HR1 – Are you offended by Hader’s tweets?

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Wednesday, July 18th
Hour 1. We’ll react to the racist and homophobic tweets from Josh Hader that emerged last night during the All-Star Game. These were tweeted back when Hader was a teenager. Are you offended by it? Plus, we’ll starts our NL Central lookaround with Mo Egger in Cincinnati.

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JT I can allow dogs no Michael she always on the L we are glad you're all more on this Wednesday. I go Michael's across me radio joke. Producing the show as always last night. Rarely. At least in our corner of the world but nationally it's just blown out use the all star game. The American League wins Josh Peter comes in gives up the bomb to see guerra. But then now feeling as bad as he did about giving up the bond to see guerra after that. Then his hits after the game with tweets that he sent out. When he was a seventy. And they have now come back to haunt them in and you know it's it's something that everybody's talking about I'm driving in today they're talking about a nationally him. Listing on the MLB network and they're talking about it I'm listening to Chicago radio there talking about it they're talking about in the state of Wisconsin. It is what it is prom. Be the there's a couple of things here that that you need to understand. First and foremost. Our I understand the whole. I was seventeen thing okay I really do I get it. But the bottom line is how long. How long we've been telling people what you put out there it's out there. I don't care if you're seventeen. Or seven or seventy once you hit enter it's out there. There's nothing you can do about it and at some point some way shape or form it's gonna come back to haunt. And his words out. Bomb during the all star game last night some racist and anti gay tweets that hater hit sent. When he was teenager surfaced and off for a lot of bench last night did about an hour's worth of it on the show. I was listening I was listening then. I know the Major League baseball's now looking into this. That Major League Baseball city will not have a complete. Comment last night but they're gonna make comments today. The B tweets were going viral now there's one out there. Bad Somalia's semi this morning so can you believe this and it is it's bad. But from what I understand. It's a 2016. Tweet. The end it is photo shopped so for those that are reporting to that one. Saying C soles drill. I are from what I understand. That one has been Photoshop. Somebody trying to kind of throw fuel on the fire so to speak. Com. But. It's. Hit. It's not good. And now granted they didn't have. Anything to do with the tweets. Other than. The fact did they didn't catch it. Like come on your your a Major League Baseball team. You're a Major League Baseball team and you've got people just for social media now usually. It's to put out. Tremendous stories about guys like Hayes who say you are and get him elected to the all star game. But you have got to know what your people are saying and what they've said. You have got to now. I mean and now again I'm not blaming the brewers for any of this because they enjoyed it they didn't do anything. But man oh man you've got out. If you have got to pay attention to what your people put out there. It just you know. It used do. You've got to be more cognizant of the stuff. 85583086488558308648. Gives shout. Com. Did mrs. Is not good. There's not good in the brewers obviously had a bad week they lose games and a six game losing streak. They the we all they had pretty good representation of people in the all star game. By. Then this comes out and and images speak it casts a Pall. Over everything that's been accomplished thus far. And now here here's the other aspect of this. It's gonna don't want to place. Its either gonna go in the direction of you know Josh cater coming back into the clubhouse as Los Angeles comes to town. And his teammates lining up to say look you're a different guy that's not the guy that we know. And we got you. As Lorenzo Cain tried to do last night. Try to kind of put out the fire a little bit. And if that's the case something like this to bring your clubhouse together. Bond you together a resume looking Amir because her Reno's you know nobody's perfect. And it can that propel them more. It can then make things awkward uncomfortable. Unsettling. It transfers to play on the field in some way shape performer this team just never gets back to what they were going back to the month of may. The season continues to kind of just slowly trickle away. And then it's gonna be looked at as a very divisive moment. What did you think I I I guarantee it's gonna go 12 directions. So it's either going to be the bonding moment that everybody. Somebody needed so to speak to bring this group together or it's going to be something that splinters the group apart. The end and watched the season to trigger away. Regardless though. Hey this is a significant moment. In this season for the Milwaukee Brewers. As significant moment teaching moment hopefully you if if you're a parent out there hopefully you're as well. Because it's