HR1 – Best moment from last night’s Brewers win?

Bill Michaels Sports
Wednesday, June 13th
Hour 1. We’ll look back at the Brewers big win over the Cubs. Plus, Jimmy Graham had stem cell treatment done to his knee…Do you take issue with that? And one NHL team did something very classy…

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From the league's front for the front this is where Wisconsin sports fans content. And Michael show named best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your home. Today you help me wrong give me a win today. Prove me wrong give me a win today I'm looking forward to it. One and outing last night for Jason Anderson. Brewers get the win. And I'm excited today that lineup that bed that is not a hey get away day packed him an in line out. Today they've got Lorenzo Cain leading off Christian he LH playing right Ryan brawn batting third out of the fifth spied. Moving him up Billy in left field today hey zoos angle. BR today. He's going to be playing second cracks is gonna be behind the played Orlando are CIA is going to be the offensive sinkhole over their shortstop in annual lease shots seem. Is on the hill today for the Milwaukee Brewers so pretty good lineup out there it's not to be packet in getaway day lineup that we've seen out there. More than a few times a season so. Hopefully hopefully the brewers can get themselves a win prove me wrong. And well wills see what happens. To happens by the way an announcement made today Sophia minute. Has been named the new position of broadcast in digital features contents director. So and I would assume that means Sophie amenities can be permanently. With me Milwaukee Brewers. She's getting paid in house now being taken away from fox sports so we war we'll see if she still on the broadcast but nevertheless. Sophia mannered judge going in house with the brewers which means for those of the probably steer on the sidelines or with a box I don't know that's gonna factor box deal or not but. Oh well they have good for her 8558308648855830864. In loans we tipped our town. Told free talk client you know why do wind is much. Is last night was about aid getting a few base knocks BMO advance runners. Bringing guys in a look look last night was all about the pitching kudos Ando. To Jason Anderson. We are making notice last night as well by the way. Memories Davis cubs fans. Man just did this is the re. Group of people sitting down last night there is a family of five a couple of kids an older kid. That is. I wanna say maybe in their early teens. Mom and a drunk cubs. Got hammered drunk but drop drop in every profanity and possibly your to a four month while you turn announces you know what. You guys just canyon just knock it off you know can you just at least heard the language. All of which because fans' response and it's not just one with a couple. Bob basically have you. So securities called they come down to cubs fans as their take in the two cubs fans out. The rest of the section which is infiltrated with cub fans begins to drop even more F bombs. And profanity. On the the youngsters for escorting out to cubs fans then you are growing your lifetime. That's the reason I hate comes spent. Can't stand them. Can't stand. That's it. Decision by the way I hot stick at a game last night give it up for Trevor shot two for three last night. Four RBI on the evening big time game for Trevor shot he continues to a he is covered it up and down he's. At times so he'll give you have you know a whole bunch of the offense that you saw last year and he goes quiet for awhile. You sort of getting on that steady climb to get that average back up to words should be a Trevor Shawn nice nice now to the plate last night. Two for three had a walk along the way seeing the ball I'd better before RBIs. He get short Clemens hot stick of the game last night Clemens don't forget they have they are snack sticks. Which are pretty together targeting today perfect for the tailgate perfect for driving down again didn't stuck in traffic to your during the Miller Park. Aura during the game put him in the output and the output of your pocket whatever you wanna do. And in addition an attitude between games or it's at the office wherever it happens to be Unita snack with protein good. Quality protein that is our friends from Clements. Plummets next in if you are earned yourself a year's supply of them or if you lose go to bill Michael's sports dot com it's go Michael sports dot com. Because you can get registered right there as well. No better way to do. So they have. By 85583086. For eight last night's ballgame brewers get a win good win last night for the Milwaukee. We're excited about their win last. Didn't see. You know one thing that I will say. Is when when naked good defense. And things when you saw early on and at ball game last night. The end use saw JC Anderson did little bit of trouble OK