HR1 – Should Thames be leading off for the Brewers?

Bill Michaels Sports
Friday, June 22nd
Hour 1. Plus, we’ll have initial reaction to the Bucks’ selection of Donte DiVincenzo. Tim Allen stops by to weigh in on the Brewers as well.

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From the league front for the and this is where Wisconsin sports fans come to tour. Michael show made my best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. De Chile. And while go like oh shall we are alive today at road America we are broadcasting live we ought to be rental studios here. In the media center at the start finish line and if you follow me on FaceBook a little while ago. You had a chance to go out on the upper deck with me and see others incredibly beautiful venue though right now covered in clouds light. It is still race day in. Sense of it getting ready for bowl positioning. Lot of testing going on the track today. And right now you got that Hamas is series I believe which is getting ready to take the track here in just a little bit as matter affect the GT GT AGT cup cars. And their first round about practice today. They'll be taken of course here just a little bit their pit crews are getting out. It is the grid in that that's some of the action that's going on earlier today you have the Indy Lights practicing and actually when I was on the roof today. And I was doing the FaceBook live the Indy Lights were practicing at that point in time and that was what was screaming past just the pro Mazda series this morning woke us up. At about 8 o'clock this morning as they started roaring through the course and stay here last night in wallow wasn't picture perfect weather it was really nice it was a nice cool crisp night. Graphic golf cart drove rounds all out flyers and bonfires in this morning I got out of the bike and pedaled around this place a couple of times got a quick ten miles and in. You're right around here people are waking up but again the bonfires are going people hurt. Cooking bacon in a sausages on the opened fire with a big ego iron skillet and if it's such a cool scene out here I this is one of my favorite trips and we come back again in August. When it's been in the series comes roaring through here with the IndyCar Series is here this weekend at Verizon IndyCar Series. And we are gonna have a lot of action for you coming up here today. A lot of that it different things to discuss two brewers with a nice win last night. For as much is it you know bucks taking the Vincenzo I want to get an of that. The brewers. Just club that hell. Out of St. Louis Cardinals. Radio chosen soul back in our studio I don't know we have a little bit of delay or not Joba. Last night now which which were you watching Joey and attention brewers game and Bucs game I was put them back and forth. Okay CIA we did have TV up here so I was looking back and forth listening to our coverage of the draft and it flipping over to the radio was the brewers game. Is it me or did it seem like slightly. The brewers had a night of of the title like a lot of mode joke just they just went fairway. While feels great sued you know kicked the cardinals butts because how many times we had to play close games or lose to them. In your plane then that really the right time because they've been playing like crap lately. Yeah it was it was it was nice to see. The the brewers get a nice win last night it's nice to see the brewers still back on topic have sole possession. Of the top spot the National League central it all that had to see them out just kind of the that's break free. After you know cut I've got roughed up Thatcher the last couple of vote last couple games. That being said the Bucs. Take it deep rich and so. And for all accounts out Joseph was even jets on your radar. He was actually at the box we're going to make a pick and I'd set before that I think it makes more sense to trade. The pick with a bad contract and who knows maybe horse tried to do that last night. If they were gonna make that pick at seventeen Dante di Vincenzo was a solid pick for me I am perfectly fine with that it fits what the Bucs need right now. Bomb I like the peck. I think he can be a piece. That can be added I think it depending on how much more he develops as a shooter. I'm excited about that 31 points a national championship game obviously he doesn't have to worry about. You know coming to the big league so to speak and having nerves because you played on the biggest stage in front of the most people though probably the largest crowd ever to play in front of now. And they they obviously obviously walk away with a victory. I'm I'd like to pick I mean if it if you were going to make a picked. I'm glad they went that direction we talked about getting a shooter and so I'm glad they went that direction. I'll also. I am excited in the sense that. This guy did you hear what he had to say he's talking about winning cultures in. We just talking like you know when you heard his interview and at number I'm sure we're gonna hear from him coming up but. When you heard this interview he talked about a lot of stuff. Like the boxer BA championship franchise don't get me wrong and and they are they have one under their belt they wanna a long time but he's talking about winning cultures and and having it. Trickle down in high. I was just. That's the talk of a guy that won a national championship and that's the talk to god it was part of a championship organization. That's what was so impressive to me I was fired up about that last