning like debt and simply saying that there's there's a genuinely re you re you optimism there. And then I start thinking to myself okay Bledsoe comes in he should pick up each acquisition. But really it's gonna be like getting to acquisitions. When and if Jabari Parker comes back replays of these health. And then I think OK Jabari comes back. Plays well. They work out something. Offseason. Everybody's happy everything's trending in the right direction you hit the ground running when that building opens. Do I dare to dream too late to right did it go you know what. Remember when they built member when they go to Jake Jacobs Field which is now Progressive Field. Cleveland Indians sucked for years. Years there were horrible. The bill to Jake. The flats become someplace to be shooters is the bar to be down there on the river. So we they're winning in Cleveland. Why not. Why not maybe the magic Britney did something just happens. By two or dare to dream do you feel pretty good about the state was got a sports right now after a good weekend. I still think there's a lot of things to be concerned about. I think of I had to run through my top. Top five list things to be concerned about number one the Green Bay Packers defense number two the continual progression of Brett Conley number three and Alex horny Brooke. And the decision making process that he seems who have had bad or lack of at times. That being number three number four what are they gonna do about that the starting rotation. And how's that gonna shake out for the Milwaukee Brewers there's a lot of talk I heard the brewers. Rumored into the and and then you know if you wanna throw a number five. Number five is you know out to be your fingers crossed that the bucks get in the top five this season. And get themselves first round playoff point. That we don't go through the roller coaster of losing three or four on the road coming back when he three of them losing three or four in the that the dispute kind of levels out they figured out. That whatever is that little whatever means that that little tweak read over there and box landed. To break dare. You know it's kind of like setting a doubt you will be two Lal but to supplement to Lal will be too soft please don't click and it's right there right then you're like. Perfect perfect that are here 11 around me but you hear this too this is the perfect this is the perfect ambiance perfect setting the perfect picture. In my mind of what it is exactly want. That's what I'm waiting for with about Milwaukee Bucks where is that little wears a little clicked. My top five. Top spot. 85583086488558308648. You have to get a radio did you get the brewers gear on. You've seen you're you're you're new in trench and intense over there and stuff you're working they were to Billy white shoes Johnson coming on today Jim pulls in the state journal. Lot of good stuff today bucks guest at some point today. Joe's always happy. He's just nodding his head just. Just happy. Happy kind of day we're going into the holiday CT we were only a week and a half away from Thanksgiving. Holy men. I can't believe we're a week and a half way to Thanksgiving. Which then leads into the shopping season there's Christmas music playing already had it'll Christmas shopping out in a good note. Can you tell it and and a good mood here is a reason marked. Screw that a ten point comeback Kevin and Greenfield. You got to be first when other issue we come back as well because Kevin's might might be feeling and also this portion of the program. Is brought to you by our good friends of the Marshall clinic health system they are the official helter provided a Michael show. 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Marshall clinic health systems the official health care provider of yours truly Kevin Greenfield for so issued. I'll tell you why I'm a little bit dispirited. Go to next and much. Sixty stays strong though still Michael's sports talk that. Are we do pretty well with the last system now. Just couldn't remember not loses trust him losing faith in ourselves disarmament issues have been in this trust each other office. Grabbed. Those other words of Chris Middleton. For the Milwaukee Bucks bucks get a nice win last night three in a row since acquiring Bledsoe and it continues to roll on. Do you go. Even going. No doubt about it keep it going. You love to see what the the energy is right now on that that team and com I'm just enjoying watching it I gotta be honest when. They're sometimes it frustrates the hell out of me and right now I just keep saying you know what. I'm I'm good with a scientist I'm watching a good flow right now. The highlight courtesy of fox sports has all of I'll get to Kevin because we're talking about kind of the state to at least it's in the weekend regarding sports in the state was Johnson host tell him on kind of a good move. Good mood I don't know what it is I don't know 'cause I'm not a fan of cold I'm not a fan of snowing us around. Around the holidays I'm just not one of those guys I'm done gimme gimme 85 and sunny and motorcycle weather and I get on go to baseball games enjoy football outside all I kind of good stuff and and so I am I'm you know I'm that guy but. Yesterday. We had the horse and a lot of last night and Dovonte counselor guess now he couldn't stay the entire time but we had such agree you're gonna hear from that community government coming up shortly. With such a good time within last addition genuinely good