HR1 – Brewers need to retaliate?

Bill Michaels Sports
Monday, February 12th

Hour 1. Yu Darvish finally signed.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t Milwaukee.  With that being said, Bill and Baby Tausch debate whether or not the Brewers need to acquire another pitcher.


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From the league runs to. River runs this season we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall but Gil Michael show. Michael's. Good day jail was Johnson wild dog. Michael shows on the air. Hopefully your have a good dec. The orders are lap. Wondering what's going on what they should do next here and I'm sure that David Stern has a plan in place as to what he'd he wants to do oh. But to the Yu Darvish. Sweepstakes. Has come to and then he is off to Chicago Cubs. And at first glance. This is. You know it's it's painful because you what do you think you use of OK Il arsenal army wanted to battle the cubs there's two things that about this that I don't have a problem went. One is I don't wanna see the brewers on the hook for six years. This guy I'd I'd personally if you look at his numbers and policies and Yemen that great. And I know he's coming off a Tommy John a lot of guys says that profit Tommy John actually end up. Having a little more velocity and pitch a little bit better Tommy John surgery isn't what used to be isn't the death knell of your career as a matter of fact there's been guys. The head to Tommy John surgeries. And I'm not into their careers and ended up. Pitching rather well. So it's not what it used to be. When it comes to Tommy John surgery. On bush also Darvish. Gets the two year opt out. So in other words if he pitches really well the cubs wanna keeping they got to pay him again. They desperately wanted him. And the other aspect of this is I don't know that the brewers were ready. I I just our armed you know right is much as I wanna say man it's been exciting it's been a group good off season. And people are deep Deval. The outfield the deals they made yell at you McCain and company just seen and everybody there and that's a bite. I'm not sure the brewers are ready to fly this year that this was the year they were going after the cubs now we have done comparisons. In two. You know kind of the talent the brewers ever in the town the cubs have been what becomes equal or what do what is a wash one way or the other. And I understand that. Put the grand scheme of things. Did you really believe the brewers were kind of ready to fly. After what they did last year they present a lot of optimism but I've been saying all along if you can't fortify your pitching this year. If you couldn't get it done this year then why not wait and offseason. Continue to bolster continue to get prospects and have your guys come up to the bigs continue to look good figure out what other hold you may have. And then next off season. Win free agency becomes even more abundant. Next offseason then dive into it hard court isn't really here at the end here rebuild. There's your only a couple of years into this thing right. You're 21 half years then of as to what many expected to be a three to five year minimal rebuilt. So. It's sucks if your brewers fan could you think and you know we lost out and that's another lesson be learned here. Here's the here's a lesson in all of this for the Yu Darvish thing. Is if you're a brewers fan. If you're the Milwaukee Brewers you got to realize you've got to wait overpay to get somebody come to Milwaukee. Yu Darvish just didn't wanna come here. Not let's say the brewers did you know lol bawdy or something like that. Bite. You wanna come here. Otherwise he'd be here. So. I. It's Sox in it is this kind of painful I get it. But it's it's not it's not in my opinion in the world I think you still have to figure out. What's your rotation is and you start to figure out who's gonna be in the starting rotation who's gonna be in the in the bullpen who may not be a part of it at all. So old I I guess if there's a silver lining to that is maybe that's what it is that's what you take away from us. But. I don't know from the brewers a fight. I'd you know because I'm listening to attitude to have Bruce Levine Donna Chicago today that I think was on the score. They say well on the brewers got a jump on Jay carry out I mean he's next guy out there you gotta go after him you gotta going if you're gonna say competitive and this. And and I'm I'm on the whole come on come like well he really needed jumping on the Jake Syriana sweepstakes. Is Jake period of the best option hers or somebody else next year that's going to be a better option. Because our. Okay no Yu Darvish is most likely once pitchers and catchers report he's going to be he's gonna be introduced an a but you've got a rotation of Jon Lester. Yu Darvish Jose cantata Kyle Hendrix Tyler chat would. Left right left right right rotation if I'm not mistaken. And consider to be one of the better baseball. The deeper in baseball. Do you art are you competing without. Is it is the only do you feel you're ready to fly. That Yu Darvish would have been great equalizer that you would have gained one and they would of lost one in that sense. Good right now the brewers are sitting there was