night by the latest fortune program be brought back at bridge over at dozens of school but I know he's back you've got a lot of different. Choices as a matter of fact stopped that cousins on the way populist I stuck to cousins over in them over west what's been wrong. Last night. And I'd rather than go Michael's grab some radio your cheese Kurds got it for a whole family. As a matter fact got a radio church Easter roll family so we're grown out of the driver of your last night and it was nice all thanks to our friends over cousins out where they believe in better. And 'cause it's appropriate there the officials of sandwich and go Michael sports talk networking that your gonna see a lot of cousins when your head now to summer investors professed less than a week away. Stopped at a summer fest and pick up some cousins out as well you're down there. So by the bucks and get a bigger pick last night even check so the brewers beat the hell out of cardinals last night and hear from a great council commit appears little bit we'll talk with Tim Allen. Post the baseball cook post game show or the bottom of the hour. We are going to here in about 45 minutes from the general manager John Horst over the pick last night Gary dealings. The Indy Lights series driver. Opal RT ya auto racing he is going to be joining us again and he was here last year and it's it's it's interesting kind of followed him in and I became friends on FaceBook. And he's responded to a couple of things I've posted in not responding to a couple thinks he's post kind of followed each other now. On FaceBook a little bit really cool guy. So we're gonna get a chance to talk to him. Graham ray hall. The IndyCar driver but he knows he's dead body rail all IndyCar driver Graham ray Paul ray whole Letterman racing he is going to be joining us is well. Jeff Courtney. Really world challenge driver he's Milwaukee native fell to challenge him again this year. And I am told. That they are every. Bit Graham who law. Mario Andretti may walk through the door at any point in time. As we got chatting yesterday a little bit. It last night on the way out was and his people. And they said he would love to come over on the program he's got a lot of commitment to lunch or dinner somewhere in Euro partly today which that. They're gonna try to get him over here he can come walking through the toward any point in time and if he comes through the door you'd like organs like like a king in name rose petals being thrown in front of Lehman. And you say okay let's go newsroom on air so at any point in time we could get. Could give Mario Andretti become walking through the door as well. Last night the ball game that the brewers just dominant performance is very impressive performance by the Milwaukee Brewers. Off crowd was into it was just all around good decry how is it to a last night a lot of big plays last night. Oh suited goes up so weird Ozal when your players and goes way up on the wall. Only to have the ball way below him I I guess misjudge it so to speak and it hangs there. Hangs in mid air. Is if you eat eat just. You know always. Wait for something else to fault him in the meantime a couple of hours circling the bases. Anyway long story short brewers so walked away with a big win really cool game to witness if you were down their last night. It was it was an exciting evening had a lot of friends that went to the ball game last I just because there. So much big sniper or spent a couple of guys in Tampa Cincinnati but not that they're big numbers as they're just anti core fans piece of paper on their. To root against the cardinals last night so upbeat night ballpark. For the Milwaukee Brewers 11 runs late last evening. For the crew four or worse by Saint Louis you talk about it eat it we were talking with Kevin Wheeler yesterday at him and I got into the discussion about. The cardinals in the cardinal way and one of the things ahead clean up the errors they didn't do it last hole MacWorld errors all over the place. Last evening in the beginning that just kind of broke it open and put that game away was at seventh inning for the Milwaukee Brewers. Eric things last night again leading off I. What the question you guys. You'll like Eric things leading off. Two for five last night three RBIs through last night it worked out for him. Which you had I yell at (%expletive) goes once before with a couple runs scored. Last night rats okay two for three last night jewel runs scored and RBIs on top of that he continues to just smoked a baseball and oppress the hell out of me. Good to see Travis shock come back home. It picked up off hot stick last night two for four. Couple of release on the evening at once strikeout Tuesday scored a run as well as go our last night. Two for five batting average is now over 300 against real one as a matter of fact. VRE struggled a little bit last night Oprah for one of the only brewers that didn't get a base knock and then. Pena last night goes yard with a big solo shot 2 for 3 last evening and he had a heart stick as well so we wanna give the highest rated game somebody. You pick your poison at this point. It is much as I wanna give it. To all the reds okay two for three couple runs scored driving in runs the guy that's been just Scruggs struggling at scuffling many. Last night two for three runs scored RBI also took a walk last night it worked out really well brought that every two to 27 he's not even a great year. Put your really need him to get on board. I'm gonna give it throughout many Pete he was the hot stick to the game last night. That is brought to our friends over at Clements clutch sausage they have a snack sticks and you're gonna be out of the code that is the premium choice to get yourself some good high protein. 