there's a lot of things we talked about. And one is don't press sand. Don't press send. 855830864. Now. The other side of this win you are talked about the racist tweets in the homophobic tweets. I don't care if you're seventy. I'd look I I'm a different person from when I was 24. To 32. To 45 to 52. Not 52 yard but regardless. Europe Al vastly different person you Grohl. And you change and your attitude changes in things in your life can dictate things. That change your mind about a lot of stuff okay. So you're not the same person you were we were seventy. If you go back and grab yourself at seventeen you would say don't do that is. So do I believe the Josh leader can be different person absolutely I know people that have. OK I know people that quote were quote old school that argue anymore. Okay when it comes to race relations Wilson. However. Once it's out there it's out there you are now label you'll Wear out you'll Wear the scarlet letter. Pretty much for the remainder of your life. So if you are parent. And you would too old for whatever reason because of yours and your dumb ass blindness or whatever it is you wanna call it. You you talk to your kids you tell your kids you check up on your kids and you say what are you doing where you're doing it how you doing it what are you saying. Our six. Don't turn a blind eye because your kid can go on to be doing wonderfully great things just like Josh rader. And suddenly something stupid from their past comes back on him. Then for those that say hey look you know I I can't forgive and it was if it was said by Mir said by somebody else be held against is your right. Your right. You know Josh hater being a successful pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers certainly makes him a sympathetic figure because a lot of boorish fans wanna see him do well. But outside looking in man the rest of the world's looking at this team going. Yet Ryan brawn it was a cheater. Are you guiding our racist in your clubhouse you know I mean it's it's it's a bad luck. Perception becomes reality in many people's eyes to bad luck. Is certainly didn't need it. Odds go to phone calls go to William listening to assume west Dallas William what's going I'm always saying it. They have built thanks for taking my call I got a couple points number one armed when I heard about this it's reminds me of the old John Rocker. Situation from what 1015 years result young. The end you know if I want to support the brewers but you know Josh has nobody to blame but himself it and unfortunately. In the world we live in today this is just going to cue up that dark shadow on the team. You know and I wouldn't be surprised that the brewers released from just to get okay from that it. It's just a bad reality in our people situation is. Terrible but in a nutshell. You've got notably by themselves. Appreciate the phone call you're right. You know one of blaming himself. I won't I would be shocked if they let him go. Quite honestly I would be shocked. Not because he's a valuable pitcher but just because. The mark got an ICO is proving that if you are contrite. In there obviously if you like you and they're they're gonna keep your round. I'm Josh hater came off the mound in the club house the postgame presser in a wounded. The eraser yeah he said look our mom and you know it's it was some stupid idea when I was seventeen. He said there's no excuse for what was said I'm deeply sorry for what I said and what's been going on that does a reflective and any of my beliefs now. And one of the things. Was he says have about his bows police had not changed. And people latched on to that. Com is if he stole that same guy I. I think he sometimes spit and again I'm not condone owning it I'm not making an excuse for we've all said something to shock our friends or be cool. And maybe in this particular case that might be at I don't know. But when he said my beliefs have not changed I think that's kind of what he was alluding to I don't put words in his mouth because he is gonna have to sit in front of the cameras in from a microphone again and explain himself. And arch I'm sure by that point in time he is going to be. Pretty much. You know coached up. But. You know when you used the N word. And talk about white power. Now whether you're more energy of a closed fist. And venues and have a to a tweet this is I hate gay people. You know. Parity it's. These kids that's very hard to explain there's there's there's no way to disable you know I was just young and down and Noelle. Come on. You know down now he may come out and you know you've got to Lorenzo Cain defending him obviously a black player. So he's defending he say they look you know you're dom seventeen. Was in the best of things to do here ego. By. You know it's what the the way his is it the players inside that clubhouse are gonna defend him on what he's done inside that clubhouse. Is he and that family or is he guided his kind of stayed away. Is he guided segregated himself from others is you guided segregated himself only say towards white players. Well then you're gonna have yourself a real schism in the clubhouse and then going back to callers point. That you