HR1 – Who do you despise more? Cubs or Cardinals?

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, April 5th
Hour 1. Plus, we’ll talk Bucks with Steve ‘Sparky’ Fifer. We will also have a Masters Update!

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From the league runs to. River runs this season we're Wisconsin sports fans come stood tall the bill Michael show. And Michael show on the air we are glad you're here today. Cardinals routed down here from the cubs. You've also got to funny guy at the masters under way. Blocks clinch last night as they are now officially in the post you wanna talk about that too gonna pay a little bit Steve 45 crucible exposed in short I asked him. I I saw that passed through Twitter last night. And I also I got it on my phone one of the score updates. And I got to admit I'm I'm I'm gonna be completely in this in this is terrible all right my first reaction was a and I thought it was a YE a lot. And reactions because. You know they're gonna get beat. He now largest big plays a better basketball as of late but it going. Belonging the inevitable. I guess. Those were on taken. Norway if regroup make some moves if we can. And figure it out and come back next year. I'm sure everybody inside that locker room is excited about it it's it's it's a clean slate it's a breath of fresh share some opportunity to refocus. So I'm sure everybody's piqued about it but when that came across my phone list that I went out. Just because. Just because. The brewers got beat shut out yesterday you know why they just got beat Justine has a look at I admit that not a bad out it. I'm not gonna completely condemn them yet. As many of you are. I was watching the flurry of bratwurst quarter activity last night holy macro. Yes IE I hated to see long balls fly out of the park last night in favor Saint Louis. By the spewing. Of hatred and god does Sox in the Euro even worse. It was crazy last night. Stop your six games into the season yes every game matters I I'd I'd applaud the passion. And the amount of people paying attention and going to other social venues to vent. I applaud. But keep your head. Just a little bit keep your head holy macro. Somebody were going crazy yesterday. That your arm ripped and David Stern's tied to bring this bar on the and then. Just think in May and that you remember some of the pitchers that started out rather slow last year. That Davies started battle with slower and finally he's got on a roll and things look good in to chase Sanderson awhile and it just. Give it give it a little time. You know I mean I know shower scenes a guy who's been there done that but to get a little time holy macro. The spewing of anger last night was was you know beyond. It was to import Ryan actually I don't normally do this to sometimes just make me laugh. But it got to a point right to shut it off it was it was that kind of that kind of anger last night he showed it off. So anyway. Now long story short. If if you were watching the game last night. You know what the other aspect did you sit behind home plate to guy kept saying holding up the sign hash tag. With the knees no more time or whatever was Metheny timer something. Basically I think he was asking for my new team to be fired he got seats right behind home plate. In almost every pitch throughout the game he's warning that sign up last. So the cardinals fans are have you Mike Messina and Mateen cardinals. But the brewers that's a loss. You don't like it you don't wanna accept it. But you take it you move on to get back out again you gotta focuses Chicago Cubs now come Metallica coming to town. And the cubs have not gotten off to the fastest of starts like France I mean it this is not the the Dominic cubs team that everybody figured would just you know win every game and so they they were gonna just take off and be better than everybody else and then we Rothman about ballot though world that is cub dumb. The cubs are two and three on the season. Now they are rained out yesterday in Cincinnati they're gonna make it up his daughter littered on the road. But. Would they they're they're not they're not out to the fastest of starts. The brewers a half game behind the Pittsburgh Pirates right now are not that I'm you know scoreboard watching as far standings don't each and every day but it's certainly something that. You know just in the wins and losses category you're paying attention to sort of cover couple behind the brewers in that case but. You know on Tuesday it is what it is just it was a loss rather you know what. I I was more. I guess. Upsets if you will on I came the call that I was more I guess disappointed. And the fact that the brewers didn't dent the plate last night. I was more upset when that that I was. In affected. You know the brewers. You don't do pitching wasn't great yeah you know it's always Syria area of concern. Pitching was not spectacular last night. Got Blake six to nothing I'd I would like to have seen them at least get to the plate. And it didn't get a chance to do that last night they had no runs five hits three errors. They had lunch on on and I yell it shouting left field. Boy I tell you what dad that played by VR. Ball its past names goes down the line of the art comes over. And just and I'm screaming. Holy holy holy holy holy throws off balance and what that hair or oval terrible play. How we saw Trevor Charlotte and air yesterday as well so three errors in that ball game. But Saint Louis down given credit he's put up put up numbers. Just he's best inning was a fifth inning where he's pretty much clean in that inning everything