HR1 – Jabari Parker opened up…We react

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Friday, April 13th

Hour 1. Do you view Jabari Parker in a different light after his comments on last night’s Milwaukee Basketball Hour? (Full interview here: Bill and Joe share their thoughts. Plus, Tim Allen talks Brewers.


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Promo links run. River runs this is we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall the bill monkeys show. Thank you and welcome. But Michael she always on the air committed to Friday. And those of you live. In the in the north woods. I guess at this point time count your blessings because everything that was supposed to be snow right now as I guess heavy rain. Which may be eliminating some of the snow Jim on the ground I'm sure this could be some flooding in such an area but I was watching the big blob of death's door across the top of the state and it is not at least not as of yet. Turned into snow. So be glad I guess. Be glad palm. What to get into last night if you have not which it has been the talk if you have not heard it already. It is it is worth discussing. It has been the topic of conversation. Locally. I heard it on the NBA network this morning if you didn't listen to the program last night you didn't listen to. The the basketball our it is it it became very interest. So we had to board Parker last night we have been. Excuse me all this time. Under the impression via a very. Credible reporter. Via ESPN. Who said it was Jabari Parker. And he would use just three years 54 million dollars just about eighteen million a year. That was the impression that we've had. That was where we thought the number wise. When it came to Jabar okay. And when we got in the discussion last night it was I was talking Steve Sparky fight for was for talking. Which Steve Novak there the voices you're about to hear both mine and and Steve Sparky fiber. Osu box post game show. And we wanted to get into the off the court stuff first. And into the on the court stuff in this second segment of the show. So we started out talking about this whole. Discussion regarding his contract situation. And if he wanted to Max deal and all the discussion about the three years eighteen million how can he turn that down take a listen to this conversation. Well I hope so always aspirations. Would be comfortable here but evidently wasn't much room that's the unfortunate part. All those of us out here I don't know what's the things I told dot haven't this I told John horses I think the NBA's all screwed. When it comes to restricted free agency and how all that whole deal works I think it puts everybody in a bad situation. Because the players onto the other team we've seen it happen Milwaukee patsy players come back bigger bat. Because it must match the offer because they don't like the bus were just using up preceded him for cheaper price they'd get the price that they wanted on the market. I think it with even a bad situation I think it with a player horrible situation. With the way it's set up now facing up. Because OKS Department of Commerce or to freeagent well he can't leave it must be safe to say that extent and they can match but. How can look at it from a player perspective to point out that I mean you're coming up on the situation and it's kind of played out all right. The in the team has to be professional about it right by then have to understand it's just that we can since. Fun Milwaukee goes is now like a huge target for free agents and I was willing to take. You know take into consideration because this home in the afternoon it's a home so. When it comes to a player like myself. I was desiring Max. Assesses wasn't. I didn't have this over that's his wanna sit here and that's all I want but then I get a offered him. Was not what I wanted to. If I'm not sick. Out of glances about and all of this cleared up because I've had. People tell me that offer wasn't true and I had people tell me now for his. ESPN reported bonds backed the pay off for Q3 fifty porches like AT team. I don't know if that's what I was but I'll still got another we'll wait you live now wasn't true okay I wanted to clarify. They have until now you know now I don't make it to the house so that number without any closer look now. Okay let's that that's fair enough. It's what Edwards I want that went up for I'll perspective is. Because our fans that read it ought to ESPN must be true so they really go eighteen million Gaza thank you want me he's gotten me to be injuries and everything else. Policy think he's gonna get all that much more than eighteen million dollars a year on the open market type deal. Hey you're a horrible position for map for. Tactic to exact shirt that will be used against you when you get into negotiations with your interest that you wanna kind of fight back out to be my best answer to. Lava not a time tonight. We see guys going through injuries. You've got to see how to respond. And that's no excuse of mine like I can have any injuries on the comeback right but that's not the case for a lot of people. So glad that I was there definitive now for the people Nolan. Did have a little injuries have reminded you pick injury. Then they'll make a