HR1- Sterling Brown video reaction

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, May 24th
Hour 1- Bill discusses the Sterling Brown arrest video and gives his take on the unfortunate situation, plus we speak with Eric Edholm from Pro Football Weekly

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From the league front to the and this is where Wisconsin sports fans content to. Michael show named best radio show here in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. Why don't shows on the air and we are glad to have you today is gonna be a day. At least for a while it's it's going to be a tough day. Okay and you probably know it's what everybody's talking about Hal Good Morning America is in Milwaukee. It's a sterling brown video and I know it's been talked about by many. I have not really weighed in on this and even last night Nam when I. Was on Twitter. I didn't wanna give in to. Our discussion on Twitter okay because I didn't want anything that I was about to say to be taken. Out of context if you okay. Yeah if you've you've probably seen the video. Either its full retiree. Or if you. I. If you saw portion out okay Maine I do which totaled justice. First of all and he says the news when this whole thing first broke. The end we. Before it ever was made public public. We had. The verbiage from the police report. So you go by that. Okay that's would you go buy in at the time you know I was pretty hard on sterling brown. I was wrong. The initial contact. Which sterling brown did to initiate all of this was basically. Are stupidly park. Long ways and handicaps it okay you should have done let's be honest okay. Had he not done that none of this starts but. But okay we can all agree upon that's a fact all right. But what happened after that. News. It was bad it was awful I'm I don't know what else to say look. The original cop. Wasn't asked. Tenet to ask sterling brown his name in such that you know what though that's what you do. Blight there's a way it I've always said. There's two ways either state dinner. You can have a steak baked potato. And some asparagus homicide corn whatever it is you want her vegetable. Nice to rank put on fine China great silverware white tablecloth. Appetizing classy perfect. Which you can have that same dinner. Steak baked potato. Little little wine. Her spirit as your corn whatever. You put the wine and a crappy plastic cup. And you put the stake on a garbage can. It's the same dinner if she just in the presentation. And what this Cobb did was basically become a god with a badge. His Wang grew fifty feet because he had a badge and he thought he was gonna bullied this guy. And just be an ass. So instead of saying had your park like this can have some identification OK. And then we ask him his name. In any sense sterling brown. And believable. I mean so at that point what do you do O Charlie Brown's I try to be a combative he he was saying my name store tomorrow. We watch this to guys just it is that the cop was a jerk. And it escalated from there. Because at that point I have to admit and I and I've watched this thing now. God I've watched it probably fifteen or twenty times. I'm trying to go over every word and every movie moment okay and then I think to myself I shouldn't be doing this. Because that's not the way this happened this happened this didn't happen. Watching life unfold ten times this happened right here right now and the whole time I'm watching this and thinking what this was a family member of line. What if this was me how what I react I would start to Illinois and pissed off. Because I'm being harassed. And it's one thing to be given a ticket inside it's a completely agree. Again. What the Cobb did in coming over and saying hey. Who how do you think you are parking too stupid to handicap spaces of all places here you go on their right to take okay. Like to basically. To be cited as one thing to be degraded is another. And that Cobb did nothing but set out to degrade. Sterling brown. To take away your human decency. He could've had a bad night. He could've had a bad day he could just had a better rest in back on the street he could have an argument with his boss his partner I don't now. But you don't do that to somebody. And that's the way it seemed it seemed like this guy was looking for a fight. And so win every he had the technically speaking. Opportunity. He took it. He took it so when the mayor of Milwaukee. And the city of Milwaukee in the police chief now. Armed say. We we've we look at this and we expect bash backlash hello we are you should. You're about to pay a lot of money. Because you stuck a guy out on the street whose. Below his waist was basically the size of his badge. Look I support tops I think there won't woefully underpaid and I have done ride alongs and I think some of the garbage they put up with news. Is inhumane. It really is. An arts and I've always always sided on low on the side a law enforcement in this time in this case I can't. I just can't this guy I wish that you strong language this guy was an ass. And then it to try to play it off and get all the other cops kind of on your side. You knew after