HR1 – What frustrated you the most in the Bucks’ Game 1 loss?

Bill Michaels Sports
Monday, April 16th

Hour 1. So who’s to blame in the Bucks’ defeat? We’ll hear from Head Coach Joe Prunty.


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From the league runs to. River runs this season we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall but Gil Michael show. I'll go mom my goodness. The great white north. I know that many of you love snow on long winter skiing all that kind of stuff but it it's supposed to be spring time and then. Yeah I'm I'm not a fan I gotta be honest with ya I'm not a fan of sport so away we can be done whether now. Let's bring on spring my flowers are all dead everything that I was starting to come out everything's just dug dead now it's just it's over. Soon I got a replay and I guess but that being said. It was a our interest in sports weekend let's start with a box shelling. And I had Mel watching that game. Yeah yesterday and going crazy I just I watched this team did down early. And Middleton and a good game and they went through a little bit of spell comes back huge shots down the end it was a shame the honest fouled out. For those we're tweeting that the NBA has inform c'mon it was an over the back we UB clearly to I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna say that that game hinged on one foul called by a refereed who was out of position. And I liked all the stills over floating around Twitter and floating around out. On FaceBook that had the play after the fact. Which you didn't post was when he went up but over the back of the players that basically him boxed out and it was just it was also play try to get around images didn't and and it was a judgment call from that side and maybe for a split second that official who was way out of position when he comes soon when when it comes to coming from half court. Still MITRE register glimpse for a split second and said you know OK and so it's over the back in his limited. But. This is a team that consistently. Consistently. Placed three and a half quarters of basketball. And I've been telling you this and telling you this in telling you this. And for all of you that kept saying. They're gonna flip the switch they're going to be in a rhythm. And such it you know it's just it this team doesn't have it. I don't know what to tell you get another win I don't know I mean they may win a couple of days to note. I just think we've even without Tyree Boston's guide the ability to hit big shots now they've also got the ability to defend. And the bucks if you know I mean that out of the fifteen. Teams sixteen teams top fifteen. There was twelve of these teams better in the post season three teams that are in the post season that were not in the top fifteen defensively. Is Cleveland Minnesota in the Milwaukee box and box were on the lower half of that. The bucks don't defend the ball well when you saw it down the stretch and just when they come back just when they fight and they scrape. Then the Romo walked you don't show up Bob pass flies off the hands of John Hanson they don't box out they don't play defense wide open three. They don't pass the basketball and then they allow the shot clock to wind down there we are fortunate to John. Images it all just goes away and and that's the way the bucks play they don't this is. This is the epitome of the Denver game. They just don't know how to close out games against teams that are either on par or better than they just don't not consistently they don't. I was on with they are radio station from. ER from Boston are going into the weekend on Friday. Ended they were all picking the box they're all picking the bucks to win and I should tell me why. And they said well yeah honest okay. And they go from there should go back and look at the schedule tell me where this team has beaten beaten teams 500 or better more than three times and overall. All season long it doesn't happen. The win a game and then lose to which we we know this we've all been on this box roller coaster I wanna see the bucks suddenly get a they need to get a win they need to fight and scrape and get that win. And then stack it with another win that's the only way they're gonna learn consistently how to win when it comes the post season against better teams right. Yesterday they played three and a half quarters. And that half a quarter got him beat against the team they should've beaten it's still a talented team and as we talked over the weekend going always back the last Thursday night was he's 45 froze the bus but bucks post game show. And he called it a point flip series and I agreed. The coin flip tends to fall more often than not to the team that knows how to win. And the box still don't know how to win great play great draw up front the iPod did a good job when it came it came to certain things coming out of timeouts. But they don't know how to win. And I don't know I don't know I don't I wish I had an answer for you in the sense of you know a veteran on this team that's going to be a were really kind of take the team by the by the by the grips and say okay this is how you had this is that you play basketball. Or maybe they end up getting a veteran free agent in the off season that. Ends up coming in and and it really grabs the year a lot of these guys use you thought that you've got veterans on this T. You saw that would happen. And just hit it simply has not consistently anyway. So and maybe it's a coach maybe said coach you know maybe the head coach a new head coach comes in and and takes over and and and that guy's got to respect in their year in and gets them to work a little bit harder and figure things out I don't know but it's it's just not. It's not consistent enough for the Milwaukee Bucks who becomes. Unbelievably frost. 