difference does. Doing the show tonight and see what you just said. So fans Wednesday he along you know like. This over there so it puts you with a bad situation just gets to know that we've been going against what. You're saying right so doing this tonight is this hopefully he thinks is. You are wise for him because of the politics before people let's doesn't turn it down. Yeah I'm saying it's it's rough it's it's unfortunate that some of the opportunity to easily with a story thank you drove right this is more personable. Interview right amounts of comedic we I don't bash people on Twitter I'm not bitter one because of that old school. So this is like a personal conversation. I'm being a bit with it. It's easy for me Tucker were. So that was Jabari Parker last night on the on the back Milwaukee basketball power. He said to the being that he's not seeking the Macs. And when we brought up. The rumor of three years 54000018. Million dollars a year he said I wish. And we took it is to mean that the he would have signed for that RP. So. Two questions come to mind immediately. One is. You wonder what the original offer one's. And why he. That it's been the last I mean they were very quick to criticize Marc Stein for something that they felt was not right. Correct. When he came to the caution when it came the coaching list we don't have a list we don't you know Joseph prod these are guys we they were very quick. But yet when the number came out three years 5418. Million a year. V. Appearance is that they were willing to sit with that and leave Jabari to face the scrutiny. And twist in the wind. Because you barge being looked at as a guy that your selfish how do you want more money than you on as your rights guy that's the way we all looked at yup okay. We had a caller last week that that even brought that of the so we don't really know. 99% of the time we now these are very correct numbers very credible usually you're off by a little bit but not a lot he was basically insinuating that wasn't even clos. Systems were report from Zach Lowe. Who is one of the most trusted it credible NBA minds in the country that number came out from somewhere heeding his wake up one day's show I'm gonna do yeah. And you know what. If that number. Came from a box official. Who's making that up to make Jabari Parker look bad. What does that say. Now that's not cool though it's not show. In addition to all of this the second question I have was if he was saying man I wish. And that's what it's gonna cost you get him why do you not sign him already. Think about it if if he would've taken that I mean I understand fiscal responsibility you got a guy that's coming off of a couple of knee injuries you have to make sure that. You know. That that he's gonna hold up. Blade. You know John horse went on the afternoon John Milwaukee and said Jabar he's no we're gonna keep to our. Where do everything we can we can't write why have you done is done. And any other thing I thought was interesting at Wimbledon here for Jabari again on this but. When you got into coaching. And trust and the way he does things now you had to be sitting in front of him people. And I don't mean to demean him anyway because you weren't there but what I'm saying is his. Where we are talking and joking around very quick answers very jovial very fun when we asked him pointed questions. He really had to think how he wanted to answer there is. As to not. Com offers a jerk and not say too much. And I say. Because he said this is a very casual conversation we're having this is this is comfortable. And without divulging. A lot of inside stuff as we sat there are off the error during commercial break and after the show. It was brought up that Jabar he's a very loyal. Guy. He's very old school drive around on 64 Cadillac came in an old Marcus Allen Jersey his family's from the Oakland Bay Area. You know he's very old school he's not video games he's not social media he's not that. He believes in loyalty and then trust. And it was so it was told is basically looked. Jason Kidd was shaken his hand and tell them you're the man Europe cornerstone. In the meantime his agent saying Jason Kidd himself. Is calling other teams to treat you. Which is a reason he had zero respect for Jason Kidd now. He was very fair. When we ask what did you learn from Jason kid that's a legitimate question we were not he wasn't going to get into the I'm not a Jason Kidd fan. Even set I think Jason Kidd. Went from being a player to a coach without really understanding. The coaching side of things when it comes to players. And how to be we can't beat. You. As a player. You're not one of us your coach and Jason Kidd wanted to Bebo. And there's a line there super as much as Jason Kidd wanted to blame on everybody else is everybody's young and they don't get it listen the guy's been there done that the players were saying dude. Your coach. Coach. That's what coaches do. Be up front be honest be that guy. But don't sit here and pat me on the back and then turn around and try to trade me away. And then try to be my buddy is a former player eat it eat your your your so two faced is a way came across. So wind. He wanted to talk about Jason Kidd I want to hear this when we come back when he