JC Anderson zagged Davies shot seemed diario Indira. Does that stack up no way. That's why I'm saying look I I get it sucks. Because you would have loved to have seen a big time free agent gets snagged up on the market and come to Milwaukee legitimizes everything that's going on. But I eight. I'm I'm I gotta tell you are not fretting over that is now Darvish may turn around and have. A fantastic. Year and people may say I told you should have been in on that he may be right. Blatant whenever you put up that kind of money. Whenever you put on that kind of money. And for that length of time. I I just. For for a small market team that casting hit on what it is they do. I meant that that contract bothered me. 126 million with the ability to make 150 million over the life of the contract. And he gets that you the option into Utah who knows you may not be ready to fly but Darvish is here for a couple of years and just as your rebuild completes so you're battling again try to get his service and he does is really really well those first two years steps out and makes a sell another 150 million dollar rock and I don't have a kept. So our air. Like I said I I think he's a good pitcher I don't think he's a great pitcher. But unfortunately that's. Got to where the market is going. Jake says he's had agreed. Patriotism and throw 200 innings you don't. The thing about 200 and if you love to see pitchers get there. But he threw 186 and two thirds last year in 31 start you want between thirty NC 32 starts 33 starts. Are your starter when he's healthy. Bobbled the 100 or 200 innings. It's not it's not a big thing anymore. There's not many pitchers that are doing that they'd like I said starting pitching now is give me five and a third five and two thirds. Guinness and on the sixth and then we turn it over our bullpen. We turn it over. A middle reliever who pitches an inning a set a man who pitches the eighth and closer pitches and I think that's what baseball list. I mean this guy just signed a 150. Million dollar contract of the incentives turn out the grand he won't reach that because in less he has two cy young's. In the wake of that contract. But he he had a 36 ERA Whipple once sixteen good numbers. Good numbers. I don't think they're great but they're they're the better than average at this point. But. These are better than average pitcher. 85583086. Or were you disappointed. That the brewers did not give Yu Darvish. Were you disappointed. That the borrowers haven't landed a big time big time free agent. When it comes to pitching. Or do you think kind of the best deal that's been made is the best deal that wasn't meant. You know what I mean 85583086488558308648. On the loans by Kim dotcom told free to our client last year. Not a terrible year for him now when he came to the post season and the uranium 180 teams batted 118 against and gave up one long ball couple hits and earned run. In that division series in the league championship series went six and a third. Bomb. Six or third at 142 ERA. The World Series. Dutch shell. Dutch shell games biggest stage you got shell at two losses. When an ERA of 21 point six. Going in two games. Went three and a third nine hits nine runs eight earned two long balls couple walks. Zero strikeouts. In two World Series appearances. So. Again when it counted most he wasn't there. 8558308648855830864. You loans by tipped our count tool free talk like cubs landed. Yu Darvish sweepstakes. Where are you as the brewers fan right now what do you think the brewers need you are the broad do borrowers need to respond to this senior ice or do you think to borrowers are still a year away. You've got a good out feud you've got some bats figure things out let the chips fall where they may any in the rotation. And next year any offseason going in you start looking for additional free agency trees we make any mania RC's. 85583086. Race course in programming brought by cousins subs were they believed in better and don't forget the Rubin back at their cousins of right now. Rubin is back. In its were limited time so do like the roots going get yourself point download the app on your apple your android phone and you're good ago. That is doesn't subs were they believe in better morneau Michael show what your opinion on this of your brewers fans to the brewers need to respond or you birds think the brewers are still OK in the rebuild they got another year left. Be patient and you have trust in David Stern's mortal like a show next. Border to border. Film Michael's voice talking at work. What imagine the program. So like we'll show. We continue. And we continue talk him brewers baseball is Yu Darvish is and Al Chicago common should the Milwaukee Brewers respond in kind. Your thoughts 855830864885583086. Foray on the loans by Kim dotcom told free talk line. And I just want your opinion on this because. I am of the judgment day it looked in the course okay you washed out. There's com there's land there's a couple of guys you possibly go after you don't have to be crazy. Don't go out and break the bank you don't have to respond to OK you have to remember where your rat. You're starting to get rid of some of the prospects are starting to bolster some things. But you knew that you did this this was