HR1 – Was it smart to trade Randall?

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Monday, March 12th

Hour 1.  Bill & Joe are live from Spring Training in Arizona! Are you confident in Gutekunst this offseason?  Was it the right move to trade Damarious Randall to the Browns?


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From the league runs to the riverfront. This is where Wisconsin sports fans com stood tall the bill monkey show. I. Welcome. Broadcasting live here at very valley Arizona. Spring training Saudi your Milwaukee Brewers in all slightly the weather Easter what a magnificent day it is today it's going to be up to about 77 to eighty Seymour in there sunshine most of the day today after a so what rainy weekend but nevertheless his picture perfect. Here in Maryville this morning you follow me on Twitter you I got here about an hour and a half ago. And you found get what you saw the picture that it posted it was just this coming up over the bounds way. Way off in the east. And that from the press box vantage point nice shot of the sun rise in the fuel. So it's starting to feel a little bit more like baseball hitting a lot of different interviews this week. I had a chance to sit down chat with Travis show off at TP gallery at Duquesne. Josh Peters Jeremy Jeffrey is gonna have great council this week David Stern is gonna join this live to pursue this week. Radio chosen solely here on site as well as matter back. The club houses open right now Joe's down their talked to a few guys so. I'll bring a lot of different interviews. From down here at the biggest news to come out of the other than the fact that Ryan brought right brought talk with a little bit yesterday and Ryan brawn. The story broke it is completely comfortable over at first base. And that's true. Like eat it is why abroad put it kind of out of context in the sense of it would be like you know meet starting job you know it is it is a construction worker and you're only there you only have four days on the job the people monkeys they are you comfortable yet. Well of course now. You know so he said look I wasn't complaining. Alison Singer wanted to do it I'll just simply saying it armada I'm not comfortable over there yet not comfortable enough to say Dominique helped this team consistently wins so. While it's saying it either insane in the context of I don't wanna play there. He was saying it in the context of I'm just not comfortable it was just it's it's just a flat statement for what it is. So that was one of the big things that came out of over the weekend brewers' spring training the other was something that upstanding yesterday. And I was with Todd Margaret Court and the journal sentinel and saw also a couple of guys all the writers. And they're taco cork and able and cork and you'll have a little bit of a week. And they thought it was with a unique thought was because the mound the other day it was wet because there was rain. And he said no I didn't slipped. But daddy says but the mound was wet seek goal weight and are you contradicting yourself for you saying something here. And that he says yeah I've hit the united throughout my career might be. Okay now Ellis up we have now. So that was a discussion yesterday cork in it as tendinitis in his knee. And face that looked usually yeah ice it down. You know vehicle nation goes away at night. You know worst case scenario that it you know take the shot but it. They don't expect to have to do that so bored as we see would have court table with that was something you didn't want to obviously out of your closer. But then again he disclosed that it's not just right now it's something that he's dealt with prolonged period of time regarding just his career. So that was the big news coming out of the upper spring training yesterday. Operas can call back today take a White Sox a little bit later today and into the plan Cleveland Indians got a 54 win. Yesterday got a good year they're back here at Maryville tomorrow. Play game and then they wrap things appeared Mary bill wise at least for our broadcast on Wednesday. You can hear more down here on Thursday as wall wrap of the weeklong broadcasts. On Friday that it on the meat we eat my way back to do via though Milwaukee basketball our. On Thursday so while will be back for that but. Last few days been actually perfect today they have a chance to what. Billy Schmidt and you're out and you get a chance to walk at Camelback Mountain I'd I did not our our one colleague that. Was out there with us as well as trying to get me to go out there I was a little bit more worried about the the scorpions that he laws. Bomb it it is to do that today acted it's I don't know maybe 56 of yours or something in that where it got about halfway operate in it it's not. Prayer for those that come out that say you know it let's go to height it's it's it's literally hike I mean it's. You better plan about three or four hours it's not a short jaunt by any stretch the imagination. Oh start with Todd rose yet the journal said yesterday I was asked him about it he's gone