HR1 – Is the Packers WR core a bigger issue than we think?

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Friday, January 19th

Hour 1. Bill Michaels has a confession to make…He’s convinced the Vikings will win the Super Bowl. Plus, we’ll talk Bucks with Paul Henning…and congrats to Giannis!


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Full movie leads runs to. River runs this season we're Wisconsin sports fans go home stood tall the bill Mikey show. I don't like those shows on there. I don't know I'm in a faulty mood today I general wake up one of those days in new. It's not that you're just genuinely happy OK it's not that it's one of those days of I really don't care I just it. Is all weird feeling today. Just you wanna get to the weekend. You got things going on you're looking forward to. You just you just wanna relax you know it's not like you've got these. This this unbelievable trip planned to this weekend planned during the I've got some good stuff tonight we've got our holiday party for the company. So go and I gotta go there. Don't go there are no heroin when you're names on the majority got to go. But you know tomorrow gonna be on the ice party which is down in Fontana Wisconsin Emily Geneva the opposite in the Lake Geneva. And that benefits the first responders in the Fontana part apartment that they do want to stuff with four boys your Blackhawks finish ago. Could they bring in a much of former Blackhawks is really it's a lot of fun. And out of the Blackhawks are struggling right now so you probably have seen better days so come out and see some of the black card grades coming up this weekend or tomorrow. From noon to six down Infante and out the heavy resort. Somebody out there tomorrow but it just. This was Lincoln's words like OK you know I just I can't wait for a fireplace I can't wait for the championship games. I ice really Jolo last night us digress he was fantastic last night in the huddle by the way we are great time on it to him that he's out or grow. On the burly. And so last not a economy might pitch and Cinemark right about this or am I gonna be completely wrong so I went home. And I study in a sort of look at stats in statistics and then all these different tendencies in which stats are statistics duck. Thumb. And I. So I I start to look at the matchup and I think OK really in all honesty Q do you even say. Blake portals against Tom Brady can you say that same breath. He really without laughing. Is much is good of a season has bully board morals is hats Blake portals are pro football focus was rated as the worst not even close to the worst the worst. Quarterback in all football only two years ago. Now he's playing for an AFC championship game. Granted they have done a tremendous job in building up that defense. Okay they've got their via the defense has not been just late portals. But he's been an accident peace and he's also we'd be in the good Blake and badly to depends on which Blake moral shows up put it in that breath. AFC championship game Gillette Stadium. Blake portals visits Tom Brady and I just start busting out laughter. So as good as the defense is. I. I gotta go that deep or I got to go to number OK so that's an easy. So are really really really started studying north okay top ranked defense is okay they're they're kind of at seeing each other out. So offensive mind in in Doug Peterson against the defensive minded Zimmer. And I'm looking at this and think in Zimmer he game plans so well when he was since it's in there and in Cincinnati and some of the top quarterbacks in the league and even slow down Aaron Rodgers and really put the kibosh on remember that was the Aaron Rodgers game when used in Cincinnati when him and Mike McCarthy look on the sidelines and there was so many questions about. Who was calling the plays and how unhappy Aron was. You know. In just. Dunlap and Simpson and they were common after androgynous figure out a way to governments and I'm thinking okay. He is game planned extremely well against some of the best quarterbacks in the league. And I I can't I can't go nick falls case in case you haven't a a 1000% better year. How can I how can I do anything but pick the vikings if you just if you plop them down and neutral site you go vikings by seven. And now on the ice and I did pay me I mean I physically get like a pain like it's a growing pool you know. It's it pains me. To save despite. You vikings journal and so okay now you've got all my god OK now I gotta drive in the Minneapolis Saint Paul that's wanna stop Auburn's ante goes there would be her first and stop their first. She stopped off exit Tigger he's getting all gassed up consuming different ways because I just don't care and other things like home. So. Now think and I'm gonna be going into the city where they're going to be hosting a Super Bowl and their team is in it. And they're facing its like. The Tampa Bay Rays and the New York Yankees horror maybe like the brewers and yankees it's it's still the smallest market the biggest market in the the giant dominating monster that is Bill Belichick and Tom Brady against. The team that has had four losses in the Super Bowl and they have lost six straight NFC championship games in case you know that six straight. NFC championship games. And you're talking about a defense that's number one in the league number one against the past number two against Iran. You're watching this team just unfold with case he then led led offense that has some weaponry can get it done it got a much better offensive