HR1 – Was McCarthy right to be upset about the Kaepernick question?

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Tuesday, October 17th
10/17/17: Hour 1. Plus, Packers Beat Writer Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel stops by.

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From the league runs to the riverfront. This season we are Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall the bill Michael you know. Here's your homes. While Jerome Michael shows on the air under the you know Michael's radio Joseph across the board. And a cast of thousands all hang out and including RIT guy Jason who is affecting my phone at that point so that being said. Glad to have you today on a Tuesday a sunshine Tuesday even though there is the dark club doom hanging over 11265 Lombardi avenue. Everywhere else throughout the state of Wisconsin at least has some sunshine to him will have for the next foreseeable future. I'll try about the next five days including Sunday when Brett Conley. Gets the start under center seventy degrees and sunshine they are calling for Josie your mom's first it to the Lambeau Field. Albeit not with the Aaron Rodgers under senator at least will be a worthwhile weather day. As we all known state Wisconsin is Tammy your can be anything from 75 degrees and sunny all the way down to 35 degrees and snow for so. That's where we stand now yesterday. The the pink elephant in the room question. Was was fast I mean if you head didn't know it was coming in this was that. This cancer by Mike McCarthy had to be had to be pre planned. When this question came he was asked. What about Colin Capp and it's. AA. Just listen request by the Sasser. OK I got three years of wrestler Bret here's the best Dotel and the quarterback room is exactly where days okay. We're fortunate that Greg quarterback. And they're Brothers were committed to the path the wrong we need to play better as a football and read only with whom we will restore this week it's OK OLB tobacco. There is. Nothing wrong. With that answer. He knew the question was coming. There is nothing wrong with that answer I know there are people criticizing Mike McCarthy today I'm not going to be one of I'd I'd been telling you all along that's not even a consideration. He emphatically said after the game on Sunday he emphatically. Said yesterday. Joseph Callahan is our quarterback. Our Niger Italian Brett Hull is our quarterback Joseph Callahan is our back he in faculty senate. And even said during a press conference a sunny or not looking for outside people were not working worried about personnel moves here. He said it twice. In the Sunday press conference yes he said that he knew what was coming in at the very end of the press conference he said again Brett Conley is our guy. And then before that question the Kapanen question he said it again this does this is what he set about Colleen Callahan missiles like a couple of questions before. He went off. I got three years of us liberal Everett Crawford and Fred Allen appears to Boston draconian. It's a quarterback room that infrastructure. And in his philosophy behind it development over it and it will be applied to the game plan so awful great about the room. That's a little concern of mine Bob Hope a more focused on and get back to flagrant bit at a football is just that it was not was not anything we're. We needed to be give Minnesota credit wanted to game. But the that went up a play like that. Visit the the argument about the quarterback position is legitimate. But it is wait and see and I said this yesterday. And I emphatically setter like Mike McCarthy I know there's a lot of people this if there's people signing petitions. And there's people that are saying you will be Tony Romo or it would be this guy or that guy. And I said look maybe in three to four weeks may be. Maybe. It's a possibility but right now not every now they are not do when it isn't happening. And you know why preview exact reason Mike McCarthy set. And this is the reason why when you dig deeper Mike McCarthy can we all agree that Mike McCarthy. Perceptive Lee is considered the quarterback. That we talk about Mike McCarthy's quarterback school learn quarterback class serve quarterback to legion whatever you wanna call okay whatever whatever adjective you wanna throw up. So. He is perceptive Lee. A good quarterbacks coach he's a developer of talent. If you now have to run out and grabbed Colin cap Burnett. He is then admitting you more than admitting Ted Thompson is then admitting he is not a cultivate her talent. He is not a guy that is able to get the best out of quarterbacks now I've said all along. You could only do so much with what you have because remember there has been Brian Brohm Seneca Wallace Vince Young you have had done. Matt Flynn and you you have had so many other quarterbacks. Including Brett Hundley and Joseph Callahan run through this system. So many others the guy that is the most talented why far. The pins down is Aaron Rodgers how much it Mike McCarthy have in the ability to. Bring out the best of Aaron Rodgers we don't know we don't know I'll take this error Roger was considered a first round pick to begin what we all know that. Aaron Rodgers today I met him. At that rookie symposium when you get a chance to go have lunch with these guys and say don't talk to. Nobody. Sat there and had lunch with a Aaron Rodgers