away a piece of the best thing Jews who were over. Because you cannot walk up one side if you really wanna do right you walk up once again on the other and yet you were picked up on our side. But because it really during the weekends ago was to Parker was there because there's some new Taurus the wanna walk camel back witches. Released about the highest points down here in a beautiful views in such vistas that. Nevertheless our try to do that mean that it's in the serial that would later on today radio chosen those kind of hang out. Go to the game tomorrow. Broadening the game here and Mary bill tomorrow as the room who quickly the most effective and find out because it might be the Dodgers I'm not mistaken. But nevertheless going to be your merry go tomorrow so all the other news obviously he. The tournament bracket is Al you've got the number one overall which is Virginia. Everybody's up in arms about Oklahoma State Oklahoma. And say that committees all about the money so that was big nose news coming over the weekend and our anatomy got Marquette they indeed end of the term and I didn't think they would a couple of tough losses down the stretch ultimately did them in. But they are going to be hosting a bill correct me if I'm wrong. They're hosting at the Al because they probably don't have availability at the Bradley Center. For the the via IT I would assume that there's a conflict there otherwise why would be hosting a game at the now I. I was actually talking with the the PA voice of a market Basque caller earlier this weekend over the admirals in and he said the same thing. It was not it was destined once they knew cool. They would not be in in the NCAA tournament that it was a predetermined idea that they would play all there and I ET tourney games on campus at via. So I don't really know if there is necessarily a direct conflict. But I think as more one of the things to bring an on campus as well broker. Ago. I don't while my assumption is they'll fill the Al rather easily you would at least assume you would think absolutely like I wondered though I wonder how many Marquette fans are. Disappointed that it's only in IT. Or are you happy to be going to policies term I think expectations were higher this year I think this this program was expecting that can term it. But nevertheless. Ten the Padilla ideas and end up playing back at the Al. It's it's not a bad thing don't get me wrong because to be great environment. By the expectation certainly worked there I would I would guess now. 855830864. At each other Tuesday China on the show you can't. By all means and you connect you know it is up there you also buys a run to a Twitter at bill underscore Michaels at bill underscore Michael as he tracked it down. And that they can fight is over on the FaceBook fan page as well the other big news at the weekend. We're baseball related. Lance Lynn Jake you're yet assigns. Which I know it's completely deflating completely disappointing to many many restraints. And the amount of money they sign for. I think it's even more disappoint now 25 million a year project area I don't think a lot of people wanted to pay but only for three years. I thought man if you're kind of push your chips and though the table what you wanna kind of solidify yourself for this year and next that's a no brainer. And they didn't. They at least you know from what were here it is our hope even they were kicking the tires on the and then lastly obviously sides and then the FL side of things. You've got Richard Sherman we're talking about last week. He says he made a vengeful pick in going to San Francisco's Wi gets a chance to face his old team a couple of times this season. So he ends up signing going to separate Cisco John Mayer's at Cisco 49ers. You got to dot consume being released a little bit later on today. You've got you know obviously trained to Marius Randall going down for Kaiser which is. That's out of that's out of nowhere. That means I I know that they like Kaiser. When I was coming out of the draft. Blight. That that's that's out of nowhere. You know you'll just you have got a lot I mean you would assume. You were going to do a whole lot. In free agency. To bolster your secondary you have to. Your most veteran player now. Is is Kevin Kane is a starter goes. I mean that's it I that he that always. When I heard the emeritus Rangel thing I thought OK you know white. I get it Marius Randle had. Some issues in the second variants action. You only cut the head case at times in maybe he just kind of butted heads with Mike sure her Micah McCarthy if you too many times so go ahead blown out. And I think in your most veteran guy. Is quick Rollins Dmitry Goodson and Kevin hit. Rollins was picked up last year two years ago Kevin King was picked up last year. They get Dmitry Goodson 34 years ago you have Josh Hawkins. Who was college free agent in the 2016 draft. Never got drafted there's plenty Netscape Pickens. You are your defense. Is ego radically week at this point. Incredibly weak. A wanna start there weren't that we're here for a lot of