HR1: Should Rodgers take the money?

Bill Michaels Sports
Tuesday, March 13th

Bill Michaels asking the question if Aaron Rodgers takes as much money as he can from the Packers, would you blame him?


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Promo links runs to the river runs this season we are Wisconsin sports fans come true at all. Phil Michael's you know. I. I can't tell you and welcome Michael show is on the and we are glad you're here today thanks so much particulars into us again covered a lot from merry go baseball park in. Phoenix Arizona host returning home. For your Milwaukee Brewers breweries here today and take on Texas Rangers here in tomorrow take on the White Sox before heading over Goodyear. And and then there are no excuse me over a surprise take the Rangers on there and then heading over your take on Cincinnati. Coming up this weekend but nevertheless beautiful day here in and its only gonna get better throughout today and then tomorrow and then it starts equaled again. For those that live out here as a matter that they. I guess what it's under 75 degrees it's considered winter and Billy Schmidt to produce this show back in the studio three theaters until it here on site but it joke right now. Down on the open clubhouse of any year. Are some of the interviews today. In that test in here as a matter backward here for many Pena had a chance to catch up with him the other day Christian yell at you can hear from today and remember. The former television play by play voice of the brewers with the air and Sutton. Who is down here today and I ran into him earlier this morning those things for a penalty. And he's gonna dress was by the broadcast Booth hear at a merry go coming up a little bit later on today as well we hope we will get a chance to challenge him as he's going to be here all day. And the tools and stuff inside the clubhouse now for the MLB network so. A lot going on down here meanwhile. We know that at the free agent market continues to spin. When it comes to via the Green Bay Packers in Morse at the NFL Drew Brees. Staying in what kind of figured that idea that you used in and leaving anywhere a bigger group Friedman staying. With. With the New Orleans Saints. But the bears are making news try to bolster their their wide receiving corps waiting for the Packers to make some kind of move. And obviously we got into the discussion yesterday and I wanted to follow up today because we got to the discussion yesterday late in the show about Aaron Rodgers in. While waiting for the other shoe to fall when it comes here Rodgers when it comes to a Kirk cousins when it comes the Al amount of money that Aaron Rodgers can be paid. And it got into an interesting back in port. There are some that believe Aaron Rodgers they look. They haven't spent the money in the past. They haven't pressed the salary cap they haven't gone out and got talent and Ted Thompson at least enough talent to fortify and that the team and opted. To get to a super lawyer Rogers you're reserving. Take as much you can possibly get into your life. Okay others say look if you really want a second rain or a third rate. That you're gonna have to leave some money on the table for other guys around you. And it got into an interesting discussion yesterday that's all I'm gonna say about it when when it comes to a fans in general so I wanted to cut open it up. And say what side. The camp or you win is there a happy medium there. You know what's acceptable what put this what what would make you joyous or what would make you angry. And I think that's maybe as a as a Packers fan eight it's a fair question. Though it is luck Aaron Rodgers can pretty I would I've said all along if I'm Brian Putin's. I give Aaron Rodgers the checkbook. As a here you go right to check whatever the check is it but remember whatever you span. Is that much money lasts for guys well fortified his team. To get either defensive players offered to players or what have you there and ultimately help us get to the ultimate goal that's getting to a Wendy's super. That would that would be. That would be my. You know why my monitor if I'm the general manager of the Packers. So what do you think is or we gonna see the first guarantee 100 million dollar contract. It football. You know Aaron Rodgers beat advised that maybe not the highest paid player per year by the amount of money that's guarantee. Becomes different. Is opposed to say 30000035. Million a year. Upfront but it goes down as years go on where the first few years because remember if you believe you have a window. You wanna take less money now. To give this team more of an opportunity go outside additional regions your window is the next four years. 