get into a little bit of trouble and then get out of it. Not bad. Mean that's when you can kind of see. Yet when you because you confidence level go up. Your last night Hayward and have taken a walk really early on that ball maybe thinking OK they got a guy on here we go and then Anthony raise millions of striking out. And that felt tip. Later on that ball game again Jay Sanderson not not dramatic but you know a little bit you get a runner on bends over his takes a leadoff walk. You think you yourself are a man wasn't contreras. A soft ground ball third baseman Shaw's overs goes to second you go first and second. Not your bio strikes out swinging. As a Russell lines in this unassisted double play that that shot was it a shot it was more about. Kind of a looping line drive put over Orlando or CI and bends over to take an opera third base base running blunder but. You saw how are pumped everybody up so a couple of runners get on early on the ball game and that's it. That's it I mean Eads did you seem like it just tweaked the enthusiasm the company as well warn everyone calling. Of the Milwaukee Brewers and and that was it they took off after that. So it was it was a good night at the ballpark 8558308648855830. 8648. At some loans we kept our council for tuchman what did you see last night what did you level conference we talked about this yesterday. What global conference but. Brewers last night we did it again. I was I was impressed because I thought to myself game wind pushed him in the face lot of anticipation for that. All by the way. Maurizio that the cut I can think of guys guys in Iraq dominated cubs' pitching coach at all. Joke you figure out how we had a chance. No joke can't. Radio they are just say you know. Actually got a camera pitched anyway logs or shirt what does it. Jim Hickey thank you very much Jim Hickey Jim Hickey said in an interview this morning. They said hey Roger debt. Notable whether he should value such a Milwaukee. Just another reason to dislike the cops just thrown out there so Jeannette gym videos announce today him some grief. But no Milwaukee's pretty good plays the way. 85583086. Foray let's go to recklessly 2000 seater bird Ret cal you don't let them what's going on. They I hit with a bruised up but. There were at least sit there were at least location and let my man on third one out. That infield playing back in her food and you know are perfect setup for Bob and I had fifty manufacture a lot of love these days. I am under a mock these confused. Not the other night Joseph we were asking the same question because there's a couple of instances where they could've maybe advanced to run he got a lead dog dull boy and they couldn't even advancing ninety feet. So and allies they they don't out of our. I've been convinced that a long time now. To that the first thing we learned a Little League. Yeah died died completely agree that because literally we really couldn't pull baseball down left field line but that being said. No bunting is a loss start to on many teams in in the majors in the brewers. I don't know there just isn't something and you look at any more I know they work on it BQ we heard on spring training and so I appreciate the phone call rate we're our spring training is so. We saw them bunt it's like the Loch Ness Monster I should have taken a picture of when I had a chance. 'cause then you could've seen it a go to says hey look they're bunting. They can drop down a bunt now they're getting government pitching coach who's throwing it about seventy miles an hour he's not throwing a 95 mile an hour fast larger. What you are our guy was so I was kind of stuff none taken yet. No problem. They can bunt and here we go. Getting back to the fundamentals. And a nominee. Nominee. 855830864. In a long way tip Gump or free Douglas portion. The program is brought to buyer to ripping friends over there are cousins subs and they wanna send you to summer best and wants a huge summer fest. In style. In style all you gotta do. Is go to summer fans are right issues they go to cousins subs dot com that's cousins subs dot com slash a big gig giveaway you could be a VIP. That's right you be heading to the big gig in style and go to because subs dot com slash begin giveaway. One of eleven entries 111 winners I should say are going to win. And you can between like B a and each of their tickets parking pass and give cards all that kind of good stuff all from cousins subs they are the official. Subs in which is bill Michael sports talk network and the best story from last night. We'll talk about that coming up next on the election. Wisconsin one. Bill Michael's sports talk. Here the body has done. Yeah Alex. Okay. That's one critically too rustic for weeks we've actually. So principally room in case he never actually happened or you have unite us you know even so. He was Burris must work. Why you really Smart play well