else was not good. And he ends up. Take a loss five into third seven hits all runs attributed to him. So the bullpen again comes in Jake are Drake in Jeffers and Jennings. Live up throwing. Three in a third innings in that ballgame giving up by just two hits along the way. Three at thirty innings two hits a long way no runs. A couple walks four strikeouts and no nothing else to show fort. Drake is any area of 2.0 eight meanwhile Jefferson Jennings have not been scored upon as of yet. Shots easier races right now a whopping seven. He gave up yesterday seven hits six runs all three of them on because of years. Couple walks five strikeouts. In one long ball yesterday. So I went not the best of starts for the Milwaukee broke the back got it so. We all know it's common you saw some cardinals fans in the in the crowd yesterday and I was a little bit disconcerting visual behind home plate last night there was more red and blue. Now I got the cubs fans coming at him. Did you buy tickets for this series that's my first question are you going to this year I'm going on Sunday. I'm going on Sunday there have tickets of the game on Sunday. Are you going. Are you are you one of those fans that say you know what I will not let them pass. We're gonna own Miller Park this year we're gonna be fans this year we're gonna make sure that it is a home field advantage. And we will not allow those cubs fans of fully infiltrate Miller Park. Or are you one of those fans and said are not going down there or that mass. I'm not going out early in the season I'll wait and see what happens and the cubs fans gobbled him up because you know it's going to be you know movie which we're told wrote at this point. I was 94 had a told road right across the border. Right there right when cubs fans come north we collect similar change in norms and it be what. Over the go over the course of the weekend. 3040000. Bucks just from cubs fans I think coming north. Should grab that bag being sick. Cubs tonight cubs on Friday comes on Saturday and cubs on Sunday who do you despise more as a fan base. Pretty despised mores of fan. Cubs fans are her cardinals saint. I'll give you my opinion when we come back but I I've drastically. In some of you don't have a differing had differing opinion. But I have a tragically different opinion of fan base is because I guess I just from being down there so walked in ivory drastically different experience. Overall within news. This Porsche program be brought to cut themselves when they believe in better. I'm telling you right now masters is on you stop out grab yourself a cousin subs get a bit there have been a cut in half put have a freezer and refrigerator. The other half just sit down at the coffee table to Jennifer on the TV today our average you're gonna be watching the masters paying attention the brewers tonight just sit down relax. Grab them tell Ron about extra Mayo refugees get yourself on that Italian breads that are injured she's Kurt you're gonna go just go ahead and do that. And take it easy take a load off. Go to cousins subs dot com or download the app. On your mobile device that is cousins of where they believe a better the official sub sandwich in the Michael sports talk network when I come back. I'll tell you what my drastically different opinions it is opinion is on the two fan base is gonna wanna know what yours it. Who do you despise more than cardinals and cubs fan base and are you going to the games this weekend. Yea or nay just UB for said the shootings in Jackson a cast of thousands state to more than a microphone next. Don't like those shows on the air man I tell you what I feel for people of north. I saw a friend of mine. Cathy she's a motorcycle rider lives a near tomahawk. I saw a picture on FaceBook of her backyard. We all the snow and how they got more coming. Holy macro. And then depression set in. For the use for those of you up north fans do little extra dusting maybe you'll lecture us snowmobile riding in this season. But I think I speak for everybody has bring on summer. Holy macro. 85583086. Torre thank god we have Miller Park that's for sure. While it was a thirty degrees out last night it was a comfy 67 inside Miller Park last night 6765. Somewhere in there. And the brewers and the falling they got blanked by the St. Louis Cardinals cardinals win two out of three in the series at Miller Park now here come the Chicago Cubs. Who despise more. But he despise more. Here are you go to the games are you gonna infiltrate Miller Park and kind of drive out some of those cubs fans. 8558308648. When loans like chip dot com toll free telephone I didn't mind coming appear most go to Jesse was he too was in Jackson Jessie walker the program go Michael show. They mourn and let's go. You know what I'm going to the games are you well I could sell my ticket and make any money but I've taken my kids aren't we take my daughters that I'm in my wife. Was too broad and at the Ole Pete the Gator to go but I hate the cubs fan and I'll tell you why. I you know I went to that two games this week and you know they're the brewers scored twenty Pakistan act person. Old. Cult band they can't they get drawn bigger creepy. I was sitting by some cardinal fan and they were respectful kind I mean they really understand the game. We give the good thing. But I'll tell you why and that I everytime I go to big gains for the content they can all my dad do I really want and don't like these these crazy people. Because they come litigating and they just keep talking trash they don't I think become just that irritated I don't think they