HR1 – Does Gutekunst feel more like Ted or Wolf?

Bill Michaels Sports
Wednesday, May 16th
Hour 1. We’ll also get Burke Griffin’s thoughts on the Packers. Plus, it was a tough night for the Brewers.

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From the league's front to the and this is where Wisconsin sports fans content to. Michael show made my best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. How well you know Michael shot on the air good Wednesday tea everything is clear and nice and start to warm up and feeling good looking guy I'm liking it. Like analyzed. And I'm glad heaviest part of the program thanks so much for take a listen to a sum though Michaels ready or Joseph cross the way if you would like. Two I chime in on the program feel free to do showed you get all of us always on Twitter at bill underscore Michaels at bill underscore Michael's. Or at radio Joe's sports are when the FaceBook fan page all I kind of good stuff. You try to stay on their bill Michael's sports dot com is the website has go Michael sports dot com also don't forget the radio dot com map. If you're going to be traveling if you move it around here and an office building you don't get it continuously. Then you may wanna download the app and you can find is there as well it's that simple wanted to do was put in the search column. Bill Michaels and the show pops up. So all brewers take a lot last night we'll talk a little bit more about that coming up here in just a little bit today on the program gonna tuck would Burt Griffin sports director for WR. VTV. CBS five in Green Bay also suggest ever national baseball insider is going to be here in more Packers chatter with Paula made her renewed or analyst. Coming up later on the program. But Tom Silverstein wrote an article was talking O'Brien good against who. Is he got. Is it basically saying he's is he gonna keep upgrading the roster I mean that that's the bottom line we talk about it all the time. Still need for pass rush still need to go to bolster the right side of the offensive line. Allies is four months of pass this agreement Packers picked him to be their tenth general manager sorely to say whether or not. He has more Ron Wolf or Ted Johnson and when it comes to roster bill. He displayed some audio moxie that to find wolf's tenure this off season with a major trades and free agency risk taking and the willingness to move up and down the draft. Those moves started the pendulum swinging from the height of Ted Thompson's conservatism. To the to the Ron Wolf side of assertiveness. But to be unknown to all of us is whether or not. Good against it will allow it to advanced further just settle right in the middle so. With what's been done so far. Okay and then it's it's hard to say as far as rating and a keyboard great all the time boy he's got to pay for May while YOK because they having played a snap yet. You gotta wait to see how things actually come together but. For what you witnessed. Out of that the new general manager. Do you believe. He has shaken off. The the moniker of being Ted Thompson's guy. Because I think what he's done a million and I've got an opinion on this. Is something a little bit different and I think that won many people had thought it but do you think Brian good against. Is more Ted Thompson. Or more Ron Wolf. When it comes to his initial. Dealings as a general manager in the National Football League 85583086488558308648. Personal loans by kip. Dot com told free talk line what do want to remind you that are good friends over cousins so they want you to be our VIP. Here is your chance by France and are the Big Dig giveaway because the substance summer fest. You know what that is it's eleven concerts in eleven nights it's at the American fairly insurance at the theater during summer fest demeans eleven chances to win. And each VIP concert package includes a couple of tickets or parking pass gift cards and a whole lot more. Eleven people will win why not make one of them you. Entered daily at cousin subs dot com slash big gig giveaway. To experience the best summer fest of cousins out there where they believe in better the officials sub sandwich and go Michael sports start network is. The new Packers general manager. Is he more Ron Wolf or more Ted Thompson. As the conversation spurts. The one way to tell which direction good instance had a according to Tom Silverstein the journal sentinel will he continue to pursue roster improvement or just leave well enough alone when Thompson was in charge. Player acquisition was pretty much over once the draft concluded there's examples of him adding a veteran here or there. But he never wanted to create an environment where the focus wasn't on the development of the players first. In their first second or third years. I anytime you add a veteran even low cost option. You're slowing down the clock or younger players advancements since coaches are more likely to favor more reliable older players coaches think about winning this week. And given their freedom. Will act according. Thompson never gave coach Mike McCarthy and his staff the opportunity. To make those decisions because he didn't add the veterans on a consistent basis irritants has had a chance to change that without. Really deluding you impact so to speak. And he goes on to say that lets face it there's no way that to the new GM's top. Three picks cornerbacks Jerry air Alexander Josh Jackson linebackers are Burks. Are going