HR1 – What did you learn from the Brewers’ roadtrip?

Bill Michaels Sports
Monday, May 21st
Hour 1. We will also discuss more about the Mike Budenholzer hire for the Bucks with Matt Velazquez.

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From the league's front for the and this is where Wisconsin sports fans come to talk. The bill Michael show made the best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. Don't like those shows on the air. Honest job. On May 21 that feels like February 21. Or march 21 not a a sunny May Day that we should be having early so warmer made it we should be having great. Nevertheless. Or get through it and it's been warm up throughout the week show leased at least that's good news you've got that vote for two brewers are back in home. And brewers you don't like. Yesterday was a supporting I get it they actually gave it away I mean in some velocity you can look at and say you know what teams is speech yesterday. Leadoff walks we know that. You're never gonna win we start leaving you walking guys late in ball games and using lead off walks to. And then a pass smaller ball that's considered an air gets away from Mandy runners advance in. Yeah they're giving it away yesterday. You had one that was in the Bagger at least at the very least you should have another quality of that to be able to say okay we go and take a leave here with Jim that pinball game so. Yesterday not a great day with the round trip the road trip overall fantastic in the brewers continue to win now they come home. And getting ready for today's ballgame in you when you talk Edinburgh brewers have a Arizona coming to town or Arizona. We had talked about this stretch that when you go through this stretch of Colorado Arizona and then in the Minnesota than Arizona you're gonna end the month by the way. Always the cardinals as well I mean this was gonna be the juggernaut just gonna be where you're gonna say okay or the brewers for real Yasser. Are the Burress for real so you've got Arizona then you've got the Mets the Mets still trying to hang around the top of the east although Atlantis just on fire. Then you round out the month with Saint Louis this was the month. That. Woods was gonna you know make your break you so to speak. Because then you go with the White Sox couple against Cleveland you've got Philadelphia even affiliate of these are much better season. You three against the cubs you get Phillies again and yet to Saint Louis thrown in there are some Pittsburg than he beat Kansas City and Cincinnati around up months it is not an awful month. When it comes to the month of June getting in a July. And this is going to be a month in which I thought OK if the wheels are gonna fall off here's a here's where it's gonna fall and they start they've they've stayed steadfast. Yet it what you got four against the Mets coming up say you get on this homestand. Five wins six wins that's fantastic. That's fantastic. I don't know if you're gonna get that many good. I just keep on winning series you know and a keyboard is one yes we just keep going series good weekend. For the Milwaukee Bucks and then. And and I will touch and it's a little bit but boy if you had some money down you make some serious casualty or talking about coming to her globally on the show. And we don't talk atop a hockey but wow. What impressive story that is on the Michael's radio Joseph across the way you could find us on Twitter at bill underscore Michael's. At bill underscore Michael's or at radio Joseph sporty had the NBA going on last night. Snow occurring company. Just Ronald Houston. Just Ronald news in the same way Cleveland just beat up on now the Boston Celtics as well. So for as much as we thought all. All I don't think god are they Golden State's gonna evident on that was remember what I said when Steve Kerr that look on his face when you switch has beaten the crap. Out of that out of Golden State I said that's the look of OK guys I told you his get real role basketball's out here that'll be the wake up call. Churn out that was a wake up call because Golden State came back in a fast and furious manner. Last night meanwhile. We knew Cooley who wasn't gonna just bow out walk away. And they didn't. LeBron James. In company just they they related tool. Big weekend led this week past weekend for LeBron and company is they ended up getting a win as well. So they ended up knocking off the cap RVS Celtics won 1686. That was a beat down. Big time beat down a mean more as came out he tried to kind of push people around he got stymied. Ended up getting into foul trouble little bit you have brown didn't foul trouble again as well and they can Moorestown a nine points brown only dropped in ten. Meanwhile LeBron James 27 but everybody else contributed. You get fourteen out a core were you eleven out of Smith thirteen on a hill ten out of Thompson thirteen out Kevin Love I mean everybody contributed an epilogue it. Good job moving the basketball around and they knocked up the Boston Celtics now they are now done that series two games to one so. We get all college sports and I got the ability to get Triple Crown winner as well we'll talk more about that coming up. This horse racing thrill you joke mean affected I mean now you've got the ability to see accrue enough pharaoh American pharaoh was the last crippled Triple Crown winner. But now I got the ability to win a Triple Crown again our you'd be watching the the next horse race in three weeks at number since Obama term if you add I don't. I think it's one of those things of I would check my photo other anyway