HR1 – Who should be the Brewers next target?

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Tuesday, February 13th

Hour 1. Plus, Dan Kasper from Sportstalk 105.1 in Eau Claire stops by.


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From the league runs to the river for. This season we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall but bill monkey show. Welcome. Don't like oh shoot low on the air radio Joseph is back Jon bill Michael's. As always we are glad you're here today. As last night. I sat there wash a little bit of the Olympics last night Joseph welcome back to your big trip. And it creature. Like you had a good trip he walked to the preserver around Torre part we're wondering if you were actually standing on the golf. Some Torrey Pines a massive piece of property on the sell part of Torrey Pines golf course three of the north and south courses. And then north of that is the reserve. Which is just massive there's numerous trails the wac through a lot of high eighteen. It's not brutal high eighteen but it's high eighteen on the last. And then there's an impressive beach tackles rate along the cliffs there they can walk across two and you know we we did the whole thing. Insanity was it was a great trip those pictures look great thanks to nice to get away the weather was perfect some palm trees everywhere your last day was low to cloudy though Leven wasn't. I don't really know it was sunny. It was really sunny on Sunday. Saturday it was so overcast in most part it's in the mid sixties is very comfortable. But I was too it was it was a great trip was nice to get away for awhile and I relieved. Haven't watched much sport site that really kept track as two anomalies are going on so I sound like a moron today. Please help me out filming in don't expect me to know what could. Pets by the vacation man I don't really I don't really care about sports I don't wanna think about sports. Wanna think about other things and we cover a lot of ground Sany. There are you right I got it I mean I've you know during now granted when I go usually it's during the all star break of baseball. So that's the dead period for sports where there's nothing you have basically nothing going on. So and I try not I try to completely check out our target back I'm scrambling to try to find ours happens I don't know I'd I get it when you're. You're a vacation that was supposed to be vacation onto a damn thing. I'll meanwhile you've got to the brewers and again that they are being linked to numerous names including Jake Syriana. And now that the Yu Darvish sweepstakes. Is over. You know there's the hat again I'm listening to. Baseball baseball nationals men young talked in national writers and pundits. All saying it's a two horse race in the central it's the brewers depending on what they do. And it's the cubs and the cubs have the upper hand because they have the better pitching staff right now but a lot of people believe what the brewers are done in the Indian young people they have on this team. Including some of their veterans and it's a good mix and they just keep saying why you just have to wait to see with the arms are gonna do. See that we talked about this yesterday and I noted the brewers are linked to numerous rumors. Like I said including Jake area. I am not devastated again if they don't do anything. Because we're in year three EO of what we consider to be 88 rebuild. Of three to five years now if they do and they believe it's time to go for more power to normal whatever they did though they've got to get longevity. The Yu Darvish deal did not make sense for the Milwaukee Brewers in any way shape or form. Because it was not going to be eight if if Yu Darvish works out he can opt out he's gone. If he doesn't work out work out you're stuck with a contract suit that deal was not agreed deal for the brewers to begin way it had that actually worked out so that being said. Now who should they get if anybody. Who should the target. And a lot of Regis say hey stick with a plan whatever it is just don't overpay don't get stupid don't get crazy and look I I completely appreciate that. I don't wanna see the brewers do any of that either I think that they've been really really good David really really honest. About everything. And now we wait and see. Now wait now we swing easy to rebuild takes another year or two or to rebuild accelerates to today but whatever the brewers do rule bomb. I'm fine where I'm not I'm not having an issue where soul. 855830864. Rate on loans like Kim dotcom told free dark line if it if anybody particular. If they're going to make tomorrow. I guess is the better we're reporter of the brewers are definitely going to make a move. Is there somebody you would want to specifically. Target is a Jake Gary Ayres is somebody else. Is it a trade for archer is or somebody else out there that you would like to see in the open market come into our domino Milwaukee 855830. 