to get every opportunity to play this upcoming season even when wolf was signing veterans for say Mike Holmgren. He's on the personnel meetings and made it known his top draft picks need to play need to play right away. But be realistic within strapped the cornerbacks are going to play because it's a position of major major weakness. And we can all agree on that and Burks is going to play because he fills the critical specialty position. The UBS three wide receivers could against the selected. They're not gonna have an impact because the rookie wide receiver Charlie Purdue. Especially those that are taken in the fourth round he ought. Which exact exactly where Jim on more Marquez got a scaling and economy is browns and brown all were selected. So goes on from there to talk about you know what will or will not work. And who will will not play in the developmental process. Of this team but is he more like say Ron Wolf or is he more like Ted Thompson maybe the other question heard the furtherance of the question could possibly be. Has he done enough in your eyes to shake free from the Ted Thompson is still in that room air force still has a hold. On the general manager position for the Green Bay Packers. 8558308648. Give us a shot a 558308648. On the loans by kept dot com told free chocolate let's go to phone calls talk to Mike in Greenfield might carried on name that was. And hey how you do body while you know something bill reference for the question you ask. I think who cruised would be more open wheel all actually because you'll predictable and unpredictable. And as far as everything come to fruition. In the weeks of the season and make any evaluation on anything because. We haven't evaluated full body of work this scene from the 2018. Salt in reference to your question. Great at this point of paper as saying the combination of ball. You know and other than that I'm I'm just hoping and wishing that. You know the Packers have not been able and hopefully in a streak of bad luck we're gonna find out. And depth of these key positions as the season progresses you are saying I'm just gonna. Be realistic. Would be cautious and say you're a little apple. I appreciate my thanks for the folk off. Now here's here's. Extranet Apollo might get a say. I would agree that he's got a little votes he did he did some cautionary things. You know you stick to the process. Doesn't matter how many wide receivers you have that's the best available player on the board to go after okay you try to find the bargains you do what you can't. On the other hand. And he did make make the deal to bring in Du'Shon Kaiser he did go out and get walkers and okay he is aggressively pursuing the deal that's going to make Aaron Rodgers the highest paid in the richest. Paid player in all the NFL while still trying to do his best to protect the team. He did jettison. Fan favorite I mean I'm sure he had some trepidation about it but you do what you do. You gotta get rid of a guy a year too early rather than a year too late. And he believes that he did that we Jordy Nelson. And they believe that. The error of their offensive output is going to be fine they're going to be fortified in that area. And he did try to address some needs along the way as well. But he did it in a way that they didn't have to go out and break the bank and they did it in a way that they kind of stuck true to their developmental process. But what I believe. He is going to end up doing. Is being more like Ron Wolf then Ted Thompson and here's the reason why. When Ron Wolf and Ted Thompson took over their respective positions. They took it from bad seasons Ron Wolf took over in let Lindy Infante go on brought in Mike Holmgren. Ted Thompson took over from Mike Sherman. Had a four and twelve year. Ended up firing him bringing him Mike McCarthy and I'm beginning to build something they build foundations. Immediately they take they they grabbed cornerstones immediately. And and obviously the big Sanger as you YA to bring in Brett Favre and then things began to fall into place and and as Ron wolf's tenure went on and he saw Favre. Beginning to approached the backside of his career he kind of stepping up his game a little bit now obviously they had won some games together. I think you're gonna have to do the same mister Brian good against. And the reason why is you can't just stick with. Rebuild this team stick with draft and develop because you know that that window of opportunity is going to start closing. And if you just stick to your proxy now you wanna fortify your team with the process. Okay make no mistake about it you cannot get by. We found drafting in drafting while you just can't you can't survive any NFL. But I think what he's gonna have to do he's gonna have to look at areas of weakness and say what can I a for well for what can I do. And what can I do bolstered its. Because if you leave. Gaping holes. To be exposed week in and week out on this team. While we've got a quarterback who should be able lead you to a Super Bowl but. You don't do enough to fortify those holes to to kind of fix some of the that you patchwork some of the stuff that's gaping around him. And then why have them why paying that amount of money. Why do. Otherwise you you know just go ahead and cut him loose in ninja start to rebuild now. So the decision would be you gotta start fixing some of the holes and you've got to do then free agency you gotta be or take a few chances. And you hope that all those chances pay off but I agree with the caller that. One of the biggest things about this team right now is that if you're gonna have some injuries and where where go to can pass to not only be good in finding a few starters. He's gonna be good in finding depth. If this team is going good to thrive and survive in the NFL because it's all about depth in the NFL it's about good starters but it's all about depth in the NFL. What do you think about Brian go to dances he more like Ron Wolf or more like Ted Thompson and do you believe Ted Thompson's fingerprints his arms being wrapped around his organization. Have finally been relinquished 85583086480. Loans might get Dutch council free talk point 855. 