wanted to talk about Jason Kidd you listen to the way he per approaches things. About the relationship and about what he learned. You take it for what it is. It was it I've been doing this a long time. And you can usually smell pre prepared. Crap. This wasn't this was a guy that sat down originally because the first few edges this interview even our producer at the time bill Schmidt was at all. You can't you can't do and our likeness. Yes are. Not hard as we thought all. And Steve Novak said eat it takes awhile for him to trust you lose some among loosen him up and trust you if he doesn't trust you that's what you get. And by the end of the show he came over and thanked us for allowing them to have his set. You guys handled that really that was the employees. Is honest if you're ever gonna get without airing every piece of dirty laundry but I'll say this. He really. Genuinely. Both on the Mike and off the Mike loves Milwaukee. I believe that he genuinely loves Milwaukee he kept saying this is my home. And I said well you know we were talking on the air as well you know technically your eighty miles nor reason now I moved everything here this is my home. He wants this day but I don't think he trusts. Management. Is foresee can spit out. More than a Michael show next. Border to border. Film Michael's voice called network. With the expenses was. I think it's of this over the didn't want us out here that's all I want. Yes we have reported bonds backed that they offered you 350 sport like AT and I don't know if that's what I was up I was still got another we'll wait to my outlook true. OK I wanted to clarify that I thought I you know now I'm okay. Don't like those shows on the air those gorgeous Jabari Parker's d.s party fight for yours truly. He said look I'm not looking for the Macs and the number that was out there the eighteen million dollars a year that die supposedly turned down that's not true. And he did everything that's and then he went on to say and that's legit. There's not true. He should I wish it wouldn't close. 8558308648. On the loans we kept our council free talk on your thoughts and Jabari Parker in the conversation. Coming from last night. In addition. We. We talked with him about former head coach Jason kid and. As far as like the relates to what Jason did. I don't specifically for him you know how to break right you would have to plan their coach right away so those kind of look tough. Transition because. It wasn't wrong per say it was just. Inexperience of the relationship. That you have to. Back to direct. Flight to not treat us like teammates with treated like players and that's there's a lot of pace and that's it takes a lot of news. Okay then gives a little different insight right eloquently here. Which is attached and I think he do you. If that's what you take away from TCU let's start there with a pot was ticked away from June's. To lay allotments to see the court from the third. He always. Brings up plays that you never see. Would you always have the hard for the game always has a feel for the game to be creative like he wasn't afraid to be creative let's listen let us teach and those. It's okay the total ball off the glass if this don't make the defendant know. And the guy out there team get the ball for the open layup it's all right and so like little things like that that was so fun. He took things like battle away from Jason Kidd but he never said regarding my relationship Jason Gere was greater any thing or bad he just said he was never had the break. He still looking self was kind of like that player that guy that would do went from playing to be in a coach meeting get a tin. And it's. He didn't say it was good or bad he is Kenneth said here's what it is. He was very poignant and very precise in what he wanted to say without being. Without being a jerk about it we are coming off is as bitter about it. I'd like I said you had to be there. He had to see him get to see the reaction. I think this is a guy that believes he wants to be in Milwaukee. He really does I think it's a guy that was. Kept to himself when the word came out that was three years 54000018. Million year people criticize him he didn't say a word. Until he had a a sit down what people that it according to those around him he trusted. And then he could say this is what happened. And then had he been offered. A zombies are well as Asia when Beverly charge and a he just said I wish. I wish the you don't need to go by the way would you side that he just said I wish it it's it's it's it's it's is it's take him that's a steal of a deal that is. And you heard what he said. Armed we have what he said about being a freer about free agents in Milwaukee is that part of that conversation that was part of the ridge okay. Because the in the pre eluded that he talks about free agency said look basically here's here's the deal. He wants to be a Milwaukee he wants to be treated right he wants to be fair. He doesn't wanna Max deal. And he understood. That Milwaukee's not to. The destination for a lot of free agents rates so he took that into consideration knowing hey I got a good thing right here I want to remain here. I'll be the free agent this day. I see that. I wanna stay. Anything in ends there