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Friday, August 10th
Hour 1. The Packers won their first preseason game, while the Brewers lose in heart-breaking fashion. We’ll take your reaction on both teams! Plus, Tim Allen stops by.

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From the league's front to the and this is where Wisconsin sports fans come to. Michael show named best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. Well Joba though Michael should always on the now we are glad you were on board today thanks so much for taking a listen to is this Friday at the Wisconsin state fair. And as we sit here today it is a beautiful day. Couple days the Wisconsin state fair so you're looking for something to do whether it's today or tomorrow to close things out of the week and on Sunday. Man this is this the place you got to count this is this is good stuff. Good stuff out here it was not a state they're good stuff last night in Green Bay Packers can win 3170. And it scares me knocking off. The Tennessee Titans last evening in what proved to be a a team for you know some of the guys that are hoping to make a squad. Last night had a pretty good game all in all what you look at to what the Packers were able to accomplish last evening. And in the in the grandest of terms. And the greatest of terms. You look it. You look at the Packers in the sense that. You got a guy like Jake who Perot came up big last night. Goddess gambling seven targets five receptions 101 yards. The longest being a 51 yard catch don't get it touched on the evening but cool rose 52 yard touchdown reception that was big last night John Kaiser. He it went pretty well last evening he ended up within nine of eighteen years that with a 74 point eight quarterback rating 134 yards no touchdowns no picks. Brett Hundley his pick. I got hit the pocket he probably should step of justice second sooner. But he gets hit that ball pops in the air falls into the arms. Of the defender and audience with the interception but nine 49 a 14108. Yards for the touchdown at the pick. But that was boil last night seven at 5130. Yards two touchdowns very impressive. In his evening last night as well also weigh all at all. What did you take away from last night's game with the Green Bay Packers at Tennessee Titans as the Packers they ultimately get a win. And now they move on they got the Pittsburgh Steelers from the town. A week from last evening we had post game show you weren't listening last night you're going to be tuning in from here on out but maybe you thought yourself. Is it. But will be will be doing it again the next week each and every week after every Packers imperialists and yours truly. We break them all down for you so looking forward that 85583086. 488558308648. If you wanna give a shout one and so on Twitter at bill underscore Michaels at bill underscore Michaels as well and then you can find radio Joseph. At radio Joseph sports on Twitter every you do sports. In other FaceBook fan page to track down there I just can't I'm walking him last night into the stadium. And it's it's always surreal because you get out think yourself OK I'm going to my place of business today oh by the way it's Lambeau Field which is really cool. And then I get into the elevator in the girl that runs the elevator period higher. Sooner talk and tour. And I got it was a different girl that you're usually there's a single that runs the elevator for the media. It she's gonna last for five years. But there was a different girl and there were were going up the elementary and what he chose that you believe it's football season you believe we're actually you're. Beautiful night in Green Bay. Do you believe we're actually here. And that's why anyway I just couldn't believe that were already in the football season but. We are. And the Packers now have put some stuff on film Mike McCarthy last night. Talk about a lot of different things he talked about first of all when it came to a Brett Connolly play style. Being able to kind of keep the tempo. Thanks to the sack because Zach was and they get negative. Like here's the question and and this might be more poignant who who looked better you last night John Kaiser bread on. We that's the first question and then this question was now in Mike's never gonna tell you this boom Mike McCarthy. That's his guide read Huntley his guy he's the guy that they chose he's the guy that he's tutored in mentor. He's the he's the guy that's come through the system and Mike is pounded the desk instead of I was successful football coach and we can win without anybody in you know that's his guy. So he's gonna get read only every opportunity to lose that job. Where is even if John Kaiser report or whoever may be may outplay him. He's gonna give it Bret Holley every opportunity there is to lose that job probably before before. He really should Paula before he could religion lose it act actually when you look at these guys. I thought oh last night on the looked okay but he can't remember he's in