people here Trevor sharp. Many Pena aren't cocaine charge hater Jeremy Jeffers all that's coming up Joe's got the clubhouse right now talking more more brewers as well. You can hear a lot of the different stuff coming out of Maryville. What I wanna start with over the weekend. So we think trip to rethink transpired via the NFL the Green Bay Packers I wanna get your thoughts 85583086. Or eight. Pummeled like dot com. Told free talk like the Packers. He effectively specifically the secondary are unbelievable. Week week and an experience now. And I want your thoughts. Up by the way the sport and program have brought to our different cousins that tutors euros towards Europe meet or ticket who has got that achieves all the great sauce they put on it. Download the app. Cousins jobs dot com cousins on our countdown the app you're my mobile device as well you fight there and they are the officials subs in which a little Michael sports talk norte. Pocket Packers. Getting your thought the Packers defensively. Ari could credibly weakness secondary. Your thoughts right after this but Michael. Sixteen stations strong. Will my school's sports talk now. I can. A. What about the program though Michael shall we are broadcasting live from merry go baseball park we're here at the beautiful complex it is the Milwaukee Brewers this complex and cutie. You face lifted renovation. As soon as the brewers break camp minster has ignored because they're gonna keep the ball park itself. He intact in the building it currently stands that houses both the team and the executive offices gonna remain. But the way it is it is I understand it is a model with the huge building is going to be built in front. The current building that stands in the current building that stances and become just strictly offices. And then the new portion of merry go baseball complex is going to be you know home to the brewers the team itself. Strength and conditioning the minor league side of things will be part of this is well. And an aggregate via see this stadium itself a faceless but changed side a little bit a lot of the care. The character of the ballpark to remain missing with the white in the concourses. The gonna put an extra skater to win. So that way is kind of alleviates a giant logjam if you've ever been around your Maryville is the answer to come in. Hand the alleviate that beat that the pilot there at outsider every game. For fans try and especially when some of the teams like Chicago come down. You get a couple of doctors and the Dodgers down over year. Aka the Dodgers matter effectively replace the Dodgers they over Campbell that. Respect tomorrow take on the Texas Rangers in the White Sox on Wednesday before the and they take on the Rangers and act their Parkinson prize. And an academic computer base Cincinnati. Over the weekend so a lot more baseball comes not the only opted for the Milwaukee Brewers giving Monday march 19 the week from that day. And that's it after that they pretty much play all the way through in their opening of the regular season so. It's a lot of excitement and now coming out of the new degree when it comes to. The baseball here in Maryville the other. Discussion obviously is the walked in the they have in the outfield rep Phillips very much optimistic talk to him for a couple minutes yesterday. He was saying that he understands his position he knows what's going on he knows he's Tony said look I I I wanted to be in the majors. But he said look now I know my places. So. You know he's he's he knows he's going to ours you know he's gone way down he says unless something happens. These that I hope it doesn't because his comments were I hope it doesn't because there's talk about trade and more so bad injury you don't wanna get a job because of injury. US here buddy do well the thing I will say about this down here. And and you're gonna hear this a lot of interviews is its first all very close knit group. And Travis shots that you are a lot of change from last year a lot of the guys really excited get back edit this each other and they had a lot of camaraderie released yelled last year and they used it today as he put it picked up where they left off there's very few new faces you know yell and change of scene. Diario. But there's very few new faces they're going to be a part of this thing that you got some guys it may not be a part of bitten in dire ruin and quietly. If they don't enemy and that's why so. I'll whistle C there's not Kabila tomorrow everybody kind of knows their thing as a few guys you know like the arteries you know he's got something approved coming up the last season. I will say this every time I get a chance to see him. Man when you each talk about their thing tech guys that piece. He seek a stretch that clubhouse yesterday everybody else I got here it was sitting down there he you know cut Joker around. And in walks Eric thing now it's it's a group he jokes around. It's fought because is if you guys walking around the kind of introduce everybody writes it means coming in yes they all hi everyone I mean it's very. Light