HR1 – Brewers season a success w/out playoffs? Tim Allen doesn’t get it

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Wednesday, September 13th

09/13/17: Hour 1. Tim Allen, Host of the Baseball Post Game Show on 105.7 FM The FAN, is in for Bill.


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From the league runs to the riverfront. This season we're Wisconsin sports fans com took all the bill Michael show. And how I look at Wisconsin. Is now at the way we start up the show each and every bill Michael's show there is no bill Michaels today Tim Allen in month. And a radio Joseph is here but a beautiful dated yet. Brewers in the midst of a pennant race Packers wanted to know whether or just outstanding. Right now. And Joes and soul is here or Sam is behind the glass over there and stuck Freeman gonna stick around a little bit. Yes OK and we may wanna talk with him about. What we're gonna discuss this this first hour. So stick around for that coming up on the show today. And from Bleacher Report Michael Freeman right. Yes Mike Freeman. There is say a couple of broadcasters who I really really respect in the industry are gonna join us today Brian Anderson from fox sports Wisconsin and 101000 other. Media outlet says his career assists. Off the charts these days and Chris Rose from MLB network's intentional talk. Will join us you guys like baseball and the like entertaining. Broadcasting. Intentional talk is is the way to go these guys starting game is gaining some steam few years ago and I just I just really appreciate Chris rhythm thing I like about Chris Rose. He can goal. X.s and nose on yeah. But he can also go count on. Cool on yeah. He can also go kind of goofy and sideways on you without losing any credibility. I really do appreciate that about Chris Rose I like that a lot sold challenge him. And see what the national perspective is on our brewers. Our also gonna chat with Paul in meg a couple of Packers were released. And we'll see how that's gonna impact things moving forward so a lot of things to get to today. As we embark on eighty brewers series and has a rubber match today. The big news they get a win and that's always big and a better race. My name's Tim Allen by the way there's joke and that they're all big and a pennant race. And then even the losses are just crushing defeats in a pennant race. And that's what you do in a pennant races you look at scoreboards and you see that. It went should know yesterday everybody wins everybody that's involved here. With the brewers Tony seventeen championship season everybody wins yesterday. Cubs win brewers win. Cardinals win Rockies win. It's. A way ghost. They may all lose on a given day might be today. The man it's every pitch count a deal going on exit. It seemed you brewers fans that the starting rotation is in sort of kind of a messy situation. Messi might be a negative word. I know one of the reporters last that hard to court and said. Scramble mode was was the way he put it. And I. I'm a little concerned about that now work last night because you know council. Used his bullpen to perfection. After a short start out of Brent Souter and they didn't expect a long start out of him you have fifty pitches three innings allowed three hits and a couple runs. And that was the bullpen from there and all sorts of guys Jerry Jeff prison Drake Hughes and hater and soars hacking Corey can naval lockdown save 35. We talked about that last night on on the post game show. In Milwaukee about the love for Corey can naval I think they're flying under the radar a little bit I don't think he gets his his due. And I'm partly to blame for that lease from mute almighty. Outlet. And I remember really given him the amount of respect that he deserves 35 for forty in save opportunities and ERA of one point 32. And a guide and save his first. Until mid may. Think about that. At 35 saves with us seventeen games remaining. If the trend continues he saves about half of every brewers win if they win about half the games it's an additional. Eight but eight saves. Is looking at lower forties a franchise mark is 46. He could get there or not I don't think that these alone all star representative for the crew. Alfie gets the amount of respect that that he deserves and just an outstanding might be the brewers MVP. Died again they'd they'd split that up I think they go with team position player MVP and and then now from the pitching side but. Even if if you were to just give a brewers MVP right now. Will be Shaw. Corey can naval and uptight acorda stock his rising by the second Shaw's those slots and hidden about 275. 