34 years. So it's it's it cannot or. Because you've got what's considered by many to be healers that the rings the best player football the best football player on the planet to how much in the actually work. 85583086488. By five feet 308648. I'm alone I kept accountable free talk when he by a 583086. Horry gives shall there also won a lot tracked it down. Over on the FaceBook fan page you can't FaceBook dot com. Slash people like we'll show you can also it is about via email and all the other links over on the website though Michael sports dot com that bill Michael's sports. Dot com track is down there but if you if you think about it. And grand scheme of things how much is too much or what is Aaron Rodgers in your opinion worth. Because. I think that's one of the things who gets what it darn so he knows what kind of money has total cap wise. From here on out. Eight Wi-Fi B 30864. Michael Cohen put out a little while ago. The audience for years 58 point 9000030 million guarantee. Sammy Watkins just signs for three years 48000030. Million guaranteed Alan Robinson three years 42 million point five but he guaranteed. And then he goes on to say look for what's going on right now on the market. If on the Green Bay Packers if you really good about the deal that they may with the RT Adams. And he's saying look if I'm invited Adams. You Mike I don't wish that you actually went on the open market there's there's more money out there agreement. Now we've all seen this time and again. Where players have gone on the open market. They've gone on to get that big deal that one big deal. In football acts. You got a shot to beat the Eagles. So you go out to get that deal. But you never produced this say why because you don't have the same cat thrown to. Sometimes it's your numbers aren't just because you're just that in good. Is because you've got a guy that can put the ball where nobody else can only gives you the opportunity to make a play and it's up to you with what you do with it after that. We've seen with Greg Jennings James Jones Javon Walker when he left and went with Brett Farr and I want to have we seen guys leave. I thought how can you let that guy go and they go on and they don't really do much statistically after the fact because. Of the combination that they had. It wasn't necessarily their just overall talent it was their overall talent in combination with Altman quarterback. 855830864. You know loans went to the temple for talk like well the latest portion program down here in Maryville. We don't have went down here we've we've which we did is rocked by cousins jobs where they believe in better cousins of right now. The euros are back whether Europe leadership and they got him back at pleasant subs stop and get yourself a Euro so. Which judge is fantastic but you don't build Michaels the pepperoni and extra male refugees site radio duties are always good. That is cousins of the officials ups in which Michael's sports talk network 855830864. Pluto. Emails this at bill Michael's Europe that the Michael's Michael sports dot com. Says Aaron Rodgers should have the right pretty much write his own check used in more agreement packed Green Bay Packers almost anybody and he has not been a problem off the field. He's been the most upstanding citizen and a great at. Advocate of the Green Bay Packers organization which a lot of players should be like you said he's the best player on the planet each repay it like it. I do think that there is eight point of too much. But I don't know what exactly that point is with this are kept being right around 180 million he can't take more than a third. Well no way you know be sixty million. Mean think about it he took a third of the money B sixty million there's no way. That's. Which you feel Pluto that he just write his own ship. No problem go for it they have. Let's go to Eric was he too was in Madison on the zone airport program but Michael show. I don't worry our real well today what's up. Well I'll finish. I think here and she do that we can get out is best player in the game. But no more comments that we need to gold at these fans to cheer you should beat. If you watch that five year 155. Million dollar fuel. 75 ED he figured he'd. Why did he Compuserve every penny of it hurts. As it would seem probably wide receiver that this man thought through as wet and had done nothing. You know I mean right George. Jordy Nelson Smart enough to realize. We in Green Bay he's a wealth of quarterback he poured in Chicago. Or several or nearly anywhere else is not nearly as good. So all that's said it merited Barney. I repeat it here and there they'll think it's two years that I've applied make it a seven year deal. And spread that money out a little bit sort of had this as much in the cap. And I just don't want your do we need apply eat that he'd be you know what the port twenty million cap we might get an. Right now and again that the Packers truly improving the call and sign anybody to repeat it and epic. Really and writing right. Right picked Charles Woodson back and they would head back in early 2010. I mean what a huge creates at least kindly. Martellus Bennett right. You know Extenders so people. So you know that's pretty much rice in if you want to get the money. Wrap the body you're gonna make any receiver a whole lot better but I won't see this being true means John now more than ever. Alan Robson Dorsey Chicago rebate need to shut down corner offset. It's definite panic won't get them big corner from the ranch. And it's kind of gleacher. The old divisions getting better trip. So it it's. I'm right no I agree to that I eat when when you look at just not used that the division I appreciate the vocal about the division I mean. The entire NFC when you look at what's going on in LA and what they're doing when you look still they're trying to better themselves and get to better personnel wise in Philadelphia look what they're doing. You you know that before it's all said and done some of these other teams that have been. You know you know your figure out powers so to speak you know Atlantis still going to be good they still a lot of quality weapons you know that Dallas Cowboys are eventually can get back to where they worry although I think. They've taken a little bit of a slide. You know Carolina still has cam they're still