HR1 – Is the Ty Montgomery experiment already over?

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Thursday, October 12th

10/12/17: Hour 1. Plus, we’ll take a look at the Vikings with Andrew Krammer.


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Promo links runs to the riverfront. This season we're Wisconsin sports fans column should all the bill Mikey show. Here's your host the home Michael's. 27 yards when she's. Kelly buyers over the maps now good spot down Walters. Intercepted him. It was intercepted. It Mike Tracy Porter. Near side in the morning can John Sullivan one team down at the 47 yard line. You've got to be kidding me I'd definitely what I just saw the see it's currently why do you even ponder the passing. 27 yard field goal. It never gets old. He never gets old is vikings' week. Welcome to the bell Michael show. I'm no Michael radio Joseph across the way this. Like the Gaza down. Paul Allen. How we look him. That is. That is that is good stuff out here you're is this effort and that's a good way to start to show. 85583086488558308648. On the loans might give dot com told free talk line. If you warning it was a shot you can. 855830864. If you want finest on the FaceBook fan page you can do that in a trek is down at FaceBook dot com. The bill Michael show is what you look force under gorgeous look for bill Michaels and you verified blue check mark and you're good to go there. They can also track his down on the website which is bill Michael's sports dot com let's go Michael sports dot com. And assuming other ways whether it's you know lived and just emailing us through the website to or YouTube or whatever happens you can always stretched out there so. Dogs the Green Bay Packers. Now Mike McCarthy. The court yesterday back and forth talks about Aaron Jones and you know effective use earned on the right to run the football and timely gummery you're gonna wait and see him. You know what's going on there and that does a really did committal one way or the other here's my question. Is the timer gummery running back experiment is is that already over. You know five games into the season is already over. That's something that's come by the wayside you seen enough does one game. From Erin Jones. Does that make you say you know why. Sure. I'm a gummery doesn't have to be the running back anymore so we back there as far as you know third down passing situations blocking back things like that but it. Does it make you say that this experiment. Is over. The converted running back her converting wide receiver to running back situation. Is this over 8558308648. 85583086. Four rate on the loans by kept our council Freetown or get a big dated. Big show Andrew Kramer the vikings beat writer for the star Tribune is gonna join us coming appeared bottom of the hour. Scott now from for it and she if you listen to much CBS Sports Radio he's always welcome river rouge and and always fun to talk to he's gonna join us in about an hour from now and then now obviously we talk every Thursday in a coach Kevin bullish of UW Whitewater. They got a stalemate last week though a win. Via the defense more so than anything set severed our national baseball insiders gonna joins me wanna game last night two games as a matter of fact. We have now a game five between the I cubs. And the nationals going back to DC an airplane that thing today so no off day and thank god baseball these does its mark. Because they're used to not playing with a off. You know so thank god they're playing Smart they're gonna join get this thing over with tonight. And then the Yankees. Beat Niemi I saw the Indians were destined to head back to the World Series. Terry Francona and company not going to the World Series instead it's the upstart yankees. Who have rebuilt that system. Get themselves in the post season and then get themselves and ALCS win. Our AL DS win and now off to the ALCS. Toronto it was September about all that coming up later on Paul charges here today from only saved our calmly say post our company and ball dot com. Irritate your fancy football questions and also we will talk with a head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks Jason Kidd will joyous in the last hour the program. So we got a full boat today. Full boat were the stuff. 855830864. Rape is the it is these. Is the experiment. With time a gummery running back should that come to an Ender do you think ties should be a best. A do you think maybe at best CDE should be like a third down. 85583086480. Part 58308648. At some loans by Kim dotcom told free TARP Klein a 5583086. Foray even got experiment should issued and yes knowing different. Yes no or in different. I got a couple people John and and very quickly on Twitter this is from Brock who's said tie should lose his job completely but Erin Jones. Ride the hot hand. Ride the hot and that I would agree. Follow a lead to my Dovonte amazed by the another running back for running. Time and gummery the converted wide receiver meanwhile you've got three other real running backs. Better back. A notch and tied to star has done his job admirably he did exactly what he was supposed to do. But I'm just and is asking the question. Should just now be airing Jones job to lose. Maybe might be the better question let's go to John listening to is you know Claire John Walker the program the Michael shows comment. Eight you don't. We want to do laundry and marriage all of these sewn some response to can talk to neighbor