nobody. It was all about the other guys. All about the other draft picks that we're gonna come in and help this team win for Brett Farr. Nobody sat there with Aaron Rodgers. That particular day I just I remember it like it was yesterday there were people around Nick Collins there's people around Terrence Murphy there's people around pretty good paying their Junius Costin. Who hosted the will Whitaker irked. Mike Montgomery all those guys were getting attention defensive tackle wide receivers defensive backs these were the guys Terrence Murphy was gonna come in and really solidified that wide receiving corps for Brett Favre. Nobody gave two craps about Aaron Rodgers because this you have Brett Favre is a backup quarterback he was even a popular pick. It was booed. It was and we sat there in front of I don't know 23000. People inside the atrium. Myself Wayne Larry brawl on that dais up there and were sitting there. And the with the 24 overall pick in the 2005. NFL draft Darren Rogers quarterback out of kept. Mean. So that day I sat there and Aaron Rodgers and talk to him. And I've been doing this since 1992 were I was kind of officially in the media. I was blown away by that guy. Blown. Away. Not because of his physical ability. But because of the mental ability. The most intelligent guy I'd ever spoken to in the NFL ranks. I've got to remember the time I came I was working at WW in Cincinnati. I only mention that because the guys that I was working with. Filling in for and working with homicide was Boomer Esiason and Craig Chris Collins were who were duel both doing shows there at the time. And those guys are incredibly Smart. Aaron Rodgers comes in just blows me away abzug ball. Not only in an hour and 24 hours the guy knew the history Green Bay Packers. But he was already deciphering. The NFL office. Looking at the fences I mean it just keep that they've got a massive chip on his shoulder and I should limit the time. If your physical ability is half as good. As this is your mental ability is right here right now you're gonna be hall of Famer and a Cadillac. He laughed thanks at banks we shook hands. You know and and then he went about his business I wanna Belmont I don't over and talked everybody else Nick Collins interns hurting everybody but. So. Might look I don't know how much Mike McCarthy development Aaron Rodgers I really don't. What do they go out and get Colin capita income which there's not gonna happen since he's suing a league anyway if they go around did Colin cabinet if they go out and get. Tony Romo or make phone calls anybody else they're admitting. That not only did the pick that they chose. Not pan out it wasn't very good but that if it is a good pick Mike McCarthy's not capable of coaching them up. You know. You know they're not going to say that. That's why I knew from the very beginning don't even ask the question. Is this the pink elephant in the room but you knew the answer was coming. Like a cannonball express down the track it was coming. That he was going to punch you in the face to say don't you dare ask me that question again and then he goes on to say. About the defense and about everybody else stepping up to 100% correct his team played like garbage. In that game. On Sunday. Team there was a lot of individuals that can't play well. But overall the team. Garbage. A defense that has no clue how to tackle I sedate yesterday that's embarrassing if my high school football coach. I'm I'm grabbing that game and I'm putting it on the video and I'm saying look these guys are pros they're being paid. And look how fundamentally in app they are tackling the mere. Act of tackling it. It was pathetic. Not setting the edge trying to chase down ball carriers. Pass interference grabbing holding everything else that goes along when it and the inability to flat out tackle not by all but by many. And then you look at the offensive line when the offense of lies is banged up and there's only so much you can do it. Okay I'm I'm I'm gonna another city and say well you know. This is by about two very and company while they're banged up mean that that's injuries aren't an excuse but they are. Again pink elephant in the room people. One guy it's playing in forgive unforgivable right now but they're tied to. They Martellus Bennett if you're listening to go to a surgeon and have your head bowed out your ass. He's just when you start to believe in him dropped passes missed blocks lazy lazy blocks. Terrible play. That's the kind of play they got to run out of town of Chicago when they look Jewish said you're nothing. And genuine and Belichick's camping you said OK I got a straight my soap opera not gonna get paid anymore and you did you won a Super Bowl. I don't know what's going on now but if you're gonna play like there's just go mill Cal's and save everybody the time and say the Packers a money. But that team played like garbage now huge mental let down after. The leader of your team goes down with a broken collarbone he didn't know was broke but you know he wasn't coming back in a bogon huge let down understandable. The very same way when Jordan went down with a leg injury that it just sucked the air out of the balloon OK understandable. Like. Mike McCarthy's right when he when he gets upset and says this team has to play better you better believe it. You better believe it Mike McCarthy Dom Capers every coach and that team Joseph we'd