trying to get themselves better try to get him some weaponry down there. There's still some teams right now in the NFC that are very good. Anderson teams like say the vikings like the only rams I mean heck Rudolph with separatist who's going to be. They're losing clues game with problem. You know he's yet to lose a game as a separatist group 49 so in their trying to actually put someone in that team. And actually do you think so who knows how good now granted that's the west in the Alaskan and a beating up on each other. And you still even though they start the beginning of the yen. For the legion of boom what they had out there in Seattle but you still know Seattle's going to be a thorn in your side. So I mean that the NFC. There's quite a few foes in the NFC right now. And you know if you're stagnant you're not getting better the old adage in football is if you're not getting better you've gotten worse if you stay the same you've gotten worse. So and I I I really believe that three troop 855830864. Point comeback quarterback of the phone calls don't let a Walker's shot a cast of thousands on hold. Say to broadcasting live out your Maryville Arizona. Merry go Arizona's Richard excited Milwaukee Brewers say Georgia or the white show next. Everywhere you Wisconsin. Bill Michael sports talk networks. Thank Jennie O lock off a Michael show broadcast live here merry go Arizona spring treaties the Milwaukee Brewers. Roared back at home today taking on the Texas Rangers. Here at Maryville. And that'll have little bit later on this afternoon and then that they are here again tomorrow it's a White Sox before heading now. Again the rest of the week the two actually they had a surprise when the Rangers again. And the go to your take on Cincinnati Friday weekend series coming up but that leaks that we are here and have more talk to packer football. We'll get to us supplements that locker room coming up here or it's at the clubhouse after orbit testing you're you're gonna hear from. Also mean EP a little bit later on the show Christian yell it's a little bit later on the show. And it gives him the news and notes coming out of Maryville. But no we're talking yesterday as we. Went off the air and it just became. A conversation for lack of better term are both on the air and then they went off the year. And got into the the Twitter phase in emails such. And we ended up discussing. Aaron Rodgers in the contract. That's a big wanted to well you know what is Aaron Rodgers consigned what do you think it and you know there was some time there was talk at one point it said look you know Aaron Rodgers. He doesn't necessarily have to wait for anybody to sign he can sign whatever he wants because his deal was also almost whatever he wants to dictated the beat. And then the more you hear. You know you hear that well here is gonna win week to find out what. You know I was going to be said it is in what you know I like her cousins and an upside for end. Then the question directed to be asked on how much is too much. You know we'll some Packers fans who have the Tom Brady model and their Edward Tom Brady takes less money and operating and he's got a white it makes it much egos. But you know take its operating model take less money in nature of the team has the viability. To put down around. So the question was well would you be upset apparent Rogers decided you know hey what you wanna be the highest paid player game. Many people consider me to be the best organized bass player again. Which we upset with a some say not at all he's earned it you deserve it go for others say yes you know like our last dollars that you take what you want. Would don't ever again if you take 3540. Million dollars a year. Don't ever can't complain that you want. Guys to be brought an analyst team is spending any money work at a fort certain players because you took all the money. And then the team has paid players we've gone through this before the team has paid Bakhtiar. They've paid my did they pay divide there they paid rent out they paid Jordy Nelson they paid. Overpay. Claiming that he. So you can't complain when a team doesn't spend tens of millions of dollars. On a free agent that's out there that you really ought to have come into the system but they just you don't have. You can't afford yet for the totality of 85583086. Torre how much is too much let's go relentlessly to a walkers show let me go to David what's up. Morning bill. I think he deserves whatever yet it. They YE if I invited the actors that guy credit it's 25 billion for right. Right again like six years if not I tell him what we know you'd bet yet or any other position. You really need yet it's that number is just a matter of each they don't need much. I know he should do it. He did in the other players I'd I'd come up that's what we'll do try to eat 25 million or six years. Because app that you didn't see much done anyhow it's not. Would you he'd be on your contract for two years in franchise Q for two years in and we did of people around yeah. And will go our separately you know it's a business. Right. Yeah I don't say appreciate the phone call I I don't think. There ever it it is. When you have a franchise quarterback. It is considered to be. Again we go back to the respect factor appear respect comes in different ways reverend your turn at a player or an agent talk about respect respect is money. My respect is ice I'm better than that guys we paid more than it if you respect Leo do that. In other words I want more money that's