HR1 – Is the future of college basketball in jeopardy?

Bill Michaels Sports
Friday, February 23rd

Hour 1. Bill and Joe discuss the latest report from Yahoo Sports which implicates multiple college basketball players and/or their family members receiving money, as well as other expenses for entertainment and travel, from one specific sports agency.


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Promo links runs. This season we're Wisconsin sports fans come to a tall. The bill monkey you know. Meanwhile don't. Know Michael show is on the L we are glad to have him. It is today in which it. Boy it is a day which. V college basketball world. What is. Was holding its breath for that maybe it just would never show law. And hit today. They've been saying all along. That this was coming and now you get a glimpse into the ugly world of college basketball players from more than twenties. Division one men's basketball programs. Have been identified. As possibly breaking NCAA rules through violations that were uncovered by the FBI's investigation into corruption into the sport. August is all been published by Yahoo! Sports. Yahoo! Sports is all over this there are the ones that. Have had the inside track in this there I tell you this and I've said this before also began when Yahoo! Sports comes knocking at your door. You had better hope. That they're there to do a story. On how great your dog smiles when he touches your baseball because otherwise it's ugly. The documents in the bank records. All obtained in discovery during the federal investigation into an ugly underbelly is a caller on college basketball. Is unreal Yahoo! Sports viewed hundreds of pages of documents. From the years long probe that led federal authorities monitoring multiple targets in intercepting more than 4000 calls. Across 300 in thirty days this is any in depth. In depth investigation. There's three criminal cases tied to the investigation. And throw this to finally kind of come go ahead it they say it may take years. What the schools identified. As having players who have possibly violated NCAA rules. Are the big ones duke North Carolina. Texas Kentucky bear has shocked Michigan State. Southern California. Kansas. At least 25 players linked. To the benefits including Michigan State's miles bridges. Alabama's Colin sexton Duke's Wendell Carter. The documents or garnered by Yahoo! Sports. BD tell the work of a former NBA agent Andy Miller and his agency ISM sports now I've known Avaya some sports for quite some time I mean I didn't noted. RV beat to the depth by which. They were doing business but it was something everybody I think that ever ever covers sports covers college basketball or even for that matter covers the NBA has heard. ESPN previously reported that as many as three dozen division one programs. Including many of the sport's traditional powers might be facing sanctions. From the NCAA once the FBI releases the information. I mean this this is. This is really eat. Com I don't know how supported this this is basically. Unbelievably dirty. Regarding the NCAA. Regarding. The amateurism of athletes which we've all suspected isn't. This includes more than 4000. Conversations by the way intercepted through wiretaps. And financial records emails. Others records seized from Miller's office. Com. Many of the sport's top coaches and players they keep saying we're gonna be implicated. And they they said this this calling Miller's records Miller apparently any Miller kept records of everything. Of everything. Up player that he had went to an ATM. And got 483. Dollar not 50483. Dollars for this particular player 141000 dollars and that he writes obviously bad loan. To a player who does not sign was his agency at least six players were identified in the documents as receiving payments exceeding 101000 dollars. Including the Dallas Mavericks point guard Dennis Smith. Received 73500. In alone from AS him before he played for NC state. Before. He played for NC state. Brooklyn that shooting guard Isaiah Whitehead. He received more than 37000. Around the time he was a freshman at Seton Hall. Other teams. Current or former players who allegedly received payments work South Carolina Louisville again there's a shocker you talk Xavier. Wichita State Clemson. And Alabama other players included LSU drug guard Tim Corbin. Maryland senator diamond stone. How about that right here in our own backyard. And former Kentucky senator Edgar is a bam Abigail. The allegations if true point two systematic failures. That must be fixed and fixed now. If we want college sports in America. To survive that's according to the NCAA president mark camera. Simply put people who engage in this kind of behavior have no placing college sports. They're all affront to all of those who play by the rules. Our officials at NC state Seton Hall Maryland Kentucky and Washington not responding. To request from Yahoo! to comment on this the FBI is investigating college basketball bribes and corruption the last two years. Last week a federal judge in New York declined to dismiss criminal indictments against the deed is in their executives. James got dope and moral code. As well as Christian Dawkins a runner who worked for Sam. The men are all among ten people who were charged with wire fraud. Back in September after the government accused them of funneling money from a their trial in their trial schedule by the way set for October of next year or this year. But this is. It is is far reaching as you can possibly. Possibly and don't seek. Mean Tim Corbin who played idea UAL issue he I got 60000 dollars. Diamond stone by the way. At the Tommy freshman in Maryland. 