may need you may need to get rid of them while maybe in that particular case you might because you have that issue. Looming large in your clubhouse it almost looks as if as an organization you condone that. And that would be that would be detrimental. But if you organization comes on defends him and other players command defend him. And now I I I think then you lose young dom tweets from seventeen year old and look he may still believe that behind closed doors. There's a lot of things that are said by a lot of people. Black white whatever. Behind closed doors you would never say in public not condone or not right. The guys behind closed doors but what you do in the workplace what you do in public what you do when you're in the public guy that's on you. That's on you and you put it out there for all the public deceit. You. You may have believed to Dan but you couldn't have been any more of a dumb ass for hitting enter. More than a Michael show next. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk that. At work. First knew what it is unknown if you know very ago. I was entertainment so yourself pumped you know everybody okay we'll move on from the teacher. Rats okay doing the best he can. To try to put a nothing to see your face on this. Nationally. It's everywhere. Getting calls from all over the country. Different radio stations wanna talk what kind of guys Josh here I gotta tell you. Never never saw this coming. Never saw anything like this more than boasts. One of the nicest most candid guys. There is we're on spring training this year and walk into the clubhouse and he comes over and reintroduces himself to me. And said you know I am just cater you know you never want to talk let me now you know just very very good guy we had a really good conversation. Com never saw anything like this. Unfortunately. From not I was really looking forward to be honest but. This to get outs and for this to him I appreciate the fact that he eSATA from the microphones. And then talked about it already hear that coming up here. In just a second bite basically right after he gets off the mound the game ends. Com Josh hater goes whose locker and he at this point has now been made aware that oh by the way some of the things you said when you were young. That you tweet it out have made their way into the mainstream and they've been discovered. And you are now the target. And so this was the tete a tete between him in the media last it's kind of hard to hear CS charter radios. But this with the tenets that between him in the media last night answering questions about his tweets that. Zone. It was immature. It's reflective chief's job. How did you live this long they stay there. Elites. I'm sitting here continues. We've what's undermining its. How did you find out that this moves out there. Just came and okay. We can't. Bonus and yeah. I'm deeply sorry for what I session. You know what's been going. My guys. What has changed it leaves you. Now for them. There's an okay. Drive we'll meet you. Perfectly in this book yeah. It's something they shouldn't involve them you know. So and I make us. Seasons lives. Everything happens next Josh are you worried about pat no penalties suspensions do you have any sense of what comes next. Nice little understood what happened. Lowering. Better listen. He consequences that haven't. I'm Wayne how would today's. Can be difficult conversation. Like I said. Insurance didn't. There's no excuse. What happened. Remember him. Not to do it. The what was happening in the context. Here's. Travelers and pleaded. He knows it. He went out of me. Yeah. Thank you or so ago that is the back and forth with Josh rader he he owned it says he was stupid. He. It's hard to. You know if he did when he was thirteen or fourteen that's one thing you're seventeen years old you're getting ready to graduate high school soon. And move on a Major League Baseball career in that's what comes audits it's hard to just walk away from into Sidwell is gal is young and don't. Arm. I was glad he didn't say my Twitter callous act because that's you know that's that's all old news. But not a not a not a good scene last night for Josh rader and the other side of the coin was his family was in attendance in the game last night and they're wearing Josh cater jerseys. They actually had to be escorted out and had their jerseys changed. This started to break last night as a matter of factly I saw it come across. My news feed in my phone. And then our buddy drew verbal warning from CBS 58. He is to message me on Twitter incident you've seen this nice guy I just got to and take a listen or does take a read. And then our he was listening to Perot on the back especially since you listen to this and I turned over arms listening to throw. And if this this went like wildfire. Went like wildfire last night in this is. You know this is just it I don't care what you say is not good I mean you can make all the excuses you want. You know out. It's it's just not a good scene. Vern tweets are set to underscore Michaels is almost all teenagers make stupid comments with their friends thinking makes them look cooler. With a big it would his biggest social media is now most seventeen year old realize that their tweets can be seen by millions of people. But in 2011. It it wasn't as well known or understood. Well it's true but he still hit sand. How long we've been telling people I'd look I'd been doing this big job in this particular situation that I'm in on the go Michael sports on network now for seven years. And I didn't just all of a sudden learned seven years ago don't hit send. Okay I've been taught that pretty much since the advent of social media relations AOL dial up was around. If you don't want it out there donuts sent you can't be this stupid. 