29 homers ninety runs batted in Annan base of three and a half. It is he's in the running to. I don't know if anyone else as. They excels at Davies Jimmy Nelson I. Think Jimmy Nelson and zagged Davies would definitely be candidates at least from a pitching standpoint. Tom. Jim Nelson's been so good the entire season he's been spoke good what it would it compare to what Corey has done. I co what Corey can able has done has been off the charts it really had a hell I'd already nobody really saw that come and hack it was a tolley fleas everyone forgets and of Dolly Feliz was even on this baseball team this year. As they released him I think he was 71 first eight saves. I'm not gonna lie I forgot abundant talent Foley's. As an offseason free agent. You know heavy hitter. That. It was going to be the brewers closer and he worked himself not only out of a closer role but out of the organization. So you gotta start thinking about Corey can navel as someone that really deserves it too onerous dot. So the brewers get dole win. A couple of news and notes here in the last 324 hours or so or even less than that the Packers number one on the AP pro 32. Rankings. I'm a little confused with that Packers Seahawks game because they I have to admit. Was it a couple of heavy hitters in the NFC going toe to toe. Was at the Packers playing down to what I think is probably. Not as. Not as powerful Seahawks team as as we've seen in the years past. Some little confused by that but nonetheless it's good to seek. AP pro 32 has the Packers that number one will talk. About Packers throughout the show today. The Cleveland Indians win their twentieth straight game. Now unbelievable and a baseball. One east greatest warning straight I don't care who we are. I don't care if you're the Bronx bombers or you're the cubs of last year year mariners in the early two thousands or whoever you might be. Whiny. In a row in baseball. That's amazing. And really he has Terry Francona. I think he's one of the best managers in the game. I do he finds a way matter what his roster is now again it's nice to have that type of players some paper that he's got. One in a row the Dodgers. They get a win last night it that is significant because they clinch a playoff spot. Losing eleven straight. The Dodgers. They were up freight train people or talking about them winning upwards of 115 new 17018. Games. This fell away. But they finally do it for what it's worth the Dodgers. Clinching a playoff spot. I didn't know that Kobe Bryant. Had to Jersey numbers. I mean I like the box. Like the box more than likely NBA. That make sense yes that makes sense so. I didn't know that the he had to Jersey numbers played portion of his career with this horse's career with that and they're gonna retire ball and I think that's cool. That they're gonna retire bolt Jersey's eight M 24. I don't know which was first and even gap I I always enormous number 89. I didn't really as he had to. It's got a cool out there and I think by the way you speak in a retired Jersey numbers the brewers. Can't get away from a home. The issue retired Jersey number two. For the tenth man on the fan. Lucia. They retire number one for Bud Selig and only then so it's and they retire number ten piece oh cool. These really cool. Number ten. My numbers retired. As one of the biggest brewer fans decided Denver. How would take pride in that. CU number ten hang in the rafters and it may be every team should do that. Every baseball team should do the same thing to do well I don't always brewers fans souls special compared to other fan because this market puts into and a half million. They do that's special. That is special. It's been done before I mean this Seahawks do. Didn't twelfth man right of their little full of themselves. While we should be too. Brewer fans are awesome. Little confused at times. I won't say that I'm not either. But this I thought I'd throw that out there up Packers. Release Ricky Jean Francoise. After six snaps of his Packers career. And gun terror is jettisoned. Was a little tired last year see in the back of countries cheers once you. I really was. And so that tells you that the bars start new and raise a little bit. On that defense for Ted Thompson in the packers' these are good things not bad things when you make it these kind of cuts here. Know what else do we have here there's some NASCAR news you don't wanna hear any NASCAR news via. Patrick in limbo and Annika in limbo Amaral and not come back is. That they went care. I have a good fantasy team that's all I can yeah you do you do well you do well and in fantasy NASCAR. The birth schedule was released yesterday. They open up in San Diego. West coasters. 