Lorenzo Cain he noticed it all away. Max I just good baseball. Good heads up. So you know spot moment. Baseball. Wanna watch last night. Got the fans up I'll tell you that right now. Welcome back to the program admiral Michael shows on the air we're glad to have. Brewers get a win and I'm hoping they get a win today and make him prove me wrong because after coming out of that game on. On Monday night there was a level of deflation. That was palpable and I should stick to my guns when I say you're only as good as the next day starter. Because certainly Jay Sanderson was one of the stories last night because he came down through Jim. Just threw a gem last. So I I you know. First much is you wanna buy into the emotion of baseball at times and going seven innings giving up only one hit in a couple walks. Well throw on a six strikeouts. Was. Was a thing of beauty and it was it was the elixir that was needed. Williams comes in gives up ahead one inning double strike outs. And then Jacob Barnes closes the door throws an inning zeroes across the board nice. With the news channel would. A watch they watch out wouldn't last night chow didn't struggle his command nearly as says he hasn't passed because he's thrown out walks in almost a record pace. Five strikeouts in a couple of walks last I would logos seen the brewers batters he just a little more patient when him because. He's been prone to throw a lot of lot of base on balls this is not a factor cubs. I was was it listening and reading. The cubs have walk ratio per nine innings. The worst in this century. Going back to 2000 obvious. The worst and how they're getting it done. Is basically because their defense has been just that good inch out what his throne a majority of the walks for this team. But last night five innings five hits four runs three of them owned. Couple walks and five strikeouts by Chao was a not a terrible outing for him. Buy it because still you know I've said you get the brewers are four runs or where they're gonna wanna walk to figure out a way to get it done. 8558308648. Regular phone calls talk to Scott listening to was in Madison out there on the zone Scott I don't male astronaut. I don't their belly it's absolutely gorgeous out here what a great day for 1 o'clock all lit. I am with you I think last night was just huge victory after that god gut wrenching defeat their I. I'm ball was decked out Monday night yeah. It's important wanted to make it now what do you think ought the main goal right now I think he looked really really bad last night but bronze in you know well and healed and he. It well act. I don't know what he had the option after you did you know that your daughter get you know get your work to squared away. He is really hurt me for a guy that at thirty homers last year meaning he has read and eat it is there's. Internet ought to hurt it he does not look good right now. Yet Domingo Santana has to appreciate the phone call he has struggled and it completely agree with you there. He is said last night O for four with three strikeouts. Left a couple of runners on base they any batting fifth to me he's been. Really kind of flailing at the bar talk a lot about early in Dorsey a kind of flailing in the ball. It to 49 Igor is last week or so couple weeks says matter of fact he's he's only hitting a two way. Mean it's it's been tough piece he's he's really struggled. You look at what he did. Now here's the thing coming out of the month of may. He was hitting 292 for the month of may. Source not now the month of June right now the duties is the what the June dudes hitting 150. He's hitting wanted so as good as he hit a month the mag that's how bad he's hitting in the month of June he had 235 to start the season. And then he got certain to bring out average. Was sitting at 261. At the end of match. May thirtieth went two for four couple run score a couple of RBIs and that to close out the month the menus into 92. Since then. One for 41 for 40 for forehead one for one day at a pinch hitter over 3044. To hit star excuse me three hits. So for three for two point in the month of June. One double. Mary a home run to his name three on the season. And really not do much anything nor realize no walks that's one thing it's the you know we talked about this yesterday. No walks he had seven walks total in the months of mag but it was hit the ball we see a ball over a better. But yeah and Domingo Santana is struggling right now. No doubt about it but what would make gets out of the depth stats of the day are brought you by our good friends app royal bachelor stat of the day. Unfortunately it's a negative for Domingo Santana go get it to. Stat of the day again our friends in a royal ATP are OYO dot com that's AP PR Ohio. Dot com and they bring you the stat of the day each and every day and if you want to implement SE PMB data solutions to companies just like yours on the web. You