855830864. Robert let's go to Lance on the west side glance what the program the Michael shows garment. That is enemies are up that imparts cannot occur or what all the oh yeah yeah I guess we all of that there were re done in such a stupid you regretted it later but yet. Now that you know in the overall picture that's the worst thing that happened today in this society. We're we have. Ten times worse things happening. And people are trying to make excuses for but think about it is that. There's there's a lot of people out there that are what brutally honest. A lot of people never come up and say what they feel. He did it maybe it was by mistake maybe it wasn't but it happened. So we do have to move on from it because they growing up. I you do get into the wrong groups wrong crowds along. She paternity you've grown circle of friends whatever. Are yet let's think about it though everybody wants equality these days everybody's screaming for that. But yet if you think about it. On leaders. Black History Month. And entertainment TV correct you know what would happen we have quite an achievement TV Kuwait and yeah all white has. Willbros. Appreciate the phone call knows. Became. Popular because there wasn't. Because of lived of the the dominance. Of say be you know the analysts are white race in that particular case because it's just not proper term used by. Because there wasn't enough outlets. For African Americans to two you know kind of show their wears so to speak so those were created. You know we didn't will we be why do we have to create a white entertainment network because everywhere you turn there's white entertainers. So that's why those networks those those certain things were created and there is a history of that and when you talk about Black History Month. Black History Month. He really isn't it the way I look at it it's not for those are African Americans. It's frost to learn and understand. And to Grohl hated knowing. Kind of more neighbors are you know I mean because we're supposed to learn and understand they already know who they are literally to learn anymore you're mean. We need to learn and understand it grow a little bit expand your mind a little bit understand the circumstances. As this country was built in one was built upon and that's kind of where some of that stuff comes from. Bob let's do this red kind will still stay with baseball or take an Al central look around today as well. More later from ESPN radio 1530 insists that he's going to be joining us state did you if you're there Stan holds we're gonna try to get TI promises can be something that's been pretty much. Go all day but we're talking Moet eager to know the reds have a pretty solid record ever since they changed managers fired Brian Price. And brought in recommending now they've they've been a team that can be a thorn in many people's sides and we'll talk about that coming up next in the know Michael show. And Michael's sports talk more. So Michael show continues. This Porsche program being brought to our friends and cousins jobs that's where they believe and battered don't forget the official subs in which in the Michael sports talk network. Did that pepperoni or else the bill Michael's extra row extra cheese. On that Italian breads that are in your your tease her jury and face first like you're going to be electric chair later that night that's the way to go that is our friends from cousins go to cousins subs dot com or download the app on. Any of your mobile devices remembers the officials sub sailors who know Michael sports talk Miller. I wrote this written miss the other day. And these Cincinnati Reds. In case you didn't know since they fired their manager Bryan Price. They played some pretty good baseball recommend takes over really Aminu grand scheme of things when you look at it. Is since may 29 in if you read the article but since may 29. These Cincinnati Reds. Our 24 in seventy. They've got a pretty solid record the brewers have been a kind of foundering a little bit between 23 to come June 2760. But the reds have been playing some warning baseball and they're going to be a thorn in the side of many teams before it's all said and done from ESPN radio 1530 and Cincinnati Moet your body now joins us. On the Schneider orange ally mold what's so what's been the turnaround in Cincinnati for this team. I think it's been two things I think number one the starting pitching has been better. And and you know for for a number of years. And they dismantled and try to rebuild the team and other trade away John equate other trade away Mike Leach