hearted very jovial. But then things walks in pac guys the beast it's huge it's a big beast. So Augustine it's you know go to prove that they also walk on the expectations placed on an almost. It's almost like that not only do they welcome expectation because they know they were pretty good last year. What it's like. They want more they wanted that you don't the attitude is is you know expectations come because you have. You know you'd you'd believe success you have the capability to have success obviously. But they welcome and it's like I I was I was talking yesterday with a couple different guys Josh Ater its said. When it comes you know I asked about the cubs cubs rotation so welcome let's chase that. You know that's the air at whatever try to be you know yeah they're supposed to better in the world is saying that the cubs don't win the division they've got the better rotation suggest that maybe true but nobody knows we can do it we do it back to back years. If these guys have. Better years what they had last year. You know will it take that to catch a cubs or is this team is gonna score some runs because they get people believe football apply. It's gonna be just Tina says throw caution in the wind. Go out and throw some big numbers go our throats and crooked numbers in and let ago so there's a lot of optimism inside that clubhouse I am talking about what will talk more borrowers coming up. But. I wanna get. I wanna go ahead and get into the packers' discussion because. When that agreement Packers announced over the weekend that they picked up Kaiser. They treated to Marius Randall to Cleveland Browns kick Kaiser backup quarterback in the rumor is is that at Brett Conley is off to Oakland if indeed it becomes true. Our first thought says that they don't believe it. You know all the stuff about you know it's our guy I'm comfortable with our quarterback room. That it it all becomes this. Pounding podium pounding Stevie Pamela it is does. You're not trading for quarterback if you believe Brett. Now you do extent longevity when it comes to Brett partly because and by that I mean you're gonna lose Brett Conley after this season anyway. He didn't do enough to be traded pretty significant value. He didn't perform well enough for for some team ago my got negated a third round draft says happened. So they're at their backs are against the wall what do you do incredibly well you know maybe change of scenery maybe another team. You know he signed to a minor deal trade off it's something in return and call it day butcher now hunting. For maybe what could be the next. Just in case or a guy that's got a little bit of experience but also a guy it's got a lot more capability. And if he is in the COLT on. Well there you go go ahead and throw into the mix in east. He's got to be better than just as good as Aaron Rodgers but at least you got it can sustain the team for a short period times EP. Like. Going back Mike McCarthy's point during his exit press conference Mike McCarthy it's said. Our defense actually better at that our office and I remember what he said it or not want to set a lot. And I watch Twitter go crazy. And I thought about it I thought this is reactionary its emotional. Good people is they want out of gonna go to an aggregate Aaron Rodgers the weapons that's not what he sang. He's saying look around. You have got corset whence goes down nick polls comes in they did this to be wide because literally defense. Bridgewater goes down Bradford goes down. Did miss a beat Minnesota. Why because literally you're defense. You know you do if you don't have. Eight top ranked quarterback he got it good defense anyway with the Packers are saying is we have that quarterback. And he can make guys around him better offensively. But it he goes down we have to have eight top ten top fifteen defense we have to. Absolutely positive. And soul. They ended up weakening their defense over the week there has to be and there is a master plan here. To say you know why. Our most experienced. And considerably best cover corner in the various Randle you know has had issues. He's the guy that is expendable. Now we've gotten weaker and our defense weaker our secondary. And we can we plan on getting better defensively. You would assume they're going to dive into the free agent market. Lot of talk about Jermaine Johnson coming out of LA he's gonna be the guy that they're gonna target go after bring in the greenback which would be fine no problem. Would give me your thoughts on this Green Bay Packers. Do your thoughts as Green Bay Packers defense. Because they got significantly weaker over the weekend and I'm not saying is that it's. It's it's so incredibly derogatory that is going to be a bit team that's not what I'm saying I'm just simply saying that. You were counting on the various Randall prior to the trade. You were figuring your secondary was going to be Marius Randall. Kevin King when he comes back and then you are hoping to get an additional free agent helps cool them. Quick Rollins Dmitry Goodson and whoever else you picked up in a draft. That was going to be your guys. And now you don't have your most experienced guy that. You still have the in good kids we trust. Motto of the back your head 85583086480. Part five feet 30. 