gotta call our friends over upper royal Chris and whole gang over there they get to work done they figure out what's best for your business given bacteria and you go OK this is what I'm implement as Roma do. Make your biz is bigger better better struck that is at royal eight PP RO YO dart count what they're huge company. Like Johnson Controls like Harley-Davidson has some big company who stages a small mom and pop shall look and you'd better make it healthy output ATP are OYAO. Dot count. Phone number 85583086. Story about a story from last night chasing Anderson stark. No doubt about it we talk about chasers in the job he did seven innings one hit. Only a couple of walks six strikeouts. Eerie drops down to 413 nice. Or. Was it Trevor shot. Who are Trevor shot we know we struggled. Trevor Charlotte nice night last night. Ends up but going three two for 34. Runs or four RBIs issues at a base on ball as well. And he has a generally silent horror. Or. Do we look at say the rundown nor Lorenzo Cain. We look in that aspect can say you know what Lorenzo Cain released a heads up base for a heads up base for a Smart baseball out of Milwaukee brewer good to see. What do you think 85583086. Foray so far in the month of June Trevor shot by the way hitting 250 to 61. Throughout the month of may the numbers warrant you know head turning but you kind of saw the uptick. A little bit had eight home runs in the month of may as well only one so far here in the month of June as we sit here in June 13. Some power numbers have gone down moment. 855830864. It was a big story Doral last night's ballgame it was an all around good game and when the brewers let's be honest. When the brewers have the ability to played good defense. They usually don't get beat. Defensively speaking when this team doesn't commit an error they've been they've been really really solid. So been happy with what they've been able to accomplish. When it comes not committing an air when they commit an error that thirteen and nine are thirteen and nineteen. Committing zero errors 27 and eight on the season. 27 and eight on the season. The blemish the other day was when they were winning a ball game after seven innings they were 33 in a hole. And then after Monday night and that was the first blemish. On that perfect record all season long are now 34 and one of when their leading ball games after seven innings. 35 and one when their leading after eight. They haven't. That's a good day have been overall. Last night's win by the way snapped a seven game losing streak against the cubs in a marked the second time in franchise history at Bristol the cubs. 22 hits or less. They won four zip on the July 1. Back in 2000 county stadium when they did it last amended so good night last night for the Milwaukee Brewers. And annually shot scene five and over there too many to he area over his last eleven starts. Opponents are batting a mere 205 against him during that stretch we talk about an unsigned pick out this a guy that. Carolina okay you know we're tour I think the biggest question Russia seemed was how we pronounce his name. He has been nothing but stellar since coming out of his shooting in and stumbling a little bit out of the blocks but since then. He has got his stride on the team is gone eleven and three in his starts this season winning nine of his last ten let's hope it's ten in his last eleven. By the end of the day she seen on the hill today five and one with a three took the 358 Erie. Going up against the lefty Mike Montgomery to one with a 356. ER. The end of the brewers by the way against lefties there don't fare too well there are seven and eight on the season they're 33 in nineteen in his right east but seven and eight on the season. Against lefties. The lineup today I read it a little bit earlier set up to win that's what to look in the dip. Armed. 855830864. You alone Mike at Dutch council freaked out when you are trying to let Stewart Bruce fans all over the place let's go let's go to shop Jimmy Graham. We'll talk about Jimmy Graham an agreement Packers and some stem cells. There or karma coming up next an electric. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk that. That word. I felt like those shows on the Arab ledger on board today. Beautiful day today there is no reason. At least I hope there's not. For you not to get out tonight and enjoy some news. The joys tonight on the stage over the Budweiser pavilion. The Wisconsin state fair part we're looking forward to it out to see out there tonight. The the admission is zero. As a cautious thing to get in car you're gonna bring your carload of people the car park at six bucks. Motorcycle lists. Zero. To the cause you any day and one out tonight about was a million at the Wisconsin state fair part of toys are on the stage. The brew will be flowing the food's going to be go and so come on around hopefully your show