HR1 – Do like the Budenholzer hire?

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Thursday, May 17th
Hour 1. We’ll take your reaction on the Bucks hiring Mike Budenholzer as their next coach. Plus, we’ll talk Packers with Aaron Nagler, and look back at the Brewers win over the D-Backs.

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From the league's front to the and this is where Wisconsin sports fans come to tour. Michael show named best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. Money schools. Jen Julianne welcome bill Michael shows on the air mall we left you yesterday. Delegates and we continued series here. When we love your yesterday. Breakfast had already been beaten between booty holes are you honestly Chris Middleton. The three parting ways and very friendly term the meeting was good. And we know now that booty calls or is going to be the guy for years is going to be the deal hasn't been officially announced by the team yet but it will be and I ice I went on. Band. Let's I was a busy night. A lot going on last night so. Alexa had dance I'd pick kids up from school we bought a new boat so I was gonna go get the vote. And I had to go pick her back over the dance class last night in the on the way home series that you want some chicken so I had to go to golden ticket. And go old genius in golden chicken hagel chicken studio a long time that we columns it has in Iraq. Chuck I'm usually when there's food house chuck here. But political chicken along times or she said chicken I'm like I'm not going to KFC we got its golden tickets at golden jet on what by Tom I got home let's elevate their. So sad I start make his calls and text and guys are a couple people that I know in the league. I'm gonna have Gary wolf blog today and I I touch base with Steve Novak for a little bit in Suze everything's announcement talked Steve. But I as I get a couple of friends of mine are one body and mind. His name's Tim he works on Vegas and he watches the summer leagues and knows a top on of these coaches Tom of these AU coaches Tony sponsors. He's his inner network is anybody. So are caught my but I since him and give me a couple of guys to call so he gave me a couple of names and so did tell me what you don't know doodles. He's a abilities are really really good coach he is not a rebuild coach. He's not a es es he's he's guide it's grown up around winning ever since he's been mentally he's basically worked his way up from a video augur for. With the San Antonio Spurs to assistant coach. He goes into a situation in Atlanta. He has a lot of good horses they got there just couldn't get the job done one and another year to crack addict instead they started turn a team down that's not be you know kind of kind of wanted in. So it was it was a natural you can see it coming at the end of the season not that he lost interest it's just that you're not coaching the same you're coaching. Two to two dead guys better. And to. Com. Coach guy he's really. May not even belong in the NBA to just tried teach them the fundamentals of the NBA. Rather than taking players that are already NBA ready and making them better to play together to learn how to win. If that makes cents. And so anyway I said OK I said to me what he is with the guys he's abilities are really really good he's a really good guy he is. It's not necessarily the players' coach. OK it's not that that you can describe him as that but it's not that it's it's a guided. He said and this was confirmed by a couple of people that he's pretty mild mannered. You know you're not collecting on the sidelines because he's not a fiery guy. He's not a scream or yell Ernie and you know but he could he's not the also Tony's not sterile and in the moonlight like Jason Kidd what is. He said he's an he's an intense guy but he's an intense guy inwardly not outwardly. It's okay. He said then what you're gonna like about him as he's very x.s and I was Smart. Very much knows matchups very much understands the NBA you very much knows what's about to happen. And he said he's really go to net cents. You can see what's about to happen and begin to make adjustments fort rather than making adjustments in reactions to what's going on the clock. He also brings a lot of pop with and I so what you mean by that exit. He's not a screamer yell or easy but what he's got that that credential he's got that bad. That's something something that when he walks in a room. You respected. So okay which is good and I think this team needs that. It's not that these you know a head coach wanna be kind of like you know Jason Kidd was this is a guy it's a legitimate head coach timber that comes out of a good stocks so to speak so okay. Today goes on to say but he's also a guy that he knows x.s and knows pretty easy even better with players. National tell me about that because he has a meeting with you on some Middleton and my buddy Tim says you know what that was brilliant he said I think the box of actually handled this really well. And they've done it brilliantly. And I said well you on the bright new new York and as he's like bill sold a blank what so what if they interviewed him in Brazil who cares. If that is causing at the right guy he says they want about the process they interviewed a lot of candidates from when he heard he said it was more than just a couple. He said he interviewed five or six maybe seven candidates. They got a good sense of who they wanted to blue Knowles are came in and knock your socks off as they expected him to do so. And then. He said arm that the you know that they went about the process right instead