8648 of the loans by kip dot com poll freaked Auckland eight by 583086. Foray gives shall. All while Rivet Rao Romeo says I think they're saving their money and affected the rebuild was ever meant to be. Backers see an opportunity goes on from there. Steele says so the rams can go out and get Marcus leaders for under two million. Shields for a million. And Sherman for a heavily incentive based contract. Now our only option is going to be trained Johnson for thirteen plus million and we release are number. One and two corner. The weeks off. What now. Tyler says is it is what is good kids breaches competition and being in every conversation. They'll fill the holes eventually we just need to be patient. Completely agree that. Completely agree that. Was got to light says totally agree on the Packers quarterback situation now it's a do it GM Brian do his do a lot of work I expect wanting high freeagent. And at least two high draft picks which once again drafting more defensive backs they're going to be some more painful moves in Green Bay in the future. Mainstays are gonna have to be on to free of some of that additional fund. Lambeau lunatics is there would have believed gluten cans as a player and the senate veteran corner I will wait and see. What if he does it in plans is to just draft a corner he will not win oral lot of packer fans. Let's go to Ron Ron what the program the Michael show what's going on that. It was bill is that it. Yeah man I'll come company can dictate got to have a master plan and bingo whenever somebody that it looked like they're gonna probably packed a couple of days. And and go after somebody of that I think they got the money. Update what I wanted to know was. Got from Denver did he did he go about although he went. It would in the weekly. Yeah it was a easily. Yeah yeah he quickly went to handle it already back correct. Keep Philly guess he has gone. He is no longer on the market no longer available I don't. Don't understand why would why why would they look at Sharon and I don't I don't get dead. While winning at least look at our embassy just this one can't agree battle now. He said that he ended up choosing. A vengeful pit and then that basically meant that by the way Kentucky to leave is now with the LA here that are going Marcus Peters over the rams. That between that that may Trey Johnson pretty much obsolete so that's what to me jobs on the open markets only regret that our. But no he said Richard Sherman said. That the the choice to go to the 49ers. Was quoting vengeful pit. Basically saying look I wanted to go play. My former team twice a year. I think that like a Brett Favre thing but any daddy I'll I'll unconcerned about the leadership part not only just the you don't got it that letting him know probably either position skillful way. You know you need a leader and so I'm mad it's probably did it did you know besides or Cain. As you know a couple of young guys they got back they're big they're pretty much just are no work at the knucklehead out here with Randle with delegates but any issues. You know outbreak could do guys and new defense coordinate it aren't over. But I am open and they get it they got it they don't have got to get a couple reagents now that's the way it looked like. Oh absolutely I I couldn't agree more they have to go out and find some veterans in that secondary otherwise EU Kia. He's active you can't just sit there and real I mean unless you've got an unbelievable secondary coach. You have to go out parts of veterans report by the secondary I don't think there's any doubt about appreciate the phone call. Good but take a quick break and come back pick up where we left off a lot of people on hold this one. Dutch image of port calls and also got John accretive captain thousands of all. Give me your thoughts Packers over the weekend effectively get a little bit weaker. How you feel about this team overall what do you think the moves are going to be I believe they have to go find themselves a fractured freeagent for the secondary there's probably going to be as one of our tweeters just said. There's probably going to be some sour gas space is going to be freed up. By Maine stick by somebody that is there in Green Bay. That is no longer going to be Green Bay and may be one of the fan favorite state to we are broadcast live on your merry go baseball park. Springs during side of the Milwaukee Brewers who sports a program brought by quick trip several wards and by the way. The quick trips out here and a quick trips back there. The quicker it's out here are spell would you who want back our home state of OK KWIKTRIP. Quick trip dot com. Go there final location nearest you get a rewards card gets signed up you be good ego it's that let your money start earning new money that's what you work. Over her good friends act quick trip for the though Michael show live from Phoenix Arizona