wasn't. The loyalty there wasn't letting you know straight up deal a deal would mean man to man beyond us from the what's going on that everything. Jason Kidd was shake his hand tell them how Grady isn't in the meantime he's calling other teams tell me wants to read about. Any. If it was three years eighteen million he'd sign it what I think he trusts me ownership or management wanted to do I don't know what it is he got the says he Entrust him as Farsi to throw out. Throne. Now what I think. This is just how I feel about it though. I think with the Bucs really offer Jabari behind the scenes that wasn't reported I think was last. Then what say Tony cells making. Are meant to delve Padilla where John Hansen. And I think Smart Parker looked at Dan said no way. That that's ridiculous and here we are again with stupid money flow around in the NBA. And what mid level players are making right now guys like that smell handsome velvet aroma that should be making that much money. And here we are. Were the majority of teams now in the NBA are in salary cap hell because they put all this money a mid level guys and I can't do anything yet no flexibility. Jabari Parker is worth what 240 cells making when John Henson is making. And so I think that his screwed that up more that's that's right field I think Jabari got a really low ball offer. Absurd I idling Jabari Parker's work eighteen million a year so now we look at it. If that was wrote what was offered to barred Parker would be in a Bucs uniform for the next three years that that's really were Iraq. And that was in the case whoever that source was does that glow wherever told him that if that was a book's official shame on. Because it major bar look like the bad guy. And you army went after him for that saying how can you not except eighteen mil a year right for guys it's only played Italy for two years. You weren't near Nye I see it may Jabari look like the bad guy. And we took the bait it did it made him look like the bad guy and I have. I thought about this a lot last night driving home we had some conversations are appear after words. This conversation of people around the whole situation it just. He's a very loyal very deep very thoughtful guy. He believes in visibility he believes in his work I think you're hurting he's like I am I not know on the best player. He's but I have to believe that about myself I'm gonna work the hardest. He he talked about that he said so I know what I can do and I know I get hurt I'll come back. You know. I just. I just love the fact I got the sense that this thing has not been handled the best not. And then when I said and I tweet this out last night I said that I think. A couple of things specifically need to happen. And I went through this are at least a synopsis from last year higher from last nicer one that the three year strategic Maine and never app it's quite a bit left. Would too. If you respect. And your upfront would you board Parker he will be loyal to you for life. If you're not he won't shut you out. And that's what happened would chasing kids are went on to say I think one of the things it has to happen not only do you have to come to him as a man. And say here's the offer here's who we believe here's the positives here's the negatives. But I also believe. And I I don't I don't mean any disrespect Joseph Prodi but I also believe you have to hire the right coach. Somebody he tries. And that can build a relationship with him and with your honest. Because remember he was talking in that interview recent look Yond this in mind that's all we did we committed to each other to stay in Milwaukee. And more celts and the year and the cornerstones of what everybody says oh sinks were going to be he talked about that. He did you say it's about money this is about bringing a championship back to Milwaukee he believes that. And that's the reason could we asked him about well you know beyond a scholar stardom and he's accelerated and you have any injuries he kept saying look I'm behind me and I admitted. I can't go back and change things up behind. But when we asked who you are just yards beyond our great he's aware of the two guys are committed to stay in Milwaukee. And work out and live here and stay here. That relationship is is terrific and part of the reason that he's he's he is somewhat struggled. Is because he's not playing with the same guys all the time. He sits about familiarity about no more guys are gonna be in and this this kindred spirit and talking and communication. He said we we don't have a right now he some come off the bench I'm playing with different guys all the time. I'm not a starter. So I'm running complain when goddess. I mean if you listened. And really listen understood what he was trying to say was look I got hurt. I ever regain my form. They're keeping me on the bench in asking me to do something that I'm not. Even comfortable doing yet but I'm Dornan I'll work my ass off over here and oh by the way. The rumor about the number of us know in the amount of money you offer me and I turned it down sell officially is not even true. And I've kept my mouth shut. And you had a head coach that shook my hand to me love me and then tried to trade me. I trust this organization as far as I