141303. Dollars according to the doctor it's I mean they got it down to the dollar. So overall those who were so angry that diamonds don't ever played in Wisconsin. Thank god he didn't. Dirty. Mark Dell Fultz. Who would go on a play at Washington became the number one pick in the 2017 draft got 101000 according to the documents he did not signed by the way. With AS and they wrote it off as quote a bad debt. A bad loan put the paperwork this year. I mean it's it's it's all right here. They have the paperwork. The photo of the paperwork. Of who got what. Loans to players Anthony brown a thousand bucks. Antonio Pena 5000 band gets 121000. I mean Brendan Haywood 351. Dollars and seventeen cents. Obviously they pay off a bill he later got another payment. But it's just. It's amazing. The amount now this is just one agent by the way. This is just one agent. They're talking about different players different areas setting up payment plans. They talk about ATM withdrawals. Advanced to Bernie boat right senior. Flight for Brian ball Boeing's mom. 523 dollars and seventy cents it goes under track of expenses. I mean they the advance of diamonds don't. They've got right here they advanced him 500 bucks 600 bucks at different times. From ATM withdrawals. Where to go. This is his dirty is dirty gets in it's only from one agent that's the most amazing thing about. There is different coaches. That they note in some of these meetings. They've got one forest that set up for 53 dollars and 94 cents for the aid for diamond star right for diamonds shone to a meeting. From lift. 53 dollars and 94 cents. That's a hell of a rotten by the way we sit in traffic for eight hours. For lift holy macro. Advance for diamonds stone. 500 again and 500 again to ATM withdrawals he was coming back to them over and over again. Dinner would Mel Moly Beasley. General Michael Beasley. Advanced Eric Davis I mean this is all I mean. This is all handwritten and typed out and expense report notes this is. This is unbelievable there's also dinner with Malcolm broadens mom Malcolm Robin's mom at the Ritz Carlton. Yep. Not that was a one time. Occurrence then for Malcolm broadening his sake it's not a victim won't. It Timmy but still I mean you obviously are being paid for by somebody you know it's against the rules while I again mole. Originally on the surface it it'll look good but then if you issue look at it 64 dollars was that between. This docket this guy and his mom. Or was that just for one meal that it has been docked in jail having Hillary Carlson sushi at a paid for herself it could event and they went on nevertheless your names there correct names there is that and that's. It's it's it's terrible the diamond stone thing is more egregious 141000. Dollars a kid him. Don't they kept advancing him money. Believable. Yep kept investing your money. Yahoo! Sports has reached out to know North Carolina State seen home early Kentucky everybody in and nobody right now willing to talk about the news. I guess my question news. First of all thank god you don't see anything regarding Marquette thank god you don't see anything regarding Wisconsin. You'll see frank the tanker Sam darker any of these guys that had a high profile getting ready to come out of college or being advanced money by any of these agents now again we're talking about one specific agency here. Okay who knows what else is out there but this is one agency that was caught red handed and they rode in their records. Burrowed into their records. Soul. This in the. This is almost so much that you can hardly wrap your head around to how deep this goes they're talking about Tom Izzo dealers. Taking Tom Izzo to dinner. And talking to him about specific banks now. An agent taking a coach to dinner I don't know that's admissible or not. I I don't know they could have been talking about him about being may be one of their lead to letting them represent him or something down the road and I don't know. But to have your name associated with this. Use a jar enormous detriment specifically for Izzo coming off of the pork comments that he made regarding Nasser. And all the turmoil at the Michigan state athletic department has gone through