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Wednesday, July 11th
Hour 1. Tim Allen, Host of the Baseball Post Game Show, sits in for Bill. We’ll also talk Bucks with Matt Velazquez.

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From the league's front for the launch this is where Wisconsin sports fans come to. Michael show named best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. Welcome in Wisconsin it is the bill Michael's show Tim Allen in for bill today. Radio Joes and Zola is back but then gone again. You're leaving again I hate you. I hate you I hate you I hate Joes and Zola I hate you for the next few days there's your going to Vegas. He so jealous yup leaves tomorrow less than 24 hours I will be in the deserts will you be drunk now knotted up. No. I'm not going to get drunk how come. Because for those that don't know I got kicked out of a Vegas casino although I I mean you can't do it responsibly this time. I can get a little buzz but. Only I believe meets them. I don't wanna go through with that ever again so you will have a few sure knows out Perot spot and sure. No doubt. Boy I'd have one of those long tall drinks in all as long as like a rifle a bazooka. Loaded up with almost the whole bottle of booze that's. It's not happen and Joes and Zola out there the Pacific southwest. Give me a shot a red eye and SaaS Murillo partner. And obese men and out burger in my future. Yeah that's right there by the Ngo yes sir of just that ticket quick cab rider who grew over and you'll be all set now I do have a little tucked away money for you. Yes you do idea on one that picked this up from my mother my mother picked it up from her mother always keep a hundred bucks in my wallet. Just that I you know this reserve money too so you have it. A lot of people keep in the olden days you they keep. Quarter a dime for a phone call. I keep a hundred bucks and sting case it's always good to have a little extra cash Evernote. I wanna Greece appalled somebody. You know you never you never know we got to pay off once in awhile. Will set out to show today with as what we do each and every time I'm in here. The latest and a perspective on the latest in the sports world news and notes. I heard bill talking about the the cave. In Thailand. Everybody's now. To see that that's cool it's great story and I don't know why. I was and am so captivated by that story I just I don't know why now there are. Make a great great movie. I mean a fantastic movie bill set to make a good TV drama that team made for TV movie. Go to the big screen is called the cave. That would be good if the Al brewers did win last night Corbin burns makes as a Major League debut and does well outside of the first pets. Six up six down to earn the save first. Player since Dave what point. And now the late or I should say early eighties believe it's 1980. Two. Record a save in his first appearance. In the big leagues so that school gave point household name. But the brewers more importantly do get the win. They go up 84 late in the ball game Christian yell it's big night three for 54 RBIs against his former team and the brewers back to their high water mark on the season at eighteen games over 500. The go for nineteen over today and take the series and then there's that five game set. In Pittsburgh which is scare the hell lottery. I don't know why I'm just mean on us scares me. Pittsburgh is twelve and a half out the central. This would be like their their points this be like their final. Let's see what happens before the all star break if we can sweep these guys are some like that. Mean that's a way out look at it from the fire if Obama pirates fan right now I'm in the Don club they are not coming back in that division but hey. If they decide to sweep the brewers while. Yeah for those ads those that aren't in it and die hards and all that I I think this might be their last hurrah and that's why it scares me a little bit Clint Hurdle and that gang. Tend to play up against the crew at times that they not get swept by the pirates here. The two out of three year. Previous week out and I think it was two out of three loss tried to it was certainly I don't I don't think they got swept. It has so it was good to see Korman burns and more on that a little bit later on during the show. Vote Hayes Zeus. I have an update marte ABS are mourning guy from the fan in Milwaukee along with chuck they were telling me that. There's some results going to be coming out like now yes they don't give the numbers they just give who's in the lead. Well. Hey Zeus is in the we still will lead us. He's in first Brandon belt so I can next month sees third straight term in a car opener. And then gene secure a former brewer still leads and the KL sat way to go brewers fans and give him an. I reported on Sunday that pays uses an all star. Yep and Kenseth. Now I did your sources telling us they were they were. And manner of what five dollars less than five hours. I'm gonna be right it looks like. There you go up the box. Will we talk and some