respected. Your word always is at dollars. So. There's also when it comes the franchise tag. Players don't like the franchise tag because if something happens to them that season that eliminates them. Really or diminishes their ability to go out and get additional guaranteed money. So again you're gonna pay him. 2.5 million. In the year or what he gets hurt that season is open market money has gone down dramatically source at making 22 million per year which before four million. They'll make point 5000001 year maybe only ten the next because coming off an ACL enters. Museums and so it's again it goes back to 84 above quote disrespect. If you franchise take place that's the way the players look at you won't pain me I'm not good enough to get a contract. What you'll keep me around by just forcing me to work for you that's way the players look at the teams look at it as well given I'm paying you. The average of the top five players your position in the leak. Per year you're making tens of millions of dollars why would you not wanna do that. And that's the way the teams in the ownership looks. You're somewhere in the middle the truth lie users who the feelings should live with it very rarely does. 855830864. Let's go to Matt in Walker's no matter how you doing there what's up. Good that was going on that. Not that I just wanted to comment on your side in Iraq obviously deserving of eating my eyes is in the lead. And caught or. You know you have to find a compromise in the balance I mean we all saw what Iran has to do and as auto nobody offer and he's capable team. What our defense needs ultimately that we can't even describe. You know you look at the top of the kind of see inaugural year partners that we can't shut down. The last thing that I like is. When I don't know you or anybody else out there are no. What the last person that won a Super Bowl it was the highest paid quarterback in elite. Not that not when they got paid after they won what was it the highest and one. And think they'll have good days. I appreciate it guys would that be. It's a great question. In the first person it comes to mind as Peyton Manning. He was making a ton of money that he was it would be Peyton Manning. But I don't think he was the highest paid player and importantly. Drew Brees I don't think was the highest paid player when he won the Super Bowl. He was certainly one album. But. Aaron Rodgers was making the what twenty million. Way back win. He might have actually won it at that point in time. One and I'm finding your bill is all the way back in 1994. When Ron Amadon one at. Yes it's 13%. Of the hour 49ers cap yeah that's a large percentage in fine. Yeah. Com. Yeah I mean put it this way when was the highest paid player in the week. That is a relative term as opposed to today's day and age because like you said. Ron Amadon played different the different your way it. When the money was sent it what were seen today. But he had the highest percentage of total cap space were via his team so. Excuse me. Yeah I guess I mean he can be darn. I look more so it say some of the teams that they've given the money. After the fact and have not been back. Remember when Eli won his second one they paid Eli like a king and amber and accidents. You know army you know over the hated Baltimore Joseph Flacco. You know he's the best deep ball passer in only Joseph Flacco got hot won a super all the right time has been back since. You know the guy that his state under the wrote on on the market value has been Brady and he's been back numerous times. Peyton Manning has only gone to two questions they only good because Rogers has been only to watch it Peyton Manning who certainly deserve the money for what he had done. He he's only been two. And that's a great question. You know about when you're the highest paid player you're the best quarterback in the league they necessarily quarterly to a championship with your your taken all the money. 855830864. Sports programming but but but like you official beer sponsor of the go Michael sports talk network. Saito got to come back more from Mary they'll pick up where we left off more people on hold as well. I want to get all the phone calls we can't Stephen Merrill KG west Ellison cast of thousands sickened more the electrical and. Wisconsin why. The bill Michaels Stores told me. Back to the rubber wrap glad to have you thanks so much for take a listen to what we are broadcasting live out here it to Mary Bell baseball parks return excited via Milwaukee Brewers. Brewers getting ready for a game they take on the Texas Rangers here at the ballpark in that then back at it again tomorrow. Here again taking us our White Sox and take on the Rangers on Thursday over surprise terrorism Cincinnati Friday. It goes from there in this cabinet dead week by the way I was talking with great counts earlier today by the way that that conversation you're going to hear tomorrow on the program some good stuff there too. But the time Craig Counsell earlier this kind of that did period where. Hugest. You kind of meandering right now pages you just. You know your your pitchers are getting up to speed your hitters are right there. You don't have the anticipation of opening date just yet it's not to be in this would be drudgery right now this week of a spring Torre. So. That's that's kind of where we're at all. Let's do this is about the focal were talking about here Roger talking about his ability. To get his deal whatever it is it's going to be there again is the get a deal done