8648. Personal loans by kept our town to whole free talk plan gives you shocked wanna hear from. By the way this Porsche program being brought to market frenzy cousins subs in the wanna remind you go room it's back. The Ruben is back for a limited time only shop and your local cousins subsidy if you can't find one. Go to cousins subs in dot com that his cousin subs dot com or simply download the app on your apple here Edward phone handy you can check that out for yourself and discuss. And subs were they believe in better cousins of the officials sub sandwich and go Michael's sports talk network. Our Rick says Ariana is the guy as long as it's not too much money Ariana has a broken down the delivery and he doesn't throw a lot of strikes in Miller Park because the ball in the strike zone. It is going to sail he gets the benefit of either the wind blowing out of the wind blowing in. At Wrigley it's always a home run hitters park and Miller Park. Well. If you get it let's just say you get thirty 132 starts out. Fifty of those starts most likely your home. So. You year. I get it but it's not like he's here all the time but some of those stars don't forget it you're going to get down at Wrigley with the wind blown out or in Cincinnati in the heat humidity you're in Saint Louis in the heat humidity PNC the heat humidity. Where the ball tends to fly between Wrigley Field Miller Park and and our great American ballpark those three parks those those can be banned boxes when you talk about teams that can hit home runs but he throw so much junk. That ease it ease ease more ground ball got Ellis he gets the ball in the strike zone. By the knock on him as he doesn't throw strikes consistently but he sold goaded deception he can get you to fish and that's what he's been able to do over the last couple years specifically to years ago. When he was lights out so damn good to tune two to three years ago. So Jake Gary and I still think when you look at his numbers good pitcher don't get me wrong. It's just he's on that back side. That with with his the mechanics of his delivery. I don't know how. Controllable that is as he ages I guess the best way to put so I would not want to get energy carrier for more than four years. 8558308648. And loans by kept account or free to our client. Gives shall also put a lot of the 105 point one know Claire. He's going to be joining us we'll talk today and not only about the things going on in the state of Wisconsin but also will get his experiences they actually are sports talk one of five point one. Walking back and forth the radio row -- get a chance to really pass it down breaking bread together but how warm will talk Dan about his experience in Minneapolis is well. Paula white the former Milwaukee Brewers pitcher. He's got the other states academy here in the Milwaukee area he is going to be joining us we'll talk with him about the excitement for this upcoming season of baseball also Marcus Johnson. Blocks TV analyst for fox sports Wisconsin we're looking forward talk and some boxes well Jesse temple your beat writer for the our. The land of ten dot com just gonna join us we'll talk some of Big Ten groups also are more room more brewers. Won't get into that discussion so stay tuned for that. Got a lot of brewers talkative we get ready for baseball season by the way pitchers and catchers reporting on reporting tomorrow or Thursday dirty you know copyright. I think it's Thursday. I could remember I know tomorrow is the official report date for many camps. But camp stagger so sometimes you can't succumb and on Wednesday others to camps to commit owners Thursday brewers are Thursday. A lot of the guys I saw you interviews they're already a merry go. That there are already there they've already got their physicals and Marty checked in their already ready to ago. So when they opened camp officially on Thursday its knowledge you're gonna have a much you guys just walking through the door for the first time. Our guys are already there guys have been there for awhile and you know what one of the things that I keep hearing over and over and over and it's one of those intangibles are something it Saber metrics can't can't. Getting into so to speak. But he talking about how much they like. Each other how much they interact with each other how much they they really enjoy. Playing together. And he did this to be said for that or something be said for a cohesive clubhouse. And apparently. It is really really good and the additions have been really really good in the new guys coming in. Our yell it said man I can't believe how energetic confinement and together these guys are this is a team that I never kind of experienced that before. That's good that all right now I don't know whether that translates to wins in a tangible fact but that's that's a lot of good stuff to here. It makes you feel good as you get ready for the baseball season again 8558308648. Chime in on now on Twitter as well is there somebody