HR1 – Who is dead weight on the Packers?

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Friday, January 12th

Hour 1. Plus, Bill and Joe will get you ready for Bucks vs Warriors.


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From the league runs. River runs this season we're Wisconsin sports fans come stood tall but bill Michael's you know. I. Good Friday Julia. Kelly look at. What Michael shows on the handle Michael's residual crossed the way. And get you ready for the week can get you ready for the your visual playoffs is that we've got the divisional playoffs coming up this weekend some good games. To get involved with I'm I'm. What to do myself this weekend this weekend is going to be one of those weekends where I think it's a cigar. Little bit of food. Beverage or two and I'm just gonna kick back relax and just do not much of anything. And and watching games and fool that that's the kind of weaken our heroes appealing it's going to be because this is kind of a call before the storm. Because as soon. Net it starts to get busy next week next week what we wouldn't have a holiday party here Joseph next week. You know doing that we have our holiday party. And it's always. Here here's here's the thing you get you get you know bill. Your. One of when the names around here whatever happens to be you know probably should show your okay great what is it. I always get a little relievers Hoover ball. So iso you know it it's those things are like you you you wanna go but you don't you can't make up your mind. And it's so every year it's easy because there are to make among wanted to say. I can't tell going to be and blank you know electorate Houston you before that weird services go and and Phoenix and whatever. So this year they said hey bill come volley party esta well as admissible we move it Emporia. So it's next week rather than you know the week we we pursue verbal. Are the week after or two weeks from Richardson. Are sort of a long walks or shortest. So it's Hershey getting that season there's a couple of different party you gotta go to there's a couple of offseason events you have a fishing show we all Canada shows coming to town sports shows. Got the auto show which by the way. I have out every year ago the auto ball. The the auto a dollar and I have not acquire tickets today yet I gotta get some tickets I love that it has always that you need event. But then you have that coming up and then you get into. You know Super Bowl back a couple of weeks then you're on the road on spring training. And then by the time we give back your and a March Madness everything's going on and also original opening days here and the like that went fast holy mackerel were already into the fourth and fifth month the month of the year so. A lot going on but I'm looking for the weekend and hopefully you are as well in the Packers continue to remake this team. Into whatever they believe it's going to be going in the next season I. It's one we did the show what a great time last article appeared on chuck Freeman and I had to the program out there it was a lot of fun we we week. It's always fun to do that show and then there's some shows that just. When you look at your watch like Howard that go this was this was great last night was far and radio great radio Lotta great people out their last night. I don't know what it is I don't know whether just because. Because at the end of the season. At the end of the season there were more people miserable. About the Green Bay Packers that I can recall. In a long time in a long time people just miserable. A bomb. That podcast yesterday Carol Carol from Dave and Carol of these new W Kelly each Carroll now works for a generally team in Milwaukee regular podcast. And when I was doing that with her yesterday used to it's it's conversational thing really neat thing. And I always. Just tell me she should you want is people I know we could wash of the last three or four games of the season it was just depressing and in you know it there really wasn't much to look at a root for this that. I got a lot people to see you don't want one surround that I just went about my business I didn't make it wasn't destination all viewing for me are still paid attention to it could. Fight something else going on I wasn't paying attention the Packers are I was listening to murder. So now all people are re engaged. Our man I think this is a great hire this is an awesome hire nick I love the fact they can't McCarthy I hate the fact that they chemical or the I love the fact that they bring in patent pads gonna sakes not Rex Ryan. It's just. It's created this whole. This whole other blogs news. I think and it's gonna be interesting to see because look our business is driven by ratings and said. Okay now on the music and the things if you're an FM station you're playing music. You get rated okay your music genre it put chewing to a certain level OK if you're playing classic hits. If you're playing pop of today if you're playing country if you get put into a certain pigeon hole. And then your ratings are based upon you know what your audience is doing at that particular point intact. Sports talk radio is a different animal. Because the way we make money yes we go we base it off ratings and time spent listening in total overall human numbers that you really don't have to worry about. But it's a different sales and more okay. When I'm gonna be really interested to see. What