bucks basketball map Alaska's at the bottom of the hour here they signed their first rounder Dante di Vincenzo. And did you avenue cats of what to what was in his saving your banking banking accounts the other day in he had like three bucks three dollars and 71 cents. And now takes a dramatic increase of looks like what the first two years five point three million. And so that's good and I and I love those stories. I imagine that though we were all dreamed about winning the lottery what we do but that's legit like she knew this was common. But then it just when it hits. You like how do you get your first like. Grab of cash when you signed something like that in fear if you're professional laugh like can you get your cat like I want some cash now. You have to wait until it digitally is. It goes through the process through his agent to the fees are taken are it and in here your union dues are well I don't even know how that works but I would just let like can I get. He can I get 101000 dollars. Cash. Too so I have some wiggle money here. Like guys like I said before I got a hundred bucks always him in my wallet that'll. Just be there in case of emergency how does he get his first Stipe and of cash. And now. Let's see what else is going to the World Cup update with Jose and solar right now on the bill Michael's sports talk network I have no idea of Belgium lost I think yeah out of France okay France's in. Are we down to three or down to two. You don't know what some afternoon well I don't wanna be branded is soccer game anymore. While it. Wait what he's halfway Wyatt yeah no I've not talked about this go boys go bill IA. I just don't have any time anymore watch soccer and zealot I don't I've lost interest in this border and like dead it's just. The US's in UB and I would be more into yet more and does I think it's an embarrassment that the United States and bracelets France. England. And England's playing Croatia today. Croatia OK and that's a good match I had two out of three more than you knew. I relied on you for this update World Cup update in our show meeting this was never discuss a world in a to a World Cup opting World Cup date would Joseph as a result. NBA commissioner Adam silver and on us about time on this they're gonna tinker with the idea of the one and done might go away. In the NBA at slash college. It's about time good. I think it's are certain restrain of trade. For the NBA to limit an eighteen year old COLT adult. Of signing. And applying for a job somewhere I really do neck getting it and others rules and it's a business entity of its own. It's a lot like the hypocrisy of Major League Baseball. Yet a sixteen year old Venezuelan. A sixteen year old Japanese player. They can sign a professional baseball contract in the United States but a sixteen year old here cannot. I may be missing something here. Maybe there's an Angola or thought Euro law our something I'm missing here. That seems to be somewhat hypocrite hypocritical little bit Bryce Harper at sixteen. Should have been playing professional baseball if she adhered to our. Educational loss in out you have to you have to get schooling somehow somewhere by someone fine. And you can do that he knew that Armani get home school can do and myriad of different things. To reach whatever requirements are there in this country. But why is it that they can and we can't he get a sixteen year old kid that's an absolute monster at the game of baseball. Can't sign a pro ball deal here. But that other country they can't you know I never thought of that until you've got fed up and just. Again I maybe there's some Imus and Joseph honestly me and I'm from open enough to admit that may on this and some sort rule of law but. I just thought I'd throw it out there. Our NFL players' union has fought a filing a grievance. Against the league did they follow protocol. In the ruling on what to do during the National Anthem. This sum all with the with the union on if the NFL broke the rules. Broke the bargaining agreement that they had with the players union. The Soviet but he can't do it if they if they took shortcuts. And went illegally against their agreement. Then so be Adam a mall for. Manny Machado watch is still on for the brewers. In Vegas the brewers have the number one odds to acquire Manning Machado. Do you about it joke. That that he's a brewer yeah. Vegas seems to know something while he had but I don't know the latest report nightly news from Ken Rosenthal that. The Orioles want Corbin burns who pitched last night members sought out. And personnel and give you Corbin burns from shot. And I don't think the brewers called Corbin burns up to showcase him. I don't believe that well I think they call them up to help win based on wolf remember what Greg council set a spring training he said at some point this year we are gonna have corporate burns helpless at big league level yes he did say that so here Diaz. And it's out of a relief role. I think his long term projection whether it's with the brewers or someone else. Should be starting pitcher. Any welding. Can I just say this. What the last time the brewers had a picture in their farm system that was able to go through all the levels within the span of two years. It's crazy. That's insists it. They've had such bad luck with homegrown pitching home and it's been that well documented well documented as well. But Carolina Panthers sale goes through David tepper on now owns the team. Or 2.2. 