guy. But yesterday is one of those days which is at least crap okay to have one of those days we just you kind of a mood. And you know you it's not fighting which account I just did things are out of sorts in Schering higher gang you know yeah happen and then it just. So I I did did did the step did they took Alexa for the first timer on his talent it's been such a you don't want. Olympic different school. A picture from school we're gonna go see about that happens she has. Really not much clue when it comes a football players. She had asked her you know she's a seventh graders here and ask her old boyfriends and friends routers to like Terrence cooler like I caught a pass. There's a let's go to meet about down here it off with. So we had a great talk with a great time got in this empty conversely I forgot it's like to be a dad might my girls were. Late twenties and early thirties I forgot elect and the stuff you know and I'm knowledgeable wisely he comes back with. We got up there we had a good time at the dinner we a lot of fun. And now she's like the queen of all because she was paying out to watch out on last night in and her mom posting her picture with the markdowns on FaceBook and so. And then we get it really conversation coming back I'm actually thinking about doing these like videos were used put those. Put no not FaceBook live east with a video camera in the car. And you just talk and white stuff in just one is really good he just hit play or hit record it's just fantastic. But we want Christmas shopping list. Which was so cool aren't I thought off shore around the American club and if you never been the American club it's just it's it's an incredibly. Stunning. Historic well kept maintained. Building in area Kohler is like always said it's a pleasant O is just there's a whole different breed of person there. It just so wonderful. And that we walk through the American club in the old storage rooms with a leather couches in the fireplace in the books on the shelves and you can almost seed. Gentlemen from the low of 1950s. In there and called top hats and smoking cigars and such image just it was so cool but don't went downstairs. And it gets shot to open. And I know it's it's not cheap by a so let's go and look around there all their Christmas stuff and so she picked out an ornament for us it's our first. Finland more fuel so she picked out that we were gonna pick out a cynical. She said now because we're getting how's your mom or get there meg getting married. We have to pick our first ornament and now we got tradition she must be the first to put on the tree and all that stuff anyway. I is woke up today on an agreement it was just like man Christmas nearly hit me right now ages I'm ready as his. Brief with the Christmas parade coming up this weekend I think in Milwaukee. Is a Christmas parade. That gets underway I think Saturday morning. It was just the armed and to bring in all I'm ready I'm ready for the holidays I'm feeling good so that's my kind of dated. That's where a man and his head wise and good Sherri early ran out the house and she's moving in the mine for awhile now we got to figure out where Paula crap but nevertheless. You know bundle pack the dog by accident stamina been somewhere we're gonna yarn. Don't go. Catalyst inducing Greenfield avenue feeling good today about any sports situation in the state of Wisconsin what's going. A you know bill. You know it happened on me last night during the Bucs game we got to move Panasonic tape recorders. I got to know Panasonic tape recorders. Tape recorders. Really I did they actually take tape Kevin. Yeah but hey holy crap yeah. UK you can actually record. Alt or hours Scholl. On quarters speed. And a 120. Judge all videotape. Don't know audio. All OK okay I'd is that okay. And my Brothers are so good debris but that's awesome. And elements in outlook as well think about it. Anyway I was telling me your producer. Remember from. Eddie knew that I do are not ready use that. He had date that the I pay out. In my hot little collection. Veep spot. Highlight double bill. That is fantastic I have heard that years ago Obama. When I worked at TM Jie A Eddie came in and we did a whole highlight reel of stuff with Eddie and that was the broadcasters in the states and there was some you could stuff they did at one time and everything in it was. It was very nostalgic for people that remember these these days so to speak he was rarely go. He was you know I was in here. Talent. The state school it change Bill. Clinton line. And I visually handicapped. And I couldn't get W at that time it was WUP. So it did. When Iowa Beijing Liu could not get to 1250 frequency. Because of these in the so I'm listening. And it was what 71 they won the championship will soon one yeah and you know who set. Though wallet. And. There you go those nor those days Kevin absolutely when we strive for that Kevin Bridget from what we strive for that again. We strive for that again we hope that that well we would love to see in new championship come and that that building on the the exodus of the Bradley senator we would love to see chairmanship coming in the first year of the new building as well but I do remember that you set tape. God bless Kevin Greenfield. Last night bill. Scored battle for the Milwaukee Bucks and and you know why. At times. Defensively. It was a disaster. And then there were other times were it was great in the back to you were able hold the grizzlies to a 38 points in