this year because of there even their president turning a blind eye to what was going on over there. It I mean Michigan State looks unbelievably bad. Over the last twelve months in all this really 24 months and all of us. They look he's dirty it is disgusting university. As you could possibly put on the face of the map. North Carolina as mentioned in his talk about North Carolina and the classes they're coming out of an issue in which the classes were even rural classes. In the NCAA did really was slap there he and an Alley got to deal with this. Where the NCAA military coming down on people. And then in essence how much power to the NCAA happening more. In all honesty. How much they even have anymore I mean at the super five and that just kind of branching out and say you know what screw you we're not pay your fines to hell with you. This is about us is about our athletic departments about how much and in this gets into the ability for some schools. To be able to afford certain things because of say. The arguments because I know before talking about well legalizing retreat particular sports for money in payments. Title I won't allow that. You would have to get rid of title nine for any of that to begin to happen. Pretty quality of sports the total payment I mean this football program basically. And Wisconsin supports everything. And then in addition to that then you have to have equal number of of scholarship opportunities per sport per player. Would you the reason that some sports don't exist in more like a sport like baseball. I mean it in and I'm not arguing the point that. You know title nine should be it has doesn't have its place on to simply saying. That in order for some of these sports to be able to say while let us do this or let us do this monetary early you have to do if you to a 41 you have to to a crawl. Otherwise it you know the process is going to be sued there's and there's going to be litigation because of this this is an amazing find. And a disgusting release. By. I should say a disgusting amount documentation the federal government has. On a lot of these programs analyze just held dirty college basketball and the thing is the scary part of it is bill. This is one agent right. Right now this is this is just one guy I find it hard to believe that he is not the all are trying to do all guys know this is what we would call the literal tip of the iceberg more of a Michael show next. You're listening to go build my school's sports talk network. The Michael shows on the air. Stand on the Michael's radio Joseph across the way. If you are waking up today for whatever reason in your thinking why are we talking. FBI probes in college basketball Yahoo! Sports is finally broke it wide open. The exclusive federal documents detailing the sweeping potential and civilized NCAA college violations involving high profile players in schools. And it involves quite a few. North Carolina duke Texas Kentucky Michigan State southern cal. Kansas. In addition that there's other schools that are mentioned South Carolina Louisville there's or shocked you talk Xavier which is a state. Clemson. LSU. It's it's far reaching. When you talk about some of these teams that are. Peppering towards the post season and towards an NCAA tournament. It is. As mark emirates serbians Italy president these allegations if true point to a systematic failure. That must be fixed in fixed now here we want college sports in America. They have to be have to be rectified simply put people who engage in this kind of behavior had no place. In college wars they are in front to those who play by the rules. And I'll write the minute we mention that I knew was coming but it is a plethora of people right now. Better going after diamond stone from this area diamond stone mentioned is somebody that received more than 101000 dollars. And mandated it's. Now it depends on what the money was for bush. Andrew says. Thank god and thank you Bo Ryan for not taking diamond stone otherwise we talking about a problem over Wisconsin. Now we know why diamond stone went to Maryland. Bucky fan writes the Wendy's email inbox. I was always wondering why Donna stone his decision. Was to go somewhere else I didn't think Maryland had a better program the Wisconsin at the time why would you not stay here your own backyard reconsidered. A big fish in the small pond we assault we saw others should receive our. That. Have gone to Wisconsin had a lot of success and they are lord it over by wants Wisconsin writes now we know white diamonds shone when demand. This was from Edwards says on one hand it makes me sick on the other hand and makes me joyous. As a Marquette fan an alarm I'm appreciating the fact that diamond stone never considered Marquette. And thank god he didn't bring any more shame to the state of Wisconsin by actually going to see Bucky are there. And that is from Edwards and we appreciate the email outskirts Jim