children were prosecuted. In the last week and against the thing I M Montgomery better ought to while I think he gives us enough. An extra weapon coming out of the backfield. I just don't think we need to put all right on bet it would be aired at this point do you need to get a couple more games under his belt. We did the same thing when time a gummery ran for over a hundred yards against the bears last year that silly he was he running and he should've got the job and I agree with I appreciate the phone call I agree with you seek. We and I said this yesterday in the cautionary tale look he looks like a running. Good jump quite quickstep saw with a hole wasn't hit it hard. And then where there wasn't a whole waited a minute bounce it outside pic of additional yardage there just looks like a running back. An NI IE but I agree with I agree with a call. You know 11 game does not a career make I hope he can continue that pacing give them the running game. That the Packers have have wanted in desperately search for for such a long period of time to give UA balanced attack. Or at least a threat of a balanced attack. But one game. You know life. Wait and see this and other good defense governor. The vikings have a really good defense they're they're winning games with defense now winning games of that offense they're winning games we defense is not a good defense coming up. So can a Green Bay Packers. Open up enough holes. Can the Green Bay Packers get the job done upfront to be able to give Eric Jones enough running rumor at least you have daylight so he can open things up. That's when you'll find out whether or not you have any real running backs so to speak and hearing jokes and then here's the other beside the have been the point. Is that once that once teams finally get a little bit of a book on him some film on him so to speak and you figure out the tendencies. Then they T did according to figure you out. They used do. And once they figure you out it's up to you to make the adjustment. Or you just find out if you've got that ability to adjust or maybe when they go to shut you down one direction it opens up things in another direction. So. Then you'll find out whether or not airing Jones is that real deal so you as much as I wanna say Perry Jones should be got to get some ball I believe he's earned that right. I'm not wholly sold. That he is going to be the deeds he wore course coming out of the backfield. 855830864885583086. Foray personal loans might give dot com told free talk line if you wanna gives a shout feel free to do so there's Porsche program by the way being Barack you buyer difference. At cousins aunts cousins of right now they have the other brisket. Stop in and pick it up for yourself it's the barbecue brisket Wisconsin cheddar cheese all over that thing the Krispy pickles the onions the horseradish Mayo they have it all over cousins of where they believe inveterate for a limited time only right now. To stopping Graham and I always recommend that pepperoni amounted to go Michael's. When the salaried your Joseph and a better what you're talking about if not explain it to. And shop in any cousins subs download that happened your apple your android phone cousins subs the officials sub sandwich of the bill Michael sports talk network do you think the experiment. A time when gummery running back should be over. Yes or no. And why 855830864. In loans might give Dutch council free talk like your phone calls reaction coming up next on the watch. Wisconsin why did you go bill Michael's sports talk. Rescinded by marsh field clinic health system. It's good you're good to do if that was the running game allowed to offer you more balance play action pass Kamal who words all so it's good effort right now. I don't jolly Johnny and we are glad to have you hopefully you're having a terrific day no matter where you are. 85583086488558308648. On the loans by chip dot com told free talk line 855830864. Goes in the words of Blaine Taylor. Montgomery at running back. Erin Jones they're running back you have Jamal Williams a running back you know forget about Dovonte Mays the running back that they kept on the roster. Because they had a lot of belief in him as well do one you know kind of expose him to the waiver wire. For running backs last year than an advantage. And emulation just pretty much hit. By Montgomery gets converted. Comes into the season as the incumbent. Goes down with a broken ribs Perry Jones takes over. Gets the start against Dallas and lonely old for the first time. Runs for over 100 yards and behind the line. That his allowed. The third most sacks in all of football. On Aaron Rodgers. Here's Aaron Jones the real deal. Do you feel. I don't mean I love to do her regular ration their runaway. But do you think did that he's a guy. Forty you stick with Tom Montgomery. Forty mix it up borrow what are your thoughts on the run get 8558308648855830. 