and I think until that they until they got these guys that they think can. Gonna be the nucleus of the rotation moving forward that would become a plug in and do you know Scott Feldman was opening day starter last year brought back Bronson Arroyo there work. You know bring in guys out who really didn't have much of a big league future now what they've gotten. Is I think a trio of guys that they really anticipate being a part of the rotation moving forward Sal Romano Tyler apparently at least Casio those guys are finally going to would have been deeper games they've gotten. A comedian club fight that Chelsea. And Matt Harvey acquisition. You know they got him with the idea of trading him and and I would haters and 99% chance they do but. He kind of revive his career by pitching really well here so I think that's number one and the other thing I don't think people talk about that announces. There are healthy. You know when I got up to the start they got off to a three and eighteen. The offensively we thought that he was gonna be better than it showed the first three weeks and we knew eventually they would hit. That's happened but. I think more than anything compared the last couple years I think they've shown that helped matters you know I'll go back to 2014 Joey bottom misses a hundred games. They have more games and missed than any team in the National League central I believe in 2015. They have. Finally gotten a lineup together that intact and healthy and and really has very few holes and they have guys at the top of the order or getting on base. They have a number of guys who can hit the ball out of the ballpark and obviously getting all star caliber seasons from are you any of Suarez and and and former brewers scooter Jeanette. It's really kind of turned into a pretty well rounded club now obviously they got up at such a slow start that's for this season it really doesn't mean all that much by. Suddenly the trajectory for this club has pointed outward and and there are some. Some building excitement. Artists say we Briscoe energy that he has stated over and over again it was sustain Cincinnati was the a long term situation for him. I believe that he's not going to be. Traded first of all the heat he's under team control for one more year I think Jake I think they look at it from a couple of different angles ones being. I think they view him as kind of central to this team's improved chemistry for whatever work. For whatever. A man of value you wanna look at that I think they view him as. One of those guys in the clubhouse there's really kind of change the tone. Of the team and in the clubhouse itself. Portillo I just don't release and they're going to be able to keep up much as good years he's had as good as he's been since coming to Cincinnati. I kind of believe the market for him really isn't there there's not a lot of teams that the second. And he can obviously play a number of positions but he's kind of you know found a home at second base. He's gonna make a lot more money next year because he has one more year of arbitration. And I I did gather the sense that around believes. The belief is that he's not going to be as good moving forward as he's been over the last year and a half. I can be viewed him being on the team next year. As giving them a better chance to maybe make a push toward contention next season as opposed to plugging someone else and at second base. And he's also a fan favorite and and I'm not malicious but that's a factor into the thinking that Dick Williams via the president of baseball operations that last week. We want to expand the table next year. For that to happen now we're gonna have to put more but and teacher in the second half of the season tend to doubt from last year's 16% I think they are you keeping scooter. That's something that will engender enough goodwill. To maybe get people to come to the ballpark here in the second half of the year and then finally acting debut hammer someone they can sign not for the next fibers this year without. The following cost or free agents. His willingness to stay here I think they feel like they can get something done that keeps them here beyond next season pollute. Maybe three years at something that economically is pretty responsible. And so I think he's going to be here and then begged a series of questions. I who ghost because I have a number of guys they could trade deadline they're top prospect Nixon and bill got a lot of time at second base. Is scooter gonna stay he's gonna play at second base what do you do with Nixon's LD move into the outfield. You trade him in an effort to get that number one starter they need a lot of different directions they can go in but I believe that come August 1. Scooter you know we'll be on the. Then Ritalin at the end of the season I mean it depending on which way the season goes there's a lot of talk about him and getting offers from other teams do the reds keep him or do they move in another direction. I think he's got a shot at coming back. I think it's gonna be interesting you know others. There's a lot of talk about taking the interim tag all. I think a lot of that is media created it and created an and