the second and I was pretty good but you'll scaled 65 degrees in the first. But I think what I also appreciate out of the box last night was. There will to win and the will to battle back in the fourth quarter year Chris Middleton talking about that neck cut coming back. That it looked like Tyreke Evans Ghana just run away with this game and he's been he's been off to a great start this year he'd be six main the year I think he's finally found his role. On it in Memphis and and that's really good to see for him and he was just it was tough to date. The boxer down five and all the sudden it's this offensive barrage and everyone was chipping in including. A guy that a lot of bucks and have been waiting for for I don't know how many years now as John Hansen and John Henson. Had some great moments in the paint last night scoring he had that big watch you heard that highlight coming back you as well. And give you that. It and I'm not saying he's totally worth the money but he can give you that consistently. That's what you want and what what I've seen out in the last few games. Has been just a different. Energy he doesn't have to be. The big time scorer you have to be this distributor of the best or he just has to be a presence. That defensively can give you a little reverend protection give you some call it cleaning the glass. And to be a facilitator at times that maybe he doesn't have to be a big points guy and he can give you energy he reminds me of Scotty Williams a sky anyway it was a better score but he reminds me Scotty Williams when he saw like. While the one thing is for John Henson. I think she was expected when he was drafted. To put out a little bit more weight to add some more muscle torme and I've just never really seen. Much of an improvement in that regard he's still a little Weinke and he still. It's hard for him the match up against some ovals better big men. But clearly right now he is playing much further and found maker and he should be in the starting lineup and and really for what it's worth I think John Henson this the most energy we've seen on it and send. In this stretch in a long time and I just hope that this can go over the course of the season as the promise of tense and it's like some ninety shows up the southern nights that he didn't. And I say this about bond maker carmaker literally do game last night off the bench defensively and offensively as well and the woman found maker didn't do. Yemeni files in we see Don maker all the time. Going out there making mistake after mistake after mistake part of the fact is he's just super rock people need to understand that when put that on top of it. He last night he put some good day. He tracked some guys. You got a phone worked last night to donor base absolutely miles across and his feet he was shuffling he was quick to Stephanie was intuitive. I thought last night play much much better and how thoroughly the chemistry between him and Malcolm brought in off the bench was also then on was really neat as well that those guys that it is also the other how to each other up this this is also given broad in a new perspective and a new tenacity. Yeah and that I think for what it's worth right now Malcolm Rodman has done a pretty good job off the bench on you know I just. I mean the the debate's gonna go back and forth about who should be the starter but I think right now. There's really no debate I think Eric Bledsoe right now. For for the first three games has has done for Ford guy that hasn't played three weeks in three weeks. To go out there to have this kind of chemistry between him in your honest hopefully he can find that with everyone else on the floor but. But the chemistry that he has with Yana Stallone has been very impressive. And to see his death led a schism to see himself as explosive as he is getting to the ram. Really haven't seen and out of the box point guard and I don't know how long I mean that kind of speed that kind of bet what a schism that explosiveness. From a point guard. Haven't seen them in one and and that is very refreshing and when you have a guy that brings that kind of energy that's going to help the rest this offense and that's what they gotta do. Ball movement is going to be key for this team if they can continue to play at a high peace Thai temple with a link that they have. There are going to force and we talked about this let's and the post game shows a stolen for Sparky bill. You do you think that this box team. At the top five offense and on especially when Jabari Parker comes back because what are we expect our park all the reports right now in practice say that you are Parker looks great. Looks like the old Jabari consider he's coming out of the second knee surgery so would you Bard coming back. In addition to a twenty point guy and Eric Bledsoe a twenty point guy middle tenth of a thirty point guy and honest. You can't just Bucs offense achieved top five. I don't know if they can achieve top ten defense I don't think that's possible maybe top fifteen if they can show a little bit more consistency not diesels streaky but. I think there is a high ceiling I think that's to be one of the bucks the district that they wanna get to 4550. Wins on the season. The offense what it's gonna be they're gonna have to out shoot teams. 