HR1 – Big win for the Brewers last night!

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Wednesday, June 20th
Hour 1. We’ll look back at Brewers vs Pirates. Steve ‘Sparky’ Fifer previews the NBA Draft. Plus, Sterling Brown has sued the city of Milwaukee…We’ll react.

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From the league's front to the and this is where Wisconsin sports fans come to tour. Michael show named best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. My day job ahead while I don't know why don't shows on the air and get about Michael's radio Joseph across the way if you wanna track this down to divide us on Twitter at bill underscore my goals at bill underscore Michaels that radio Joe's sports. You find a so many different platforms including the new one that is now launch which is radio dot com. The insurgents over there and tracked us down there as well brewers get a nice win last night. Or recap that you've got stick coming up this portion of the program by the way has brought you by our friends and cousins of I can't believe that were only. A week away from my summer for asking and that's just. That's mine bodily and the fact that it's only 64 degrees is also mind boggling but. 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And they get a bounce back they've got to the rubber match coming up today and is quick three game series in Pittsburgh. But many and the rumors and innuendoes have started when it comes to different pitchers in different places in. The brewers shifting personnel and all of a sudden everybody's trying to figure out who they're going to deal and why they're going to deal them in this particular fan what I'm I'm just sitting here saying today. But I think the brewers are testing everything right now to see what it is they have to know who it is that they can move. And see what they're going to get in return I think when the Washington Nationals made their deal TNT was up a little bit it which is understandable. But. I I I still think the brewers the starting pitching for as much as we wanna talk about it being. What they need. I still think another stick in the lineup. Our judges do you are still think another stick in the lineup brewers last night three to 23 runs nine hits they had 1 error on the evening. They knock out the pirates in that sense in the Brusett continue to hang on new touched by a the National League central. But last night that was a solid performance it wasn't a bad when they bounce back after getting shut down. The day before but nine hits yesterday afternoon or yesterday evening. I'll take out any day of the week but a lot of shifting going on right now. Down in and done in the minors starting to stretch guys out there's a lot of speculation about who may or may not be coming up this four starters in such goes. So low so now he's waiting C I look at it per hour and a lot of people tweeting last night about the ground and we talked about this. If the brewers can get did gram I'm all for. OK I don't know what level prospects you have to give up. Prospects are just that their prospects are some you would hate to give up OK I understand that. But for the most part if you get Jacob to Iran to anchoring in and be that guy in your lineup to remember he's under control for a couple of years you have options there. But it ended if you get to ground to be your guy. Now mollen I'm all in favor are. Now I gotta wait and find out what's gonna happen with a guy like say Garcia because I see it continues to struggle our young I don't know losses say about the and he just continues to struggle. And he just hasn't been. What they hoped he was going to because last year. At about the middle of may he really had his breakout season. And then he even Pete Rose started to take off and you thought okay now he's kind of got acclimated he's feeling really good and it just it's still not happened for not on a consistent basis anyway. And I give you a couple of flashes and Elsinore fall behind and in enough and there but. But in this series so far he's only one for 6167. In this Pittsburgh series and just. That that's not getting it done all the Lorenzo Cain to pray that's it Democrats is over three earn on Perez's Oprah seven in the series. Mean you guys actually struck the ball a little bit as many Pina. Many. And then you got guys like Trevor shot his little bit nicked up so guard one for two Domingo Santana arm has not got an at bat Eric fame over seven. Nobody's just smoke in the ball right now between Cain and yell it's. I said before sitting in those two guys of the saving grace but Kenya. Finally got a few minutes in this a series and you hope that he continues to kind of work his way back towards at least 2627 in the season vision are gonna do about Gordon was last year. Putting 8260 to seventy and get back even 25255. But you got to figure he's gonna have to hit almost 300 or better the remainder of the season to get there I'll give many Pina. Many Pena's kind of a highlight in all of us 855830864. To George chime in from last baseball game meat like 5830. 