HR1 – Getting you ready for Brewers vs Twins!

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Friday, May 18th
Hour 1. We’ll preview the Brewers vs Twins series with Tim Allen and Derek Wetmore. Do you view this series as an actual rivalry?

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Why do. From the league front for the and this is where Wisconsin sports fans come to. Michael show named best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. A tea we let him go Michael should always on the air. I gotta tell yet I. Right of the shoot today if he shows a little off not I'm excited on Fridays beautiful weather today warm. I got a thing going on this afternoon after I get off the air with some veterans that are doing a little little walk I got swept for vets from Marseille in shorts and and and ready to go in the walking outdoors right. I don't know what it is lately I have been adjusted Chu Randi. I mean direct and I'm not talking like normal drag between. The wedding stuff. And the normal work stuff in some of the sales stuff and and all the other in now don't know don't don't play a violent here and you know I'm not complaining about but. I just a I don't know what it is now just all of a citizen blue. So today I got up finally finally I indeed thought sleeplessness but finally got out today just went. Jarrett won Tuesday's joke we over sleep. And you wake up and you're late you're running around like crazy and finally we catch your breath like well I'm energized maybe it's adrenaline rush or summit that's kind of my dated. I don't know if it's like later on tonight I'm Leo get a good fish fry someplace you just completely crash in my fish or what it is but holy man. Got up today felt good. Like somebody punch you right to face with a bag oranges last night felt that kind of good there. And that they like okay. A little bit better now I that was our best young men and impersonation right there by the way as I notice becoming an amount. Salt today is a weird Friday and I look forward ordered Friday because we can always use one of those we got Derrick what more. BM LB analyst for 15100 ESPN and Twin Cities and enjoys coming up your little bit Allen posted baseball posting show. Coming up near the bottom of the hour good buddy Steve Novak the bucks television analyst for fox sports Wisconsin he's going to be here in about an hour from now order a talk with him. About this this box coaching hire. We are going to hear all by the way. Indication did not hear. Dennis Miller missed in a comedian it was a Monday Night Football is on Saturday or alive he actually joined the program couple weeks ago. It was very very good we we we really enjoyed our conversation with and he performs tomorrow night at the rivers are here in Milwaukee. So we thought you know what analysts doubt shall you gonna hear that. That's gonna come and today we have the new Mel had to place the week we Apollo and make our green gold analyst we all come and good step today Ryan brawn being sent to the DO. Let that sink informant. Being sent to the DL. And some people you know why. Good and healthy getting coming back slid into the baseball or immigrant. Others. On what wiping her hands tunnel that type. You know can't stay healthy they baby the whole thing I mean I've I've heard at all in the last point four hours. I'll bite gene and Choi is coming up and there's a lot of people excited to see him so seeing if that's gonna turn out via a good situation. You got pretty broadly going tomorrow. On the hill in the Twin Cities and a lot of people excited about that can you imagine OK let's just take this scenario for just second. Can you managed. If he comes in tomorrow night and throws another GM of the game and I'm not saying thirteen 1415 strikeouts and sent. Separate strikeouts. Wins the ball game and you won enough thing. 31 type of scenario something like that do you imagine if he wins again what it's gonna be like for him at Miller Park. When they come home. For this longer homestand coming out. Can you imagine that that plays Camille cook isn't going to be exciting. Really it's and they and one of the other things we wanna get into speaking of is that exciting yesterday Bob nightingale a USA today columnist. Give the program Bob's always wealth of information we got talk. And said Bob. You know well you know with the way the jumble is right now on the National League central. Yeah fourteen right there OK cubs pirates cardinals. Yeah well you know. He believes. That mute its wide open in the nationally. So the brewers could win the. The brewers could win that can. Both Joseph and I look at each other on what what really what. Really. So why ask you. Are you a believer. Do you believe the brewers could win the pennant. We'll get into that discussion today as well. Bob box make booed holes with a higher and it's official now they put out the press release. Introducing him Jose next week and this is where exactly try to do it. The way I understood it was they're going to introduce him next week. They're staying away from the draft combine. Publicity so to speak so little do it next week. I don't