HR1 – Are you becoming more confident in this Brewers offense?

Bill Michaels Sports
Tuesday, May 15th
Hour 1. Plus, after releasing Jordy Nelson, signing Jimmy Graham, and drafting three rookie WRs, how comfortable are you with the weapons Aaron Rodgers has to throw to?

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From the league front to the and this is where Wisconsin sports fans come to tour. Michael show named best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your home. How come like Rochelle on am. We're glad you're today Glen rains finally moved on maybe your basements are gonna start drying out a little bit CN which I know some of you had. Some flooding was watching that. Hung on FaceBook last night deals in all my god does it ever gonna sell well finally it's. The clear few days without without heavy downpours so we used at least try out for awhile start to get in the seventies it's good. Meanwhile you've got to. While the brewers get a nice win last night over the series against a good Arizona Diamondbacks team. You've got game one of the Western Conference finals last night that some of already said it's far. Golden State's gonna want it it's gonna be Golden State in the cavaliers and and it's going to be what everybody predicted we'll talk about that coming up a little bit later on one talks and Packers football and Aaron Rodgers she was about to sign a rather large contract are you comfortable with the weaponry around him. And yeah all by the way speaking of weaponry around Aaron Rodgers Jason Witten. Saying Dez Bryant mannequin Green Bay Packers organization won't get into that discussion at a Macau he's gonna join as Brett smiley. From sports channel Viacom is going to be here we're talking about this whole. Gambling thing and just kind of get the Paul's as to what this may mean. Here in the state of Wisconsin Henry helens in Detroit Pistons power forward. Former Marquette golden eagle he's going to be joining us air Quran check in Green Bay press gazette is going to be here as well. But brewers get a nice win last night they knock off Arizona last evening and the offense scoring seven runs last night. I'd look like everybody was cut again in the mix so you don't good outing overall. For a for the Milwaukee Brewers in the bay and by the way the cubs lost that's always nice. Right whenever he had the cubs take a take a nosedive and and the brewers get a win always a good day with the the brewers get the win last night seven to two over the years and you don't Diamondbacks but seven runs on ten hits. And just about everybody's getting in the mix Lorenzo Cain struggled last night going all for four he did have a walk out on. By and to make a Santana took no for. With an over three sacrifice and have brought in Iran and RBIs last night had a couple of strikeouts but it you saw him. You saw pariahs who continues to hit the ball you saw. And they surged bring an average up he went to before last night the Argo was three for four. Last night he's got an average amount a 382. Or 282. I should say. Len nor CEO. While another hit last night there goes one for four so I vineyard Christian yell it should last night. Who comes in goes two for two last night with a RBIs and a run scored he's got his average up to 299 Celeste now icing like everybody was getting in the mixers a few guys who struggle like I mentioned. Oh for seven atop the lineup with a runs OK in the Mingus in Tennessee and Tenet takes the does get to sacrifice ER BI couple strikeouts. And you Lorenzo Cain getting all the walk. But I go our last night are all for five. Over five with a couple of strikeouts by his ever still sitting at 313 he's been head cover off the ball Trevor Charlotte walk last night you know he went over three in their with a walk last night. Couple strikeouts and his part. But everybody got an Amex. Pretty solid night last night had guerra throw another. Really good out in six strong giving up only three hits a couple of runs at three strikeouts four walks. Both of those runs earned last night Josh cater comes in throws too strong innings again. Gives up a couple hits no runs a couple of strikeouts along the way. And then Williams comes in he gets he gets one inning. One strike Al and that's the way it ends and that's all she wrote so a good night for the Milwaukee Brewers know what she would they can do tonight. They can walk away with another win to be fantastic he got a really weird scenario speaking of when I mention the cubs. The cubs played a single game this is where you start to make up some of the stuff. The cubs played a single game yesterday. At home at Wrigley Field and now. They go on the road. Now they have to go to Atlanta. And take on the Atlanta Braves. Tonight so I tonight and by the way Yu Darvish story tonight as he's now been able to get really past the fifth inning almost all season long he's over three with a six ERA. So he's coming back from that whatever that flu thing symptom thing years Soviets commute ignite tremendous giving him. Back on the right track meanwhile just scene goes tonight against the former brewers Zack Greinke. On the hill with a 37 EE area three into record. 