the actual workers are stream me with this particular show the bill Michael show streams like stupid. Just unbelievably good just may not just for like your own backyard as we get numbers and IP addresses from everywhere we stream stupid good from all over the world so. Because it Packers fans everywhere especially this time here but if he's created. A different level of interest. Something like we have ever seen before. Not into in the show on this network when we started the network over six years ago. Which is a personal baffling to me but now we made it this long Rick. We vote always had a steady amount of people our bread and butter is always and will always be Green Bay packer football okay. For those that say want to talk more this or talk or that people don't care. Do you have no idea what is your talking about. OK you can say that but they'd really makes you sound ignorant now mean to say that in a nasty way but it does because. The numbers are completely that we can prove it on a day in and day out basis week and I've said it before you have the boxing game seven of the NBA finals. And Aaron Rodgers having a public hemorrhoids surgery at Lambeau Field in the ratings would be the same. Oregon they would be dissect it it just there's something about agreement packer football that people can't get enough anyway. I'm gonna be really interest in the seat what the overall ratings are. For a time of year in which the Green Bay Packers are not in the post season because I think there's as much intrigue about this team there's as much. You need for information about this team. As we have seen. Probably since the Brett Favre Aaron Rodgers Ted Thompson Mike McCarthy to train has left the station sought. Be honest with. It's it's been. Everywhere you go residue gas pump this morning. Guy comes up to me it is or give a Michaels yes I am nice to meet you great okay. Hum it sat there with a five Tim I covered I put myself boy that's a big dude I'm I'm going to be late for work I got a goal. One more question. I'm I'm literary one of those guys sitting in the car cars running I've got my arm out I'm holding my door trying to close it my foot snuggle in the car my OK okay. So you tell me about handling and I don't mean -- I really got ago. I really gotta go I am I'm good yummy or ten minutes an hour ago. So there's so much interest in this team so that being set. That being said as you start to turn the corner. And the roster begins to. It's it's right now it's like. You have it it's it's like luckily. Okay. All year you've got fishing going gone and you've got to for water sports and skiing everything and it's churning it up and turning it up and turning an up and turning and our right. You with me on this churning up waters movement bottom as muddy silt is flying around a whole thing you got out you run around us okay. And now everything's settled. It's com. Nobody's in the late. Fisher really moving these kind of hang in and all the silt and everything just sort of settle on the bottom roster wise everything starting to settle the boss. OK. Nothing churn and right now. So the question is as you get the helicopter view of this this roster. Or cranked. My question you is who's the dead weight. Who's the dead weight who's who's old weighing you down whether it's physically. Or financially who is weighing you down in European. 85583086488558308648. In the loans by kicked our council free talk marked. 855830864. And also. You can always get a hold us on Twitter that is act bill underscore Michaels at the lenders or Michael's or at radio Joe's sports and religion sports. You can find some FaceBook fan page. You get closer to lie and I don't do nearly enough with that Imus are doing and make a point Emmitt. But you can always partisan FaceBook fan page FaceBook dot com slash V bill Michael's show. And that's got a blue check mark next to him to verify blue check mart then you can also go to the website where there's always something being posted. That his bill Michael's sports dot com bill Michael's sports. Down contractors down there the sports programming brought to my good friends at cousins subs. And you know what I think you're cousins subs over the weekend is probably my futures well. As they are the official subs it was in the Michael sports talk network and why are constantly everywhere I go walking and I go I would like to know Michaels and look at me that Eagles won some until now. And of old are you listen to show okay cool or logo I don't know like Danny. And I always explain it Immelt. Well actor James learned that another. And then they finally get it they're like OK in the mid of the says there Deirdre cheese Kurds were all good ago. When you have cheese Kurds in the name you know exactly what it is so they notary Oguchi skirt. But they don't know to know Michaels is just on its face so they don't you got to school. Going get that otherwise be at a party or get together a big group you know kind of gathering at the house may be one of the dangers on the all you have to do is go to cousin subs dot com 'cause themselves they have something for every occasion something pitcher life that is cousin says within only do what they do it better. That is an amount of the of the officials sub sandwich and the Michael sports talk network who is the deadwood. On this packers' roster whether it's physically. Worst financial. Because you're gonna have to make some changes and you know roll over usually about a point 15% this roster. Were you saying bye bye to. And who is who is somebody that you Morgan I'm gonna live without you be surprised in my answer when you come back stay tuned more of a micro from next. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Felt like those shows on there we are so so glad to have you thanks so much ridiculous to us as always we certainly appreciate your doing analysis today. I've got out I got. I got to help this lady out real quick Lisa writes Bill. Weir in Cincinnati over the weekend we are there for a wedding. Wasn't really sure to Wear show we have gone for Chile because we're gonna there awhile for next time. We got to help ya Lisa you've got to go to scarlet there's one on almost your records like McDonald's downer. Skyline chili and by the way. Com pick and saves because I can say was bought out by Kroger. Kroger is a parent company it's based in Cincinnati. I which when I found this out if it was what. Somebody shot me in the head in the woods drug my body out there as a billiard owners haven't because they are found out that they sell skyline inside that can save you know you don't look at the chilly department to Chile area. Usually any ethnic food sections. But yeah. In one and each cell phone digital and Scanlon trying to for yourself I always recommend because they can't. In the cans and when they when you open the can. Oh just hold the lid down for a minute and country a little bit of the water off that they packet and and just put it right upon warming up so. So there's a way to do what you're doing right. He got to right I mean even when I host a party in my house and I surveyed. Well people come through in order and put just a little here to no no don't don't don't you doctor screwed us on. No no not paying him. There were Brodeur right you're gonna do coney you do the chili cheese freeways a whole thing good to direct. So I like that's at least a go to Scotland. Who is in your opinion. The dead weight regarding Green Bay Packers roster. Now I want to look at it this way there's there's two sides to this one is financial. Okay who as. You know. It is playing now with you know maybe not as much value as opposed what they're contractors. And any other senator cornyn is. This isn't live adaptive expectations and hoosiers deadwood it is. Okay. 8558308648. On the loans by kip to accountable preach our climb up on becomes bail go to David fox point Dave I don't limit what's gone wrong. Bill are happy Friday I'm in a knee jerk reaction that obviously courses only the debacles not saying I think what it is performance. Well at that your point on the financial side that beat. Matthews certainly he's not performing like we need money at that point when we put them inside. I'd still pain in the money to be an inside linebacker and he's got impact there in my opinion. I see I completely agree in in a sort of thinking about this because we talked about it last night and I wanted to kind of get. Just that I went through statistically start looking at things and Dave appreciate the phone call because it we did. The first thing out of issues is the one the people say the most is Clement. Clay Matthews. You can make Clay Matthews quite values as a McClain excuse for I don't know how long and claim that uses a make in the Myers make it too much money always bring to the table in this and that's our son you don't want. We take a look at news and really really start to kind of get into the the Clay Matthews contractual side of things aren't. For his contract. And the productivity that he's giving you. Really not that bad. It's it's real it's really not that bad. On Clay Matthews is. On the Green Bay Packers. The second highest paid player. He's the second highest paid well actually get going into this season. In the next year he's going to be the fourth highest paid player because. There Rogers. And then Randall Cobb then Jordy Nelson. And then Clemente. Clay Matthews at this point if you would cut him loose. Would cost you zero. In dead calf spent. In in total cap space he's taking up six point 99%. On the cap space agreement Packers. His base salary. Will be ten point four million his roster bonus will be 468000. His workout bonus will be half a million dollars. I was fine and interest thing you know somebody to work opponents. Half a million bucks for work out. Anyway it'll be eleven point 368 million dollars that he will cost the Green Bay Packers. This force captured going into 2018. Sorry I'm I'm start to think about some things and okay. They start to look at his numbers mean like OK well Clay Matthews as far as total tackles ago. Clay hasn't been clay for awhile but you know menu and you think OK well it lets see here and I'm all right statistically speaking. All right clay is c.s d.s zinni's peace OK while maybe a Clay Matthews. Clay Matthews. Is for his overall statistics. Okay. He's. Not bad. For the money your pain and and I know that's kind of sound crazy but he gave his seven and a half sacks he led the team in sacks this year. The guy you're actually paying more money to nick Perry give you seven. Clay Matthews gave you more tackles than nick Perry. Think about ever moment. Clay Matthews is opposed nick Perry nick Perry people say well they didn't want that very claim that he's in making less than nick parent. No I think you people Ricard nick Perry at this point for the amount of you know and pressures and such as he's giving you its it's one thing with Clay Matthews 43 tackles point seven solo sixteen assists. Forced a fumble. Seven and a half cent. For eleven million bucks on the open market. Because of his age he may not get quite that much. Boy when you look at it plate Martinez hit 144. Tackles. 