85583086488558308648. Brought in started out cold. You know and then obviously our -- Parker had a period bad game and he did not impressed the way he was hoping to. Coming in his first game of the a post season. I'm not sure why he only played fifteen minutes is it because he was awful defensively because this the thing Jabari Parker. To me is never gonna become a great defender we just need to accept the fact. What but put the boxing in general. This team is not a good defensive team they've played these synergies and cost. They they need to find a better to Federer in I know people wanna talk about shots. But when you again you go back to the teams that are in the post season thirteen of the top fifteen teams are in the post season and their better defensive. If this bucks team wants to move on there just snapped outscored their opponents are gonna have to put up a 110 points a game so it's gonna work. That's just how it's gonna work Jabari Parker Joseph Conti here just make the decision to now bench Jabari Parker. In a playoff game you you can't just do it's. You shouldn't complain more. Come on now Tony's well now he did did he explained as he was very short after the ball joint front to. I had post in his post game. In his post game press we're very sure we'll hear from Joseph coming up I hate. Jabari Parker should be playing more than fifteen minutes for anyone who thinks Jabari Parker needs to be benched. I think that's now that sets it on sentiment. That's ridiculous he's got to go up there provide offense that set. Tony Snow on the other hand should be playing 33 minutes now look Tony Snow hit some moments yesterday where he was playing some good on the ball defense. But there's other times the guy according get a rebound to save his life. He's up a plane 33 minutes. Meanwhile it should Baz Mohammad on the bench she got sterling brown on the bench. I thought Mohammed might see a few more minutes to I Iowa he's got a great defender but he's. He's at least give you little Robbins coming up the bench thought he might get some more in the time if the bucks wanna win this series they're just gonna have to outscored Boston at. And the story because the defense to me is never going to be great I accepted that back a long time ago. Such a bird Parker he's been playing more than fifteen minutes a game that boxing show one yesterday. Want to absolute right debt Middleton three that's gonna be forgotten now. For cry don't while that was huge this should give them all the momentum going overtime to say hey look we're showing you were the more experienced it. Keeping losing too inexperienced guys like teary rosy year Jason Jason taint on. You can't be losing to these guys but why is a talented team he would just irony yes they are. What you got to understand the fact we're talk about young teams in our wants but the young tag on the box no this Celtics team is younger. Yep then Milwaukee. Their daughter I've always said the young thing is stupid it's an ignorant statement what it is is a very immaturity but clearly. Bacon rise up to the occasion yeah they can come up and any hit the big shots when it also mulls against a box of course. They look. I think this game is gonna go seven games and I think the Celtics. Are gonna beat the bucks because again I can't trust the box but but her look at last night the box at every opportunity to win that game. And the guy we have a talk about yet bills Eric Bledsoe. What the hell was that's. He is a free I've said all along Eric Bledsoe for the peace that he has an M and again. You talk about winners. And people who have been there done that he was with Phoenix. He will win one tells you about Phoenix that he score. And when he's not he's not when he's not he's bat he sees better version of Michael read. But he is not he he's not what you want. He didn't want anything either the guided that you know we had talked with on the Thursday night program. Was Jason Terry. And Terry says there's times where you've you've you've got to get the attention of the young guys you gotta they got I have to they have to figure it out and you try to dispel the wisdom. You try to you try to sit out in and give it to him and say this is that how you need to go about your business. But the only way to get him to do is is if they do it. You know it's up to them they have to figure out a way to win and I don't I don't know it's a different voice when it comes to a new coach. I don't know if it's a mother peace inside that locker or some bad contracts they're too I don't know how much you're gonna change. This offseason John horse is already said that I don't opens John Horst I don't know fits that you leave the internal management of the Milwaukee Bucks but there is something that has to give. For me to sit here and say I can bet on the Milwaukee Bucks because. Going into this and I know people said it was a big article why are so what I'm telling you honestly I don't know how this team can win consistently because they haven't done it. Once they do become a believer but until that no way and now. Now if front seat can make the statement added Jabari Parker and say Jabari your plain bad defense I'm not playing anymore fine. But then where's the conversation with their blood so to say hey Eric. Your putting up