line. And they it's not like they're just world beaters but they can move the football consistently enough they've got a decent running back even after they lost their rookie early on this season. And and I look over icy Tom Brady and I'm like what else does does do they have it's Tom Brady to gronkowski they've got to run. Put your talking about the best of the best going against. You know the run game and Gradkowski I can they beat Tom Brady can Bill Belichick on what was something I think simmers a fantastic schemer so I. And I then it hit me. The vikings are gonna win the Super Bowl. And I wanted to throw up. I thank god. That I in in less the Packers are and in uncovering the Packers are always go up for Super Bowl and then on that Saturday before the Super Bowl. Go to parties everything and then I get out of town. At a party at my house speed getting dinner everybody comes over flipped on all the TVs in the bar all the TVs and house whatever room you go to it's got a TV are. And we watching it that's always been like the last 45 years. And and I'm sitting there thinking to myself. We're going to be drinking heavily because the vikings are gonna win the Super Bowl as they Packers fan. It just pains me to say it but that was my that was my wrong last night when I got home. So then I started thinking to myself. One of the Packers need to do to get back. To get on that level now Aaron Rodgers much better quarterback in case keep. OK but if you're gonna look at the weaponry in what's going to lead Green Bay Packers we almost going to be off its OK so you've got an unbelievable defense. That by the way is is a healthy all eleven starters are healthy. Did you know you gotta be healthy you gotta be good you gotta get hot you got to be lucky those are the four combinations you have to have the win. And they're good they're hot they're healthy and they've gotten some luck just look at last week. And then they're going in Philadelphia this weekend we're gonna be a balmy 45 to fifty degrees. You don't get much more more luck in that. Some think you won the Packers need to do to be. One got to establish a run game and get a semblance of run I think the Packers are onto something but it still goes back to the offensive line. Got to get it right car are right tackle got to figure out right guard Jahri Evans come back. Would then I started to think. They've got good cover corners. They've got really good to a record Xavier Rhodes is is really blossomed over the last couple years and that guy they've got some really good coverage in that second there. And in what they have and what's there's been able to do. With Xavier Rhodes a tray Wayne's. Terence Newman we brought over from Cincinnati. And then you got a thumper like Harrison Smith. I asked Anderson Deo. Who went down an injury last week it was in me playing in this game. I Jauron curse. The seventh round draft choice it last year that it is really kind of I'm kind of turned the corner for them and got a pretty deep secondary. What any any better wide receivers. Is the Packers wide receiving corps a bigger issue than we think. For this team. To really get over is the Packers wide receiving corps a bigger issue within we think. Is it more or less talented. Then what we look at through degree angle glasses. 8558308648. 8558308648. That the Malone white tipped our council for TARP money 558308648. You know what's your opinion. Because that's what's gonna start this year. Not only I mean we all know it's going to obviously. Begin with a Aaron Rodgers. But after that when Aaron Rodgers is dropping back in the pocket he's check in now he's looking around looking looking looking looking look in look and what do you got. What do you got. What do you got. And you're gonna have to answer that question. Is it underrated or overrated. The Green Bay Packers while receiving corps. And what do you think they need. 8558308648. That's on the loans by kept account pull free talk line. You got a big gathering going on this weekend. Many to be watching a championship games. At every meeting gathering whatever happens to be don't forget about the customizable party boxes over cousins subs the classic two foot party sub. Other got the individual box lunches for you if you wanna do that they got so many options offer. All you have to do is go to cousins subs dot com and don't forget you're gonna going to should just when you Kris have won an order of the Michael's. The pepperoni out. Extra Mayo extra cheese Italian bread you decide the radio Ager cheese Kurds. Hunkered down for the games and you are good to go that's the way to watch again cousin so really believe in better the officials sub sandwich. A the bill Michael's sports talk network. What is underrated or overrated. About the wide receiving corps. Of this Green Bay Packers team when we come back Bob your first out of the shoot death bobs and appear cast of thousands of a line becomes available is everyone's lighting up as we speak. 