HR1 – Does MLB need to speed up pace of play?

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Wednesday, February 14th

Hour 1. Plus, Brewers Third Base Coach Ed Sedar stops by.


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From the league's front. River runs this season we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall but still Michael's you know. Did a cheerio up guns. And happy Valentine's Day. No Joseph and I did not exchange gives today. There was no love lotions. You're not going in dress today is cupid. No couple's massage is not a bad it's just happy Valentine's Day to you and yours. And that's about the extent. Just thought we throw that out there because there is no bigger person we would rather love. Then third base coach of the Milwaukee Brewers. Ed cedar who has volunteered to come and give us a rubbed on the day and we said Eddie you have to report to Arizona are you better get there instead of you agree that he I don't body. Great happy Valentine's Day all Arabs at night I mean I'm glad I was able to get out before Joseph mum. I have that he would now like David that way out rate to implement it might have been wait like you didn't tell us you know there's not an Alford told Barbara Gardner who actually yeah cajoled Bob yeah ball well. Now about that you have. When you get those kind of calls you know you made the big time I'm off to the Smithsonian web site that brought here this is a saw any of embody. Dealer wow did get a guy get this they started doubt and Arizona actually we have like. This is reporting David there's already thirteen both had scheduled the day on that they're back watching the market handle it all the baseball ready or to this strings activities as well as it. Certain get a catching gear I guess he has not a tackle such as well. Maybe he is practicing putting is catching your. What are uncertain market action I'm sure he does stuff with some actors and Osce. I don't think you need to practice Buck McKeon I. I got to ask you go with everything that's gone on I don't think they say hey Eddie by the way were making these trades are gonna pick his Kevin free agency so you probably find out like like a lot of the rest of us. My question is. What what are your thoughts for the deals that have been made in the players that have been brought in Sigalet brands obtained come back to the organization. Just little wanted to send. Improved. Tremendously I know people talked about you out there. Both him and Alex Erica I'm based. 82 batting average eight there's not like but it Oslo. He had a brain around just improved you know that he'd ball all over I mean the pitchers get battered into the east and just excess. Even a better. All with the putting now you work well a lot with the outfielders the fact that you've now got is just plethora of talent. I don't know wrong acknowledge have to work any less you but you all of a Sunday kind of sit back and go OK I'll I got to do is Jim if you tendencies because this is gonna be good right. Also hopefully that's the way it works that's not maybe I'll be looking or yeah I don't know maybe I'll go into maybe 200 going onsite it. Bitumen from radio show host words. I felt that it. Yeah because I actually ideology and I. Player not against them you know against that Lauren McCain of course I got amount rookie Dexter the other one in my house and play off genes as my right steel barrel what planet along time ago not. Yeah I would like to have guys report like that let's just get ready to improve the team at all. Do you use do you look at this team as vastly improved do you just think you've built a little bit of on what you guys do leisure levied because obviously Jameer Nelson not ready go and you're still waiting to see if there's gonna be something done regarding starting pitching. So I just cuddle wanna know how much better do you think this team is. It and then also always in reality to what the Yu Darvish yielded for the cubs. You know I how tight do you think essentials going to be I mean sometimes luck and health just play into what I got that but sitting on paper. Is there this load of optimism going into the season or do you feel like you're still in the midst of a rebuilt. Well now there's not a plan a lot of optimism and I'd like he's in the cubs are nose you know they'll be the usual teams are battle against them. Now we're very optimistic. Like I said he'd be a lot of the old not look last year you know a lot. Eager young guys or us old guys had good years they have to meet peak he's actually out at. You know whenever any keydets two gold glove that's pretty good like I stated that yet 2 o'clock tonight secure automatic automatically making your pitching staff at our. And that he no word tomorrow they wanna spring training you don't know what our roster or what happened and maybe he's. Edit or injuries that people coming back late Chinese you don't know where you're gonna have that. You know and the spraying them as they're called like every year those aren't surprised does that usually good surprises. It was what it's like first couple of days attorney can't take us inside take us inside Boris