really can't enjoy the game. Yes it's it's the allow older. What I consider to be allowed minority that gives the bad bad name to the I would assume the faithful majority but you know I I can now be a joy to go perversion phone call Jesse's son and. And you may have a nice weekend and go brewers. Absolutely thanks man bomb. It is it is I and I've said this before I there's there's two distinguishing differences. Between. The fan bases. In my opinion from what I've dealt would not remember. I don't back all the way to 2001. And we do in the post game show on Friday nights in Delaware every fan base it came to town. So a lot of experience out there and working in walking around and being a fan in such. But did this it was cardinals fans. Our while they are very very very knowledgeable I I think they're a really good faithful fan base. They believe is fair and race. Okay and then right to be they've had a lot of success they've had numerous championships. They know the game extremely well. They know where their team ranks each and every year going into the season that they're did there's a good solid fan based. And the people that I've had experiences with direct experiences. Now there have been a couple of cardinals fans that I thought you know what if you got hit by a bus on the way home it would matter to me. But beyond that the majority that I dealt with. Appreciate Miller Park the appreciate that the prices. They appreciate the surroundings the city they all find something creative to do. And they enjoy their team. Cubs fans going back to wade would would he said would Jessie said. There is like this hard core group of fans. That just wanna come in and take over to take over they really don't mean they wanna win they wanna fly the W. Play the majority that I've ever dealt with or just obnoxious. They just sucked the life out of a room. And each other cubs fans don't like some of their own cubs fans you know I mean it's just some are just obnoxious now twins fans. They just I'd raider fans are coming and beat you up I've seen more fights when the twins are in town that I scene from pretty much any other candidates. And I don't know why that is. But I've seen more fights more anger more screaming yelling. And such physical fights. With the twins that I have with anybody else cubs fans are obnoxious and you just kind of go you know OK whatever you know your urine your moral and get out. But twins fans you say okay whatever and then they wanna confronts you would be two up because you said whatever you know mean. I've seen more fights with that with them than anything so the cardinals fans. NL he had there and arrogant condescending fan base and it kind of volusia. The cubs are condescending and arrogant or have her identity you know they're just. They embrace the lovable lovable losers for so long and how they think the on the world. And they're gonna win seven or eight or nine championships in a row and and I didn't come to fruition and I've always said their. There're there're more affluent or money field fan base. They are in a noxious fan base. But you know I their faithful but by the tickets and they can't wait to get to Miller Park is another aren't doing door the crap that is Wrigley Field. Even though they call a hallowed ground they'd rather come here for a lot of these games because it's easier more or less parking. Hassles cheaper. Obviously. So when they make a weekend. And then there's the twins fan base who just come to town and wanna be dropping go home and they all figure hey if I didn't go to jail that's out of their way to. Maybe that's my that's just my take maybe that your take as well go to leaders division's shop 85583086. For a sport that teams ago. I you know why I'm probably dislike that team itself the cardinals more. Because the cardinals. Carrying the V condescension almost the arrogance of of their fan base and vice Versa. The cubs you know what I've never had a problem when he becomes a very had a chance to talk to were. You know whatever I mean I'm I'm friends with one of their broadcast went to their broadcasters actually. You know on number I'm never had a bad word to say about Joseph Maddon. You question some of those moves but as far as a person goes Joes are pretty good guy pretty easy going guy. You know we account for wrong at the super ball a couple years ago and are talking Anthony Rizzo irons are Tanya I've talked to numerous guys in the Aussie like pretty decent people it's it's it's it's easy don't like that that that group. The pin based makes you hate them. So anyway that's my take what George 855830864. Great policy to us in to appear Bob Walker the program that was going on. Neither bill earlier you talk football coaching staff of one fair or not I'm not ready jump off the bridge you have. However. One called restart so far as sixteen in the air and there's pitching staff its rule. Yep. I completely agree that there's there's there's no get around that I mean and you just has been good so far. I don't think I see week Miley is receiver Larkin could shuttle or another whatever. No I mean what your Kobe pours a Miley comes back and he stabilizes things in and eventually get Jimmy Nelson back in May be that you know. That Davey settles down on chasing Anderson pitches well in minutes that's all the things you're hoping for a right now I appreciate that phone call on me right now starters are warning to. And within the RIA up around seven. In six games meanwhile the relievers. Our three and oh on the season with a ER they continues to fall they're now down about one and a quarter from not