junior including Ted Thompson. You got a lot to work on that if you think these teams even close to a Super Bowl team without Aaron Rodgers. Because your defense now has to be top ten. Your offensive line has to come together your your wide receivers drunk while he said it last night he said we now have to beat Jordy Nelson stood up in the meeting yesterday. If you listen to the show last night you're gonna hear portions of that coming up a little later on today. We Jordy Nelson sort of in the receivers meeting yesterday look at every receiver Geronimo Allison since it guys. We have to practice the exact way were going to play because we all now have to get in timing and rhythm would are new quarterback. We have to practice that way that's leadership. And I hope he was looking to Martellus Bennett along the way. And say oh by the way you may wanna throw block every now and then it doesn't look like you're trying to with the pool. He's just better austere and I'm going. Eric and out. Don't bread on. Terrible. All right I've said my peace bring on the phone calls 8558308648855830. 864 rate on the loans went tip dot com told free talk by more than micro sure next. This is still build my school's sports talk network. Presented by marsh field clinic health system. It's CNN news or. Just listen request by the Santa. I got three years or less than well it figures at best Dotel. The quarterback rooms exactly where they've been very fortunate that a great quarterback. And they're Brothers were committed for the past the wrong we need to play better as a hopeful to. Have read only with it will restore this week to joke Helen will be back. No words of Mike McCarthy welcome back to go Michael she'll let me let me back jumping up here. So I talked about the weather this coming weekend I went to bed last night Joseph and and I'm went to bed rather late. Normally I don't stay up past the only 11 o'clock going to battle delayed lessened. I got to admit I went to bat I'm watching one of the local news stations. Out of Milwaukee that says. Sunny. Through the week enemy in the seventies great weekend coming up the whole thing and talked about football weather. Meaning seventy and sunny. So my goal. Tweets mink yeah by the way you can tweet us at bill underscore Michael's or at radio Joe's sports at bill underscore Michael he says Lambeau Field weather Sunday. 62 degrees 60% chance of rain and I'm like there's no way. So I put my trusty dusty app. You pocket doppler that I yeah. She out. Not only is supposed to be 62 with a 60% chance of rain on Sunday. It's Saturday has now turned into crap at 71. And chance of showers and thunderstorms 40%. So on the air that's exactly. She does no reason you never stray away from our body Jaaber going or Mark Dayton. You you never stray away from them. They've always steered me correct. IE I must have been I gotta admit last night I had a one. But light as I was working. And maybe. Somebody roof could make and I don't know what happened because the weather person I was watching last night. Again might have been hanging out with Martellus Bennett. And therefore our previous records and birds. Amazing now 24 hours in jail each. Day. Time. And backed that up don't have to make the correction and and whenever we say something and it's erroneous we always have a good staff of people. But listening to program the women. That's not right in the ultimate course by the senate takes Oakley. Actually. 855830864. Beautiful and becomes available. Again you don't hold us on Twitter at bill underscore Michael's bill underscore Michaels and courage and follows and at radio Joe's sports as well. Other sports of the program being brought to a different cousins cousins. They they believe in batter they right now have the brisket they've got all candidates have going on over there with the Wisconsin cheddar cheese and all concerts Kristi pickles onions you name it they've got. Paul cousins jobs stop and grab it all you can also download the app grappling entrance. It's cousins of the officials sub sandwich the bill Michael's. Sports talk network. The end you can also assay that they believe in god there's two point. There's you were going tweeting me we always welcome you back you know what drew I made a mistake. I made I I ventured off into territory that I never normally do. And I was erroneous in my ways are drew we're going the meteorologist. True meteorologist by all bless him thank you very much. Over CBS fifty. Thank Peter. Let's get the bar across thank you know Chris Mike I look I that your bag broke. Osgood Mike was he too was aggrieved feel my Kato meant. It just to follow that side note to what you just. I could play calling how you have a job where your rate 50% of the time in a million dollars. Equipment. To keep your job and still make it is Smart money. That's their reason drew it in mark they keep their jobs I don't know how other people do it sometimes are really don't I don't know. I think for every time you get it really wrong you should have to give money back. What yeah. Yeah and Italy did Obama make him money in this market okay go ahead. Let nothing have ADHD and analysts keep the subcontractor. At the with with McCarty. We need a guy at all. I mean he's under the gun he's got to put a product on the field will sell tickets and you we all know what may happen some of these ticket holders okay. He's always patched up