complex. Brewers' complex campaign that leave the gate here like about 8 o'clock practiced today law and it just. You know arm it's called the report eight. The guys that are richer report actually real Turkey bowl and a yeah. Talk about optimism and people coming here China. You ready for the start of spring training to our games start a little earlier this year. That's a pretty good group of on the there's Turkey catches doable and today got almost all seal up that system players here already when they're reporting dated anybody here. Or five more a result. It's kind of nice to see I can remember and I look back at the 2008 achievement we opened spring training for pitchers and catchers. Everywhere but here it turned out it's. You know kind of. Even got to try to get aired by the people that I see already out just walked in and see Travis Dahl. Irritated. You don't. Bird or course I'll catch is that they've got to be immediately but I don't have a good group of guys that are you hurt you don't gotta gotta go out take every practice at 10 o'clock. And now I'm ready here. Here are our that it can't get at that apple meet with the grounds keeper let them know where Delaware and of course there's rain in the staying. Forecasts for a Ramallah I Redknapp and we could cover about stadium you know that doesn't rain weakened yen at least some of our practice and Ramallah to import and each child so it has been at least a busy here ulcers or lightly or eight dollar. Yeah I arrived I've been here five days already. On Sunday. Came on Sunday. Come on Saturday about got the late side districts under the title now Amanda. Yeah actually betting here fly a client note while ironing out judge goes. It's not ready don't know her meeting sought. Patty Duke quite a bit a stop before we actually. Actually stepped onto the field. I led seater Milwaukee Brewers third base coach and I wanted to ask you about Major League baseball's quest to speed up games and we talk about this every year. As far as pace of play goes. Let me ask you this first and foremost do they need to speed up the games is the pace now I granted it was for our post season games. But do they need to speed up the pace of play your opinion. They enter. I looked so it's so just. I don't know because sometimes earns. Some big balls and you don't GameStop and shut out can be spat out where. We'll see what they come out let's all try it I know they need that in in Arizona politics or years you know trying to do some of steel up on batteries can't get out. Like at pitchers got a well. The sense that the period of time has. And and really we I think our meeting that Joseph Torre's coming out you. Atlanta saying Monday so Orkut all exactly what's going. Yeah anytime you can. Make it more enjoy all we're saying that he no more rapid fire I think it over the heat get out and under are sometimes and based on where you do have to stop acting don't take a draft so we'll see how that works out like a senate they've been trying to do stops were quite some time now but like he's just for our games that. And kittens pretty long par four hour nine inning game. Is it just as simple as putting a clock pitch clock out there I mean did that does that released character everything. Yeah I would think they you know as a kind of you know when you think it dates are you think and all the other. You don't think about all the other sports editor what are they have them passed them on stuff like that where are. Immunity knowledge haven't and other evidence they've been able. You don't like an associate. Maybe we can make strides in that direction. Yeah I don't understand why there's a reluctance to Irving are the players are reluctant to. A pitch clock or or certain pitchers are reluctant to pitch I don't understand where the the animosity towards an actual pitch clock is coming out. Yeah I don't know either. Well it's I don't know I really don't know under but I led yeah I I have no idea I know shut it just like to take your time some guys like to get the bomb go get. The bottom dollar and yeah I don't know what's. I guess not that that's what makes baseball baseball bat I'm sure they're gonna try to seeing that. He did the right way of what you let happen. Ed before we let you go one more thing in that is going into this season a lot of expectation to build upon what you guys did last year now I've heard all kinds of things about this group being a loose group a tight knit group. Oh like nothing phases them coming into this year with the expectation do you. And I'm because they're not altogether so it's hard to do this has been do you get the sense that this team would feel any kind of pressure at all. I would say no but that Nikes at last year we went and what not and the expectations. Are now on the also you have expectations completely outside the we'll see what we get but I read I read. I was a betting man I'd at a pretty good on amount and it beat jags and jets jets are a lot about that in just call and people are tired of our age connected with each other there haven't I'm trying to kick each other it's kind of. Kind of area. The restructuring just you don't even in the dugout you know those