864 rate personal loans what you dot com. Told free talk line. Gives shall look to hear from you as always because don't want your opinion on this. My opinion I like a set out one game doesn't doesn't a career make but he certainly look good he looked I'm just the eyeball test he looked like he running back. By the way do by TRE limited again in a practice yesterday with a hamstring we found out the Jordy Nelson injury. He was a full participant yesterday by the way so he most likely unless something happens will play this coming Sunday but it's his back. Don't find out more about that today but it's his back. We're here Mike McCarthy's presser. So. It wasn't a neat. It wasn't a leg injury your a hamstring as was originally reported and I told told you that the next day that when Michael Silver put that out there he retracted it. So for those were saying how to hamstring us and now it's it's it's not they he retracted that statement. It's his back and you don't like by the way he was outstretched if indeed it happened on that. Two point conversion. You could see he wins a little bit maybe he just came down little funny and had a taxpayers. And maybe the back was starting to lock up on him he just felt he went back out there he was gonna end up and probably more pain when he was already in. But that's the reason he wasn't out period a back injury. 8558308648. By the way yesterday for producer and also timely gummery with the ribs. Joseph Thomas still now that ankle injury nothing must be a high ankle sprain is bad. Our Morgan Burnett that's the there that's the concerning factor right now hamstring did not participate yesterday. And Ahmad Brooks with a bad back did not participate yesterday a mark Brooks was a guy who come into this system is a guy who just doesn't miss games he's been very very durable. And he's been banged up pretty much as he got. 855830864. It was Charlie listening to us in Milwaukee Charlie walk into the program go micro shorts on comment. I think particular call I mean I love the fact that you have to and effort are we bad different style. There are gonna be that are close. A quandary for every different to court later there gonna try it oh this guy or repair the if different quality different. Superiority. That can be exploited. And I say it bode well it can't I be concerned that we don't have that. Big crushing. Back that you know he'd go between the tackles America is truly out. One bit break it open and going through that tackles that's my real concern but osu would happen. Well I love Bridget focal I I agree. Because I just think it's it's. I hate to sound cliche but much like much like he just said he's gonna wait to see what happens celeb play out. I think were really quick to make a rush to judgment to say let's guys gotta he's the next end it it doesn't always happen that way how many times ABC one player come on. And look really good in their debut or look really good a season mean to marries Randall Quinn Rollins looked really good there rookie year. They struggled cents. So. You got. You got a discount. Go with the hot hand see what happens. And they hate it right it's that simple. You know we're so quick to point out who's going to be and who isn't gonna be a starter. God knows use every every man on the 53 man roster I think we all can understand that we all realize that. So Erin Jones was next man up and he performed admirably and I think right now it. For what he did the way he ran the way he looked just the eyeball mean that obviously statistically he looked extremely good. So he's got the hot hand ride the hot hand. Got a couple of games before the bye week you like to have everybody back and healthy let's go to Michael is he too was a Greenfield might welcome to the program the Michael show up. You know we look at they might. Well play my day maturation of this with a win we. Used Montgomery we didn't really have too many. Except that it bonafide running backs. He is not a born player and I think we should use them for the position that you you know you know playing the whole life practically. Maybe put him in a pitched well we won't have that tension anymore the rookie. Complaints and Heidi and get better at what you get complaints and yet trust between out. Even though they're not you don't have experienced in that we give at all so. As the court says that the props I mean throughout the years you get better no you know and you just give them didn't play. Montgomery. He injured. Hey I know I say why accuracy or I'd have liked excluding bulk. But placed some of these other rookies too because. The league doesn't at all. A lot of popular people we have an unknown commodity we play him. Not tickle your troops for all these other teams to catch up to negate plan is all I say go about him like you said. And let Montgomery ilk I don't really good utility player. In a pinch and we do they'll hybrid players. That's where I think the trend going with most teams so I say go and and whatever happens happens. Now that's who have Persia the phone call I I think growing agreement. And a growing agreement lets see if brandy agrees brand eulogy to those who watch our Randi I don't know what's up. There are. I their personnel. And their 10. Ops. There aren't adult. And I think that aren't in that city. That doctors it. He can't remember I can't remember if he ended up becoming a doctor what are you in the the two. And you have a victory. Or he'll make that putt. You know what you may be right as I vaguely remember that. I just I can't remember what he ended up doing so I wanted to remember that though. Everybody about it then. Coming. Back. To work out and it. Magic Davenport I think get a good game for the Packers are one point two. Now. James Starks ran parallel to post season for a little bit he never really panned out. You know it's like junior but I highly doubt but at that. But it. Our body per ship he drops off aboard a 55830864. Rated by 583086. For aid and loans by Kim dotcom told free talk line he is a dock. He is a doctor