his fourth season. In this system. His sports he's the one that I will say I thought that the shark Kaiser that are pocket presence. He moved a little bit better. Com heat it through pretty good ball last night had one that fell off the hands last night will have one man oh man oh man. Tomorrow more on that guy that he's done it in practice he did it again last night he had up it went over the top of big 3540 plus yarder. City of bright in the hands and he dropped it tomorrow morning to call James Jones right now. And say James how to get over it drops and James gazette called my high school coach my high school coach who quit trying to run the football make a big plate just catch the ball. That's what tomorrow more needs to do. Yet three catches point seven yards last night averaged nine yards a catch his longest one was nine yards as a matter of fact but he had a big win over the top. It just it just didn't didn't get it done. Didn't get it done at every opportunity the world as the dumbest thing. But equity is safe route I gotta tell you I said in my Clemens really kind of brought this up watch that gap. Big long strong arms long arms. You go to get a ball six targets or get to 61 yards longer be the 21820. Eight yarder over the middle. Last night but he's that guy they like to to give those crossing patterns of those he's not that deep guy. But he's a guy like it was crossing parity not a freight over the middle last night he made a living. Going over the middle and then heading towards the sidelines so according you say property solid night last night about the Adams you know two catches forty Europe 57 yards the other one. A 48 yard deep last night. So it's up there. 85583086488558308648. Give us your shot what you think of the Green Bay Packers last night. What do you think of the agreement Packers win over the Tennessee Titans Zach writes our Twitter feed overall we gave it back or Phil Jackson and Orrin Burks played well also Gilbert. Off the edge in spurts which we could have seen more out of its Beagle let's go back to your original comment or Burks warm virtue of one played it was a negative last night. Crossing pattern over the middle that's kind of why they brought him in. Little bit better wheels he's big he's supposed to be able to stay when those guys. He got burned on the juke move it was a fake out crossing pattern back in. And beyond that he played really really well. I was really impressed and they gave him the helmets and here you go go out called lazy you know man and a he took advantage of west not a war Burks went pretty well. As far as being it was he more out of its legal bits Beagle my previous Adams I wanna see their names called a little bit more last night I would like to. Just I I just I'm on looking for something out of those guys warm works last night with a team in tackles six tackles last night Lindsay that can play pretty well. As a matter of fact for the limited amount of time he was in her heart Auckland Dixon thought looked pretty good plate Martinez looked pretty good last night Gilbert. As you mentioned coming up yet healed over I tell you what. Yeah a couple of goods tackle just yet quarterback Cory is well yesterday getting in that getting inside so not a bad night the overall. You know Kenny Clarke early on he stuff the stuff the middle and end up with a tackle. With some of those guys view of the guys you re really looking to. Didn't really do avoidance Spiegel that really dual lot last night in my treaties adams' I'd mention. Not not a not a whole lot in that area anyway he had a couple of tackles and evening but I'd like to see more. So they've got stuff now on film. As we have on film so I watchers thought 8558308648. It was a shall. What do you think of the game last night the Green Bay Packers knocked off the Tennessee Titans 31. Seventeen this portion of the program is brought to our good friends act cousins and don't forget when you talk about football the grill is kind of the quarterback. As at all it's started there the group is the person that walks into the party and boom things are heat up for the better. And that's the power to transform food from cold. And boring to mouth watering and religious as they say. I how to recommend the pepperoni know which comes hot off the growth and cousins everything else they're good as well. Takes the power the grow 'cause it's up that's what they believe in better your phone calls your thoughts tweets emails everything. Upcoming next to the bill Michael show. Wisconsin why did you go bill Michael's sports talk. Back to the program the Michael challenged on the and we are glad that you are on board today thanks so much. Particularly astute choices I gotta tell you I. Joseph what time you get home last night. And I was in bed by 1230. Are you you. Gilman radio joke value back to you how hot yesterday morning should go by the way locally I heard a little bit of it it went good. It was a lot of fun with that Kevin all the from CBS 58 Milwaukee and I guess in this camp and