mistaken. Only one quality start zero complete games as we talked about. The packer the brewers have converted to a three save opportunities. They have pretty much combined for almost the same amount of innings I think it's 29 innings for starters in 27 innings. Four. Or 27 and a third innings for the via the relievers. Polite the the starters have given up more hits more runs more earned runs. More walks. So I mean it's it's it has been great and the starters have given up now eight home runs on the season. The bullpen has only given up warned. Eight home runs in the season the bullpen has given up only one. Think about that. Meters starting pitcher in your you're gonna do not have the best to control it in your book Kabul along Bulger always gonna be sticking yourself behind. Always 85583086. For a dose that's by the way brought by our friends though they bring you the status of the today must go ahead and do that now. Some good stuff right there from our friends at royal they can implement as AP MB got a solutions to companies just like yours. That app royal go off on the web eight PP RO wired I'd come AP PR Ohio. Dot com back to a phone calls talk to Alan listening to was in Madison on the zone out there Allan how you doing man what's up. Well fine how are you don't want. You know I've lived in Wisconsin a long time I've been at Miller Park several times when it comes have been playing. And it's amazing to me I think. Oftentimes the cubs fans are surprised that there's not a better. Response from brewers send the game that that's what I mean I've never had any problems with cubs fans. At Miller Park I Wear my brewers stuff we get along fine. I also like to say you know look at the turn out that the cubs fans had in Chicago when they won the World Series they were I don't think the estimate of what freedom five million people was probably that was probably overstated yeah. Look at that if there were millions of people that were there and they didn't have any problems and you know again after a 108 years that says something about the fan base to. They didn't burn any thing every avenue Philadelphia the last couple of us celebrations Villanova wins and are burning cars and climbing poles and destroying our hotels and such same thing when the F Philadelphia Eagles won. The the Super Bowl. Cubs fans celebrate they think you're crazy I don't think that our number of them burning down much of anything may be one car or something like double that was about the sentiment. Who's very little when it came to damage. So my last question you this year you consider yourself of Wisconsin sports and I mean you're from Ohio on my list 21 WLW and Cincinnati when you're big Buckeyes and. But still I am still Buckeyes fan and I still know broadcasters with the reds I got friends who work in the vandals organization I've Mick Cronin did you see is a pretty good friend of mine and and so yeah I am still fan but you become a fan of people to I mean that the team UConn. Wait to hear your Packers fan now which is great would like to see right. Which is fine for you you broadcast them but talk about obnoxious fans what you replay for us sometime. Went after Josh kitten was traded to the bears. What you replay your analysis the week after when you just actually blew up on the air and talked about how stupid a move that was and how could the Packers let him. In terms of you know what really quality. Good fan base to think things through it if you're representing the Packers that's a great example of that launch replay that sometime. No meadow well I'll I'll dig it up OC I can't funds for it it was great broadcasting now OK okay. That's it. That's did Alan. Okay. The final. Turned amid great move by the Packers by the way and I said at the time joint qualified it by saying if this blows up in your face. It angered me but I said if it blows up in your face. I didn't say it was a definite. I do remember that to people connect Paris Norway and women women I said here's what you just did. You've got rid of your entire starting guard tandem. In that in New Year's time. You're getting rid of warrior quality starters or guys it's like by everybody in this net and all of sudden you heard about all the problems in the locker room and everything and yet every time we saw blame every time. Mike Clemens would come out to be sage sit down the field Aaron Rodgers going or give him a hug and sparrow suppose there was problems there I think the coaches have problems because Josh was very outspoken. But I like the players in the locker room. Even though we were led to believe that there was like more to the story sort of speak and I said hey this doesn't work this is one of those you know all time epic stupid moves. When you have in the franchise and Aaron Rodgers who you have to protect turn out to be good though. Kudos to them for rugs for making the change in not spending the money. 