100 in damn 44 tackles. 960. Had one sack. Jake Ryan 81 tackles tough talk Clinton Dix believe it or not. For as bad as he looked as many tackles as he seemed to miss so 79 tackles. Josh Jones played well when he was up. When he putting in the secondary looked a little bit lost 71 tackles Morgan Burnett 68. Kenny Clarke 55 Mike Daniels 49 Marius ran on on down from there. Claiming at least for the amount money your payment. And the numbers he's put up this year that's not a bad season. And if you would consider his. I don't wanna say tenacity the oral whatever I maybe his his stature. Might be a better way to put it. The fact that teams do looked at him to say okay we don't have the game plan form the way we used to but we still have to pay attention to where he's act. Specifically when he's healthy. I think you almost have to say Clay Matthews is about where he should be. In claimant uses and they don't pay. I think I can swallow the eleven million dollars you're gonna pay emission. Some may disagree. What I think you're gonna swallow and say if you come to the inside your sack numbers may go down. But your passes defended. You pressure on the quarterback. And your tackles may go up if you go to the inside. You have to find an edge rusher you have to. Because the combination of these two isn't isn't putting enough pressure consistently and quarterback. You have got to find an edge rush now. Who knows maybe Montrae saturn's develops into the guided her body thought it was going to be in incomes with the moniker of a Warren Sapp type of player will be developed and that Welch. Now I gotta tenacious defense is up from the treasured yours is due to his goal. But we can't bank on that. But for the money in the last year of his deal. He's not going anywhere and what you may and a dual with Clay Matthews. Instead of cutting them loose you may end up saying we'll give you a little more signing bonus and let's spread out out over the next two or three years. And you give him a few more million bucks. Save at another year or two with eight million. So we'll give you another walks ginger Carter for sixteen more million dollars. Say seven I would guarantee. Something like that. 855830864. Let's go to. The money money walking around the Mike Jones going on. Out longer undone while it's a month. Overall I think he makes African Kerry is dead weight. The only already got a contract air route where my equipment is not undersized you suddenly they clear out one on one matchups all the time. He's always hurt he's unreliable. And she rarely make and accolades so MI mean he's dead weight. Nick paired me a man it's got the dead weight going on appreciate the phone call us so when you look at nick Perry's contract. Going into next season. Mick Perry met next year's opposes Clementi Clementi and are gonna make a one point 36 and last year that major deal nick Perry. Before the money really searched escalate it gonna make ten point seven. Six point 61% total. Of your salary caps race. Between think about this for a minute. Between Aaron Rodgers ran a com and Jordy Nelson. That's 25%. Of your total payroll. Think about that. Those three yards. And you have was at four were 77 guys going in next season right now. That'll be making ten million dollars or more seven remembered patriots this year only had three. Total US seven going into next season. Seven. Bryan Bulaga if you I don't know what's gonna happen with him he's to have to figure out the right tackle position. And if you decide to let him go because of the knee injury it would be a 3.2 million dollar salary cap hit. Dead cap space it's owed him. But. They here's here's another chicken man. Next year. Net figure out this next year Mason Crosby. Remember when Ted Johnson and wanna pay more than a million dollars for kicker. You know going back years and years and years. Then I know no way around an effort kicker you crazy. Mason Crosby next year makes five point two million. Mason Crosby. Not economy because you make 2.5 a dead caps you're gonna pay him. But Mason cry and I'm not downplaying mission drug I'm just. I'm kind of shaking my head going wall I didn't realize that. When a struggle going over the roster. Five point two million Mason Crosby Macon next year. I don't know of anybody else realize that. It's gonna Randi listening to is a Greenfield Randy welcome the program the white OSHA. They mourn our lowest among. God how well the dead weight he has the last caller what the nick Perry. And clay it's kind of a combination of the that two for me but I mean that they're. Not enough fighting a beginner too much and not enough light. Unbelievable blow up place you know like witty yes. Took over game in destroyed. The other side single handily we just by whatever choice. WebMD the last two years. I had to keep bringing up the down ticket but you know it's like the patriots and then there's everybody else. He cannot let my two lead and then they're just like they're machine. But how do they keep. Either the guy the average yield Belichick has no issue whatsoever. Would ditch and a guy in bringing in another guy I mean has to go