8558308648. It was nice to see the brewers' offense involved last night. Does that at what point do you start to believe that the offense is really starting to art to break loose a little bit. At what point do you did you say you know five games ten games. You know at the end of may then the numbers are for real deal looked in that direction at what point do you look and say you know what okay. Nonstarter become a believer now start to feel little bent. 8558308648. Alone but kept a council free talk like. 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During summer bet demeans eleven chances to win each VIP concert package includes a couple of tickets parking pass gift cards in a whole lot more. All eleven people win this one of the kind of experience. And one of whom could be you you keep entered dale simply go to cousins subs died Thomas doesn't subs are com slash big gig giveaway. Dozens of dot com can't slash big giveaway to experience the best summer fest about the subs they believe in better the officials sub sandwich. But the Michael's sports talk networks or nice night last night for the Milwaukee Brewers now anyone stack a little success and he did and by the way. By the way from. When you look at the road trip thus far. And and what the brewers have been able to do. And we talked about this this being one of those. I guess for lack of better term SP one of those gauntlet trip you know I mean where it's used you're gonna you're gonna run into a lot of but you know a lot of tough teams. And you gonna play a lot of talk baseball on the month the man. And what how you gonna survive norms and I got to survive. And more wordy there where do you end up attempts also and done and you take three out of four from a pretty Iraqis to right now you got the first win against the Diamondbacks. You split with the Cleveland Indians he got a win there. So since the Indians. You've ended up racking up what five wins now in your five into in the last seven games against decent teams who remember it was. They couldn't beat the decent teams are being up on the Miami's in the Cincinnati's the world but he couldn't be the decent teams while now that being the decent teams. So you get another guy you get another win in this Diamondbacks series you've got a pretty successful road trip. You just got to win a couple against them in Minnesota. And you've got a much better than what we thought would be a a road trip. Against pretty decent teams then you come back on the F three against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Our next week and yet three or four against the New York Mets before getting the cardinals and Miller Park the week after that to round out the month. 8558308648. So far so good on the road trip are the brewers turned open your eyes a little bit against teams with a better than 500 records. That's another question for 855830864. It also when we come back or get into some Aaron Rodgers stuff too. Talk about the weaponry around him and Jason wouldn't say in the Dez Bryant. When the best place for him of being Green Bay do you agree with that as well talks and Bruce talk to Packard all coming up next in the Michael should. Ordered to a mortar. Film Michael's voice talking. Mac O Michael she always on the we're glad to have yet. 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Tonight why not stick with the best and the in the group that did it first. Rather try one finds Somalia. Stick within stick with a numeral medical center. Odd got a lot of people here. That are Channing regarding Milwaukee Brewers at the all star break July 17 based on where the brewers are now. And that way they've been playing in training where do you see this brewers. Team being in terms of division hierarchy in July 17 day I think they'll be in first place. Boy that's a great question. If you had to say like right here right now. Think for the cubs have not gone according to plan. They've had some injuries. The pitching hasn't been as stellar as they thought it would be so they they've had their own issues. Bomb is far is this this and have seen those cardinals coming when they are shoddy Moline I mean that's kind of their heart and soul right I mean that's what. Everybody assumes is going to happen as they were kind of fade away and everybody assumed I assume Pittsburgh would fade away. I think more so I don't have to wait in the middle of July I didn't know whether teams can impede there're at least competitive. But I I I really believe. That the brewers with what they have I don't think they have I mean it would be great if they do go out and find. Start starting pitcher that's not cost a ton of money. But right now look at the division okay look at the way it is because pitching why it's okay just pitching wise if you just go by seek teen your. And by the way the team are facing right now the Arizona Diamondbacks second best in all of baseball team Europe that's overdid it and Saint Louis has been getting it done Saint Louis third best in all of baseball. Meanwhile you got the cubs' sixth best in all of baseball but don't look now. Right behind the cubs in seventh place the Milwaukee brewers'. Seventh Berry yes seventh best. In all of baseball. So the