specifically. You would like to see the brewers target. OK as the brewers sitting there right now on the outside looking in the pitching race of the arms race. Is there somebody specific you wanna see the brewers target. Stay till we immortal Michael Joseph coming up next. Well Michael shows on the air. Hopefully you're having a terrific day today we certainly appreciate it. 855830864. In a par 583086. Korean loans wicket dot com told free talk line 8558308648. Were asking you basically who are you targeting. Who were you targeting right now if you're the Milwaukee Brewers if anybody. If anybody. As the brewers. Went once you Darvish went wouldn't do the cubs many felt that their needs to be a reaction. I said look if if the brewers do not make a move I'm OK if they do make a move I'm okay. I just don't wanna see the brewers get tied into long term deal. That would be woody questionable arm. Over period of time with a ton of money involved it's going to strap this to you just eat they can't afford to make that kind of mistake. Whereas big market teams can't. So who'd you wanna see the brewers target. David which is that bill underscore Michaels and over the brewers Eddie starting pitcher to the acquisition of eulogy Cain Chris archer Alec scholarly and limit the choices. I believe that they would help the rotation contracts will be much more affordable for the brewers going forward. Both says are too would be great but not worth a mass of prospect cost and area at a isn't going to be cheap. Being a Boris sky which is absolutely true Scott bourses just looking to break the bank on Jerry Jerry had a and that's a reason I think he's on side right now. Com. This was from also bode win best for the price talent and then used Domingo to get terrorists Salazar. And meg fitness. The nears one years and I know looking at starting pitching Lance Lynn Chris archer terrible what about Neil Walker we can use to help at second base. The second base it issue is interesting because. You don't know when we had. Craig Counsell on during the Torre drive back in December or early December. He immediately went to free agency when we started talking about second base which kind of surprised me because we are waiting he'd discuss you know the attributes of ER. And he never went there he never talked about VR so I don't know what I mean as of right now we are the guys. You have to think right. They're big nothing's changed. So BR has to be the guy. Armed. Big day. You know if you walker is a coming into the situation then juror but you have to think there'd be ours demand. They're they're just looking at him saying you know why it was a bad year we're gonna go ahead and clean the slate we've gotten a bats in the lineup where we don't have to rely on you. To have your leader your rookie campaign all over again we know we have you have and you but let's wait and see you don't have to rely on. So right now. You have days at least if you go with what is what is the error yell at you lamp kaine and senator. Our Ryan brought in right Travis show all over at third base Orlando or CH shortstop. Your second base who would be Johnson VR and your first baseman will be Sainz and ankle are. And either voter Pena most likely opinion behind the plate. Mean. And you have grown on Peru has Eric so guard. Who could also play over second base. Up you white hot like the bench Kenya more horror Steven Vogt behind the plate ankle are. For the first base position Ernie and Perez as well as anywhere infield or outfield so guard with the same and Domingo Santana coming off the bench ralphie. You've got for the first time a long time got a pretty impressive depth. On this team now do you bolster that starting rotation Uga chase shooters is that Davies shot scene diario and Tierra the back end of it is still somewhat suspect. What if you add another armed of that sale Lance Lynn say vegetarian assay archer whatever it is you decide to go for. You you've got some of them. That's pretty impressive I'm not saying your your your cubs beatable on a consistent basis. But you got something is pretty consistent you've seen results of all those guys. I mean if if if I'm a brewers fan sitting out there listening to this program which I'm a brewers fan anyway but. You're excited man. That's it that's an exciting group of people. Chris and I really targeting any specific pitcher. I would like to see a ground ball pitcher to solid pitchers that can keep the ball in the park in need of semantics. This wind today is. From Evans his Marietta Orleans on some signs someone with familiar rarity to central. Tenth and Slevin says they should target a third place finish in the division. That's that's a dumb comment. My my question would be why. Why would you say that he carries both. Do you do you think they're not as good as it cardinals the RR the cardinals are much better. I don't mean I don't specifically think so I think other cardinals are good team out the two