I'm at Saint Louis University could remember vaguely remembered that and I could remember who was hammer was somebody else but I remember one other. One of the guys whose study become a doctor but I wanna say for sure to I wasn't wasn't 100% sure. He also say medical missionary mechanism of that I do remember. Algeria the ER remember he was gonna become a missionary I do remember that but I didn't remember that he was going to be the doctor. Palaces anybody else remember Samkon Gado. Ear nose and throat doctor in saint looks. Mark says used ties you utility player Jones is as good as he looks. Jones has earned another start and are ready to just hand him the job would give him another start and it all goes well give him another after that. And this one's from Christine who says zillow Weis thought of Erin Jones. He is the guy that I would go with until he proves he can no longer do. 855830864. Rate. 85583086. Torre got a Wendy's email embarks. This was Kerry Kerry writes thought Mary Jones ran extremely well let's be honest here on his head down he looked like a ball carrier react like a ball carrier. And I believe he is the ball carrier the future are we used him always coming out of the backfield. To catch passes because he runs harder and has a great stiff form time when gummery doesn't have either. He is kind of just a guy with either replace Randall Cobb at the slot receiver position if indeed Karr was let go next year. We talked a little bit about that yesterday I he then let's just say that Williams and and it in what way at what they have radiologists say that what they have an Dovonte may Jamal Williams in an area joked. That pans out do you then take time and gummery. And say okay Iran to send you back out to the wide receiver position but would he be a better. Slot receivers I it's been so long since I was that wide receiver guy. I don't now. Mean the east he's not blazing speed but I gotta love me says like time and Iran he's a great guy. I would love to see him. Go argue look if they decide to say we're gonna cut ways with Ted Randall Cobb next year because Emeka twelve and half we got to pay Dovonte Adams. I'd love to see timing gummery moving in that role but I think when you're gonna seep over time. These 240 gonna mark morph into that role he'll be in and out from slot to outside. And you're gonna see more Dovonte Adams more drama more Allison what does that what does it do what time Montgomery. Where does he end up. And he he basically said look I'll do what you want he wanted to touch the ball more. And he's he told the team I'll do whatever you want me to do so yeah that's commendable. But it's all about productivity and guess. You know we all will talk about it all the time. 855830864. Rating 55 B 30864 rate when we come back. Gonna find out about all the injuries are on the on the side of Minnesota Vikings Jenna Cramer the vikings beat writer from the star Tribune. He's gonna join us their quarterback his ailing right now do you mourn that we come back right after this and go like show. Sixteen stations strong helped build my school's sports talk now. Presented by marsh field clinic health system. So she was sued for the moment they get over that particular one that comes their way they're very physical in the good out here so we got to do a great job of you know make an apartment and you know making it tougher run as an engine. Innovative and make important stuff throws and catches. Yeah. Gil Michael show. We continue Hough Clinton Dicks talking about supply and day exempt. I don't feel and in does survive digs she's got that groin injury didn't practice yesterday Sam Bradford has a need did not practice makes east in the garden. Did not practice Tom Johnson the defensive tackle. Anderson Mayo the safety I mean they've they've got quite a few guys banged up on their side of the football as well. And talk more about it from the star Tribune in Minneapolis Andrew Kramer now joining us in the Schneider orange hot iron I underwrite noted a man. I'm doing well things are now. So quite a few injuries zoology give us an update as to who do you think may or may not be playing this weekend because its interest in with the quarterback and more you about a wide receivers I'm not on the practice field right now. The other big ones obviously with Sam Bradford deal with an injury you just did not look good at all Monday night in Chicago. You know about her mom off and so were and the comeback after a month off three aggravate that injury which. The vikings are only bang hardware and Terry and his knee joint Munich re cartilage issuer credit I don't know but it an issue that isn't going away percent quickly and I can't imagine he termed Rahm played right away and shortened week. Against the Packers and so kicking in so called first team reps for the like yesterday. How will the later today he does the same but stepped on day however I do expect him to play set after practice yesterday. Without the watchman and I'll be out there but. I get kind of an appointed for him that he should keep in week on the field is really good what he's been banged up weakness or five games each season so I. I try to put together sixteen teams India about the author on Sunday. In case Kim's defense he's looked pretty good I mean if you go back a couple of weeks ago obviously and almost a perfect quarterback rating through three quarters so. It is is it that dramatically drop off a chamber effort is not under center. Well