back Eddie lacy that never would have happened without coming in off Pat White. Like that just whatever happened to you without Bill Belichick but anyway. They are always at the top. And they haven't so look at just like anybody else. And yet they get guys they'll have more guy you marked top quality players played for a little bit less. Could they want to be part of that where did you just hit them at we've got 56 guys got or not. But third to 40%. All the pot you well that's why we just can't take the next step you either have to have a few other guys. Whether it be Nelson now Cobb will probably one of them won't get cut. Matt you wherever you need to take Kabul. Last shackles and it's gone get a couple of guys so we can really have something even better. I think about it that way next year growing in the next you're going indices anomaly for Greg appreciate the program but going into next season. Tom Brady Tom Brady who made fourteen million this past year. Jumps up to the cap hit he'll take 13% almost 14% of their their payroll with 22 million per year. But safari Gilmore Devin a quarry. And Rob Gronkowski. Are the only four players. Better going to be making double digits when it comes to ten million dollars or more that's it. It's. Poor and they're gonna be a Super Bowl contender again their share. That's hit. This portion of the program he brought by our friends that are to be taken us to Minneapolis Saint Paul where I believe the patriots are gonna end up this year. A lie and they're going to be playing in this general LII. 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Rate rates to 62262888. 1000 and our body Cornet down their coach is probably grow home of the big board Burke south thirteen street Milwaukee and they have an unbelievable fish for a if you go to their for the big board burger that's great but if not. Stop it for the fish fry and then the two contenders and suffer and they're pretty good video buffalo wings just pretty. That's coaches probably grow corn and a group south 33 in Milwaukee. When we come back job bucks and warriors you got that coming up tonight there's a lot of interest in this ball game we'll talk more about it right after this you know much. Wisconsin worried. The bill Michael's sports talk. Let this stuff to do it. It did its job usenet like flannel let us as we got our work cut out for it was a great challenges great test soon we are right now. Hopefully we from yourself you have to be consistent. Every single night you've got to bring you. And you're gonna win all the time but you have heard of focus on the little built on solid lineup. Augusta next up for. Good but not yet great. Hope we're having a fantastic day and bill Michael show continues to autism bucks basketball bucks and warriors. And that's coming up tonight I mean lawyers Bradley senator. Compact amendment are raising towns CEO of the Golden State team that everybody. It's a chance to watch show mainly on television and stepped furry fan they're gonna come out of the woodwork denying honest fans are going to be going after them and it is a bigger and I'm looking forward to this one of those. Where you're if you're a box ran tonight is one of those you're going in there are looking to see where it is you match up of always. Went when it comes to the box and let's be honest OK if you really just kind of you know Colin is even 100 sort of speak. The bottom line is this the could wind and act. They can walk away with a victory tonight and you could begin now stepped Curry's at the bad ankle we don't know he's gonna play for sure. He's testing out at a price of a game time decisions have felt better yesterday when he did the shooter ran over the Al McGuire center. On the on the campus Marquette by. I wouldn't it. They went that I buster when the night. And this is going to be a post game interview what you gonna hear. Big win for us confidence builder and on the tweeted out right after the game analysts say it doesn't mean a damn thing if you foul trouble lost to a lesser team. So I have to look for competitive game better believe to look for game that's going to be close in the Bucs are gonna keep get keep your right they're glued to your seat verbally. But if they win. It's W. There's not any bigger than any other W which is the W and if they turn around and lose to another bad team. Not meaning to we've seen this we've seen this quite a bit. They need they need to figure out. They need to figure out the big man coming off to them. Which. Many did they need another rim protector they need some way to clean glass they need some ways can be defensive bad as they don't have there's there's not a whole lot of those guys out there right now. Need to figure something out. Bomb and then and the one thing in I get this over and over again where you're talking about trades in fact you all these people allotment and who was that let you listen Indo the four week learned Jeffrey this morning in their talking about the possibility of trading. Jabbar you are trading Jabbar you bars simulate getting a free agent acquisition of the middle of the season I have a feeling. He's come active one he's coming back and try to prove himself for country. You're gonna get the best out on tool. I still these quality player I just receiving stars is his explosiveness and from everything we've heard. He's got it and more now working out in and taking shots and play a little while wants to