weary for the other shoe fall with Kirk cousins go to Steve was he too is in Merrill see what program the Michael show. I built I think you as state what are. I mean La. 90% of over a lot of you are fast canceled the super ball but he probably it's. Both body and all a bed with hoped he would like read it yet as we re signed the contract what. That he stared at renegotiated. For free agents. What that hole well but. He's terribly camp with the Super Bowl we have not but in the sport. That's like some. Are appreciated no I completely agree when it comes to. I mean other teams or whatever Timor is now one team after the wouldn't say I don't want Aaron Rodgers now warn you can write his check anywhere. If you became available as say you know what I'm going on the open market. You can write his own chip. No I completely agree with you. But how much too much. That look I don't I've always said tell Aaron Rodgers here's checkbook write what you want to remember whatever is you don't span that's the money we have gone give free agents now so our view. Who made it perfectly clear. Have said. While the Packers haven't spent the money in the past why should they trust once they be trusted now if I'm Aaron Rodgers take absolutely everything I did. And how with a pack well if that's the way you feel. Mean I I get a Blake you're still like giving bright against an opportunity. To go out. And prove that he's not to attach. Right. So. You know I thought Aaron Rodgers I can write something in my contract that hey if you know we don't go out get so many free agents explored free agents this about a money's on the books or whatever than. You know I'm always yo I'm gonna be the highest paid player football by a dollar over. Any contract that's written in the contract is automatically escalates. You know and that way you and I. Take it all the money but he figures it for the next three to partners are still the highest paid player football. You can you can claim that that's that short play. Did you do something like that maybe put Ryder in there I don't know. It's basketball here. That that might be something that would be in the works if indeed it's all about being the highest paid player right. Eight by 583086488. Fight by the 32864. K Jason west Dallas did you I don't know what's going on. They were going up bill back to taking my call. Your I the Packers to me are. Between Iraq and our place he had a quagmire going on right now though. The issue or not. Will mean the lady in Q. Aaron rockers. I mean the Packers have known. For awhile with this contract was in. It's not here it's. All nor its responsibility. To. Trying to sort out so he's dead concerts have been made. Quality clean out used in the area. You can wide receivers over ten million apiece. And boasting should have been sorted out right now. I mean somebody acts take less money. If you want to make Aaron Rodgers. An agreeable deal in at this point right Tom you know whether or not. You know and he he he worked every penny complex yet. And at this point I mean he's a player he's not. Management's views not somebody that's in the front office. Those contracts. That were me they're tied up all that money. So that they can't go body give reagents. Right now. Was not in his of that should be whose responsibility. It's your responsibility is to. Play out as best as ability which he does and Don you know you guys. He's watching Rocco. Who's played seven games 49ers. It is huge. Our contracts. And copies is sitting back I understand how he's waiting. It's a Smart didn't remove Cuba. But you know like a saint you have to figure out who won the contracts. Who's going to give up some money most gonna do opt. Apart their contract. It shouldn't be back all arms you know. How much what he or you can leave for the checkbook. Forces aren't written all that's something that has been worked out with these guys are making way more money and it worked at this point. You want to repair. I believe these were there repent I don't I don't doubt that at all I mean I against the you know what would appreciate focal would go to cases. Kind of try to ponder is we got quite a few contracts on this team that are big. And and I here's another question. What happens if they sign Aaron Rodgers and they say you know why. With the freeze we wanna go get it we want bolster the defense we don't have Rupert toward and we don't have room for an noise more we can't afford those contracts. So we get rid of those deals. After it's all said and done we're gonna get. You know between the two of their vacant 22 million. And if you cut them. I think you may be or total four. So you get eighteen million back if you. You know on average mean if you go that direction so bear Rogers signs a deal and they say OK we dropped balls that defense now. Randall majority thanks for your services. We do we need eighteen million back. We just paid Aaron Rodgers. There's gonna be upset recruit kids because he's. He's got to make a business decision. I don't think so. Because they're fan favorites I would certainly hope not. 855830864. Alone by tipped our council for talk like let's go to our code as a tool to manage according I don't. What's going on there. They've built a pretty good about itself. Wallets. Hey I don't does not want to chime in a little bit you're kind of looking around in the lead and Richard or are you in that are popping up. And it looked like it's like you know my. That all walker because he sounds like you're gonna go to Minnesota. And an off old