the fact you were wrong when this was gonna become big because you can listen to the voice. Arteries car curfew was a blah blah blah blood in just the guy was just a jag. He just wants. Now. I don't know how I would have reacted I know that I started to fuel a lot of the sense of white I was getting out of sterling brown in that video. I I I'm. Not black. I can't I can't relate to. Some of the harassment. That that he's going through or any other black persons god I couldn't tell you I'm just telling you as I'm sitting there in my own skin watching this. I was getting pissed I was getting pissed at the top because all of us who just. Do it if I don't have an ID run my license plate find out who I am. You know and just give me the ticket. Don't sit here and degrade me the whole time. So. It's it's. It's it's a shameful shameful situation and the Milwaukee. Police chief. For what he did yesterday in in coming on talking about transparency and then walking away from questions is is cowardly. A lot. Transparency is we were gonna get the video cam ever anyway that's that's public record okay so don't don't act like you're doing us a favor. Because once it's once it's war is is that it's there the public has a right to know. Under the freedom and their information act we were right to know so don't act like you're doing us a favor. And you can apologize all you want but it cannot answer questions. At least minimal questions coward man. You can't pontificate about how you're gonna be so much better and open apps open up your apartment and look at there's a lot of people that I know to think you're pretty good guy and what you did yesterday was garbage. It was garbage. Your top screwed up. Now I don't you have to go through the whole process of the union and you have to deal with all the disciplinary hearings and everything with that I should be gone. He judge should be. No ifs ands or buts. But not all cops are bad and not all cops are like our guy. They're not I just know to medium there's a lot of good guys out there and women for that matter. Are really care. And they try to do the right thing this guy. The size of what's in his pants is the size of his gun and his badge and he just wanted to be a bad yes. More than likely Sharpton. Wisconsin why did you go bill Michael's sports talk. And it's. I don't like those shows on the air it is not. It is not Saddam. Easy to discuss. When you give in to. Race and politics. And confrontations with the police officers or firefighters or teachers or whatever because I I am out of a huge supporter of them. I'm huge supporter of their unions. And what it is they do I believe that the backbone of this country is our military units are firefighters there and do our police departments and our teachers because. They handle the most precious things we can possibly ask them to handle and they get underpaid overworked and get tired of being beat up. Because they're doing your job and none of us wanted to. So it it's it's it's tough for me I do a lot of things with a lot of different police departments in municipalities and I believe and a you know I just edges do. I think those are incredibly honorable things. But what happened in in his video war news. Was a travesty. Sterling brown. Was dehumanized. And shouldn't have been. Not over a traffic ticket Camara. I mean I don't know what else to say about it. I certainly hope that there's an outcome. To where the person there that began to investigate all of us that being mean and the police I was there. Tom. He's no longer police officer he doesn't deserve debate. That did the motto for police is to protect and serve. Protect insert. Not fully integrate. I mean you know they could've told him you know hey you got to move your vehicle. Hey we're gonna give you a ticket. Don't Pletcher. Your arrogance overcome you anymore you know I mean whatever. By. Com and in the other side to this point and I want you to terror war are really really really really. Once you think about this for men and okay. I really do. The other side of this morning. Is. The black guy that he gives. Good cops. And I and I know this because I know cops. I just do IRU or no in in doing we're doing this job I'm exposed a lot of from people and I'm. Doesn't and we better or worse it just makes me. Accessible in a different way okay I'm just like you. Go through the same things. I've been married have been divorced but had kids. And had the same issues with homes. Plumbing situations. You know I mean you name it whatever you've done your daily life are Donna okay. And the bush doing this job has been a dream for me and I get a chance to meet a lot of great people and I get a chance to meet a lot of great. People that to a lot of dirty jobs. I'm only gonna give you this for second memo go ahead and start taking phone calls. I was out one time on a ride along on New Year's U. With us Milwaukee police. And we were in an unmarked car but it. Just Al basically. That I was there deceit. What do day in the life is like okay. And we came upon a traffic accident actually I mentioned music came upon it actually happened right in front of us. Where there was a family