can spit on. People need to understand that. More than a Michael show next. Six clues stations strong the bill might school's sports talk now. The program and Michael show on the air we are glad hander did back in the bloodshed or come and appear in just a little bit. Promise not to talk about. Doesn't Brett Favre showed today to my house coming back. Could talk two more bucks basketball and get you ready for the box in the Boston Celtics. Later on today. Dennis Miller. Long time TV and radio personality comedian. He's going to be joining us. Right now though the brewers there in New York take on the Mets getting ready for tonight's ball game and gets ready for tonight's ball game Tim Allen hosted baseball post game show. I'm 1057 FM the fan now joining us in the Schneider orange outline. Good morning Tim later on. Governor bill. Well why were word I don't know what to make this team after the first set a you know 10 games against the central in against good teams and I'm watching you Chicago yesterday get their brains beat them and now I I I just I don't know what to make and his team but I know that the starting pitching his little bit bill a little bit better as of late and now he's got to wait and see when you get healthy get everybody back in the offense starts flowing again. Yeah yeah I would agree with with so a lot of that. This this series here this is interest in series you talk about pitching there's there's that this is all on their starters in this series. Matt's our team that on in and look at that there are situation thus far. They can come back to death. Six come from behind victories in the brewers' obviously we know that they push the pedal offensively a little bit late. This year so that's going to be good match up both have decent ball bounce good match up and you look at the Mets starters you know those those five. Those are top there won't talk about the columns you know five deep let's take a close look at they finally got those five young arms together. In New York's in the garden are read it from one Wheeler matched do you I mean those guys talk. So it's going to be about the brewers starters can they hold it mid game. And allow bull pays off since I could see a big chess chess match over the weekend a lot of bullpen moves late and to strategy. These the use of the bullpen I mean everybody gets criticized for that Craig Counsell been criticized for that use watch Twitter blow up on almost a nightly basis in some ways she performed some other manager out they're sitting there with a beer in their hand. Has an argument give me your thoughts about how you think Craig Counsell has done so far this season. That's the one thing Owen and you talked about it too wouldn't we all know that that's probably the one part of the game that managers get scrutinized most for. Our bullpen moves and we can argue that that's a great move over to the admiral organ and hide sites forty tornadoes let's face it our home but he's got to make these calls. On a nightly basis and they're not all going to be rights. I mean just know back on and that's you know maybe if he had to do it again maybe you would have stopped it now with guerra for another couple of bouts are stuck it out what. You know Josh paid or another you know one more frame or something like that. I think he's done a decent job I think he's trying to win every game now second and come back on a later on in the season. That remains to be seen but this dude is trying to win today's ballgame and you have to appreciate that. The the offense a little bit stymied on and off without yell at channel lineup beaming you talk about the ability to put the ball in play consistently. In. They they've struggled to tell you know I would what's so amazing Tim is are averaging little over there one point 3.3 runs per game and they've got three shut outs in their name already. But yet if they go to the say for four and a half runs per game with a four point three is the magic number this team seemingly to win a lot of games as you know eat. I'm still baffled at times how this team doesn't do the fundamental things to play to be able to score a few more runs. We'll go there going to. I mean they are this soft sciences and an average three a little over three runs a game for long. Is that that's is not gonna happen they're gonna maybe they'll warmup as a as the weather warms up. I mean this is too much information to go on that that's says that this people will be. You know blow or surge in in baseball offensively I I just don't see that happening and and yet despite that. There are still kicking and scratching for weapons. What do you think right now of because Brian brawn has been you know called to duty because obviously Alex has gone down what do you think of the start to his season. Talked and but you have to give them more than you know what we've seen so far I mean Pete can we see the tail end of you know bronze high level production may be but that still means. That he is a productive player and Andy will be and he's just got to keep. Keep running them out there I mean that he's sick he's hit into a couple of hard outs so I'll give a metal that that would improve those numbers of touch but. You gotta stay with him and and that