cubs the cardinals and then the borrowers are all right there. Are all right there in the top seven in ERA is all based. That's where they're at right now. As far as like teams giving up the long ball in such. Disadvantaged team that date has not giving in you're gonna see more this as the season gets under way. Don't get me wrong. But the St. Louis Cardinals they've been the best in all of baseball they've only given up 29 home runs all season long and as the weather heats up. You're going to see the ball jump more. The cubs right now our fifth best in all of baseball as far as not giving up the long balls same with the Arizona Diamondbacks right there. Then it goes down from their Pittsburgh. And then about the middle of the pack. Which is actually the fourteenth in all of baseball is the brewers. They've given up 45 home runs on the season and again you're talking about a division which you get Wrigley Field Great American Ball Park PNC. And Miller Park. Don't move the ball doesn't fly out of Saint Louis as much as those other parks but it does sliders for just because. But those four parks alone the ball jumps. And speak specifically great American Wrigley and Miller Park. So for the brewers to be fourteenth in all of baseball not a bad way to go and they've got seven best you're right that's what's keeping a minute. Mean that's what's keeping a minute when you look at oh overall when it comes to our team batting it. And Timo PS. Pittsburgh right now as top five and in in all Major League base when he 261 on the season when the 762 EO PS. Then you go from there the cubs hitting 255 with a 7650. PS then you moved down a little bit further believe it or not the brewers are sitting at sixteenth. 243 with a 7030 PX. So you would assume with the pitching and hitting that the cubs will be a better baseball team they also made some more base running mistakes as well there that are brand themselves out of innings. But if the brewers just kind of stand pat you would assume the brewers are gonna be right there in the we hang right there whether so to say that they're gonna be on top I don't know from gonna say that. But I would assume that there won't be anything more than maybe two to three games separating off for these teams. In the national accent 855830864. And a long way tip tip about it yet dot com. Told free talk like got a couple more here this one's from Jack. Jack says any updates yet on Jimmy Nelson what is he expected back isn't supposed come back into the month. Ended June beginning in July I know he's doing some long tossing. And take generally slow he threw some I think he threw some batting practice. As well but it just making sure that he's fine but I think he's still old targeted. For the end of the month or the beginning of July before are easy easy able to combat which would be again if he come back into anything like he did last year. Is something close even that would be a huge wrestling getting a free agents are getting a free agent starter. Let's go to cage in west Alice KJ I don't know what's going on. Good morning bill just things that she is thank you for that Bridget. Yeah wanna talk to you about Kia opera it's great game I. And also about Ryan brawn. He is he coming to me very polarizing. Did you hear and others say. A lot of people that you know like him in this stage. But I think there's also growing sentiment that enough is enough with this guy you can't trust them to be in the line up. Easily scratched last night its last thing was that this is back. There's no way. You should be. In the line up. In the trees are still no way no. And not only that. What do you do with this and I don't play that you know I think that the reason why. They were trying to moderate first what you do in campaigns comes back. I don't we play that feeling YR I honestly don't. My that he is really at the its tail end of of his career and that's a shame because. The money he's making news night. Yeah you've still got what four more years I think three or four more years alternate deal. I don't know yeah I heard a report. So upset that. They might possibly try and AM out. Yeah and they optic contract I don't know what they're gonna do you don't but I just don't see. Anything good coming out of production right Brock at this point. Yeah he's yet to won a million right now on that thing goes through 20/20 one now and now after this year the sorry star student to go down. This year is twenty million next year is nineteen and seventeen and fifty. That that's still part of money. Up for him hit like a bat a ball on the income. You already minimal I'll have after this season a minimum you have two more years left of his deal. So off I don't know if they're gonna do what is something that has Don. Because. You know let it go down the stretch. They're gonna need somebody in the third spot in it. It has been proven to beat him and thus far smarter not. Connecticut McCaw. Bridget let's go to Dave listening to as a mosquito de water of the program the Michael show. Thanks Robert my god I borrowed great game yesterday the only opinions I have I'd like to say that at cedar some diabetes a little bit to be desired. I think you're the fifth inning