8558308648. Analog bucket to account for every talk like. We'll talk some bucks went about these party fight for most of looks post game show on 1057 FM the fan he's gonna join us up next in the white. It's definitely. I'm never really don't want to leave in the first place. This summer was on the telephone. One of the Altamont concert stage and put you know we've got to move on both news into the good place. Like life. Tough argue. How much money get over. He got offered OR eighteen mil a year yeah. For the next three years that's a very Q we kill we just saw Jabari knock it off come on man. And I got to feed my family. On heroin Boutros Krewell says that he turned on eleven million a year and a resilient abused them with. Kellogg to rest. Talk or would you missed essentially two seasons of banks have been playing want a generous. You and the way he did. Fellow. I'm over a few million years news's top she. Man I had to take my carbon but they were not your bird Parker wearing your bird Parker shoes we want more money so you like if you buy it and. I don't British. I just shake my head as he's Marty piper host of expose new show now joining us on the air Schneider orange outline in India and Sparky it's it's it's been so tough for Jabbar and it's been it's been to. Yeah I I look I did get that offer at least 54 that's what was reported by ESP. So who built an out later right or whatever. But HE by analogy about what they offer turn now that tells me that you probably want culture backed money and opposite making toward delegates so we can you justify taking a war. That yacht as quick to block makes you ill gotten so what more could have actually took what I'm not expected to board Parker. Take last. Part of the key to bar watching tape that I'll get paid that's whatever bush. I'll audit biscuits with two bodies CL I would have given absolutely it's 54 out of the box so it if they did indeed make that offer feature without. I just I can't I do not understand how the boss could possibly take the bridge art Parker back. If you turn out for eighteen of how higher they would go to keep report Parker that's not really is the question. He proven you since he's come back. I figure they'll score now. I mean he he could still score the basketball offer assured effectively it would be a calamity. I read about the southern processor he's better than you want to keep Italy but. But not a great partner. But also deleted score out jittery quality care of scoring out once or twice what fortunately. And that's that's kind of in the what he has park 56 rebounds a night. And that's two years now how much is that worked at Milwaukee Bucks without knowing its future how that's up to them aside. All of my assumption is at the end of the season when all this starts all the dust starts to settle -- gonna do another MRI and an aegis to make sure everything's good everything's intact in the and then you kind of make your decisions from there or at least Jabar he's gonna want one on the need to make sure that you know wherever he takes is where's that they know he's good. So. What do you mean. I eight OK yeah Jonas gave a pretty good deal of the Milwaukee Bucks in retrospect. If I'm Jabari in my looking for wanting in my just one and two more million a year might look at for three to five million more a year or. Mean I know you sit close to Max put I mean. It only takes one owner fought his head and say OK but I. I have to think at this point there's standard is not an owner out there willing to say we're gonna give you Max in guarantee it for so many years. I think it's crazy. All the Arab. Who Argentina if you're looking superstar power through it but I got to build around your looking for the secondary start with what you have already look. Phoenix Suns Devin Booker figured circuits were never go after them Booker for quite awhile. A packet possible. The Sacramento Kings are desperate surgeons are power they have not. So big and somebody had put on billboards and try to build a lot of BS but one guy. It Jabari wants to be in number one guy I don't Alfie doesn't and he he's. Another little freaked out in the media off off the away from the cameras wherever I'm not sure how battle works by. Or is it for the camera he's been out of the party itself. But it is Jamar don't want the war and he wants to do we score you want to be that guy then why not replace former cart. So I'm gonna switch gears a little bit because last time sitting at home and watch the brewers fail and I'm also on my phone was zoo says the box of clinch a playoffs. And I said today I opened the show are what are kind of went off it was almost as if by a part you know it it's just extending the inevitable. And I thought you know what I'd rather get the season done with I mean I know guys in the locker room door route to get it done with and start rebuilding for whatever it is they're going to do next year's C get this thing back on the tracks. So we as far as the bucks go to the post season it's great for experience but beyond that what do you think. I hope they damage yet it's Alonzo. I think Cleveland would be very tough for that let's walk people bug. A Boston is probably the best so as far as try to win this series because as you saw the landscape they're not helping at all. Carrier return play in the first period there are without Gordon Hayward. You you would not fire off for sure beat anybody. That is so matter of how of that the other offer to fire politic how good your peace a connection like they might have looked like they they were probably a fighter jet is Boston. I saw more problems competent to Brett it was a mutual what's yeah obviously. All but we'll tell perspective the books we have far more count on the roster for the Celtics what they don't cut it. Tonight we're going to be toggle and met you delve a dull and our solar your dream come and appear a little bit as well to break things down but how much how bad. Do they miss these role players indelible Dover and broaden right now. That it has brought in for sure leadership on the floor his ability controlled the offense. Undeclared war commission called out fox stopped and adaptable with. Don't look don't look. I would guess secret that he brings to a certain degree. I don't I don't you know if they're