HR1 – Rodgers speaks on personnel changes…Should he have a say?

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Thursday, April 19th
Hour 1. We’ll react to what Aaron Rodgers had to say

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From the league runs to. River runs this season we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall the bill monkey show. I think today you survive this no apocalypse Ronald on seasonal apocalypse I just. Fell out of my mouth I guess more so than anything. And I'll finally were above freezing. Gonna go up to forty something degrees today and I think that was it. I think that was it for everybody that saw snow and a significant amount. I think that's ill I think we're finally done. And that we can begin to move on we can begin to move towards spring notes in the forties today fifties over the weekend I even saw six these next weeks ago. Hopefully this up melts fast furious fills up all the the lakes the ponds all the full wages. And we get back to life in spring in Wisconsin and start to feel better about ourselves because god knows. I'm sick of the snow and as the season winds down the Milwaukee Bucks were up tomorrow night. Will see if the buckskin I have any kind of optimism any kind of hustle when he kind of reaction to what they went through the other night and get themselves a win. Meanwhile the brewers they punched out Bryan Price he is no longer with the Cincinnati Reds in. It's gonna benefit the reds a lot because your ash should have been fired after that meltdown. To be quite honest with you could your metal case so Bryan Price out on his bike he is no longer with the Cincinnati Reds that part of pitching coach as well after the brewers. Took two out of three from them and they have total of three wins on the season in the second swamp water in the central in the meantime. There are many different versions of the Green Bay Packers schedule that have been leaked. So to speak some of armor made up some of them you don't know I had no idea. Whoa wait till tonight but the schedule comes out tonight we'll find our agreement Packers are going to be. How many you don't nationally televised games are going to have primetime games are gonna have who they're going to be playing elect and a good stop and everybody's got the insight. And everybody that sends something to me there's very few of you whom actually match. I think it's more speculation and any thing and year trying to median Saturn that's foreign and Arnold I don't blame him but I'm gonna wait till. We actually see it and when it's announced tonight and then. We'll get into that discussion. As well. Speaking out tonight I wanna remind you we're gonna be a cafe and Benelux cafe Benelux this evening. As we are going to be down there for the Milwaukee basketball power if you wanna stop by and say hello be appeased the crowd capping Benelux this time but studio yours truly c.'s marquee fight for. Steve Novak in general also a Jason Terry is going to be downer tonight sort of four people on the on the days if you will occur Mumbai say hello. NB a face in the crowd there and that is are going to be. From our from 6 to 7 this evening in your nominee leasing stations. It's not going north to Green Bay Aaron Rodgers spoke and we think it's usually you do this too much yesterday and I wanted to get back into this today does he feel. He should have employed. On teens are on the team players and coaching decisions in such. Well I think I know my role on last play as well as I possibly can quarterback. You know there's decisions that are in remained. From a personal standpoint that's the toughest part when you're in this business for a long time. And you you know start relationships with the coaches and players and as you get older and I knew this was young players find out the possibility of success to play a long time. And probably doubts live a lot of close friends in this business. Because longevity offered to a quarterback is obviously greater than. Our guys banging heads over time or run all of field. So what's the toughest part about the whole thing his son you know losing. Guys over the years the majority still James Jones and did you oxygen on coombs is rose peppers guys you're close to. You know and and again that's. Those are team decisions and and you know your role and responsibility and you. Gender of this camp. So they go yeah I don't know what you think that sounds like it basically sounds like. He feels like you should have a voice he knows his place go out and play football ground played very well. There's a fine line to walk when it comes to involving a player in natural decisions in coaches. Within the team and I'll go on the circle back to that to be quite honestly don't circle back that because I think there's something there. Also is he frustrated. He does not have input on roster decisions. Well again you know. I don't wanna rule in place to play quarterback the best I can and a team is gonna try and you know put the right guys and placed her coach is in place the rights players and placing yourself to trust the process. As we've. We've talked about over the years you know this. This process works. And has worked for Mike for a number of years. Obviously there's ways to earlier in his thirteenth season and we had a lot of success here in. Kind of trust process. So. There's a there's a lot there about the those two statements are loaded okay so I I want to circle back to that. What he was also asked as he had any. You know any misgivings. About not being included when the decision came down when they said you know what it's time to move on from Jordan. Well