we'll. He's been there for. So I got to ask you because switch for football real quick you don't wish you were you pulling your hair out of one of the two over metrics last night with that the core cable meltdown yeah last night or yesterday I should say yesterday afternoon was on except. Able losing two out of three to the podger is sorry I'm not going to be. You know if you wanna try and find a silver lining in that fine but you know the Babel people tell me all the time you know Joseph it's baseball blob while block. That was a game you should've won it wasn't even a question you just had a bad game you had it going into the ninth then mean. And Corey can able just decides that I'm gonna suck now and I'm gonna put on three straight base runners are you kidding me think can't find it. Says some things supple Corey can able. And outer offices because of the injury that he had earlier this year and maybe it's changed him a little bit on the Mon don't know. But that man cannot pitch the ninth inning anymore until he figures is out luckily you got three other guys that can pitch in the ninth. Well a story it didn't help the cause I knows or has been a closer in the past when he comes in gets a couple of quick strikes on thinking OK come in mold down get a ground ball get out of the inning and at a post and Graham. Oh you went from being right on the cusp of being down by two. At giving up the Grand Slam now granted it was court today went before the faces so full of full Padres would still story needs to be over commitment. They closed down that situation but I agree outlook. It if you had to go to a a a closer right now. I I think I go to your Jeffords. Which you don't Jeffords. Yeah I go Jeffers to share and if Jefferson for whatever reason doesn't figure it out then you go to view go to Soria go to hater. You have a lot of options that there is it. I go I'd be I wanna go to hater be disputed pro the most reliable at the moment by haters also got beat up and an eager to. And I'm not a big fan of having your clothes or go more than. You're you're closer comes in at just throws gas. For you know twelve. 9121450. Pitches he calls that day I mean that's that's what you want on your closer watcher closer it's a book point bitches. That your closer is is considered view of struggling struggling at that point in time it. I'd love to see hater in that role eventually. But haters guided if he can give you accurate thinking it a couple of innings so I hate to taking out of that role where you can end up eating innings for. And that's Hillary's that would put him there right now but there's no way I grew to there's no way to put. Or an able back out there closing situation I know they wanna say they don't wanna rip his confidence away everything but c'mon we're talking about wins and losses now. And you just have to do you can't leave him in that position so anyway it would give more to that. Coming up here a little bit of a Packers. It either way I guess if you wanna weigh in on either one of them you can't recover Tim Allen posted baseball post game show coming up your bottom of the hour and Jim. I was listening to Tim a little bit timid out yesterday as the game was Rakhmonov and a house in Green Bay I was listening to those guys. You know you you can talk about every managerial situation Craig Counsell it to you when you put cork in it while there I would have had somebody warming up and after quarry Knuble could not do it the second batter out. I actually at that point time as the driving was the game I thought to myself. Probably pool because he just has not looked good to to come back from injury these ads. 85583086488558308648. What do we have here for you got a lot of tweets come and a lot of people talking to both brewers and Packers. This is from bombs says watching court enablement wanna get sick at least associate with into the Green Bay Packers last night what about that boil that you thinking makes the team. Don't allow a group in the here's the reason more and I say this all the time don't allow one good game to all of a sudden make that the person you jump like don't. It don't we fire readying okay boy had a good night seven at 15130. Yards a couple of touchdowns and nice pass to to two corporal over the top. Big time last night we don't let one gains skew your view Boyle came in he's pulling against the forest and guys that are just trying to make it he. Okay is he is he that good that he's gonna win this or blowing away the number one because that's what you have to ask yourself mister John Kaiser Brad Huntley. Put it up the backup Aaron Rodgers get you wins in the NFL is boil means that the guy that you wanna go. That's what you have to ask yourself not just what he did in in. You because there's been a lot of pre season warriors. But there hasn't been a lot of people that have been pre season words all of us and just took it to the next level. And were able to do it in replicate that once they got you know kind of facing the real the real season so to speak. Let's