resting in as much like I think rocket that was the bigger of the two missing pieces right now is basketball team and no bargain to walk on the floor yesterday quote about what was about Milwaukee journal struggle of civil timetable for his return so. Even if you work comeback player out here ethics of this restriction so that's so little religious or what you can do. May you and I have not talked on the air since last week's Milwaukee basketball our. And I are our starter Steve Novak over the weekend and he kind of asked me about the show when I see you don't want. I thought the last two weeks we've done this it hasn't necessarily been loaded with his star power but it's been very deep when it comes to the psyche and mentality. A basketball coming off the heels of JC kids article. We talked a lot about being great in about how Ghana she takes it upon himself to. To go to stores start working out right away and maybe being in the gym a little bit too much other guys. They're playing video games for ten and fifteen hours and then go to the game it's all could be gained gets in the way of their gaming. You know is is would Jason Kidd right in saying. I you know and it's these guys it's the guys they don't have an income to be great biggest wanna collect a paycheck and play and think they're good enough to Dubai. Although I don't wanna be. Great necessarily those guys are happy you know. Just being in the NBA getting a paycheck or whatever that's why. I was not that any special players that's why the players are special our special because not only bit of talent. It of the Carter they have a that you can look back at fox history look at a delicate Thomas. Pollack of the special chipped out and have a drive to be special yet that have a lot order dessert special publishing market sort of popular stuff off the court that he was not a court. Yeah all the ability the world to be a great offensive player and a great defense to play with his life inside of a flawed system. He wasted it. And there's and what they've got a commitment in NBA history goes you know baseball football probably all of where they'll cut the talent it is never had to drive to be what they wanted to be that's what makes Ghana's most gosh you know is it has struck a lot of diplomats tell. We'll put a lot about these other guys like Josh Carter fortune from the lakers play fort reichert had knowledge of Ford gave what Larry gets due here a couple of other guys. Yeah you're. What they are leader they're they're going to be role players and it gave crowd Erica the other great players in the NBA. Under fire and that's that's our priority project secured it is going to be able to change that or any other coach they are who they are by. What you wanna do a lot of fire those like he could tap into that what did you buy it torture salad. The war effort that goes less so technical people get a couple but your chief executive. We're talking with Gary wolf we yesterday he said the box really don't need to search for when it comes to a head coaches at ground try to track down the top candidates because they're phone's probably ringing off the hook. How he coaches do you think that this team interviews talks to works for you with behind the scenes before they finally land on their guy. Knowing and knowing the ownership structure the way news. I understand the box at all we don't have a list while admittedly not have a lest I believe the owners and our basketball team have at least a couple of guys they are you know they want. Search for bush in its search firms while I was happier you are starting. Hundreds of thousands of dollars goes to the obvious choice start that are acceptable also you whatsoever spot. If I were the box. Probably interview 81012 people some more reliable wide. Now that that you like an awful lot. So we'll see what the Bucs do they wanted to target failure of your you know five or six. Probably more law on normal type an aerial freedom you guys are being able to got. What's the old probably you know 12. Guys. Or girls and the Iraqi cabinet's senatorial. People that they they would want and they're gonna go after hard and again artists I tend the people that go to New York ties. See who makes sense without Mark Jackson Jeff Van Gundy. Some of the guys that they they have ties to also court as as well as legal pot to bring them back into the stretch as a target art I think it's going to be a splashy hire our eyes still. I know a political race or during the sykora father's side that Japan got it seems that also instantly. As far as what they do this. What about the Doc Rivers stuff I look I appreciate effect Doc Rivers likes it here wife's from here they got a lot of roots here. Boy when he got the young talent that was opposed to the upstart talent is generally meld well together on LA. It was a veteran team that ended up winning the championship in Boston. I don't know what to know I'm not a big fan of the Doc Rivers thing I don't just date I'll walk. But I ever was what about me necessarily but they cut all reports. The adapt New York Knicks were also there Nicholas Doc Rivers so. Could become the box courses and exits forcing its sources got us. It's media markets and everything obstacles along with that would have that position make that point if you wanted to come here the what I think what doctors. It is an amount it got to where you want championship you you can't. It was in my opinion can't question credibility with Cochran was walked on to war. First for a strike to Milwaukee Bucks he'd been in the top piece had KG he's had a lot of these have