8558308648855830864. In loans which have Doug come told rhetorical immortal Michael shook on a next. Everywhere in Wisconsin. Bill Michael sports talk network. Every Tuesday. Looks Tuesday. The players the Miller. About this exciting. Conversation ever. OK Michael show. No Michael shell is on the air. The effectiveness of football chatter coming up here in just a moment you a reminder speaking of football chatter week. Meeting though Michael show. 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Plus he is give the gift and it's so I check it out or Ned just don't give the gift keep for yourself that maybe just is is white is white gets like yours truly. Again go to social style dance dot count. Even now our body Christopher price from the Boston sports journal joining us. On the Schneider orange highlight video I give us a little insight into what does the hell's going on Martellus Bennett has to give his banged up as he says he isn't playing football Chris are ideal body. Good good so how we're humans for. I am doing well I. This whole thing has been nothing more then eight just weird conundrum knowing the Packers the way we do know in the medals medical staff the way we do the number of players is said do that it whether it's current or former players it's at knowledge this is completely erroneous this is so out of character for the Packers. What do you make of this whole Martellus Bennett thing in the way he kind of got himself out of Green Bay and back in New England. And I think that if he had to do it all over again. Probably wouldn't have handled the way he did. We had a chance to talk to for the first time after that the bronco street. If you keep played at English separate snaps in that one wasn't wearing natural artists you know so you can kind of they're draw your own conclusions from that I do think. Bat in the context of the conversation it's important to note that there is take comfort level when it comes to Martellus Bennett of the putrid. Become what he went through last year we'd be injuries that he had yet cracked poems ankle. You would banged up yet need issue yet you know. If your shoulder issue into yet confident in the way you handled. You're doing what as opposed to media world together to create rollover gonna go you would have. You know fired the shot but he did you into Graham that that the Packers in the you know the medical staff but I think at the same time when you when you consider his background here in the wiggled. When you consider the fact that you know he's not if you want a handful of guys who kind of cold we just bought for a left and then come back it would look. Because he killed or COPEL worked with a record with a secret for whatever reason I think that it credit becomes a little bit clearer one of the things I think it's important member. He says it is we keep all this after the game the other night that he was gonna retire he told his agent looked. Don't have team but any claims and for me I'm stunned I couldn't get the shoulder surgery. Column but the patriots still cleaned him regardless. He did you know what it was that. A done deal with the patriots claimed I wasn't you argue look like dropped at Bingham you'll go right back at you to think about so you know all of these things kind of figuring that this situation. I do we think there's still. Somebody answered questions here is that in bed and hopefully at Tokyo's. Yeah I was gonna say you know to to kind of make it claims that he dead. Ended you know obviously everybody wants no wonder this whole thing really truly pop up could he kept saying that. Well the Packers have the end of the view and there are references as far as of you know X rays and such. And kind of like okay they had everything then basically what you're saying is why can prove it but I don't have the information pro so I guess micro my question then becomes. In the times that you had a chance were Martellus Bennett which wasn't like an extended period of time but it. Do you know. Do you I had a hard put without saying he's a liar but do you believe his credibility. You know I do I think that there's some question collect as simple corduroy I think it did it it's still need to be answered acting chief among them. In the system being a part about with a colleague unity. Would you have reacted the week he did it. If Aaron Rodgers and go on now I think that he went to Green Bay with the idea. Don't let them all in a one beat this team better I recognize the fact that the Packers are true soup bowl contender. I wanted to go into that and then you would Rodgers goes Denny has you'd only be this is really working out or be your shoulders orbiting dot. You're leading edges political and I are for the year so I I I think it. You know one of the questions I awareness that look at Tom Brady goes down here are are you you don't could be quite the same thing so. Of yet but they're they're like it did before ultimately there's some question but in my experience with a having covered him last. In having gotten the normal little bit or of course the 2016 season in billowing. The injuries that he played through built going to help issues that he had. I think that it's important reverend it is not his first road you'll become the public that he build his body pretty well you know how to react to certificate. What I am not excusing you'd programs are. That was of of of foolish move I think on his part. But ultimately I do tend to agree with them when it comes to his injury history it help if you being a plea to a situation like. The the other side of the corn and by the way we're talking with a pitcher price from via Boston sports journal joining us here in the Schneider warns Colin. I wanted to ask more just about this team that we we continually talk about the patriots and realm of which. War weren't there to compare seeing now comparing now. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady to Vince Lombardi and Bart Starr our rates that kind of legacy it's that kind of tradition it's that kind of dynasty. Sold that being said. What what when you're there and you see what makes that organization. So damn different. That all four of the most important people in the organization on the street today. They're they're a GM in in this case you know bill makes most of the personal woes but because Syria with basically the defective you know. Belichick. Tom Brady and Robert Kraft all on the same page all of the current in in there's never a sense of you go some internal water off the reservation. You know missing something that they should or doing something that they shouldn't. We all know exactly what it seeks to do. To be able to keep the whole thing moving forward that's kind of upbeat picture version of it but look you're in independent it was a really good. Way to kind of get ripped seeking out your organization works is that everybody. Don't support they need to do everybody knows exactly what you need to know what you need to do what what you need to execute. It in that it is a really good example that they're not good it can be more than he's comfortable doing it kind of harking back to what I was talking about before. Put guys in situations. Where they can maximize their talent to devise their strength it is just from pure until perspective. It'll work look I think he offered the letters are really good. Example here when we talk about it you know you'd you'd you have a guy that was senator David Andrews you you have. A couple of Kurtz lightly regarded guards usually first round pick out that he was a bit of perked up at. Are that up with the wind is left tackle league sold but a very able to. Call them up until they get them to play together to a point where they can keep Tom Brady helped you up right keep the you'll keep all in move forward so it is the shortage and the question. Everybody knows exactly what being need to do to keep the whole thing will put forward both on and off the field in the never seen. To lose focus particular right off the prize for. We talked here all the time is Syria doubt the acquisition of free agents and Ted Thompson and people want him to go out and get more and and being built around Aaron Rodgers and give him that opportunity. And yet I go through the roster of the New England Patriots U three guys that are making double double digit millions of dollars that's it it's not like it's a roster that's loaded. With a bunch a highly paid guys I mean I granderson dirt deferred money there. But what has made that so tolerable. I mean obviously when you win. Everything's great no big deal but what is made that's a tolerable where they confine these guys that don't cost them ten million or fifteen million dollars you don't overpay him. What is made it so good is it just. That you again maybe I'm just komen Indy redundant here was it just the fact that they just spot talent and there's a system that if you fit that system you're just going to have success. Some of that it's true. A lot of that is true also a lot of the economy quite frankly Indian. You'll bring a big piece of Malcolm on the east of the restricted free agent in he was making noise about wanting a new contract appear. In your there was talk you'll see that they were going to treat him. Before that number team. You would you could still walk ultimately put you you still on average for the you do that quarterback BP nor do we want the best cornerbacks but we knew they happen in full of young guys. On this roster. We're still on their first contracts and between time. Bill is also very cognizant of we've to get rid of ago it is way. Of knowing. You know a year for a league as opposed to you're too late in anything that figures into that well but they're like it's a book orderly break up. They're excellent I'd be evil to identify. Its borders system and what beat you to be able to do. Guys like Chris Hogan who was just a you know an after thought audible local cluster comes here. It is built where you took apart a what you wanna do offensively pavlik of original square that off of the line they're able to find guys you know backup linebackers they're fine you know you have to accept. You bought the window for further I'm not Butler but us the arguable went up for a couple weeks period of wood with a compatible senior partner and special team. You know Jonathan Jones overdraft decrease in variable the flooding you it's important to me did not put too much on their plate but again. The rebook we're gonna play these guys what you do well. Be maximized at the start. All would get a job my friend Howard things are there any Scotia or snoring gallery did. I don't know but I heard before right it's glad he's here which records you also do so you know that the Petrie to bear. In honor of the academic if the patriots make it if we knew we had to make a bit. We finally got to connect it through all of the first spotlight Sunday. Absolutely you know wide I'll tell you right now give up their weekend at a time we're doing Manny steak house on that Saturday night the week before and you will be my guest. Our our our buddy ducked his scenario Christopher price W our agency W it's the