little celebrations they come out lest our locker room and stopped and goes on it's pretty impression. We always good we'll chat again soon I'm sure enjoy spring training and in less than a month we'll see out there as well okay. I'll purple you go to great. Well our buddy talk deal later they go ahead cedar third base coach of the brewers joining us for couple minutes on the shiner orange out Schneider awards highlight. Harry drivers right now I got to do is get McCauley 144 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com do you feel Major League Baseball. Mis disputed up more than Michael showed next. Everywhere he Wisconsin and the film Michael sports talk networks. Can see that's up where. We'll see what they've come out west well try it I know ladies and in the Arizona fall league for years you know trying to do. Some of us here for about batteries can get out like that to just shut up well. But and that's the area that time does that but haven't really we I think are meeting with Joseph Torre's coming out. Atlanta's saying Monday sort of all by exactly what skull and yeah any time you can. Make it more enjoy forward things you don't more rapid fire I think it'll be jeopardy and that there are sometimes than baseball or you do have to step back you know take a breath so we'll see how that works out like us so they've been trying to do stuff for quite some time now about like he's just for our games that. A kitten for Milan or four hour nine inning game. Lot of guys in the program and Michael should always on the air we are glad to have you thanks so much has always were take a listen to those who surely appreciated 8558308648855830864. Rate on loans by Kim dotcom told free talk line. This doesn't testing the waters here do you think Major League Baseball has a speed issue. Let's be honest OK everybody knows you go to a game it's pretty much going to be. And it's going to be a three hour voted. You get much past that stirs to become that not. Now and at the road. We're going to well gonna get on the road beat the traffic that type of thing. To beat the traffic and I gonna start heading out you know before the rest of the crowd listened to it on the way home that type of thing. All that stuff starts to happen. 85583086. Voices really baseball and reality. Have a speed issue. Do they need to speed up the game. Does that have to happen. For you to enjoy baseball more. What would make baseball. More enjoyable. And might be a better answer. Yeah I I think baseball what we saw in the post season was ridiculous. Completely an artery utterly ridiculous. To have games go that long. Is stupid. It really has it doesn't benefit anybody you're younger audiences didn't get a chance to see the World Series. See the greatest moment in your sport. You're younger audiences that you won a cultivate that you want them to see and witness in. Feel those moments. So they can aspire to grow and be back. Did you get to get a chance to see when your when when your games are concluding. At midnight. 12:30 eastern time. That's that's terrible you can't do that. And to meet. I I think gave it only hurts itself baseball still thriving don't any wrong Mata terribly thriving the ratings are pretty good. Well I think I remember the date when they had World Series and playoff games during the day. They would started noon or 1 o'clock you'll quote businessman's special so to speak the politically incorrect world. When Harry are always some of those games started 1 o'clock 2 o'clock 3 o'clock. And not 8830 at night. Eastern time and they were getting over at almost 11 o'clock central time midnight eastern time. Your big markets but. You know you've got you you've got New York. You've got the bigger market of Chicago. Bigger mark to market like Philadelphia. Miami. Cleveland. In those Jerry Boston all in those areas are all. Midnight. You lose a listen you use lose and viewers. As a quarter teams and then I think everybody's in on a that being said I inning baseball during its over the service. And I am I am hell bent on seeing them put a right to things I think that would improve baseball and I don't know why I'm the only one to think that it. Or the only one really pressed for. One is. Good the clock you just got to put up. Okay put one on the scoreboard just below the scoreboard. New batter's eye in the other one has to be behind home plate. The diet that I think is a given. And the second thing is stop with the instant replay crap. Stoppage. If you re playing everything you did two challenges that sit when did did become. Every play that was close has to be viewed reviewed why can't they just put one guy in the damn Booth just like you do an input in college football. It's a quick answer replay and it it's even remotely questionable he buzz is the home plate umpire. Otherwise the play goes on stop with instant replay every close play it's just. It's it's just stupid. It's bad for the game. To see this guy continually run out with a headset. Ron Al would get would not headsets in microphones for two umpires. And then they sit there and stand around and wait we can all see it time and again. And our homes. And and it's finally give us the obvious. It just it doesn't make sense just put one guy from Major League Baseball higher eaten create 32 jobs their job is to be in that city. These two. More travel like umpire. At a fifth umpire where he goes into the Booth he looks at things says yes you know. And if it's close was the umpire down below and say give me a second owner reviews. Just give me an extra second. As we see instant replay turn around now in a matter of maybe three to 52. So if it's close to where you really need to take a look at it buzz buzz the umpire. I'm beyond that can't stop with a all the crap in baseball it's become too complicated. And it it takes away from the one of the game does baseball have a speed issue. 