listening to a superdome knew Tim welcome the program I don't know man. Good morning billion I mean felony. You're you're all call screener they're forgotten young man named buttock. Bill to quit doing started investigating and Italy's football all my god yeah that's another can't worms there you mean David and hit that yet. Arm. As far as giving athletes a money. It's just your head down with all that weight because OK state football team on disorder and number update it each player out of pocket. Thought that they bought the lacrosse independent in the swimming baseball team what happens then you know what I'm saying not. All lawsuits welcome you get that and I'm yet again Matt and I'm telling you that's not the cancer arm they're gonna have to clean up and figure out what that because. If it keeps on that have lobbied gonna shut off now but if you keep going down a slippery slope you thought what athletic as we know that the NCAA level. Are gonna be over and there's a reason guys change their mind I think we had a recent comedic it was not that changed his mind is on about eight. I'm not saying anything illegal in all there will welcome that always happened and eat commit in goes to a program that is widely known. For success and widely known maybe for other things are as a coach. That is known to be at least score itself and what are your your thoughts on ability to its slippery slope and some some got to be done earning NCAA in trouble. No I appreciate it in this in this testing go this is gonna go 12 ways it the way I see it just my opinion here blight. This. This is either going to be with the NCAA. Josh. Hammers. Institutions. And almost kills a man with a sledgehammer in this particular case. Just crushes institutions. Because they have to they have to set the president to say we can no longer tolerate anything like this anymore. This can't happen this is almost in days join our senior talking this is one agency. This has to be the tip of the iceberg for what other agencies are doing. You know this goes from one agency to a deed is two players to coaches to parents this is. This is like 888. Deep rooted. Monetary tree. That just wherever you shake it right now there's something ugly falling out of it. So you either have to come down and crush. Crush these programs. To send need to set the example to say look. We are in no way shape or form gonna tolerate this and if you work cast in this net. We don't care if you took a dollar or 101000. You are you're wrong and we will crush you. You either have to have the power to do weight. Four. You have to. Despair and the NCAA. As we know it. I don't think there's a lot of in between here. While yes CA may have to look in the mirror and say you know one may we have to pay these players after all. Yeah I don't know that solves everything some way. Shape or form I mean because look. Yes these players get paid with scholarships. To wish in super expensive but let's be honest. The best guy is the best players are getting their scholarships but they're just using an as a steppingstone to get on to the law yeah well if he did Abbott did that very few go to India. Very feud. Read about how many one and downs are we seeing not just talking about. The top basketball prospects in the country and that's our taught every account yet I'm not talking every college basketball player now for you for your starting five on any college basketball team at any point in time I'm sure at least one of them were two of them maybe all of them haven't been approached and when we're issued performer and agents somewhere. Could be could be. I think it if you look at regional starting lineups all of bomb. Have to have aspirations. To at least be playing professionally somewhere. It if not the NBA in in the geely overseas were ever. This Porsche program by the way brought to our difference it cousins of the Reuben is back at cousins subs in order to continue to talk about this because people you Chiming in from all over me my Twitter accounts is blown up by the way if you wanna follow us at Twitter it's at bill underscore Michaels at Phil underscore Michael's or every major sports. And I just tweet it out be linked to the group's corruption case via Yahoo! sport to do a fantastic job on this. But the Ruben is back in only got to do is walking today or just a download the app we're gonna cousins subs dot com it's for a limited time by the way it all work. Maybe that pepperoni miles away wanna go to life changer as they say. I gotta do is go and order that as well pepperoni not extra Mayo refugees radio Joseph cheese for Jordan good to go right there that is cousin subs were they believe in better say two more of this more of your reaction. College basketball is it in trouble more right after this. He ordered to a mortar film film Michael's voice talking network. So why don't show on the now we are. Discussing rather ugly ugly topic that is