again like I said you know this is a professional. Environment. But it has as humans we are personal connections people went. And obviously you know he was one my closest friends in the locker room for a number of years and played you for a long time and talked about. You know a recession his career. Here in and to gather in making the most opportunities. And that's nest the disappointment. His. When you're close to. Your teammates and and you're not here anymore and in his first united plants or morals. Brooks the characterizations make incisions or they feel like in the best interest of our team and and your trust process. There's a lot of non answer there and there are you know I mean. EE we we we talked about this seed deep you know mrs. friend distorting else tomorrow. You know Tom boy I don't wanna. Again I want you hear what he has to say because I wanna go back. And give you then my thoughts on this because it is not is black and white is you might think it is in less of course you feel that way. Then this cut and dry it's basically shut up and play ball. But it won't get into that coming up now Aaron Rodgers also asked about should Mike McCarthy your heard the new general manager Gooden against. At least console Jew on decisions like wide receiver Jordy Nelson. I don't know that's a question for myself. To your itself. They're paying me to play quarterback that's my abilities. And had their job descriptions. On March analyst type of things so. I think you just act accordingly. Okay. My job visibly quarterback they're paying mead quote played quarterback. You know. So. He's it's it's for as much as he's never wanted to sound like far he sounds a lot like far far citizen and they want just a quarterback here. Very loud statement went Marcia. And Favre was mourning more input Favre was morning Randy Moss farm was wanting Darrell bubble Favre was wanting to more things. For him. And to have more say in it and feel as if he had gotten to the point in the organization that it was. Better than this the Green Bay parts. On that same Aaron Rodgers is saying is the Green Bay Rodgers but we all know that he's the straw that serves as drink. But how much say should a player gets in. You know he was asked as he got the middle of saying goodbye to a friend like Jordy and Alex Van Pelt and turning to younger players on the team in this way to set. Well that's what that's a part of me enormously. As I saw when I was young player. Fallen Brett you know the age gap becomes significance. More significant numbers you were here as you get older in the end this. Younger players are still younger you know between 122 coming in them. You know on the way of 35 herself yet to do more of sort of connect with those guys and and this is what the offseason Obama's votes cultivate those relationships and and fun and it's a chemistry and locker room with the guys and spending time outside the locker room. Whether senators are nutritional walking or golfing and a competitor do things we've done over the years. That's a conceded though that team camaraderie. And that's what's on Communists yeah it's tough losing losing those guys but. Again estimates his business it's about change and you have to. It's let's remember this is a professional environment and this can happen from our plates on forty and beyond. Community doesn't plan would now. We'll be general and on that point on it and keep plants and then so it's it's about it's. Again cultivate those relations for the young guys. Find in. With the team chemistry looks like every year 'cause changes and and looking forward to Tennessee's. So now he Lewis is you know asked about finding out the start of free agency you know Jordy Nelson's gone the team goes on to steaming it Jimmy Graham and in so he you know bit that the focus ships from what was. To what now could be any talks about it. There was about same here thanks those bittersweet obviously are talking majority. On a dry if so my work out so and and find an hour later in the day that you know we're signed Jimmy hum. Again you lose lose a close friend even less successful restaurant and gain another guy who even friends of us. Luis really feel like an analog to locker room from playing. Perspective but also leadership from our standpoint so you know it's could have an impediment there he says that around a couple of organizations now. McCain catalogs or our locker room. Seoul. Obviously he's got a relationship we Jimmy Graham they have had a chance to chat you know we'll see now effective connection. Becomes as reliable as it was between him and Jordy Nelson and in the meantime. He was asked about Mike McCarthy's comments when he was at the Columbine about you taken a scrub brush were were white and down the entire offensive playbook could take a listen. Where every year's changes. Summer. Samir is there's a few changes and this year I think with. Joseph coming back. After he's been a couple places in and hos come and and there's been just more voices of and other places others didn't really China. Streamline some of the verbiage which ultimately help. It puts a greater strain our guys like myself a bit in the same offense trump you know fourteen years. I'm looking at formations today. That's we've called five different things now so. It's a good. It's a good thing ultimately. I just can't take some time ago through and today was still on first day and wasn't overwhelming and it's just not going to be selection standing plus snow on the ground golf core courses are closed in Rome by noon so I have funniest when it's time. So. Like he he's right I mean for summer has been in the system