know why on why wait mean Peter hardy who died or an agreement. But they've got some guys right now about the draft come on. Including honest so. I think they're gonna introduce him to the media and next week maybe Monday or Tuesday so look for that coming to a a network near you. So they have 85583086480. Part 5830864. In the loans but it does count coal free tuck went also. This portion of the program. Broad Tebow are good friends over at Bud Light and not today I also when I get off the air today. I have a meeting immediately when I get off the air. All over at the Budweiser hood. I'm going over as Wisconsin state fair park. And OEM hockey and now the whole game over there that that run that place. They have opened it up there airing it out they're getting it ready as winds and I live won't get under way a new car with two weeks from yesterday. Some our less than two weeks away two weeks from our excuse me two weeks from Wednesday this past Wednesday. So Orwell less than two weeks away. And a similar to a meeting over there today. As well as we get ready for once in her life all brought to buy Bud Light and you've got terrific bands this year again rebel grace takes the stage. Wednesday night may thirty Wednesday night may thirtieth were gonna be there hopefully you're there as well and all the other thing I did so much going on. I wanted to do this whole list but. Audio thing that same night we are going to be there in promotion of our run walk which is fast approaching four polish fest with Stephen's community meal they're gonna be the benefactor that night. Of the charity of the 5050 so it's opening night rubble race and which is a really really really good dad he never heard they're fantastic. But come on out. Image involved in the 5050 and you do a great thing precincts ban same prints community meal. Helping feed the hungry in the Milwaukee area of one mind when in my charities near near my heart so if you come out. And help us help the hungry. That would be fantastic. 8558308648855830. 8648 on the loans by Kim dotcom to hold free talk on please feel free to chime in. So there's no way we can go right now where it talks a baseball coming up here in about five minutes blight. Which Ryan abroad and going on the DL. Okay. RC IMO veal right now were I I understand there's a level of frustration. I understand. Okay. However. However. If raw liberal first of all he's not going anywhere so you don't want him to be this this financial Albert for joining. So my whole opinion of us is first of all your putting rather than forcing him in the lineup and his batch is not get that done right okay. Is batch is not doing so rather than forcing him in the lineup and being 88 kind of a sinkhole right now. Okay. I eat. Unlike all for putting on the DL let him get healthy what he's healthy he plays well now last year he didn't play well but you know the car. Took it easy with him and he had his moments but he's already had some big moments this season OK he seemed to be on much better when we were coming out of spring training. Then we have seen him in a couple years past. So go game helped put him on the DO let him get healthy let me get that back stiffness or soreness or water whatever happens to be. Just let him go and I'd I'm not upset. That he is going on the DL some of you are just pissed. And caught a loose they're not gonna come lose it's too much money for small market franchise. To really just say Morgan basically thrown out when it's not gonna happen okay. So what you do is you breathe a little bit yes you can be disappointed that you breathe a little bit. And you say go get him healthy. Go ahead and take your take your time but in the meantime. You got some quality individuals out there right now Christi college playing well. Lorenzo Cain went pretty well you know I'm saying I mean you're not you're not did Domingo Santana. Played pretty well you're not you're not losing anything by putting Ryan bra and DL right now. I don't know why they're upset so many people other than the fact it's why I'm wrong and it's attached to a state okay. But right now I mean even our first base. You gotta go are hitting three away with a late 61 OPS like imagine yell it's right now to 94. Too many for a Lorenzo Cain to 77 below the numbers you would like to see a Lorenzo Cain but you know I want you went 826 APS I'll take at this point. To make a Santana below last year. But to fit DA with a six Ernie for a PS3 33 on base percentage. All of those numbers compare to right brawn who seem to 22. I'll take it apart pretty. Let brawn wrestling get better. What I'd like to see more so love is or Glenn Dorsey hit the ball a little bit better meet many Pena's hit the ball will be better Trevor Shaw or starting to see bust out a little bit. Whether starting to warm up things are gonna start moving in Miller Park and Wrigley Field great American PNC. All within the division. I'm gonna start seeing those guys start to hit the ball that's what I'm worried about generic things back Carolina. Once he gets healthy then you've got that legitimate long ball power threat okay give him back in that lineup. Heard