8558308648. I want to talk about this week about more of a Michael show next. Border to border. Film Michael's voice talking network. Lot of it. I was laid awake last night just. And think about this Packers team. And as I started to break down the NFC in the AFC championship games and struggle look. Forward and look ahead to the super wal now the Super Bowl prediction could change obviously injuries play apart that. You wins and losses you live Florida. But I thought you know fight to sit here today and pick because a champion. It's so hard to repeat the NFL. And the patriots they have had so much sustained success. And there's just something right now rolling in Minnesota I Eddie pained me to say right thing Minnesota which is gonna winning a super. And then I thought okay you're talking about the Super Bowl champions now playing in the NFC north and the Packard and have come back next year most likely not picked to win the division. And what they me. And when you start talking about strength against strength the packers' strength is their offense. The strength of the Minnesota Vikings is their defense. Who's got the upper hand and you circle through this some thinking OK they've got to solidify the offensive line you got to figure out what Jerry Evans is gonna do you got to figure out which can over the right tackle position. And then you have to think yourself wide receivers. You have the speed to compete. You got to get past that secondary got you guys didn't go get a Xavier Rhodes. Trade Wayne social good. Terence Newman the same way he edited the guy they picked up from Cincinnati couple years ago. Came over with Zimmer. And then Anderson NATO air since may Harrison Smith as just a stumper. And we got. You know Anthony bar that had strong sideline the Sam linebacker. Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Hendrickson middle linebacker. What they. And he got the speed to compete in the I don't think it myself now. Now. Got you got to pick up speed I don't know if it's on the roster or not but is this Packers wide receiving corps right now. The biggest issue is it a bigger issue than we think it is. Good policy to us and appear Bob Walker the program the Michael show. Yeah a bomb. This speed with a pair receivers who can relate to thought of fifty majority hurt they overrated the fortunate few NFL you. And improve one. It is speed guy wants these guys in at least I mean you look at Pittsburgh I would doubt they have four wide receivers are and any packer. What is studio easily. Why you Trace it Trevor Davis and inject Jezebel fast but they're not guys that you knew or even starting lineup soaring and hiking consider them wide receivers that Gergen we benefactor dear team. Her beneficial to your team so I I agree with you mean. I think Jordy is deceptively fast but I think George has lost a step I think Randall Cobb even as even as speedy as he can beat. He's not a tall guy he's not a guy that golfing get a forty Dovonte Adams is probably the best thing that you have. If he's your number one target but you need another guy you need another speedster opposite him ten you have to pray to god he doesn't put out an injury. What what does Trevor Davis. I Wikipedia he's pretty malls and. He's he's well yeah he's more about. He still a little bit taller he says got a bit of a size two I think he's about six Floyd. But he's yeah he's a slender guy. Yeah you know Georgia is the biggest question mark. For what 234 you will roll call. Yes I didn't matter fact Trevor Davis by the way 61188. Onslaught. Tiny but I can't see him to a duel with trucker gonna have to get a life mr. Rivera after tree thanks. All right Virginia man. He drops out you get onboard 855830864. Radar body Ty who listens to his in Philadelphia. Tie I don't what's it like down air Philly right now time. The mobile build. Community attribute no. Pretty cynical we're well. Do you all not you would know better than anybody would did you notice that Minnesota travel agencies for fans from the Minnesota Vikings that are going to Philly are being advised not to Wear their jerseys. For fear of physical retribution is it that bad in Philadelphia. Yeah. Slugger award should regain all Christmas in Oakland. And he there was curry the honor with a lot of people in California and they treat the monitor the beginning over. Envoy no aboard the city of brotherly love they. The it didn't Wear them build a stupid great great question that you bitchy quote. And and I'm going to hurt the city no. And are bigoted Goldberg who we've been talking robot or worst oil markets. And that's it basically that somebody's gonna have to go. And that's whether it be dirty you are a little out there. Aren't they do people we bought her a little bit Smart receiver position and so we need our particular work could actually lead right. Our meet in because our first caller we need critical point you know maybe you can look at it there are like sports figures party. And you know it's called a cost some money we're gonna have Obama destroyed were glued to assure you that this is a boat. This is all this stuff with these people could to get. Didn't the president oracle. And majority counselor good Minnesota's deeper. You do it in Quebec or Iraq is. And we sitting on networks all you need though whether it's a Waltz. Into a period or whether it's as each is probable. So that principal reported I would say more of a veteran. We're seeing little speed you'd open border deterrent what they want to hear from you awarded the which beat. Right he's he's the guy they appreciate the phone calls always tell I enjoy yourself in Philadelphia this weekend. Odd Dovonte Adams he's got he's not Antonio browns beat he's a step below that. But he can do a lot of that same stuff he'd go up and got it he's an apex guy he's got a good leaping ability good wingspan Europe's and they see guys get some big handy and don't get the ball. He's a guy there's been ego cross the middle. He's got into back shoulder. So he's really really developed into their number one weapon and he became that in and really excelled