girls are great you know to the cardinals. Took took leaps and bounds this off season. His forays so what they have you're not fighting for second place at this point you were right you were right there in it. To the very end last year. I mean what would the cardinals are sitting there with and Alfie o.s say Fowler. Mom. Fowler. Talked Tommy what do I Tommy palm palm. Fan OK and then Ozuna. In your outfield Yadier Molina obviously behind the play enemies he's a main stay there Matt carpenter over at third. Zhong over short. Colton long as your second baseman. And Jose Martinez news first base. You have they're there Marc Carlos Martinez Adam Wainwright Michael walk. Luke Weaver. Medalists. Miles Nicholas would be one of your starters there. Your closures probably are greater sin and down there Tyler lions. But they they don't have that they've got a lot of new names down there. And to me that whole rotation hinges on the health of Wainwright if Wainwright is good and healthy. Then they're solid they're their deep when Michael walker is only 26 Martinez is only 26 Weaver's 24. Nicholas is 29 coming into his prime and Adam Wainwright as your grizzled veteran at the age of what 3637 years old but he can stay healthy. Periphery entire season and be good yeah than their deep in their pretty self. But. Otherwise there're there're a starting rotation that scrambles yet again and they're not young. By any stretch I mean Dexter Fowler you think you have as a young guy coming out of the cubs' organization he's 31 going on 32 years old carpenter's gonna be 33. Molina is going to be 36. He's 35 right now we 36 by the end of the season. So they're they're not young group Martinez is south thirty. Called long is a is he's been around awhile least 47 so he's still not not over here your third with. They've got 345 positions that are all over the age of thirty. So in some cases you can say while that's that's a lot of veteran that's good experience on the other hand in today's day and age when you get past 3233. You're considered old. Unless you're really really producing. 8558308648. What do you wanna see the brewers target is or anybody out there this was from Ziggy says. What's the worst executed trades for archer and sign Cobb marcher can provide long term from the rotation stability would more upside. Probably is that stability but unlike area to the borrowers don't have to commit big money in a high risk later years. Are we scrapping. 710 year radio Joseph rebuild. And remember we were talking about never sad that so bomb. Them because I was saying you know what I'm talking three to four years. I take that take continues they get exaggerated anxious. Never said it takes seven to ten notes you can turn you can turn a baseball team around three years as you've got some depth already a minor league system and that's what I was saying is I. What people said wallets terrible as it looked Doug Melvin didn't pick a bunch of terrible guys I think what they had to do is take the dearth of out. People they had out and figure out a way to turn that into some additional talent they have the federal your job out. 855830864. Rate on the loans by Kim dotcom told free chocolate again. I was looking at worst case scenarios for the burgers right and what are rebuild realistically should be this is the best case scenario that could happen for numbers I mean best case scenario. And you thought the brewers win 86 games last year your foreign herself that was no. I think I'm one guy that he mailed to show that he's an 85 wins. And I know we just smoke and roper did Syria so well I would do whoever wasn't one person out there is an 85 beyond that. We went from 68 to stick eighty on average. Forest total wins epic 170 so who won't what they did last year was completely impressed all right now I'm not convinced they're gonna win 86 with what they have on the roster right now. Not advance not even what does these additions of your coaching and I'm convinced that they're gonna hit the ball better I'm not convinced that they're going to be able to hold teams and checked. I'm not convinced the pitching is going to be good enough I guess I agree. Completely agree there. When you stack him up against Lester Darvish can tonic Kendrick and chat boards. I mean even Jack ward coming in there is a free agent from Colorado army. It that's a that's held a starting rotation as might be one of the best starting rotations of abbey national baseball right now the cubs should win this division hands right now the cubs are one of the favorites to win the World Series. Not just the division I mean so if you still if you go toe to toe again with them. Don't get me wrong when he says if you if you have listened did not that I encourage you during this program but if you have listened to any Chicago radio. They feel Chicago Chicago always feel they're the front runner. But they meet they are looking over their shoulder in the Milwaukee. To say OK that's. They