apparatus he's he's been off the show I meant. He's been out to siamese. He did the hell out of baseball right now. So. It's it's. It's going to be all right. Okay now what you can't afford Izzo is a bunch other you know much other injuries at this point but it's it's it's going to be all right. I'm not concerned about Ryan brawn going down now if you start losing pitchers well then. That's our holders and are you know I mean you can't afford to lose much starters you got some pretty good depth there you can afford to lose lose much starts up. Anyway that being set. You've got to Ryan brawn going on the DL. Letting go linger healthy agree or disagree 855830864. Any part 58308648. In loans by chip dot com. Told free talk line coming up here shortly. We're gonna have Derek what more the LB analyst for 15100 ESPN in the Twin Cities he's gonna be giving a shout. And double talk with him a little bit about the upcoming series between the brewers in the Minnesota Twins twins you know what was bad baseball team. There really are. Twins are bad baseball team. They you know on the play in the central obviously a central star wide open and even could Cleveland's expected to run away with that would that division. Because you don't Cleveland's just you know that they're by far is a better team the Minnesota for a half games back right now tie with Detroit and Minnesota. Eighteen point 113 games under 500 right now. What Minnesota has done now early on the season Minnesota wasn't it done at all. But don't forget they also they had some rain outs they had some tough days because they had to go whether that was rolling through. With the snow and obviously the rain that we had i.'s special specifically in the Twin Cities area the northern Wisconsin area are very up there knows about all the rain we've had. You know so you know that it's been kind of a tough goal for them to get did their season underway when you look at the way the season started out. Let's see here in the month of April. They had. Let's see who they were out playing the Mariners they had a game they had to get pushed active twins home opener Thursday they were off our Friday. They had it a game in the eighth it was pushed back postponed because of inclement weather they're game and thirteenth that was postponed because of inclement weather the fourteenth. And the fifteenth an entire series wiped out so basically they had three games against the Astros and after that the White Sox series in the 43 or four games were wiped out. Then they had some inclement weather again anyone on the road have the paste the Yankees were hot one of the hottest teams in baseball. They get the reds back in a town. For whatever reason I mean they're the reds got on two out of three and then they got and the blue now bush is pretty good team this year led the blue jays are just. Falling farther from behind in the sense that the east right now between the Red Sox yankees been so good. But the blue jays got on and then they had to go back on the road to face the White Sox. And finally the weather started to break a little bit until ago of course they had take some off days and get some make of teams in there. They had to make up games with the Mariners they didn't get an off day earlier this week. They did yesterday. But not on Monday when they were scheduled to because that was a postponed game they had to make up with the Mariners going back to the eighth of April so they're gonna start making up some of these games now. And then they got to go to actually Seattle next week. Man this weekend but next week and they got a head back out to Seattle face Seattle again to try to use more of those games. So they got a lot going on and they have gotten off to kind of herky jerky start because of the inclement weather let's do this or take a quick break when we come back. Warrants are we Derrick what more NLV analyst for 15100 ESP of the Twin Cities will talk to him about that schedule and about the rain outs and about Canada the herky jerky way the season got under way. For the for the for the my twins. But they've also been winning games as of late as well. Say two more of a like a trip to. You're listening to the bill might cool sports talk that. At work. Michael she always on the glad to have you thanks so much for take a listen to a whose early appreciated as always. Coming on the bottom of the hour Tim Allen was baseball post game show about a chat within this portion of programming brought by our friends over at numero medical treating guys with a ED all over the state was cuts beyond the borders down and Illinois as well Milwaukee Green Bay they have locations are at do's call 4144554451. Whether it's ED which they have a 90% success rate at treating. Force a load teach treatments are they all want weight loss program as summer approaches you don't wanna look like you're smuggling a beer barrel underneath that T shirt. Column it works for 144554451. That's 4144554451. Derek went more MLB analyst for 15100 ESPN of the Twin Cities. Now joining us on the shiner orange allied Derek I adored. I'm great Mario don't awhile so it this Minnesota tween teen