pick up stuff in gym and basketball says that's a far cry from playing the rigors of an NBA game in the up and down style so Alessio does but. I expect big things out of him just for the fact that not parade now proprietor or any else he got a contract on arise. And the Bucs were gonna make him an offer he wanna Max deals or he's gonna be out with a vengeance and try to prove he's a match du Canada and any man of getting it before it's all said and a but as of right now he's going to be a guy it's gonna say okay. Visit I got to take these these bad wield that had a couple blowouts on. And I'm gonna whatever the whole world know that not only do I not lose my explosiveness but it stable and I'm gonna play the rest of the season be good ago. Big needs tonight coming up for the bucks if they can get a win over Golden State and continue to move on from there an image board equity gunplay to national well. The more I think about it. Tiger much of Barry Parker. If ever want to practice the same in the Jabari Parker is he looks great he's ready to go up about the plot then why are we were we wasted our time here there's a sense of to him they wanted to give it a certain amount of time until the doctors clear and apply but I mean if he is plain. At full strained in practice. What are we waiting for guerrilla at this point what is the risk. Just yet if he goes back out there and blows out his ACL. It's a win in this regard you don't have to throw contract. Going forward you don't have to worry about. Risky money towards a guide that your you fear could Terry's ACL again at the tears again this season. You all bets are off which are barred Parker long term rent. But at this point just. Having him sit out now for at least another month. So really that much. I keep playing in this in my head bill and I just feel like at this point may be the box she does bring him back now. And let's see what we got here I'd rather give him back in sooner rather than later. And see if he can mold whether they put him in the starting line up with three other guys are they have in coming off the bench and he brings significant offense. What I just. I don't know how Bucs fans feel about that I really don't Armey RR box fans very cautious about this for the say no keep a modern other moms. You know wait wait wait but if he is what looked like his explosive self like we saw last season in practice. And he's been doing this now for a while then really why are they keep an amount. How many more games do they have to play before the all star Burke. The all star break this year they they changed some things around the all star break actually comes after the trade deadline which I am not a fan of sold that means that the trade balance get a little bit sooner I believe it's the third weekend of February after I was think I have it on my calendar but they knew I'd be what twelve games ten games before and on and the all star break serves on the sixteenth. The Fed okay. Seoul we have got a little a little bit around. So you're gonna have won three games a week four weeks. OK so about twelve games. 1213 games working Israeli at the I think that's a chunk of the season and if you're still waiting for him to come back after the all star break look if ever won a sand he looks really good then just go up there and play them. And take and take our chances C I if if not what I would do it I'd play him. What I play him it just limit the minutes five regardless of what goes on tonight you get six minutes. Tomorrow you get ten minutes tomorrow night you get twelve matters the next and you get maybe fourteenth and very slowly re immerse him back him right that's the way I want. I would be fine with that I'd be perfectly fine in that because keep in mind here. This Eastern Conference. It is stacked right now there are a lot of teams. Or I mean you have essentially seven teams competing for five spots in the east. Because now we're sorry to see the three teams separate themselves Toronto Boston Cleveland we're separating themselves from the pack. Now I kind of wish the box. Would be that fourteen to also start separating themselves a little bit from the pack maybe ten and as of right now that's that's not everything in literature and well. Let's also keep this in mind. Bucs have a tough schedule here coming in you get Golden State he got Miami you'll be okay my washing and good team yeah. The thirds you've got Miami on the road washing on the road Miami at home and then you're at Philly which is also a tough team. In Philly is on the outside looking in and that still team watch out for is they've got that I mean they're loaded with lot of young talent they just seem to figure out. But there but in the box case. I am should start to feel like maybe it's time to bring Jabari pat Girard Parker back and start working him in a little bit more now. In regards to trading in big man. There is no way possible that the Milwaukee Bucks are going to be able India archery Jordan. Dwight Howard. Hassan Whiteside Miami is certainly not gonna give up Hassan Whiteside at their competing here again in the player so let's throw Hassan Whiteside out that is not that's not happening. Serving his two or three days big man. Making twenty plus million dollars cinema wide or were you going to give up to get one ovals guys and number two how are you going offset that. With the money in a trade you're gonna have to give up. You know a deli ports a