in a minivan. That's. Was driving through a stop. Blur through. You know a traffic light was green they had a bit right. And a person. Pour out and hit them. And hit them. With the kids come out of the car the mother comes out of the car. She's already on her phone. And the kids the one girl page turns out was twelve years old. Any other. Kid there was there was eleven the girl was twelve the sun was eleven. The mom got out of the car. Angela do the two kids specifically eleven year old girl. Or that twelve year old girl. Starts dropping. The most prove feign. Language on the cop because the cops that I was with said what we got to secure this release got a you know make sure that they're safe and how to turn our lights on and he's explaining it to me what they're doing they're gonna come blocked traffic to make sure that while ago that the people around the street. That nobody hits them so they're gonna make sure that it at least there's a cautionary. Area here. For their safety. So the cops get out the car. The girl begins the mothers on the phone. The person that hit them is out of the card on that I'm really sorry I just I didn't CU I thought I can make it. You know he's trying to apologize the mother won't hear any of it in the kids are screaming at the top where the blank are you why weren't you here to stop this in this neck I mean. Unbelievable language from a twelve year old. And the mother. Is on the phone like a set so the officer says. To the mother excuse me ma'am just a second. And he says to her can you please. Have your daughter stopped swearing at me. He doesn't say anything that it kit with that the mother goes off. How dare you blanking blank mother blank hurt the whole thing on this guy how dare you not tell me how to raise my kids in this I mean this was the mentality that he was dealing. Meanwhile a guy who hit them is now back in the car because he's starting to get scared. And at that point another carload available people pull out that's who she was on the phone what. Or family who then I'll come down and begin to scream at the cops know we were just we were sitting at the stoplight talking. We we do you think. I know they're being paraded I mean in the most vulgar. Language. You could ever put on display. And that's the situation they had to handle. And I I get back in a car I told the guys are sick how how do you deal with and it's a while just after awhile it just you just don't hear it. You know it's just it it becomes almost white noise. So that's on believe it but that's so that's what they deal with. I'm not condone in any actions here but I'm just simply saying when you wanna rip a cop think about the crap that they have to deal with. Because it's usually not you and I we're usually pretty respectable. Would pull up we get cold over. Thank you yes sir no sir OK you know they were you speeding gas volume and 5945. My dad. You know like today I pulled myself over in frankly I was doing 65 and a thirty. I said man I'm I'm really sorry I was myself was late for school we were really in a hurry. I mean I knew you got me I'd I would never drive like this if there was other cars in front Amir behind me off to the other side of the road I just I saw a complete open space and yeah I mean I'm sorry I'm really sorry I know what they did I'm sorry. Okay. You know but some of the stuff today at the deal was unbelievably. Off. And always got to deal would which is why I've always set cops firefighters teachers military all woefully underpaid. So I take that into account when this cop gets out and attitude. Okay. I do I pay attention that because I know what they deal. But this was. This was basically. You were going to you're trying to humiliate the guy. Did you just. The video shows at all and I'll need to explain it to video shows at all. 85583086485583086. For him alone advocate dot com to hold free talk client still the phone calls to suck it Dan and are seen Dan Walker of the program the Michael. The bed bugs me a job this morning but certain that I did well to be divided it. Which everybody can edit it. Ideal that. I could Alter content but it could situation. They didn't get bit and we wish him and I'd hate all of them yet know. Outward did you read more adamant he need to be under absolutely. And that old it's not a whole recruiting and we are. In bed. That was what you'd get your education big black curtain you can work your associate. Bachelor's degree you got the job pretty much in the pet. I don't borders secured that actually. It dirt came dirt turner probably uneducated. I. You broke that aren't like that but the fact is that what you're and I am basically your apartment I bet they're juniors under his belt you let. All try to subcultures. The white collar crime. He can pick up at your view that the gun here now almost beat the got a radio and it. So obviously. Will be able to carry yourself communicate with people and he'd do a lot of situations. That's first and in an interview is not getting the job and personal look at it there's guys that now or years bachelor's and they. A lot and very little experience is treatment well it. Maybe work a little bit and