8308648. We got more coming up right after this. Six clues stations strong though bill might school's sports talk now. No the girls who feel it's a well. But when you. I go shallow on the air. All clear. Enjoying the weather we're gonna have a nice stretch it rolls through the state here now. Think all the way through to was to Saturday get a few showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon on Saturday with. We're talking a series for the most part loaded cooler near the lake side communities all the way up and down on the border. And as you get in when it's coming nice of get out and enjoy it walked moved do something that our dog fight almost twenty miles in the last 44 hours so. Get out and enjoy this sort of program speaking of getting out and enjoying it. Two weeks from tonight we are back doubted its Wisconsin state fair time in the sense of the Budweiser pavilion at the Wisconsin state fairgrounds it's Wednesday night live it's back to music series is back again this year it's all brought to buy Bud Light. Cannot wait can't wait and we're looking forward to rebel grace takes the stage on Wednesday night may thirtieth it's free to get in parking is six box. And just come out and enjoy it's always a fun time lot of fun and that should be really really really good season the bands this year fantastic. You more information just dug in me shall let me know I can post as some of the bands and some of the dates and such. Aura FaceBook fan page I think I've done that already but I can redo it. But a lot of fun coming up this year at Wisconsin state fair park where have a great time the ball was civilian and it's all brought you bud Bud Light. Wednesday night live brought to bud Bud Light the official beer sponsor of go Michael sports talk network. Do you think Brian good against. Is more say Ron wall fish. Or more Ted Thompson and to take that a step further do you believe that Ted Thompson's arms or store wrapped around this organization. 8558308648. Let them loans by kept our council free talk client. Our buddy Stephen ritual Wright said today guys as far as good chance I feel that today his first draft at least on paper it is in his own style. A little bit of a traitor like warfare and a little bit of mr. sizzle by being safe what I like about what he did the draft. You cannot coach size speed and athleticism. He also did the anti racism by addressing needs in utilizing free agency to his advantage so far in my mind good against era is off to a terrific start. Our buddy Brad that listens to his side in sturgeon base I think Greg Greene based. Good against is it right in the middle I like aggression that he's shown so far free agency and I like what he did in his first draft. Time will tell speaking of being aggressive in free agency. We had the Jason Witten story came out yesterday that said Dez Bryant. It would be a really a greatly any place a win win for him. If he ended up in Green Bay and it wasn't long after that was it you wrap reports show that ended up coming on saying that the the Packers were non interest in pursuing Dez Bryant. One of the two was either chapter Rappaport or something like that. They'd said that that's that's not something that's gonna happen so for those that got hot and I said of the time I said look. Is he a necessity oral lecture. If you look at Dez Bryant is that a necessity or luxury. And I think with added that the three drafted wide receivers you've garnered. I think it's almost a luxury is probably something it's not even necessary. It's a matter of fact going back to the article of then start meaning the growth of some of the drafted guys even though their fourth fifth and sixth rounder so to speak. I I don't think that's probably in the best interest of the Green Bay Packers for what they just try to do I do like the fact that if you're thinking ahead saying okay. If Dovonte Adam should end up injured. Then he would be your legitimate that would be another veteran wideout. That can carry below. And go up and get an apex OK a point of attack guy. Blight Euro also then eliminating could you Marty got eight wide receivers that you looking hard that probably nine really if you wanna get down to luck to Clark. And why would you then add another veteran that makes it you know is gonna make this team which means you know. If you keep six or seven you're eliminating 23 got it right here right now. So. I didn't think I thought it was more of a pipe dream than anything analogy get kind of the rumor out there the Packers are not going to pursue that. It it's that's kind of a reality do you kind of figured that was going to happen 8558308648. On the loans which have dot com poll free talk on. Let's see here. There's really not. And naming