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But that is Eric sayings in her I shouldn't say that time I apologize that's better things that is. It's a matter fact that yes it is there things he gets the triple last night courtesy of fox sports Wisconsin. Any great tones of one Brian Anderson. And a what a night last night at the ball yard Craig Counsell talkie at the ballgame talked about. You know our Martina is getting the start the. You know he's he's a familiar foe for sure and and no we'd we just took advantage of above an off night form and then it was it was good that we did. You know some guys. Some good at bats and kind of kept the pressure on them you know we got him out there after four and. And at last night as well it Souter had a fantastic night 7 innings last evening for shooter pretty solid performance when you look at. His number seven innings a couple of hits Cutler runs both of them earned one walk five strikeouts. Only beautiful one long ball really solid performance in council talks about that. His pace was solid tonight. And a couple their hitters are just just had trouble with that. An and you resist he was locating his pitches off speed pitches of them. Near on the good to me also running is on is his off speed pitches have been very well located. And then yet many media we just talked about a little while ago being the hot stick in the game and as much as I wanna. Talk about Lorenzo Cain and personality their ability to continue to perform at its baseball and there are those two guys at the reason that I really believe that this team. Won't remain in offensives launched so to speak. Manny mania finally gets up it's not a little bit starting to bounce back hopefully the bat stays hot we talked about many mis speak at the plate. Certainly an offense a pilot for me is as many swam about while with with two balls in a really squared up well. And in and a walk. So it's. You know get him going and I think he's been classical times again go on but it is certainly an important player you don't books and. Big time big time if you get anything you don't as well this this offense needs it without a doubt coming up after the top of the hour talk more bucks basketball for those that are wondering. Yes we're gonna talk a lot of bucks today is as some people are really excited about the draft pick but Vick got the ball yard last night. For the Milwaukee Brewers who knock off the St. Louis Cardinals and in addition to that not only do they get a win last night. Impeding National League central foe but I said all along this heavy. I don't think people look at this promote brewers perspective as that really the series. Go we talk with Kevin Wheeler in Saint Louis yesterday who and a Sports Radio Prius yen down there. He said this is a big series for cardinals fans because they know they're chased the brewers the brewers with a win last night put the cardinals five and a half games back. If the brewers if I keep saying if they could sweep this series then it's down to you when the cubs. Because is much as you wanna talk about the cardinals still hanging around. That's eight and a half game deficit going in July is a very big deficits over column so. The cubs or are there should do the brewers you just keep beat up on St. Louis Cardinals team that has played. Up and down baseball that had a couple of injuries to their starting rotation. They've had some problems there. The in their last ten or only three and seven. They're not great on the road their 500 on the road which is what you wanna do with they have been able to really overcome and get that jump start. And you've got to the cubs who are gonna be taken on the Cincinnati Reds cubs lose last night. Now I've really thought I'll be honest with you I said it we're just trying to keep pace with the cubs who knew that the reds were gonna rise up. And help out the Milwaukee Brewers a little bit but the brewers go to 44 in thirty on the season. They now again regain the top spot as port wins go in the nationally with forty for a site that you. They are at then fourth or fifth in all of baseball if you don't believe it Houston. The Yankees the Red Sox all have fifty wins on the seat that season Cleveland as for anyways put forth. Behind them is the Milwaukee reported forwards but solid night for the brewers I guess I gotta ask the question is. Forced the ball you'll like Eric things in the lead off position last night what works everybody loves it when it doesn't everybody hates it. I'm not a big fan. Just for the fact that yes he would look to see some lead off solo shots and things like that man Eric thinks that it broke the baseball. He's got a little bit wheels if both of baseball he can turn a single into a double things like that but. I like him having that. That that threat so to speak around some of the other guys in the lineup especially when he's not what he's got a long balls and nobody wants to face that guy nobody goes. And I like how he can protect people around him in the line. So anyway. Long story short. Goodnight. Leo good night for the Milwaukee Brewers on the employer or 85583086480. Part 5830. 