if they get is I'm only because Sam Bradford is the mortality. Quarterback man does that big reason why he went number one overall like getting these chances from two because people believe that he did you that franchise starter and you look like get out there on the Monday night against the bank and week one. Of course that's it's the epitome of his career but he goes I'll put back a performance not 140 quarterback rating. And then there was the vikings to one now and then of course an injury undercut and to that he knew that he had to repeal surgery on. In his past career so arsenal in December after not even thirty years old yet. He's got the stronger arm more accurate easy more comfortable on the often you are seeing these key now. Grow much more comfortable with what he's been asked to do it can credit the vikings coaching staff are adapting them and they're doing. Just fit keep asking them if it was much more mobile guy and taking advantage of moving the pocket much more repeat. And getting a long way from some of the pressure when you're seeing it kind of works without the right Kate has looked pretty good up but the opinion. It still started division in which case against the tree line and are fourteen to seven so that the issue still they are. Looking at the vikings obviously losing the running back early on to an ACL injury a couple of weeks ago it which which are extremely hurts you know the this team right now where where does this stand offensively what capability do they have out. Yet that album but injury really hurt them I mean that was one where you're arguing with the injured Sam Bradford and after all the injuries the team how often last year. For them to lose element of sort of how good he looked to the second yup well and turned out Sunday and rushing. Before he toward any yell compliance. In at 66 yards to that point I think it was in the third quarter when he went down and man eludes him he was so critical I'm going to the success of their running game. But it with a play action they try to build off of that the reason why aren't they Adam he'll have such a great start well in part because belt and cook was drawn so much attention teams were really focused on stopping our run game because they knew how much the vikings want to feel awful. In salute him at its top and the moving forward archer McKinnon. Have pretty decent night in Chicago but I think you're gonna keep committee I think you're asking more of a time share 5050 split between a military if. Are how much is still look one triple ushers first rounder airport picked for the vikings how much is he added to that often. Not much he how much it means you have a good block on your mechanic if you eight yard touchdown run by. The public to expect of the first round wide receiver you expect in the coming their MP a primary target I think part of it how. Have to do with the fact that Adam the only has emerged so well the number two receiver to step on it. But picked up a lot of the target of a lot of trust and how Rudolph the tide and I'm there as well what. He's just not getting looks in some time he's open he's not in the ball sometimes which is not creating separation in the same way that on picked out and he'll consistently do so. I think to kind of get lost in the off then and now with Michael's lawyers that are coming back he made it beat you Monday night for the vikings. I'm I didn't have a hard time seeing a quantum carve out an ignition at all. Palm defensively speaking other softens the Green Bay Packers is you look at it and ignore it's they found themselves are running back Marion Jones and Jordy Nelson who practice yesterday able to come back in his they've got a full compliment a wide receivers and David Bakhtiar comes back this thinks is expected to be firing on all cylinders. What do you think they do to try to slow this thing down. Yeah I think the one difference. I come from these recent Mike Zimmer chances are there rockers with the different this year but they're using feeder road to I think is one all I think that you wrote just got paid. You're not graphic novel oral all the guys who want him well but corners he'd gone up against the top receivers. Final hole not holding down excuse me guys like Antonio Brown Mike happens to pretty pedestrian gains that these are ready so I think they're going to put him wondering now and in the U want to see you either follow on those guys and that the slot as well which he had not done in the past but the big difference and I think when you look back back in Lambeau. I Jordy Nelson a lot of his damage and get honored the yard two touchdown and a lot of that. Came out of the plot were forty euros not going into so I think you're gonna see the Packers part time. It majority away from him but I do know that two Renault and not even their leading receiver right now bio so he. Well we sell it to Vontae items obviously can do Randall Cobb is got quite a few coach is coming out of a slide. You know it again how much show of this dynamic arrived of this offense coming in. He I guess be. With Aaron Rodgers have economy and Ed and almost MB PCs and people are re talking about him winning an MVP if he continues of this damage to kind of toward paste. We've seen dimmer Zimmerman it was shut him down before. Isn't just as matter of of putting a lot of pressure and Aaron Rodgers and getting him off of mark because we know that he can run or is it more so keep him in the pocket. But it does