8648. That's an loans by kip dot com. Told free talk line if you wanna chime in UK and so Burris get a nice win we'll talk more about that also are. We all do the hot chicken game coming up here in just a few as well. But I pitch you want Joseph was all the different movement that they've had in their talking about stretching guys on putting them in the pen what they're going to do. Who is the most likely candidate Ambien be there and Peralta. Did a nice job another nice start so. It who is the guy you want us do you think they need to run get another armour who is a guy you wanna see take another spot in the rotation. Well. What kind of an issue here with the rotation because. Jameer Nelson is a TVs are out. Can't talk this morning. Jimmy Nelson executives around Seoul for a brawl. As far as I'm concerned should remain in their TI 82 and I would do how are they getting him another start today say last night yeah Sunday talk. More and more Sunday so he's gonna he's gonna pitch on Sunday. Like you're in this situation now where you have five starters. Before brawl to you were only sit there for soul it's Garrett shot seen Anderson Souter and crawl. Now all. Corbin burns according to reports. They've been moving him to the bull pens out in Colorado Springs now he's not been place on the forty man roster yet so we don't know what's gonna happen their. Blight. The brewers are looking for another reliever after they designated Boone Logan for Simon yesterday which was a little bit of a surprise to me and always been pitching like crap. But for the money that the pain in the sky but they're gonna game a little bit more time just because he's a veteran he's experience and his tax money devoted to. So Corbin burns. They are moving into the pan soul you may see cormorant get called up at some point and then after that. It all hinges on whether zag Davies can get through his rehab wait Miley get through his rehab. I just don't know old and it's fun to speculate what does the ground and Sunni guards up because there was no listen to guard. Trade speculation. Offer. On that one writer put out there just for the hell bent and it's the way we can talk about that later in the show. What is don't know if you need a picture right now because you have so many guys better get the job done and if you got a picturing here. Who're you gonna move out I mean you know trade Freddie crawled the mean maybe maybe that's the right you go I don't know why I just feel like right now the bigger need for the brewers is offense. And I've said before pitching defense that's what's gonna win you World Series if you're gonna get off. And so get a nap causing you're getting a position plugin and not give them as quick as you can't there's no sense awaiting its trade deadline well. If you try to start making a deal now because the more starchy get the Mort that you did. The the more acclimated they get in them beaten the easier it is to figure out where you're gonna do where you're gonna put him in the Yemen and may cost you more that's the problem well. But then again you eat you're right you may cost you extra prospect another don't want to do that but I we've come and get them on and try to get him right now I did this in the pitching pitching you want could get a starter. Once every five days guy if you get them now you're only gonna get two extra starts for maybe three or two starts out. Nor I mean. But you try to get him as quickly as you possibly Kim by the way record high stick to the game last night you gotta give it up. Lorenzo Cain went two for four last night had a couple of runs scored struck out once she had a guy and now Hayes whose angle our last night. 3 RBIs in the evening now heading up to 298 we're gonna give him two for three last night. Three RBIs. One strikeout to walk as well scored a run on the evening nice job last night by Peja Cingular he is our hot state of the game. That is brought to our friends at clemency and clients that sticks they're convenient high protein torched. If that's the on the go life to ground the value moving around like we are trips to the ballpark maybe in between kids' soccer games or baseball games. Golf bags lunches afternoon snack any office what ever they they Clements snack sticks. You always track him down your local grocers don't forget they are made using premium cut to meet the highest quality ingredients. That is our friends a Clemens and if you wanna you win a year's supply. Of climate snack sticks the only way to get registered. Is by going to go Michael sports dot com the store Michaels MI CH a EL as. Bill Michael sports dot com. Clemens they bring you the heart stick of the game each and every day let's do this we'll take a quick break we'll come back who conduct continue with the brewers chatter also sterling brown. In case you know suing the city of Milwaukee and the police department. And also we're gonna hear misty Sparky flight rose to the bucks post game show where it talks in NBA draft coming up as well stay tuned Mike bishop on a bet there's. Wisconsin one. Bill Michael's sports talk. A friend of Michael shows on the air. Know what a crappy day. We had 95 in summer over the weekend which was fantastic I can't get I mean as I know some people complain about the heat. I don't I needed it it's just you can't get enough of it because it's such a short lived commodity. Here in the states I was love and their real O'Donnell loves sitting outside sweater noting care. It was fantastic shelves and band you'll be arraigned sixty's so I guess over the weekend it's was a little bit nicer then the races up in Elkhart lake coming up this weekend and now I'm going to be there are starting tomorrow night as a matter fact for an indoor show live from the start finish line and inside the and the media center. Are coming up on Friday why a lot of the IndyCar drivers as road America opens its stores to the IndyCar fans which are going to be starting flood dep I assume maybe