YE a put this way the fact you wanna trade him. Why. He's not overly accurate. Doesn't has have to have an enormous amount of arm strength. Has Smith let a schism within looked great throwing the ball on the wrong end. So for all the reasons you wanna get rid of them if I'm our perspective GM out there saying okay what are my hero per guide it's really not that good or hasn't shown himself to be that good. I mean in his second year under senator if he would go to a team where he was a starter sure he could probably develop into something I just don't know why. And upon general manager I'm not given up a third fourth or fifth round pick for. That's it. This was like revenue says it feels like Brian good against a guy who has only been employed in the position for five and a half months. He's not done with his first off season. And I think that's the sense of a lot of people get your week for cut down you're waiting to find out what's gonna what else is going to be available. As much as you wanna say okay Iran develop pass rush you got to try to pass rusher he got to find somebody can help you right now because pass rush. Takes a while to develop. It's a lot harder defensively. As a rookie than it is offensively as a rookie. By David tweed says at bill underscore Michaels is sure O'Brien good Kansas is more like Ron Wolf. Don't want anything close to Ted Johnson never hear again hopeful good it can student who doesn't think his job guard over an iron. Your job is over after the draft roster stills needs to be improved keep fortifying the roster will be disappointed if he doesn't. Seek when you say I don't want anything like Ted Thompson never hear again. That. Ted did some good things. Ted kept the franchise viable didn't put him in salary cap jail was able to manage the money was able to give him enough talent to get in the three NFC championship games. One of which another one of which they should have been in a Super Bowl I think we can all agree upon that. Gave Aaron Rogers good weaponry. Now credited the you know there was some there was some missteps I'm not gonna American senior sugar coated as there was there was some gaping holes. But. On the ultimately wasn't like he handed the covered over to Brian go to Cannes and it was completely where. Neal says mark my words Clay Matthews gonna improbable season this year we don't need an edge rusher we have two great edge rushers. That were never you heard there were never used correctly. No one knows what kind of a talent we analyst offensive line because they never been used as a unit. Disagree that. I'm gonna there there never uses a unit because there was banged up. If claiming he's as a Pro Bowl season that's great you hate to say because their contract year review that's what happens. You know but nick Perry had a terrific season in a contract year. But that Perry's been banged up his entire career. Where they use him as a unit they use him as an individual on the outside rushing is an edge or whatever it doesn't matter he still guided the women players still guys there are prone to getting banged up. Hamstring hands. Broken fingers mean when you break a bone you can't really train for that. You know right. We'd highlight play he's always had a problematic cancer it just always been there. 855830864885583086. 48. Be a vendor used tweets acetylene scout score Michaels is on Dez in Jimmy Graham. Basically the same talent green Bay's offense basically 5050 guys. Who run three routes. Our own. I'd I think jazz has more speed but I agree with you in the sense that they can do the same thing especially when you're talking about the high point of a ball. Yes both guys who go get a polite. Let's be honest you can never have too many of those guys right if you got a speeding it downfield you've got enough. Diversity to get open and bring in whether it's safety whether it's a linebacker or corner. Depending on who's gonna cover you whatever the mismatches and created if you can still go out apex a guy. And you have that ability. Boy it makes it easy for quarterback. Because you're not try to put a ball on a window anymore you just try to put a ball higher than you know than than the opponent. That's it. So you mean if you've got three guys all that are 45 speed. And you're using them all as wide outs are slots right. Okay. Well think about it for a minute if you have all three of those guys running ounce somewhere guys match up by there on a safe year old linebacker. And of all you have to do is get the ball to home if you don't have 6263 corners. And you're throwing at 510511. Corners that don't jump to nearly as high as the guy it's going out at 6566. And still has the ability to grow up and get a ball. Then that's pet are to get all damn day. I don't need guys in a game before three speed when I got a got a book and get an apex of ball. 855830864. When we come back west Burt Griffin Lisa sports director for W a party TV instead in Green Bay. From CBS 51 ask you a lot of these same questions what his thoughts are give give us his thoughts is. Kind of out of you the Packers have finished the draft they brought in the your rookies for reorientation. Now you put a cap on and I get ready for the OTAs are you ready for many camps and holding his thoughts is where the Green Bay Packers aren't that is coming up next in the bill microshaft. Freeware in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Well I don't shy. Out there we are glad to have