some bad shots and we've got a lot of time in Najaf. Like peace unity you know we've talked about blitzer he's a selfish player. He is he at times wants to take it game on himself. And we've seen this time again where he wants to play one on one basketball running outside and you've got a superstar spitting in the wind with his arms up going there's nobody guarding me. And he still wants to play one on one basketball. This is part of the problem with this team and when we talk about a week in and week out on that Thursday a program the one word that keeps coming up is selfish they play selfish. Or they tried all be stars and they are all not if you don't understand your role you're never going to win more than a micro Sharpton. Sixteen stations strong the bill might school's sports talk now. Hey guys. It's just like judge we're here we're Wisconsin. Cousins jobs there are all so Wisconsin company board in Wisconsin celebrate the midwest areas by locally sourcing products whenever they can. They school is civilly. They use Wisconsin cheese is featured other products from local partners like Clemens sausages brick brewing company. They partner with timber travelers the box. Slot organizations when it comes to making things better. Nothing. These local we all know that. We are Wisconsin upper midwest since we are. We endorse the kind of crap that's laying on the ground right now of throwing through cut the subs were they believe. In better 85583086. Were rated by 5830864. In loans by kept our town whole free talk line. I took the phone calls talking to box basketball's ended up falling yesterday to be a Boston Celtics in game one in this series. Won't get to the brewers in that disappointment coming up here shortly. And the fact that I had a role player and I guess at least according to many youths burn on the south side burner you doing an email what's going on. About eight under your door. If it's good you were Serb area. And are still so bad. And so lonely when they went when you're not on the radio. Mobile emergency Islam yeah. A mr. mayor the mayor really your you weren't moved great sports the argument you do you have the boy toy. And your knowledge are very respected knowledge did well. Well what I say here is very. That game of golf's. Our culture. You know you're. In Italy and you talk about militant image shot that he made that last shot in particular and or Turks. Now she's got the ballpark if you have you ever go to sleep you've got to meet up their tickets for the play our own Lou remember I don't know if you don't remember recalling you. August for the cherry was built to play with with Belmont role and blessed soul but I certainly do it and need it. They did not meet you know the company Ollie at the airport and are at and blog at sorry god sort of guy has ever to. Our honestly believe that column that Jabbar has got bounced back I know that's so good about that. At the Portland loudest almost foul trouble while you insert. What are your other guards while and you and so at least broad general sought five minute sub let loose woman who has the experience and the knowledge a complaint. He came in here in the full sloping in the W this year so why when you're sort of immune reassignment issued and so do. Paramilitary how little one dollar and I'm done. The total rebounding out. I will put that right back to America alone will slump in the just would kill on the boards are army remembered abort that's our plan to be able to get into more to have strategic and Jeremy and so. My big guy Beckett did well they're gonna do there. They know he'd never tried that you've got to trust them in to bring everything in the play elsewhere too weird because we forgot the first thing. Premier golfer they would be all the good will from the world and you go back to Milwaukee in Milwaukee it's screaming the fairway. Over the roar and everybody is ready and I'll forego doing. Would not become about a used to double up tour to become Tuesday. Yeah I you're. Persia the phone call here they do because it looked when you talk about like Alex Zeller zone and have a board. If four minutes that was it didn't abort dolphin at a couple points. Really didn't he was non factor when it came any kind of playing time in this ball game me honest clean boards the most Chris Middleton. With the guy I'm not mistaken I think Chris Middleton had was second on the team in rebounding. Like worse Henson the united that's what your they are four. That was those incredibly frustrated. And then when Zeller was in there was for a split second was basic terribly good line and and I've got I've got to where one shot up I think he's one of one million that would 2.2 some went on I'm not mistaken but didn't didn't do anything when it came aboard this deep consistently doesn't. Doesn't do the little things and then we've seen it time and again I mean when you talk about the turn overs. You last night Bledsoe with five turnovers in the ball game. Still ended up on the plus some when you look at plus minus numbers that tell ESPN puts out but still. Just five tone over just being honest him for but Jonas also put a 35 points Bledsoe would nine points five turnovers. You're not gonna win ball games that way. 855830864. In loans we kept our Tom told free talk line by the way. When it comes overall rebounds. They were out rebounded by story yesterday. 45 to 42 rebounds. And it ended up and now in the grand scheme of things the buckshot well. In case you didn't know buckshot 48 report forty point 2%. 