tonight. They're gonna start opening the gates many people in their camping and such and that's such a great experience so. Looking forward that by the way this portion of the program speaking up tonight. Is brought to bud Bud Light but light the official beer sponsor the bill Michael sports talk network and don't forget Wednesday night live tonight the almighty vinyl. They take the stage this evening. At the other but what's of civilian over the Wisconsin state fair park last week of Billy Schmidt was just a little while ago. Maybe two house he said last week they had the toys were on the stage he should there's 34000 people he says that was a blast. And I've said before they get like a thousand people just under the car over. Al thereby today Wednesday night live tonight free admission six bucks to park her car zero you're going to be a motorcycle like yours truly. But we should see you out there tonight is the almighty Arnold take the stage and it's all brought you by Bud Light the official beer sponsor. Although Michael sports talk network sterling brown. He has now sued the Milwaukee police department the city. He has had down. I think he suited chief as well I think the chief was named in that lawsuit. On one of the cops always and joking about the arrest in such and social media. And I'm not gonna wanna delve. Real deep into this. But I said it then and I'll say now and I know a little more information about all of us. And I after we initially went on the air and talked about this and I've kind of gotten a little little more background. And zero wise. And I don't our panel from speaking at a school or not. Because I know there was demanded by the box publicly to have the officers fired. And I guess behind closed doors originally. There was use an agreement. Bob because it she Morales just took over OK he just takes over all a sudden this happens. So he's just hit with all kinds of things he's had a death of a police officer he's had all kinds of stuff that is punched him in the face in his in his first few months is in tenure. So. He said look he told the bucks he said look this is awful I completely agree it. I'm trying to get. The good the men and women of the Milwaukee police department on my side here so we can all kind of walk lockstep. I need to get their trust. So let me handle this in house yes there is gonna be disciplinary action it was severe. On these officers but don't force me into firing people right away because. I don't wanna commend you start hatching people and then lose the trust. Of the men and women in glue gun you know trying to trying to cover. So apparently the box agreed that. In the video comes out in the buck started saying no when everybody fire. And Connery and egg on their handshake we gonna not agreement. So. That is the level I mean I know officers have been suspended. Are no there's been some talks about you know possibly people losing their jobs for the most part. They're trying to do just send these guy he's. Off to another area not to really allow anything like this ever happen again and the police chief is doing about the police chief. Is a cop they're stated there's chiefs that are politicians and image there's chiefs that are cops he's a cop he's not a real politician so to speak. So. He's trying to conduct save face was he with his own constituency. Meanwhile the boxer trying to save face with their players in the public and the outcry. So it's been a clash ever since through the video's been released but it in the long run this was instigated by a couple of what I called god complex guys with the badgers. And who nobody should ever run into because whether you're black or white or whatever in whatever circumstances just seem like they were just out of two to belittle. And demean so anyway sterling brown suing the Milwaukee Milwaukee police department the city. And then now won the cops actually I was kind of joking about it on social media and I know there's a big deal. Or there is a big deal made about when you become a police officer there's certain things you can't say of social media. You know you just you just can't do anything relating to disparaging of the Milwaukee police department or or you know its citizens in general. You can't do so I don't know that's gonna be grounds for dismissal for. A certain police officer or not but nevertheless it just. It's just all the way around this just in bad form I mean our house to put an eight by 5830864885583086. For aid and loans wicket Telecom pull free talk on the door chime in. Feel free to do so Ross are gonna talk some bucks draft coming up at the bottom of the hour Steve Sparky by pros who looks post game shows can be joining us from her challenge him about what he thinks. The Bucs should do because Joseph and I we got into this discussion yesterday. About what the Bucs should do with their first round draft choice the seventeenth overall. Should they traded you because let's be honest this is not a big deep. I opening oh my god it's gonna be you know franchise changing draft this is not that kind of a draft so what should the Bucs do should they trade that away. Or should they then turn around maybe take a pick and who should that they'd be or at least who do you hope it ends up becoming by. We'll talk about that coming honesty here at the bottom. Bottom of the hour com. But getting back to the situation with a more to please burn sterling brown. You know I said this at the time the city of Milwaukee. Should start getting whoever he attorney is should probably