2 o'clock start time on March 29 thereof in putting their being. Very conscious MLB is being very confidence. Conscious about travel. About get away days about off days that are instilling a few more off days in this saying his first time ever I think all thirty teams will start in the month of march. They go to San Diego for three then an off day on a Sunday that's Thursday Friday Saturday. May get an off day on Sunday. That's weird. That's that's extremely where. And then they come back for a seven game homestand their home opener. Against the St. Louis Cardinals. I'm not a big fan of playing those guys toe to toe cardinals and then followed by the cubs a four game set. Not a big fan of playing those guys toe to toe I'd love it when it's late in the year because their impact on games slight this year. I'd like that a lot in September and they did they do it again if you look at the schedule for next year. I think all all around baseball they'd like to keep that in house in division at the end there because they have such an impact on the playoff race. So but just out of the chute there after. Three games in San Diego your year mono a mono cardinals cubs. We'll see what kind of us start the brewers get off to. You realize that DO brewers had thirteen wins in the month of April this year. Just a little factoid a throw out thereafter. Thirteen wins this April it was the last two April's that equaled thirteen for the brewers. That's and I knew so it was going on here. So there's the brewers schedule up Minnesota Twins I don't know if you caught this last night to the Minnesota Twins homered. In the first seven innings of their baseball game. Had a home run. In innings one through seven. It's kind of a neat stack. I don't know what it's worth but it's it's sort of a neat set for the Minnesota Twins. So there'd there's there your main main points here as I gathered a few notes here now. I know this is you know this gonna rustle up some fathers here just a little bit here on the bill Michael show. Shocking and I know shocking and it might just and be rather disturbing to some. Your result or seventeen games left this year the brewers are two and a half back of front running Chicago therefore. Head to head to play against Chicago Chicago and Saint Louis play seven had had. Brewers and Saint Louis play three had to have dislike us talking about the in our division late in the season lava lava lava. So after the dust settles in the brewers don't make the playoffs will Libya successful season. If the brewers don't make the playoffs here in the remaining seventeen games that don't eat in and out that playoff spot is it. Considered a successful year. Think about it. Just think about it before youth. Before you take it a brat didn't shoot out whatever spews out here tomorrow night you Joseph just anybody. Thank you think about it. Before you answer. Because we need to talk about climate condition. In the Wisconsin sports world when we talk about this this is this is a mentality issue this is setting the standard. This is setting standard. Issues. These things are very important to the conversation we're gonna have snacks if the brewers don't make the playoffs this year. Would you consider this year a successful season. Thank. I'll give you my answer next year. I know we're gonna disagree a lot of us but a lot of us are gonna are going to agree. When I get your feedback on how you define net success. For the brewers. This year thus moving forward let's start would this year. 8558308648. On the loans like Kim dotcom told free talk climb really dig wade deepened of this. A lot of layers lot of levels to talk about you're listening to the bill Michael show. Wisconsin law. Bill Michael's sports talk. Rescinded by marsh field clinic health system. This portrait of a Michael show brought to our friends because themselves where they are the best seats in the house contest going on right now that you yourself sitting in the fifty yard line Lambeau Field plush leather requires. All you have to do compliment to cousins up by the way. Is going Packers dot com slash best seats that's Packers dot com slash best seats and I would highly recommend Greta one of those cut themselves. David Anderson delegating there as well get the bill Michael's with a SATA radiator cheese Kurds that's a pepperoni you know by the way. And it's all from cousins of download the app when your apple your android phone. Cousins up were they believe in better. I welcome back Wisconsin it is the bill Michael's show Tim Allen in for bill radio gel Sam. Got to come up with the aid named Sammy. I like doing we don't do that on this show we don't give interns and not sweat we don't. Yeah wrote some love and respect. We do respect Sam a pride and joy of Waukesha. And a season there goes. ID 558308648. Loans like Kim dotcom told free talk on a normal rustle up a few feathers on this would just just try and follow me on us. This just trying to follow me you have to come do the comparing thing what what were what were asking here is. If the brewers don't make the playoffs year would you consider that a successful season now. After you'd thought about it. You have to compare let's just compare and I think it's fair