for fourteen years yeah you look at something and you're okay are known only to be this way. For the young guys this is the only thing you're gonna know you know or at least for the time being so it's the first time they're kind of learning it so to speak. So you know all that being said I like the fact that when he talks about Joseph he talks about new coaches coming in. He's already got someone relationship there. Guys are bringing a fresh perspective I. We'd head you know numerous people on this program whether B writers are former players coaches Brian Billick they're talked about the predictability. Of the offense and of the verbiage. And you just wonder. If that has now trickled down to Mike McCarthy where others are saying. You know I get to I understand what it is they're doing there you know we've heard it called you know offense 101 before. So you kind of think to yourself okay. Maybe they do need an outside looks and how Joseph felt the guy's been there done that now has been in a couple of different organizations goes out looks around to say there's different things out here. You can do some different stuff. Let's bring this in let's bring that in and then Mike McCarthy very open minded in this apparently. Saying OK let's not completely do everything different but let's let's reinvent ourselves a little bit and he was asked about how to packers' offense is gonna involve doing a ball. Now that is kind of the same all same all with a new Rian reinvigorated Joseph Phil. Whereas earlier work in progress on I dictated it's fun not going to a meeting with him again you know he led the offense I mean today and he's forget how much control we as a from a room. I mean he is fantastic it speaking in front of a group and and clearly. To get in the the message in the goals and then. I'm kind of the outlook. For the season. I am very clear. And concise way that the guys can understand and appreciate relate to so. Is going to be a lot of fun and I'm I mean I just smiled walking on the steps into the media room this morning. As as asylum fraud and thought about two years of speeches and and teach unity gave us. And never sent to a meeting. Doesn't really change chose to have Joseph and I'm very engaging an affront got to be under. Hundred toast as he is nice call people out during a meeting Richard pay attention was going on. It's it's gonna be really good for us. So they go that's Aaron Rodgers kind of breaking things down when we come back. What level. Both. Say do you think Aaron Rodgers has earned. I think it's a legitimate question because you have to find there's a lot of gray here in my opinion and you have to find. The happy medium we'll talk about don't we come back more of a Michael show next. I know my role play it. Clay court about the best I can in the teens can try and you know put the right guys and voiced their coaches and place the right to players and placing yourself to trust the process. As we've. We've talked about over the years and this. This process works. And has worked from Mike from numbered years. Mysterious ways to earlier in his thirteenth season with a lot of success here and it's kind of trust process. The program. Those are the words of Aaron Rodgers. But Michael show continues. We'll talk about how much. Say. The guy and Aaron Rodgers still should have it doesn't matter which is Karen Rogers Tom Brady Drew Brees and I mean whoever happens to be okay. And I wanna know what your saudis on this I think it's I am. I I think it's and he is legitimately I think it's a question that. While we may never opinion I think obvious negative things are different within your organization by yeah I think it's something that we should discuss at every may ever know again. At every celebration like when the Packers got it back together I'm sure somewhere someplace sometime. They're all get together somewhere right Dusan cousins of that because better is more than just a worthy promise and every party the customizable party boxes I talk about the classic two foot party sub. Big box lunches the options they have they have the police every crowd don't forget about the whenever the occasion. They will never see never settle for being just good enough that is our friends or cousins of the officials sub sandwich and go like a sports star network go to cousins subs dot com that his cousin subs dot com. For all the information how much say. In your opinion should Aaron Rodgers have if any. Within either personnel. Or coaching. Our I'd. Just just asking the question now while 855830864. Let's go Jacob on the south side Jacob auto program the Michael Shiite no matter what's got. Went up bill thank you taken Michael. First of all day. I don't think Aaron Rodgers should have any day and I don't mean that as like sliders like a dig at ease stopped talking or anything like that. I do think when you expect to do is an athlete. Any kind of call it an sort of personal frustrations here to release with virtual. You look at it basketball the Cleveland Cavaliers basically allow the browns games to sabotage and higher first round with a team. By saying I want this washed up big name what that would work out now get this watched a big game but our gut out and it is washed up I. I'll when he start to do that guys just sort of pick and choose their brand netbook Ali necessarily make for good teams so. I don't think ridership at they have personnel issues I will say I feel obviously given that he's. In my eyes than the greatest player that the franchise that had. You need to. As you're doing making these decisions he need to at least keep him in the loop they look aired this is what