just say we need to start banking or Monique Israel loses case. In some way shape or form you're gonna pay aloud how a lot of money what the total amount of money is going to be I don't know. When you're gonna end up paying a lot of money sterling rounds gonna get paid at sterling brown. Maybe you make a gesture of not only do you get paid. But then maybe eight if you're gonna win the case take a portion of that money and have the police put it towards some particular fund whether it's. Some kind of sensitivity training or some kind of you know it you'll project within the inner city. Are some kind of community relations project there funded that you won a fund in input into. So that way you've got a better relations between. Whether it's you know public officials or police departments or what have you. And and and their young minorities and such you died go in that direction to make it a good gesture a lawyer mr. brown. Let's be honest is how to handle this in a really good way. He and now what he did initially. Was stupid for on all accounts okay Blake once he got beyond the initial questioning. And after the incident happened in just sit handle everybody else deal whether it comes from concentrate on basketball. He's handled in a pretty good way I'd I'd I do him a lot of credit he's handled it pretty well know John worst hit some things to say about it when they met with the media. The other day but he's handled in a pretty good way 85583086. For rates on the loans by Kim dotcom to hold free talk line also George Chiming you can do so via email. Let's go Michael's bill Michael sports dot com and and if you wanna give us upon Twitter. UK and is. Which again we talked about we agree this is from Scott Scott writes the when he's you know embarks. And Scott says looking at the video or organic sickens me to think that there's cops up there like that with the god complex I agree. I do think that sterling record comes out and the himself a little bit better. And then. Made some remarks after the fact stating that he had been harassed by the Milwaukee police department but the videotape doesn't why they were outs to push him around and that's exactly what they did. Hopefully they got they got their fun out of the way because there about the paid big time and that's from Scott Scott appreciate the email. On and again I I go back and watch that video over an organ and now you've guide. When the attorney came out yesterday on an of cellist yo one cossacks reported gun. To traffic violation it's a you're talking about a guy parking a group now. They who wanted to look at his car on the all this different stuff they talk to him about it was that his real name I mean. It was just eat it got so far stupid out of hand. Four they should just said hey look we're gonna cite you for parking across to any cap spaces. Everything else you know just be careful be saved in home. You know if they wanted testing say to see if he'd been drinking or something like daddy could've done that but beyond that into any of that these kind of belittle the guy. There's a different beginning. It was just it was it was a terrible scenario terrible situation that they put this guy it and then after awhile and we talked about this did the day it happened in the video came out. After awhile as a citizen you put up with so much crap you're like tired of just taking it. It just gives you the right to do that. You don't act like that your congress Bosnia peace officer. Not a jacket S. And that's exactly the way they treated them so unfortunately this whole thing's gonna come down a lot of money I'd I believe anyway. Oh by the city of Milwaukee. When we come back Steve Sparky five rows of bucks post game show he's going to be joining us. On the Schneider orange trial in this portion program brought to by our friends over at court trip quick right now they have a cigar dinners coming up. We talked about this a little bit yesterday. Of with a cigar dinners coming to chippewa falls the chippewa valley mr. distillery. It is coming up on Thursday night July 26 get your tickets out there. A two local tobacco outlet pleasant about Carla plus grocery stores it's always a good time he gets dinner. You're consumed cocktails you ripple items plus you force cigars mallet Bradley their hosting this thing coming your area July 261. Now I'm gonna announce a mothers today. But one of five. That are on our docket one of five that are gonna be we're gonna be doing so these things are far and they always sell out we're gonna have a blast. And we'll tell you more about coming up you're just a little bit that's a good printed tobacco atlas grocery in our friends. From quick trip Steve Sparky five rows of the box post game show coming up next in the Michael show. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk that. At work. Program I imagine it's a little bit earlier really. Really looking forward to heading up to road America and I'll tell you why. I've said this time again road America not only is a fun place okay. What it's beautiful up there and I hope that the weather breaks tomorrow and Friday and it looks like it's gonna be beautiful for the race on Sunday. Bob Boyd this year we're gonna be up there overnight eating it in now and an RV from our friends at point creek or V rentals. And today give you everything in this thing so. 