and merry go baseball park spring pretty excited Milwaukee Brewers won't back at this. Freeware and Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. What about the problem though Michael show is on the and a we're broadcasting live beautiful merry go Arizona's matter of fact coming up for the next hour. For those is that we'll have everybody on line when it comes to. Our our network everybody will be on the network will do maybe like FaceBook live. Others FaceBook live down here. And and how he got CR vantage point from inside the press box as a grounds crew right now. Cleaning up the merry go. And the brewers working out today. And it and they're gonna head over to camelback where they're gonna take on the Dodgers later date back here tomorrow to take on the Texas Rangers. So he it was FaceBook live here in the next hour. Some breaking news for those who wanted to see a walker come back to the Milwaukee Brewers that's not gonna happen he has now been signed by the New York Yankees. So yankees. Making a move today which they have basically me in quiet they have got a whole lot free agency. And they were pretty content like anyway the stick with that infield. But then the walker. Looks to be the guy he is a report Lia great character and numerous numerous other. Sources right now are Raj to writers right now saying that. That they're gonna go ahead and science walker off to the Yankees. Which beat you can hate yes hate certainly the Yankees again because yankees start 04. And in the meantime. We are coming up next hour here some from some of the interviews we've got. Quote from yesterday Travis Khamenei PU Lorenzo Cain Josh Nader. Jeremy Jeffers that's all coming up. And the Green Bay Packers they treat the Mary's Randle for a shark Kaiser over the weekend. And Kaiser now comes in as the backup to Aaron Rodgers. At Lambeau Green Bay and due to Mary's Randle who was really for all intents and purposes with their most. Veteran. Quarter and the secondary which is already looking to be relatively weak yeah looks like portrait as not becoming back Mary's Reynolds now on you've got some work to do. Some serious work to. So you would assume that if there is going to be a player or two or three released. Whether it's a real cop Nelson Clay Matthews or somebody else reprise Malacca. So they've got to sign a couple of freeagent there's no doubt about it but it is deep it's better. They have 28558308648855830. 86 for eight hits alone like that counsel for tuchman by the way out here Maryville. Can't say thanks and up all the great people that brought us here pack it brought in everybody's from signature limousine. If you have a night out if you go to the airport in the right call 2628881000. That's 26281000. Or check about it info at book's signature dot com where he people class act over there. Also our friends in L a new company that came on this year a global precision manufacturing company based in Wisconsin great customer service. Great people and if you wanna become part of their team but in delta account PI and DEL dot com PI in the Yeo. Dot counts the back of phone calls and those that are on hold Jim is listening to a typical ball Jim I don't know if there what's up. Well while operational. I deployments sale bite kind of pure luck this week and outflows in India us PM on all the stuff what's happened with Parker and Matt. And they have this going on there. Who was Tom my and I think latched you. Kind of user loser and he says he has knowing there was so bad that thirteen medical back. You know. In new stadium. And quicker period so his games because she's so bad that today. I just hope that you know precursor of what's to come here and hope he's good but it settles you down now one and then not. The only thing I want to those. Their defense of that when that draft comes the Sun Valley community here has been drafted defense back in eagle. He's not really you know being physical tight back. And I do shudder as it tackles or bad I hope they get some perspective here that's. Although it. I know I agree yard appreciative focal fundamentally. This team is not been fantastic and the guy that was really. That that hitter wreck there was talk Olympics he had an off year last year I do like I will say this I love the way king. Placed king played extremely well last year he was a guy had in mind sticking his nose in there and I I really liked that about him. Kevin Kane was that guy he had Josh Jones. Who's that guy like Josh Jones looked lost when it brought my new line of scrimmage he was pretty cool when a putting back coverage decision making process. He wasn't nearly as good Kevin King obviously with a bit short we'll see how he progresses coming back this year Randall was not a guy that was brought in anybody. He was a guy that was gonna launch himself like humans speed bump and hopefully somebody would trip over him. He was not that guy so that being said. You don't lose a big hitter back there and you don't lose at all corner remember he was only 510511. It was you're 6263 quarter. So he was a smaller quarter. Packard