we're doing just now. And you collection notice of what our planet. Keep him out weakly in the conversation moving forward. He doesn't need to be saying go sign this guy this guy but he's definitely earned their respect though. You know before we Lee Vista media just want to give you a heads up when let George go here's the deal. That being said to I think one parent actually start playing football in the opposite going to be weigh in on his mind as much he's gonna be more focused on the game itself. And I look at in a vacuum the Jimmy knelt there are seeing Jimmy Graham Jordy Nelson Neil. You can't look at it as we let go Girardi we get we will look at it we traded Jordy urgent and and I think it's going to be a big upgrade that assigning itself reminds me so much of Julius Peppers coming out of Chicago. Just to freak athlete people are saying they're done that probably weren't being used to their best strength in the system that they were in the. I think we're gonna use get every or use him as kind of a wild card all over the field and heritage its development target. Once he actually start playing the game with a Jimmy Graham. It'll forget about it and hopefully Jordy had a good year to that way everybody can kind of move out and be happy. And Packard get back the cup at the end of the where they belong exposed. Per ship he drops off you get onboard 855830864. And so he says. He should be consulted. Are at very at the very least hold what they're doing. Prior to them doing it out of respect because he's earned that. That's what he's dead her body art downtown art watering program the Michael Joe's comment. I don't know Joseph. I call you by the way I got to see about getting my son and a soccer camp. Sure so I'll just FY I saw Michael King the other day so I just thought I'd just throw that out there. Well regret about where Ahmed were so close right exactly down the street man I didn't know that so spent there. Well you know there's there's the actual but I I think it Aaron Rodgers says absolutely. Gain media respectively. You know I think I think they should consult with them on most everything they do. You remember back when the Buffalo Bills let's force to a false Jim Kelly called Google play. Yeah he did he was expects you and a guy called the players in the huddle but I think the reason why it because. It doesn't matter what type of game play and you put out there. I'm as coaches if the players don't buy in toward the game plan as to what you're doing on good luck trying to get them out there and execute on the field. And Aaron Rodgers is most important guy as far as execution for the offense insult. Our view want him to be. In order. In what you're doing because if you got ownership to it that's gonna give him more incentive and more. You know the more our desire to go out and execute because he's got ownership in the process. And so I think. You know what again and I think you can. Really. Underestimate how much that means the players and so why you don't want him you know free rein to to run the show. I'm I think he's the guy that we all know from watching through years. You know you don't you don't believe that he's the smartest guy in the world right I mean at which isn't a bad thing. You don't believe in itself but if you don't Zoellick he's the smartest guy and so. You certainly don't let him run the ship. I'm italics you trust Joseph bill we've got a lot of respect for jell. And I I think you do know where he's at his career you actually wanna make him feel like. He's a big part of decision making and that let him go out and play wit. The ability to take ownership of what they're cured. Right and I Itar art appreciate the phone calls always coming in touch with via government can play soccer for you guys armed. Here's a question numb to get into the summit to do group quick two but. We when you have a player that now has knowledge of other guys either being brought in or let go. Do other guys in that locker begin to resent him if indeed he's not telling them because this organization is saying hey keep this on your hat knowing that he's being consulted. Do they think that he's cutting their throat. Knowing that he's being consulted doesn't that then create other problems and just things I think about quickly go to duke in Green Bay don't trade on man. Dark side. I. Shouldn't it my gosh maybe it's the one hand they'd live on the other hand outs that deference. The decision has already made and you you can sit dollar argue. What you are pretty you know me. Oh yeah Iran would sit down and look we released Jordy Nelson and we're gonna release some tomorrow. You know your future order. You gotta kennel animal what's or not I don't know what what would you argue alerts from the quarterbacks and all I want that this yeah. That's a great question I completely agree that's a great question. It'll all who can't warm you can beat big decision majority and David Saul. Not a good stroke that there is audio and everything I only you've got to run it by your quarterback Danny you're not just Aaron Rodgers. Any key he's the guy. Who brought the heat. Run and how. The goal I have pretty important I templates that work it is really thought it goes the majority made so there's little imp. Yeah and no I I get a good. Did appreciate the phone call us do that regardless who the pretty quick program come back. Cease 45 rows of exposed injuries are we knew about this box game tomorrow night know what's coming up well later tonight also I want to get back in this because some very good questions raised right there. Between the questions from out from art in duke I want to get