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And we couldn't be happier about a really looking forward to a coming up by hearing just while I tea whether it's getting too we now he is joining us and shot or child like Steve Sparky fibrosis box post game show. Spark job first and foremost. I don't know whether we're talking more about what's going dollar sterling brown or about the NBA draft late. How excited are you about the draft itself. Obviously I'm not that jacked up about it not be either I don't have a lot of say that the EP I had the war on that the I just you know I I guess there's been well he'd be very come into play right away at all of that I think it makes sure what you packaged apps at. With a player something like that to get more batter type player here well maybe help shared. A bad contract. Optical long would that hit on draft night or after grab my. But for permit a little bit different and you're strapped in you're strapped in a year and a lottery. Sitting at the top ten players that may come and it has hired a black India's star player. And now in this situation where they draft and the first problem that different I talked about taking. I would think they're gonna take. A shooter that opened are going to duke military they're the best shooting I have a borders that we don't know like that's why I'm kind of beauty at this point. If that is going to be fine and they don't try to do or did you keep them great if you score a badge. I think that's worked up like this. I'm struggling belief in the ordered you to check long term buy a plot linked. So I if they need to shooter we all know that is there anybody else that stands out on this board that saves between twelve and twenty. They're really kind of sticks out do you. A tip from Villanova and it became outlook connector 'cause he does so oddly he got big bucks you know outrage that big shot. Up slightly lost lag until gotten motions buyer I don't really look at your team who are those guys are at play like. Right that's where that temple Mosher. And stop I got a I got to a certain degree but he converts revoked for a player to safari isn't really that guy. Tried to thank you would be being a recognition of outplayed out and if you can beat that sparked that energy off the bench. Per perhaps yeah I think would be it would be kind of a big deal especially our featured three threes in a row you can future cocaine on. Mean. Army there's so a lot of different names are being thrown out about that particular time I know Kevin Knox. Is being thrown out there Robert Williams is being thrown out their Lonnie walker. That there's a lot of. But Robert Williams Bernard Mcguirk are we don't run from meat that attribute developmental type player Bakken. They're help you all that much extra for me a check. Out real well they're going to be but some meaning. Or a budget doesn't matter if you could take it to about all cakewalk but not luck not over think like black or it will. And tried our side were. Hey. What ever about shooter Obama more at that point I don't care how old. Exactly here and then multiple. It last year either gay years. A completely over audit and that they reached. He reached called it a draft I think they reached out to hit debt owed to get back around Eric and they wave reached or. Are there are better player on the board and they get low and you know turned the company down the road but as of right now but those are about to act. Not that you want to take about the level player without either he or you hear all what are EG your freshman pop Y out here. Shooter for my thirteenth and what you what happens if you either want that quick or not. Com I would ask you because there's been a couple of Joan I got to this discussion yesterday that another guy's name that pastor L is Mitchell Robinson ESPN's seems to think that's a guided the bucks have a lot of interest and they've scouted. He's kind of like they equate him to sign maker and yacht you don't know what he is because there's so little on him didn't play college didn't. Didn't really get into oppose real shining guy at the 2016 Nike air showcase. Do you want another swing for the fences or completely missed kind of got. No chance there's no chance arises that bill without make absolutely Euro. Today reported out are open collegiate leak. But he didn't quite a hole you're thinking yet because again based on talent or in the last year or elaborate this year. Thought it up on Egypt that he'd like how am hoops that it wanted to elaborate technology aren't made up and not let. No re talking about united put yourself back on the map so it is super talented. As you pointed out. What are you wanna put into that development looked kinda tricky here on. Before you gotta make sure that picture launch and you know years whatever that. On his deal for you to worry about him maybe about one here you gotta win out going into annually. President how did you experiment what you've been to until lap one years. YouTube partner that god. Coming here and warning that a light up the back of your school. And that that's quite good shooter you obviously. Don't go to the bank and don't try to tricky. It may be aboard air expecting got eight night whatever not special. You can actually you can go to Egypt from outside the start a war that yacht driving to duke it too far he's still here you have middle and whatever. Yeah I'm somebody that can actually shoot the basketball better than element doled what you got on the team and hopeful. Bomb the article they came around by the we were talking ST Sparky Pfeifer who's the bucks post game show the article that came out to where they're very off the cuff comment Webb was that Yana