lot of edged. I don't know how you treat to let a bitch at this point his career might be over. I don't know holidays other teams are gonna wanna take that the books don't have enough assets right now to get that done unless. You give up someone who is a part of the score right now which means this would included Chris Middleton or Eric Bledsoe which are not gonna do you're not that's crazy to be doing. I'm not going to be. Bringing in a big man like DR Andre Jordan when he's making 23 million dollars or Jordan's good player don't get me wrong. But I'm not gonna be haven't aged 43 million dollar hundred jordin who can rebound the ball really well welcome blocked shots a little bit. Can score a little bit around the around the rim but that's about it. He's not worth 23 million dollars to me I'd rather have a shooter. A guy who can hit shots all over the floor. And go forward that and Jabari Parker. Is that guy. Not look they they need big man help I say go get injure Bogut. And I say it injure Bogut can get your fifteen minutes a night he complacency he can rebound you get a matter much cheaper rate and say idea Andre Jordan. And found maker. If you can't improve if you can't get better than carmakers on the bench. Because I'm maker is right now bill. It looked and Don makers young he's a project I've come out of your mind I worst defending Don makers say in his sealing the site. But right now found maker is a liability on the courts. He's not clear he badly in the library and he's not big enough he's getting pushed around by everybody he Eagles up against everybody. So they need a veteran big in there come off the bench and back up pence. If your Bogut to meet would be a good fit in he'd be cheap the box can make that work I'm a little surprised why they haven't done a wide nothing's been done. At some point here they do need a veteran big man someone who's gonna be a little more productive defensively than Tommy. It'll take a quick break there's another question regarding Milwaukee Bucks and we come back we which has to be gas at this I don't I don't get this state to state do we immortal Michael your next. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk that. Let's work. Programme though Michael show on the air we are glad. Add your along for the ride and visit Friday were a lot of stuff going a lot of Packers talk from an approach towards the outback portion of the program as well. Talked so much college hoops specifically. Badger college hoops coming appeared atop the hour. Got some buyers cell coming around the corner as well. The end I want to remind you by the way. Next week. Next week we're going to be at Mac east Mac these next Thursday night 68. Is the bill Michael shuttle back out on the road again we only have Matt he's. And then we end this season at the New Berlin ale house the New Berlin entertainment center if you wanna call it video cougar which is bowling Alley. So we only had two of these let get out and say hello be a face in the crowd next Thursday night 68 it's all brought you are good friends. At Bud Light what NN hell is were shot vines still doing on this roster for the Milwaukee Bucks as an Allen. I don't know music was he watching cars. Using played in the last twelve Gainesville. And. He was supposedly the project you guys who's gonna. Kind of gloom into being a point guard it was going to be that. Tribute earned. Didn't say it. While he is not his job is supposed to be shooter that was is Jack I am and in the minutes that he's gotten this year which has been very Darren he's should be okay. But this whole thing about him sit in on the band show and not seen minutes in garbage time like the other night against. Orlando. He should've seen some minutes there in the final three and he didn't mean did you Wilson's not on the floor before hand and was what is that's. Sha Von. If you're not going to use him. Either one that put him in the G league like he should have a long time ago or number two just cut and I feel what the reason why the box won't cut them. Is because that looks bad because he was a first round selection. Can airs at at this point if you're not going to use her shot bond for absolutely anything outside of firing the team up in it in in pregame. Get them all together and get compiled some up and down because that's the only thing he can do right now. I keep him why you see here. No one knows he's played it the exact same amount of minutes in the last twelve games that I happen to me it's it's just that it's a waste of roster spot. I am and he's got no trade value because you're not playing them you buried anywhere you buried them. I don't know what's going on behind the scenes I don't know what the deal isn't practice with them but. I'm just ID you can utilize that spot. Better than ever shot bond not sue for at all. We heard I don't get it we heard from Howard more yesterday the Bucs assistant coach where you talk about this or not the box the badgers assistant coach. We're -- about his badgers basketball team as well some expectations coming into this season and obviously a couple of injuries have derailed that. And because of that do you give Greg Gard a bit of a pass they're starting to become some rumblings. And I think you have you mull over who passed away and see but stay tuned we're talk about that one badger fan on the line. Coming up Jacksonville Michael show. Border to border. Bill Michael's voice talking at work.