at that. This year but you need you need another guy. You need another guy I was gonna Frankie to Thomas Frank you don't there was garment. I'm fine how are you doing. Well. The question about the packer receivers. This is being checked into a longer roast you know for years and go after guys they weren't bigger wide receivers. Are blocking. Don't feel. And he got very. They just ignored the smaller quicker guys. We're meant for you on Q Mardy was which you hear it like I've done 186. That small orange. Our short. Yardage is in check the kind of guys that you would not if you you know that's into the draft report. You wouldn't go after that is important lost champion now. Salt. I. We hear you we definitely need somebody that should be. If you go back to and we lost Jennings how much better suited every policy while it didn't realize just how important. Greg Jennings was pretty prepared decisive shift that's. And he really gave to the distance what we need to know he was fast or because. And and you'll make your previous caller mentioned a while we go majorities now. And how everything just fell apart. Sure I think you dispute Geithner and end. Which regards to a Trevor Davis I gave it so I shouldn't be on the roster he. I mean it'll execution and he's the first black. Yeah were you and so it was college verdict today he pretty much did okay during his during his run. What are your quarter when he found amusing guy but he still got out ran meaning his legs taken up money them. Well I won't let go were talking about receivers are more subtle. And you know concerning stand up I think that we need to go after someone that's got. It's they're short should he has. And our food treatment shortly I told my guys that are in order party last year trapped in order tried to seek the truth. Kansas City for organ cookies from Kansas. And you go on Google program and I would have shot much tightness together trade. To trade. Nephews to Cleveland because of the Olympic history there. I wish I believe in treating a guy a year earlier rather than a year away. And I think we're seeing securities lakes are completely done. The majority has slowed down Iowa wolf find out what your your guys. Actually dream remember quarter stretch if that's playing it would never thought she's in two years court. He had surgery about I wonder which are transverse process or something. You can go out once I'm wondering if that's affecting him it's marches recovering from wrist injury yet anyway that's all I wanted to show in America. I appreciate it and he drops out to get aboard 8558308648855830. 86 Torre that's on the loans we tipped accountable free talk live is gonna neck in why then nick I don't they know what's going on. You're doing well it's mine. All are here are on I like these actors aren't are round our. Out of art why am I am not. Currently exports. Are. They're act the bared it will. Mean yes they need some weaponry now. And under her arm ever order and Eric fox bought our crop. Up. Mean. I have not heard that I know that did go to there's a couple of things were float around by it. I don't really until I start getting stuff coming say out of the Columbine. That's where you start to get a lot agents a lot of people together then I start to con no okay why yours will start perking up because when the rumors were coming out. Don't get me wrong I still put a little bit of stock in them but also you were talking about the change taking place in Green Bay. And I. I don't know where the rumors will be coming from is that wishful thinking. Or is that actually general manager is that you know an agent talking and that that was the only thing that I am concerned with because when you're going to change like that you're usually. Not a whole lot of loose lips at that point in time. And art and art. Better part of our. And we can't drop. Or are they caught up. Or or cop that got enough money at all air it. Out all Wear or. Our top or in art and art. Someone of that Albert and the fine yeah I mean though what what it. Our Crandall and poll there all right Butler or via. You know what I I would love to see them I mean I if you're gonna appreciate the phone call you're gonna go get in spend big money. Okay would that you're only gonna get one big create because you've only got one team to 30000 lets you start cutting people. Then you're gonna have upwards of 45 to fifty hoping a new car nominee pledged to. But if you're gonna have 25 to thirty million. And you're gonna really commit yourself chemical get this guy. The question is gonna have to be where you going are you going in the secondary. Or are you going a wide. Most or pay edge rusher which I believe edged Russia probably more of a Mormon important key in all those. But that that's what I bet that that's what you have to decide. And then you have to say OK then after that I got a very after the second or maybe even third tier guys in free agency for some of these other positions. Or get back in this I promise you because a wanna continue this discussion but the Milwaukee Bucks have been a topic of conversation. And we talked yesterday about getting some additional opinions Paula heading perversity boxed our count he's going to be joining us in Obama pick his brain because has been a maddening maddening team. As to the up and down and after yesterday and the day before we got in the box discussion overwhelmingly. The finger or at least the fingers are being pointed directly Jason Kidd I want to see what he did his opinion is on this as well stay