075. Billion. Billion. With the B as and bumblebee. Billion. Yeah I got that scratch. You know. It opens a myriad of of of thoughts on that and of the first of which says that oh why does. Why does a community needn't need to by the stadium. And these guys who throw around that kind of money and they own the team and now all that all sorts of that kind of dollar. I don't and we'll continue with our news and notes Dwight Clark who passed away as a wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers. Taken aback at where he was buried. Lab that for you an axiom of bill Michael's show. Six clues stations strong the my school's sports talk now. Good fortune program brought you by cousins of the -- bon so is Mac you can download the app on your mobile device or just go to cousins up dot com it's got the Wisconsin pulled pork. And the Wisconsin Swiss cheese or cheddar cheese crispy pickles onions are so good stop at any local causes of or just get the pepperoni about the bill Michael's with the SATA radio Joseph cousins jobs you better believe they're good you better believe they believe in better. No Michael show Wisconsin thanks for listening Tim Allen in for bill today. So Wednesday addition why does it feel like a Friday. The same feel like a Friday. SCANA does take the rest of the weekend off. Back to what will let Matt Alaska's of the journal sentinel talked some bucks basketball just couple minutes but to finish up. The world according to ten nominal lighter side of sports if not the heavier side in the news and notes segment here. You know who Dwight Clark is he's the a guy that. Had quote very catch. Was on the cover of Sports Illustrated it was all over it was. No it was bill his finger tip catch in the NFC title game in 1981. Between the cowboys in the San Francisco 49ers. And Emerson walls is again in mid DB that is looking up at him little guy those guys jumping on makes it to some classic classic classic catch. Covers Sports Illustrated I still have that addition. And he passed away Dwight Clark passed away about a month ago ourselves. And they revealed in in my reading here they revealed. Where he is laid to rest. You're gonna feel about this that in some regard I feel I think it's a little tacky but to each their own and maybe his family signed off on this and other the property of the four former owner of the niners. Is worries laid to rest. What's the what's significant about this is because. The owner has that goal post on his ranch in on the spread. The same goal post debt. Ms. pictured and in that end zone that side. A worry may dec catch. And he's laid to rest a Jason to that goal post where the catch was one of the captions made. I don't know why laughed. That's where he's laid to rest does that ring. Hey Yahoo!. Announcer our feel about that. He's got like. It's like a Bobble head on your shelf he's got that goal posts in his backyard. Okay but then the got to me the cat so you do you measure out while I was seven yards away from the then that we're gonna put a righty is so let's break that stone in the air. Thrown out in the air. It's kind of kooky isn't it. Summit I'd throw that out there I hope this family's okay with a now we go from that to some issues with LeSean McCoy. Some McCoy there's all sorts of things flying around all alleged so discover that right from the top. There's some. Alleged. Domestic abusers. Alleged. Dog abuse alleged child abuse alleged PED's. There'll alleged coordination. So let me see if I get the timeline said dude breaks up with a girlfriend. All that can be Massey I want my albums that's that was that phrase long ago well my albums back. So he he wanted to stuff back. And she was that probably be in. Combative like all break ups are both sides and he's like well a get out of my house that so when he's away he has friends of family. Go and start moving furniture out when she's away on. On does the go alarm and insist Armon and the whole deal. Well now girlfriend's friend. Gets best. She gets upset and throws some things out there on social media picture of her with a fat lip or something and then. A makes all these sorts of accusations. Was Shawn McCoy that comes rags has no no no I dad flatly deny everything. They always do. And then the next step in the timeline is the stuff he wanted back. Magically. A robber. Robs a house. While she's in it. And steals all the stuff that he want he didn't want it back when it when they broke up bracelets jewelry and things like baton. Everything alleged. Now opinion. Cortes this dude think he's trying to fool. It's just my opinion. I smell a rat the year. I gave that timeline you figured. Well more good news in the NFL Brandon Browner former DB a the patriots in the Seahawks. It is up on murder charges. And breaking and banner and today cowboys cornerback. Marquez white faces assault charges. In a road rage incidents. Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon a second degree felony. Why described the event as a road rage issue. He said the other driver was following him to close in being way too aggressive he said his life was threatened and to draw his weapon. He alleges that the other driver pulled up next to him and yelled racial slurs. And threaten to kill them is attorney said as he did not break the law and did everything. Legally. Here's the saving grace in the see him pull the trigger. I've always said just friendly customer service reminder from Tim. Let's stop shooting each other. Let's stop pointing guns at each other pulling the trigger. And make everyone's happier after that New York Giants defensive lineman. AJ France I've never heard this guy's been bounced around the league at a time or two but anyway. Throws a Twitter tirade against TSA in an airport after agents goes through and earn at check point the urn was carrying his dead mother's ashes. This is quite offensive it really is and I don't blame this guy I've thrown a tirade. He said called the next time you feel the need to go through my mother's ashes for no reason make sure you close the container so her remains aren't spilled all over my clothes. Hey you pieces of ass. At least you've the least few pieces of garbage can do is do your ass and job. Under all circumstances. After yourself. The craziest part of this TSA. House is that I don't even care that they checked it they were just being cautious and I can understand. But to not ensure that it won't spill and in my bag when he put it back is the most asinine and irresponsible. Ass I have ever seen. Art that was his response to the TSA is apology. Where they set under no circumstances. Of the officer supposed to check containers carrying cremated remains out of respect. Are off officers are trained to handle your carry on luggage with care please accept our apologies as well as our condolences. I've got TSA decree tomorrow been. Lucky me. I don't mind. And I really don't mind it I think he would think about travel you think about travel and airports. And I know we'd like to gripe in and we get fatigued to travel fatigue is is this pretty heavy duty at times. But there and they're really. Do and an excellent job considering the amount of people they moved. Think about that and an as safe as as they can be right on a daily basis all the airports in the country non stop. Well I just one more thing on that since from the travel thing I've wondered clearly some form of why is it that they loads of front of the plane first. And clogs everything up at the front nine and then they called the next section. The get away for the people up front what they just out of it again that's I don't do that for a live. When they just say all right those of you with that crappy seats in the back you guys can get our and that way they go all the way through the play. So the logjam is at the back. And not in the middle and at the front. Yeah I guess Walt from if there was assigned seating that would make sense doesn't say right yeah yeah southwest is just first come for terrorists on efforts yet. Just a little side note there. But CEO. That's all I have news and notes later that. Or call sat. Up later on in the show we gonna talk to Jerry Augustine. We will talk a ton of brewers graceful were also to talk about where you get to sports. Although it isn't news and info that I just gave you right there. I'll tell you where I gathered all of that and on a daily basis when you wake up in the morning. We're what's your first line defense. I'm getting your sports news might be this show could be social media could be news to him whatever. You talk about that a little bit there might be a generational thing. Talk some bucks basketball up next map Alaska as of the journal sentinel Tim Allen in for build a day here on the bill Michael's show. Everywhere he Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Sports programming brought to Meyer president knew well medical center Kevin fever it is real it's finally getting warm you wanna get outside you wanna move around because maybe the indoor sports are good that's okay. They can help you out a 98% success rated treating guys with ED. Or you're gonna head out you're looking for more mental energy better moot mental clarity they can help you out low T treatments they do that as well yeah help me help myself. That's right plus T sure whether it's here. You don't wanna look like you're smuggling half barrel on your shirt come on 4144554451. Yo weight loss program yes it works. Just call him forward for. 4554451. That's our friends over the new male medical center. Thank you bill and welcome back to the bill Michael showed him in for bill today. He has I've got a myriad of things don't eat he does these and