86 worry that some alone quite get dot com poll three talk line 8558308648. Do you like Eric things leading off. I'll ask you that and of course we hear this discussion yesterday about starting rotation inception Joseph you've brought this up and really you're the one kind of started all the whole week thing but we never followed up an epic the other day we were talking about you know if you do this team does go out to themselves and basically what it themselves another starter. You just you got start after start after start guys are just downing you're gonna have somebody it's gonna have kind of hiccup in the road. You can't expect guys to go corporate policies alarming even even know Kershaw and Lander and those guys oval likes of those guys held even that cranky when he was here probably pitching some of his best baseball took losses every now and then but. Note if you go out and get yourself an ace who's the most likely candidate you're gonna pop out of that rotation right now. Justine has been good there is going to be in good who's gonna throw tonight again. You know it's got a good night. Out of out of suitors we were just mentioning. Last evening as he ended up throwing the ball really really well he goes date for this season Tracy Anderson with a dominant pitcher for awhile last year and he we've we've seen this stuff. Who knocked out of this. And how comfortable are you right now meaning a 85583086. Way there's a lot of positives about this for a team at the nickel hole here here we're gonna walk through this report. But you're gonna look at the brewers team gonna say your bullpen is pretty strong you know that. That you got to starting rotation that you can either say want their over achieving. Two they're reaching their potential. Or three they're gonna get that was spoken here. So take your pick how strong our. And then with a starting rotation that's cool it was say. What you threes. You can win with a factories. You can win a lot of games with what to recent strong bullpen. Guy you have to ask yourself what you need the most beauty that one case. Or do you need an additional back in every day that you can't just go pick up. That it's gonna be really good data off the bench that stuff would match now you're looking for you're either talking about. Replacing or Glenn Dorsey over shortstop which they already made the trade for Miller and if we see it pans out he's it would come up or sell it you know comes back into him. You pick up where he left off offensively. Are more you make the the pick of somebody that would be better. Where either one you could move VR which is a possibility. And I know they city and they're not gonna do it put you know you you you play your core would record you have you put your court to win. If that's if that's what you're doing. So that you figure out if you're not gonna do that are you going to say at the right which on the Internet the outfield. You on the other logical place would be maybe at catcher and if you're gonna at catcher most likely you're heading to a backup catcher united heading your article linking or you're gonna go to. Kind of a platoon situation behind the plate and then you're not getting in every day it back. So I think the more affordable clause would be some of the backs that were talking about otherwise you're giving up a lot probably get pitching. And I don't think that to David Stern wants to do we talked about it time and again not getting something that's going to be controllable for a long period part. So anyway long story short. What would you like to see this team do 8558308648855830864. In the long fight if dot com or free talk line. I want you to chime in also coming up after the bottom of the hour Rick talk with Tim Allen host of the baseball post game show Bradley is says win last night I like it. This is from mark who writes in the Wendy's email inbox at some point this team has to make a decision on our CI know he has a tremendous club and I know that he is the future. But how can you be the future if you can't hit in Olympics he can't even get on base via the bunt. And that he's got to read this he's not that this team really is very willing to part. And then he goes on talk about. I'll just playing defense is going to get it done a whole defensive team that can't hit will not win a championship. We talked about that IE. My assumption is with Saudi and is ready to come back. That you may see you move mate they're gonna give RCA every tee it looked. Let's be honest you have the best record in the National League you're leading the division by game. Your if it's not like you're flailing right now it's four games back in danger of going six or seven and being out of it. Right now you're sitting there going who were leading the division we're doing it with some of the warts. That a lot of other teams have so let's just keep doing what were doing cede some of these guys can punch out of it. And then go from there. 