48 Purdue this another situation where we talk about this all the time the buck said more buckets. The bucks were forty of 83. VS Celtics were 39 a 94. And the blacks still lost by six. That's the disparaging. Did did did did you know disparity between the two teams when you talk about the ability to shoot from the outside consistently talked about this time again. The bucks just don't do that very well when you've got a guy like Bledsoe whose unbelievably. Cold. From from all over the field not get it done and then you've got other guys are really struggling. Especially early on Jabari was one of five. You know over one from beyond the arc didn't have a great game when we did let's admit I mean it was his first appearance in the post season. So it is what it is 855830864855830864. Is go to Tony in Ashland Tony I don't. And bill. I can't think Caldwell that all you're on it up where it can be. One of the things that I've. I'm kind of the ball pretty well. Dole you know I don't really. I knew him very useful in all 32 minutes don't. I. All. The bad. Like that would have that it would. Our arms. Melt off like a rock in the third quarter and really deep deep and well considered but one comment about rock and on the point. And and no that would block partner. You know. Score one. Barker. Involved then you know you wouldn't know it on the board portable did not make it there during the net glory. It is much older and more. Well. Well if printed phone call that's exactly what you're saying Joseph as he's got to go outscored teams you're never gonna get to meet its now like this which is going to be thrown you're gonna get better defensively kaposi's. Saga. So you just gotta throw as many score he possibly can't open about sleep we need to stop get mad about Jabari Parker's defense. If it is what it is and worry about people not playing the and it's frustrating I understand that to Bob can stop worrying about people playing defense does not happen. You remained. That the defense is not gonna get better with this basketball team. And what John Hansen so I mean John Henson I thought had a good first half the one thing that has not been recognized some stat sheet is six blocks he had six point six S I bet he needs to be recognized that was something John Henson did really well. But in the second half when you needed rebounds the books it's sold well the second quarter rebounding the basketball. And Boston got in with serious rep singles. Fifteen year old Ryan. In the second quarter and then the Bucs come back and go on like a 21 in five run because they're forcing turnovers the rebounding the basketball they're getting out in the open court to push the ball move and it. They're doing everything right and John excellent good. Then the second half rolls around and then John Hanson can't rebound the basketball and every time you're trying to win at 5050 balls. Tony sells it the job done John Henson is getting the job done this with these guys are supposed to do you're supposed to be your better defenders and they're not doing. The defense is never going to be good for this bucks team this boxing first ball's lack of one of the NBA finals we know that's. But if you want to win a first from playoff series you're going to have to go out there put up a 110 plus points a night. In order to beat the Boston Celtics. And you traded Greg Monroe to get Eric Bledsoe you gave up one of your best rebounder is to get a guy who can score. So the rebounding has never been the same since mineral left. So now that tiger supposed to win as a basketball team. Eric Bledsoe. I know you've been hot the last. Several games in early few shots and good until last night where he laid an egg if he is not going to shoot the basketball well. You've got to deviate got to give it to someone else man. You gotta be able to find a hotter shooter like a Chris Middleton or like Yana sport like amalgam Brock again. He got every time Malcolm broadened its on the court he hits a three pointer to rely on Malcolm brown. And at least for a per share coming back he. When you need him down crunch time as well I. I really I don't want to get league too overly mad about this because again I think at the end of the day the Celtics don't win the series so I don't trust the bucks. But I look back at last and say. They had every opportunity to. Every opportunity to go to closeout the Celtics. At times they played solid fundamental basketball on both ends and then other times they just. They got very lax I don't know why why does team can never play four consistent quarters of ask why no that's asking a lot. But you're in the playoffs now it's crunch time. And you're facing a much younger Celtics team you should have the upper hand they've got a better roster what the Celtics so. I guess and you just chill out but it's. It's frustrating as a box as frustrating because now you got to win tomorrow night if you want to win the series tomorrow night. Means the most when you cannot be down to all. Call backs in the game three Milwaukee dean tweets out to the box with a Jabari in which the honest on the floor. There offensive rating is a 41 point six defense or rating 130 point six in their net rating is a minus 89. And then he says with that identical poll and Parker off of one another not there with Parker off before. There are net rating is a plus fifteen point four C Dallas from last night and you right but here's my argument to all of us okay white. You know is that through every day give me every game you know what the average been through every game when they're