things that managed with what he has work train with kipper we can't put all are you people Alter but before you talk or put your what Jamal. You don't know what kind of pressure they're under. We even talked to out what to think. I can remember going you were whipped the other station. Actors stepped on the Hilton said now everybody calmed down. They can't carry out the beat by the look at all they think with the get real game playing and inexperienced. There's an art history when the Packers have who we have on the roster. Yet give Huntley a chance stand behind the guy you don't be a cup half full by the way equal back to whether. How he is it's partly cloudy and that's how helpful. And the cut out for will be partly so you. I wanna be partly sunny outlook of the cup therefore your. I'm gonna segue into the well and assay. They acted teeing up the matter what. As part first and take like Kurt Beck looked through that and then. A little gravy train here where they act of people up and see what happens we've got two great quarterbacks we have a known commodity don't want wanna deal yet. Well we're well aware that we have two quarterbacks one great one we don't know. Well I will go bad right should not let it seemed like it I don't think we still have a chance. Yeah I'd appreciate a phone call I'd look you're sitting at 42. Earn out point two. Yeah 42 crook I'm just I've Arlen mostly it was you know him you okay. I'm not like a fired up this morning yet you're I don't like your brains going out so fired up to see when I came in already reduced loaded for bear after her the Mike McCarthy because I despite manages some people are there's. Yeah white. There's so many people there will be better off they just listen to the show. Just purity of what we set slip all the bill I'm positive that there's a lot of idiots in the war. Well there are there are I'm positive that wouldn't. That's the that's the that's the mostly so he shot. Some positive there's idiots in this world by the way I have not. I have not in valuation performed in right Omar the one thing I can claim the wind saying eyeball to. Two things I can claim one is I guaranteed. The badgers would be L if you. And two I said Aaron Rodgers who beat him to court you be moment. From people were screaming you know for over a report in the LC wanna Darrent Cyrano no not right now. August no I'm good wine I know I don't hedge my bets now I like badgers when the national championship or the now rules the Eastern Conference finals or the Packers with Brett Connolly get to the Super Bowl no no do that com. I don't thinking that let me let me say this I'm thinking the badgers I think a lot of badgers fans are holding their breath but I'll tell you right now. I I sat here and won over a lot of stats and in things last night look at his badger team. The badgers don't do anything spectacular. But they're balanced. There's not a balanced teams right now in college football you read it really should stellar on defense or stellar nonconference. There's not a lot in between for some of these teams. The badgers are set up. To where you worked EP you know he now granted you got to take it game it's on the cliches it was Jack. But if you go game at a time. Just roll your schedule. Then your toughest game should be the Big Ten championship game other against Ohio State Penn State. And looking at both of those teams they're both beatable. You just have to keep it close. And then going and a fourth quarter a word that there if you look at the badgers numbers and second have a ball games chairman they're just like stupid. It's like they want it happens okay now we now would you play it right OK and really commands destroy people. If you look at their numbers so. Mean their point differential a second proponents is just just down on their markets more on this defense just they don't give up when he stole second and writer so. All they have to do is get there and put themselves in the final four and they had a legitimate shot. Maybe not when he made at least getting to a national title. I would rate they've just got to continue to because supporting Brooke is is not gonna be a guide it's gonna throw you down the field consistently he has his moments. But he has more moments that look in have to NM to bite because they have such a good defense they have a good balance running attack. And once they get for their full complement so weapons back and they get their tight end back. I I really believe this team's gonna have enough to make that Iran. Whether they get there and I guarantee anything but this is set up for them puede ruefully and all you have to do right now is just say. Don't stub your toe. There's two things all say. And then we need to get to Tom Silverstein yes the journal son talk more Packers. Number one. I'm going to be an Allah sort of Burke apologist and and I eight. And I get it I know there's a lot of badger fans that are just not impressed by what he's been able to put together. The interceptions the bad throws the scrambling. Just you don't throw away Alex he's not doing it. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he is still developing as a quarterback get back to me at the end of the season. And if if there is nothing that Alex were broken due to improve as a quarterback because after what I saw that in net BYU game I thought that's what we can. That's is also mean. More than. That's gimme something close that when hasn't mistakes he hasn't done the BYU thing since right did you say you're really came together in a game and that's I think people are like will he is garbage she Sox. We have to keep in mind that he is yet to play a full season by himself. Lester he played him also the games but it was set back and forth between him and part Houston to sing and let's see. If Ellis corner brook can make progress here for the rest of the year because the bottom line is that's. You set their balance. Defense is good the running game is good there's nothing great about their mission their balance their ballots but imports talking about. Win in the Big Ten championship and then trying to get to the final four in trying to answer the final four because another top five here in the eight people. It hinges on Alex order Brooke and whether or not he can make a big step forward because if he can make a big step forward now you have. Forty salad passing game you have an unbelievable running beckoned Jonathan Taylor in you have a defense. That I think is one of the most underrated defense is right now in college football. That is a formula for some serious success. So so that's that's what I'm more connect and I'll make a guarantee. There in the Big Ten championship. The beating Purdue really there's really not morals you can do you can afford a loss now in the Big Ten especially against you got three Big Ten east teams are going up against you can take a loss against them. And still run away with a Big Ten was because the Big Ten was off. So I'll guarantee there in Indianapolis in December. Bit depending on how far they go bill means going to hinge on Warner brought debt that's what it is but I'm just I'm not ready to jump the ship on this guy I Sig just guys give them a little bit more time. We'll have more time. Let's do this Tom Silverstein the Milwaukee journal settlement talks about football we come back hang in there everybody Australia Roger Corey Dylan a cast of thousands on hold did you promise more than like a sharp to this. Ordered to. Until the film Michael's voice talking network presented by marsh field clinic health system. Corrected the game is poor performance. It's football team. 11 home fostered by the fact gets. You know when when the mental mistakes or what they were yesterday you know that that's all so my pick her personal. From that your that it coached so. He supported of those things corrected today and apply for the saints preparation shows or be. Welcome on the saints here at the latest horrible meetings and mom is going to be a big game for us. And that's the program the Green Bay Packers with their sights set on Super Bowl 52 L I U I whether or not they get there we'll have to wait and see the Michael show will be there though. Gonna be their compliments of our sponsors stay at least one of the best sports bars always Johnson the best one in the a city Milwaukee that's for sure second in national Wii shop in the city's best swings around Pete today already know Claire Wisconsin as well. Going and say Heidi JR and his staff terrific pizza buffet there and also our buddy Dwayne from cover at all in Wausau. And that they get it done recover at all dot com cover all dot com. And its element only center Dwight Paula Dwyane on a FaceBook from the work he does for boats and mornings and all that kind of stuff for businesses may and he just fantastic fantastic work their. And they're all going to be what is again this year. I had Super Bowl in Minneapolis. We'd love to see the green bay Packers and all the writers and reporters beat their Tom Silverstein the Milwaukee journal sentinel now joining us from Schneider orange hotline. Tom my personal thanks for taking a couple of minutes what Mike McCarthy emphatic about not just bread only but the entire team I said yesterday. And today the entire team didn't play well after Aaron Rodgers went down I don't think it's just on bread on the shoulders deal. Note. The defense wasn't didn't play very well either economist tackles. Can you give. Really effective deeper plays better. In the running game commit a little bit more of a running game. Tech game is winnable it's not like it couldn't have one next game where crumbling now it was. The way that. They offered to Blanco part bet bet. Pretty much decided how it was gonna girl but it it wasn't like our. You know there were blown off the field. They they have a chance to equate holes so poorly. You know they didn't give themselves in China. You thing that confused me. Was defective Mike McCarthy and I Greta there's a loyalty factor there with Aaron Jones just look like a running back and you know I mean did throw the stats Opel announced at a time and again. He just get a good jump cut he had a good he just had a fuel for the running game. And yet they've you hurry up and get timely gummery back in there was that more per pass protection at that point. Because I don't understand why you wouldn't go back to the guy they just ran for over 120 by guards in the game prior. Yeah I think it'd be there and I don't I honestly have no idea why page. Went that way. They needed someone what a little bit. Our own moment encrypt. Take it outside you know the vikings for France beef up to you got to play faster than Perry Jones plays fast. And tired Montgomery Gaza. And I I really didn't stated don't. Do not know why they