do this let's go to like Dan if Canada com walked Dan walked a couple of rebels comment. The morning by hike Bill Barrett on Charlotte's I think. That the Packers let it did really well I was really impressed with the receivers. Yeah and Broward. I'll I do that that they I know people under a pilot Tom oil but. I'm flipping bad. Up that oil is right about as seen in a previous for awhile and he should've had three touchdowns. And it also small sample size. But I think dad I hardly it doesn't have a pocket presence I think dad. I think it I'm try to treat him even early developer out pecker thought I think they are back and erect either. Because they get treated for tiger but I think either a few years back and I mean analyst Linear feet of lap repeat of last. But I I like called com. But damn oil is her you know throwing in Indian cabinet. Been in the pocket I think I think they should get much out I think he's been at third string. I don't know what you thought dark. I I guess we gonna knock out of their Kaiser Huntley Huntley we saw the litmus test of last year and we saw that just didn't fare very well we saw that his pocket presence was. Maybe half second too long he just seemed to be. A second behind the eight ball and even in his passes now his passes got better as time went on. Certainly the game against Chicago we played extremely well even game against Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh played pretty well what games at home games at Lambeau Field just good win just couldn't you just couldn't get over. And outlast any anti it pretty solid drive early on that ball game but it is it the fact that you've already seen enough of Huntley and other guy just beat the opportunity. Or do you think that there's a guy that's really genuinely got something. I think I think well I I I have a feeling that they're gonna trade online. And I really think that the oil on it as far back so I think that if they speed dual standard practice squad I think they'll get back them up and are gonna have a ballot. Second quarterback. Good good stuff man appreciated he drops up to get a 455 feet 3086 Torre let's go to Andy was he too was an Appleton. On the score any I don't and and now it's up. I'm doing pretty hard. Good what to take him. I would also. I know there aren't talking about a I wasn't very impressive oil not I mean and obviously yeah yeah have a different than in which quarterback is playing against. I mean just from a technical standpoint I mean I lie I saw the quarterback. Only I. I don't see any accuracy and I mean. Even even the place where where guys are making catcher they were tight and everywhere they had heavily propaganda that takes a few yards. So I do think that the receiving court and a very good job. Tight there. I understand the blocking wasn't that great but he looked like he was panicking every time in the pocket and and and running quarterback. Don't work in this league he he's got to be able to step up and make throat and then I watched oil on my wife you know he took them yet. I mean he stood in the pocket or die to Russia and around and chew up perfect the policy guy barreling down this chat I mean. I I'm not that I'm not going to be the person well I'll play out Asian the issue beat back a patient in third straight. I'm just wondering if he keeps up that kind of play. Who you when you get rid of because I don't think you should get rid of oil at its peak able to keep up what what he just did. I'm personally. I think that. Tiger would be that they won at home should be the one they don't just because I mean last season. Packers camp are gonna get over that they they just won't. They they sound like they don't have any faith in them. And and quite frankly I think if it's. I mean it it's it's Bostick all over again how do you bring guys back. I just don't think there's not patent and we're we're what the action. Appreciate the phone call good call by the way on Brett Conley the accuracy some of the same things we saw last year so the same things we saw when he was a rookie. I saw again last night where some of those quick out pattern some of those sideline passes. Key for whatever reason has a really high release point I don't know it's a defense events coming around the edge in your hands in the air or what but he has a high release point he doesn't. Body releases the ball high and a couple of times he overthrew wide receivers that did have open space in read only has done that. Time and again and they can become frustrating because you do have a guy opening your thinking to yourself that it should be used to use leave him a little bit to the out of bounds area the sideline. And it's one step whom make it cats keep the feet imbalance in you and your fancy the football and he is just at times thrown the ball high so. Good call on the red on the notification when it talks about the accuracy of read only assume this is gonna throw the north such Rel walking the program now what's going on. I we're well. What's already accused of being. It has sit ups in the incident. First thing about them as a grown as he's a speech. Our home. Bob harper Obama is playing well what you until Qaeda or natural. And much rated Adam scored a good player he can stay healthy. And when routers might be cut this year. I know there are some things that icing development game. Route already and they bought field to a position of quarterback he did not it was a gift. Yeah product without good Colin Quinn Rollins what is I completely agree Quinn Rollins did not do himself any favors yesterday whatsoever. He looked bad and a couple of different facets of that ball and special teams in a couple of Emmy got on early on the game. As welcome Colin appreciate the phone call 8558308648855. 