both on and off before the same time and then in addition to that are they working with the same group. Because it's unfair for guided comes off the bench. To be compared that. Because you're playing with different matchups you're not playing with the same group all the if he was a starter. And you had your starters in for the first 78 minutes and then he was going off and you had concrete evidence to say. Here's our five starters consistently here's when Jabar he's on his going to bars off. Then I would go along when that the problem is he got thrown right in the fire he's coming off the bench he's playing with different groups of rotation so is it went Jabar he's on the floor. When Middleton there is it when Bledsoe is there is a win just Yond this in him or his is hands is still there are they not would have me. Is Jason Terry's touches out tell resort who they playing around them. Because they haven't been good in that round wider 855830864. Or loans by kept account or free talk like they hear from bucks coach Joseph priority. Who. Well eat it wasn't pleasant press conference let's put that when you hear from coming up next in the Michael. Everywhere you Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. It. Can. Yeah yeah. No Michael John here. Hopefully you've unburied. Knew what. What a crap what a crappy weekend. The weather shocked. Sports jocks I mean it wasn't wasn't a great weekend. Just just well I. Turned to Syria I said you know one of the brewers get this week. They win two out of three against New York team and only lost one game coming in the series and it took two out of three in Saint Louis and actually. That's something to be kind of could crack Paul Ryan okay for Hillary just said he fitness so X. My goodness. 855830864. And loans by Kim dotcom told free talk line our friends over quick trip they wanna remind you they have. Quit rewards. Quick reward Jeremy right. Quick rewards and now to do is go to quick trip dot com go to quick trip dot com. The end you can find out all the information. About getting a rewards card you can purchase right now pound of nature's touch border. Five cents off per gallon of fuel. Majors touch eggs which I get all the time for me to like 49 cents or so that's a ridiculous. Two cents off per gallon to king's eyes Hershey bars. Three cents per gallon if you look for more great offers just busier neighborhood Qwikster go to KWRK quick trip dot com that's Qwikster dot com. Joseph pride tee. Each play and I've been preaching this for a long time he's preaching and now each play is going to matter valued possession. We had hustle plays too don't we I don't wanna take any of that out of context we played well and we played hard. And the you know that's what this series is gonna be both teams fighting and each little play will matter. The problem is the box don't make enough plays through four quarters because they only play three and a half quarters she said look. Our guys yet they they did make plays on both ends and before. We had different matchups on him as well throughout the night and you know give him credit for the place that he made that again I think a lot of our guys made some plays on both ends of the floor to. And then when you talk about to take care of the basketball it's been something that he's been. Maddening. Take a listen the offensive rebounds. That there are getting you know we've got to try to limit those and reflections when we get them got to try and pick up those 5050 balls and then. Conversely taking care of the ball near the first quarter eight turnovers is too many. But for the rest of the game for the most part we we did a better job taking care. It's one of those things we talk about time and again when this team consistently digs himself a hole in the past expel all their energy and coming back and by the time they get back. It's it's. You know you you're tired you're worn down and you you've tried to compete so hard that there's indeed there's not much let them attack. And it's been a problem with his team prolonged time. So lucky you know when he talked about 5050 rubbed me a rebounds and such and those balls. Yeah dirty when it comes to rebound. Those are also 5050s in certain ways in terms of being able to hit guys and go chase him down you have to get the dirty rebounds. You know one in particular that stood out that we didn't get all their you know there were a couple of guys battling in the paint a couple of guys on the perimeter and you know they just hustle for. They hustled. You didn't and this goes back to the ability to play for four quarters of basketball Celtics and their three point efficiency. And getting it done defensively that's that's what was the difference in a market. Lem for 26 from three some of those or like fruit Jere hit a couple of big threes obviously as you mentioned you know on some of them are awful place right if we could secure the ball. Then it's a different story. It is but also you have. You had guys wide rosier had two looks wide open an admitted he starts to slowly sat up he gets the body takes that one dribble behind Lila he's taking a free throw. This defender standing at David at the top of the key staring down on blood so this is what the hell you employees. I mean. First ball all your browser credit that was a beautiful crossover and then stepped back but then Bledsoe just others said Eric take the shot. It leash law add him do something throwing him in here trying to disrupt the shots. That was the late that was laid the ball game when it mattered the