corruption in college basketball. And their visit yo look there's a lot of different areas people are taking this is you wait for football and then you know I look. There might be I don't now. I think we would be naive to say non non college football. It goes back years years years I mean I told you stories. I'm guys that I knew they'd come up shake your hand hey I Hedo are nice to me chip and then when you put your hand away there would be an ATM card they're a list of wrapped around the ATM card of you know the the daily or weekly amounts of money that you could take him. And ATMs that didn't have. Cameras in front of them and such a million or and loaded it goes on on the I'd be naive to say you didn't. Not affect I know. It he went on. But. To this extent. This is in this is from just one agency. This is amazing. And the fact it it seems like everybody knew about it. Mean the depth of players. Parents. Coaches being wooed by agencies. Mean this is. Is pretty deep now what is in isn't illegal. Is is you know don't be sorted out by the federal government by the use the FBI indictments. But but certainly to this point those that have been indicted. Who asked. The federal judge to drop the case to say there's nothing to see here. The judge said clearly there's a lot of meat on this bone no weren't dropping the charges you're you're in trouble. 8558308648. On the loans by Kim dotcom told free talk line. 8558308648. Give us a shout army. This is headed did a lot of people Chiming in and us. Land doc says some of these programs indicted in the new York new Yahoo! basket or report a repeat offenders event as easily violations hammer should be swift. And I completely agree by the way. Chris Phineas buddy our body says NCAA is complicit by turning a blind eye to the corruption all throughout college athletics NCAA is showing a lack of institutional control. And should be immediately dissolved. What do you do that then what is your governing body. Our body beefed cat says in Chile Yahoo! Sports let's give these programs a total of five year bans no games. And not light to these programs but no life in these programs at all allow he has some players and coaches to go elsewhere. Bob Brady says it's not a slippery slope it's called free market. More people watch basketball or football and swimming lacrosse tennis and many other sports if you had a viewer ship and bring they advertising. You should get the money there's or that that is the real world. Braden that's not the real world though you're talking about publicly funded institutions. And when it comes to publicly funded institutions. You have to play by federal law. So is much you can say I and I agree with the there's got to be a way to share some revenue in that particular case more so for say football programs verses lacrosse programs are. Or you know soccer programs by. It when you're talking about federally funded institutions or from one's a go to the guideline of the ability. To open up. The ability to open up. You know wanted to to have publicly funded students. In federal loans and such you have to play whether federal rules. Whiskey sport says this is only one agent Wisconsin Marquette and art out of the woods yet let's hope more gets revealed in stays away from our state great topic. This is just so it's sold deep so far reaching let's go to skip listening to Israel's corner skip how you doing what's going on. ID Leo that's yeah things for taking my call social all the post big schools that you Matt that you mentioned before you recap fuel source for running water or close cute dog is going to be mobbed. Okay actors are great and 67 million dollar G or the end zone circle K general Roy Williams okay it's bad it's sticky and the state to. What I did all they jetBlue Wyatt was. To ignore what diver stalled changed his mind at the last second Maryland. This can achieve your credit card what's being okay cool intellectually that it perhaps. Two dual bipolar or what is away or English or your story no restraint tribe or year old. Hold. Wisconsin to go to Kentucky. Okay attitude toward a just big cannot pick up the remaining mom they cannot all be published. After a state dual critic of black ball good college basketball. Right right all right I got it I mean look didn't witches do appreciate the phone courts interstate. Its interest. Because you had a guy in Bruce Pearl who is broken NCAA rules. OK Bruce and then lied about it to the NCAA and that's really why he got hammered. But don't forget Bruce is also one that broke. The news. About other programs being dirty. So he's got like 88 magnanimous amount of scrutiny upon him. Not say it's right or wrong I'm just simply saying when you wind going back your point if you break the rule or if you break the news that the rules are being broken. The amount of scrutiny than from other coach use other recruiters other institutions. They're little you little spies who