830864. Rate if you wanna give us shall by no means do so what Dawson writes on the showed some flash but look like his old self. Ruling like fighters mobility and Jim boils far polite way. On the like Josh Jackson. Josh Jackson only had one. Incident if you will which he. He ended up let the guy go waited look if that's the kind of thing you put on film and to grow from now what you would you watch for some of the younger guys. That made some missteps last night now you look and see what it is they can do. And you look and see if they learn from some of their mistakes that that's the biggest thing in in in you know. And in watching the growth of these guys. 855830864885583086. Forays if you wanna gives you shall feel free to do so we are broadcast live at the Wisconsin state fair. This portion of the program being brought to market presence to back while that plus grocery all you have to do is stop into any to back while the plus grocery store. And get the key word of the day because during the Hartley gave to 150 celebration. They are giving away a brand new Harley-Davidson excel 12100 in vivid black. We're going to be giving it away on Sunday September 2 at Wisconsin Harley-Davidson county in O'Connor Milwaukee stop into the back while that was grocery store all throughout Wisconsin yet he worked. You can chime in Delhi that the keyword is 77887. At 77887. And you could be a winner the only got a couple weeks left to do this is a matter of fact two weeks from today. Is when this contest culminates in the gonna start notifying the winners. And the gonna bring everybody together Wisconsin Harley-Davidson. See which key fits that new motorcycle but stopping any tobacco while it was grocery store get the keyword. Text in Daly and you could be a winner all compliments of tobacco outlet and tobacco outlet was grocery we are broadcasting live at the Wisconsin state fair. Coming up next up some baseball Tim Allen host of the baseball post game show joining us next to the bill Michael show. Sure listening to the bill might school's sports talk that. Tour. Imagine the program that a like or shall we are on the and we are broadcasting live at the Wisconsin state fair we are inside. The the goose island ale house in a right next Budweiser pavilion ticket combined say hello to they zip for our broadcast. Not going to be here on Sunday roaming around. But not going to be here is kind of the fans I'm not gonna be here doing brought it tomorrow not here. To what you're doing tomorrow Joseph and I have not been to I used to get country radio. When I was in Cincinnati god it's back in the late nineties. Mid to late nineties as last haven't really been to a country concert and Cherie is country grow thrown through. So for a wedding gift I've waters Zach brown tickets. And I got a friend of mine that got us really good seats in did the whole VIP thing in paper everything and that's the wedding gift so we're going to see Zach brown tomorrow. When a cease background on talks of baseball to malice that baseball post game show. Who can play anything on guitar whether it's country Oro or rock and roll a that you prefer the Rock Center things with Tim Allen out joining us Jim I have anybody. We're out of Rio. So all. I've got to ask you yesterday. Or can able he does not even complete in any doesn't get him out gives up they hit four runs three walks can't find the strike zone there's no way in hell I would let him load the bases. I think it was 01 of the only missteps that can seriously criticized for breaking council specifically not having anybody warming up when you saw clearly can able. Didn't have it and yesterday you lose that ballgame give me your thoughts. Yeah I'd that we were discussed that rather talk about. Minutes ago I would talk about what burns was. In that a sitting well the reason birds soaked in the eighth setting for a bat right there and if they put up crooked number. Then and burns was gonna come and that would not have been a safe situation. Or origin labels so that things. You use courtroom or as a potluck or situations so shouldn't Craig Counsell then Al. Determined well instead of you know hastening the processes and getting Soria ready to go in our rush. Want to go burns who had already been up to humorous art. Just because desperate times