lady now I know it. Eagles did make that he spent. It that much part and they'll yet what it and it China and its and he won are pretty the end. Yet it's an English. I want to take any pact stolen I'd hate you they are not. Money that. It's gonna watch how you're gonna have to work around that it's fine it would be you know. Best quarterback that I think ever are in play not you know and that period and the rest are well. Though yeah how did you do it in money not much anyway and get out like Obama but the the other callers saying. You know what he's gonna wanna take a little bit less than target to create that matters it is one attendee. Right well there's differently to workers at the guys at the Packers that's of interest in he came in they interviewed. Did not make and offers Ford the signing goes as far as us pointing out that he points out that what's freak she begins tomorrow. During the new NFL year at 3 o'clock central time. Another guy that apparently teams are reaching out to the Packers equities Ed Dickson formally Ehrlich Panthers. Who say that the Packers amongst the teams are including which include without by the way it show preliminary interest in Dixon who is an eight year veteran. So their he's tied and by the way the Packers it shows interest Jimmy Graham maybe they got Jimmy Graham number it's okay we can afford that's another one after it Dixon. What have the way easier maybe they're just try to go after both. Because they need to tie it and they either quality tide which would make it that much easier you get a guy like Jimmy Graham. That is what kind of money ones if you get a guy like Jimmy Graham. That makes a little bit easier to say OK I have to part ways with either majority oriental. Because at least that you have a viable other weapon. To be able throw out there to put territory in the slotted on the on the outside you got Jimmy Graham there he so at least right game. Those who believed to be he's run game. Offensively you're still pretty sound. So there's there's that that broke that story and it started it called me yesterday a little bit. What else is there as a matter fact. There's a couple other you know rumors innuendoes compared to try to get better wide receiver position like you'd mentioned that the the quarterback position seems equal to Minnesota Kirk cousins. Most likely that it there. I'll put it it's until teams it's sitting addictive you know players that dotted line. A lot of thing is opening and there's a lot of rumors a lot of players right now but wait for the eleventh hour decided he'll wait for other teams start the bidding war as well. So I mean free agency right now even though it's not officially underway. Until 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon central time. Still a lot of lot of guys looked to be signing your getting reviews site with lot of those teams the Packers are sitting there. Also looking for defensive backs to me Johnson is a guy that accidentally to. There's also with a that Brett Connolly could end up at Oakland before Tulsa and a and the Packers in the New York. With the various rappers John Kaiser flip flopping his draft choices so that maybe the rat Packers you know or but it you'll read only away. So a lot of things float around out there right now a lot of good in and that's the reason why what was the last time we got us what was the last time we heard. This much packer chatter. When it came to free agency but a long time. 855830864. As go to Tony Tony Hawk program about Michael show. I would do what bill. Will settlement immigrant a mama Roger stretch almost 200 street is not our only chance is to support because gets what you like that no one would. It's not all just attackers usually you're Rodgers played bad on real models and off games pretty clear that mr. sure. Are you need more than just one guy one dude they get to the polls she doesn't want pack. I mean look at what our. Everybody was got them all the motions or should we all over Brooke are far above what Earhardt on what we got to a point where these guys never do anything wrong it's always. Other people's. Sooner or later the program corner vessel called the that is who don't find it. Houston. Brady's about a two democratic race now for some according. And I mean talking financial unplug it completely by numbers isn't wouldn't like idols from what what what didn't just cheat each agency to Super Bowl winners. Weber is a while. Most obviously the most dog running backs. Just to protect all sort of largely losers from this job done. I've also said that people tend to forget that Reggie White was on the team that won a Super Bowl without Reggie you don't wanna soup. Two alternate quarterbacks we've been as a global recurrence. That's a minute that's the predicted. Wouldn't 49ers to incorporate quarterback spot because they wouldn't you global or numerous yeah. So I think that it is not just one guy and a quarter of anyone got a couple more than just workers were ordered as it's proven we haven't done it yet on a humor. So I appreciate it he drops up you know or now other factors obviously plea in that because one guy is not prevent you from getting super. So we've seen this team with injuries we've seen this team that just makes bone headed mistakes. You know we've seen this team that had a game like in Seattle 2014 in their hands let it all slip away. So it's not just one guy that gets there and it's not just one guy the prevent you from getting there. What you start with the nucleus. Oh what can