and now okay great but that's about the extent I'm not. I'm not in completely enthralled with the horse racing. I haven't been for a while unfortunately I think everybody gets beat up for other Kentucky Derby because of the hats the parties in in what's become. But in the grand scheme of things. Com he had just in less I've got money down and I don't bet very often but must have got money down I'm not. Not not not following too much. Not really but are really. I really enthralled by. Triple Crown and focus now all know you've got Bob Baffert and company they're back in the back in the winner's circle. And if you know horse racing longtime trainer and owner. So I guess there's some there's some familiarity there here until I can hear the collective. Go out of the room but he really in a horse race. Although bedding may help portraits and once they take the rules or regulations away from betting in the individual states that might help the sport a little bit beyond that. Not a whole lot of people paying attention horse racing 85583086488558308648. So. Before the brewers were on the road trip we said it was going to be a big time litmus test for this team. We all agreed people called then you were saying this is gonna be really tough for them they're going to be lucky get three wins. And then not only did get three wins by a baby and got more than that and they won every series. So where do you feel this what was I I got a big as you say what did you learn from the brewers long road trip. Would you take away I don't wanna necessarily say are you believer. Because we I think there's a lot of people that are believers and there's a lot of wanna be believers but what did you take away from the road to. 8558308648. On the loans which it dot com told free talk like. Check us out you can also attract is down over on Twitter. That is bill underscore Michaels at bill underscore Michaels at radio Joseph sports. You can email us bill Michael's Advil Michael sports dot com you can find Zoran FaceBook fan page as well simply FaceBook dot com slash B bill Michael show. So many ways to China and it's ridiculous. It was a shock and by the way speaking of a given as you shall not necessarily us but cousins if they want to scream Michelle never atop. There are treated like a VIP. 'cause subs has a chance for you to win the Big Dig giveaway from cousins substance over summer fest eleven concerts in eleven nights the American daily half of the year. Padres are past eleven chances to win. Each VIP counter package includes a couple of tickets parking pass gift cards a whole lot more. All eleven people are gonna win this one of A kind experience and you could be a part of it. And heard daily at cousins subs dot com slash big gig giveaway. And you experience or best summer fest ever ever cousins up that's where they believe in better. Com Dave tweet to set villains were Michael says this team has brewers team has amazing depth in the minor league system and he's got past legacy micro. Cody says Sawyer asked chuck and wind but they must have missed my question but with the emergence of these players like choice Elena Dino and others coming up in killing it. Does it create trade chips for pitching. Yes it does. Yes it does any time you've got somebody on the roster that came up from the minors that has options and has a controllable contract. It creates straight chips absolutely. He gives you flexibility should you need to go out and get yourself a starter it has the ability to do. And that's what the brewers were hoping all look this reason and again I mean I hate to sound like a broken record because we've been down this Rota discussion before. But when you have only talked to David starts going back to spring training him and Craig Counsell. And they just said you know the pick a kaine epidemiologists they wanted to fortified that offense they wanted to fortify the outfield OK there was no more questions regarding that. And so you saw what happened Branson ends up going to have been traded away for yell which. And that strength in that outfield so you had a trade chip there you got a lot better in a hurry. But then when you take into account that you've got a guy like Trent Tyler salad Dina. Who's got options left. He's 28 years old so he's got some chops doing buddies he's he's got options. Come at a peak at the White Sox organization. Yes. Yes you can move you can you can move him. I don't think you're ever cousin before asking over the weekend for Lynne Dorsey could possibly be mote and that's because is offensive numbers just aren't there he's 23. Years old could be 44 and maybe. For five months something like that he's 23 years old he's still got a lot of baseball had a I don't think you're gonna be real willing at this point you do is deal and it's nice to know sell the nose down and you've got other options but you know packages. And there is one of the stat casts. That says that Orlando Garcia. Even though his offense hasn't been bears memory good he is the best defensive player not on the brewers and not in the nationally. They say the metrics say he's the best defensive player in all of baseball. Via the metrics for what he can do in the field and be in in just watching him he is getting the balls a lot of guys are diving for. He just has that. First reaction ability. So yes you have trade pieces because the brewers' minor league system is so deep. And you kind of wait for that cream rise in the topsy you have this plethora of talent that you put on display so other teams can look at and okay. We don't have to ask for three and four