that there are masters. And then he decided not do that he's still developing bill and I maybe it's an old school spot. Sometimes these answers they would get a sense that there on the mildly sick of the back there old. And they see somebody behind and I and I say I signal. This all. All hands on deck here and and I'll pick you up and they used that acts were. And activity. Saying hey man just to see you guys now the matter what the situation I'm may have someone out just in case. And maybe it was a learning moment for Kurt council. Do you put Corey can able back the closers role. No doubt right now I I don't think you and your. And 88 justice Arafat is a setback yesterday council they're not. But I you know they're good that they're putting yourself at any series of viable part of this success here down the stretch in theory. What they have to happen is he's got to get is it is now on straight he's got a social strikes. That open is about sick and be record and a lot about certain age that's fact that council's that and they're gonna do everything in their particular impact in that role it just just think about the way it all I'll say that winds upward with shoppers and theater and sort. And when Jennings and these guys that are now what about on the matter helpers as well but neither guy that's worth the investment. The seat that you get it is head on straight. So you have the goal. Go from right now I think if you have the nick or bill it's got a picture outskirts. The I was gonna say Jefferson be my guide because I don't wanna take. Josh cater out of that multi inning role he give you a couple of innings in the guy that can do that. I I don't I don't wanna make him all of a sudden just because it's gonna come in and throw anywhere from nine to twelve to fifteen pitches I want him to be a guy that it can continue to come in and get outs. And an extended situation and are now that threes and I would go in the end let's be honest we Jeremy Jefferson's head. That kind of that kind of ability as well in the past where he's been a closer story I was not thrilled with comes in gets a couple of goods fastballs. Passed from one as a swing animus second wanted to foul tip after that with the Grand Slam. Little bit disappointing there are also. It's not that I would not make story of my clothes because he's done in the past everybody has a bad pitch. Wait that's not the best impression when your early on with a new ball club. No I had been our six he's had some success and that's why give these guys start cigars there. Have been closed to personal a lot of these most all of these oil. Will help multiple closers. At some point their career there at their clothes are so limited the first year Soria. Jeremy just vs so success closing out is that. Court and able I got to beat Jeremy Jefferson your right on the money that they're just. As good as C can be and it goes. You're right I think he's more valuable as being that ol' Sam Swank grab actually go from the six. Turk and into the seventh seventh and there's the eight and really you can what do minimum nine. That maybe get an out in the eighth and then have them. Pit stop a couple of batters in the ninth inning setup joke for so that's still not in. Oracle sick but that's all I'm despite enables. You know Oscar reality yesterday or not vaccinate. I wanna ask you that god it's been really heating up Trevor Sharjah feeling comfortable with the way he's swinging the bat now because he seems over the last C I don't know. Ten to fifteen games he really seems like he's during the swing a solid bet. Yet against the lefties speaker that not sorties and erotic art that was due to cancel last you can have multi hit game and gas. Really pleased that. But it's not just off and things simple cycle through and or. It can't always every game you know let's change it soon sit just impossible for that app itself when they know little bound. Orson. Oh run these other guys got to pick it up and it's it's got to be. Was docked at the size short sample size are the guys that world where are here after salt on particularly now. Got like Manny you have that it's an insult at all let Garcia respective spec ops that is great news for the offer. We still had a lead them back or all your belt. Welcome back or we're still wait not a and I still get assay at the offenses the key matter they put it under our. This is gonna Reese special status if they can get there hat's on straight what they're under the other. They're to coincide with the starters and I still go all. Going to be one hell of a Spanish. Jim it is a concern you that they're beginning to stumble their playing basically 500 ball the cubs are heating up their pursuit of the cubs were well above 101213 games over 500 at home. In the last month and a half page. It seems like what to expect from the cubs they're starting to give you what you thought from the brewers. You're expecting a little bit more your kind of holding your breath with each and every game don't get me wrong I know you love