get to their quarterback position in today's day and age is is the ultimate. There's there's no there's arguing. Pursued for quite by ID 30864. By the way out here merry go Arizona in sitting here watching a risky credit for today's game between the for hours. And via. India Texas Rangers. You know or brought out here by our corporate the Milwaukee admirals. Get on board continue to experience nonstop action Milwaukee admirals hockey arena for more information and watched him app for towards. The post season Calder cup go to Milwaukee admirals dot com they are at stake. Bill hockey also are great friends that coaches public grow on the big board bursts out thirteen street Milwaukee and a two rip it. Terrific picks fish Fries well plethora shuttles the game according to step they're great people stop it. So we should not taking your phone calls 8558308648. In part by B 308 export. Lot of Twitter reaction lot of emails as well get all of coming up next that Michael's. You're listening to don't do. Bill might cool sports talk network. It's. And back to the program felt like a show we are coming alive from Maryville baseball park. Looking straight dive directly behind home plate. And the whole broadcast boots or fact I could be sitting in the the man missed the legends cheer himself mr. Wagner obesity and this year and which are used in the rockets with. Looked out over the mountains in the that the sun is up it's kind of hazy scattered it would still going to be warm and nice. Brewers take on the Texas Rangers here a little bit later on this afternoon. Meanwhile the NFL continues to spin with the rumors as to who's going to sign where in the league officially begins its new year tomorrow. 3 o'clock central 4 o'clock eastern Drew Brees excited about staying with the saints Kirk cousins. Most likely to side with the vikings. Loading not a and the heading over the Eagles as they continue to bolster their defense. The ex giant Saturn a expert heading over forty niners. So would head in our order out with the ravens they cut them loose Packers her tendering an offer to Joseph Callahan. So that's their big news right now nothing's imminent they're looking at the kicking the tires on quite a few free agents that are out there that. Who will ultimately sign wept the weight seek. Workers has been in camp there's some other rumors floating around out there. How tight end help and Judy Graham and that'll beat Jimmy Graham could be somebody else which direction with Nico the Packers but also had an interest in Eric error action actually air but Ed Dickson. Your actors who played behind Greg Olsen. Do it he's got some talent as well so there's there's a lot of things float around the breeze right now. He would happen before Tulsa conduct this portion of the program. Is brought back different Marshall clinic health system Marshall an ecosystem that what the fix me up back in the game in orthopedic leak fantastic feeling really really good. And at any. It's been great had a chance he's hiking yesterday walker in the ballpark yesterday. No problems all good if it's if it's shoulder pain the pain hip pain ankle pain whatever happens to be. You don't have to live with pain and give it putting off any kind of surgery. Don't call our friends or partial clinical system and they can help jeopardy by by NC worth 0855. MC or or to simply check whether abortion clinic. Dot org the official healthcare provider of the Michael's Shillue. Up or a couple of things that going back to your Rogers opens mortgages of people turning it. Jane says so say this happens Rodgers it's of taking less money and they still don't sign anybody that want. Then what James I don't know are you planning on him not signing anybody. I mean they go to Aaron Rodgers and say hey the more money you take a less what we have spent a freezing at that they don't sign anybody I mean. That what. Is their way to hold their feet to the fire while. I mean Aaron Rodgers speaks to the media every week maybe comes ounces tape that's what they told me is the reason I took the contract that I did. They say they would get people I mean whatever you wanna do I mean that what you just have to. You have to. You know it's got to go I don't know what to tell him there's no guarantees in life. This is from a market mark writes what happens parent while same thing whenever it's clear art science. They say the spent the money they don't spend the money does he have any recourse after that can't he say something like if you don't spend the money you have to give it to me. That depends on what the total total bottom audience you know I mean age. I mean I don't know. I don't know what I have never seen a contract written the words as you either spend money or goes to me I don't think you do that. But certainly. The Packers if if if bronco tickets says that he. The organization we are signing Aaron Rodgers. We're gonna make it the highest paid player but we're gonna make it make sure that he's not the highest paid point that attachment team because vertical wound major that we're viable we spent money on free agents political ahead balls to this roster. And it doesn't do it looks like Eddie the bottom line is this if you don't get back to a Super Bowl the next three or four years yeah good you have a job anyway. It George jobs to win. Barring catastrophic injury. State do we got a lot more broadcast live Mary Bell baseball park spring Trace at Milwaukee Brewers. Greta do it. Ordered to a mortar. Film Michael's voice Talking Heads were.