get married soon and camp. I can't imagine what all goes into that but he's well involvement that so. Radio Joes and soul is here nick bode behind the glass over there as a we embark on a young Wednesday here in Wisconsin next week the all star break Joseph. Our I have an opportunity. To drop a line in the water. Doolittle to being. In a day on the lake in a bow. Dawn I know do it haven't done it a long time to means a lot of fun efficient. Can. I don't know. The voting the two main part. I'm in. Couple Beers yes all star break so finished strong to the finish here of the all star break but box basketball. Topic here. That. In the NBA these days is just not going away it's sort of a year round thing. Let's at these Schneider awards hotline and while command now on the Bucs beat its Matt Alaska's of the journal sentinel Matt how are you it's emir. I'm go to W dot org. Thank you and I was really jealous have you moved being out in Vegas there are being added to Vegas sixty times. As. But odd tough job for you. Tell me first of all the demons show and so edition here. He gets his money. And then they finally say is sealed that deal what kind of role now moving forward what do what is she where does he go from here what's next step for him. Well and I think immediate next step is you continue and get healthy you know they got our. Robert a break in the sense that their next game until Thursday with. Today they don't play well tomorrow they get a little bit more time Iraq. Your racked up that that right groin strain and a navy to have a chance to play I know he enchantment for it to get out on the court. But they're trying to be cautious with him. During some really did not rip your nonsense written anything. You know when you have a guy be distracted you're gonna have entered deeper you are too good for years. And you want to develop you know need to worry about exacerbate that hinders the overtime you know they wanted to to kind of do what he did it Villanova just yet. You know tough. All around player who can hear shoot the three space the floor. It'll make me smile playing what he had bought the pair drove it right off the ball you know worked hard on defense. I grabbed rebounds in that nature. I'm not because you are with collects about Clinton instilling brown hurt. First spot in the rotation so ordered it taken aired in those things here that he can earn parent on the court. Any of the more gore speak you have drag out of the more guys have done. And the personal defensively and about three guard suffered back to teach and help so ball that well good for them. Did you like that pick when they selected him. I think you made that. Added thing when you look at things that they needed in the big debate ticket they were voting for I think you eat it goes. And let's look at that attack that there are actually safe or aren't on it. I'm just somebody who had you know experience they're portraying. A high level. And and winning and you see the look at any crap for so yeah you see how he can plot and Peter than later but they. Yeah I love that picked. Because of what you just mentioned there EEE excelled at the highest level he could be against his peers. That to me I thought I thought screamed at good pay act. The NBA draft as a whole though Matt you know obviously much more than I do but about the NBA. Now correct me if I'm wrong here is the NBA draft after like the top eight or ten players says and it's sort of a crapshoot where are ones even. All I mean maybe not even a pretty close I mean you hear your trigger on getting star level player. Outside of the lottery you know you could but you could be starter or you know a long time. They are currently eat up to that point it just sub topics and certainly aren't in your favor so. You know but in stride maximize that by gains and drastic as possible landing here and can't do that opt out all boats aren't in the morgue. Who cannot who could ever agree totally. You know and he's back pat the bigger shock. Albert would spot you have so. Yeah it like you said have a crack you and then I'm reluctant sometimes you Egypt and you've got a league entry here. It's true answer. What's the latest on Jabari. Well Perry Rick a kind of a holding pattern here can report that on the telecast today. Let you talk and who are here to guard represented everyday. You know there's only really three teams picker upper. A number of bigger than about what he stood in action or maybe it's your card matches in a hard cap situation. You know that they have you know the seventy billion dollars it if you really want to put right up near the hard cap. In other like you'd have to clear out. You know money different way arm but it escalated. Thirteen Duncan on the offer and it is they think about what I expect hard with analysts say while pork in the apple. But you know it would have been barker departed guard partnered iron in about a couple of their own. Kiewit and obviously he'd have to want as well now lonely street into opera and something that. You might think would