either going to be competitive year or you're gonna get a little extra hitting be able to out hit a few teams are score a few teams. Make some things happen and and possibly get yourself into the into the into the post season. What I eat and you're talking about it well established cubs franchise that had a down year last year in essence. Because they didn't win everything the way they did a year prior they had a little bit about a World Series hang over. And they get the job done and just just in my opinion you stick with the plan you do which were 855 B 308648. Let's go to Timmy and barrel Alaska Jimmy Walker of the program the Michael show. Well actually enabled me to my back and hit it you know what. This is a wonderful. You know and you know Auburn won the million dollars if I think that Cooper. The of course there were dealt that you want. Their own thing to watch. They're not what the one you're watching. I mean. The end of the gotten there a simple thing that the group that has enough money what do you think anymore but you don't need a few years on the work of. No I I don't look I I said all along I argue Darvish should he be getting that's great if the market was and remains somewhat soft Boyd. For the amount of money that they're spending the the the length of time that they're spending it. The and annual every salaries not terrible. Well I think the longevity is what scares away a a club like Milwaukee because you can afford look at these guys a couple of good years. Two or three years that's great but you can't afford. The next three years after that to be bad and be eating up 2627. Million bucks. You just you can't do that and then the good the part about this did that. People don't understand is if he pitches really well and you're really excited about the guy he can then opt out. He's battling self decent look I'll go ahead and give nearly a guy that's great. What do you don't wanna championship forgot you only get to the post season most likely he's gone anyway. Well you know we that would let me take a look at it. You know so the building night is not something that could shop Lou late at Avnet what they have about fuel a couple of years ago local. Great excitement of who we all helpful to a well. They're going to be wrong. And they know he'd been epic four hour and so and then. I wanna that your opinion on something and and it might be with you would be flawed reasoning but it. I appreciate it man thanks for the phone call 8558308648. Or loans by chip dot com told free jog my house call from Alaska and now we go to ICO. Let's go to Nate Nate welcome program the Michael show. Marty what's up. Well I I can look at pictures as. It's not like it's NFL where you'd need a different quarterbacks can actually do this season. Look look at what Texas did when Verlander. I mean if if we're if we're making a solid round in somebody opened up we can maybe get a good deal. We didn't agree peace and sabathia in the past. And it it seemed to work well. We don't know kind of what we have put our younger pitchers they're they could be. These we have some big surprises last year and maybe get better. I'm I'm paranoid when we drafted Trier of or I mean when we drafted Rodgers yeah I'm upset about it because I wanted something right now you know like I really want something now but. With pitching in baseball I just think it's. Viewed as somebody always available. I hate yet it did did you appreciate the phone call there's always a deal to be made it always depends on what it's gonna cost you mean there's been teams that have gone announcement. Hundreds of millions of dollars and M won anything. And it's just because you spend the money in Major League Baseball doesn't mean you're gonna you're gonna hit you gotta get a guy that. Obviously he's gonna produce to whatever the contract is your paying us what I'm saying is is that Darvish it while he look I'm not saying he's a bad pitcher. Not at all. Com 386 ER a last year or talked about it. But I'm just looking at eight Darvish. In the long term that if he pitches well you only had it for two years he's gone. He pitches poorly you owing them money. It's a no win situation for the brewers. Who the cubs can afford that because they can bounce against luxury tax and if they go over that they can pay the penalty their big market team a lot of money. They've got a new rights coming up they used their rights deal with further radio network. They got new son engine noose noon new renovations going on their stadium that's that's one of the thwart for a third fourth fifth largest city media market in the country. They can afford that. Brewers can't. And that's what the person look more willing to do this. Maybe four years but we're not going deep into this because it if if it goes south work we can't we're world were under the government. The cubs made a 150 million dollar purchase of of Jon Lester about two years ago for a similar deal six years honored that he about a million. And they got all that money from the new Disney contract they got your jump TV from WG NA BC there. Yet the gave the brewers can't afford to do that. I've said all along that the brewers have to be able to go on spend the money when it comes time and I think the realization was. That. If you're a brewers fan and you think it big time free agent is coming in your direction. You know your team is gonna have to Vasily overpay so is this the guy that you wanted to vastly over packed. And endless BR OK. He wanna come in otherwise you what do. You wanna come here is that you were great deal. But when the market was soft. He wanna come here. This was not one of the teams on his his list as a matter of fact. He not only gets a no trade for the first two years he then has 812 team trade from what I understand the brewers Iran. A twelve team traded he will not go to. Once if the two years. If he stays with the cubs after the first two years. At least that's so what I was and that's I think that's what I heard today. 