understandably so because when a team player as well with the Arab guy you know it's just it's natural to wonder what makes sense to bring him. Bring them back by. I think they really wanna go through a thorough search I really think you know when they hired Bryan Price in 2013. The search consisted of making sure they have Brian Price is located contacted you know they've yeah. You really didn't do a comprehensive search for dusty Baker's replacement I think they really. I think this is an important hire them I think you know when they hired Bryan Price. They knew they weren't gonna be good for a long time I think are hoping that the next manager is a guy that kind of takes the team to the next step which is back to postseason contention. Maybe eventually back to the post season. And when you really haven't done a managerial search in a decade I think people who used to do something exhausted and comprehensive and it in my stance on the whole thing has been at the end of that process you decide gentlemen regard. Then that's okay but I don't see the need to remove the interim tag now not really sure what what Russia is so much for what the down side is to doing a search and ask. The St. Louis Cardinals and higher general Manuel. I think the reds aren't good enough place with with where they're headed and what what are nucleus is that they're going to be able to survive. There's some things they can't survive losing gentlemen I think is one of but it will be interesting if the team continues to play well. As management revisit this. That the owners step in and they look at once and recommend. It's going to be interesting. But he's got a very good job and they are certainly a glowing. A growing sentiment that. You know he should be the guy next year. The other day I think they're gonna go to insurgent you know this season and maybe a pair jams and saw a chance to be to. We had Marty Brennaman on the show about a month ago maybe a little bit less and minutes when the reds were taken on the brewers CNN asked Marty assumed was the direction of this club Marty said even though they're playing good baseball if if upper management believes that this is the team now that they believe they had. They're fooling themselves because he said he doesn't see the amount of talent is they may be claim that they have. So let me ask you this how far away are today from say this this staring down this rebuild or what have you to being complete and in addition of that. Or should they be dramatic sellers as we continue to approach to trade deadline. Well they only have one guy who can be a free agent at the end of this year that's hard. They have a number of guys who are you know gonna get hefty pay raises mixture Adam involved Billy Hamilton scooter Jeanette they have a little bit of a surplus of outfielders and have a little bit of surplus and infielders. I think I think for them to take it significantly lowered what they need is a bonafide. Number one hammer at the part of that rotation and I think that's the most difficult hurdle to clear you know I've made this point a couple of times in our number one. The reds have I think over the last 4043 years developed to true number one starters burial Soto and Johnny Quayle that's it. It illustrates how hard it is to develop them maybe they have back guy in the organization now. In a hundred green who fits in the future game is probably gonna be that guy that. You know not for another three or four years do they have that guy on that now in time to to get really good next year. I think that's debatable so that it's free agency well if you look at the list of free agents. Starting pitchers for next next year. Pretty uninspiring that an a list of guys are gonna cost a lot of money so benefit trade and I made this point a number of times the last time the reds traded. For what they thought was going to be a number one starting pitcher. Was when they acquired Matt late goes from the Packers in 2012 now. NATO's. Had gone on to beat. Kind of a punchline but for two years he helped anchor playoff rotation here. To get him the red had to turn the Padres. For three Q for all stars and and Campbell has. Who let the royals win the World Series 2015. That's a very hefty price and so I think sometimes we're a little bit too overly simplistic talking about the court the reds have. And going you know what they're number one starter the way. They are how you get that number one starter and are you willing to give up what it's gonna cost. And you you had a package of players. The other teams would would want in exchange for a number one I think that's the biggest challenge for this team I don't think they can meet now. I'm not sure they can meet it there's offseason. So I tend to think they're a little ways away. But I am optimistic about the direction we're going say they kinda have a war and they've got some pretty interesting potential trade chips right publicly is our closer is under team control for three more years. You can trade bill Hamilton confirmed Adam do all I can build the most interesting scenarios involved. Knicks can tell. Their first round draft choice from a 2065. Overall. And Robert Stevens