be readable but if he didn't want London. Unlock continue testing the market than it doesn't work so it was gonna keep waiting until it either you make an opera about. Bat and offer little more there's there's a son Gregory Craig the all this oil. Are all of you on the table and I'm Patrick when and how it goes. All right so Ilyasova. Brook Lopez. And even sends though. With the with those three ads how much better is this basketball team. Well I think especially you know Brooke look you could look at our current who specifically. Well make them significantly better because you know what you can bring to the senate position. Because one that even Ghana and ridiculous. One need Cora last year. You know is seeking it in defense is like quickness and lateral movement that are or aren't great but. Look at this such a strong that the player in the great support their crack at three in a position inside. And he can nuclear offered through ago and he fit perfectly. As the money to get on honest I'm near the vehicle also in the and then. David tablet to all the guys have it seem common traits. Being kind of you know Brcko player on offense. I'm being a little clip before and it around young and so I think when you can plug in those guys in the bucks actually haven't lost anyone yet. Good luck just you know it took out you know the ability key to bring back everybody you're anybody could they want Marxist scheme. On you know you know rhetoric here and there you have those who players and and a new coaching staff 1119 and older. That's exactly going to be better. Yeah poppies Christian influences here. Tuchman met Alaska as here on the bill Michael shell man it's Joseph I am. It the Brook Lopez situation. Would he be the starting setter and even if John dancing comes back of the box on final way to trade him I assume they would cut Tyler Zeller loose. With Lopez and be the starting Saturday think he'd be better suited coming off the bench. I think he'd probably be the starter. Obviously there there'll I'm fully you know their credit card ballot go to the just the way to eat you seem to say. On both brand I think in defense here if you recognize. Are being with the starters because you have a more active plate and not substance or not starting your. How to rate are you defenses choose. And then you could keep popping up on native American banker. Spending time on the court would not think Jenna and would probably. Look like he'd be the third guy there as long as I'm playing well that got under way. He didn't look at lucky in that he didn't get as many minutes could be credit the what you did in the playoffs. And then you can definitely see other other groomed twelve. We'll have been will still be in the next ten especially in. You know it without not from the court. Maybe your outlook corporate that he has much in picking kind of playoff and then in the open market a lot last year and that god could enroll. But there have been up three syllable or that they keep around. Front wheel and a look at my hubby and I crack. At being the starter. Real real quick map before we let's ago defensively booty holes or has been known to have a decent defense and is this team better defensively can we set I can we please stop raining threes on this basketball team Katy. It is just how their play some defense once in awhile they better defensively. I mean that they're gonna have to and I have to figure out the number quick. Only someone in training camp obviously the number of uncompressed theater opened quarter but you've been an easy buckets inside a problematic for years. I'm so that they can you can you got up the company having brokered my outlook will protect your current. I'm that this getting out there in order take an early age group. Wouldn't incur that nitpicking at her table would agree that your current get a lot of open three and the ultimate departure and it would probably be better. Things are looking good for the Milwaukee Bucks the new arena and then you're looking at. Oh yeah by the way that dudes out of the east so that might that might be a little bit of a benefit heading into this campaign but Matt Alaska's. I appreciate the time now we'll talk again all right. All right I'll get back sadly. Marius from the journal sentinel on the Bucs beat Matt Velasquez in the bill Michael's show your on the Schneider orange outline Schneider hiring drivers right now they work hard you work hard nature you fare for eighty plus years they've been getting it done. Called an 844. Pride or go to Schneider jobs that have stick around a lot to get to today Sam Allen in for build a day radio Joseph is here and Jerry Augustine joins us at the top of the hour talk and some brewers baseball as there are eighteen games over the 500 mark. More next year on the bill Michael ship this portion of the program brought you my Bud Light the official response to the bill Michael sports talk network Wednesday night live is back it's up it's running at the Wisconsin state fair part in the Budweiser pavilion to one apartment