855830864. In the loans by get dot com poll free talk like let's do this regard take a quick break welcome back Tim Allen hosted baseball post game show is going to join as we are broadcasting live. In our media center. The point creek RP. I'll rentals are BRP media center in that this is fantastic here now will probably be some FaceBook like coming up a little bit later on the program. But so please feel free to chime in on FaceBook lives as well over a FaceBook. Go to FaceBook dot com slash bill Michael people Michael show and you can see the FaceBook like from a little bit earlier days it repeat itself. Have a great time out here road America. Getting ready for the rise in IndyCar Series the Kohler Grand Prix coming up also the early world world challenge. A lot of racing going on here and Elkhart lake Wisconsin this weekend's of the get a chance come on out enjoy yourself we got a lot more including Tim Allen host of the baseball post game show coming up next in the gulf Lycos. Six clues stations strong though. Bill might school's sports talk. They tell you what a great day. Great move this is what my most favorite trips. Of the season and I love traveling to our affiliates I love getting out next week we're gonna be as matter of fact it rice lake we're looking for the rice lake looking forward the bracelets celebrity golf tournament. And Tom Coastr throws such. Any credible party and I can't wait to shake his fancy congratulations in his induction into the Wisconsin broadcasters hall of fame. But today we are broadcasting live from road America where our point creek RV rentals mobile studio to the start finish line at road America. And we can't say thanks enough. The point creek RV rentals and again if you are looking for the alternate weekend experience and everybody loves to camp but not everybody wants to invest in a camper. They have got you covered whether it's three days or even longer. Go get a take it wherever you're going him bring it back it's that simple they'll take care everything else they're great people work with go to point creek RV rentals dot com. That's point creek RV rentals. Dot com big win last night for the Milwaukee Brewers joining us now on the Schneider orange hotlines or buddy Tim Allen was to baseball post game show to them. Are you doing man good good good another. Day in the calendar of summer baseball and torn off fishy yesterday with another win. I I tell you what I said did yesterday and I asked Kevin Wheeler this from Tennessee Lewis who does sports talk erroneous via radio set how big of a series is this for as much as we talked about a playoff atmosphere with the cubs. How big of a series is this be caught eyes and correct me if I'm wrong Tim. You sweep this cardinals team. You have all what delivered a knockout blow to their season that would put an eight and a half games back and use it takes you usually gain a full game and hang onto it about a week week and a half. So you would put them back about seven weeks would which would almost beat two months. And who knows what's gonna happen in that period of time that wants to couple pitchers they've got some guys have been banged up. The offense has been a little bit up and down their defense obviously is not very good you can deliver the knockout blow this week and this is kind of like a playoff atmosphere for them. Well I wouldn't it will make the refereeing a boxing match take a closer are look at them but we all know we thought there were a couple of force in home in 2011. And and somehow. Some way they've battled back in and fought their way through things I'm not gonna rule mild quite you have lot of baseball to be played here. I'll put on the other hand. I think it's up this whole that I think it sends a message that the brewers. Could very well be with us and when you look at a 44 and thirty mark. And as I said you're sure not a schedule here bill and that's that's really what it comes down to right now and and more people want. You know the brewers to succeed we we understand that but again as as you move along here. It's just another big bite out that's scheduled they're nine and eight the brewers on their last seventeen. Okay is that light the world on fire as you say no but it's a big chunk of the schedule that maintain its intimacy foreign now. And I you know I was sorry about last night in the post game show and it would just take a baseball fan around the league maybe nationals fan are some like that you look on paper and you see this brewers' rotation. And you see that as junior guerra and it's it's Friday Peralta and it's Brian Souter and and these guys since they might laugh. But they are legit as this thing continues to move forward Joseph actually. To weed out some the other day that really got me thinking a little bit about that rotation and it and I was just pondering that. And and it was it was it made me think a little bit. About this rotation and how. Under rated and underestimated they I talked Jimmy Nelson over the weekend and and he told me straight up. They thought they were disrespected. And it did bottom a little ass and they weren't getting a lot of vets rotation before they're. They had their maintaining bill they really are. Com we were talking about that earlier today in the show I was in and we discussed the same thing when joked we've got out soul. With perish just seemed kind of leading the way we know chase Sanderson at times has been Dominic going back the last season. Souter has really thrown the ball extremely well. And Tim my say you don't have to have an ace. To win ball games. You can have a lot of really good threes or fours. With that good bullpen the back Kamal and you don't have to be then desperate to find that guy that's going to be your race because. We have not seen sustained a losing. Out of this team. Even though we've seen ups and downs offensively we have not seen sustained losing I don't think we're going to see the same offensive falloff we saw last year because you have two more dynamic bat in the lineup in geology Cain. And if you have pitching and you've got good bullpen. Do you have to go find an ace or at this point are you trying to fill in depth pieces or do you just meet that one more every day that. It'd be nice to have that guy. That that remains stud pitcher