Boston Martin journal it's Abbas words journal now. Knowledge WER which who has been with the boss is where she's moving up in the he's just in bigger and better I think in part due ended in prices is the show but. Nevertheless Huskers were priced. Over there covering the and in the patriots are giving us the perspective on Martellus Bennett to thank him for joining us who Schneider orange hot like Schneider Harry drivers right now you work arbitrage there. Eighty plus years of getting it done call 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs dot com shuttered job stark reminder tomorrow knocked from today's what Tuesday GO. A lot to Tuesday Thursday night gonna be a Liddy Montana's. In a met while we hope to see doctors face in the crowd it is the bill Michael settle back on the road are green gold analyst Paul and it is gonna be there bud girls are gonna be there hopefully you're going to be there as well. Again Thursday night 68 living Montana's in met while we hope to see there and it is hall brought you by Bud Light there the official beer sponsor. Of the Michael sports talk now I can't I give Bud Light to make an eggnog. Rule. A holiday eggnog brew. New do that. Convict him throw them on the docket. You've been out there by the way here from nick Perry coming up and are also is Martellus Bennett really the most hated packer right now seriously I mean she liked taken place above like Tony and enrich the more right after this. Wisconsin law. Michael's sports talk. It's. Lot of Mac as well Michael shows on the air were glad to have you. Always looking forward to data get outs. Off today I got a couple things couple errands around it and get PW snowblower today. I hate to thinking about it but. Kind of in the mood now and we know it's common so when I got about in my closet driveway but. Since it's gonna be more than just leave that role around the house now. Meaning new snowblower some picking up new snowblower and that's my big day today. So today while I'm why I'm bringing this up is amount and about amount running around there. So I am going to I've made a point in my mind I'm heading over cousins subs are picking up that pepperoni Mel little bit of a cool day today. Bigger the pepperoni amount extra Mayo extra cheese face first on that order the bill Michaels was at a radio Josie if they noticed randomly stop by. And as you they know what it is and if not they'll learn to live a lot of old pillow little Ric Flair Shiva. And this one by check that out that look I like the brisket and the risk it's good like Italian like the Turkey like club like a ball. But to the pepperoni not my favorite they have the brisket but for a limited time. The barbecue brisket. Deadening and brisket barbecue sauce fried pickles. Or freshman. Wisconsin cheddar cheese. Layer on the bond. Put it all down cooking up warm cheesy pulling apart cheesy. Cheesy. It's. Go to cousins ups. Where they believe in better you deserve better and the way to find out more about it download the app on your apple and android phone that his cousin subs. You be good to go the officials sub sandwich and go Michael sports art network here's a question for you is so Martellus Bennett has he been placed. Some of the other hated Packers in history. Casino vaulted and so we were prisoners of the moment we understand that we acknowledge that in a lot of ways. But has he become that guy that. That that heralded guy that was going to help. Green Day and not only did he not help Green Bay but Denny kind of crap on them on the way out. And orchestrated himself out of town has he become the most hated packer. Tony Nan rich was hated packer even though. He really didn't think he did amount to anything with a lot of hype but he was all he was all inflated we all know that. But who else would be a hated packer. Yeah I mean. Let's just throw out there. Most distraught there. As Ford via hated packer. Then again there's been like you know ended deep hazard nick says. I never early consider him a Green Bay packer he never made an impact he was just a major disappointment. Okay I'm. Still has that yet more minority of both sides that there is contrary Steve says for me it's Tony man rich. Could move should move ahead of Barry Sanders DR and Derrick Thomas I realized he didn't make the pick but. I came in socked. A follow Dahmer's a couple of people several of those stupid question it's pretty obvious and then made the answer the question. That's that's stupid you wouldn't really take time to answer. The populace and Darren Sharper and dare that he had Daryn definitely I can't always say they're observer below zero sharper Charles Marten purposefully usually injured other players. It is my dad used to hate what not and now my dad. Has grown up in Illinois his entire life even bear family's always had respect for the Packers from Wayne who says Greg Jennings sister. She's literally a packer of them. I'm pretty sure my dad was at the game work Charles Martin's head that ridiculous slam of Jim McMahon yeah on the terror and bio dad. To that very day has lost all respect for the Packers he hates the pressure he was that they can do dads who wallowing a lot of misery ever since that hasn't but he used to. Take visits up to Green Bay I think he would autograph some like knit ski and some of the other grades like there now what he did with it. They could brag stick around more of a lot of showed it. You're listening to though bill might school's sports talk that. That word.