when he sent peeing all the underground vault the third year. I thought leg buoyed up support decision I mean he had second base open but there's nothing that happened there. And Pete does not the fastest couple innings before that senior probably could've scored in you know the mob. Now I appreciate the phone call me go back on this because. You pee your member ego if you said he doesn't run well and in that since apron. Per in that same inning I'll win Pena was coming around third I thought it would have Nicklaus played the plate I don't think he was roundly resist any easy. By as far as the the play that he got thrown out that that might have been a play in which it was just you're going on contact. I got it back and look at the actual scenario but if I remember correctly I think there was one of those plays Rhee was probably just taking off on contact. I don't know Eds anymore that was just to play that was our that was just. That's when you're going on contact our have to go back and we'll talked out amicably about a coming appeared atop the hours while his sounds gonna join us. And he's there so wall will challenge him about what he saw last night would Kenya. And at third base coach at cedar had made a mistake a couple of weeks ago in sending peeing your line when when there was a ground water the outfield Pena was trying to score from second. And he was out by a mile never should a sentiment that he admitted that after the game but then he did say. They were tried a perfect throw gets a minute ultimately got him I mean but he could've. So maybe that was sticking in his mind as to why not to send peeing in game throughout the plate again. But the good the ground ball to third base that might have been one of those things region look at it might have been taken off on contextual find out 855830. 864 let's go to Jesse was he too was in Jackson Jesse I don't there what's up. All I'm doing better I mean spent the last and we talked after the guy in North Carolina caught in the market about. Oh are but I'm a liar when you're talking about it I'd have been realized that OR had the worst on base percentage for any. Second worst on base percentage first second baseman but but that it might call it. The last caller said that on the it would take it up on contact I think he scores. Well yeah so my question to you it there. I and the brewers have been shut out now. 89 tank right there where it got. Yeah yeah let's tell me we caught they were seven times they've been shut out. Yeah so my question which you are all right Ryan Brian has I mean if you look at beat spotted owl. Its contract isn't out march I mean there's guys making a lot of money. Word average ball players making more in am. It's hit contract. Formal in how bold a move further brewer take hit somebody in the third spot. Right now and as Jeremy to think about what you're going to be trading every trading somebody twenty million dollars it's hitting 220 something 240 sound then. And you're gonna try to get a three hole that are in return. For probably the Cerrato less money if from a team I would make that trade. Well but what if the brewers say well will take up. Some have been anywhere I mean because no matter what it would kind of be a walk. And then don't forget he's got the right to refuse any trade at this point because it is because of his seniority because it is veteran. He did you know he'd be he would have the right to say were recorder could ego but he's not going es he's he's not going anywhere. I know everybody wants I get appreciate the phone call just I everybody wants to see Brian Brian traded because he's not producing its not gonna happen guys going anywhere he's not going anywhere we need to stop with this you're stuck with Brian brawn these ECU he would put it this way they were gonna trade in two years ago not trade him now. He's not going anywhere especially now when he's ever again no team is going to fall on their head when they say oh I got ME some of that. They did just it it's not gonna happen Brian Brian has no value right now zero. So he's got to come back and start hitting the ball in play extremely well 85583086. Florida alone but you don't council free tuchman talks and Aaron Rodgers. Talk some weaponry around coming up next the likely ship. Six clues stations strong. My school's sports talk now. I. Yeah. Yeah. Had felt like oh she is on the air we're glad that it. Well let's are you looking to do coming up in June if any thing you should be joining us or at least we hope you join us. As Zellweger down Madison. Looking forward to it in case you didn't know or making our first cigar dinner appearance it's gonna be in Madison. And we're gonna be at the Wisconsin brewing company. And and really really looking forward this we've been doing these now the last what we didn't last week to 67 last year and every one of homes sold out. And do we we get so much fun doing on and the first one of why should everyone as the first one didn't sell out. And then more when we did it. Everybody got the sense of it knew OK and and then the rest of them sold out its so much fun to do in we have such a good time doing it looked you don't have to be a cigar smoker. To come to these things but and it's kind of as a guard that. 