speak. Man you better be better Bibi on reproach. You must whose goal go to a Catholic high school and coach in and pray that you know Altamont seniors around you. Are completely clean as well. Because you're going to have so much scrutiny need to poignant well pearls and more trouble again isn't it was cautious got arrested in this FBI yep. Yet and he's refused used to talk and the school told him that if you don't talking don't cooperate. That then that's part of the morality clause that you signed when you came here and their four week you go ahead and basically get revealed. So Bruce Pearl himself is in trouble. So I mean you don't know Ole. If he's in that it if if it's just his guy. Or this is gonna end up being someone more than that. B ports also conducting gets a seven agree here. Auburn Auburn won a top teams in the country if there's no doubt that Bruce Pearl is a fantastic coach and an unbelievable motivate her. Issues whether or not he can keep his hands out of the dirty prize. 8558308648855830864. And on loans but kept on contour rhetorical. 8558308648. Again a lot of people charming on this today. This one is from Sam who says this is unbelievable. The amount of money that has been given a diamond stone is disgusting no wonder he ended up leaving Wisconsin so quickly. And Johnson again got a lot of diamonds don't hate coming out today. Danny says it's actually collects less than I expected when you look at the overall earnings potential. Libya free market eighteen year old if they wanna make money right away so I went and aging and go to the NBA they're overseas don't force them into somewhere they don't wanna be. They have that choice. If you wanna go somewhere silent agent go somewhere else employ you have that choice. If you wanna go the NCAA around and then into the NBA. Sorry about your luck. Mean that's just the way it is you know again. Because it's dirty and corrupt you wanna change the rules. That's what that's what I don't get in today's world if if you don't like being busted. Instead of saying you know what we lied we cheated we stole. People say wow I just changed a rule to make it okay for me to do what I did. Oh if this the role as the role is the way it is I don't like it but it's the best system we have in place and here's here's the honest fact and all of us. Know a lot of these rules that you think are so incredibly ridiculous and I do too they were every rule every law's been put into place because somebody did it. You're mean somebody did it. Somebody paid off somebody's parents somebody bought somebody a condos and bought somebody a car somebody gave somebody a no show job. So every roll its out there's somebody says okay we are right role you can't do this anymore you're getting an inappropriate benefit over those who were doing it by the roles. By the way Malcolm broaden. His mom. Does not recall. Ate dinner. She does not recall a dinner. With the agent back in 2060. She says I don't believe that I've ever done anything like that I've been very very careful to ensure that Malcolm RI Norris Brothers ever did anything that was in violation of NCAA rules. In respect to Malcolm and the program I'd been adamant. The we've never been involved in anything like taking money from any program any basketball program any agent none of that happened with Malcolm. Bite. Like usage Joshi could have met with somebody. But she wouldn't be the amount of money that's on that bill it's only sixty barks it could've been where she paid her own right. She says it's possible somebody's called me I had a polite conversation with them. But the truth is we didn't spend a lot of time trying to find different agents one of the things I wanted to do was to avoid getting caught up. Honestly being wined and dined and engaged in a budget different agents in that process don't really understand what's happened I don't recall who that person's interest and now she says that don't recall. That's a far cry from that never happened. Yearning to she could be reminded all of us and going oh here's a picture of you sitting at the Ritz Carlton. You know all OK now I remember I didn't know he was an agent for that guy I thought he was a guy who wash my car earlier that day. And wanted to say thanks for allowing him to have me given the privilege washing my car I didn't know. That you come out as well. 855830864821. Gives you shall by no means do so more of a microphone next. Sixteen stations strong the my school's sports talk now. What back to the driver. Michael show with Johnny narron. Hopefully your days is good. You're enjoying yourself. I know whether. You know why the benefit is it's. It's getting warmer in the fifties next week. Serena and start smiling a little bit. This portion of the program brought you by our good friends in new biomedical. And general matter quite cabin fever I know that a lot of us have it right now you can't wait to get out and do something outside. And while yes it's getting warmer. It does still isn't conducive to really doing a lot outdoors yet when he for the rest of the snow and the ice to go away he's still hang around inside the I you know you can't wait. And hey if you have EV going on staying inside isn't necessarily treat either you know what I mean. They have a 98% success rate of three guys with the EV that's 98%. And treating guys ED by the way if you have the mental clarity issues we have no energy low energy sleepy all the time. Man you want you know you cut want to curb the mood swing so to speak at below ten if you get over the age of thirty and I can start happenings are creeping in on your little bit. 