you thanks so much has always were take a listen to us we certainly appreciate it. I'll what I'll let you know that we have guides our first cigar dinner of the season. Is coming up on June 7 thirty met Thursday night June 7 in his three weeks from tomorrow. And I'll tell you some details as to how to get tickets to that is the event is you selling briskly as they say. And it's always a great time so much fun we get a chance suit kind of surround have a great dinner have a couple cigars and eager even if you're not a cigar smoke you do so participate. But we tell some stories and meant his questions what's what's on your mind whether it's sports and Wisconsin are well beyond the borders. We kind of go through the Q and in and it's always always always fun so I'll give you details as to how to do tickets and that. Coming appear shortly Burt Griffin sports director W referee TV CBS five in Green Bay. Now joining us on the Schneider orange hotline Burke I have been body. Man you know I care about everybody animal lucky who went to wanna hear sir Garfield it's like. And it built Michael and K. Are you asked little and now arts or don't like this. But it's great yeah we've had we've had a lot of mean they're really they're a lot of fun we wanted to probationary greenback as matter of fact I did well with that Gary Ellison and that was that was a blast that was actually funny because they recorded. And then make Qaeda and afterwards we did relays are recording and so there we say this is like Vegas there's some stuff you you can't you can't just they're so far and how we and we added a little creative editing get a few things out there. I'm not the Packers should of finished up their rookie orientation gimme your sides is to what Americans to his dine. And and we could we were asking the question is he more like Ron Wolf for more like Ted Thompson. I think there's there there's a road it's being driven that's in between right now. Well I gotta be it was a good shot at work out in Gary did like she could outwit. So I would agree and I would say this I would say booty so far. As drafted like a move like Chad in the back part of the arts you but he the course of like when it comes to create. You know Jimmy Graham yeah smokers and I mean there's these are two guys who are currently there careers who. What you think about it I mean sure on homes EU and lot of equipment crest long term and any of these guys Eugene Robert I'll. He'd play analogue. You know we're awkwardness that that one sees and where you really change the the secondary short awful lot of problems that they add. In the middle of the field that that people were hurt. And gendarmes there's another oddity until March 2 years maybe in Green Bay you. Well course all the world will little bit out at least. Import calendars Cowher would still work out our tight ends Andy. And inside the corny pulsing of their views and he can't block for work. He's a difference maker site including so far has perhaps like that because that first round rock or exit Ewing. Basically. Healing the first router from the war were brutally. And that's the kind of stuff you know and would drop back to you here and there at all on who grew up on that you know needed distinct feel raji and clay. And backtrack some from ten that's crafty in. Taking. Thirteen and then you know picking up something down the road that was not expected for agreed to that was stealing cents or Robert. How many holes today still have. Better glaring. You don't where I dated trigger the or RIR. All that good quality. Inside and we get to see what he did a couple of years all by necessity. And I think he wouldn't that are out there and start blah I think that can dial any defense city blocks. Are intriguing not just in the last perks but this or perk up at such a tight. Quincy he played defense and burn at eight played outside linebacker. Forty ish. He gained ten pounds you got him seriously tell the whole fleet and Spiegel to accept X stepped forward. He could have an interesting mix of guys did recorder I think that's the glaring hole either. On the defensive side of the football and our wide receiver what do they do they're just talked has anything to happen yesterday. No no as matter factor yet. OK why yes sorry you last night Lester has so that he would chop their career or something like that and he was going to be dealt. If you're gonna get there has white and just keep Jordan. You know that it makes cents and two guys are or critters. Are the numbers out arms and touchdowns while. And Jodi notices obviously comparable if you want it taken distractions. Like Mark Ellis a legal I like. It don't really like those three rookie. We're keeping drop more Allison is gonna take that extra port because clearly it may about it but it taught Adam the alpha dog a diet that money. And it. Alec as governor and disrupting a bit copy now at at that position epidemic well that's why. We I think a lot of you got Sprague got Murphy. It'll go relearn it and Blaine Taylor and collect the clip that you played played well heeled part. Nuance and we're the third tight and amp up a tree branch Kendrick so I think it is to put inspectors. Well and then my question when you talk about Dovonte I was making him the alpha dog the only concern I have and I believe he he can be a terrific wide receiver for years to come. What I do have to question whether or not his his durability is going to be there he mean don't