at the top it would be nice and I don't think anyone's going to disagree with that but again it comes down. Process essentially acquire him. Your offense. When you look at located in Christian theology I think we're all getting an education is little land here. What really good offensive players can do for baseball team could you imagine and I'm sure you have pondered the stock as well. Did you imagine what this offense would be without Kenyon College. I mean it's so. At the office it would be almost laughable. Honestly no disrespect anybody but it would be and so watches CNN offensively is. They hate to sag are that we all agree that he's taken the first base job. I mean he's in right I know we get a little bit below look week or two ago. But he's in right I mean that's that's later rationale comes down the same as Mingo Santana. And and Ryan broad. And admit but as you get fatter as baseball team the names get better on your bench to splash value names in the production get better. On your bench instead of Ramon Flores is Nellie and her rare others in the Hector Gomez says we're looking at Domingo stands and those and Eric aims and Ryan wrong. Mean it really it's so I'm not. Necessarily. That worried about the offense. Because here's CN many Pena picked it up a little bit he's worked his average up to 227. Really get some good at bats he's swinging assistance in the zone he's not reach and he's not play a one. So he's coming on video has been fairly steady. Orlando Garcia and that's sort supposition is an issue offensively at least it is an issue. Not overly concerned about the offenses the pictures. Are doing what they're doing. Along with. Thank you are over first. And things they're try to work him in and look I I understand you're trying to get him bats you wanna kind of you know get his numbers up so to speak. But let me ask you this team do you like him leading off. I don't not at all and I'm confused by that you have a 12 punch in the Batman and Robin that is outstanding. And I just don't understand and then he got used to follow that up and he got Travis Java followed that up I just I just don't know where that's coming from but. If it if you go by the philosophies that. You know these big game changer in any can do all this and that will put those put him behind does deuce and I Shaw. And let him go to. Go to written. Today he did or. What VIR somebody that's gonna get on base in that nine hole to set the table second and third time do with fame since it did to me it doesn't make a lot of sense but. It's sealed Rickie Weeks syndrome it is those pop them in the front of that lineup and LC better pitches and in theory you do. Although on the other and on the other hand a lot of managers and say well it doesn't matter. Still have to have quality at bats a matter whose bat around is so it's it's almost like both sides of the mosque. So defensively speaking this team has been far better. I think then as well then now a lot of us thought they would be they've had a couple of moments where they've had some hiccups be all right think he's played better baseball which. You know one of the areas that we don't talk nearly enough about when this team doesn't commit an error with they have when they have clean defense. They're big they're getting it done not just in the pitching not just in the bullpen and not just at times in this onslaught of offense. Put it some of the little things defensively speaking don't get me wrong Tim you and I think and on the same page when you'd like to see them play a little more on that metal baseball play. But they're getting it done in better areas than what they did last year. There are and that's I think local product of you know hard work and any you have to give credit for that but it's also a product of blunt okay and a Christian Ellis defensive fronts say that the best 12 punch in the league. In defensive front shape and I think that's sort of a trickle down theory they really made an effort. Because it's an analytical. Kind of based team really want it when it comes to Davis currencies looks at that stuff and I think that has been a point of emphasis for sure. I real quick before we let you go from Craig Counsell there's there's a lot of talk about managerial styles in the way. Managers use numbers. I don't know if you saw that article in USA today the brewers have hit into the most double please note in the National League they have the most shut outs thrown against them. In the National League Erin all Major League Baseball. They they have one of the lowest on base percentages and they're still getting it on line. And we look at this I go back some of the things David Stern said in the beginning of the year while there's 4374. Outs of how you go about getting. There's 4374. Out how many of those outs do you squeeze hits in between. How many runs you're driving and in between it's like this basis of numbers. And and you just wrote that are out there and let the dirt and Warrick made there's no rhyme or reason to it. Are are are they managing numbers now are they managing players. That's that's the biggest question in baseball right now and I read that article and it was very significant that. Other teams go through this too and we we watch every pitch though is as you know that's that's our deal and we see what what the grind it is for this particular baseball team we don't see the grind for other teams we see the brewers opponent in that series for sure but. It's as that article I think it was nightingale. Had been talking