855830864. Rate. On the loans by Kim dotcom told free talk client. Bombed. This was from David tweeters and bill underscore Michaels is not upset at all that Darvish signed with the cubs overpaid and too long. Would hamper the brewers in the future over the brewers acquire a starting pitcher to go guillotine came current rotation not that great without Nelson. Believe Stearns though 100%. Palm's axes show crew she grounded properly and that type of guy eventually. Roy Nelson Anderson probably in Davies and shower scene with DO drastically improve pan. That she get us in the playoffs and hope I hope we have be buyers of the deadline. This was from Julius who says doesn't hurt my feelings at all. Another big contract at the cubs are going to be saddled with by the time this thing comes to an end I can't see him betting on himself again after two years. Ben says Darvish is good he's not great people are talking about him like he sigh young. I think it helps the cubs. But it doesn't overwhelmingly hurt the brokers. Eyes is Chris who tweets his. No should never make bad deals just to make one. If the pitcher can be signed for favorable deal insurer but don't overpay just to try and strike back at the cubs. And I agree that Ben tweets is in says here's a question I have. Would you rather the brewers any pitcher via free agency or traded high cost. Right now prior to the season or. Wait to see where they are just part of trade deadline then make him. See I'd rather wait to trade deadline. Because let's be honest if if your pitching rotation as it stands doesn't pan out. If our believes Al Davies is in chasing Anderson is solid but if say you guys are growing guerra fail miserably you know what I mean. If you've got that kind of issue. In your eye you're starting rotation. Then. I'm I've no problem. Enjoys who would refuses suitor. Smokers and there's no one. Off Jorge Lopez using AAA I mean if somebody strikes fire there that's great you've got a few guys that you can maybe draw upon. But I'm I'm not overly concerned about. Where the brewers are today I'm more concerned about where they are next season because that's worked in the voting for a long and I'm going to the short. The terms and contracts that they guide for the outfield specifically. It's for the long term is now for the short term. This year I think they just want to bolster this team they did. But I don't think it's a necessity. That they have to go out and didn't spend a 150 million dollars are starting pitcher right now it's nice to be in the chatter. If it doesn't work out it doesn't work out but remember some of the best deals are the ones that are never made more than Michael show next. Six clues stay strong yeah. Bill might school's sports talk now. What about. Michael Shania we're glad to have you thanks so much for take a listen to us we certainly appreciate it. 8558308648855830864. Rate on the loans by kip dot com told free jock line. Brewers ended up making a dad did not make a deal Yu Darvish goes of the cubs and the brewers respond in kind. I guess. I guess I guess what I look at Chicago Cubs. You know last year on paper they were supposed Dominic they were by far the best team in the division. You know bomb Chris Brian Rizzo contrary she warmer Allison Ross sold Heyward in right field Bobby Baez having. That was that was murderer's row. They're gonna win everything and Craig if I'm wrong but they struggle a little bit. And the brewers went toe to toe with a with a team that had no business being going toe to toe with a right for the most part. And I you know. Are the cubs projected to be the best team in the National League by if they're not there one of the top two or three. Without a doubt. Wouldn't deny it when when look past. But do you believe that this was the year. That's that's the question. Was issue was his career was disposed video. So that's our I don't think the waters. Data surge is bigger one now two full seasons. As a B is thirty years is going into his third year. The rebuild began. About two and a half years ago then when Doug Melvin ser making moves. And dealing oddly enough with David Stern's. And Houston astros' big deal to bring our fellow shot trader all them so we sat here and sit okay the rebuild is on. Most people's said it's between a three and five year rebuild I said probably three years. Some though like dad because if you believe that the added them in the minor league system is 100%. Bereft of talent that Doug Melvin didn't do anything. To bolster this minor league system that's a five year process. If you believe that he had some talent down there there's probably three or four years. So why is everybody upset. That Yu Darvish is going to talk to our actions everybody because they're clearly there's been more than a few people here today that said Soviet. Minority go anyway. But yes her eyes to what was it Saturday and Sunday more so than anything went into when the Darvish news broke. And people tweeting like crazy. All my guy debris screwed again can't get a big time free agent and I said this is a learning experience if you want that big time free agent to come here. You gonna have to overpay him but which guy are you going to overpay I just don't think Yu Darvish is the guys are gonna drastically overpay. 