did I don't know why they started Montgomery. And I really thought that chill mints showed that he did deserves to be the proper act right now. That was the only question I had coming out of that ballgame now my other question do you is this and we know the defense has to play better. You know I said all along with Aaron Rodgers you keep them in the top fifteen defensively and most likely gonna win a lot of games go deeper in the post season. Without Aaron Rodgers this defense almost has to be a top ten defense indicate the question is do you think they even have that capability in them. Questionable. I I I mean. If they can get help if they Dick Durbin came back. Kevin king of these are you part of this whole thing. Just because I think he gives them a lot of stability. Back corner he's he's. They're going to be a lot better player and a couple years but right now he's pretty solid and he gives you a chance to match up against some bigger receivers. And he's not. Macro lol coverages very often so. Perhaps stable part of and they need to impact. And court Morgan Burnett. If you huge part of their fronts are our partner the front were starting. Come around a little bit. Just you know I don't I don't know they are normal they haven't. Pass rush little old they have enough. Our corners collapsed or year. Buy it. You know whip on the surface you would think that they could at least be in the top fifteen soul. Mostly I don't know they they have a lot of a lot of work to do. Ariel wash park when Dixon in more than adjectives. Yesterday that we used with he looked lost and I went back to watch that game last night and there's times he looked lost and anyway how his his demons in ways regressed. Yeah I wonder is. Haven't called the place. Affected him in the in the way that. You know he viewed it it sort of what may be on comparable for him something he hadn't done before. Focused. In in the yet to be more focused on the happened he'd get on it and so the longer that had an impact on them but he came into the game Atlanta oil and he's he's taken some bad angles he. You haven't really been around the ball I don't know works what's going on with them other than they'd be. Tourists. In an actual package is kind of taken him out of the mix a little bit it's kind of put him in the deep middle. And really just now allowed him to. B use Percival looked last year when he he had Burnett both kinda. Played up in the box or alternated going up in the box like you kind of a different game for him when they go to that natural package. Yeah I'm not saying he's played bad it's just there's times in a game we just didn't look like himself and I and I agree or you're just it looks like he's just a little out of sync. Right now have you ever in all your years of covering taking the baton step back seeing this many injuries and as many. Just guys dropping like flies covering National Football League this has been something that's just been all's all head scratching him. Yet it's nursing a little bit worse but I know I've gone through years where. Everybody's. This is the worst it's ever and you know it are you just don't have any. I don't have any data that are really packet out there but. You sort of think that. When your in the midst of it you're seeing it and it's happening all around the NFL you think. Okay this is the worst it's been but I bet there's been worse times I don't know the Packers have been. Hit worse. In one single game you know or coming into the game. The number guys out and another number guys that dropped out rep reps. That was pretty significant. To lose to restart and offensive linemen and start out with Liu. Our starters and secondary out. That was a pretty impressed about six starters I'll. Germantown sourced on Milwaukee journal sent on you watched the progression of Brett Conley over the years and I mean our our watched him in his first training camp in the quick Al passes were high they were inaccurate. Down Chile was pretty good not a movie was pretty good but that the simple passes are always seem to be his blood broke so admire him that's easy correct it a lot of that he startled look pretty good last trains up per. So give me your thoughts in watching the progression of Brett Conley what do you think he brings to the table. Well. Turn hard to say because he hasn't. Being in the have has had to play you with the speed of the gain hasn't. Been around these receivers. I was not impressed by him during training camp I thought he didn't have a very good you know. In Albuquerque right. We're probably disagree but I just didn't think he looked smaller march. And really that's increasing and that's that's that you look for connect. There in the I didn't see that I didn't see or on the road a lot. Being very accurate or making dramatic ways outside of the pocket. So I think it it's very possible that. They were trying to. It hidden in two. You know our our little American troops where are the other way around major square arrogant you own hole. I think they're gonna have to. Changed the offense to fit in skilled and perhaps some of the stuff that in Rogers goes who is that a strength. Brett Conway and I have a feeling by the time this season low for offered gonna look a lot different from the picture it now. There was SARS Tom Silverstein the Milwaukee journal sentinel one more thing before that you going that is I know Mike McCarthy emphatic