or five guys on your mind always is we can ask for maybe two. Okay because you've seen these guys come up and they played well they give you enough of a litmus test to say look what they can do for you you know that type of thing. Let's go to Jesse listening to a Z Jackson Jesse I don't they may oats up. It really Garrett you know there. Is Riley had a great a road trip there. They really they aren't deep current and it's funny because we get mad about art yeah yeah. I'd bet then is that I've got a Colin my daughter at you know we beat Auburn game. I only. Do it right they create a bit I can't hit by. Guys one at a mall are nominal or are we out and and if you want to see how really good here. Look back at some of that is where you have that one cop. Which it it beta to play with and it'll output from him I don't know where the guy is unbelievable what the Rico I did brewer. At one all these game. Fundamentally they're playing better defense and it you look at it all on general Kurt in. They ere caught in the game last night I mean they played really well all eleven and scratch and debt free air throughout the opening. It could be spent currently they're playing really. They're yep you're actually right when you're not giving. As we appreciate the phone call while war expound upon that we come back bees and wanna get into that also what did you learn from the brewers long road trip about this ballclub say two more about Michael show next. So Phil Michael's sports talk network. And what can. It's. Why those jolly Johnny narron. We're having a fantastic. Day. Start to work week off. My days old concrete. I I. For a long time I don't know I mean I'm sure everybody lives like this now at least a majority of people do they put do you use what to do calendar and like that Joseph on your on your phone. Yeah I think I've showed you my calendar right that you use Google right up OK I can't give my phone to sync to my laptop. I don't know why I don't know why kick my focus now I'm afraid because they say well you delete the app and you reinstall it and didn't brings everything up. And it'll sink. I'm afraid because I can't I'm not sure that everything's sink. Or at least gone back to the grew clout. So far I get rid of this MI Getty who like what like get everything back because it's not on my laptop so why go to my laptop to try to see if I'm getting my calendar. I'd I'd. Nothing that an ad like riots on the right now it won't go to my calendar on my laptop and used to I don't know what happened. Or would it download or some the most and it didn't do it anymore. So what the hell's going on. I don't have any this week on my laptop with a checked every day and Alison everything's on that I'm I'm I'm dumber on issues are there. I'm my own issues that crazy. Take a mighty and they need to sink I don't ordinance. I'm completely clueless and nobody in the building knows how to do RI TI. He's more of a guy that knows hardware you're mean. He's not the IT guy in the sense of he committed to all the programming for him he knows how to put audio stuff together computers Stokely got together when it comes of the programs should cool. Can't figure out. I went in I should continue to lose and I know. On their own story or not. So paranoid right around flying blind. 855830864885583086. Right on alone Mike at Dutch council free talk on one date that's in my iPhone should be in yours as well. That is in June that seven Portadown. June 7. We're gonna the Wisconsin brewing company is in Rota. We are coming out there are for cigar dinner of the season has brought to buy tobacco outlet plus and our friends a quick trip. Endo can't wait looking forward to it's getting closer and closer and a did a check today and tickets or tickets don't go to. I'm it's good it's a good time so if you have not been to one of these new live in the Madison area or maybe you're one of from one of the surrounding areas you wanna come clemency is. Is it great and this what we do okay let me give you quick explanation. It's basically is brought to our friends tobacco outlet plus hampered almost cigars and Qwikster okay. Yeah come and there's cocktail hour you do dinner. And that we sit down to a raffle they bring and so many raffle products made everything from tickets to his response to the brewers and Packers only can they bring in all kinds of stuff. And charge he stuffed giveaways so they give that stuff away and then we do like acumen and we go outside so if you do wanna smoke a cigar you can if you don't you don't have to. But we go outside and just tell stories to be little background of the show give you background of what we do. And after that is just pays like Vegas we look around Colorado OK okay what are when he won an arguable deviant sex. And then we just tell stories we have a great time it is so much more and so you wanna come out. And enjoy it Thursday night June 7 Wisconsin brewing company if you wanted to take its tobacco outlet plus our north Sherman avenue and Madison. More Sherman avenue and maps also the willow road our location and watch T and the quick trip on county road PB in Verona. It is Thursday night June 7 we're gonna have a fun time if you want more information you can also quick trip dot com Kate W like a quick trip dot com that's quick trip dot count. The horse what did you learn from the road trip. Seven and three and a ten game road trip seven and three still on the top spot hanging in there. Everybody else is winning the division to you talk about a competitive division right now holy smokes. Everybody's winning because they were