back in this because there need to eat each and it's not is cut and dry as you think morneau Michael shipment six. This snow. Rounds five the body all right it'll be one tonight Ghana cafe Benelux. As we are giving the Milwaukee basketball hour I'm gonna be there Steve Sparky fight for most of what's post game show going to be there featuring Steve Novak Jason Terry's gonna be there when this tonight as well as. We try to put something positive to look forward to when it comes in Milwaukee Bucks taking on the Boston Celtics of the BC coming up on a Friday night. Joining us now the co host of that program Steve Sparky fight for 1057 FM the fan in Milwaukee now joining us in the general orange outline in. Spark is there is there a silver lining to any of this right now. They've gobbled overdose. Bubble older. You know it's it's a rapid. Aux are like. But which favors a while night. Is a back gate I'm not saying they get. You know everything but it erupted. They are our bank got apple. I'm bought with that game they have acted they don't win that game I highly doubt about it I think you're gonna get what Paul McNamee as much energy. Back crowd mob guys that yet at any yet there's more likely end here you can't he talk about it make it work. Probably deal. First of all let me says I completely agree I said I didn't think they'd win the series in now a lot of national people thought although the more talented team. They're gonna. You know they're going to be able to take this series especially with a depleted Celtics team the one thing that we discovered about the Celtics is. Defense matters and I don't net is much as we talk about guys disappearing and having a little play well and they're shooting isn't where it needs to be. I also look it what would Bret Stephens is drawn up in the way they donate ended they just their transition defense is fantastic in the Bucs have not had an answer. And we talked about that I bet it also gonna make it half court game. That's exactly what happened and ballot it and it half court game are good court besides they do it quite simple. Who they were so carpet walk about how and why look at why it. Yeah okay and before it all star break you know they get a medal for the all star break that you saw what actions in Strachan advocates excited. And I package just certain to hold everybody packets are just want to wait and see what they look like it is genes that are much better are not the flight plan that lets see what they look like. There you just is not at the table they're just not and you left footed on coach and I put it up culture. You wanna put it up part OK what art they don't play well enough art. If you wanna put it unselfish play and what it unselfish play. Whatever you want a hundred different regions wider market when this theory in what happened. Dog batter in the first two game of the series speed record to a certain degree it's a combination of all of that. That golden why this isn't that the basketball you know probably gonna ask other first target the Boston Celtics no matter it's not a dark ever urged birdie here birdie 233 point. It looks of Jabari Parker being pretty much I sued every time he comes on the court and it's it's frustrated him and almost embarrassed him is Bret Stephens is drop some terrific defense in transition. I never really gets anything going offensively for the box be it just it seems like even though we are awaiting him for him to have a breakout series. Stephen said look we're gonna pack the middle against John Letzing give him his everybody else's have to go gonna have to go earn it and we're not to allow the perimeter players to get off so. Are you know spark hey I I'm disappointed that Jabari as a make the most of his minutes I think he's pressing a little bit because of what he did coming in India into the series but again I go back to. If there's anything learned from the series that this box squads should understand is if you play stifling defense he gives you show many more opportunities to win. Sure I'll blitz heyday out and they have not match for yours you know that they Jim I think. Coming tonight I don't I'm not happy. What what I XE and should be happy I think you'd have to shake up of the white tried a little bit. It for me now as it is going to be at the start are like Malcolm rocket hit an outlet doubt about it on the offered on what ought to come off the ball. Album at two point guards didn't get the ball off on May doubt it's often an answer they get the ball well a lot. Every make more luck we're running all night long and organize a worker trying to get out get up made baskets which that he does not about. That's not for me is that next step and if you can get that done while my racquet against the Celtics. But what's now they'll react to that lets job erect with two point guards and four let's see how they react where. One opera mate Al. And let's let them make an adjustment optional. So how much of a shot do you then when this bogon or do you think they're gonna get beat again and maybe even get swept a series. There is a bad shot they have won in the ballgame and there right now. I think if it outlook pick I gave which they were aware. Mom I would be to get our picture of partial but it went about I out of signing up and so. I think it's over. But if they want Amare bite them out there and Archie what adjustments and yell Bobble but can carry you for the block. What happened on that look at this series is tied it two. I'm Mondale got everybody every new document about the boxed in backed off. Our Gus Johnson says they show that it be Yost needs to be more selfish and by being selfish