tuned more like a trip to this. Sixteen stations strong yeah. Oh my school's sports talk now. Can I access all your number keeps saying that we are young. And it's just I you have to keep talking to them get through it. And until it clicks that they got they need each other. So this is who we're going to be we're going to be a team that wins who loses to. And and so you know we go hours ago. And so Jason Kidd didn't we are the job here. No you are immature. You have experience. Your geyser immature. And at some point you can't. Ball back on it anymore. You're as a coach are expected to wrote him up. And that's not happening because they still can't figure out how to handle success is Porsche program. Big Roger Marshall clinic health system official up your provider of yours truly liberal Michael show. In a picks me up coming back in the game you orthopedic wise the knee surgery was fantastic if you need something. Maybe they can get you home and as little as a day all you have Jews call made by five MC or to that 855. MC or so or to simply go to Marshall clinic dot org to find out all the information all the services that they provide their great people. That's the Marshall clinic health system joining us now on this matter orange outline Paul Henning perversity box dot com claw I don't. I know pretty Oreo I'm doing well how sick are you Lovie we are young excuse. It's getting pretty tired old. Been tired and old for a long time because. And a lot of quotes around Twitter yesterday chasing it. Basically set records for the season started that we can't use being young excuse anymore. And when you look at the guys were what now there and you look at the average age or human being. The box and a you know thirteen youngest team in the league sodomy the distress about the middle pack. You know got a city on the Internet he's 23 years old but the bit and the keys in and out there. Dominating at an MVP level so. You you can't use these young excuse with him because he's out they're doing now. And the guys around him you know John and dinner let so Middleton points now and not young guys old guys out. Or plastic here and the experience so are identical up there and continue. Insult in the fan base is that street. Our it is seemingly team I and I says it's not young it's immature as it did because they just simply can't handle success we can't figure out a name for whatever reason. The coaching staff can't get through their heads of the need to play a full four quarters against teams that either it are on the same par with them or lesser than the teams that are better than them neighbor they they bring it. But the other teams they don't seem to bring it on a night in night out basis. Is this in your opinion now down to coaching or isn't a talent on the team. It's a matter of all I think I think the challenge there but the coaching when it and maybe more acute BQ car with an air with a comment in the night and I can only. How these guys so much and there are gonna do it or not. We do two things in their one. He's not able conveyed the message that we or two he would convey it effectively and they're not getting it or they are ignoring it because. Our seventh ranked in India ought we we get it on often. And that's not very good offenses than he called the insult there's. The other night but that's kind of what. Happened in the NBA you don't have a strong system circles to fall back I don't know what to do. Late in games they're reliant isolation all that reliance article 11. What the system in place that was a little bit better they might have others are alliance to continually move the ball. But on the defense and were we'd been atrocious spots are ranked seven. Were right about their rebounding. We kick it stops when we turn to get out and about all the coaching staff because to them. They have a system that works that the players can in fact that we. You out of war. And it'll put them down to look into the roster you know the bottom and rock Kerry or. You know portrayed in imports China and and or drastic. You look back to two and you're here. And John Hammond to nominal. Replacing Michael Redd with Jerry Stackhouse. He made straight for Kurt Thomas and Bogut went down. Those two guys held that you gathered Jerry decked out in retirement of the opera and you guys. And they they are those guys I would be irrational and out of bring an emotional night. This team doesn't have those after we have an partly. And we've never been able since we jettisoned them for her optics and not. What is this team need. Moving forward I mean they need to. Get somebody who can rebound the ball I mean we're getting beat up in the paint in the vote that night. You know you saw without weights site just manhandled or in back to back games. Honored in averaging eighteen minutes. And you not been anywhere here he was last year. Thought the box wants to write this ship they really need to find a way to get them being here and get stops and who can eat. Rebound the ball and provide a fox and or. Because the bucks to our top you know even our our big men all had a great year while standard. It's still not a very hot guy you get round in and you don't org bring any beef. I really don't understand why they wouldn't bring in Andrew Bogut. Is if you wanted to come here from that you can pick him up for not being. Etsy elbow portrait going comes. Otherwise he hardly think they gotta be in the you'll get a guy like that. Out of Atlanta who can who can rebound the ball and coddling them after all about it the