85583086488. By 583086. Foray on the loans by Kim dotcom to hold free talk why we love to hear from him. Because I I think Major League Baseball should just limit the trips the mound. They should end up putting ish old you know pitch clock and go to the buzzer just beyond that who cares. She committee says it getting rid of the ticket tag instant replay that's ruining the game I couldn't agree more. Couldn't agree more. AB says there will be a limited trips to the mound allow X number of trips per nine innings much like time outs in the NFL. On. You know while the white mama says MM LB had speed issues in the seventies and eighties yes but that came in the form of appeal. Known as Greece. Badger Max says absolutely they've got to speed issue. You can't take your kid to a ball game anymore you're always leaving in the seventh inning going OK we'll listen to on the way home. And by the time you're on your kids asleep. I like to enjoy baseball at my son the only games that I can really go to enjoy a game with him is going on Sunday afternoons now I've quit buying games for the week. Tony says I think baseball's become long and boring and they can't get on their own way to keep mowing and up. Andrew basically says the same thing. Pace of play some of these pitchers are called human rain delays there's a reason why because they take too much damn time habitation that long to get yourself together. You should be on the dam on the begin. 85583086488. By 5830. 864 discourse in the program brought to by our good friends and cousins out with a Lebanese back don't forget. Wanna stop any doubt one though limited time only download the app on your apple your android phone or go to cousins subs dot com cousins of dot com. Where they believe in better with the for a limited time it is the Reuben. That is back go to TJ TJ Greenfield I don't nobody let's go from there. They don't call. I'd Wear such give it to me in our society and that's not what baseball is baseball. It was a long game. I can get rid of the reap where. Could care less whether you know guys in the vicinity of the debate or whether actually Kutcher you know whatever that is I think that rules ordered it. Arm. I know we'll see you shortly up a game. As far as having. It's Clark river. OP wanna have if you shorted it I admit or you're really gonna gain. And look how little more and you could shorten the game and gave remedies they're together shored up by like an hour or have already that. Nearly impossible if not possible. I don't mind if they shorted by ten or fifteen minutes it's before our games specifically in the post season that became ridiculous. Sure you know what that's what you do with coaching changes in. You know I agree with step Arafat's this year was every time to a really loosen up when you take all right I you know let's. That's ridiculous Nomar Garciaparra is our belief now we don't need a border. All kind of spell where you are right. Most of what you're close but. This course that I I conceded that I gave. You know speeded up a little bit when you're not gonna do a whole lot of fans buy all your own we saved four minute. Eighteen minutes over all the years. Market economics and by what. I appreciate the phone call I don't think it's a matter of five minutes a game. Blight when you take the grand scheme the thing about this from him if you take the grand scheme. Of a minute or two an inning. Think about what can transpire in a minute Major League Baseball. How much quicker became wolf peel. If you know what I mean. I mean just think about their permit and grand scheme of things if you count a minute. It admit it is a eight. They deceptively long time when it comes to Major League Baseball again if you can shorten the game baseball like ten minutes or shorty short each inning by inning by a minute now big innings and big offensive outputs and explosions so that's gonna change again. But if you're talking insisting continual action. Which is why. Into let's be honest than today's day and age. That's what people want. People are getting visual stimulation everywhere why you think it would ribbon boards in baseball stadiums. Because they're trying to be usually stimulated. Party time you go onto a stadium that's a little bit older even though it's someone of a new stadium a Progressive Field. Or like the the new version of Kaminsky. When White Sox. You know they're always adding something to visually stimulate you. The chain of