of just hiring on and telling the guys here's your coach you said bill. The best thing that could've done was say. Go talk the honest go talk to some of our guys. Let him talk to you it's not like they're making that decision. But if they sit down and talking and say you know what coach I'm I'm looking forward this armed I'm ready for training K I'm ready you don't. I'm excited about the future. Then those guys that you talked to feel like one their part of the process to all they're giving their stamp of approval which means three they're taking ownership. Of not just the coach but the organization. And he said that's that's exactly what you wanna set for all the missteps the box of pat he said this they knock this one out of the park either really really well. And I said who interviewed do you now he says now he said but he shows a bunch of people wasn't just you know John Morse easily John force's inner. And he said Dowling one on one and are so well relic as I I didn't know we were we were wondering if there's a nice I'm pretty sure he interviewed one on one but everybody ended up talking to. OK until Anita now so I made a couple more calls and they got a lot of the same so. I said all along. I don't care who they hire or where they hired as long as they get the right person. And after talking to accompany though this isn't a buddy of mine who call me a couple people's you've got. You've got to bomb there or you've got some talent there is the guy that knows talent he goes that some early every year he watches coaches every year he goes these clinics every year. He worked in radio for a long time he also works closely with some issue companies and some of the marketing companies. And he's just a sports not and just knows his nose. And he said make easy he's probably a bigger hockey fan and the as the NBA fan loves him yet. And set like I think you guys got a good. He should think with where you are but you've got enough youth bear. Better going to respect him. But yet they're they've played enough games story can consider them veterans he said I think it's a great mix I think you're really really good and then his his question was the same is our question as. He says now the question is can you did Jabari to buy into this would be happy. And move on so let me bring you to the next four. As I've got more info. We bring in the next for when it comes Jabbar. Talking to some people. So I did not know Jabbar moved his family to Milwaukee you know that jump. Yet Jabbar moved his family and walk. Not just Jabbar. Families here and they were cement interpersonal turmoil last year I guess. But he moved his family to Milwaukee so it's not just Jabari that's here so when he sat down when this. A month ago month and a half ago whenever was we were down and merriment social doing the Thursday night Milwaukee basketball aren't set Milwaukee's my home he wasn't yen. He's moved his family here. And so I made another phone caller said in a friend of mine over and that that neighborhood I say. Tell me what's on ice and our soldier Bari out the other day. So I don't use out on the front yard. So he's still there is yet he's distort him on the house still be in some stuff done but yeah I mean he's he's been and now we've seen a minute now. In recent derby couple days three days maybe a week go by you don't see him in Austin areas again you know yeah he's here. It's really OK so it's it's not like he's going hours to don't know there are hints he put work into that house. So. If everything is sitting here right now on the tracks. You've got your head coach now leading a group. You've got Yaris Middleton who met with the new head coach and apparently bought them bought and you're gonna get Jabari it's gonna get offers. When that free agent period opens up and he's gonna find out what is value is in in the box need to to figure that out to make that offer obviously Jabbar played well. Once he'd kind of spoke out in the post season the a couple solid performances. And then you're gonna game for a full offseason in the gym working for nothing but basketball he's not re having injuries not doing any of that. Just doing basketball stuff. And figuring Europe he's only gonna get better. I I gotta tell you I mean I know you still need to. To to move some pieces around. But I I woke up this morning and came into work this morning. Feeling a lot better about the Milwaukee Bucks then what I did. About a week ago. 85583086488558308648. On the loans by Kim dotcom told free talk line 8558308648. Gives a shout. So I. I wanted to. Do colleges give you what I found out. You take that information process to give me your reaction 8558308648. Hey also before we go to break I'll remind you. That's we're working with our friends or cousins of who are fantastic people. Just them Cornel staff or they're great people and they wanna be what you'd be a VIP. That's nice and I told some X here's your chance and went. 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Everything I told you about the meeting everything you're told about the interview process about the Bucs organization everything I told you about the guys we met with. A little bit of the Jabbar information all of that stuff. Give me your thoughts about your organization moving four. I and believe me if you've been listening to this program you know how I feel. More than a Michaels and. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. I'm. No I don't show. Error. Our look at. Pretty or Joseph across the way you get all of this on Twitter at bill underscore my goals at bill underscore Michaels talked with some bucks basketball flight funerals are going to be the new head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks a Bucs have now made it official yet but. The tees across the I's are dotted your is waiting for the ink to dry and then the announcement. Regular radio Joseph at radio Joe's sports find this over on the FaceBook fan page. FaceBook dot com slash in the email Michael should show. You always fun to go Michael sports dot com has the Michael sports dot com. There's the YouTube channel you can look you can find me over funds over on the radio dot com map. All that kind of stuff. It's all right then in there and that is that is. Many ways to track is down 855830864. That's the phone number so do you like to hire a Mike Boone holes. Bucs fans. Great good bad indifferent whatever and everything I just had to say the last segment about what I heard about him about the Jabari situation in about. Him meeting with Jonas in Middleton and then. And by the way I could not find out specifically where they met for breakfast. I had heard at times that did the original pancake style house on downer. Has been a place. But could not detect confirmed. So I got out of tournament works trees lot of them get a lot of people. Going necklace. Nice place too but that he said. Couldn't couldn't get a different I don't know not that really matters if you're breaking bread over eggs and bacon what I was longer have a good me. So do your thoughts might poodles or the new head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks waiting for the announcement from the organization. Go to Iran listening to is on the northwest side Ron welcome the program I don't. They've built a more demand nice day yeah it's. A great great problem and I am very very very excited I am home. Bay Area optimistic I think the book would be actually static right now probably accidentally got it right. Well I'm really surprised. How are well they they handled this situation may elect said he didn't matter witty many. Or interviewed him at all to get the right coach and I think. Oh my older you know he's got this the you know. The pop tree and he's also a lot been a winner and take it mediocre talent. I never support I understand you know the guys know is x.s and ultimately it's important we caught up against a guy like. You know Gretzky. And it would accomplish you know the only think I'm a little concerned about is Bledsoe out what. What's the deal would have been here anything on him what's the. Have not heard all know weren't on Bledsoe my assumption is right now you're trying to future head coach in place. The off season has officially started yet and you're probably thinking yourself for at least working with teams now that everybody knows or draft position. And now people can say OK what do I have to trade what do I have to move. Oh what position in my and so. May be you're gonna start to hear some rumors are some things heat up as we get closer to the draft into the offseason further for the Milwaukee Bucks but it. I have not heard one thing to put this what. I I they have to do you you can't go to the season next Georgia same old same won't expect a different result in less your coach. Either whether it's Jason kid editor Joseph pride T without a net if you if if this way booed over comes in and certainly with the same group geyser fifty win team. Well then you know what could hold him holding them back all the stuff. Absolutely I thought the job the breakfast. Situation we're not it's in the and Middleton was was was brilliant you know it's it it's not act in the home for permission. Things like that but it is bringing them in the process. Make him feel good about you know you're two best players are dealt with the excellent idea many big big at a slam dunk on diplomat. I think where you know it's funny rock and my dad always says if you do enough things enough times you're eventually gonna fall ass backward and easel in the lock. So when you're when you're opening day I was maybe they just accidentally got a right that was the first thing they came in my neighborhood is one ass backwards in the lock and maybe they're gonna just pull this thing off. About it drops out to get onboard 855830864. Or might have a lot of sent. He always look at me after I do some of these I saw you can't put them right back and horse. It's along kind of figure that out when your six. What a first all what does that mean and what is blind dad you know. Okay there ago 855830864. Rate on the loans what you don't count whole free talk and here's another aspect that is something we're not even talking about. And I don't know if it's been mentioned and but Boone holds her did not sign with Toronto. The way I understand it is he chose Milwaukee. He chose Milwaukee. Milwaukee chose him obviously. But he chose Milwaukee. Over Toronto. This Toronto all offered him something cry yes I am dead they did your correct. Yet to straddle met with booed and also are on Monday yes let's never made him an offer today erroneously said they didn't they insinuated. From when I hurt. That well what if we didn't notice. And Boone noses basically said look I'd be flattered you know I just wanna make sure you don't get a chance to check my options ball block. And didn't get into what is his agent right away and then came to Milwaukee. And never went back to Toronto for another interview. Chose to stay in Milwaukee. There in the week which is an indicator in many ways for a guy that comes out of a winning organization like San Antonio and has success. On his own in Atlanta he believed at least. According to the people