85583086. 48 a total loans by kip dot com told free TARP money 558308648. Give us shall wanna hear from him. Do you think the brewers. Are now screwed basically control after a better term. Our house to put it. Universe current or do you think that you stay the course you're going to be fine don't worry about it. No big deal. TI I tend to think the no big deal scenario more than anything by the way. Biggest concerns by On the MLB insider. When you look at the Milwaukee Brewers they say they say there's not enough back to go around between Lorenzo Cain yellowish brawn to Mingus into Everett told skim Broxton I consider Kim Broxton to be. One of those high level prospects he says Miller proved consistently in the majors especially very things in phases angle are. Remain at first base the brewers could still use the depth and trade to fill the hole the rotation and or the second base position. If the trades on out there for the rotation don't give up the prospects. Now that's if you don't believe in BR anymore either. Because which VR is gonna show up and one from last year the one from the year prior what a huge wildcard avenue in your situation I got a guy that hit 285 console war sixty basis right. Are any taveras and guided it to which one Ian could barely even steal first base yet. Completely agree. IE I'm waiting to see white. Which we are shows and knows the army and a penetrate before Tulsa and a because he could be a wildcard entrant who knows they work so hard to come out and take that job right away like he did it seemingly in May before he got hurt last year well that was a thing in April may. When they were scoring a lot of raw and so are was having the table he was a guy it was getting on moving things around. And setting the table for the guys behind and remember it was. It was so hard it was Trevor shelves are dangerous Brian brawn. That portion line and was so responsible for the majority of the runs from April in May after that was so hard went down. Remember they were searching for leadoff hitters and we are wasn't hitting the baseball they're giving a lot of opportunities. Same school off. Bronze somewhat cool all bronze flair for the dramatic has been all but gone and she's saying is up there yeah I'll spot they're trying to anything that anything and everything you trees figure a way to set the table score some runs and they were able to do. Now they believe they've got a pretty solid hitting line up I mean Garcia had a bounce back here he had a bust out on the as the season. Trevor Shaw has been a godsend you know Ryan bronze gonna hit you 280 just whether or not the usual flair for the dramatic or not. Then you know between Lorenzo Cain and yell H what you've got coming up she got five legitimate bands. Palm peeing you have behind the plate he's not a legitimate bad it and I mean I'm not saying easier 300 lap yeah he kind he picked up where. Lou Croyle left off it and you know so you can add five or six bats and his team that are legit. That can put up runs. And you got a little bit adept each regular I thought did a fine job last year even though things cooled off me came very. Pardon upon the very hit or miss more miss than anything. Because he was hitting like 401. Point there also and coming out a thirteen homers and down month many couldn't hit one I don't think he hit one through two yeah so way after that after that fact I mean. I still think they've got some depth and his team to where they can continue to score runs so I'm not overly concerned about. Trying to figure out where yarn your rotation I know there's a lot of people that wanna say this was from Mike who says Bruce into ground make a movie after state pace with the cubs. You keep sending us spend money on my question is when his season to go or keep asking brewers that when when are they gonna go on spend money when they get it excite us. When the big time get what isn't to yell at steel Lorenzo Cain deal that the lords and Katie was the biggest deal in this country to market until. The Darvish deal it's the largest free agent contract in brewers have ever give Brian one so what do you mean that they had had doing any New York sites you. Because they didn't get a naming Yu Darvish they don't excite you. Like I said sometimes the best deals are the ones are never many. Let's go over Michael C to us who watch over Mike what's comment. There's an article or. They're. I hear a got a couple more and oh and radio show. Arm for all they do here at the