putting different colors up remember they there for a long time there's no ever touching on the outfield walls now they do. There's different colors out there they want you. Tutu of bouquets. And have so much to stimulate your senses to make you feel that why do they do what it casinos if that's exact reason why. If certain music certain lights. Certain sounds things like that that continually. Stimulate your senses to make you sell one more to make you have to have to pay attention. It's all about marketing it's all about the subliminal within your own mind. That's what they otherwise what they do step in between innings now. There's always something there is the crazy cap shelf or hiding the ball in the sausage races and trivia and mean they're always doing something to stimulate the market. That's why they do. So Major League Baseball can speed it up say by ten minutes. That means in ten more ten last minute you have that much more action to stimulate your mind that's what they're trying to do. 8558308648. Alone like it dot com poll free talk line 855830. 86 for a his Major League Baseball have an issue when it comes to. Simply speeding up the game in the pace of play Bryant Tony Kevin and cast of thousands rebels say two mortal Michael show next. Wisconsin why did you go bill Michaels Stores told me. Don't like those shows on the air. Happy Valentine's Day tip. Hopefully you're celebrating an NA. And a fantastic way. This portion of the program by the way speaking of that I have to admit the fact that. Joseph what did you do beauty you have any plan or have you funny thing here I would assume did you as came back from vacations you guys had you guys did get away. Yeah I don't wanna talk about the C got surprises you don't wanna get it out there low. Not necessarily okay. We came to a consensus I've thought. Couple weeks back don't ever believe when they don't want any thing just gimme Cardona verbally while. Look this is my first year in a relationship with Valentine's Day coming around right we came to a consensus. That archer to San Diego was going to be our time our valentines. All I crap. And yet. My girlfriend still Japanese you know and I did it's that's what happens and I feel awful about it and now I need to figure out what I should do. Or if I should just let it go and just do whatever she wants me to do today I. I don't. I feel bad yeah because I thought. I thought there was a compromise here and apparently now I just think bell Valentine's Day is kind of an overrated holiday because it forces you. To do something with your significant other. If you really like your significant other you should be doing nice things for her every day. What I do that that's a way that I do agree that I try to do that everyday from but. But in the world of hallmark. Facts that cut through. They got to make their money no doubt no doubt. It is it's it's. During Easter last year. So lol. It's technically are firsts Valentine's Day today. We spent the night last night chasing around Mickey my dog because Ian of being really sicker ran into the unit. He served bleeding really bad last night so we had we had like a scare so we really have much of and the evening so to speak. But I did. I'd she she says the same thing don't give me any time. And she's really. Really really anal about money I mean just don't go overboard don't spend anything extra. You know while while but I you know me and I just did you know you do flower you dinner. The card are you she likes wine white wines are got a one of those. Hallmark white wine glass as you know it has the hearts on Arkansas but a border some hearings are matching necklace from diamond earrings and a matching necklace. At this the first messages posted in the first started and ended up you know she took a picture of impose our FaceBook but it. Our evening was here here you go oh my god I can't believe you Communist. North brought the dog and then for the next five hours. We spent they're chasing make your answer she's got something planned I guess for the weekend. I it's Valentine's day's a different day itself. I'm. I'm yesterday I'm gonna pick up the package that I better ordered. Hallmark is loaded jewelry stores are loaded. I went and I had to take a couple things up over Walgreens Walgreens is loaded people bond balloons buying cards by and papers by give bags a whole thing it's loaded. And so I get up this morning. Our had to take Mickey to them that. And then I had to take and some are brownies that she had made for my step sons Valentine's Day party it's quite a thing in the schools more. So I stopped over a quick trip Omar Wayans. And there is a line. I kid you not O line of guys. Standing in line with breakfast sandwich is in coffee cups and everything workers in our. And then there's a little tiny card section. In a quick trip. And they all have caught Perkins. And I'll have those three roses with a little baby's breath and one piece of greenery here in that plastic in out. It and I looked quick trip by brag about it got everything they really did little. Blight. It's still it's it's Valentine's Day at the last minute you're at the gas station get me flowers and