don't think the cardinals are that big of a competitor anymore they believe it's the brewers. And that's why they've they were talking about it to win deal in the signing of Darvish not only did you get better. But the brewers in essence got worse by not getting him. That was the argument is not. We made the Dodgers weaker. It's we ended up making the brewers weaker by not getting by them not getting garbage that is their mentality they're looking over their shoulder they just don't believe the brewers are that close. But that's the that's the only team they feel is in the rear view mirror at all. The brewers to me would have to land to form it'll starting pitchers. To be right there with the cups. That's the way I sit which means it would have to go out. And sign someone like Jake area which I really don't recommend because. Yu Darvish just got cubs and I'm not doing that not panic and money. You can go ought to make that big trade for Chris archer might cost to a lot. I I just think the brewers if they want to know if they wanna compete for the NL central today. They're gonna need to win a couple more arms and when Jimmy Nelson comes back you have to hope that Jimmy Nelson. Puts up the same numbers that he did last year it was Jimmy Nelson had a career year before he had that surgery done. I ask Jimmy Nelson comes back as it will throw the ball with any kind of authority and then get the off season. And then maybe get another pitcher then and then with Jimmy Nelson. Sacked Davies whoever else you is that you however else it is you pick up shot seen and and filling a fifth starter spot. Then you've got yourself something are you ready to roll. Donald just seen pitches while the brewers. He's kind of a wild card at this point and she Sanderson and had a lot I'd. I cannot drink the chase Sander coo chase Anderson Coolidge a stint as I'm just not there chasing Anderson surprised a lot of people Lester pitched really really well. In chasing Anderson give me another season. Of what he dead meat is if you look at the baseball card numbers. He's a good pitcher but he's not a great pitcher and Jason Anderson pitched much better than what his career numbers have shown. I'm not convinced that Jay Sanderson is gonna have the same years he did last year he does that put the birds and a pretty darn good situation but I'm not so I'm not sold on this rotation just yet. And another dad's bike and get his crack of the brewers don't make any more acquisitions of the rotation spring and Woodruff and now he's gonna get a full season and see what he's capable. 8558308648. A lot of excitement about brewers baseball right now. When we come back we'll talk with Dan Casper from sports talk 105 point wanna know Claire. Will pick his brain regarding brewers Fiorello on the West Coast. A Wisconsin and we'll talk a little you know radio row and Super Bowl get his experiences he was there live in a person as well got a chance to see him. A couple of times during that week stay till we got more than Michael Short list. Imagine the program the bill I go Joseph was on the air. Glad to have you on the Michael radio Joseph is back. We all of us on Twitter followers their pleas. Go to two Porter I'm bill underscore Michaels at Phil underscore Michael's. Also you can find us. On the web site. To simply go to bill Michael's sports dot com is the Michael sports psychology though Michael sports on here your phone your mobile app whatever happens to be. I can download the avenue app is outs in running and a that there's only been one person so far that it actually emailed said he had a problem when it so it's been really really work and while. And hopefully we get that all streamed out that if there is a problem but nevertheless. It's it's it's. Any App Store now. Does though Michael sports in you'll find it to your good ago. We are now. Drag us down there FaceBook fan page always fun to follow us over there. This puts us on FaceBook live up from the weekend is a matter of fact. When we are down at the house of blues. And that got a hell of a response. Which is always cool but follows over there just simply go to FaceBook dot com slash V bill Michael's show. And you can track his down there as well. Simple. 