car it's six bucks free admission free for motorcycle lists as well get out enjoy the music under the stars at the Wisconsin state fair park in the Budweiser pavilion all brought to you by Bud Light the official beer sponsor the bill Michael sports talk network. Wisconsin. Michael's sports talk. Then welcome back Wisconsin it is the bill Michael's showed Tim Allen in for bill today. Busy dude he's back tomorrow. You're back Wal-Mart they are now know. Joe's office after today headed to Vegas I'll be back on Monday. Hot stick at a game last night in the 84 victory how about Christian yell at each. I know Travis show we enjoy that home run in the eighth inning. Giving Corbin burns little insurance there and then they tacked on a couple of more in the ninth inning that was Kristen yeah Alex with a two run double but he was. Three for five minute ball game last night four RBIs and let me just say that's. That that not just last night but it is an absolute pleasure. Observing Christian yell let's play the game of baseball. Those that are. You know millennial if you will. Or traditionalist purist. That's they got to watch I don't care what your ages that the purest. Form of the way you should play baseball. Is that kid right there I'd say kid but that guy that player Chris stimulus pretty amazing. Really yes. All tools Smart. Ball in play. It's all fields. Defensively. Outstanding. And has the accolades that go along what that's just really really cool you get a you get a team fully Christian he Alex's. You're in great shape man but it it is unlike a player we've seen a long time in a brewers uniform absolutely that is the hot stick. Of the game yes but Clemens hot stick in the game every week throughout the season you can editor. To win a year's supply of Clement sausage snack sticks just go to bill Michael sports that come for busy people who care about the food they eat and share. Clements next stakes are the convenient high protein choice that fits the eye on the goal lifestyles because unlike big brands. Their product is real hardwood smoked sausage is handcrafted using authentic European recipes and premium ingredients so they're not just easy to eat. They're easy to love Clements it's next. As they set a couple minutes ago Jerry Augustine will join us here on the bill Michael's show will get into where the Bruce a rat the Machado why shouldn't Zeus and the folding of the final man in. Things so far for the crew on a good Jerry spin on this and it's really he on fox sports Wisconsin. A former brewers left handed pitcher. It's it's almost as if it said I won't say how can I guess a little bit about. Told tapped of sorts if you go back and look at last night's lineup for the crew. And again I everything is relative. Everything is in ranked orders had not it's not about given nice guys at bats. As that would. Professional. Levels are four. But and I mean no disrespect at the 5678. And nine hitters the nine is that is the pitchers so I understand. But salad Dino. Miller. Broxton. And crafts. Again are they common through at times. Yes. And is it is a team and they're bonded well they're connected. And their celebratory. In their friends and mitigate. Clubhouse chemistry is outstanding. But I just that's one part of it here that. At some point will that get the brewers. Will that part of it get. It might. It might that's a reality. It's it's not Chris Iannetta his son Daniel to scale cells. And these Neil Walker's. And those types of players you could throw Ryan brought into the Amex is for all intents and purposes sort of bench player now. You can throw Eric things in there not a plug and play player. This sort of a bench player. Those other guys you want the other guys and again I love anybody in a brewers uniform. Except column offs and giving alms. But I do and at night I wish the best for them. We are looking at comparing. That lineup that roster. To the Chicago Cubs that lineup that roster. It kind of makes me a little nervous. San Dino and Alec ash yours. And Mike's a curse diss my eggs are eager ski and Eric practices and an even Jacob not again. Those types of names when Nate or there's a good. In his box 71 batting average everybody went crazy because Nate north of little guys that these drop and he's not a box. Who what does he is 083083. Sorry about that demanded Jim pick out of those twelve percentage points but okay. That's announced AM what do they step up at times and are they connected and and now all of this yes the answer is yes cross board. But does it. Concern you like it does mean I'm a little concerned. Oh you. Might be a little bit concerned a little bit concerned that is yet. It is concerning elected specs and not that it's dramatically broken but it certainly can get better. Jerry Augustine from fox sports Wisconsin former brewers lefty you'll join us next Tim Allen in for bill today radio jealousy or nick bode behind the glass. Wisconsin you're listening to the bill Michael's show. You're listening to the bill. Bill might school's sports talk now. Network.