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North German avenue and Madison willow road and wanna keep and also the quick trip on county road PB in Verona. And if you want more information go to just go to Richard KW I K quick trip dot com that's quick trip dot com you find a location there. As well Aaron Rodgers getting ready for the season are getting ready for you OTAs and all I can shut mini camps and then betray him ultimately. He has Jimmy Graham. He has Dovonte Adams yes ran a cop. We know that OK you've got a whole crop of new receivers to go along when Jamal more. Fourth round draft choice. Akron Indians browns think brown. The sixth round draft choice. Marquez out as gambling the fifth round draft choice. Still are drawn while saying yeah Trevor Davis De'Angelo yhency. They were high and Michael Clark last year in camp as well another guy that's got some good speed and ability to get downfield. But that's kind of what you've got when you started out the talking about rounding out a wide receiving corps. OK so think of it this way divides and Randall. Finished De'Angelo. And Geronimo. Jamar and Trevor Marquez. Beckman and yes and Michael Clark those are your Nyhan a wide receivers basically you're going to choose from unless there's a mass amount of injuries. Then that doesn't even include. Jimmy Graham Lance scanner X okay. So and then you've guide dentistry free agent from last year Emanuel Byrd are Kevin rader. The the B pick up this year at a college in the undrafted. So that gives you was 1112. Really legitimate shots at it weaponry to throw to press are you talking about two running backs on the back. Are you good with the offense. Are you good with what Aron Rodgers has weapon wise around him. Are you comfortable or that you feel good about the direction. Of this wide receiving corps. 8558308648855830. 864 you alone by kip dot com told free chocolate argue good would that. Now I'll take it a step further. Okay just in case you didn't know Dez Bryant store mail without a home but. I. I Jason Witten. Says that the recently retired cowboys tight end says to Adam chapter on the podcast. I think dead is certainly going to have some great opportunities he's mode that motivated I think he's going to end up going to the Green Bay Packers. According to Jason Witten. Witten who is the new voice of Monday Night Football. Summed up as Green Bay being a great spot for Bryant who was cut last month by Dallas after eight seasons he says quote. Aaron Rodgers he throws that back shoulder throw so well in Dez has a great chemistry with a good quarterback. They can put the ball wherever he wants because I still believe desk in high point to football as well as good as anybody other wide receiver in the national football. So you part term up with Jimmy Graham and Aaron Rodgers I think our offense can put up a lot of points. Wouldn't call the potential pairing a win win for the Packers. At the end of letting go Jordy Nelson. Saying that the 29 year old 29 year old remember Bryant. Could go there and really help them take the next step and get them back in the playoffs for a agree or disagree. 855830. 86 forum alone by kept account told preterm. Are you comfortable with what the Packers have or do you feel they Green Bay needs the services of Dez Bryant. Now you can get drunk on Rich's. I don't know what would caution you to get him. Perasa right now he doesn't have a job. The Packers do makes some sense. Because beyond about a Evans a Randall Cobb Green Bay would be using you know. Jimmy Graham mostly now let me let me also say this. OK because you're going veteran. You have Dovonte Adams wrote but my my biggest caution with two Vontae Adams is easy it's not that he's a not a very good wide receiver because he has. What he has had three concussions in two years' span another one this year could end him for the season. He's taken some heavy hits. So that worries me a little bit so the depth there than becomes an issue Randall Cobbs more slot he's not a wideout okay. Which means if anything happens in Dovonte. You're than relying either Ryan. Drawn more Allison Trevor Davis. Quote many a saint browns' Jamal and more Marquez bailout got a scaling they become your number one. Because Jimmy Graham still your wideout he's gonna become another target out there but he's. He's been in the mismatch guy he's the tide and they can run slot that can run wide but he's kind of a a different cat. But to me. It would make sense now if you believe you don't wanna get array rid of say Yancey or Davis. Or they're drawn more Alice and if you feel like all those guys you need to keep. Plus say the tour three of the guy he just drafted in May be Michael Clarke because he's got all the talent world. And unity are able to hide everybody in the practice squad. Well. Then you're then you're probably not gonna Britt pick up Dez Bryant put if you believe you're going to be dead dead dead dead depth. That veteran depth. And you're you're making this run. Then it makes all the sense in the world go to Mike was he to a degree field Mike welcome program the Michael sharp. Good morning bill great