at. After I mean this is kind of herky jerky getting under way they had quite a few rain announced a series against Chicago was almost lost it had a couple other ones with the Mariners and such. Finally they get two planes in baseball here over the last week 84 in the last twelve games are they starting starting finally to hit their stride and a sense of normalcy. Yes definitely they they were. I wanna say that the season affected them a little bit the way that they had rain now and now I'll let you write them a he's into the White Sox to a blizzard that ripped through the twenty it was a weird start and I don't know all we can pin all bad place early this phenom that is certainly had some effect and when you're trying to schedule your pitching in makes that typical. But really how they've got rolling lately is yet there's going to run but it's the pitching that's been on our ball and I think that's what they were hoping to get right from the get go man. Mean to trade this winter perjury coterie the MX I'm Lance Lynn lake created peer kind of again. Are right now maybe at a certain I think can compete and early on it here that it wasn't the case lately it's been a little bit better basically all quiet spot and ark Asia. So when you look at this team and you start to see them hitting their stride a little bit is the record. I guess my question is is the record indicative of actually what this team is because they play a weaker division let's be honest anywhere where things stand right now Cleveland isn't exactly the juggernaut of the American League. But is it of a like you said it's not all the the herky jerky start what does this team they always say your record is who you knew what it. They their record yet. I think they are close to their record actually think they're a little bit better than it rate now they're eighteen and 21. The plane came and halfback in the central. I think we will describe later this summer but that's another conversation per the twins. I think Arab out of 500 in May be a little bit better than Mac. Agent Scott and also our client they dug themselves into creepy all but there rob April when deadlocked eight heroic kind of twelve. That has the way I met in with the math when you look at the standings and say okay how good is this scene but I think they're quite a bit. Should pick quite a bit and but they're better than their eighteen and 21 record but they doesn't go at all and now. Here's the conversation hopefully that wherever in the twin cities'. You've got to play so much better. The rest of the year to make the cookies and but you would have had to have you were just starting trash yeah zero and zero. If you play it 500 irrational way or appear like an 87 or 88 which team. The way I look at it now is secured 88 win team from this point gone. Too bad you probably missed the playoffs because of the bad first month of these Alex say you can't win. Our division in April but I'm not too sure he can't lose it with the weight of between the. How are starting pitching there obviously go to Rosie is a guide it says Yemeni people pay attention to our attention to decent ERA right now teams not batting too bad against some more 2.5 if I'm not mistaken as whip has been pretty good. But how is that rotation than. I kind of like the rotation they don't have. Huge. You know pass the rotation are quite a while they braille is probably also to being that guy. And but he still young peek at the inconsistencies this season. In the game sitting at his best stuff he'll rack up straight out he'll go deep into complete in shut out against the Orioles. In his first start at an indicative of the opt out of braille but then he had a couple start to Wear evade him and he doesn't haven't gotten into great pitching through that just yet. On the other got a lot in the Turkish either we and the commander Romero just got a call up believe he may restart and he years. He'd been. Great through restart I think it remains to be seen it means that level of success but he's the guy I ninety's fastball. And get sort of this. Quiet composure for a young kid I get called up by he's been impressed that so far I think that. You start rotation that those two guys you beat to a lot worse. After that it would try to beat that. Land landed up to a rotten start this year. But as the track record as a good big leaguer. Ticker in the get you mentioned solid pitcher solid mid rotation guy and and how it's really a lot better I think and last summer to. So that that is you'll take that the big story in a pitching here is. Ervin Santana had offseason surgery he expected to be back next month or so. And the charred remains at Tommy John surgery last. Spring he's probably a couple of weeks away from rejoining the twins' rotation but it'll be really inching to see what app. Happened between Turkish and it got seven guys there are five spot. Who grows but. I say recently right now the twins should be feeling pretty good overall have been getting star patient. Solid they're what more MLB analyst for 15100 ESP under the Twin Cities start as the brewers and twins baseball when you go back to Fernando