about not bringing any other quarterbacks in there three years invested in Brett Conley. Is this one of those situations where we look at Mike McCarthy say over the years. Quarter Rex should now be able to stick they have not been able to perform so though the whole Mike McCord the perception of Mike McCarthy being the quarterback guru there's a lot rest now. On. Brett Hundley being successful. Sure absolutely are great they've invested. A lot of time or pan corruption. This is consumed. Not only. Occur before the front that Thompson as well this is the guys they've decided to. You you're number two and don't forget they got rid of our peace and know the guy who Lawrence you know 27 years old. But you know has had a lot of worries I thought and a lot of upside. And they did it because they thought they had. Brett Huntley and their Bradley could win games so it's kind of opened if if Brett Conley doesn't pan out it's. It's. You know but chuck Marcum. The wrong sort of their larger. Tom always get a challenge your buddy I'm sure brits are more down the road about this team was a moves forward I appreciate it okay. No problem our car artillery bigger towns over China Milwaukee journal sentinel joining us for a couple of minutes on the Schneider orange college that are hiring drivers right now you work or they treat you fair eighty plus years that a getting it done call 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs dot com this portion program. Brought to our friends at Bud Light we're going to be the glass palace. Coming up this Thursday light Telus or glass palace Jo white palace white palace and you're screwed it up light Paulus got a headache. Thursday night we're gonna be their 68. We have Kevin Goldman CBS 58. We have aboard wake up from sports Radio One approximate from the fan and Milwaukee cumin. We hope you're going to be there the bud girls are going to be and who will see you all brought to buy Bud Light at the light palace. I'm gonna try and whip up a drop for you'll see you can remember that it's not go for. Are all off and he shortly on the day the next time you tease solidarity those people were polite palace right now our cringing every time I even begin to talk about their place but I'll know it. By the time leader guarantee. So come on down cius this coming Thursday night 68 or the white palace in cut and they hope to see you there. The bill Michael settlements brought you by our good friends and Bud Light the official beer sponsor the bill Michael sports stock network. Roger Corey cast of thousands on hold back to phone calls your thoughts coming up next in the microchip. You're listening to go build Michael's sports talk network presented by marsh field clinic health system. Now now that's a way to make me remember the light balance. Coming up this Thursday night. We've seen the light coming at him. Quarterback of the program. Until Michael showed me and Roger are good friends and quick trip stop and get your Packers jump alerts. 1999. It what Indian store purchase in any participating great trip all throughout the race in Wisconsin. Somebody check out Nokia ATMs terrific group a coffee bar. Just go Leonard fill that thing out it's a lot of goodness you Lotta liquid therapy right now. Welcome back to the program let's go back to the phone stalker Roger got a Roger what new program that was up. Roger. Let's go to Cory Cory and cannot. According ideals and he's gone. Bill argued today do one man was gone a month and it scared hey Matt but I want to call it could I think it's EPA. Agreement at our retention output pianist Ellis Starr has no contact during the week. In practice. And relating to injuries in this. Layered Green Bay Packers aren't tackling. The kind of that you see across the NFL don't think. IA we're seeing at our job across the board it's not just the Packers between the injuries in some of the play that someone head scratching yet we're seeing a lot of this not just in Green Bay. But it matters in green did it because we give them or not every bit Packers and we do about everybody else. Yeah absolutely let it be that actually. Agreement while little contact during the week ciller and I've felt him put a better product and. I've said that for awhile that I and I understand or appreciate the phone call that I that I understand about player safety are really do. Bomb there has to be a war global line. You have to learn how home. To take hits shed hits deflect hits. Give hits. And it it's right every year they back off and it every year there seems to be more injuries now I. Again Tom Silverstein I don't have it today he says the same thing we don't have tangible. Evidence sitting here in front of us there's more injuries now than ever before I mean maybe the NFL PA just as they look were bigger stronger faster were taken better care of our bodies. The game is more ferocious its younger and that may all play into it as well I I don't dispute that put. This can't remember seeing is much. As I've seen and I just talk about the Packers just as many devastating injuries have seen. Specifically the last two or three weeks manages its been just out of control. Stick around. Coming up the next hour Brian Billick is Super Bowl winning head coaching NFL network analyst you'll join us bomb in the next hour more to this. Wisconsin one. Bill Michael's sports talk. Rescinded by marsh field clinic health system.