wanted to upgrade length they wanted to up great speed and visit Cali back there. And hopefully they figure out a way to do that in free agency 8558308648. Go to John listening to us in Oak Creek John. I don't think it was going on agent could build good morning. Good morning what's that. Yeah I am regarding nitrate I'm OK with that trade. Only because now that we've made him move I think we're going to be a serious players in media. The net free agency I think we addressed that there's number couple players that we can get. Either to range shot and obviously he looks great. Or the job Malcolm Butler at Patrick Peterson. What military guy I think we should be able to get on the roster replace some and then I think we'll add another deepen the back in free agency. Like me like a relay and of one or both players that they were talked about it apria select all and he had two veteran free agent quarters. Obligated what do both top corners that are available. And damage to add another it had the backing it up maybe in the second row I'd still like to. He attacked obviously an upper tropical what do we do that with the first topic but it may be wrapped up a quick to note that often kilometer and at Notre Dame. Or like one of those solid defense alignment like god beatle they are what I look all of players like god that we're talking about. But overall I think that was that's right was okay. I think maybe we can not case and older quarterback that the pack coach McCartney wanted to keep on with the B street man routes last year at that you have been where he'd been then we would have our. Other backup quarterback in place but maybe could betray him again. But that overall I thought the move was all right I think we're gonna head against who prayed in the media and rates and you can back. Reported draft I think that would via waivers and addressed that position. Yet they're gonna have appreciated vocal they're gonna have to draft earn a trip they're gonna well they will draft most likely secondary or two. Specific player but they're gonna end up in free agency you would assume many. They're gonna go after some corners and maybe safety. On this team I obviously doubt about that they're not gonna trade by the way party's bill that is traded for Kaiser they've got their back up. They're good that I don't think that signals about this team anytime soon assembly cuts loose in this world that's lose. And then maybe the Packers picked up because it seem up close and personal beyond that now I'll I'll bring him back but I couldn't agree more that this team is gonna have to pass. You gotta unspent money we were talking last week about a veteran player coming in and helping teach in school. A guy like Marius Randall and Kevin King in the rest of the guys that's in areas specifically ordered Verdasco. And now you'll have to marriage went. You have to go out and find yourself that. 855 B 30864. At long like that count to 03 tuchman is portion of the program being brought to bud Bud Light. You'd pay shall be responsible Michael sports talk now working on getting a taste of summer out year when summer comes back. To Wisconsin in the surrounding areas they're going to be back the Wisconsin state fair park in the Budweiser pavilion again this year all that music is brought to market turns at spotlight. The official beer sponsor the bill Michael sports talk network let's go to let the body and wallet toasted the body I don't know what's gone comment. I have one bill. Well what's up. Hey I say they can't car rental because the topic is. He doesn't it is Gingrich right or wrong armament command based on our coverage. Thought I think that's lot of tension in the way and I mean it they're all flexibly as charming and not eighty. Get at the linebacker in there if this game. That's my mind. No I I I would have appreciate the focal. I'd first like re. That Blake I don't know specifically who there's a lot of people are talking about there's rumors floating around that the good ship off Brett Connolly he's good at a go to Oakland. Produce a business with Reggie McKenzie won the old. Player personnel directors of the Green Bay Packers got a relationship there. And then they're gonna go after Trey Johnson they're gonna try to pick him up veteran coming out of LA the Malcolm boat that people are gonna chatting about a mile and a quick break or come back on that. Because there is. Bruce much is not a Butler is a native of bit of skepticism that comes with that if indeed they decided going that direction and then the question becomes. Where the year ago month stay tuned we're broadcast live on your merry go baseball parks retreats ideal Milwaukee Brewers. Joe's it's all in the clubhouse right now at some his interviews. You can hear coming up a little later on Trevor Sharma EP Lorenzo Cain charge hater journey Jeffords just to name a few later in the week. Great counsel David Stern's gonna hold still others. It is great out here coming up in the next hour I'm gonna show you how greater use of FaceBook live as well stick to it mortal like a shook a