shot. He's available. I talked to put on the market and the Portugal he did do something become harper we just are very fast ball. Why and they had the the question has been when you hear different names being bandied about. That we gonna give up would do the do the Bucs have enough. That's a question used to get some equality is really gonna fortified in the middle. Do they have enough to give up. Well. That flight. That's where you kind of look at it from the war and assets you know hundred jordin is just too big factors for the box with a the other. Because we don't have the asset. Same thing you know now not Charlotte's seven fires eloquent Tampa. Like our marketing people are talking about going to get torn artery. You don't. You know all of it in an hour the next two years and the bucks just don't have that the packets put together salary structure. And make that kind of deal they'll to go get it directly at me and I'd -- what he it will and out there you know he's been. Very very bad and I have very little hope that he's going to be good rotation player the box. And best case scenario kind of organs stroke on the label. So you know going back that's it you're you know the orchestrated. July and they're very under performing rookie for this kind of a battle in veterinary insurance Emmons and I think. A trade like these it will intertwined that it could be you know kind of that your that your ball where. Highly underrated you know disappointed rookie for another another guy that's not hot name on the market but it got the incumbent do. Exactly what this team lacking which is rebound the ball box out. I've never seen a team that is sold or boxing now and I know what compelled to do you think it's scheme in and Byron are rebounding as well. I've at the end of the day you know beautiful game and got twenty more shots and we did. On the the end of the day it seemed taken one more shops and back and wondered that. Obama and go back to that you talk about Jason did scheme. Look when I see this team play three quarters or one quarter where they're standing flat footed no plea defense which they when they play defense everything transitions offer that there's like an energy there there's just something different one actually playing a so what systematically are they doing to take them out of the ability to play defense so. Well bait you know what market Johnson key market on broadcast. You know. Chris Middleton and got a certain number one number two in minutes played and they're also number there are also top five in mild hand defensively. So what does he required a lot of paper activity. On the defense and a lot of switching a lot of W a lot of you know going all grown strong side and then having a rush back to try to stop that or three without but he got to be run ragged. On the an analytical on the offense demand in our debt structure so it is important to a lot of one on one. Given hypocrites giving it to Bledsoe gave it the honest and does seem what they can do and reveal their corner on the perimeter with their hands and knees so. We're not maximizing these guys energy as well it could be and and kids in these you know help guide it back because he. You want you know or transition defense we never crashed or. That's part of it but. We just haven't designed a system that we're maximizing what our guys do well. And it is turning out and it's. It's gonna it's gonna Rupert you know we continue this pace you know just adding to part Parker. Is going to be in nice condition but there's much bigger problem. And it's not going to be something that we're gonna go on the playoffs and all worked out we're gonna go and play out and delegate vote again. Jason Kidd wasn't able. The match you know the raptors and the that they were able to adjust to lock. Jason Kidd just isn't a great you know home. Act is an old guy is not a great. You know a great coach in and I wrote there that you know some of the greatest players in India. Art ever really great coaches you know you look at guys like. Magic Johnson who passable if you games with the lakers you'll get Isiah Thomas with the knicks and that the situation net. But draw a lot of parallels to Jason kid with a are now because. The players respect from the players likened. At the end of the day he's not the best start the guys and they. Well eight I understand that the players like my question you was this do they play hard for him because what I've seen is. I've seen Jason Kidd in now and again I I'm not in a bottle. Well it seems like there's just guys looking around as if they're deer in the headlights or talking to each other JC kids got to talk of a nobody's really paying attention ain't. He is he this game. I don't go I'm not an auto but is he the guy for the job do they really play hard for him. I don't really think that they do. Not not the principally because you can see. And taking place dock you can see them playing carelessly with all due to make you ought we have on our current. This team just never has been. Referred to limited disciplined team never been a shark teeth and he sees Jason kid sitting on the sidelines. What his head in his hands are staring out the distance but I've never. Honest he actively. Lobbying the refs are all actively. You know looking at extremely neck and I don't want you know a standing Gundy say. But I don't wanna light with coach on the sideline and who really looks check out a significant portion. And then after the game he does continually blamed the players that never heard a coach. That