a great example here's C don't stars. Don't will be guilty double personality. You'd better double that and but don't want say that you learned that older kids saying is the psychology aspect of head coaches players and debate and the either passed yours distracting and political jacks or does he was was that he got that it was. One of the best idea of psychology. A deal players built yourself with a chart wanted to pass a bureau of the psychology of players since Mubarak's exit. So is it dark thought you'll. That aspect of that that hit it really doesn't matter from the standpoint of personalities and warnings too loosely if you can make all that work. All the better look at creek out for the upper. That you've done an excellent job building chemistry getting guys to buy you report the right direction did it blaster appears. You don't really get this year and that's just not as you do that walks. Always just market we'll talk to you soon on the road okay. Urgent update Yossi Spartan fight for osu looks postgame show 1057 FM that they are flecks of stationed. Out of Milwaukee in the breaking it all down on the shutter or challenge shatter Harry drivers right now you work are they treat you fair eighty plus years. Maybe getting it done call 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs died count as Porsche program. Brought to you by bug light the official beer sponsor. And the Michaels sports talk network. He ended don't forget also the official response or summer as we get you going on the Wisconsin state fair park in Budweiser pavilion. May thirtieth ways that I may thirty says thirtieth it all kicks off for real rebel race on the stage can't wait. And it's all brought to bud Bud Light more than a Michael show next. Lot of Mac. Time now for your masters about Dayton. Did in the leaderboard here in just a matter what are my age speaking of things coming up tonight we're gonna be a merriment socialists the Milwaukee basketball our. Gonna be there this evening and I'll let you know little bit later on the program tomorrow. From 46 I'm gonna be at a cousin subs. Forgot about that and a meter cousins so tomorrow I'll take when and where. Coming up your short but don't forget merriment social tonight Milwaukee that's all our six to seven on many of these same stations but we hope to see down there tonight is a face. In the crowd are like the masters is under way it was great to see Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player. Get out in officially open the masters. Just a brisk 45 degrees this morning. And it's warmed up throughout the day the weather will be a little bit iffy is the weekend continues. But light Schmidt right now. Blue light Schmidt and mark placement he is atop the leaderboard. He is the guy that weighs only through four by the way. But two under par everybody else are right now around even one over one underwrite in that area. Vijay Singh one of the more notable names Sergio Garcia the defending champion. All at one under you've got them all fumble right now at even doctorate even meciar might even Tiger Woods. Started off early got a boat Arab are birdie early and then bogeyed. Four I believe and then ended up bad even so he's right there aren't rich stents in Bubba Watson. So you've got to tell you leaderboard pretty stacked with more than a few names a lot of guys hear me NT dark yet Jason Day. At one over. Are right now. Three over and then you go all the way down. Two to Harry Ellis who was it five over par. And that is the total leaderboard as a lot of guys have not teed off so. Let's start about tiger here for a second soul his opening tee shot goals wade laughed. And then he's able to scramble. It's a beautiful punch shot gets to the front of the green. And then he he hits seventy footer and gets it in with flights we saves par at the first. The second all missed opportunity here it's a beautiful tee shot there. And then puts it in the bunker he gets it out to putts for par. I'll bet par five is that'd that's a big birdie hole so he misses there third hole hits a bomb on the short par 43. With the driver and then he's able to sink a putt from from about. Ten feeder so for birdie but then he has trouble. At the par three which plays out 204 yards that's a long par three puts in the bunker and then he's got about twenty feet left for party misses there's some tiger right now. Even I think you just on the bunker at the fourth hole. Fairway bunker there are so there's been some good things residents and whatever but even par right now is not bad I'll be curious to see. What scoring will be like throughout the afternoon to some of these guys it's you'll say 6667. For the rounds. On that would be good score especially if weather is going to be an issue this week and agree Gary D'Amato geneticist. So they don't that is your masters update won't be updated all throughout today. As to how the masters are going you've got to brewers in. Cubs coming up that I will continue or more that discussion. How many how many wins can the brewers get a four game series coming up this weekend weekend's series coming up against the cubs. In the brewers' maybe maybe. Get back when he tracked when three out of four. Starting pitching I think I think that the Achilles heel there was gonna hold their breath on now. Well then no problem offense no problem. Starting pitching and well we get this season on a jumping off via a jumping off the ship okay Brawley a weekend. Just bringing people thought anyways aversion to get against the cubs as we don't we'll discuss when we come back more on the Michael Sharpe us.