program as usual thank you the local. As far as addressed in the offense in capital looser receivers haven't proven their worth. On paper it looks so good clip one my concern is yes and I'm. What went wrong writers get injured again. Or when he does retire can ignore that spot that you know they'll. We people in packer nation of spoiled rotten last quarter century order practice. And we need to address that too I'm great now yeah the window's closing on Rogers. But yeah we need to protect routers do so are yup and goes little skeptical would have receivers that got. And I don't wanna get into the secondary but damp it down and that's all yet so. I I. I I think a lot of nor appreciate the thought quite a lot of people are it's it's we've done this before where. You look on paper you say OK everything if this happens and if that happens and everything works out then yep it's all good. But it. Nothing has panned out as of right now. You know you've got a lot of question marks on this team and I think he's hedging your bets in anyway she performed is the best thing you can possibly do. So if they can do it at a reasonable price and it doesn't break the bank and it makes you better. I'm doing an RP. 855830864. In loans which have Tom told free talk when he 5583086. Foray. Will says go get him dad's. And this was from Jake could argue Tweeter said bill underscore Michael says is no secret and Aaron likes to spread the ball around Dez gets angry when you don't feed him the ball. Makes for bad recipe in my opinion so he's saying no. This one is from a break Newsom there with the offensive Dez wants to come play for a year in Green Bay for five million won her to have him as a third option. This one is from a Mary who says not happy with Dez coming to Green Bay he has been a head case his entire career. Why would you wanna put a guy like that in this locker room. This is from Andrew who writes in the when he's email boxes well and says. Dez Bryant his ability would at a different dynamic to this offense something they haven't seen in awhile not since Javon Walker would be able to gulping get a ball. I like the fact he can go up and get one at a high point go out and get Dez Bryant. Then you have the back shoulder throw to Dez Bryant the back shoulder throw to Jimmy Graham the comeback capability of Randall Cobb. The speed of divide they Adams and the high point of Dez Bryant this offense becomes unstoppable. 8558308648. Buses would take a quick break we'll come back Kaelin you'll be first of this year losing to us in heartland we don't more than Michael your next. Freeware and Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Wouldn't know yeah. When it's convenient. Yeah. Bill likely show on the air we're glad you're onboard talk a little Packers football the weaponry around Aaron Rodgers. And I haven't weather is a good yes knowing different when Dez Bryant's add something to this. Before it's also known we'll have to wait and see Stephen actually pans out Jason Witten his former teammate in Dallas Cowboys now turned broadcaster. Think that day would be a great landing spot for Dez Bryant in the greenback. 85583086. Where this portion of programming brunt of our friends at Bud Light the official. Your spots in the Michael sports talk network in of summer is we get ready. For a Wednesday night live which is back it is two weeks from tomorrow. Wins in our lives back to the Wisconsin state your part in the Budweiser pavilion. The end. In addition to that. We have a rebel graced taking the stage that night Wednesday night may thirtieth. And in my charities can be out there which is saint Ben's community meal do in the 5050 soaking come on out and enjoy yourself have a great night and maybe do the 5050 that benefits everybody. And by the way getting in is free parking is six bucks and that is it let's go to Caleb listening to us in Arlen Caleb walked into the program the Michael show. And how we look at. What's up. We're looking. Real quick point on paying a particularly upset about this but they what you wanna say about Atlantic. I think as I as a no brainer if we hold the patriots and the gold standard. Goes anywhere in championship after championship. I mean the paper where the Internet championship. So I feel like Bear Bryant after your good recruits came and put his foot down caught Jordy. I don't see it. How you don't put it went down again. Aren't we're a year to contrary you know something from the get paid in the meantime and and a and other wrote subcontract. We go we cannot alone and in the beer look at when when the pitcher garnering more. Anymore and well kept trying to quote unquote. He put up how what was it 21 touchdowns putting owners you can put some sort of record. I mean it's it's it's. Way to pick should have been doing it for years and clearly it's important for them I don't understand why we route that has nuclear command and just kinda. Hold great back like content to you. I purely economic question I don't know about you the other way and there are you that in no brainer it. I would assume it does give you getting any for relatively minimal money and then there's not much. You know there's there's no brainer about this unless he's just such a night. There's an it would be a no brainer to me appreciate phone call it would be a no brainer to me getting that. But it cost you a large chunk of change in your ability to maybe get somebody else along the way here. Maybe pick up the defensive player that's gonna get cut by the time it's all said and done and maybe you could use some help or an offensive lineman. Which you may end up needing then I think did it it. It changes then I think there may be Dez Bryant might be a luxury more than a necessity. 