cards. Are usually Billy get other you know. So I'm like okay Richards got out that's what I'm sitting there thinking to myself is this a great commercial. Or is this a statement on the society of these guys that urges that blame that on the way into work in the morning. Stop but it picking up flowers and against vision for their significant other you know that everything. But quit her Scott at all stop and your local which Rivet you. Happened does not make getting up for the wife the girlfriend whatever. Because they even have flour used up their goods and flowers is what they have everything equipped for a final locating your YouTube like a quick trip. God council backed a phone calls is to. Well do you put on hold on this regarding Major League Baseball do they have an issue when it comes in the pace of play let's go to Tony was he too was in Wausau Tony I don't know what's going on man. Yeah. Eight. You're looking for your. Tom I have no idea what you call in a teacher like. Now I I told vote read her mind and was ordered. Okay sorry about even not even close guys see us about the idea. Look at what happened or I'm sure would appreciate audio all right there you go easy within a family there you go it's a joke. Albert caller about meeting up. And it makes it really hard for me to watch it on in. And I'm and I got but at at the unit. Well here and you know look at your. Look at her on the infield I think of they would. Underweight it just keep a batter in the batter's box. You know interest and can drag out to a remember mr. game like he would bargain up rigor of the brewer. Are you with the flow and immediately in the US. It was like load watch me. So much time between enter. And it ends up or because of that the bankers just by the time we finally dropped at. They were already off the ball their street and up. And night he had a very good record for like fifteen. And and yet he then it was a region that in the year he didn't sign with anywhere. And I suspect in that I've been to do it just how long term and at that. Whether they could find a way to get the batters to just did there and I mean. We abolished it. All at a level or alive it's not rocket. It's hand eye coordination is I'm. Level of mental ability by. If you'd just. Shouldn't have wait for that I had to go through that whole lot of ritual if you remember Mike Hargrove what the Cleveland Indians. The worst I can remember ever. He would turn and and a minute it entered. You know yeah it was period he had one out walk because the picture eventually would lose in. Orbit the. Yep no I I completely got it. Understood. Our. Our buddy he's joked I deserved. It doesn't don't I would look at. How they hell you gave Joseph the Tony. That's what I wanna know. All right let's go it's about the book cause doctor Susan losing to was in Florida Susan I don't know what's going on. I'm doing well how are you won't work don't wanna area. I think I did make a comment on May play. I'm walking native I grew up there was great they are moved to Florida twenty years now. Now and we're looking at what happened here in Florida. You know a comic or about younger generation and interest in the game and really losing. These younger athlete. Out here Florida. Nobody's interest and they are now we've got beat Ali act on it while me and it. And sometimes they overlap and when they have to make it right. They will never actually they pop they pilots floundering. Even here with the rate in the national interest and it and gained huge break. I can understand that reality I believe neck if they didn't expect immediate reality. I'm like younger athlete is not in that they my grandkids. You know like they walked two while and that apple. I think we need good off when not need to get all while I play. Well run they hit the ball picture runners around but little action in the intense. As. And patent happy chart and I'm migration Ali that if he and lieutenant emulation. Yeah I get up and I can your college in port and with a battered and battered. I've been looking at and go up you know put actually what the bad acting the back. Don't outfielder and you're in elated when they're at a concentration out there waiting for something happen. We had a mechanical and not a little bit. ET can I mean gave him appreciate the focal thanks for the perspective. Because she's obviously down in Tampa and down their nearer to him they rate country where I agree I mean I think the trop has been. For the success of the rays have had now presidential medal out there has been the same but it. Austin for the success of the rays had specifically when man was there they could evens they still couldn't get people. That is of the that is. That is of a bad baseball market. Miami Heat on the other hand when they were winning and the Marlins were good. They ever shown up it's the fact that affected they have not had faith in ownership down there a long time. And every time they just start to turn things around. It seemed like they just end up just carry it all back down again and and it takes away any hope you may or may not have. Now the new stadium did didn't go over well down there was kind of forced down their throats and they were upset about that. And had they come in the end as many times you come into a new stadium. You start to win people how to get excited about the stadium people get excited about the team. Things begin to happen unfortunately. They never did they really win there a couple of guys in Kabul stars in a tragedy. That happened down there as well. Then some of their bigger names he traded away so it's it has not been a good baseball market in recent history either. Unfortunately. 