it because exciting baseball. But as things stand right now with the brewers being a couple of games back in the standings. Does what the cubs are starting to do the way they're starting to heat up is that that does that make you nervous at all. Yeah well it's sure that they are rhetoric so one once you start to rattle. But. I look at it as the glass little out at all. If you're gonna have a run. Out let's let's have a lot of the right time. At the first are gonna have a little long that they go through here. Let's get this article where right now. I think it's essentially have recovered from the yacht pre all circuit Aung. Now holidays the other world beaters right now say I know why it. They're not loosen up the pace like they did in Miami Pittsburgh so you're trying to all the insert here a little bit. Outside runner where were this there are not anywhere go down 44 games while on the reverse side. They just never run away that now we're concerned yours. And Hispano. Greer or any course. Sit around that great or I'll mark and and you did on. Apps concerning to me you hang around the one to order app mark at an older it'll weekend that's in order a cup experience. You know all the talk circuit bridge all. Set it all you longer good baseball but so are the growers. And whoever's gonna guess or or laps. I would say start out on get this audio systems start their run about two weeks. Here's the additional thing to kind of put them back your mind is the brewers will have four additional off days. As opposed to the cubs from now to the end of the season. Because of the cubs have some games that they still have to make up from the early rain outs the brewers do not which means the brewers are gonna have four additional off days oppose the cubs cubs play it longer stretches of games straight. Then the brewers well which means the brewers and then refresh that bullpen just a little bit more just one of those little statistical side note that I know you're thrilled about. Yeah no you're no you're right on the money and that's gonna help this what some beaver and overtaxed all. And now a lower lever situations report and able. It's gonna impact the amount to a higher level situation. Or just cater and it chairman chuck person. Someone else at the student there I mean it's an able back to read our leverage go to these guys every single night. So that's going to be is going to be Jacob aren't going to be aired Jennings. They are they gonna lead out orbit burn unless. Are they wait for these. Iraq the base of Taylor Williams there's a key guy right there are yet a couple of bad outing it's a little things up on him. I'm the C article for the most part he could do it dynamite job so they're gonna need that other guy you're off base definitely help at all. Hey Tim they had the baton scope the Trevor Shaw's heating up we know victim whose stock is his moves doctor so let me ask you this if you're going to go into. The post season tomorrow. Who is your starting what is your starting infield look like. Well defense righty lefty here really. Aaron. You know Shaw's got to be in the your guys down here and shot. Shot gotta be and they're still going to be there will set you there as soon as others there aren't you gotta BP you're beyond the flight. And that is that on earth science and now field. Perhaps there would be the question mark one don't just sit. I think you don't match ups on or they have all the ground effect same as more as of late has been hit yet very op. I applaud also has them still striking the ball well and at least improving here as. Lead and for a second there it was announced that he had so let's start saying them. A bunch but from where he came from there to 27 or whatever was required for him. The also on this article whatsoever bill on paper and on a different game. And they are capable on any given moment the photo report are they're. Always good talking buddy we pull out talking as soon that you have a good weekend and now we'll chat again as we look at. Yeah you gotta go. Seatbelt populated ago Tim Allen was the baseball post you showed joining us. On the side or challenged honorary drivers right now you work arbitrage fair eighty voice years they begin to get done column 844 bright. Or go to Schneider jobs dot com stay tuned my Clemens has report from Green Bay coming up next to little Michael show. Border to border. Film Michael's voice talking. No hope Radisson hotel and conference center green and gold training camp updates presented by Robert peck diamond swear they'll pay you green. For your gold from title town pierce might clemens'. The Packers defeat the titans 31 to seventeen Tennessee scored first on a nine play drive and touchdown for Marcus Mario that Darius Jennings. As an offensive being brought there operations clean. You know we're able to move the ball obviously score points. But scan out of auto just little things that I came back into the temple over game. To space servings concurs. Packers quarterback Brett Conley responded with a 48 