me wrong he's taken viciously to give him a concussion was hit three concussions in two years. He's one hard hit away from not playing for very long time. And then you're out of veterans all of a sudden then yeah you're looking to Jimmy Graham to be you're you're a veteran wideout. Odd to now be the only reason I would say that a Dez Bryant would make sense. Yeah well and to kick the tires on that and that's that's the attitude you have to go in and adhere strictly to yourself. What I liked to cocktail that money that would be my question if there's any chance and you feel he could be that one you know ray guy. Because it sought an immensely and so Michael certainly differed in that a concussion so next and it's you know career under types and we know out of a talked about it as he. That Belichick and accept corporate actor that pierce and our character problems were innocent or wide receiver Earl Clark is God's. It or liars and Jordy Nelson here yeah. Yeah I completely agree or Horry and you know and be right trees there I just feel like they must know something more that you don't accomplish things or one. Wonders that. They're prediction about what you laugh he. We pay it back out there which it and you know page it's much easier. I'm Kara science as people we all know you much eager to get one next tomorrow. Yeah yeah no no doubt about it on the offensive line wise with Bulaga sprigs both coming back from knee injuries. I they must know something there because they didn't really heavily address that right tackle position they fortified their line a little bit but. I don't necessarily think that they've got to go right tackle that sitting there waiting going OK this is the next coming. So are you nervous about the way this offensive line sets up right now on the right side. Not on not particularly I mean I think. Spurt in the got to come up at the more athletic on murky and under. And it and and and but it right tackle that that's okay. Are you you can add those those kind of players has packets I think it's by committee right now. Well received the healthiest whoever looks at best at the end of August before they really can't get the job urged a lot of sports dorm. And then you'd mentioned pass rush you talk a little bit about climate how good you feel about the rotation up front and I look at it is. If Montrae these atoms comes back and and he is the guy that he was projected to be. Holy macro do you have a really strong defensive front with with Daniels and Kenny Clarke in 0% in Montrae news items and that will then allow make Perry to become Mick Perry 2.0. Well in a week I mean you have to carry you home. But I mean it's. And kitten tapped into what Wilkerson had an Elliott at last year's. Here main and it deserves her skirt. Bet that really I think because you're difference. Our group burger and good standard report. Look you can find many. Moons and so which Brit Hume you. The group architecture category and you can literally. Should go to Michael Kurtz errors. Include Lou. You Oakmont situation. We surprised it took upon long snapper. Yes. Buddy Lou. I thought I guess you're getting. Yeah the next great guys and grew richer dealer. Kick them out and it is here which case Scott. But I'd own snack that is articles in my mind when you were pleased with them because cookbook and yet it's. And it's an out here have gotten a solid all the exit and small. Every year. In you gotta he's gotten just so. So well what is the difference between an impressive group rather have got an injury history and consistent. Never botched up. Rookie who's got an injury history when we talk ludicrous art than a million. What you get to see pac ten year veteran and already. The way we're here we're trying work like thirty million per year route. For characters 500 grand there's nothing to this organization. Thornburgh referenced forced her to for WR for VTV CBS five in Green Bay and you just mentioned the other thing I've been talking about quite a bit. And that is Aaron Rodgers in the contract and look I ate he always says pressure he always feels the need to win he always tries to excel on nine there were questioning whether or not he can handle that pressure vote. When you won't begin and then look and say he and he's done this where hey I don't wanna see them get rid this guy I want to retain this guy wanted to do that. And you feel look in the mirror near the guys heating up almost 20% of your team's total salary cap. I I think he kind of loses that right a little bit of in dividend indeed is all about him being the highest even though he said he was in it certainly seems like all the indicators are that he's gonna be the highest paid player and that's the way everybody wants to admit. I would say exists there's a reason somberly errors as Super Bowl reassert keep us. How much is enough. I mean between the commercial deals and the he sent our lights just on our receptor like he got respect for like the right it's not my money that we're talking about here. But I Yale. It's team player and expect to win if you're gonna command that much money can't. Let's be honest here to a couple of bone injuries that at and agencies in each other guys separate of the pocket abduction issue and it's. Oh. He's also not us chicken. If you didn't ask that much money into new you to check that pick except for archer expects partners a creek but it sort of backed by a if you're gonna do it. For years honored and he got