that I talk to. And we'll get more on this later but he believes there is more upside. To the box organization. Right now and in the future can be higher and brighter he year. Woolsey no question and in the thing is for Buddha holes are the one thing heating pad in Atlanta. It's even with that sixty win team he did not have the superstar he's never coached a superstar known as a head coach now. Back during his seventeen years with the spurs yeah I mean David Robinson Tim Duncan and OK he's he is a voice they are but being a head coach of the Atlanta Hawks. He is never had. Eight player on the same caliber Zia asked her and now that's what he's gone into and Toronto all. Mean DeMar DeRozan is by far the best player for the raptor black is DeMar DeRozan better than yachts. I just to meet if you're if I'm voted holes are and I'm looking at these two situations. I kind of wanna go with a box because for that reason bill upside that many seems to be the biggest thing. Now the next thing is if I'm Michael colonels or you've already talked with the honest Chris Middleton now ominous or Evan conversations and John force in trying to figure out. Which of the guys on this roster. Can I work out well. I in the here here's the here's the other thing to take a step further if if indeed there are series you file from John horse but in indeed they're serious about wanting to retain Jabari that's the next guy. There's been the most outspoken right that's the next guy sit down and talk and say what you want what what is it going to be. For you to be another one of these cornerstones of this organization. What do you need for me. Well and tied up from what I understand joke he is a very this is what could we told you we talk with Steve nova. And had him on with which you Bari. Steve said look two parties are very loyal guy if your loyalty to him he will run through walls and you'll end his life for you mean he's just that kind of a loyal guy he's an old school throwback. It Boone holes or is that guy. And go Jabari says I got your back you just tell me what you need and can you coexist. And can you play towards a common goal. With Yana swift Middleton with whoever's honesty can you do that I got your back and if if that or if he pulls that off. What are you talking about a whole different attitude a whole different style of unit. But the problem man's. And some people were freaking out about this yesterday that yacht S and Middleton were having this breakfast with the animals are in Buford on worst Jabari. Gartner Bremer on Jabari he's a free agent he can't be happening especially luxury and yet he can't get in creation he can't be heaven these discussions right now correct. So he's kind of out there and it's up to John horse determine whether or not he's gonna match an offer from Maine these other teams and the pain of what kind of money there for I cannot wait. To see what these teams are willing to shell out for Jabari Parker. Because. They can be big in the same thing I'm thinking is this guy that worked twenty million. A proven anything mechanics session with a two ACLs watched I shall twenty million dollars we. Hammer you I don't honestly I don't think it's gonna take you twenty million keep them. I don't know why people are thrown that number around when he said he was offered a deer wasn't offered eighteen and that he had he been offered eighteen you've taken. That's a thing if the team does offer eighteen million dollars you'd like to think he's gonna take our right. You would assume he set out your show I wish that I wish ya right I mean so image of the box come close to that you would assume that he's gonna take it. But then this is the thing OK let's just say. They signed Barry Parker they match whatever offers up there's not Jabari parkers coming back with the box. It Jabari Parker cannot be sold. Buy food animals are those who have never sit down conversation. Bloated also puts it all out there I think if I booted holes or until engine very. First of all you're gonna be a starter in this line ups on. You are definitely gonna be a starter enough of this coming off the bench. I don't understand why dating use you more in starting unit you will be a starter for a sets up first thing I'm seeing a bomb blew holes. Net after that try to implement his philosophy try to figure out where Jabari Parker can give better defensively. That's something that might poodles are known for being a good defensive coach can he get Jabari Parker to be a better defender is that possible. Did you bird Parker doesn't like it then we can go to the next step in the process and try to see it if the box and put together sludge pit. That's just it you gotta find out of the goofy how how much he wants to be here for Kenny coexisted what what were his goals. You know I mean and then then go from there and if you end up. You know pieces say out I'll take 151618. Million bucks right now to sign it. You don't get it over with and get it done put a few continues he's in their regarding the need discount move on. And get it done and get everybody happy in the same page there's no sense in dragging something like that out making an ugly now he's gonna test the waters he'd be crazy not to. But once he does have a choice is a restricted free it right but what I'm saying is is he court right now. He's a restricted free agent but his agent could be saying to the bucks to make us an offer will mark Staten. But I he'd be crazy to do it go around trying to get your value and then come back to the boxing go here's what it welcoming to. And and that's the reason he's not in those discussions