don't work but it worked in the Arctic. Are horrible. It I appreciate the phone call away in it. Sometimes we talk about hiring practices I don't know if it's sometimes the mean because look anybody can say anything and interviews. Anybody can test out any particular way you know they they want sometimes. People get drunk on power until after they have it's a you don't know where the person going in what their motives are do you wanna be you what do you cop. And and help keep your city safe. And protect people and do good things you know you wanna pull up in a squad car when there's an altercation and and and and help a person is being abused stopping domestic violence situation keeps somebody safe. Do you seek kids that are that are too young beyond of their own. And they need to get home and eat across the street may be down help them is that what you're therefore is that protect conserve. Or are you there because you want a bad you want a gun and you wanna be the biggest bad ass on the block. It's hard to weed that that that latter out from the former sometimes you don't now. But that's certainly seem like what the what the first cup was was doing was just to be to bash is being a jerk. Didn't unity. It's gonna Craig on the south side Craig welcome the program the Michael show. Although on your door don't want to know what's up. You know first caller. All sorts slaughtered you have for your crew and our criminal justice and right now hard working in the medical she'll. Sit right arm. I would insurers or through exporting and all that football might also in 1999. Cards in this trip with two insult to one this is on the slow side Milwaukee. Were police officer during the military went. Oh or point seven of the vendors and literal door that is insults at the richest are important trucked to the radio and doctorate of it took that perk for blue walls started out. There and in the middle of the afternoon at twelve our. Ducks who saw her pulled me over because. Are who said the he said that it false registration. So that dealership. Basically what I trip for what that's central and smaller truck to a bigger truck a police officer pulled me over. They sit well. It's had a what are these people Robertson what does that mean actually pulled me over with a whole lot of talk directly trucks you made me. Goal 120 some streets which is always a very. Asked and are you doing the birdies on the subject of growth of any city well here you have to sort of McGraw that Plosser sticker. Well it sort of what many are just tortures to confront me. Well I went to courts and you know the judge looked at me and looked at it I'm not sure. That you want even sure because it was stupid situations. All you to get what I'm saying as. You know I mean the stuff happens everywhere. I'm in a situation where pitchers they're individuals everywhere but it just turned over top and you were saying like before in your control. An eight under what people's true but immune liquid so that trivial duchess totally yeah. And that's why god out of there too because it was like it was just I mean would they just deal with sort of deal agreed assists is just. The the watched well. You know it you know I agree and you know I can I completely agree I am appreciate a phone call is I I really don't come look at it I eat I appreciate the situation you're. And I'd been in certain and in a circumstance like I always ask myself what led to this. What could I have done different that this would not have happened could've slowed down. Could I paid a fine girl I've been in what could I have done so I I always think to myself what initiated lingo from their so whatever the initial act is usually it's on the that I doc. Polite. There is a professionalism about it. And I know sometimes. Just by what they have to put up with they can look at people as numbers statistics. Or almost on humans or in humans. Just because he's he can be such a just disgusting job. But sometimes you find that you treat human beings are human beings are becoming a moment. How was the same amount. 855830864. In a long way to Telecom told free talk like it was shot 85583086. Foray when we come back Eric get home pro football weekly gonna be joining us go to next and go microshaft. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk that. At work. No Michael she always on the air we'll get back into sterling brown discussion coming up colonel little bit when we booked the show we booked guests is we always do and we talk about many different things I do wanna give back in that though. Because I think it's it's. It's something that's that's obviously work that so. So stay tuned as we roll out discuss the video are coming up Purcell with the sports and programming brought to our friends or cousins subs. Where they believe in better and they wanna make your VIP when you're gonna go to summer fest this year would you like to do and as a VIP a couple of concert tickets to the American family insurance have a theater plus you get the VIP treatment you get to in addition to that party passes good gift cards a whole lot more. The only way to get registers by going to cut themselves