Romero. That's made great matchup on Saturday night because he faces they can they came up and struck out thirteen in the brewers' organization for his first start ever and that's pretty paroled lets me too young cats going attic. Pitch they're pitching it you just wonder. You don't when guys come up and you don't India we see don't have a book on C really don't know what they do and how they do it. The fact that Peralta had such good movement on his fastball and did it in a particular fashion in Colorado. Kind of baffled a lot of people now you wait and see what he does when he comes in. To the Twin Cities coming up on Saturday and then faces Fernando Romero and is Alec he's facing. Clayton Kershaw solution many real nerves on the fact that you're just in the big leagues again but that's gonna uninteresting match or come out senator senator. Totally agree with the prayer for never Merrill got a show they are coming out west when they're planning and government. That was one that would ban jet circled on the calendar shear. Both pitch. Pretty well and I think that speaks to the Merrill sort of composure competent on the mound yeah he got the he's got a passed ball and you'll see it slowing amid wider. From time to time but I don't think he backs down from Matt just like that and I mean it ask you Imus pulpit and that is it sort of the book on him in the minor league because. This except that he had caught the attention of a lot of people around Major League Baseball I think we're all here is now certainly in the Twin Cities are here to see. You can go and I think that can continue to see that kind of picture that he had that. He's pitched well but I don't think he's pitched well I mean that's threes they call tomorrow but he hasn't pitched like that I mean you know it there's. He's had some moments and some question Regis that wow this kid's pretty good. But he's got so much raw tell hissy his biggest issue his his bugaboo of walks. And he didn't do that in the game against Colorado he kept the ball around the plate kept him guessing. But his big bugaboo has been walks so if your patient at the plate he doesn't have that that data accuracy. Yeah then he can start to dig himself and a little bit troubled start to sweat a little bit but he really I mean big they try to jump all over him and they just couldn't hit them. And he got ahead in the count most of their day in Colorado so. You know it again I ate I don't know what he's gonna bring to the table or peace figured something out. But he had pinpoint accuracy and was really really good and kept him guessing maybe we'll do the same thing at Twin Cities but if you if your patient went in and starts a little while. He he can dig himself a little bit of all that's been his bug where. You out funny that you mention that the exact same book on pretender Merrill that. And walks per nine in the minor league and it makes you Erica look and they OK maybe he had a little control problem with thinking that at all and it restarts were between the teams. Every time you fall behind an accountant come right back with a straight battle lose weight back even and I'm not saying you're in your bucket and the occasional walk and stuff to let. When he's throwing strikes when he's in his own and a lot of it is. Fastballs and sliders in these swing and miss stuff so I feel like back in the competent to act hitters in really just try to. Tribe ahead in the count you know get about 12 count 02 count. And so far pretty dark we haven't walked comeback by but it's definitely the big thing that we're watching to see. Okay and the other shoe to drop at some point that so particle may have been pretty good. Derek always good stuff appreciate the insight and we will talk again soon okay. Are much ice felt judges and they get Esther what more MLB analyst for 15100 ESPN radio in the Twin Cities joining us in the Schneider or challenge better Harry drivers right now you work or they treat you fair eighty bush years and you're done. Call 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs dot com. This portion of the program brought you by our good friends over at cousin says where they bring you the big gig. They've got to give away going on Jordan be a VIP here's your chance. And the Big Dig give away from cousins subs and summer fest right now eleven counts it's eleven nights the American family insurance amphitheater it's all during summer fest. And that's eleven chances to win each VIP concert package includes. Two tickets up parking pass gift cards and a lot more eleven people are gonna win this one of a kind experience and you could be one album. Banner Daly had cousins sub slash Big Dig giveaway. To a spiritual best seller fast out. Cousin selves where they believe in better the officials subs in which. A bill Michael sports talk now or when we come back more brewers baseball Tim Allen hosted as well post game show he'll join us right after this. Border to border though the film Michael's voice told CNET who. An active program will likely show on the air we are glad you're along for the ride today thanks so much for taking listen to us in Milwaukee Brewers