about. You know that the changing of the game that you will go through this and it's almost two and accepted nature in the game of baseball that. You know we've talked you know I've talked before about the strikeouts in the night I sees no benefit striking out and and I will not change and I don't care what baseball tries to do. With the numbers. You're not telling me that a strikeout is acceptable I mean I'm not going there but maybe it's just the nature of of the game. So then you look at Craig Counsell style which is a great question. I think he's still developing that stop he. I know he's force that numbers because that's what his process. And there's there's so a lot of merit to that. But also he's a guy that it's. Blatant. That he has all about positive team chemistry. It is absolutely imperative. You're gonna play for Craig Counsell and that baseball team that you will be positive. And you will be playing for each other you will be a good teammate I think. If if you look at side from the numbers of style for Greg council that's that's the one main thing I would point to I would love to see him. Gold has got just a little bit more just and maybe he will and maybe he'll know when to push that button when the flip that switch occasionally. Are you C east lead this great managers do that. They do and I think he's still developing that's now he's staying safe that's for sure he really does she stay in shape because that is because the numbers bear that out. But doesn't a manager go there's got. And a lot of times when he does make Bolten. Yeah changes he kind of does that's what that's all about so I think he'll get there were right now it is all about staying positive. Tim always a pleasure body into the weekend hopefully we're talking about a borrowers we've been just about delivering the knockout blow the cardinals we'll talk again next week LO OK out on their road America bill. It's a great placed him talk you soon they go to valid host of the baseball post game show joining us on the Schneider orange outline. Schneider our drivers right now you work hard they treat you fair eighty plus years they've been getting it done call 844 brighter go to Schneider jobs dot com 844. Bright. Or go to Schneider jobs dot com. And now this portion of the program by the way brought you by our friends act it tobacco outlet was grocery cigar dinners are back. And we're gonna be heading into the a chippewa falls area and that is coming up Thursday night July 8216. 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Before while track it is road America camping is is well underway man it was a great scene this morning driving around this place we have so much fun. And they gonna do it again out later this afternoon over the weekend as well looks at the weather's gonna continue to get better clouds are in the area now should get nicer the day goes along. It was interesting because as we are driving up here last night that rain that has been kind of encompassing the southern portion. That the state of Wisconsin specifically southwestern Wisconsin. Followed this up tool belt he wants them and then after that it's it's subsided and it just it let up we had it just yet to clouds we have some stories guys last night. And I really beautiful night out here and now I've been here when it's here when it's been 95 degrees and I've been here way it's. 55 degrees and so opium between. Not bad at all but it crowd is starting to roll and lot of campers lot of bonfires last night to give your busier throughout the week of the still play hero. Plenty of ticket Toronto on sale for this even though it's going to be a good crowd here this weekend with plenty of tickets on sale ever been here. You can find a good vantage point almost anywhere. Near the tracks come on now to road America. As were going to be out here. Enjoying herself this week in the sports and programming brought to buy but like the official responsible Michael sports talk what network Wednesday night live up it running at the Budweiser pavilion was cut to state airport. It's free admission only six bucks to park your car free parking for motorcycles as well and it's every Wednesday night at his Wednesday night live present but but like the official. Beer sponsor of the bill Michael sports talk network big night last night. For the Milwaukee Bucks. Force albeit. So you say should trade the pick. Don't don't take that it don't pick up the college kids just trade the pick away get rid of some of that salary. I'm not even person all the pieces I'd like it you can Jens though like the net. I are really do are you talking about a guy to shooter I hope we can develop even more duties to get his game better and I think he can help the Milwaukee Bucks and somewhere cheaper for. But secondly. I Steve what's to say they still don't make another move. What's to stay they could still make another trade. And what's to say they don't the old one of these contracts away. With either pick or or something down the road I still think another mover who has to be made. And any kind of go from there but I I'd like to pick for a talk a little bit more about coming up after the top of the hour. The pot over the next hour hearing T it's the Indy Lights series driver. 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Check it out go to point creek RV rentals dot com great for you with a family. If your romantic getaway into the woods whatever happens to be they've got it for import like which are coming up at this. Wisconsin one. Bill Michael's sports talk.