tonight. To go to war. Gonna see out there. And that is all brought to our good friends over Bud Light the official. Beer sponsor the bill Michael sports talk network interest seeing stuff. You ridden by Pete Doherty of the Green Bay press gazette. And packer it's about Jimmy Graham and I know there's some there was some questions a couple of years ago about his ability to come back in heal up from some of the injuries we just kind of wasn't self. And Lester had a pretty successful year even though it still wasn't up to Jimmy Graham standard some believe it's because you know Russell Wilson is the guy thrown to him any offense isn't necessarily. Tailor made for him. And but inside the red zone he was fantastic. Now you find out that he has been living with chronic pain after a knee injury. It ended epic kind of going into some controversial areas. When it comes to treatment the five time Pro Bowl tight end of the Green Bay Packers signed in free agency. Talks about a promising science that is controversial that is stem cell treatment. And extra cellular. Vessels. And if you don't know what the it's basically cells that are taken from stem cells. And they deprive them amount of oxygen they begin to then shrink him down they stayed there and end up putting them injecting them back into your body into the damaged areas in these cells then begin to recreate. Healing cells. That can. Heal and repair damage and injury. And this is something that is not widespread. But Jimmy Graham and heard about he wouldn't say who had told him about it. But he ends up going over to Europe overdue. Portico was a London think. Anyway goes across the pond. And he had a knee injury. Mean said he live with cruise severe severe and significant chronic pain is navy. And he goes over there. And what would happen is they took a skin graft from I think was his abdomen. They take a skin graph from Zimmerman they pull the cells out of the abdomen. Then they de hydrate them they shrink him down they get their rent and the debate over and over a period of time they get them ready for process he flies over. Then they begin to put these cells back into his body. As they you kind of read hydrate them. And then they begin to grow so he's sitting in the hotel room he goes or has the procedure says about fifteen minutes. Goes and has this procedure done. Takes fifteen minutes drive to back to the hotel. Sits down context and that was watching a movie you know fell asleep gets out pain for. Swears by this pain free now there is some controversy to a because some of the doctors who were interviewed for this particular story. Head said that you know two out of three said look there's just not enough evidence right now to say that one it's not going to be harmful to you down the road. And two that we did that it's gonna do this to every patient and number three is. And there is another doctor that said hey there has been some other damage that's been caused by this along the way such as kidney damage and liver damage. By Jimmy Graham swears by now he doesn't he hasn't talked about it to reporters but he hit a small video testimonial. Back in January about the so this have been something that he Torre's been working hard and calling doctors and treatment facilities in such. But when it comes to stem cell and I know it is very controversy on one dive into the controversy everything. But. You only have to look any further than what Bart Starr went through our star went to Mexico or some sort of stem cell stopped. When we had a chance to talk to Jerry Kramer Jerry was kind of there explaining to us what he had. Known or noticed. About Bart originally after he was the stroke. And that. Bart regained a lot. I mean by a bipartisan board anymore you know not the bark that we've known anyway. But. If his given him the ability to kind of get himself back a little bit so and obviously Yancey says mother things to one by. Jimmy Graham swears by that stuff. Eight Amin when you start to read the process of what they do and how they do it he used it it boggles the mind. Of whites medicine. Has come to. And where can possibly go on and you can only you let your imagination soar at this point would still drives me crazy is it still sitting here saying we need more money for cancer research. You know Ebola Virus shows up in the United States boom they got a cure for you know aids is running rampant. Magic Johnson gets in all of a sudden you know magic Johnston lived forever you know everybody else is dying from it suddenly we have you know treatments and I don't wanna secures by. Things are you know not as is bleaker outlook is in this hopeless. As it wants wise. But cancer I can't figure this thing out for the life and for the life from. But now we're talking about stem cell treatments. And the ability to curtail pain regenerate muscle regenerate growth regenerate. Injured areas and Jimmy Graham swears by just so. It's it's a controversial treatment. But if I I guess as a Packers fan the bottom line is this you've got a guy and it's in Packers OTA practices right now. Who is fit who is happy. And says he's pain free. And now I can't do anything but bode well over the Green Bay Packers right resentment Lisa Meyer opened. 