are and I'm not reading too much into the fact that he's not bear. All let's do this we'll talk to Michael and your boy coming up Harold Benoit coming up next we got our low Packers right Erin mettler. From out Packers agreement pressed is that going to be joining us coming up here next breaking down the packers' offseason thus far more than the Mike Michaud next. Wisconsin one. Bill Michaels Stores called me. Always on the air we are so glad you're here Wear this today is fortunate program we brought you bud Bud Light less than two weeks away less than two weeks away Wednesday night live is back in Wisconsin state fair park. Remo race takes the stage. At the Budweiser pavilion looking forward to a museum the stars yet again. In the summer months cannot wait till it's all brought you by Bud Light the official beer sponsor the bill Michael sports talk now we're free to get in six bucks to park her car. Warrior for motorcycles. And I really looking for the summer camp way it's always one of the greatest things. About summertime all the festivals took on the weekends wins and you get out. Get a drink hang out with friends listening to music and just have a fun time it's virtual retail literally wins and I live at the Budweiser pavilion Wisconsin state fair park. I speak at his summertime he got OTA's many camps on the concept any greater kind of the onset begins as the rookie orientation is now done how's the offseason been. For the Green Bay Packers Larranaga from the Green Bay press gazette Packers used dot com joining us on the chatter orange allied air I don't man. Our doorbell. On glad to have the army so give for just zero review of what the Packers and more so the new general manager Brian good cases done thus far. I think you've done. Pretty darn good job opening at this bird shot out of the game obviously opportunities then. Pairing or or her number of decades now and I think given the roster he was and it comes at tough decision that he made in cutting or else on the the trade down to collect metric first round pick for next year but there's a major moves in seemed bad pilot. Made COLT that needed to be made. Which you look at you know kind of the in and out the day today what he may have done here free agency might we may have done in the draft. I think obviously you gotta wait for things play out to judge whether it all of these. Decisions but for the most part. I think young GM first out of the gate strong all these. Be the holds its story Maine are what. Well I think. Anybody use of the team. You know for X number of years we'll tell you that you're wondering you're looking at it on paper in your wondered. You got Clay Matthews and nick Perry that is their job it's the quarterback problem everyone who watches the Packers nose they haven't been able to stay on the field any kind of regularity. And Clay Matthews as well as he played nicer you actually have one of the best seat last year from eight pure football standpoint. Spend a lot of money to get to QB and the fact numbers have religious right now there's a lot goes into that some of that is the fact that real. Problem back and covering people quarterbacks have been able to get the ball out quickly. But you know we're in Italy where the premier pass searchers are paid to get to the quarterback. His production has not masses sorry now with that that. What you saw on the tape and you guys playing at a very. Calm. In the same can be said nick Perry the big problem paired courses that you unable to stay on the he'll see get out those two guys. You figured at some point they're gonna be off the field. They didn't do anything. Save for a late round pick to kind of bolster their outside pass. There's still going to be deploying generally a report defense and the like I think. So you wonder they have to be thinking big time on the development of guys like an eagle who had pretty much in about oh wasted. Rookie year. And then Reggie Gilbert who is been you know it showed real promise last summer. A partial little something at the end of the year when he finally got a chance the last two games by. That's a book two pretty big unknowns to be banking on to improve your abstraction and that kind of follow in the mold of what that felt he wants to develop guys on hand and let them grow and let them grow over time. Al the Packers. They're coming into the season knowing that they can't really wait can't get anymore perhaps mr. produce. We're talking yesterday very interest in peace our Tom Silverstein. In the journal settlement written about well is he mortgage frankly it is more like no Ron Wolf for Ted Thompson in this kind of a medium. Line of both that you can witness in the short five months he's been in charge. But in the end I got to believe he's going to be more like wrong wolf just for the fact he's got a window I mean both Ron and Ted took over teams. That were flailing they're worried that were in in disarray and they needed just acquire talent. He's taking over a team that has talent and a great quarterback. And now it's putting enough talent around him immediately. As the window begins to close eighty in mean it might assessing this correctly. Yeah I mean I think. You know it's hard to compare. Those situations Bryant at Washington just because yet you know heading near term it wrought and the roster was in disarray. You know probable turn around decades they'll. Obviously Utica and stepping into. Anything close to that like you say there's talent on this property yellow one out it's not the best quarterback in the game back get cute like up. It's funny because I look at