8558308648. If you wanna chime in please feel free to do so by the way this portion of the program he brought to buy quick trip into more fun quick triggers you go to quick trip KW I K. Quick trip dot com as quick trip. Dot com in orders bread or milk in cheeses eggs. Great prices on the meets in the Nikkei and it's baked goods hot foods cold foods they have got it all that is quicker but a quick trip dot com Dan Kasper. As for suck 105 point 10 Claire now joining some Schneider orange allied you don't Dan. Good morning bill under our reader sir so far so while today com. Got Angela start out with your experience on radio row had a chance to see over there obviously it's within driving distance for you guys I do enjoy it. You know that was my first experience and I was you know Monday you know it's kind of a quiet day and I didn't know really what to expect about. You know not too bad the holy cow would Thursday and Friday. Kind of hit there at the other week it was. It was a new and an outcome that few people you know it was built probably from doodle while a lot of people you know this was probably the most. Cramps the of that and now all of an area I mean it was just you couldn't walk and I think that the guy in and out. Knocking over some cameras beach that it was so. Just jam packed and they're trying to get through that native. Yeah I it was not today it was not the best of set ups I guess the best we reported it was it was a great experience a lot of energy in the in the area out blight is forged being cramped together again that's probably the most compact avenue and now all this is my eighth year of being at at a radio row my Clemens with twelve or thirteen. And most of the same thing and this was really cool experience were way way way too cramped there's normally it's much more open and at the last time it was that crowd it was more you're in New York. And then they wouldn't give us convention senator because some. Convention was in town then there in the end they wouldn't turn it over the NFL so we ended up in the Sheraton Hotel ballroom. All offer whatever results are now but heaven everywhere I. We visited a bit while I mean it was kind of you know walker. To deal with his entourage of the speakers on his back. If it was. Everywhere you lock you know you're kind of hurting Internet. Lover I mean you kind of recognized everybody around that course or at least of a lot of fondled a lot of work obviously you know a lot of hours and we drove back in or every day so a lot of time on the road to know what I would I would do to get an artsy. So our best experience our radio row career best interview best person biggest thing you did in town what. I would like catching up with Peter King I mean you know as we are texting back and forth leading up to that weekend and week out so it was good you know it always catch up with him and you know just possible policy you know. You know Leigh Steinberg the agent I. Wasn't really quite sure how they interview with gonna gulp he was one might you know more surprising unity I really enjoyed just kind of belittle it or the behind the scenes were quick. Al Green Bay does that all they do the negotiating. Submitted created no I I really enjoyed talking. It's so Leigh Steinberg and of course we did you know Jamal Williams and her don't you a couple of other Bob Packard on her but ross' talk it was a good interview too but. You know Peter King always enjoyed my conversations with him I mean does that guy that is who loses football knowledge. Yeah I always whenever he's a walking encyclopedia when it comes a lot of the information within the NFL he's always good to Chal worth. What is via what are the fever pitch right now today if any thing and the western portion of the state for brewers baseball. That it tyrant in Albania and I mean a couple of weeks goal was I was McCain and yell out were over the course that night when that ought to happen of 1 the next morning. It was split witch's brew worst our people are ready to load up some bosses at the start you know getting right now for opening day. Could mean the west beat the the kind of an interesting dynamic journal query because when you talk about football. It's probably like 8590%. Pakistan. Quote we are to the city. It's still Packers that he but when you get to baseball. It's more of a 5054. Twins and brewers sent details like. But what the brewers made those moves holy cow I mean. The the excitement level for brewers baseball. Opted up a notch and I mean it was still kind of there after last year's successful when you read. Cain in the LH yeah there were people ready to go and start growing right now for opening day I mean that it would they were just I am done now with Yu Darvish. Going to a cubs. I didn't excitement is still there I think now a lot of fans are displayed OK what's our content what are we gonna do you do to combat that because. You know I I think fans are really enjoyed the back and forth between the brewers in the country knows social media. You know rivalry going on what. Take it like being told it was Scott tonight that series so I think that's kind of hoping to the fans a little bit more jacked up to the brewer's shares that they're seeing the brewers. It does kind of going after the cubs are not afraid to do a little trash talking and social media and the fans are are really like him. Who do you wanna see them pick up with anybody regarding the arms. Who I think they do need to make another pick up. That's a good question in your area and I'll win archer and you know how about there I would remind secrets archer to be honest you know they'll have to make a trade from now on. But I mean you know area if