855 B 308648855830. 864 Kyra read this is Joseph brought this up to my attention there read this the other day and just just it's fascinating. Just fascinating this thing came out this command on Sunday Joseph I think this article that from a mistake on Monday. It just a just a fascinating topic. But I'm not saying it's like Six Million Dollar Man run around out there but if they can get to the point where their regenerating. Muscle and foreign things in the teller tendons and stuff. You know the days of going under the knife. For minor tears in such those could possibly be over if that's something like this becomes prevalent. I just find it fascinating. By again 855830864. What what you know coming up and just a little bit. We are going to hear from Gary D'Amato and about an hour a little bit less than an hour from now Gary he is it should a cock. And they're getting ready to take on Shattuck cock for the US open. And that there was us there was an article written by CBS. That I referenced yesterday and CBS really kind of beat up they they be more so the US GA than they did. The venues themselves. But you go back a couple years and the course so it was a one in Washington to remember that course from Washington. Chambers bay thank you very much. Were they just beeped in that course. It was like playing golf on a gymnasium floor and they beat you there are guys driving balls 39400. Yards. I think Dustin Johnson had like a 405 yard drive because the ball to start rolling and rolling and rolling and rolling in Moline. And they beat that course up and then last year. I in this article they beat up. Erin hills and they said well look Erin hills would be a better course of the the fairways were ten yards thinner. And if the wind was blowing because it was look you see this the thing if the wind was blowing. It would have made it not only the longest course in history but played a longer than any course in history. But it's still was the longest tee to green course in US open history. And that some of the greatest golfers in the world couldn't beat it it took some of the golfers have you didn't really have his household names to win this thing. And yet everybody wants a beaded up because it was a Rory McIlroy and it wasn't Tiger Woods and wasn't Phil Mickelson wasn't Dustin Johnson won that thing which I. I find out negative for the guy who wrote the article it would give him on the program figure out why they were so down on Erin hills. Other than starting off with a guided died because of the heat in a blink crash. That really and having to do with US GA or the course to be honest with you and it just had that Pall over. But I just I IR Bard they're getting ready to play each in a cart and in the US GA is under pressure to quote get it right. I guess what they want is they want Phil Mickelson and Jordan's speech and Rory McIlroy it all to be walking towards eighteen. At one under par. And all tied for the lead is that each has their approach shot I I guess that's why it. Would satisfy. This particular writer bowl talked eager to motto of the journal sentinel coming up about just that and US open. Coming up here in little bit less than an hour from now 8558308648. On the loans by tipped our council free talk line. All really really classy thing done. Yesterday and I wanted to touch on Matt. Also allow hockey season has now calling it culminated. And I wanna touch on that is portion of the program be brought to our friends over numeral medical new male medical and stopping or Mars manifest. Oversee how the guys we knew what Michael treating us with ED all over the state of Wisconsin well beyond the borders and if you have say. The moods me on the low ET if you got to include the lack of energy you look for better mental clarity better mood understand and they can help you out. That's a low teacher means you're the age of thirty doesn't cost anything. To go get checked just stopping goalie checked column 41445544. 51414455. 4451. Or if you wanna jump start you'll want weight loss program that's a great way to do what they have that as well and it really does work again 414. 