to compare. Other. Environments other arm markets other teams it is fair. With the cardinals consider a success without playoffs. With the Pittsburgh Steelers do the Green Bay Packers. The New England Patriots I know there's I can I I get it I know the immediate thing assay as. These are iconic teams denominated they're already established in that. Winning mentality is so already there I was just gonna tell you all of that I got it yeah that's on second and I've butt out completely understand it. But if it doesn't start at some point we will never start it has to start now if it now's the best time to start that trend to start that attitude. Play offs or bust. That's the way it should be that's a way it should be at all you're playing sports at the highest level you can possibly find in this plan. Maybe there's a higher level on another planet but for right now it's here. And if winning and getting into the post season and next. Level. Isn't your expectation. And you have to change something the mindset the mentality. The winning thing here. Now. On the other hand I can tell you that of the brewers don't make the playoffs. I'll promise you you'll find the vast amounts of encouraging things that have happened this year. A lot of encouraging things. Travis Shaw and Corey can naval and gold get ominous staying connected and not mobile dissect all of that trust me we will. And I'll be happy about a lot of those points but big picture question bigger picture. Big guest. Big bigger biggest. Question. How do you. Let's see what. Hobby you. Except. That not getting to the next level in pro sports. Is a success. That's the part. That's the part notices over competitive kind of conversation here this. Competitive and everything you do right now most of our listeners are your fantasy teams don't darts at a bar playing pool softball what every got don't. Again it at that this level is ready above and beyond. Some major leagues. We have to start. Accepting. That it is playoffs or bust. Now. Think I've spelled it out there's more. I think of spelled out enough to get to you guys say it 5583086. Or eight we can still be friends. I don't know what all you don't know it all. But between the two of us will know more. Is on saint. I'd let's go to Mike Mike your first up here on the bill Michael's show. I don't let them so great that your voice and so Michaels thought a lot here. Hello I like Phil and into Monica do. Well I'd believe. Like he said he mentality we've got to still and while we look that would Packers probably years. Which. Well we called Lucy. Decent. We'll see record it is nearly finished with a winning record this start I think the latest start next year remake the chaos. That's the next step and then the next step would be make it through. You know the World Series let's say it but we have this art. Without winning record and if we unit is here that is a great start I believe it was B I think it would be a positive. This year. It definitely would be a positive to finish off with a winning record I agree with you I'm I'm all ball with you on that they're 76. And 69 right now seventeen to play they should end up with a winning record. Exactly and they had spent that way you have to start this thing and I think bogey. I steer or are you know workers being instinctively as in September if we add says this year. We got I don't beds or. Arm our rotation in September I think that's what their way in that's what they're thinking is that there's no orders to get Mort is but it hurt Abbott is here. That would have been perfect setup for his knowledge and now the. Yeah that's a big hit for Nelson I might saying thanks for the call Nazi he disagrees with me in to a to an extent. That he says it's a positive thing with the brewers to come off with a winning record and again and I I just have to go back to. And and and you don't have to agree on final that I won't lose any sleep tonight but I have to go back to. Just just because the landscape. It in your mind. On paper is dictated that the expectations were not to make the playoffs then. And it's okay and to classify it as a success. You classify success. As not making the next level. That's the part that I'm trying to at least. X expound on and and really get to get Austin. You guys and myself thinking about it. How you define success that. I asked the players. On October it's what is at second whatever whatever the final game. And these guys don't make the playoffs. You really think it's a good idea to shove a microphone in front of those guys and say hey you know what you guys have a successful season this year. I don't think that via healthy tea. I don't noble pat Timmy right after they get ace and Kate I don't know I'd better yet just asked them the night they get eliminated. What ever that if that occurs. When they get eliminated. You're