the magic mark would be a couple months I would say before you can even set thinking about taking him out of that match. To the other side of the coin things has been again and April guy I mean he credits to 63 in such. But on the opposite side of the of the spectrum need the power is there and what he's putting up in the month of April last year to this year. Has been phenomenal I saw I mean I ride ride that horse ride a horse anymore. The right are you got to ride I mean that's that that's trying to win today's blog and you go not hot hand now. I'll quickly. You know and so god as a three for four days and then immediately used these in the starting lineup leading off I mean maybe that's a little bit. You know to you know inpatient whereas or whichever way you want to look at it get him right in the habit changed. You are right that guy right now he's he's game changer and he anyone's swing of the bat man's that and here's what's missing. I mean. Yeah it's a broad support for these guys it's just get on base c'mon guys get on base because they're getting homers there also shot so well. Well we miss Roger in the ball well I mean that's the big thing because really we know where things ago called I'd rather him just you know hidden solo shot tonight and at all. That's that's true that's been taken as. You. Know like council said that last year the year before that. What do you are you getting it on me for us at homers I mean you have to. That's a tough way to look at it but. Those big innings citizen what you referred to just few days ago on actually out of three and four run innings of meshing and the it was a common there are. So calm when you look at the catching situation ping he's been good band he's been good. I we always talk about that battery they're very quiet don't tend to talk about catching is one extent. But what do you been impressed with because really those of the captain that started up the middle we all know what the medals were your most vital pieces are when it comes to Major League Baseball. It's just this chain Manny Kenya was in the younger isn't that I mean I think to think about that his style his style as like. And I'm not saying he's as good as these guys but contreras and and Molina and he's got that kind of swagger to them behind the plate he really does defensively. As well as what about this is too bad he wasn't 26 years old resolved right. Big baby in great shape there but that's the position of concern. Big picture The Who wears the catcher going to be an. 23 years so they have to remedy that at some point but Stephen votes going to be activated when he's available there and he will be in the Errol for vanity. How concerned are you about her and on Perot as the offensive output Ryan brawn Orlando or CEO of 250 to 62 run around to seven the last year. It's not happening right now granted it's a small sample size but they're off very slow starts. There are and and that's why they're 76. And they they base it commodities shoot a hot offensively and San Diego and see what happens. They were like a freight train down there at the top of the order. And and so they're gonna have to get it together then they will Evian averages ten to. Would be just that an average so here if your score low runs now you'll make it off with a with a big barrage and I. I don't know what I can say that that's gonna happen this weekend. Because of what we discuss of that rotations for the match but. It's come and hit it well that that is what I'm patient with a little bit more than anything on this team is is that process. They Timmy for alleged go wanted to ask you about a dead cedar and in fifth. I know we talked about his last week yeah Eddie setting peeing you know like test out but the third base coach only time we were noticeably when things go horribly horribly wrong. Put it is of vital position because it does he can't give you runs protect runs as well get your thoughts in the third base. Well it's about where they've had to make in their routes in and where they're gambling in the situation I don't mind gambling with two outs on center runner. Go for it he's ninety feet away and his clothes she's gonna go out storms so send him. But to make that. L first or second I'll let terror you know making a third out that are. Those things I I just I have never understood that and then did the responses well it took a great throw. No it should have been gamble that it took the risk was too it wasn't enough to reward there. Making mr. about it that are making first or second at home so. It's a tough call I know dale swing got a lot of key. Many years ago and here's a third base coach wanna say a Boston. And eat they want to run him out of town. Hand and it's so that's so volatile it's so volatile position and you know overall I think he's and if they're going to say aggressive. That much we do know he's gonna have sticks in. They've always been that way that's fine I'm fine with a. Yeah but just Smart aggressive and that's that's you know what we discuss years ago what would be I don't know it's fine and you want Iran to run but be Smart about it. Always good jam enjoy the wait till we are listening and I'll talk DNS with our bill markup artillery bigger Tim Allen was the