lot of evidence. Wisconsin one. Phil Michael's sports talk. Back though like oh shall coming alive for a merry go baseball market beautiful Mary in LA Arizona. Pupils are relative term. Customers dealers and. Bills read Bruce in the show back at the studios are reader to residential use inside the clubhouse right now repko interviews. Billy you've been out here you know what it's like it is to say beautiful. When you're sitting in the press box you're looking out over the mountains and go over traffic going by you know the green grass it's beautiful. And an expert. Live at the morning time we're we're we're sitting in right now the birds are chirping and the suns just key get over those mountains. EU is still a little bit of the dew on the ground it's just Buena. I have had more people tweaked and in text me in the last hour and a half hour 45 minutes that's it man it sounds great with the birds. And what I did was I do this every year I mean it's natural sound it's in their here but what I do every year. We come here I'd drop a microphone out the window. I just it just hang in either you know this whole press boxes I just Robin let that thing hang. And he's turned up a little bit cheeky here all the sounds as such we have right now at the grounds crew out from me right now the forget the batting cages so you're gonna start the year coming up a little bit. The natural crack of the bat is the route to take batting practice for the head over Gil back ranch today. Take on the Dodgers geoghan hear that coming up but you can't argue that Nat sound of baseball some Berkshire being springtime sounds. All that kind of stuff and and you know it was always funny was when I get an afternoon show and I was out here you would always kid. A that was always the guys with the blowers. The leaf blowers were blowing all you know garbage out of it out of the area of the state ends. You always get the lead blowers are blowing all you know sunflower seeds off of the feel older they cut the grass that would blow the grass. So there were chunks of grass anywhere alike and that's all he ever hurt and they would edge Ian. It would digit perfectly it is little gas powered actors. But but this morning picture perfect and you can't. You can ask for much ones as a matter of fact. I'm might not mean it is maybe it is I don't question. But it walking around it panels are meant to pay down below I don't know match here is your match here because. Brian Anderson is now off to. Obviously college bass he's got to do come out troops as Matt they walk around. Yeah it is meant they want to think now but it's it's early morning if you guys the grounds crew walk around that there aren't. You know a couple of guys you know clean up some of the dugout but get ready for a little bit later this morning is that the band practice. By the way we are talking about the Packers. The thirtieth overall pick in the 2015 draft Mary's Randall his career agree baster at all promising. Played fifteen games starting nine and walked three picks fourteen passes broken up. And that rookie season he looked fantastic the following two seasons though Randall played a total just one point four. Of a possible 32 games battled groin knee injury at a week for that win over the bears his diocese he was benched after an argument with a assistant coach. With the deadline for the Packers to decide whether or not they wanted to pick up his 2095. Year option coming up in May. Green Bay face that tough decision and they ended up going and trading him away for the Sean Kaiser. And they go to where he goes to Cleveland Kaiser comes to Green Bay and don't forget it. The two teams Roscoe swap picks in the fourth and the fifth round in next month's draft with Green Bay moving up in both. The trade cannot be officially by the way completed two Wednesday. At 3 o'clock central time that is the start of the new NFL. League season but nevertheless. They go that is about a with the numbers those numbers brought by our friends at royal. AP PRO while at royal check out on the web app Leo dot com that is app Roy EO. I'd count worthy implement SE PMB data solutions for companies just like doors and they bring you the stat of the day each and every day again that is at royal AP PR awhile. Dot com. When we come back we're trying to get back phone calls as well you're also gonna come back side here. Some of the interviews from down here at Maryville Trevor Sean May be to change arts hater. Sure we Jeffers all of those upcoming plus radio Joe's it's always done the clubhouse right now. You're gonna also the next hour. We're gonna go FaceBook lives because he would like out here right now merry go baseball parts of you follow us on FaceBook great. If you don't do it now go to FaceBook dot com slash the bill Michael show. If you'll go ahead if FaceBook why we pop up coming up here in about twenty minutes stay tuned. Broadcast live from miracle baseball park almost via Milwaukee brewers' spring training facility. Uncle Michael what got credit it. We're listening to the bill might cool sports talk that. At work.