coverage sacks from downfield. Yet you limit pocket. Out of what they want to do because they know one errant rocket out of pocket that on the conference start to break down that's when you get at mercy yet they go by and the back up after back turn itself. The vikings focuses very much trying to Russian properly quote the lane entry and to escape and collapse the pocket on tropical. Now what they've got is to probably two of the best at an event at all ever younger and Antonio hunter. They've got the edge pressure now wanna be able to get that push up the middle the pocket and kind of struggling for them this year. I'm but yet the focus very much as trying to keep their rockers can mean. Play covered it well enough of those first 452 Pope legalize your culture get there and and that kind of been my numbers young Aaron Rodgers throughout our career. Talk away Vander Kramer the vikings be writer for the star Tribune last year the vikings offensive line was just decimated their tackles and we're losing tackles like crazy. Packers can go through that this year. And this team in the offseason fortified that how much better is that offensive line then. It has been much better in epic season one of the pleasant surprise. And a big yet that they played not up and 99%. Now together now at this point regarding a lot like you. Set to start tackle but we buy so at this point we'll import the vikings that got continuity there they've got basically a new starter at every spot up or new starters and they moved to fit starter to a different position of five new guys playing new positions ordinance here. And that actually played fairly well and team that you know with a backup and keeps them going in their. You screwed up and protection called the times is gonna be understandable pick ups. With the offense and they still been able to protect him fairly well I think that point given up nine sacks this year among the fewest in the week. Initial opening hole in the run game that that big first that your McKinnon had he was barely touched on it yeah eight yard touchdown run for the playing well together. And I think the big part of that is that the the play at two tackles Riley Reese and Mike Roberts. But you guys were much maligned I think you in Detroit and internal and where they came from. And that kind of helped reinvigorate their careers so our airmen. With the offensive line playing better in the fact they've been in a row on the football what is have been about the offensive has caused it at times to be stagnant and I mean if you just look at the run there not to run but the the the point differential. They're only plus six with a three into record at this point what is been in the nemesis in the state. I think the and the and the you know I'm not really understanding it I'm. What they've got and what that India because you with a team after the Detroit looked out and cook in the third quarter. At the time they were driving into the a ten yard gain that doubt Ortiz a lot. In May be really didn't necessarily know how to move or litigious Marie within three. In a good at it you know what in games great against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was pretty good in the second half Monday night in Chicago. I'm the reason why he never consigned to be a starter he only got a one year contract for two million this off season. I'm because he's got implementation you don't have a strong arm to get spooked and panicked at times and make mistakes and so. I think in general you're seeing the offense. Just inconsistent they've got too many penalties on the opposite side of all. I think he was in the Detroit either the average third downs like third down content that you just can't win that way excel. I think in general you'll he'd first from the ball and whether that on pigs went out within their. I beat some big plays occurred just haven't been consistent not to get into the end zone so. Armed they don't have a turnover problem and you'll see some good plays but he is still looking back and says that the that you are. It they were before I let you go though the Packers defensively coming in they are ranked twentieth in scoring or they haven't been necessarily played great you're hoping to get into the top fifteen top twelve or Robert Thomas seasons dead and so at this point time is is the Packers defense is that the defense in which. Opponents outside looking in fear. I'm not kept. I don't necessarily think the vikings look at the Packers and pure that you know there are certain players that have dominated them the route I know quite mapping the opposite it's against the might you know actually. Put together a lot of good games against the vikings. Elegant about the lines obviously I think the packers' front. Does it. Strike appeared normal little bit because the gain was put together or. I'm but I think that you banged up secondary and think it was gutsy pretty good receivers and take it and so I think a little bit of a mixed bag much account like involvement. Stub is always gender we certainly appreciate look for the game this week it'll show what it down a road okay. About jugular they grander Kramer the vikings beat writer for the star Tribune joining us on the Schneider orange hot lunch or hiring drivers right now you work hard they treat you fair eighty plus years they beginning it and calling 844 pride. Or go to shattered jobs dot com 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs died count. Sports in the program being brought to buy but like don't forget tonight the huddle back out on the road we're gonna be a most Irish club in wallet toast of the corner of highway would hundred blue mound. Chuck Freeman is gonna be our guest we're gonna have a good time coming out there tonight with the bud girls as well. Hope to see is a face in the crowd 68 tonight and it's Albright do you buy Bud Light the official beer sponsor. Of the Michael sports talk network will hear from Jordy Nelson coming up next in the though Michael show. 