dot com slash a big gig giveaways 'cause the sub dot com slash Big Dig giveaway. And you check it out yourself because you could be a winner you could be a VIP that's what everybody wants to be let's do this turn our sights towards. Football as there is some things are discussed Siri get home a pro football weekly now joining us on the shutter orange hot line Erika I don't want. I'll go up. Well we're just kind of waiting to see if by Aaron Rodgers is able to take this team I deeper in the post season this year get them back to a Super Bowl the biggest question is defensively speaking have they done enough and in your opinion have they done enough. Yeah I mean it it's obviously it's in the Hebrew the group they've put together in Powell. You know how. What version of Bob Welker pseudo Oregon today you know keeping god now motivated to turn himself in the player wants more he'd be impact what fraud. It out otherwise you know that's the case that the pretty good signing an offer for our wide and in all the additions they've been in the secondary. The newspaper the old tree there's at least the depth there where you feel like. It might come in at these guys to play press coverage and that you would he want to do. But to pick away in Alpert that was obviously kind of a glue guy they're play a lot of role for that money. It's hard to say that they have a chippy chippy as well we have Aaron Rodgers there's obviously a little flexibility very you don't need empty net going to be. And every tactical unit they just happen because the rest don't hold the local I think yup that whole period epileptic. So do they have enough offensively I mean the biggest thing we ought to be offensive at least for me. There's two circles right here and one is he writes on the offensive line I think they know what they're guard position is gonna be I don't think right now you have a lockdown. Right tackle because blog and sprigs or. Both coming off of injuries the united church and then the you know they they they believe they're set the wide receiver position they went on got a lot of young talent. But dead veteran death you bring in Jimmy Graham you know you're gonna splitting mount. But Dovonte Arabs at three concussions in two years if he gets hit again god forbid he goes down percent extended portion of the season you don't have much veteran on the outside I mean that's the only reason I would say they would consider the Dez Bryant vote. Yeah and that's a great point about Adam that I feel frequently forget it that in August we got the extension. It's Russia production which phenomenal he clearly had the go to guy here. A concussion factor is that act back you know that that wild card were one more big hit it's scary proposition YouTube app or be. Careful and mindful of that so yeah. I you know I struggled to figure out exactly what Jimmy Graham and provide I mean obviously he would. He statistics that kind of wildly vary for one year to the next we know it's not blocker he's essentially a a big slot receiver. I'm like get cute or computer at wide receiver of sorts stoop. The whole mix is it just figure if everybody stay healthy if they have great walk with health. You know I'll be didn't necessarily have that last year due position. You know you intriguing little running back trio but why keep and it's now. Bad things can happen with Victor but as you pointed out what you know just like with the optical widely accused of starting I was already market what both guys started falling that's when the trouble really happened. It out at that depth concerned Israel Darwin there again. On the pro football weekly when you look at the division itself. How you know we know Minnesota is a good team and I don't know what Kirk cousins is going to do I don't know if he's gonna take him to a higher level or features can be. The same old same old get to ten wins or more I don't know who what is going to be the fly anyway McKay how much better because I'm hearing a lot of optimism coming out of Chicago. And they have picked up some pretty solid pieces I know it rests on the armaments from risky. And their new head coach but how much better do you think Chicago has gotten. I think they're a better team ought he would that the unit had trouble winning games all money they're terrible record lap you know 34 year Soldier Field. You have for your head coach that we really don't frankly know much about it Matt Nagy come from good stock great that. That Philadelphia Eagles watched Jackie and that he chief. A group that. Recent argued coaches you know with dollar Doug Peterson did last year and likewise we saw what it what it. When an LA with the area and what are you could take it from. The leads her to offer it would affect your quarterback. Adding the weapon right guy like Anthony Miller and Alan Robinson that are. At big can change dramatically overnight to I think that's going to be like the instant copy version of the bears this year probably. But dictate your that he. Good in Arctic the special teams will be a little market that that little more solid beat it was too close games that were to pick them like once or in busters though. You