there to do against a bad Cincinnati team. Com. Yet everybody else winning in the division. So it's his jumbled Pittsburg right there Saint Louis is still right there by just kind of hang in tough you've got the brewers are on top. And then a game and a half back as cubs this the cardinals and the pirates all still again have that. This first don't hang in there although all their faltering because they have lost three straight. And ended up losing to us seeing Diego. They've Cincinnati on the docket where they should be able to get healthy. Meanwhile Saint Louis they ended up beating Philadelphia they've got Kansas City bit Kansas Kansas City a team on the docket. The cubs and I'm going to be taking on Cleveland after winning a couple against Cincinnati in a row but they stated he took three out of four that series. And the brewers are coming back home they're going to be taken on Arizona tonight so the brewers by far the tougher schedule. 8558308648%. Alone by a tip that comes coal free talk. This one's. From Hanson's that I learned they'll just end up letting us all down in the end away are already knew that say that. Could you start off. Just burying your head in the sand one of the best rotations and best bull pens in all of baseball. Good offense not great and they still have at their peak if you look at the glass is half full of so many ways a look at. How can you say they're gonna just let us down the end. Okay and how can you be so pessimistic on a team that is going to rebuild and starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel on the opposite end of the Reba. Called and be better than that. Bombed brewer Dave says would you deal are CEO. For a one year of mature Otto to make a run this year. No not Alicia did it right now. And you've got the rest of the season when the job. But no I wouldn't do that. Just because. As much as you could use offense out of that position the defense has been so stellar and you unit you can have other ways to create offense and I'm thinking they will. But if I'm gonna trade RC I'm trading Garcia for high and pitching. That's prevented us from treating him for. Eight by five B 30864. It also davis' take Orton the brewers road trip. Would love would be. Would be they can win against teams above 500 which is will the knock on them prior to leaving for other road trip. Beating the Rockies and Diamondbacks that was important because they are playoff contenders in the National League all so glad to see the offense break on the road trip definitely needed the production. Correct bemoaned. I can't believe I used to wonder. Rock says what I learned was council has ammunition in his bullpen making Smart pitching changes. When the game matters. Ed you are may literally be pesos. Pesos which you have big big time series. Management. Who smoke. Present are losing the twins yesterday Rick Taylor continues to crush of homered and all three games against the twins including yesterday that tying shot a six. Budget before the twins ended up a beating up on Boone Boone Logan to never wrote. He was one of the downsides. But I your band he just continues to pound bass what'd get things back in if you get back to help you Ryan brought. And they give you anything regarding prop a line up you may tell a lot like they can do some damage. Jake says that we can and the Eric aims experiment and play Asus as do our every day. Less Obama says the same thing basically eight dollars an everyday player and at 8558308642. And listening tour since for a don't you tell more. Program. Hello good morning what's that I'm. Look I don't read or write that. If he. Had to build it the ball won't run on an ambulatory anyway. You know he did it and it. He got game man on man opposite that we are meeting again and we all gonna need is along with the late afternoon. I'll 73 road trip they'll all take it. But they were scared eight to right in the face you know could've done it but it's not like they lost seven don't want. You know all so at all. If they hit the ball they're going to be fine I don't think the pitching go to pulpit they haven't not pieces the plug in the place right now you Andyaat. If it came course for one they gained only remotely averaged four on that couldn't do it for them on most nights and in my opinion what you're getting all these guys back in real quick one question belly up I'll buy out. Paladino he does pop up that are that are then and RC I don't know what he meant simply seems pretty solid but. He's got a defensively is RC but certainly right now offensively he's better than Garcia. Oh bill what about what I bought a piece solid enough to play at. You know what about straighten RC like it did with what to name a few years back it's CP can get. While differences Paladino 48 RC is 23. I get a boat a Garcia ever going to be a better hitter Billy. He's pretty good order last year once he got through the mid portion of meg he hit the hell out of baseball last year. Escobar hadn't been to Kansas City he never really crushed it you know he was hooked me shortstop for the future I'm just sort it out there. Well I doubted and I appreciate the ball quite get it I remember last year I said kind of the same thing that may you know hey there might be some in the minors I got crucified for saying because of RCA's. Defensive prowess now rcn turned it on down midway through May and really became a much better offensive player last year. So my mind I guess my my cautionary tale is. Because he put it this way RC is not hit the ball right now server wants to sell all matter here's a flavor of the day illustrate. Our C had a pretty good second over the season last year. Yes this past weekend it was terror matter of fact in the last fifteen games is any 19. In the last week he's two for 198105. With a 211 slugging percentage and on base percentage 15 because he hasn't got a walk out there five strikeouts. Nineteen at bats two hits. By strikes. Awful no walks. So yeah I mean you can see a guy scraping the playwright. No doubt about this so let's just. We see where the end of may comes and he starts in beginning in June things warm up and you've just been crappy year. Let's say it's just all warm weather you gotta have some contact OK you gotta get a better ride to the five strikeouts no walks up and no walks is a little bit disconcerting. 