gonna Nazis got to pay you really have a successfully here. No there's some things that were good in the season yes. But a successful overall how the brewers 227 team we're gonna look back on this and say. No way to make the playoffs. Okay year. I edges armor which have a shot set at the beginning of the year while actually what he said midway through midway or midway how well here. Right now that we don't we didn't expect to be here. We did not expect to be here I think if you put a microphone and Trevor shot space. I don't think he's going to be down in the dogs I'm sure he'll be disappointed that they weren't able to get it done especially when it comes to you on not beating bad teams. Which is still my crop it's good to see him win last night. I don't think you're gonna get it down in the dumps answer from someone like Trevor shot and it's gonna vary from player to player may be it showed maybe those guys should be disappointed. You failed. In making the playoffs that you did fail but she got into a pennant race in September that's a new deal based on expectation now will is a big deal will point at those things as one of the positives that occurred throughout the Tony seventeen season. And I will too. Will be pleased about that let's go to our keys at 8558308648. Pillowcase here on the bill Michael CEO. Hello Tim are you doing it more important you are. I'm doing great good and you know I doubt you need to know that it just came back from accumulate in the fishing trip. And that you're following there. Do you. Little. But anyway I allowed my beliefs our belief is that the I'm. I'm impressed with the brewers have accomplished what they did terrible urged. I do not expect them to do this well. I think can I heard the prognosticators talk about three to five years. But the rebuild this is that I calculate decrepit only the second year. They put together a much better straight party line up but I thought it ever haven't pitched corp and you know they they've shown that they can compete and beat. So the cream thirteen in the base in baseball are they do not always tape played an exceptional level. Where in the hell would get an exceptional. And that. But I think that the opposable GAAP. Definitely definitely and all I I agree with all of what you said he beat the Yankees Rockies nationals cobb's all all the tigers Dodgers. They played great actually so the swap them in Milwaukee year but. You know I agree with you that those things are encouraging. Those things are positive. But I'm maybe it's semantics here with the question and that is a successful. Season. Is. Dot dot. I thought that was that they've had a successful at everything ended today I think it's been a successful C. OK very good he worst three likes. Oh you're right Lander at sir do. Or eagle river at its head all the eagle river Hobbits you had a great time. Yeah it got to play up their dead I was cold the first two days horrible it's so. I wanna have to a year I wanna have a beer at a northern Wisconsin just of out in the country kind of bar. Am I bet there are by. Our Q thanks a lot thanks for calling and thanked. You're wanna listen to the bill Michael shop and Ryan plan or tune into our friends and 965. There's an affiliate for that right Ryan Lam yeah for Ireland the music signal to. By 8558308648. On the loans like give dot council free talk line. There's a lot of hair split going around with a question. And what defines the success. My point as. You death has to be the bar. There's a lot of dynamics involved but it has to be the bar the bar asked to be the next level the next that that the playoffs. Arm and ox where in the difference after the break year. Why you cannot compare. Basketball. Football. With baseball. Playoffs. Mitt explain that to you next year on the bill Michael's show this Portugal Michael show brought you by but why don't huddle coming up this Thursday night the red zone in Milwaukee 68 stop by saying hi. And it's all brought to you by Bud Light the official beer sponsor. Of the go Michael sports talk network. Sixteen stations strong though bill might school's sports talk now. Presented by marsh field clinic health system. Important programming budget by Papa John's at the brewers win you win go to Papa Johns dot com the day after a brewers win to order your pizza put in the promo code brewers win and you get 50% off your pizza from Papa John's it Papa Johns dot com. Welcome back Wisconsin it's the bill Michael's show. Tim Allen in for bill today radio gels and soul is here and and I'm not hollered at him yat. I don't perceive that happening today but I well I can't rule it out so why have another show with you tomorrow so OK I just found that happens these. I wanna do that. Wanna go up to my fan base and relates man. Most flammable drank. Do 8558308648. Those of you following along successful