pitcher that they competitive because I'm not after after the first three. It's it's rather roll the dice and hopefully eight year old thing you know. Era and now I I don't like my chances there are built banquet mutiny. And you urgent sparking a bottom part you know Kenya had a career year OK but I think. Jonathan McCrory would. Look good second emperor you know form backing up and I am sure you do it. And are also a sign Neal walker has you know you get a Coke order right on down you know words as a good. Utility guy that you you'd you'd need that there are. That op events like that. And walkers and exploding so I mean it's a win win for our. RAM whatever you want you each store operator error. I can't I don't think lukewarm would come here. To be right back out since then I got I know he wants to be a starter wants to go someplace where he knows he's gonna win now. Bomb I don't think he's come here via back I mean who knows I mean maybe he's grown up money that guy you might do that but apparently he's coming here via back. Well I like like it said bill I I am not sure opinions and EU three under I can see him. And I'm not trying to be negative but I can Ian going and to a twenty to thirty. You know and they and they had a lot you know on and were saying you know and so fire rockets then you own opinions. Still threatened its Wii is always in our area and you had a chance navy digital caloric or or or someone that can hear. And Macquarie know nor park and I think you know on any yet bought fifty doubles one year. Mom or your 532014. Ya. But he's only had 265 or each of his last three years. Why you're out but each city and different requirement. You know dignity and other through little love Milwaukee beer act you know Mike you did it's going back and you know. And all that that that all want that's all right you've done because are really tired a lot like a lot of the year caller are. I I'm part of its weight in the prince's nineteen you know. If he's 51 years are wanted to convert or be forward and not looking good and what they. And one other thing in our looking at this flies bite they'll. And and you can look at your guide what you're starting pitchers as the first developed. In 1970. And in that you go way back on and not many at all. Now they have an army the young Ben Sheets Garrett though I mean they had a few guys have come up in page brother while it right now they're developing a guy like Zach Davies. Chasing Anderson and Jimmy Nelson and they've got some of these guys beds there and they're developing the day you're right I mean. Go back even go to like when dean Taylor took over I mean it's it's been. Remember after Callaway comes a page but there's not many clubs or just continually developing since then that the cardinals did for awhile they develop a lot of pitching but you go through a lot of they might appreciate here if you go through a lot of us look at the cups. The cubs were what they did. Jon Lester was a free agent Yu Darvish was a free agent. Com Jose cantenna. Was from the White Sox Kyle Hendrix came from taxes. Tyler chat with a victim from Colorado. And develop any of those guys. Your name usually what you're trying to do. Is you wanna hit on a guy or two coming out years are your farm system. And youth you filling your team a lot of a lot like your form guys for your starting eight and then you go out and get try to the cream of the crop. And try to find those top picks. Coming out of somebody's system that you can trade away that's what you do when you go to apple farm system you then trade for the arms that you know we're going to hit and that's what they did it. That's they've done Theo down there at Chicago. Set of the first day he came in he said were we're gonna develop the best young position players we can and we might have stolen by pitching. And as they've done because YouTube developed the players that are gonna play every day and be a part of your your core group of of a team that affects every single game. In comparison to the malls volatile situation starting young pitching. We're trying to throw these guys 56 innings thirty times today. Or thirty times a year and you blow out arms like mark Rogers. Via hadn't marxism was the fourth overall pick. 855830864. We come back we'll talk to Mike and a cast of thousands on old bill Michael show continues right after this. Everywhere you Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk networks. Welcome back. What a match go Michael Joseph is on the air. Glad to have him. Thanks so much for I'd take a listen to us as always we certainly appreciate it. And the by the way this portion of programming bride you are good friends over above like you official response to the Michael sports talk network. A lot of people chime in on this are brewers fans chime in on this as well. Nick says you got to stick to the plan. Get starting pitching wanna make sense but we should not rush or overpay to do self that seems to be the common threat. Wayne says nope stay the course I think there will go back and forth with the rays over archer at all to release. A goal or receive from them. Isaak says is no right now you gotta do what she said you would do and that is a rebuild and stick to the plan the brewers were ready