coming in the contest in Minneapolis. And you know any when you look at the standings right now if I told you going into the end of may really you're really we see here on the eighteenth of may. That the brewers would have Brian brought on the DL. Jenny Nelson where they quote minor setback a couple of pitchers have gone down guys haven't had a career years they had last year. They've been shut out eight times so far this season. You say holy crap they be right there with the Cincinnati Reds in the bottom of the division but now they've got the seventh best overall pitching staff in all of baseball. They're 26 and eighteen and a half game behind the division leading higher rates. Which if I was a magician at this point I just went from much of smoke came out he saw pirates you'd probably run to the bathroom because you're. Burial let something go but Saint Louis and Chicago is in those two games back comes to a half games back to talk more about it host of the baseball post game show. Our good buddy Tim Allen Tim I did see that scenario you got a wake up and Smart. Yes you do know I'm in their there they're not at full full strength we all know that and you know there offenses down. Their struggles their defense early although the defense has been improving hit it appears that. And then about their issues yet still again I mean maybe it's the mark of a good team. That is in playing the bass yet still sitting there or at 26 and eighteen. So I don't know if you heard yesterday. But I got to ask you because Bob nightingale comes in the program we start talking about the division. And I asked him at the brewers had enough of in his mind that the Pittsburg pirates were real he said no he believes wheels fall off in Saint Louis is not he says it probably would yadier albums such thought and are ready to flood it's gonna become between the cubs and brewers he said yeah I think the brewers to win the division. He says not only do any day we can win division. He said bill I I think they going to panic. And Joseph and I look at each other hard won't let you know do you think this team can win the pennant. Hey why not I mean why why not. I don't think you could call him a bad team. Certainly I'd I think the other of the opposition to look at the Dodgers are doing. What but the cardinals are built to put the columns are doing the National League may be this is this year that I. That and how liar not one of the favorites comes in swoops then. And continues to improve themselves throughout the year now I have I have not listen of that interview yet bill as part of my truck this afternoon but. That you just saying but I just say why not they're 26 and eighteen as we just discussed not not at full strength. I know you'd like to play the role of the underdog in the why not guy I was listening to I think it might have been the cubs broadcaster and aired their radio station I'm not chairman and I'm driving around. And they're talking about while the cubs are gonna turn on the go when their vision only two games back in and played great and I kind of nodding my head cognac to understand that. Bush dental words work and I really don't deem anybody else and essentially even a threat. And I thought to myself how not to take the brewers right arrow to the wire Lester how do you not take the brewers seriously they still don't. So to me if that's the mentality running through a lot of the people that have followed cubs baseball. Boy you talk about sneaking up inviting somebody the time is right to do so you don't remain. It has led I mean they'd they need to exercise some demons ago sent Chicago to. And you know whether it's in their hatter just you don't do it god stepping up those are big league players to and then maybe they step. Maybe they step up their game don't want to. 01 through some of the brewers as well. And then whom were always looking out from our perspective but maybe they're trying to hold us down because they know what's at the rat I'm not a possibility one thing I do now. Is. But these two teams these two organizations are headed for a collision course in the playoffs I'm not gonna say this year it's possible this year for sure. But sometime soon me he's too if you talk about. Now with a comprehensive Miller Park during the regular season game has just just wait until that happens is I think it's going to happen. Well I first of all two things one I I would dreaded. And number two I would pray to god that brewers fans would not only by the tickets but keep the tickets you ought to mean. Oh man that's going to be so so interesting because then the price goes up. Can you imagine though if it comes down or National League Championship Series between the Colorado brewers. And the temptation for a brewers' season ticket holders sell their tickets for so much more money. What do you do do you take pride in your team and go or you make a ton of money paying you're giving it to cubs fans are gonna pay you top dollar for that. Yeah I know that and and you you've graduated from a couple on our box yeah a couple hundred bucks you know it is good school. When you graduate from that to maybe