who at one time was considered a top pitching prospect. Who I think they've soured on just a little bit if they're willing to move those two guys they can make some progress via trade. I'm just not true there willing to do eat. Real quick I'm gonna give you about twenty seconds give me your thought outside looking in the tweets came out to light last night for brewers reliever Josh hater. And you know he says look I was seventeen and what have you you know it that he apologized kind of wounded. But just outside perspective looking in about twenty seconds give your thought. I'm not sure what he spoke to do now you know it's it's obviously unfortunate and those are horrible tweets but you know at what. What what what the next bill comes due for next apology he's gonna have to deal with a teammate what are we wanna do now. I I understand you know the Twitter outrage cycle for the last 24 hours because you wait this out until we move on to something else like. What what what the next conflict that we want from Josh or are they supposed to suspend importantly can count had that except when he was seventeen or. He's supposed to quit the group were supposed to karma what do we do now that's what I can't be erratic you're still mad about it fine he made the apology is gonna have to deal with a teammates. Then what what's what's gonna make everybody happy and the answer probably not until I don't know we go what is next. Great stuff always always buddy I'll see you soon take care yourself take care of the white from the new baby and everything you have a great time authorities have. Our competitor who don't actually about talking soon there's more leg or from my Cincinnati our friend down their ESPN radio 1530. Giving us some perspective state doing a lot more than likely join after this. Six clues stations strong. Bill might cools sports talk now. Michael shows on the air we are glad to have become. Coming up after the top of the hour last drops be from 67 this towards Chicago we're gonna get his perspective also war argued his thoughts on the causes. The cubs have. While they've gone a bit of a winning brigade 2716. Since may 29 to get into the all star break they've taken over the jumps on the National League central pick. That are rappers mind before it's all said and done so that's coming up after the top of the hour Jim colony from 937 affair in Pittsburgh. He's going to be joining us and then we're gonna get the national perspective on all of this from September international based. All insider he is going to be here as well we will talk to him about the comments that were said by a judge rader was he feels now on these to be done Mo way bigger. Put it varies is saint. People are gonna get their pound of flesh he is apologized he's going to meet with the media again you know we will. You'll have an open presser and and you kind of go from there and then one. You know then what has to happen I would be surprised if he got suspended by Major League Baseball. For something that he did when he was seventy. When he wasn't a Major League Baseball player. I would be I would be eased somewhat shocked if they suspended him for that now maybe they end up sending him to a sensitivity training or something to that extent but. For those that are saying knees be suspended for you know two games five games ten games whatever. I would be shocked if something like that happened it'd be quite honest with yourself. I'll we'll talk more about this coming up after the top of the hour this portion of the program brought to our friends over to Bud Light the official response to the bill Mike a sports star now or don't forget. Coming up tonight at the Wisconsin state fair park in the Budweiser pavilion stage it is back again Wednesday night live. It's up it's running it's good to go assuming she get out there and supporting the night. I get yourself some music on the stars a couple of beverages enjoy yourself and it's free admission by the way and if you bring your car its export department you bring a motorcycle. It is absolutely. Full re in if it's free it's for me you know that so I think it's pretty much a thinking of everybody is losing the program at this point. We'll talk more about this coming up after the job BR awarded the cubs' side of things is the cubs now sit atop the National League central and are they starting to fire on all cylinders is this team gonna be for real they still have some pitching issues restored Yu Darvish they Sochi outward are jam and that is not giving them what they thought they would debt. Soul find out where their holes are out from less crowd Stephen score will also get his perspective. There's just south of the border as to what's you know what the reaction is to Josh traders garments in you know what he thinks. Will or should be done and we'll continue our spin around the National League central coming up after the top of the hour we'll continue to take your phone calls as well. KJ and Phillip and everybody ran get TF promises a lot of people on all hanging out for this everybody's got to say. States are mortal like a show right after this. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network.