85583086. For a real quick I'll we're gonna go and take a break Matt Alaska's in the journal settles going to be joining us were talk to him a little bit out Milwaukee Bucks in their official. Higher and also. They are becoming the darlings of the sports world and I'm on war. I'm I was on board earlier. With a different team they're now on the ultimate bandwagon jumper on busting some shocks and had bandwagon I'll tell you who it is and why coming up next in the Michael. Sixteen stations strong. Bill might school's sports talk now. Why don't show hours on the air. I I'm excited I'll tell you why dad coming up here shortly because we've got some great events coming up. That are on the horizon and I really would be a part of it. So you can major runner or walker. Stay tuned and talk to specifically. If your music lover you're really gonna wanna take a listen so that's all coming up here. Just a little bit right now though joining us on the Schneider orange hotline mad the last gives in Milwaukee journal sentinel getting ready to. You know watch the press conference as we will carry it live here on the program of the Milwaukee Bucks new head coach show Mike Boone holes are. And a matter I don't today. Total while also let me ask you this first and foremost because I've not got your opinion on this but for everything that you refer to do the Bucs get a right. We look at. Odd that they. Were they want you. All you local culture I'm market during this. I grew older it. One of the peek at lunch. Period and beat the playoffs. And agri. Culture. Knowing that they'll Coulter you ought. And I. Think that obviously I'm out. Right now how to sort that. So with this young team now I know there's a lot of talk about Yana is in Middleton meeting with him in comic kind of giving the stamp of approval. A lot of people saying that the meeting was brilliant in the sense that it would then give some players on this team ownership. Of saying look we have to move forward this guy. And kind of let go of the past and therefore the inclusion gives them a sense of entitlement are empowerment I guess might be the better word. Do you think they did the right thing and including everybody. It's. Turned out. Per. Year up what. You. Eat the they're way. Over the course of the year. Well. The leadership role. On this. Hurdle and so yeah. Equally importantly. It. You. Yeah. It's yours. Be sure that those that. All. Out there. Yeah. Eight is how we. Oh. What do you think did Buddha holes or to bring to the table it's going to out I don't wanna say get these guys to play better budget. It did I mean how many army. George Miller was head coach even better this team gets more wins I don't know necessarily that's true but his boot Knowles or that guy it's going to get more out of this team. Then say what Joseph prod he did or Jason Kidd at. You. Are. Out here. It's something that you obviously. Very. He. It buyouts or your PL. CD. Like what you eat. Chop. Two. I don't culture. And they're right gold and eat eat out. It at all I don't eat. Eat eat. Eat. Changed soccer. Eat at. Open source and it a bit processor. That you see. That. Out though. That the is it. This summer. Go all the would require. BC. It. Each state. Are you know get it out. And I. Obviously. It or what were. Out. There. I. Thought well these. It's always talking about booty calls are being a better coach her coach it to come any kind of kind of get guys motivated or at least be able to work with some of these young guys in and it has a lot more one on one time Islam or personality when it comes to the ability to. I guess to kind of draw out some of their skills so looking at these guys is some of the younger guys on this team take ADJ Wilson for example take. Take sterling brown for example some of the guys he you know that this team it kind of pick who was relying upon that have a released showing up to do much. Do you think he can make them better or do we start to look at those guys and say you know wide. You have a core nucleus. Those guys really are just more so role players had asked me begin just because to me this team doesn't have enough depth to compete we're seeing a front line guys played really well. And they need a shooter they need a big man but they also need some role players that are going to be better. It was. Two of the great. Future is. I. Seriously. Need. Is opening. Hole. And it. That it lacks. The I. Hear. Bought. The seat that sorely needed. To go. Actually. Stop it now that you always they're. Really happy. I. Lot out and eat. It. Awful and Google will be. Built. Or else. Bright spot. But the key element. Also any pattern that day to shoot up. Burger walk. Out of here he. Might all be better this'll be out there. It. It is. Sure. And see. 888. Long 2308. They need to make sure that they get. What is our goal is basically. All. The