now Aussie out. I'm couple grand maybe for the good ones yeah that that would be in Tuesday. Well I I I could even imagine it series and now if you became a more cubs fans of Bruce fans IE I would I would have to go find a place and commit Harry Carey and I'm not talking about drunk announcer either so I just just FYI I assume so Tim well right brought goes on the DL give me your thoughts. It's frustrating and and that's that's the word we can you Wiki news for Ryan bronze frustrating it is they can't. The U gotta get healthy number one and then the other so unpredictable with them or is that you know some people say it's very predictable that just happens you know couple times a year gonna go on to the DL. Our home but you gotta get him healthy and I think that the Yeltsin was was good I know they. They hung tight lipped with the DL and back dated him I thought that was a good gamble. Because of the DH situation in Minnesota so I think there are weight that out hoping and crossing their fingers that. Blockages DH all weekend but but that didn't happen. Bomb with the two deals that did not get done it may turn out to be the biggest blessing in disguise for David Stern's not mortgaging the farm Yu Darvish and landslide and both guys have struggled mightily that Darvish his last outing was good for him. But he only won four innings because that bugaboo the fifth they said he had quote cramps. So maybe he did maybe did not know but I know he has been able to get past a fifth inning without embarrassing himself so. They took them out they got him out early. So maybe he's back on track but both those guys have not performed. Anywhere near expectations in the money they're getting paid maybe the past two deals are the ones are government. Sometimes it happens that way and in I'm not saying that these two guys are. You're gonna continue to the next 75% of the season knew what they're doing now because they could turn things around but. We're getting up that mark your past the quarter turn bell war. Panic guys are gonna settle into what they're years are going to be and we're we're getting very close that out actually worked very got but. Do they have the flip the switch. They did last year the Chicago Cubs and then they just right there at the all star break this went on to their planning. Could they do it yeah. But now let's let's find out us that's exciting part of every day. I've put this out to us fans yesterday output and out do you now the brewers after the quarter turn our where they are do you are you will be full believer that this team is going to be right there at the end of the season wire wire. I do and and I don't see why not if they'd just find a way and we knew we were talking about down on the post game few days ago and you know why why are they hear what what's what's the biggest reason why there you know doing well and essentially they are because the wins and losses so that. Things that count most and I think we came to the leadership I think we all kind of gathered and so that's counsel that's his coaching staff and that's Stearns so I mean. The more we experienced Christian theology for example. The more you look at that charade and you say why all. The because I believe bill Christian theology is the best best player on this baseball team he has the best skill set. All around baseball player and part of that analysis is is contractual situation and his age and you you pile all that together. That straight right there that is an amazing deal and I don't think yet build that brewer fans collectively have. Kind of embrace. Christian the Ellis quite yet but but wait just just wait a year to three. He knew he might be the face of this friend. He could end up the end bureau Ryan Rourke. I mean he could very well the way the numbers he puts up the way he plays defense in the arm he has out there he could end up being a league MVP of this thing on his right. Man that that's what type of player you can check every single box and every single one is again you know I love the big Travis shop and it's still around. But I mean Christian theology is. Brewer fans just just take a close look at him when he plays baseball he is the epitome and the definition of baseball player. OK before it's ago Tim you've been a part of a lot of primaries obviously between soon fan base was Ryan rue the brewers going all the way back into the American League days in the white socks the cubs. The cardinals. Best rivalry with the brewers. Right now I have Cisco and comedians clearly the cubs. The twisting words like that I mean your your old enough to remember a man yeah exited the twins that was that was a big rivalry and it was. The big rivalry with the Chicago White Sox for many years and the archenemy now all of them and see how much like. Green Bay although in the northern parts of the state they would they would say you know it's the vikings were that much to say it was during base Chicago Bears in the pack I think it's brewers and cubs. Always good Tim yeah great gala affording or you're over the weekend I'll talk to you soon OPEC are some real facts aren't out jugular they EO Tim Allen