says I wanna play with Eric Bledsoe Jabari Parker. Or he he doesn't like playing with them how much stock you put in that. I electric shared a lot. Milk or shared for awhile. I've noted resources bar where case may be. Is that true that that the age. Then yeah I'm there is no remember you don't want comeback this year resolve on the yacht app yet and it happened at a Gregory. I think most people agree. They don't wonder what the that are not the direct barter thing happened that a little more what we're probably more heavily toward people aren't art. So it almost I want to return. They were to have you know different type of play maker. Our higher level to go with Milken and out of I think that he be OK with that I think Jabar birdies and one lady. He used to develop offensively. Oh what was it. Why do people not want you Bard ventures because of the injury years or something else there. People get audited I mean but he came out you know compared to calm now. You know ordered Glenn Robinson and while. He has got sucked air without question Al and there are times where he doesn't want to be heard about the war. Problem and you're not applicable and four and especially in or out of Milwaukee art or call you out on it and that it should be about why people generally get mad at your bar is OK and you know escort one it was gonna get thirty. On the other side for. So that's that's where the issue becomes. A lot of bucks and now. You know coach inherent beauty of this scheme all of that I Jabari better than it did the last the last group. What was. You wanna see Doris Parker signed. Yeah but not about money I'm not a battle. If you not perceived you know he he millionaire whatever it may be. I'm not air it out where. To ACL out if you orbit thought a deal. On eighteen knowing and bought. I've got protection and injury that it. Now it ACL all of jammed up pretty much our ideal. Or the money drastically drops or something on both want to what are they go join beat Chile on how to deal like that. Doubt I'll play all that exactly but he's not worn by the deal. Based on his medical going for. That that that I could scare off and I can't I can't go there you cardinals. Fourteen something like battle dugout each he'd want me. I can't go out watch out should baloney you are at fault he. What are your thoughts on the way the Barr know we kind of criticize the bucks a way to season ended and then we see would the Celtics did against the cavs going always Eastern Conference finals city change your thought on the box going the one and on the post season again. It can't want it done again I've herbal or put Albert the coach. You order a first round playoff series now failed. Are mean and the author expectation but my expectation. Art situation they hired you get past the first round you're suppose we got what are injected jet. If you go to the first audit you lose. Then we got about. A plan but if you look at what it looks great about how I'm looking edit or you do you'll want to check out personal wealth to their intent of the sale. Bob broker before I let you go how they were all season is this in the in terms of John horse. Welcome to our partner the news is probably the biggest one. Art what are you there. He's really stocks are we talked about it there's not much you can do other than nitrate. I'd be the tricky make you know kind of value do you get back for the larger trading barbs over the last year to be so. Hopefully you can get and player returned him about did you decide to do with that. I'll produce side interred buckle or not a point guard or argue it would give locked in the range for the pop up let him play that aren't like are going forward. Editor kitten Parker. That would not happen yeah board which Bart built out on the floor altogether can't imagine what Oprah guy. Are gonna wanna play all season all help speak with one guy coming off the match I just don't know how he saw that and while beggar I got up but. Middleton and not clearly a purity to talk to with a corporation on four. Jabbar doesn't appear to be back conversation yet. They are bringing him back. He's got there a way to get him of that conversation. I don't I'll keep you coming up the match. Smart good stuff man look forward to show coming up tomorrow you guys are people who Wisconsin right. Here or order our problem. To be a fun Tom always losing to show love that place to they've always treated so well there's so for those listening get out there and she sparking those guys your bucks fan. Check out the NBA draft coming up tomorrow and at the Hugo Wisconsin on water showed great stuff but you'll talk to soon. Out AST's party piper posted about those injured joining us in the Shire or jolly Schneider hiring drivers right now. You work hard they treat you fair eighty plus years they've beginning you don't call 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs dot com eighty bush years. They've been getting it done call 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs died count. So. They were that he's going the next moment. Border to border. Film Michael's voice talking network. Around about Michael she always on the air we are so glad you're on board thanks so much as always were taken listen to us we certainly appreciate it. Hopefully you are having a terrific day no matter where it is you are throughout the great state Welby on the borders as well radio Joseph along side I'm bill Michael's going to all of us on Twitter do show. That bill underscore Michael's bill underscore Michael's