855830864. We'll get back on the phone calls thought Jacksonville Michael jump. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk that. Work. So why don't show on the air we are glad you're here thanks so much for take a listen do we certainly appreciate it. 855830864. Rate on the loans we kept our council rhetorical a Major League Baseball. Talking again. Again about possibly speeding up the game in some way shape or form and I just keeps saying to them what in that hell is so different called. About simply putting out a pitch clock. And putting one person up in the Booth. That gets a chance to look at the replay and buzz is the home plate umpire if there is a question other than that take all the challenges all the garbage out of baseball. Just give back the plane the damn game in southeast for our post season games it's not hard. It really is it not only is nobody has explained to me the ramifications. Of either of these things being implemented. The president. Decided ever call will be cut the game by 1015. Minutes it actually does becoming more. Action packed type of game I don't it's hard to believe but it won't give it will speed pitching up in a religion or no hitter quicker. If phi you do have big innings it gives you more and more opportunity to see scoring in the C guy Sweeney and see guys putting balls in play and see more action on the field. And when you think of it in that realm it just. I don't know why this is so difficult a Major League Baseball continually. Over thinks it's. Go to Brian White Hall listening to us and Rudy KTY Brian I don't an email what's going on. Pretty good ball rolled all lets up. All I'd be glad you called but that it in the batter's box. One of the solutions are good public well what you'd get maybe twelve threes that's boxing like if you draw. If you need to adjust your bones are. We brought in to a pitching to a strong and get a chance to recover your soul. Or you get a check of its courtship because it nor is a different well I called yeah. But one thing net of it is it's clock a little when the pictures lot in between that you've done a little bit different conditioning because ought to pictures. One who didn't make it such a long time between pitches and get armrest. We gave them a little bit a little bit of breaking if you get sort of a lot of problems which caught. I think pitches and with a little bit harder time getting through the six defendants. Also all of this and then these birds eating good as far as World Series will play out I agree with having big gains because. At all when they told screen or maybe like second or third or fourth in war issue is not in doubt. We're both teams had a chance yet nobody couple big gains will just break up or that a fact. One of those little mud that they all of these loans. I kept me homesickness school. The year of the Orioles in the red playing in the series and I assumed it was but at some point in my life is of the problems. Based. It just create important the interest in the game for the rest your life and know that. And I games I can see why we are in quote not let that lead the people on the East Coast. When there's a large base interest not a stand up to 12:1 o'clock in the morning. Nine I completely real art and realize the revolution is important but. Played a game orbit early give everybody else a chance to finish watching it while having a missile or normal schedule. Yeah now I I completely agree appreciate the phone call I remember. Watching games now granted he you know some people say is bad and I remember teachers watching games and school. Watching playoff games and school are remember getting home watching it day game on a Saturday. I remember Thursday day games are Wednesday due to quote businessman's special today you can't call it you just called. You know the good day game or whatever it is they wanna call it might regardless I remember. Watching baseball and growing up it. Anxious. To see baseball in that realm because of that. In today's day and age I couldn't do it. No it. Mom won us embedded when we dog the dog was a great wealth sixth grade maybe mama's mourners in bed at 93010 o'clock after that it was eleven at the latest. On the on the East Coast time in today's stage I'd miss allied miss I don't know about the fifth inning and just rest of the games. Be waking up the next day. Who won I get to see it all walk off fighting get to see it OK great. Good I'd take a quick break. Come back. Bucs get a win last night. College football while attendance is down. We'll talk some more baseball. Got a lot coming up stay do mortal Michael should act. He ordered to. Film Michael's voice talking network.