most of baseball post game show joining us. For a couple minutes on the shutter orange Alan Schneider harried drivers right now you work hard. They treat you fair for eighty plus years that beginning into and call 844 prior go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs downtown is portion of program. What the statistics and everything being brought you by our good friends over and embroil apple oil on the web eight PP RO YO dot com a PP RO wired dot com. They implement SAP and big data solutions to companies just like yours. Because you need all that information kind of put through the sieve to find out what your business can give bigger better better stronger. That's would you wanna do an employer does it for you go to eight PP RO wired dot com that's EPP. RO YO dot com that's employ owed dot com on the web when we come back how good of rivalry is it. Or was it. With Minnesota I'll give you in my perspective on the different. Types of rivalries okay the fan base is that I had to deal with than not are more regular basis at a Miller Park when it comes as the from rival. I wanna know what you think of the rivalry still or is there between the brewers and the twins mortal like a circle and next. Six clues stations strong. Real might school's sports. No I don't show all yeah. Her hopefully you're having a terrific day Good Friday Good Friday to you. Don't want to break I asked the question how well OK now I ate I was not here when the brewers were in the American. I got here in 1999 the brewers Rory nationally. We started doing bribery rivalries that you know it was. The cubs necessarily weren't a big rivalry you still got cubs fans play the cubs weren't really good Biden. These are getting good until you know 56 years ago. The cardinals were good in everybody hated the cardinals or reds weren't bad. The reds travel pretty well. With the cardinals trailed probably the best. So when I got it down and that was still county stadium days and then obviously a Miller Park opens out. And started doing the Friday night post game show. Out of Friday's front grow. And did that for I don't know what was twelve years something like that ten years. So anyway. I got a chance to deal with the all the fan bases. And then you know obviously traveler Wrigley travel bush I've been up to target. You know you'd you'd go to those places as well when you're traveling with the team recovering things or whatever just going as a fan. So I've always described it this way. Cincinnati fans have this. Pittsburgh fans don't travel like anybody so okay so I take him out of the equation Cincinnati fans did treble for quality was pretty good but. They've got this this history because there that's the first. Professional baseball team ever. So there's this we've got this this birth right type of thing okay and and look I felt that when I lived in that city. Saint Louis. Back with a Russa was there had this expectation of where the best we have a swagger. Were cut American about it. But they did appreciate Miller Park they did appreciate. The good the franchise and you believe you make or a weekend trip. Become a Miller Park into the review baseball. There's a feud drunken obnoxious. St. Louis Cardinals fans but for the most part the fan base pretty good arrogant but pretty okay just the just enough to cut out emails on a chalkboard. To be a bite you be tolerated wasn't it was an awful. I've always said Chicago. They're fans. There the big city village down in Milwaukee it's kind of the toilet to the north's. Ruled great issue with our presence. We're gonna come to your house for a kind of criticize and even though we like it probably better than our house to a certain extent we don't have the same type of this doubt atmosphere but still. You know they like it but they want to mandate in now. So the critique everything you know criticize it I've always seriously your radical Charlie company your house could be obnoxious one has the money. He comes over with a cigar he drops his ashes on your favorite cherry Fortson and a couple of times plus appeared toilet tells you Turkey's drive for Thanksgiving. So which is all the channels turns everything up and it tells you when your own house to be quiet. And then when he leaves he give you fifty to kiss on the cheek and use it basically say just my passable Charlie. Twins fans. They're cut. Happy to be here but when I get here they're looking around I had nothing to do and they were there because how ID. I've seen more fights with twins fans denied any other fan base. Biggest you know they like yeah it was a really nice I like this would you say vikings. And and they just take out all those years of frustration. Of not winning any thing in is sort of Super Bowl goes. And I wanna fight Iran to drop the gloves because we always have at the fall back on what the twins got a World Series when we got like 48 championship the Packers are you go to their fight. That's twit at the right or at that point maybe I nailed it there. When we come back Steve Novak talking bucks basketball next in the go Michael show. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network.