855830864885583086. Four is go to James listening to us and Whitewater James I don't think man what's up. So much currency debt and now that I planted here where it figured after. So at Bryant out opposite every direction and that meant that. I'm unaware gonna get the money on that if the my and it's like I'm am. Even into these structure in the cup deal or ruby Red Hook up to replace. I think that they are you not mean that brand is more wideout and Butler beaver. I'm proud to be what he's eaten it ought to be and I'm aren't always. Well I don't know if that's Bryant makes and what are you want to have you seen it here. Appreciate it. I think Ted today in the grand scheme of personnel right now offensively speaking. In the grand scheme of things. IA look at this come. In say they did I I I think my biggest concern right now is the offensive line. And I think that. My second biggest concern will be the depth at the wide receiver position of veteran experience behind Durante apps. Those are my two biggest concerns. I'm wanna make sure that their rights at the line. Is taking care. I wanna make sure that bad either Brian blogger springs are going to be back. But they have the capability to protect rot you know Aaron Rodgers on that right side. Could I you journalism program I always believe starts affronts arson charges if you can control line of scrimmage you neutral games I mean just that simple. So I mean that there's there's. The need to get sprigs Bakhtiar you both her I should have a lot of both back. But it. Is McRae gonna bounce down is to become more feet. Bomb you know we talked about coal Mattison and his ability to play both inside and out he's more regard there was not an outside guy doesn't like the play outside. So I I think. Right now and again they know what's going on behind scenes I don't I'm only series in your spit balling because. The last time we saw right blog he was on you the injured list along with sprint. And we you know just going by the timeline of what it normally takes to come back from those knee injuries. You would assume they're not going to be ready for the start of the season. So what are you gonna do. In less they know something in and say you know Brian Malloy Israeli go. What do you know and that's that's where my number one concern is and after that you can say OK maybe veteran depth behind Dovonte downs around a cup. 855830864. Let's go to Jeff was into his Greenfield Jeff I you don't. Good morning bill you've been man. Hey I agree we definitely can use a big time pattern presence and that wide receivers you know. Course there are yet there was that little too high volume pick Brandon Marshall. You know the comment but just something to do that they'll certainly get that leadership because obviously if you own. What via receiving corps you have outside of copy him but yet you're a young group. A veteran would hope I think teach typical just can't teach there's better receiver coming helpful. For the future so I I think it better and help so many ways. Not just you know. Popping number twelve. But it doesn't spend money I agree I want to help pencil line first I'm eager to medical 89 million someone. Do that I am outline you gotta keep all outbreak of urgency to remove. Seeing what happens when Paul goes down it don't matter who missed. Not yet as the owner whatever. It's not going to be very pretty at twelve goes down so I think you know. There's been a terrible lie but that play I would I would might seem does like 34000004. I have. I mean. Five and right Bridget phone call. Think this way though if you're gonna run and say Dez is a wide divide is why you gonna put in the slot both Randall and Jimmy Graham or even keep Jimmy Graham and a tight and we ran on a slide. With a single back offense. Most of the time defense is not going to be running 34 down linemen they're going to be run Nickels and transaction. Because they're gonna they're gonna have to figure out who recover. Think about that. Not alleviate a lot of pass rush. 855830864. We talk about this a little bit more coming up later. While out amicably brewers are coming and we Beckham he's going to join us. Coming up next we can talk with him about that while the the question was brought before about it cedar and many. And whether or not they should or should not have sent him we will wait and see give his opinion on that also talk about some of the guys that are hopefully gonna come back real soon. Talk some injuries regarding the Milwaukee Brewers starts from Ryan brawn talking about Milwaukee Brewers a lot more yet to go state June. Morneau Michael shortages. Wisconsin love. Bill Michael sports talk.