season is defined as the playoffs in my book. And not that there are encouraging things and things to be happy about and moving forward and get to plan of attack for next year and what maneuvers are you gonna do and well this guy repeat Willie bounce back who's the unsung hero who's gonna disappoint who's gonna surprise all of those things are all great. In and around brewers baseball. But it's just that I am I am at the point now where the mentality has to be the playoffs or bust it has to be I would say this supply we're doing EO post game show for the LA kings. Honest to god I would it have to be playoffs not bomb. Basketball little different. Well lot different sixteen team make him make the playoffs pierce seven and eight seed go to the Vegas odds nutrients with the NBA title. Fifty to one. You're in the playoffs and it's still that large number. Speaks volumes baseball. Really only four. Teams per league get a a night to say the fifth one but that's a one gamer. It's still technically is the playoffs it did it technically is by definition but for the most part into a playoff series. Are only four teams for Lee eight total I'll special and sacred that is that is that is such an amazing feat in baseball in this. When you get the that's a pretty good habit to get into. A lot different than my smoking habit. The habit of getting into the playoffs. Is awesome haven't app that's all I'm saying I wanna get the brewers to that mentality. That it should be playoffs are boss and not that it knew we should be. Ranting and raving and throwing things around and everything as I said we can go back and look at some positive things. But his big pecs or successor no success welts got a not successful because they make the playoffs. They make the World Series Jamaica dead LC SC didn't know you know themselves. Timmy I think. Let's just say for the sake of argument that the brewers Dugan and in the playoffs this year. And let's say next season. They do it again they make the post season again I think at that point everything has changed because now this wasn't just a flash in the pan. That you have I'd like to think if they make the playoffs back to back seasons that means that perhaps be some kind of foundation in place habit forming. And if that's the case that I can show on that train and say OK you guys just made the bowl season back to back years. Now all I think it's time here that we step it up a little boy you guys been able to pull this off he did it back to back Kearse. I think this a rebuild have been much faster than we thought. But I don't I'm Tim I'm not convinced the brewers are in the playoffs next year I wouldn't be surprised that they take a slight step back. Don't know don't go don't know but that's that's a cool thing about this two and a half back of Chicago right now and I don't know if they're gonna get him. It. To sing in college. Could it could happen. Let's go to a Medford are we going to Medford we are on the make tombstone pizzas and Medford. This Michael this is David I'm sorry David David Medford how are you David. Yeah I'm doing god I'll watch yourself and got irate guys got hey. I remember before to see and Joseph has talked again able to give these guys like six years. And then there's not a rebuild hadn't done any thing in all. Let's get some changes put an addict but you know I. What got us well we're talking playoffs playoffs. Playoff yeah and playoffs. That's crazy. I'd say that the group expects. And you know our next year next year is playoffs are bought. It David can I ask you some picture you live in Medford. I do not put affiliate do we have a Medford Malia. Did you. Oh ago W Ellis she'll present OS Kim. Rock I'd you know old buddy of mine from Medford Jordan clinic. That I did not like him and I can't they recognize okay. Just you've just jacket. David Bennett thanks for the call connect are all right so Z he says success. If they don't make the playoffs. I wanna set the precedent. Come on now. I'll be extremely disappointed in and point the playoffs all my favorite teams you don't read the playoffs. LaMont. With a baseball season is so long and there's so much to attempt an awesome it's there there. People do not realize how hard it is. To be in that conversation come September and I didn't think that was gonna happen at any point we may talk about that tomorrow on tomorrow so stick around for that. That's an interesting conversation also. 8558308648. Are on these loans by Kim dotcom told free talk line. Are you wanna go to KJ. Sure let's do it the south you know AJ got a punch him in the face hers for that comment right there. Why would you do acknowledge his demeanor was. Char KJ curious how thing get it just do you do for only guess what do you do for a living. I am a retired. Military 25 years awesome god bless yeah thank you serious service