to fly anyway. Goodman says I didn't realize it's only been two and a half years seems like for ever is a borrowers for and we waited so long I think we just can't wait to see. A team in the post season were starting to jump the gun. And then Peter says is I still believe in David Stern's in what he has going on Marquette and us is gonna have to understand if they do want a big time free agent pitcher coming to Milwaukee. You're going to have to pay them ten million dollars more a year. Just to come here it's a small market team with a small minded ownership and always has been somebody who will not put the pull the trigger on the big time deals. Let's be honest we are not Chicago or not LA we are not New York. 8558308648. Your thoughts on all of this is the brewers sitting right now. Watching the cubs so bolstered. Their starting rotation bolster their pitching staff and mourn the brewers need to do if anything mikes and toast in my quarter of the program the Michael show. I had a pretty. Or but a lot of callers just that. What's going out what makes that I'd still. But I think ops he's got perhaps. She'll light didn't. Know about it. These are actually brought it back out there done that I got a plan that. All might not help wanted particularly archer. Like bad. And I don't no big deal belt don't work. I acknowledge your spirits up. And right now debate yet trademark up. They do get credit outfield talent at all outgrow it might be trapped for start but I think you ought to expect. Regardless this is a great player got for years so bad start. Now or whether it's about excitement to trade for pitching. Yeah I have. I'm not appreciate the focal on nine. Again I'm not sitting here thinking to myself oh my god I don't pitching. My whole thought process was even if they didn't do a deal this season. Even if they didn't. It's still a year early. Because I kept saying that hey if they don't do a deal chances are they're putting some positional players in place. Because is. Made. They're they're gonna look for pitching down the wrote. They're not ready yet. So I'm not I'm not only upset about that is not like some people. This is from drew says same old brewers get beat up by a big market team never will spend the money they continually come on your program unit reliable when it comes time to spend the money. They keep saying they will but they don't just another example. As a brewers fan I'm disheartened. Seth says brewers say most say all wash rinse repeat move on. Andrew says. I believe the borrowers are on the right track to just have to stand pat and do not screw up the rebuild by mortgaging the future. 8558308648. They want to remind you speaker that we are heading Jennifer spring training to get a firsthand look at all this. Really looking forward to it. Heading down there were brought you by a lot of great people that are taking us there that's the Milwaukee admirals there hash tag no hockey you see the stars of tomorrow right there on the ice today. Check them out in Milwaukee admirals dot com also are what are you going to twain's cover at all. Go betweens cover it all dot com two lanes covered all like I'm based in Wausau and as fantastic work whether his boat upholstery carpool street. Furniture is mornings for businesses whatever happens to be he can take care of your boss or friends over at Lindell a new company came on board this year. And there are new Burlington doing business globally and they need good people are looking for good people go to pin del DIA and CEO pinned Al dot com. That has been Dell dot com coming on the next hour. Commented there's a couple of different things or talk about one regarding Green Bay Packers. The time again over the weekend. I ran a couple people who started talking about how Erin Rogers was upset about his quarterback coach being gone about whether our Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb in such a stake. And my question to you. Eight because I took some heat for this but I wanna see what your opinion it's my question he was about Aaron Rodgers and how much say should he have. I mean the old adage is coaches coach and players black but how because it's Aaron Rodgers how much say do you think he should have. And I'll tell you when we come back. This scenario on which I think Aaron Rodgers shooter should not be consult in what should or should not be sent because I just think there's a happy medium here I don't think there's a one cut and dry answer. But I think it's something to discuss because you know if Aaron Rodgers says he's upset everybody takes it is he's mad at the organization he's leading into years. Announcing it dealt. I think your Roger's gonna be a packer for life. And I think Aaron Rodgers has a couple of options here in the Packers have to let him know which direction they're going to go. Because they have a contract situation coming up a couple years when I I really believe they're gonna get a guild on this offseason. Go to the season with a new big time contract for the big time quarterback but the question is going to be how much say should year should he not have. In wanna get an of that discussion as well Saito and more like a show coming up right after this. Wisconsin one. Bill Michaels Stores called me.