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And as I'm driving away I realized holy macro I throughout some money that I had sitting on the part to discredit onto paper it's money. So I come with him back and quick trip and I go to the garbage can right away and some cash comes over to meet a friend of Sparky you know Ryan hunter is is Naimi list is the program than. He's like he's got a picture of bill Michael's. Go through garbage at Qwikster. So. If you see that pop up. Yes that's me but that's the reason why I'd thrown ID was that I don't want unified sitting on my my front seat when I was. Fiddling around all the paper and all the trash everything was on the front four boarded the passengers out of my car wanna pick it up and I put in the bag to throw it out. Or mistakenly threw on the money you know that is why also you see a picture probably as the reason why milligrams counting scrounging through garbage cans for food leftovers. Autos wanna I really did so. Sent items a BCO workers are and others say yeah how we look at that solar friendly yard quick trip Jordy Nelson was asked what is special about his vikings defense. In his continent to have you Intel's fish in the back in the way they rotate they do get that job of disguising and that only works if everyone's on the same page. If you can't show two different coverages because of this you know something's but they wrote 20 they communicate alone until on the same page. And I Jordy obviously back at practice yesterday why is he catching TD passes at a rate greater than any right now. This source and infants certain situations and again. So much of it is getting lucky I mean certain calls are certain defense. And to me in the right spot at the right time so and very easily read ago. Four games and a touchdown. I don't think there and go four games throughout touchdown pass with patients who have. They've been they've been playing pretty well Jordy twelve into in the last fourteen games Aaron Rodgers numbers are criminals well. I don't see anything different I mean I mean I think as a hold an office to the ball better. And that's been. More this year than anything. I mean I might be pressure for him. To me hasn't changed anything that he was wasn't I was doing earlier last year and now so. By age and he's right just did the accuracy there right now now the whole Bob sled thing did you see that. No they did the Jamaican bobsled Bob's letters if you will. Victory dance in the end zone the other day we've seen different things happen I mean did the vikings you know money and affable to deduct a goose Indians who were seeing work. And creative celebrations in the end zone and who came up with a. Disarming a different things. There's sports or activities and a group of people do think he can phone stays in great fearnley no house to go back through your celebrations has more influence in some as an individual dancing over there by the pile on or something so I think guys have gotten creative with that. I like it I'll be honest with you see you Bob sled fan I do like to an Olympics. The Bob's. Feel with a single men as it goes down huge. Like those you intervention on every COC so it's fun to watch those. When they're on for those months in the oil business also I don't mind it. The luge that's restart amount me one man saw one man bobsled it's called the mood just enough. I haven't also Lloyd George said all our receivers bringing the celebration ideas of the table at this point separates us some good ideas. Yes we had a wholesome more personal and compulsive. They have that is were from joining us that he liked the end zone celebrations. I you don't like I have I've enjoyed it I've won I've I really enjoy the creativity. I said this the other day people got man enemy. But it's the truth because what's what's happening is you're seeing all these different guys come to the table with ideas friends and celebrations in the fans are enjoying it because you're looking to see what is going to happen next. The problem becomes when you run out of ideas you're trying to get bigger and better than the guy previous. And then all of a sudden. Things get sharp Beason remembered you had and TERRELL OWENS with a sharp Biggio worn with a cellphone. They started bringing props intuit and things got out of hand the NFL had to come squash and say OK and announce enough you gotta stop. I look for creativity I find that it entertaining. I just don't wanna see somebody screw this up for everybody else are really don't. But I like what's going on in the end zones right now. When we come back you're hearing nightly on CBS Sports Radio fur on a bench. Scott Burrell is going to be joining us for a talk with him about the NFL to a within some baseball as well. May throw some Hocking that the huge hockey fan out more than a much assured after the. This is still there. Bill my school's sports talk network. Presented by marsh field clinic health system.