he makes everybody around him better or he just takes over and do you know on one hand I completely agree I understand where he's coming from I understand the senate I just don't know. I'll bring that the issue are. I think the issue is I don't think though other flirt around here and will allow be selfish and you each day should it. LeBron twenty point the first quarter last night. But it actually knows what Brock at one point the first quarter brought to do we have to do. There's no lol why does LeBron I should have shot. There's there's not a bad mean yeah attitude massacre in every understand how did you carry on moderate certain victory not like I recall. I think for yacht has. You have to have middle and not that Bledsoe. And Parker. Bargain and everybody else that's why I'm a fact of what we're we're in this series African hectic what was Russia not to look I have to happen and we're gonna have to be okay where. Moreover not all. And try to create patriotic it's the ram do whatever we have to do to help knock it. Vs getting around Kandahar district you can move off the basketball and watching not what waddle waddle. Are gonna work eat it up and they'll have to move on and whatnot they'll ask you one in the shot. I don't firmly believe our hearts that everybody had to gain was gonna buy and that's a lot I really doubt. I was these party five rows of about post game shows spark you were saying Merritt group with us is we sat there and talky barred Parker. Com one of the things I walked away thinking was and this is just my opinion I don't know if you have the same or not but. For all the things we talked about it seemed like as he wanted to keep mentioning the organization. Do you think the sense that he trusts are best for the enthralled but he genuinely wants to remain in Milwaukee. Yet now I I said that the next Eric shall Milwaukee I think. And get a read by IB. Media guide it was as. But from the I think. Does the back shares at a keeping depart Parker if that you want to our she doesn't want people have no idea but if they wanna keep. I think about executing a merit to get at coaching here give him final say Port Authority from course. And get a product that ownership can stay out of the dark light from about operation. You've got out there. And Parker by the the that respect the guy that's going to be doing it and I've been like that ownership stake out of it and horse to it and perhaps I'll say. A personal decisions salt or. I think that would help to eliminate any type of trust issue is considered new person there for him to buy into Entrust. That that person can put in the best position possible to succeed. If none of that happened to papering and Bonnie Williams got horse so it's Arnold their personnel decisions election either Trevor you believe his fault streams over there. If it that it can continue going down that road I think that's. Probably going to be a tough sell offer to port Parker go on or if there are trust issues there. Always good Smart look forward to seeing down tonight ten day Jimmy go and at least one more before we policies and it touched earlier the nastiest party by Burroughs who spoke bucks post game show. Joining a show on the Schneider or in challenge senator Harry drivers right now you work arbitrage repair eighty plus years they've been getting it on call me 244 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs dot com wanna get back into the air Roger's stuff coming up stay tuned for that because. I do I do when I mean you know talk a little bit more about double the brewers they take to monitoring arrest. No Ryan bronze injured obviously. So there's some you don't have people on our here we go in and that type of thing. More and wanna I wanna talk some brewers by the way Bob Bryan Price has been fired by the Cincinnati Reds they're their manager and their pitching coach is now out as well. Also after the top of the hour Jerry Augustine former brewers pitcher analyst for fox sports Wisconsin. He is going to be joining us and we'll get back to the Aaron Rogers conversation say two more to go like a show next six. Why won't show. On the air or Joseph across the way I'm bill Michael's. You get all of us on Twitter at bill underscore my goals that cylinders were Michael's or radio or your sports you fight is over on the FaceBook fan page as well. Wanna track this down over there you truly odd about the whole Bryan Price firing in any firm and for those of you have ever listen to fox portrayed him. Work with the Indian Cincinnati years years years ago. But at any firmer and post and it's a little while ago said the sign of the devil. The reds they fired Brian Price after 666. Games. Move. That adds that's a great question. I don't know. I don't know but it doesn't. Issue assume. Damn. 85583086. Foray on the loans by kip to accountable freaked out client. Or take two out of three from the reds they took two out of three from Saint Louis lost two out of three to New York Mets they now have the Miami Marlins coming to town. And in a four game series by the way and I'm. You've got Ryan brawny injured you've got you know I mean look it's right now. There's there's some nagging stuff going on with the Milwaukee Brewers. We'll see if they get past. You know I mean I I don't know what to tell you I wanna say hey you know sitting your game above 500. W.s behind the cardinals in the standings are really good game when you talk about you know win loss. Pittsburg has gotten off to a fast start and they continue to win even though they have slowed the pace a little bit. Because they got off that pass Darden won seven of their first nine