or at radio Joe's sports you can find us on the radio dot com at. Radio dot com app. The end hopefully. Take a listen to is there and you listen everything Weathers to download broadcast whatever happens being. Got it there you can always find all lot of different stuff if you follow us over on FaceBook as well FaceBook dot com slash. V bill Michael show. Veto Michael showing you can find stuff over there as well and I feel another FaceBook live coming on today after the program so stay tuned for that. Just in FR thrown out there for a promise they got thrown it out. They took a chance it didn't work at the Boone Logan experiment is over. For the brewers they designated the lefty. For assignment yesterday amid growing roster for the rookie Freddy paroled. Logan was in sixteen games for the brewers. They cited as a free agent by the way back in January and they wanted to use him as kind of a lefty specialist coming out of Penn. He started the season hit that latter injury. They're really didn't. Collided opera but downwind wanna know what a 591. Eerie for the Burris had trouble getting left handers out. Lefties went nine for 22 batting for ten against him. With five extra base hits. And just the other day I will say this somewhat in Boone Logan pitched. He now mingling on the strike zone in the game behind in the count that's not the way to live for any pitcher and that's what he did. What a couple runs he gave up you're talking about two revelers down the line. That they just couldn't come up with. No dice say from all bases you know little flare. They're dead just gets off the tip of the bat a drops and you know left right center field. They're just as he was just a victim of some bad lock. Blight it all doesn't happen if you don't give behind in the count consistently in Boone Logan didn't come in and just did he wasn't aggressive didn't just throw strikes. And didn't stick with the stuff and he he got BR an accountant when thus the unified 91 ERA him off he goes. Our vetoes. 8558308648855. 8308648. On the loans by kip dot com. Told free chalk line if you would like to chime in to a producer looked. I think Peralta who was fantastic. You know they'd they have given him another opportunity. He egos again last night and pitched well. In. You don't for the young guy coming up I mean obviously his first you know appearance. With the with the brewers was fantastic in Colorado specifically in those particular conditions but. Free for all the was just just dynamite and it was just good they're good to see him in that kind of youthful energy come out I now. And I've said this before osu and yet. Right now and this is just my opinion as to what they're doing put chest. From what we gained. Knowledge wise to out of spring training there is this. Thought of get everybody. Is much opportunity. Seed cream rises the top and then when it comes to trade deadline you fill in that hole. If you have that starting role you fill that in if you have an offensive need you fill in. But I think a you'll be it in because they're totally wired from this this morning and as the Jim. No idea what countercharges that they're gonna make our you know I think there even got to be edit the brewers right now our through through a third of the season. Okay. The brewers through a third of the season. And but all here's another beast piece of breaking news the cubs today. Placed their closer. Our Brandon Morrow Brenden Morrow on the ten day DL. He's had tightness in his back as may able to get rid of it so the cubs now lose their closure there and he'd just in Hancock on the roster. He was 26 man added for Tuesday's doubleheader. Pomeroy injured his back taking his pants off. There's a lot of weird thing did have a male or your home guys fought downstairs guys cut their fingers would knives. We know John than the LeCroy he's wife knocked over us some luggage and Neiman hand and naw I test of what were always taken his pants off his back is locked up on. And I got to tell you. Yeah headed I did joke. Where's Regis you just move a certain way all your life and next thing you know you're down for a week. Here they like having I one time I was working at for a brief stint. I had to take a second job when I was doing some some radio. Early on in my career. And I ended up going to culinary school when I was going through Damon's which Damon's I think there's hope there's still wanted Mac on or not but. They're Ripley said he would wash for sure I was general manager and a regional manager for these Damon's. And I ended up going into a Damon's one night I was closing up because the manager had gotten ill I said okay outcome and in and fill in for you and I was going into close up. And you take the cash and before you make your deposit due such deposits up to the next day seat go to put the safe. And that the safe was under the desk I leaned over to put the money in the desk ceremony in the safe I could move would. The most just tightened up that was it I could move. I mean like crawling on the floor crying could move it was unbelievable. So. The Brenden Morrow goes to his pants off. They're great being how reluctant he can't move them so. Tough tough break for the cubs mean if you're the brewers' year cal like all right. Maybe a few few breaks in the in the injury department go away and the brewers favor. 8558308648. Should the box keep their first round draft choice or traded away box fans want your opinion on this next in the know Michael job. Sixteen stations strong. My school's sports talk now.