lets you more aware yeah. I was in the air force. Place where firm not merit soon Derek storm old are you. I'm 63. I didn't know that holy crowned there you go well. Though we US Imad earlier this summer I'm Miller Park faced a face I would've dragged like now I don't know forties mid opera or maybe. You're. And you hit it because you sound all right our premiere well well I I obviously help I sound like you when I'm 63. Well thank you I appreciate all comments. And they're very nice two year. It Tim you grosses. Kyra solution on what you're. Our post game shows the stroked in and out at that point I hate. Blows in the camp with you that it wouldn't be a successful season. Without making the playoffs I have since. At a revised recap that. Two opinion. Based on looking. The amount of injuries that they've. The issue that they're starting pitching. I mean you're looking at her. Opening day starter junior there goes not a first. You lose seats Anderson. You lose Jenny Nelson. And some of your position players you know you got. So why are you. Even though all these guys will now and you're still in the race. I think it's successful I'll be disappointed. If you don't make the playoffs. But based on all of those injuries it would be almost miraculously. And to make the playoffs. We're not having stability. In terms of having seen tight. Roster pretty much every night. You know you've got guys that are. Pretty much outcast commodities. Starting lineup and and really. You know coming generally in these situations. Yeah. Now to our right at Joe's yelling I mean I gotta go I I'd say two I got a break KJ thank you thank you. Not what wall will we have to break and we'll talk more after the break here you're listening to the bill might. We'll show okay everywhere. In Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Presented by marsh field clinic health system. This course is no Michael show brought to our friends a quick trip right now 24 rounds Packers travelers things nice 1999. With any in store purchase. After every Packers win you can bring in the Tumblr for a free refill of coffee your cappuccino or hot chocolate or fountain drink all season long. It's available right now it any Wisconsin quick trip store. Welcome back it is the bill Michael showed him in for bill that they radio Joseph is here and that talking about success or unsuccessful. Season successful or unsuccessful. I've the brewers Steward don't make the playoffs 8558308648. Josh to weeded them he doesn't like mean Ozzie Newsome a FaceBook message. He says Tim Allen is irritated me. You never want to put pressure on a young team all you want it all you want them to do is to continue to grow and get better as a team which the brewers have. It was successful because expectations were low and they have exceeded expectations. Which makes it a success don't put pressure on young players to make the playoffs. All you wanna see in a rebuild is growth from young. Players and on that's a nice little story I agree which should you win that this about winning is about just the development of secondary. And it's important. Pressure is secondary and it's extremely important. The bottom line has to beat weakening it. It has to be winning if not at this level of winning is in your barometer or your bar and what level is it. They've won more games than last year already this outcome had some big deal that's another step forward Tim I agree. I do agree and they're probably gonna finish over 500 on top and then that's good to ferry gut com. Daniel in two home law. You're next in the bill Michael's GO. Hello Daniel. Daniels on. But it by now a bye let's go to Mike brewer Mike at the saudis just this half hour. Attic in. Decide in the hallway here you're picking up reprise one from the radio station. That's right I'm I'm I'm going to Chile that you launch. On my birthday. Happy birthday. A I'm waited caromed play out Serb Boston. And telling you right now. Leggett told you outside. There's this station the cardinals are scared me though we Louis we've got that we've got to separated. From the colonel's we got to go on a 5 or 6 in morning. All it did it just my age I'm sorry got to cuts is sure the music has started now means Joseph press the button and now I do have to shut up. You have forty more seconds to talk OK so let me tell you a story. I don't have that much time hey Brian Anderson is gonna join us next from fox sports Wisconsin won my favor broadcasters. In all of the broadcast industry will have him on. And we'll talk more about brewers there's a championship AL championship ring in the studio here. We need to discuss that gel. That's coming up. Tim Allen in for bill today you're listening Wisconsin to the bill Michael's show. This is so yeah. Build my school's sports talk network. Presented by marsh field clinic health system.