lazy is deep reds had ever seen and I I was screaming at that point and I know I shouldn't because this is typical all the bucks but. I was screaming at that point are you kidding. Screaming it. I gotta give give the guys credit or affirmative you burn your personal. Give their guys' credit like we mentioned earlier you know rosier hit some tough shots. But Al made some big plays for them you know ends up with a double double by. He's on the perimeter handling the ball some recent polls he he's of personal piece for them. I said going into this Al Horford was gonna be big. 24 points twelve rebounds yesterday had four assists three blocks only one turnover. And had a couple of steals I mean. I said he is going to be good he's going to be a one man wrecking crew now he had to Melrose you're obviously with 23 and in brown dropped point but. You know in and then how about more is coming off the bench who dropped one. Played Horford Noah Horford the beast he's the guy. 8558308648. Plenty talked about Horford in his. What Al Horford is very good player and I think one of the things about him through the years that you it's hard ground just consistency. He he does what he does each night. But that having been said you know I think matchup wise you honest about the really hard at times channel one battled them very hard you know made me you have to work. They battled him but he won. He won and they didn't make medical work that's far. Which he won and they didn't. Talked about also. The ability to fight for loose balls in play a full 53 minutes. Both teams are gonna keep fighting both teams are gonna scrap I thought there was a lot of loose balls or 5050s or reflections that they might have come up with that you know we get may be two different possession you know there was one Chris had a great deflection but couldn't we couldn't pick up where the ball had gone. Didn't secure that one. Also low when he talks about your honest in the the six million mrs. This is where it was getting kind of snippy when people were asking Joseph can't do legitimately said he you know I mean that's six felony honest do you think it was a fellow. My views he blew his whistle and called the six felony on us and it's six browser out of the game that he found them and that was a sixth round. So that's a football player plays football because we know he's football workers weren't Helmut. That's a belly wanna get in trouble but he didn't think it was a foul otherwise. On that and washed it down a couple of different times news or you know and put it this way it it it was a foul. But if you wanted to say it was no foul I can agree without as well. Because Johns is so big but he did getting with the body I mean c'mon you went all over now they don't call that consistently in the NBA good. You lay all over him and I don't look at it yeah I don't fault the official it's not like the official ended up making the difference in the ball game let's be honest okay. The bucks don't play good defense. That wide open shot by errors here the pass to came off Henson's hands Henson standing flat footed watching Tatum behind and grab the board. Mean there there was so many things there that you could've just said you know one. Anyone of those plays had they been different. Would have been better. And it it just it just wasn't this is what how to pour from early on to two offensive rebounds into him being put back somebody just gets applauded him. And keeps money outside looking in and you know there are better position on a guy that you knew was gonna come in and rebound hard. You know I mean c'mon I'm not gonna blame the official for the and then Middleton I will say man you talk about coming up big in a big moment that was a huge shot by Christmas. We went with what we thought was the best. Chris ended up popping to an area that you know we get ended up getting wide open look but. You know great shot by him good poise by Jonas be able to inbound the ball. In some ways fortunate but you know at the end of the day we were able to get a look with a very short amount of time on the clock. Great play. Great call I'd look and Joseph party takes a lot of grief for a lot of different things great call great setup I it was perfect everything was executed to perfection in an odd I gotta be honest with you. The he many described I was really gusty gas burner stuff and follow them on Twitter it was a JD could take your eyes off it was fantastic. Yet it could be a good game not a great game between the thunder in the jazz. Certainly the rockets in the timberwolves were exciting with a three point win their by the rockets. Because I get their you know their their series off to the more successful in really wasn't a game between the warriors in the spurs and the raptors. As much as always and rappers are thriller raptors are for. Mean the raptors are debt that's that's that's a good basketball teams say with a 76ers haven't 76ers. They get deadly they drill the box last game of the season then come around from 130 on a defenseless Miami Heat they're terrible terrible basketball. Com the heat on the legends at the heat played terrible in employment some residual it and everything and and then pelicans in the trouble is we'll talk a little bit more about that pelicans something different about the pelicans that I noticed in the ball game over the weekend. As wall going back to Saturday a very issue seeing a kind of I'd take on that game as well take two we are mortal Michael should wrap of the weekend in the NBA they gonna talk when Mike Gorman