through. You don't beat out. Here. People. Eat. Are they eat. Don't nonetheless there's of the journal sentinel is the bus security introduced their new head coach the rest of the world. In the meantime were wondering is Jabari Parker going to be back I mean that's kind of first and foremost is for is building blocks go with this team. I would assume at some point he's gonna sit down or at least have a phone conversation or something which are boring to say. You know hey is this isn't something we one out of Milwaukee or do you wanna co exist with everybody and everything becomes cope ascetic in. And everybody's striving towards a common goal mean that would that be one of the first things on your radar. There. Is there pressure. That the art art and act like poker. You. It. Not regret it Eric. Wedge. ERE. The are pretty. And it. That we see in that opportunity so I'm sure to update or Asian. I. They're talking. Parker. We're. I. Ought to. The opposite. It is laying it out or are all how or. Asian. The Oscar. Do Gerri see. It cursed out by our. Yeah temperature that your working well. You're. So. I figure out arc it's like people. But they're they're. How. They work so he. It means I've Parker. Carter all of the our. A lot of bowl or. The long side. Hey real quick we've got about a minute but I just wanted to know is there anybody in particular you think it's gonna be sitting there it's gonna be able to help this team in the NBA draft. Wage. Out in order younger brother or Jeter. I. They are or thought. Where are. As their. Hair. Out. Booker. Or carry it out at 88. Thought I DC now. App. Always good chip and we certainly appreciate and enjoy the breast governs. I. To register and they don't that's that's mass Alaska as Matt Alaska's in the Milwaukee journal sentinel joining us in the Schneider orange challenged Aaron drivers right now. You work hard they treat you fair. And immediate and for eighty plus years only got to do is check him out. By going to Schneider jobs dot com that Schneider jobs dot com or call him 844 pride 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs to account when changed teams went for a new team work. Whatever fresh start. That is our friends over at Schneider they have become does darlings of the sports world a tea or tone coming up next in the Michael should. Freeware and Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Michael. Earlier glad everything so much for take a listen to us we certainly certainly. Appreciate you joining us. 855830864855830. 8648. That's on the loans by kids dot com poll freaked out client. The hot stick other game by the way brought to wire frenzy Clements over the weekend the brewers can't tonight at eight largely guided. Do you he's just get it done so many different facets of the ballgame. But he has had Bihac state he gets our Clements hot stick a weekend as a matter of fact Clemens the hometown company even proud supporter of the community. Ford decades. And they have the Clements backstage right now convenient high protein choice fits the on the go lifestyle strips the ball park you do some tailgating. To be out there raining tonight some maybe you don't wanna sit outside. And kind of grow some gutsy nor hot stick citi's not. Golf bags launches afternoon snack whatever may be by the way the week one winner of the Clements hot stick a week contest. On the fans. Wins a year's supply of Clemens sausage. And does matter of fact it was will rise. Will rise from German team. So bureau looking to load up on some good Clement sausage hot sticks go to will's house will remain. Wells got warming now he knows what to do that is from our friends at Clemens. So the team is become the darlings and I can't remember the last time when you've had staff and a house just going off. LeBron as a big weekend puts his money where his mouth is and and brings his team back. And his clamps down on the Boston Celtics but the team that has stolen the spotlight. That is stolen the spotlight. Has been that cold nights. So you say who. Vegas the band of golden knights mistress. There heading to the state they're playing for lord Stanley's cup. They were 500 to one odds. To get to the Stanley Cup finals and to win. And you dated invitation to know they punched their ticket to the Stanley Cup finals yesterday. They ended up being the Winnipeg jets to one on the road in a series it goes to four games to one and it just. It's it's been sold price of gold knights dropped the first game of the Western Conference finals then they went on to win four straight they never trailed in that span. And they've been defying expectations. And end of the underdogs and people really realize. They're eighteen. Pure wind grew mellow gold knights. The second expansion team in NHL. NBA. NFL or MLB history since 1960. To reach a championship series in their first season the other team that 196768. Saint Louis blues. Although that was timely hit just twelve teams and but man what a story they've become the golden knights from Vegas. Number they were and build that whole arena try to get themselves an NHL team they get the expansion team they put together. And I got I got Kolb flashbacks from the movie Major League. When I Jake Taylor stands up ever coached all there's no way were gonna win this thing we're just trying to get better and he says well then let's go out when the whole blanking thing. Somebody had to do that that locker room. What a story they've become. About consumers baseball after the top of the hour stay tune more than a Michael show coming up next. Wisconsin one. Bill Michael's sports talk.