he never said that you know well it's. You know ultimately you know a lot of coaches say whatever happened on the war that's on me because it marked up to. Prepare them Smart to get them ready marked out right in our game plan. You never heard any of these well poverty and figured out of I've Gregg Popovich all the time every time that that the spurs get along now he says you know I gotta I did a car was shot and I got a better after attic you guys. And in this spot to be effective and that I'm in the coaching staff and can just never we can choose our ability so. It already looks please check out. And that press conference that go to reminding you about Scott Skiles. During media. Jennings and mark Ellen era. And it really feels to me like to begin unity and or are chasing chip but the boxer kind of stuck because there's not really any. Guys out there that you can say yet he's gonna comment maker batter and suddenly happen that way. And and you add in the ownership group who couldn't even decide and it GM over the summer and it's very concerning for them going on coach search as well. Good stuff man we appreciate it telegenic and sued general okay. Are brought baseball talk to assume they go that is Paul heading. He's with brew city box dot com you can read this stuff there are breaking down the Milwaukee Bucks and so the woes of the fallen them as well he join us on the shutter or challenge shatter our drivers right now you work arbitrage a fair eighty plus years living idiot then call 844 predators Schneider John Stark County. Yeah this is an all star who the other starters we'll tell you coming up next in the Michael show. Freeware. In Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. I'll grab a Michael show is Alia we are glad to have you thanks so much for take a listen to us we certainly appreciate it. There's always. You got this. Is a starter. In NBA favor. What are coming second in the overall voting jump to only the dollar second second in the overall voting only dual brawn and I had a staff about that there. Arrigo. But that being said. It's the first time a bar has been an NBA all star back to back seasons since. We Ray Allen or Mike Allred. Marcus Johnson holy in 19791980. That's critical. That's. How would never guess that. I if I could've swore that may be one and with the Big Three would have done it. In the years in 992002001. Somewhere in there but we're not talking about just an NBA all star back their tears were talk and an NBA all star starter. Now back today Q compact. So yacht as spurs wanna do it since Marcus Johansson 79 cavaliers forward LeBron James. For the ease Golden State Warriors guards stepped curry for the west's and they lead the all star voting in their conferences. Milwaukee's Johnny said Anna whom poll Philadelphia is and you oil indeed to Boston's carrier ring in Toronto's tomorrow's DeRozan. I'll also selected as starters from the Eastern Conference meanwhile Houston's James Harden. Golden State's Kevin Durant it's the New Orleans Hornets teammates Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins. Were also selected as starters from the Western Conference so those your starters. Our starters are gonna be determine or were determined by the votes from the fans. The players in the select group of media. And that was announced yesterday by the NBA games can be played February 18. In LA. At the staples. Is where they're going to be playing their games so. Anyway those are the stars to go to Xeon Sunnis get a lot. That's so that is why we can sit here and say one other young no they're not young you're talking about a guy that is if fan vote a player vote. A media vote starter second overall vote getter in the entire NBA. Eight you know yeah maybe winning in maturity wise but he had this whole young thing it's it's now it's it's apparent that excuse has got us out here anymore and I get another well he's a young eyes were on the called ion. You say stop it stop you can't use it anymore. You can't eat just you just can't you use get tired of it. So anyway that being said. It is believed Jerusalem we did talk about this yesterday nobody it is believed that after that Miami game on Wednesday night about ten minutes after the game. Yeah honest was seen exiting the B Myers Bradley Center and walking across street to the practice facility yet something he has done numerous times in the past when there were loans after a loss. Where he doesn't play a Waller he doesn't do something right. You're on the passing we get in his car and drive out to the cousin Saturn Saint Francis and and work out whatever was. But yeah honestly spotted again doing that on Wednesday night. Donna's is never going to be the player it's gonna slack off. He is he strives to be a perfectionist. That an end with all the players that have gotten into his head about how you wanna be great. Goddess wants to be great. And I do admire the fact that he'd he'd took that loss pretty hard and disappeared it's Friday doesn't talk talk to the media. Science is going on to work on his game probably is free throws that that's probably what I was. Gonna go I'd take a quick break top of the hour right around the corner when we come back would you rather see the vikings lose in the Super Bowl as the Packers fans not your vikings then you can chime in on this. What would you rather see the vikings losing the Super Bowl. Or would you rather see the vikings lose this Sunday. 855830864. It's that simple. More of a Michael show next. Wisconsin one. Bill Michael's sports talk.