original post you should joining us for a couple minutes and shatter or child like. Schneider our drivers right now you work they treat you fair eight bush years the beginning you don't call 844 prior to go to Schneider job's done general room reminder. Today I know whether scrappy. I was seeing a little while ago that it was raining. Elkhart lake road America culvert inhale right now. So the weather is a change. But you're around about and you're getting ready to watch the brewers game in 91 hunkered down with something good. I'm gonna be at the met one location 1424. Mike one road. At the cousins 'cause themselves out from going to be come around say hi Renault be ordered up some months from the Michaels from radio Joes or whatever it is you want what attitude. We're given away some prizes is welcome when and say hello. But they get ready for a big not a baseball. Get yourself ready for the weekend with the Boston Celtics in the Milwaukee Bucks but to come on any cousins subs it and remember a time they saw albeit because the subsidy. 46 and we hope to see there they are the officials sub sandwich in the Michael sports talk now or Margo like Russia next. Everywhere you Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. No Michael jump. We're on here we're hanging out your hang in how we thank you. This portion of the program is brought to buy a terrific friends over at quick trip bit critical quick rewards right now Scott did today. Matter of fact and I've been getting no they're earlier this week and got two cents off. Per gallon again. Philadelphia filled the new carpet cultures new car. Two cents per gallon all adds up. Hey it's his money back I don't care how much to pay back on final that whatever. I get a deal for -- They use it for your Yahoo!'s go to quick trip dot. Com KW I K quick trip dot com final location nearest you do the slash rewards thing you can find out more information about that to yourself all signed up. And that is quick trip Jabari Parker I wanna go back on the issue and in talk about. Now what he had his sailor assigned kind of kind of wrapping up a little bit anyway. I have to continue to chime in on this day of feel free there's a lot of you have on Twitter specifically. This one's from Robbie it says adroit as wanna be here seriously watching body language in court worked hard to get back now work hard on both ends of the court his effort is horrible. You don't know I've never questioned. A guy's heart or how hard they're trying. There are times and it looks slow. Any you know they admit he's not the best defender. I I can agree that. And he has said time and again when it comes to defense he talked about this last night. Because he was asked about. You're playing hard and you know how he believes it he's still very good player take a listen what he had to say about believing he's the best. Post say. When when I first got to leave. I knew my expectations was going to be tough but from my point on us the only reason while accident in different places because it's going to be difficult. And typical situations and really will do to look for lifetime so. I have got to back my mind. But as far as everybody knows that attempt checks. I listened to people's phone plan for the wrong reasons and you know most of whom the and then going back to my thirty years I had dreams but there always that title. A title to. And that's what success is not in my book defined is that the farm but titles as well. Trying events via the two men at the event so I had to learn that from the first. Couple years of my career and how I have no regrets at home bruised and some phone. The injuries and all they've been greater lessons tennis. So. Many injuries you've got to accept them you can look at him his blessings he also said. When it talks about his role when we were asking him about you know the bench or being a starter what's going on defensively speaking and communication is if he still says hey look I'm I'm trying to find my role. The it was new because a lot of times. You build around guns. They know what their shots come from. Well like leave me I just got tossed in the fire really didn't have any expectations right like I have to fumble away myself. What do I need to be on the court how to guys like to play. So that's has been the difference maker for me. So it will continue this coming up a little bit later on the program I wanna get into some Brett Favre stuff after the top of the hour because he made a statement yesterday. That. I talent and are waved white so we get into that divine house is back bodily rich keep. Co host of daily key fallen 937 WEEI. In Aston. They're going to be joining us sell our coverage keep coming up a little bit get the lowdown as to how bad I just how banged up. This did this team is this Boston Celtics team is we're gonna hear from Paul Crist coming out we have some buy or sell Dennis Miller. Comedian longtime television radio host five time Emmy award winner. He's going to be joining us a little while his lawyer Paul and they Gergen gold analyst coming up a little bit. We got a lot more to a Friday edition of the though Michael shows stayed tuned Brett favre's words coming up right after this. Wisconsin one. Bill Michael's sports told me.