know pretty competitive outside a couple block the Packers won both blah you know I was only a one or two other games they really rewarding is now. I think they'll be it property this year but it's in the net. That you know an active yeah finding that idea any of the image of it he's going to be. A couple of notch at the head of where he was last year. Why do you know that now they have a great quarterback in they have the pieces but. I do you think it's going to be one of the better division top to bottom and in in the NFL. Well that was New York next course you've mentioned a Detroit. And when you talk about the division is a hole. How much disease division then begin to be up of one another or is Detroit to Chicago still far enough behind the Packers in Minnesota. That just those two teams are gonna value be battling for the top spot and in addition to that if the division is that tough. Then how many how you know how to hopefully be for anyone in the east teams coming out of those divisions. To be then that NF seeds say champion in the sense of having that that no home field advantage throughout. Yeah I mean they're dubbing it the factors here could you repeat of what happened in the edit out but jewelry have three very good clean the one play he'd that. Out of pocket here or fort Walt last year but they had a billion close games they they were not. Let me eight for 1213 were they good. On that date they've they've made their stake and have everything to blame but. You know they looked more like yes seven and ninety would be more often than that or twelve feet to back same thing could play out in the north where. You can go out and wild card lead in the division I wouldn't completely done. And you know the vikings could have fewer wins this year technically be a better more complete team. Yeah I children and cause big give them a bomb although you know keep you might played really well play the regular season. But doubt cookies packets that are made it part I think that Daley pat potential could be better you know felt. It really I do think this is going to be a very now division I think the wine and you know with the new head coach even wit the franchise quarterback in astronomy with some pretty good weapons the makings of it up at the line. Secondary and indeed shape and I wouldn't. Don't be a burlap like speed and burlap play it out I would still think their tribute at that he nick could beat any other team in the division regular Sunday. Who else in the NFC is a team that we really should be paying attention to we know well I got better last year but some of the mainstays I'm not a big believer once Seattle has going on. I know they're really going poured down a New Orleans so how serious should we take them obviously. Philadelphia's so I think still going to be a very good team and where his Carolina fall on all us. Yeah I'd like Carolina might be your mid and you know the ones you mentioned you know that I you know the world is a lot of positive momentum might. You know acted like fourteenth Mark Ingram and you know who knows if that people are truly a great users yet. Yeah I think Carolina because of the top of the division may be about to back a little. You know Carolina. Not for some big block that off the out of the pieces but I. I don't know I just sort have a feeling that they were living dangerously generic other team that think they were like eight warning in it once or game the idea being and it. You know some that blocked the ball kind of bouncing your way a little added and I don't know that they have. The take away potential one piece it's the kind of make up some of their. But there hold that office though it's part of the team picked to break out any more out and they're the go it. You know maybe he'll he player sure to be a great team better he told me vacant cabinet a reason to doubt that like these this year. Wouldn't shock me either they'll be a little outlet to explode offensively a little more middle road offensively but. You know that the team to watch obviously. Correct I can again. Stricken. At the late you much but I think the puck bounced back towards well I think they're more competitive team what they. Show record wise last year and I think you know they edit the you get it well it actually makes the cowboys. More relevant it would really cute with it last year. The giants aren't terrible football upbeat despite their record last year I think they're going to be way more competitive. It's just the fact that you know shoot the plate he will jump up the first and second place in their respective divisions. Offensively. In the AFC we know that Tom rating company. Not very article ascetic I guess in the US were reported this that the everybody expects just lighted up and go on and when themselves another AFC championship do you see it happening. I'm I'm kind of done. Now in the game and I thought that it elect. It's like betting aperture and break it ever get advice you know but it. At the tape on you bring up real question if you if Brady at the point where restated you know I. Our daughter up and play putting my way in India and being a little bit like