he's a Celtics television voice. On NBC sports Boston red talk with him and then I wanna get into this brewers a team in this road trip that they had. Coming back three and three and in reality that's not bad but it it's it's that's not good Gomorrah activists. Wisconsin one. Bill Michael's sports talk. So Michael shows on the air. Hopefully your Hammond a fantastic. Monday as you have. Begun to dig out. What other. Kraft is playing on yard wolf thank you now can this. The president down by the way speaking of Brian Price. You your job isn't to sniff out every little thing that isn't about the risk and put out there for every other got to hear that really it is. Really it is do you understand what the word journalism is and beat reporter only kind of that was one of the epic rants of all time still silly disgrace. It really was. Right. But today we we enjoyed it. What's the weather like here in the state Wisconsin coming up the next 36 hours. I guess we're gonna get above freezing which means that some of the stuff and start to melt there's the possibility. I think it's like high of 35 today a and that vary depending what part of its teacher in on the average 38 on Tuesday. 36. And rain on Wednesday. Just. It just socks. But I don't like it I I don't either I gotta be honest with the I'm not a fan. How do we benefit from that. Well you benefit because in all honesty let's let's let's between you and me is is Miller Park has a roof and a Great American Ball Park doesn't. Wrigley doesn't Kaminsky doesn't Minnesota they were stupid enough not to pull one a roof on their ballpark so. Yeah you benefit because you're playing in Milwaukee in you can play in the friendly confines of a warmer environment. Well thank you you're very welcome. Brian freak embrace everybody. I don't like it. My goodness. Our look at this is dug this portion of the program. And Brian Price is rant have brought you our differences but light your official beer sponsor of the bill Michaels were so ignored I can even say this with a straight face. Saw his common. This Sox. May thirtieth it is the first two Wednesday night live and I I'm telling you it's got to be warmer right. Every may thirtieth. If you can pull out your snowblower and get your way down to other was Kansas state fair part Grunow as they were absent go to Steve Oswalt on the giant slide by. Went that I live opens up the Budweiser pavilion opens up. And rebel grace is gonna take the stage we hope to see on terror on Wednesday night may thirtieth whereas and I made thirty how many weeks is our way here. That it's your own one too. Morons and then 3456. In six weeks in two days. Six weeks in two days. Probably just knows can be melted by eminent certainly won't be up north whole week wrap. The amount of snow they got up north was read it keyless. I got a friend of mine Kathy of you listening and energy was in the program disease literally stuck in her house. She's a thing Dutch UN guard grocery shopping list Thursday. Because she's buried I mean it did she showed you pictures separation Jimmy. She had snow like three and a half four feet up her patio door were so disgrace that is. That's come on man. Mother nature in the grand scheme of things he also went to like really bad. Mexican club. And had some burritos mill and some shooters and some tequila and eight the warm out of them as cal bottle and just. Don't all over us. Error isn't. I'm a bad weekend it was they have a speaking of bad weekends boy I tell you what the Cleveland Cavaliers. For the first time in LeBron James is career. Did he lose in game one of a series they loss at home Cleveland. Guide just drew world. By the pages they got the single digits or one point. Well depot said knob maybe not couple fun tourist dollars 32 point six boards. Boris is in that ball game now we know LeBron point four points and rebounds four assists but it. He's. You sit here and say that. He's not the LeBron from some years ago from say even five years ago. Can we say we're watching. Kind of the diminishment a little bit of skills of LeBron James. That's a bad defensive team too or macro. I don't know what they're gonna do. From the Aussie rather obviously it's what are you keep LeBron but it. That is not a good good defensive team in anyway shape or form in the Bronx prides himself and play defense but. The guys he has around him holy macro. Nobody somebody throwing hand you're somebody's face or something. Kevin Love is just he's a waiver many give him the ball nearly enough fired. Not nearly three of eight he's got to be more involved in the offense and that's it by the way the stats all reached the senate today stats of the day when it comes of the India. All brought to wire printed up royal eight PP RO YO dot com upper royal implementing SAP and big got a solutions on the web companies just like yours. They take all your information. Put it through the sieve and it's OK here's where your positive here three negative yourself to go your better business that is our friends at royal HP PR OYO dot counts check them out. Go to at royal dot com the end of build your business. Let them help you do that too. Coming up in the next hour. First of almost right on shoot Mike Gorman the Celtics television voice and NBC sports in Boston he's going to be joining us now wants talks brewers baseball. Because I gotta tell you it's a 33 road trip when you go elf on the road that's not bad but it doesn't feel like it just doesn't. Mortal like Jim next. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk and network.