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You know we you do is just so much all of this reduction brewers baseball they brewers by the way kick off spring training game today. There you go and I I got to ask you okay. The wall of honor. Harry Dalton Prince Fielder Doug Melvin. The walk of fame can be Geoff Jenkins. All of that. You know you talk about your own teens. Hall of frames and who you honor. Is it get the point and I was just as of today industries and I'm asking you because I thought it was a very legitimate question is getting appointed anybody you just liked his getting in. And should it be that way. Or should they be a certain standard set. For player to get into your walk of fame hall of fame wall of fame whatever happens to be. You look at those is going this is a great honor for this particular person or is this merely a popularity contest. And maybe they were great likable guy. Because that's the case then Lyle Overbay should be there. Pitcher when Lyle Overbay play for the brewers in every time he came to the plate did anything. You noted there was 101000 people standing with the big O symbol. In. America. Has become moral popularity contest than actually a statistical process to get yourself. It recognition for something that you did above and beyond. Rather than just be like. Lead in that discussion as well. 85583086. For a this is far reaching the emails continue to flood in regarding Yahoo! Sports and finally the other issue is we keep waiting for. Kept saying other gonna bring it out to never get out and people sort of say Nat they're really not their there's not much cheer they're not gonna drop anything on us. Now think it's gonna happen and then it did. It did. Luke writes to the Wendy's email inbox which is bill Michael's idol Michael sports dot com. This is far more reaching that I ever thought it would be under the we're gonna be some big time programs involved in this but I didn't think this many this is completely disappointing as a college basketball fan I've always appreciated the F lettuce is an. A college basketball and the amateurism. A college basketball. While I am glad to see that it didn't reach whole handedly into our state I'm disappointed to see so many top programs getting it done the ugly way the illegal way. Might she chef he's always had things swirl around him he's always remained clean does this reach him. Tom Izzo the same way we have seen other guys like Rick Pitino who we knew were dirty. Finally get caught by the system. Column Corey man of finally getting caught by the system. Board the problem is is these coaches can simply go to another school. Begin to make money there and take their reputation intact somewhere else while the kids the programs the institutions are the ones who pay the ultimate price. Something has to be done regarding college sports in general not just college basket. That's from Luke Luke appreciate these. This drove. This is true I mean unless the NCAA bans someone. Ban someone from ever getting a job. Again. Men in there there is no ability to be able to really. Control. What college coaches do in the amount of money they make. Interesting. Skis near post show interesting take your from Jim medical main. We just had a shock doubles at all he says it all these investigations. Involving dishonest people doing to stop dishonest things. Is anyone considering the possibility that the dishonesty may have extended to fake expense reports to defraud. AM mass and or mislead them into believing prospects were engaged. That's pretty deep Jeff that is pretty deceptive if his if it's a kid put it this way if they have the receipts to back it up. And he went to this great at detail if it I don't think you start indicting people. Just being beat the old adage in and say journalism is. If you have a a bombshell of an accusation you needed confirm by two separate sources. Or the actual. Documentation indoor person themselves. When something like that happens. My assumption is is that the government with wiretaps the emails the money transfers everything my assumption is they have a lot of that information. More than a Michael show next. Everywhere you Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network.