the force fury you're bringing new attention on him for staying awake market. When it comes down dogged the intricate art world or any of the matter. I tend to doubt acting like the beef on they've added few defensively they've got a slew of wide receivers were viper you know 456 spots though. It out topic the winds fueled rebuilt to me about it reinforcements there. You know that seem accurate that it's shocking to me that they were able to get that all that defense and that if you want it nickel back you're Roger questions now. You know that's the same feeling I had the patriot lecture they had no business with that defense getting in the people but they did and so. You know what their coaching their quarterbacking accurate outnumbered much. Eric always appreciated time we'll talk again soon for sure is we get closer towards seasonal kind. All right you're copying papers about judges soon Eric get home he is up from pro football weekly joining us for a couple minutes and shatter or challenged daughter hiring drivers right now you work hard. They treat you fair eighty push years and getting it done call 844 prior go to Schneider jobs. Died count when we come back and they really really keep this up more than Michael your next. Phil Michael's sports talk. No I don't shows on the air. Good Thursday Tia and the brewers jurists is just keep on rolling I you know. The question Emmy best start in franchise history here's the question the question is can they keep this up. United to win yesterday. And majesty. I thought OK you got the first two YT when he for the other shoe to fall is that bad as the brewers fan. Because last year they're going in the all star break and I had his Jews gut wrenching feeling of trepidation. May go to the all star break and all of a sudden you're like. I think it's gonna quarterbacks and churn up today. You think guarding the break is. Going to relieve some of the pressure on the cubs who were living with the the moniker. World Series hang over and it did. And the cubs came storming back the brewers fell by the wayside. Cubs fans came out in droves and really just did nothing more than irritate me like wearing a pair sandpaper underwear. And everything began to spiral after that. Meanwhile this season. It's like there's a passion it's just. It's palpable. It's not only in the dugout or the clubhouse. And on the field it's in the stance. It's it's it's everywhere you goal. I was at a meeting last night had to go to a meeting before I Easton and I took. I took her to vote out yet again soccer game all a kind of stuff who took the vote out but I was shot and I mean last night and the first ten minutes of the meeting was all about number. Can they keep this up. Because as exciting people just walking around saying. You know it I do Dwight Gary asked that question can can they keep it up can they do risky is this is a surreal. You know it's it's like you for a while my motto was just enjoy the ride. Just enjoy the ride you know because. It doesn't happen in Milwaukee right. It's not supposed to be. What's happening and it's real and this is what had been building towards so mighty thoughts is rather than question. And rather than wait for the other shoot a fallen Livan trepidation. Com. Sherri and I got into this discussion today about negative Versa part number is positive. Just embrace it enjoy it this is great. This is great you are the best record all the national lead. By the way the hot stick to the day none other than mr. Salley now. How about that top two for four yesterday Iran's scored had a couple of RBIs the day. His batting average now says imports 45 with a 905 slugging percentage getting the started shortstop over land or sea who is still one of the best. Defensive players in all of baseball but you can't deny it was salad Dino has been doing since getting the opportunity in the begs. That is hot stick and today has brought you by Clemens sausage the links that get people together that's right the snack sticks right now convenient high protein choice. Fits the on the go lifestyles and it's perfect for trips in the ballpark snack in between games they didn't kid's soccer games baseball games are kind of thing. Throw me your crawl back. You're out there on the course you get the Monty Neill protein did you through our election. Lunches afternoon snack after work out tackle box if you're gonna do some fishing. Clement snack sticks made of premium cuts of meat high quality ingredients. All naturally smoked there you have that is a hot stick in the day mr. Allen beat. Yes can they keep this up yeah why not. We will talk some more Packers we come back Erin anglers dry air meg there from Packers going to be joining us. Or talk about that also some news regarding Libya mind Steve Clark. Las vegan scored a large Vegas golden knights beat writer. How about those golden knights wanna get in that. We're gonna get back to the sterling brown stuff coming up in about an hour and ten minutes from now is logs are really do wanna discuss this even even further okay. Say two mortal like a jerk about it there's. Sixteen stations strong though. Bill might school's sports talk.