since then. They are six and four. Overall auto last ten. So solid they're completely on fire but you know what when it comes to run differential. They were up around thirty for a while they climb back down Boris there are descended back down to 21 over the brewers still amazingly enough. Bart is sitting in third place in the division there with nineteen games under their belt but negative fifteen. In run production negative fifteen in run production the odd thing about this. News that there's not many teams. Where they oh record over 500. That have a negative run differential. Everybody else with a negative run differential. News in the outlaws so 500 category when it comes to winning baseball Tampa Bay. Baltimore. When you look at say and that the Detroit Tigers Chicago White Sox Kansas City Royals royals he talked about struck pool in medical royals struggling big time. I take it back Seattle he's nine and seven there may their minus eight on the season so that Depp actually closed a little bit and then you've got Texas. Who sub 500 Washington. Is sub 500 they're negative five on the USC's in the marlins' from the town. With one of the worst run rate differentials and all Major League Baseball short of the reds. They are negative 38. Negative 38 to teams that are only worse than -- saying well Orioles is I mentioned Kansas City Royals. And then the Cincinnati Reds who were negative 46 and sees it. So when when you start looking at those run differential are really kind of pay attention that because you figure out where your offense your pitching is 2 words kind of evening out and obviously won a massive plus but the Red Sox there plus sixty all right. In a Red Sox are reduced fifteen into. The Red Sox are just they're they're escaping with that division is in Toronto is become an actress on Toronto and held a season twelve to five. Twelve and five already. The Toronto Blue Jays are meanwhile the bash Brothers the new version of the bash Brothers in a New York Barry Nate going out the American League east. But you look at some of the other teams right now in the National League. The division leaders New York plus 23 the pirates plus 21 Diamondbacks plus plus twelve weeks. So. Anyway that being said brewers she likes to their run differential come back to the green numbers rather than red numbers are coming over the next hour talk with Jerry Odyssey. Former brewers pitcher and also analyst for fox sports Wisconsin dot com. Brewers get two out of three from Cincinnati. Answers are just hit the ball game one I don't want us to tell images did sometimes it just happens you know against a bad team in Europe some runs and Boris did unfortunately was against Cincinnati was fortunately. A team there was a very hot coming in this series you would like to have swept him and kind of get that bitter taste in your mouth after that New York lost. But nevertheless they take two and three from the reds. Income the Marlins and now he's kind of hope that they catch a little wind here you don't mean the the brewers start to climb back into getting a little bit healthy. You Ellis is back in the brewers' lineup after that DL stint you hope that things start to go in the right direction there are things continues stroked the ball. You know you kind of hope that things get back to the ability to score more than four runs on average per game. And you're you're getting some decent not great but you're getting decent pitching right. I mean so. You know aids. He had. I'm I'm optimistic for the brewers I don't know what to make abundantly breast rewarding and I don't worry so far. I think it's kind of where I thought it would be I thought that they would have a couple more wins they've got a couple blown saves its shame that Corey came went down. Within the groin strain that that really left a little bit of avoid the back in that bullpen they're trying to figure it out. We've got some good starts we've had some bad start I thought the offense might be a bit better. Than what it is but also injuries have taken the tall so I'm sitting here today. If you have digs say you know what do you think I'm sitting here today going. I think when this thing all becomes healthy again it's gonna be pretty good as long as you don't suffer any major injuries. Meters always in the X-Factor but I think it's gonna be pretty good are you with no matter are you think enact this this team. They they should've got a pitcher issued another bullpen arm the army are you would could should at this point. 85583086488558308648. And loans by kept our count whole free John Kline. I mean yellowish back in the lineup with a batting average of 39301. Point 0230 PS. Nothing but huge bag Allard has been really fantastic today MB ER is is hitting the ball in and that is really solid season 59 at bats. Hitting 288 you're like CO PS come up. He's at 667 right now Lorenzo Cain still still stroking the ball even though his back cooled off a little bit. Would you like to see is some of the numbers come up for a guy like Trevor she saw numbers like come up for Domingo Santana Eric things obviously. Orlando or CS has started the ball a little bit better each get 59 at bats hitting two or three but as of late he's played a little bit better plate Ryan brought obviously. Sitting at the 200 martz. Those numbers need to come up dramatically when he comes back. We'll talk more baseball would Jerry Augustine former brewer pitcher analyst for fox sports Wisconsin that's coming up don't forget this program brought to market presence but like the official. Beer sponsor of summer when he gets here. And the Michael sports talk our mobile Michael Jonas.