the window avid about T really cannot set up as a last push if you will for constant Cold War. And by that I mean guys like Randall Cobb Clayton Matthews these guys who are in the last year or deal obviously already shown dirty now that don't work. Com I think you know pop gold got coming off the books coupled with 21 round pick next year it really that four. You know to govern ninety. To be read you'll be kind of first hole onslaught of many current guise of speed com. About that you know your job as general managers not only to. And the future at all like you say to you every year's an opportunity especially Aaron Rodgers quarterback. I think he's done enough to make the team a contender. I think. And eighties Super Bowl champion. Had along the way you gotta get locked yet at the ball bounce your way once or twice. I've got to get the hell out of you know in those are things that are pretty much got his soul I think what you've been able to control is that while. I was gonna ask you also we talk about Aaron Rodgers and what he has do you think they now have enough for round coming obviously about him Jimmy Graham those two guys. While we're on the cob and headline things. Put the issue always for me was what kind of depth at they have if Dovonte gets that fourth concussion in three years and has to be out for awhile do they have enough back there. To be able to give Aaron Rodgers the targets downfield let's just say Jimmy Graham who's not getting any younger. He has an issue were to NK has to miss a few games does this team still have enough to be able to say okay Aaron we've got enough weaponry around you'd be effective. Well I think it could basic so but the fact that you know they went they went to the trap they drafted those young guys. They like they couldn't lecture on how them. And I think we saw flashes from in the last year according to camp. So what we'll be expecting some development there Michael Clarke obviously got the only year. But you know it's funny you're talking about. Is he is Americans more like Walt or Thompson apparently if while wolf was in charge right now I think that Bryant would have been Packard yesterday. That's the kind of move it count underwrite it and I'd move where you're talking about what has to block it Adam's gotten some time. You know there isn't a whole lot behind him so to speak. At the wide receiver spot especially on the perimeter so yeah I think back animal would make a lot of sense to bolster their core but. I understand that they like what they've got it and I don't doubt with Aaron Rodgers on the trigger they're gonna move the football and score a lot of points or Carlos was up. How comfortable are you with I mean you talked a little bit about the secondary but eight the Maura here from of the about patent. It's not just the pass rush it's about being really good you secondary and allowing what you have pass rush wise. To make an impact. Do you think they've done enough in the secondary to make an impact now the pass rush. Well they certainly got. You know the potential. Of the promises that are we look at these young guys have been drafted in Alexander Jackson. An and you got to expect cope with the development Kevin King but a lot of young talent that. Don't really know apps that are open on it kind of development and that athleticism that they that kind of jumped off the screen gadget. Comes to fruition at a coalesce the quickly quickly for them. I do you think Jamal Williams is going to be in the for either incredibly underrated signings I don't Packers fans Republican Scott in. An older guy yeah. That are or seen whatever and why would bring it got back but it. I would encourage everyone to go back and watch his play last year at Arizona he played lights out for all last year and I think he's going to be a big boon. To what they wanna do as far as what you're mentioning. You know just solidify the back and it's not that they have to be back there be a bunch of you know they don't have to be the legion of boom they hit after the competent they're a line up correctly. And you can't you know until three or four plays last year's state without. Guys in the secondary or being. You know guys out of place that permanently no communication. Is third on the same page. They'll be a step ahead of where they've been the last few years and that will help. Obviously. It solidify the back and letting the got a particular work and what my patent. He did he'd done his track record is having recovered and being able to make the pass rush work. You never really had a premiere rusher yet Mario Williams in Oslo. But that was after Williams was kind of the you know 152 year guy that went down in Houston you he's made it work wherever he's gone without premier pass from. And I think you can continues same thing. Always good stub my friend certainly appreciate you joining SA real quick before I let you go have a good average is his Boehner gonna make your opinion. I'm going to weapon if he is able to kick the leading college I mean history is littered with. College kids who look great on Saturdays and then got in the pros at trouble Sunday so. I mean it's a bold move to collected in the fifth round but yeah I mean I don't. Really it doesn't really mean anything mean to let him do it like that in the. Yep no I completely agree I just I'm looking for some country's largest remember two words are well three actually BJ Sander. Just remember that goes down this throughout that ought. If he is the it's you know the skill position weapons that they are ready clearly some years or think he has. Bob Dole cared