4554451. And they she'd tell him we century we'll talk a little bit more about some class some class coming out of the world sports car next in the microchip. He ordered to a mortar. Film Michael's voice called mentor. I'm no Michael Shaw and here we are so glad you're on board today. Where we're glad everyday everything just seems to have a little bit different. Different feel to it I guess. RY just does raise fears sun's out and everything looks pretty good. I don't know borrow our. There's good though. Possibly get a good. Speaking of good there's a lot of good stuff common. Two year area and in the next one up is the chip wall valley area out no Clair. Tobacco oil plus grocery our friends over quick trip and this time this time it's going to be Alec Bradley cigars. They have a cigar dinner it's common gonna be July 26. Thursday July 26 the check in about 5530. They have cocktails they've dinner. They have the raffles. You and mail like Canada so I look I a lot of people on this yesterday when we made the announcement. So act now wait to see guides and I have to make it clear I can't be there for this one. I'm doing the honeymoon thing and so are we he hit just you know I just go away Sarah you know what. Tamils like Yemen and opened up for cigars tell you stories. I'll be back catch the end that I got app I got you know why. Because I would have to walk around the ship blip on a monkey the rest in my life that that would be an advantage is that would map so I just an FYI. 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A couple of different things in the world of hockey one being and when you talk about. I guess sportsmanship. You really a class act is what the Washington Capitals did they put a full page ad. Out on the day in the newspaper. Around Vegas in Nevada in Las Vegas review journal. And it said congratulations the Vegas cold nights on the most successful inaugural season. In history of professional sports. World class ownership front office coaching staff and people in magnificent team of talented hardworking players and stars a fantastic venue filled with passionate loud. And proud fans. It was an honor to compete against you in the Stanley Cup finals you are truly. Vegas strong. Nice nice nice classy act done by the Washington Capitals in the paper and it's got a picture of etched in. And and if you would via the golden knights players in just a really cool thing so when you talk about winning a championship. That was a great way to do it then. Then. Alex Ovechkin yesterday. Yeah he grabbed the microphone we've seen passionate speeches during championship race before he grabbed the microphone when not stimulus. It's basically in knots you know. You guys cure that you just it does bring applause for our families this topic is because they. They support is much as you are they are. Poll was all ahead on. All N. As we're not going to suck this year a lot of the last thing before career. I've saved when I. This bill they do. A. I. You ever see you know vets can. He looks like he looks like he sounds. He's got one big gap in the front worries missing a tooth bearded guy. You know he sounds like a fictional character ought to James Bond or. Word one of them Michael you know Mike Myers movie reminds me of little bit of Ivan Drago when you saw during the fight rocky for right. Hundreds if I can find them and compare sound it's it's just that that's that's what he looks like. So it's it's. It's just. This. Asia's foreign and die. It's just it's just wanna butt out that's Alex Ovechkin. Going off at two. I think capitals celebration. That's tomorrow. And now here's all the action we're yeah. I. Yeah. Yeah. Very you know. I. I like the fact that he stands up and says the beginning of the season the team like each other and settle. We not going to Blakey soot is seated irk. Med that should be just like on a T shirt I'm sure there's going to be people walking around now that says we now going to suck this year. I. Oh man oh man oh man. When we come back after the top of the hour. Eyesight did this piece last night's have you heard it already. On in the network stations just the bare with me budget when you. Give the wink and denied and the thought process is that yeah. I want the money gimmick to mush man commodity. There is nothing wrong when that. Another wrong when that I think every fan out there which is they were in your position to say she only to money. And eventually they can throw a couple more zeroes in your direction or maybe extra mill on top whatever happens will be. Show me the money. Boeing show me the money doesn't translate into here's my productivity. That's when you start to have an issue. And don't get into that discussion coming up just after the top of the hour don't forget also bottom of the next our Gary D'Amato the Milwaukee journal sentinel. He's on the ground on a ship to dock where they're getting ready for the US open. Good job on him as well and about an hour and ten minutes from now our national baseball insiders Seth Everett. He will be joining us and drop some knowledge on us hear from Mike McCarthy today calling me today. Might even hear from Tiger Woods today at stage two we got all lot more though Michael show along way yet to go four back right after this. Yeah. Six clues stations strong though bill might school's sports talk now.