you don't know how much is he getting command. For his next contract. Is defiant depict. The remaining guys are the rumors out there are other diverse or potentially catch I would might tinker Sartre there are no he's not a stud number 18. But I think if you add into that after the would you be Nelson. I eventually comes back hopefully sooner rather than later that the solid pitching out of it not better on paper. The Chicago goes well it certainly a solid pitching staff. Didn't the questions who you know was that gets it and sort of guy that you're Juanita going to be. They region new era but he you know it felt like he's having a pretty solid policies until. Or maybe it's rated Woodruff Brent tutor so. The brewers have options but I still think they need to upgrade. That pitching staff that started pitching staff I wouldn't mind seeing a guy like Chris Carter coming. In the town because at least you can eat eat it got to make the trade for a bit at least you can control them. For a few years and at a relatively low price to. So. With some with the Packers don't want to get back the packers' season. The Packers sitting right now with so the changes that they made are going in a free agency top three needs in your mind going into free agency. Top three needs obviously you need to upgrade the edge rusher but here's the fingers if you look at the current crop of free agents raid on your elders not a lot of good freeagent. As rushers right now I mean self contained when teams are just interstellar capita mean if you're looking at their free agent crop. There isn't a stud outside linebacker out there right now outside but still think that the number one need they probably will address that if atrocity in the draft. Alderman you know cornerback. Do they go after Johnson from the rams is knock the ball where an option for them we know he's not going to be going back to a patriots look I think the Packers still veto. Well for a number one Corvette and and go look at that right side of that offensive line. Bryan Bulaga may be one of the biggest question marks for the Packers penis sake than because I don't think he'll be ready by the start of next. No I think he wall there's no way when he went down mid season when an ACL he's he's probably mid season until late mid season the best. Exactly so I mean you started on the pop list or would you move on from him I mean does that talkies reasons to salary caps it was imminent the right guard. I got to feel me is just that Craig going to be you know eventual starting right guard for the Packers let. You know they got a fortify that light offered to line the left side the years that you've got east that are yours but. You know they got for a fire that light profitable and I'll look at it at rush recorder. And so Moffitt of line help as a top street meets the back. Do you feel there Rodgers goes into the 2018 season with a new deal with the highest paid quarterback in NFL. I do and I think he's gonna play it's more I think he's you know let you know Kirk cousins get in new deal I think in general that. The Drew Brees get in new deal as it is if he's. Being out Smart business guy you let those guys editor's goal is to be you know. To get as much money as he can you know what those guys sign their contract. And then you'll category the table as they aren't that maybe get the study what you know he can go there now. And get a contract done but you know Drew Brees or Kirk cousins may get a bigger contract and have so if you look at to try to get. The most value pots valuable possible. He's probably gonna wait till closer when the season starts and that way you know it went for Kirk cousins in Greece to get there he goes down and there's more of benchmark that he can try to top that. Dad always get a jalla deal we'll chat again soon I'm sure I'm sure at some point throughout the seasonal CO general Clair okay. You bet thanks so hard about judges and they go that's Dan Kasper is with force 105 point one auto Clara listening to his. Are actually if you're listening to a seize on that area always a good showed take a listen to. And like I said he had great title read to our radio row is his first time it's he's absolutely right it was packed it was cramped. On radio row is a great experience a lot of energy. But as you could hear in the background it was crazy it was crazy it was packed in was cramped and it was nuts but it was a fun time there was a great experience and you know. Look imported next year Atlanta is next year's amount of energy we go to Atlanta and then we go to Miami there weren't LA. Over the next three years and so on which part we're ready for all that as well he join some chatter or shot by shot or hiring drivers right now you work hard they treat you fair. Eighty plus years giving any don't call 844 try to go to Schneider John dot com we were talking about going on the road brewers baseball struck spring training. Bo going there thanks to a lot of