abuses that topic an Iranian like wreck if he is as good as advertised. It but no 10. That it's all about this kid producing at a level I think he's going to. Mean you're absolutely correct Bridgette is always by Carol talks in OPEC. Well thanks -- there you go Erin Nadler an agreement press gazette Packers you can always see his blogs and his video armor he stuff on FaceBook as well and does so much in regards to the Green Bay Packers inaccurate coverage of Packers you know we tracked him down there rejoice in this matter or challenge Schneider hiring drivers right now yeah work are they preach fairy push years immediate dot call 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs dot com. Brewers beat the Diamondbacks they continue to win on the road in all by the way don't look now. Another team has a winning record that is not name the cubs and brewers beat as well more about Michael Shannon. You're listening to though. Bill might cool sports talk network. A friend Michael show on the air we are glad you're on board today. Don't look now. But the brewers have a winning record against teams. Not named Chicago. Better 500 or better as they stand today. I went through this last night. They Chicago out of the mix they've got a winning record. After they beat. Arizona yesterday. And they went off yesterday four homers in that ball and. You know agents. Somebody suggested there on a collision course to meet because in the post season and they may be I'll I don't know that for sure they may be. Blight. I do know one thing that the brewers. And Joseph you and I talked about this something has to happen. For the brewers to get that kind of swagger the cubs just have it right out of the cubs. The cubs against good teams are well and they made their and they have a losing record. They have a losing record but the brewers. Have a good record. A there there are two games over 500 against teams that are 500 better. On the season. Soul. I mean I don't I don't you know even breaking down every one enemy we talked about this Roche are now they get a couple wins. In in Minneapolis on my goodness. That's fantastic. I mean and you come back when there are wildly successful road trip over teams you thought you know you're gonna to play some pretty good baseball and its. By the way. You wanna talk about the hot stick to the game yesterday. I was losing to Tim Allen in baby couch. And do do da do post game show where I was driving around and get a much stuff done yesterday. And there is nothing better then Travis Shaw's bomb do you have a joke and it's a foul pole. It sound like. They were in a Buddhist temple play in the gone use in the bell. Yeah. Don't get a chance to hear that you may see it. What they hear it you don't get that very. So hot stick and a game brought you buyer frenzy Clements yeah I don't man a man Travis showed Obama's ego to perform I told you. We went through the statistic yesterday started to heat up to over for a couple of RBIs two runs scored yesterday and that is a Clements hot stick and he gave the climate snack sticks. There are convenient high protein choice in pits on the go lifestyle just like my. Trips in the ballpark snacks in between games gulp bagged lunches office afternoon snack or you're out driving kids all over the plucked. Driving the dance driving back picking up votes going downtown driving all over the place and you need some to grab right there tackle boxes as well have been thrown on the vote united. Clemens' next six they're made using premium cuts of meat the highest quality ingredients. And they are all naturally hardwood smoke that is Clements the stick and again. It. That is a wrong right there. Lot of it as a bong right there you can here's a Trevor shot a high stick and into question for a so and this is one of those off the cuff things idea and I go to listeners just for vice. So. EI and for those of you that no I mean I am homeowner and cut grass I have dogs only kind of stuck. I think division last year but they never found anybody to work with. You work waves on spray your yard without contracts in all of BS that you have to put up with. Which Israel Dan alliance I got about an acre. But I'm I'm trying to find somebody coming and and it looked it's it's nothing against my neighbor right I don't. Pick on a man or any like that but I gotta be announced he rose to analyze professional. And every year I take care my yard myself. I get it done a spread. And then every year his yard is harbor I mean his whole yardage yellow right. And so I have them leaking and in my yard again. And I just started going out there and doing his thing every year for you just get somebody tore his hit the yard couple times a season just a new ago. But it's got to be pet friendly and I never know the stuff that I'm spraying out of the garden hoses pet friendly. So we got somebody out there lemon can be shocked when we come back. When Mika I'm Kimberly we don't were little well landscape company. Here in the network. When we come back Milwaukee basketball insider Gary woeful. He's gonna give us his thoughts on the protocols are higher. What are your bag and that discussions. And by the way I wanna make it clear. Jabari for those that are asking about safari park are not being that breakfast yesterday were poodles or if he is not allowed to be I just got official word on that he cannot be. Because he's a restricted free agent. Do you go to the Bucs own his first Ryder refusal he still richter to create and he cannot be there that's a reason he wasn't there more of election next. Border to border. Film Michael's voice talking.