yard shot to Dovonte atoms and an eight yard toss to running back Jamal Williams to tie it up Hundley. After the game I just executed. You know whatever it's called and just know we do you know we can make plays a feat as a quarterback which in you know we're gonna make it throws when you make amend. It's just really placed before us so as long as we do Dag gone and give the temple moving but they're just best investment for us office Mike McCarthy. Albright College job with some more good things goes forward with this individual there so productive decision making sound. I thought clearly his temples to bust in through quarterbacks. It was a rough night for Green Bay rookie receiver Jamont more. Went to drops just three catches on seven attempts his longest completion for just nine yards meaning to. Couldn't really utility room. That's the plan makes so. You can put him on one life you. And so that was so. I was blown so I'm looking spoon. For Lambeau Field how might Clemens on the bill Michael shot. And Michael showers on the thank you Michael certainly appreciate my clemens' last night's addict in this press box in Mike he's been with. And the vetted with the teams to the training camp always appreciate his still by the way. Our app Roy goes stat of the day with a couple different things last night portal that night 75130. Yards a couple of touchdowns are long past due it take coral. 52 yarder gives him a quarterback rating of 116 point seven. Three catches. 76 yards have a touch on the long bomb Marquardt about it scaling. Five seven targets five catches 101 yards. Twenty point two yards per catch had a 51 yard catch yesterday and it touched down. Catchers that the run game wasn't didn't fare as well logic always five carries sixteen yards 3.2 yards per carry. His longest of the day was only six yard carry. So the right game wasn't as prolific as you would like you had a lunch of starters. They did not playing yesterday's ball game with defensively speaking one of the things that you know you follow this programmer you follow it Gary and I during the regal post game show. One of the statistical categories that we follow a lot of third down efficiency for your opponent defensively. How're you doing what the Packers offense that we were nine of 1753%. Yesterday meanwhile they help the titans to only 33% or four of twelve. For a while but while the other. Peak categories. If you if you look was it was punting yesterday. Because it was approached part he the the Australian backwards. Kind of look goofy knuckleball type of point which is nice work for a lot of playing time Benny boom one. 52 yards five point one seconds of hang time. And every body was impressed him that is going to flip the fuel the continued that kind of productivity throughout the season. He is going to be fantastic it could pick up for the Green Bay Packers but those are your stats that Dave brought you by our friends at at royal implementing a Sapient together solutions. To companies just like yours in chicken on the web all you got it was pretty PP RO while. Dot com a PP ROY yo. Dot com all also yesterday one or the other statistics that we wanted to go in the opposite side. Would be then the Milwaukee Brewers and get in the hot stick in the day because yesterday or on reds he ended up going two for four. It's quarter run yesterday at one one walk or one strikeout alongside which ravaged shot three for four yesterday supporter Ron. I had one strikeout left on base what time he's got the ever doubt you haven't been paying attention Trevor Shaw. Up to 254. Now remember he was it to 32 for too long period of time over the last week he's hitting 364. Over the last fifteen games is hitting 333 in the last month. He is hitting 295 to see Trevor shot might have shaken off what was ailing him at the beginning of the season. Is probably probably pretty correct and that is are up Roy those stats of the day and hot stick in the game I think of the game. Brought to you fired at frantic Clements in the snack sticks don't forget they are premium cuts of beef. And also in addition to that a great source for pro team put them in the call back the backpacks put into the jester or wherever you need good snap it quick pick me up. That is our friends requirements and if you wanna register and win yourself a supply. Of the climate snack sticks for an entire year audience who's gonna go Michael sports dot com let's go Michael sports to account. And you can win those there. Not see your guarantee or anything but that you can't you can't have a shot at winning if you don't have a right to go right that John Glenn you register when we come back. When we come back gonna go back to the Packers have review picket. Packers brewers what Aaron as you wanna chat about let's break it. Packers fans let's talk about last night ballgame for horse fans. Is Cory and it will still here closures at times take him out of that position portable Michael show right after this. Six blues station strong. Real Mike school's sports talk now.