a two year 6665. Million or whatever maybe. But not in archer just it doesn't make sense or brawl also French. I totally got on message. Yeah I know I wanna keep them happy I am only wanted to be you know content in morning to retire pack colonel I kind of start but I think also you have to you have to wrap your arms are any organizations say OK what's best for the organization to in the long term health of the stuff and so. It. Looked very saw that he really don't want goes some games going corrected. You know to me. Rob well that's that's what's so amazing about it is that he did and that's a reason he does his press coverage at his locker because he wants to be the anti Brett. Well what was the depth that's always been from day one but it. And around London known in some shrimp. On the long. Term MVP still later on there. A tree and he yup and it really won't be that guy in this. Group you can. This could be a. Then double dip and don't vote on movies also he win. Neat. And gluten and on. And almost. At an. Apartment. It's not Matt we appreciate it we'll talk to you soon. Thanks buddy talked via video Burt Griffin sports director for W ever be TV CBS five in Green Bay joining us in the Schneider orange hotline Schneider. Hiring drivers right now you work hard to treat you fair eighty plus years that beginning you don't call on. 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs dot com 800. 44 pride or Schneider jobs dot com. When we come back into the brewers baseball get to the top of the hour and also. Talks Amber's baseball and came and they get to the post season without. And I'll fill in the blank coming up shortly stay tuned more than the Michael for next. Wisconsin. The Michael's sports talk. Like oh show on the air takes a burger and for coming all this is spend a couple minutes when this I told you going in that particular segment we have the cigar dinner coming up from tobacco outlet plus in tobacco while at plus grocery improved almost cigars. Coming up Thursday night June 7 that was got to brewing company tens every night American way a timber Rona. Heading to Madison you wanna get tickets they're available at tobacco outlet plus on a north Sherman avenue and Madison and willow road in wanna keep. And also the quick trip on county road peavy and rawness of the tobacco well at plaza north Sherman avenue in Madison. Willow road in want a key and then the quick trip. At county road peavy in Verona in with your ticket you get a couple free cocktails dinner obviously for free cigars. Dinner is an indicator by would barbecue we're gonna have route and they do so much when it comes to raffles almost an almost everybody walks away with some. And it's just it's so much fun it's a great night out it's Thursday night June 7 was content brewing company stopping in those locations and get two tickets. As they are selling at a brisk pace for one until brisk. And that is again brought to our friends a quick trip and tobacco plus a look at the next article about the brewers. And I want you to fill in the blank here. Yeah they are today. In the Milwaukee Brewers make it to the post season. Without a consistently. Healthy Ryan brought. Is Ryan brawn is. Com I don't know if I wanna say morphed into a shell of what he once was I don't know if that's fair. Poet just struggling. Struggling I mean it's it's interesting because for all the different talent they have on the squad. I don't know if you've seen I mean do you go to their their web page OK and Ryan brawn is usually on the problem. You watch a lot of their their television commercials and such and there's Ryan broad fronts and he still. Part of the face of the franchise. Right now hitting 222 with a 681 OP gas. He's had these stiff back we talked throughout McKelvey about it yesterday. And said Hayes is something has been ailing them all season long and he doesn't think so. He think it just flared up wall if that's the case the last fifteen games or Ryan brought his play then he's hitting 160. With a 260 slugging percentage I mean 160. With a 260 slugging percentage. Mean just not get it done the last seven games a last week we can a couple of days he's having won twenty expecting better it's getting worse. Can this team get to the postseason. Within a within unhealthy Ryan brawn. Boarded and that discussion coming up and what does it and look at bid this teams at the quarter term. I talked talked about this last night. I wanna give you both sides of this and then I want you to make the determination as to where this thing's gonna end up before it's all said and done they won't because we talk about post season. Is that it. Are we on the precipice of that. We're given that discussion coming appears well stay tuned. Odd this Isabel Michael show radio Joseph across the way joint all of us on Twitter it's at bill underscore Michaels at the underscore Michael's or radio Joseph sport you can track down on the FaceBook fan page as well. Just look for the blue verified check mark everything is it still Michael sports dot com that's the Michael sports dot com. And do not forget you can also download the radio dot com map and you can listen to was there. K and the press can't brewers. Get to the post season with a non healthy Ryan brawn. And at the quarter turn and I'll tell you where this team is you tell me what you think. More than a Mike if you're coming up next. You're listening to the bill. Bill might school's sports coat and at work.