great companies are friends and coaches probably growth. Corning and a whole staff by the way Ash Wednesday tomorrow you start fish Fries it's up big time. Fish fry that's the place to go coming up this Friday if you're gonna stop in someplace you can fish fry maker coach is probably Ramon they have on the big board burger. And shuttles to a lot of games with a got a terrific fish fry as well also are good friends over at pin del new company that came on board this year. There are globally trading company doing more all over the world and they are based right here in New Berlin Wisconsin and are looking for people their hiring right now. So go to pinned LPI ND ELP in Dell dot com. Pinned elder icon telling her about it right here. But they're hiring some good people and their their growing expanding company. Here in Wisconsin and our buddy Dwayne from twain's cover it all up and Wausau Wisconsin. Why does some fantastic work in I'm gonna get some stopped on the voted I believe this year. In if you're gonna get anything done whether it's boats cars of Paul street for your home your office. Bombings for offices in companies and such. He does fantastic were all over the state and outside in the upper midwest in their region go to twain's do you AN ES two Wayne's cover it all dot com. For some fantastic work and good person to Wayne's covered all die count more like a show coming up next. Felt like oh she's always on here we are glad to have him. I was telling Dan Kasper we're going to be out there in that area this year again the they got a couple of golf outings. That we get involved in there is always a couple of appearances on the au Clair area discotheque accounts calendars. Me ask you this. Bob for those of you that use your phone I use Microsoft Outlook on my phone because it attaches to my work email okay. But as far as like an app that you can share with your friends and family that they can. Given the app to and everybody can add their stuff to it is our app out there than anybody uses that's really good. I'm looking for. Between my calendar from work. And between Sherri and I and all the events we have been to different nights Al most of that we do and also coming out. Trying to put the calendar Geller is a nightmare. And I've got she's got a Stoll writes it out via paper. And I've got a paper calendar and plus have got my work calendar that downloads to my phone and you're trying to cross reference them and it becomes a nightmare is are good calendar. I use the Gmail calendar items that since college I love it yeah it is the best way for me to keep organized with such a with the show no cracked. When it comes to gas and what we need to record for Promos and calmer now curable. And so. I don't I don't shirt I don't share my calendar was right that's what I'm trying to find Bobby Donny something that you remember when we were doing radio row bookings. And we were going to do rule. Google docs. Remember you could do alive and I could see that you were actually typing it that was a great idea that was program and that was earlier is that she's our four producer and we go to super -- when she said we'll do it live right because she could be at the other end of radio row booking guests and I could see it right in front of me that she was doing it. And pushing somebody out moving stuff around it was fantastic. So is there an app out there that allows you to do that that's were looking for so let us now. I would assume through Google you can do that especially if there's an app. Is like I have. Mean again I don't know who chairs and on I would I'm sure it does. But I just said the calendar sync up to my phone so same deal I just that the calendar I the basic calendar app I have the Samsung. So you go there and everything's book so if I wanna and it guess what time slot at the road on the calendar and then we'll show up on the calendar over there you see in your screen yeah. It's. It's very handy. This job you have to be very were on your car payment my mortgage payment due on the same day about that. I get good I got everything on the scale. It goes light event there it's very ask a lot of that 315 today poop so they go get all scheduled in an area. And I go but yet there's a gal. Let her have out there and let us now on the news and prices to via Google calendar is very sure more. Adams is same thing to account minutes into the Google calendar. Download that I would go down that route apparent it would be a very wise choice. So it's terrible that's the big thing is it has to be very sure we'll see this year ball very free very okay well area. Five states we got a lot more. I'll more than Michael show coming up a talk with Paul Wagner the former brewers pitcher. He's coming up next were asked him what the brewers need to do and if there's somebody he thinks Deborah should be targeting them as a young pitcher for that rotation. Stay tune to talk to brewers baseball coming up next and the like a show.