HR1 – Why do you think the Brewers lost last night?

Bill Michaels Sports
Tuesday, June 12th
Hour 1. We’ll get Tim Allen’s thoughts on the Game 1 loss. Plus, IndyCar Drive Charlie Kimball stops by.

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From the league's front to the riverfront. This is where Wisconsin sports fans come to talk. The bill Michael's show named best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your host bill might cool news. We're pretty much Arnold Jeanne today saying well that Sox. Now I look in the Michael show on air radio Joseph across the way. Then what Boise being looked dead air is a playoff type of atmosphere it was poor cubs fans. As are the brewers last night giving up five runs in the eleventh the cubs played. About as bad as they can play to give that game away. And then you've got a 30 counts Torres so. And the long ball and it just it all spiraled out of control they got to judge hater. There's certain players RE RL and Garcia is just embarrassing at the plate right now. And the gloves come off because it's been now. On two full seasons of brewers baseball Furl endorse either of which he's given you a couple of months of decent offense in the rest of the time it's been in this. And it's just it's issues. They just are in the brewers had the cubs are just in the brewers had the cubs fans are. Joseph Maddon is the cubs swagger is their job that you watched them. It is very difficult to watch a team tighten up when it's baseball. Because each individual player has to do it. Okay putting certain aspects. You could feel it last night. OK when you start when you watch the NBA okay. And you watch guys during the miss shots and they're doing things they don't normally do you got its okay that team's starting to choke the ball was okay in football. Starting to panic running around kind of quarterbacks chicken with a head cut off and guys making mistakes hold being in. You know not running right routes not catching the ball ball tipped into the air turning it over things like that you can look at and say. Choking the ball away. Last night the brewers show one away. Cubs are good team I'm not taking much away because with the cubs in everything he could lose a game base running was pork. They just they had themselves a couple mishaps in the field and they just didn't look good and the brewers and take advantage of it. And it just did he died bad after that and then you're talking about a team that. Ties it up in the eighth and then the brewers couldn't but he the other side of the coin as much you wanna talk about the brewers joke and away. Brewers tied up at the plate as well all of that to run production that we sold over the weekend 24 runs two games here we go get them out of it. And then you're even facing the aces of the staff of the Chicago Cubs. During a facing the aces. And and they got tight and I know look. I know players say to hear it because idea tighten up as a baseball team used did you could feel like collectively last night. Just not a good night for the Milwaukee Brewers and. You know I do I think they're gonna get swept so I hope not bud. They're not gonna when the series. There's not one series it's just. Too much flailing going on right now too much guessing too much pressure. Last night hagel. You know Trevor Shaw is still struggling sitting at 246 over two again last night. VR one for three to 76 but the key error. In that ballgame late. You know and for those that say for whatever reason they just one run BR atomic question is why. I don't know why you hang on or Glenn Dorsey is globally with the death grip that you do but. Over four last night flailing at the end just swing at a ball way you lower away outside the strike zone. And just looking pour doing it they whopping 202. Is what he's hitting right now. And it Buena there's there's just some there's some sink holes here. Lorenzo Cain giving it his all to report him last night running into the wall try to flight down that fly ball hurting the hip and shoulder and everything else along more than. Yellen struggle last night he was one for five but still how can you say he struggles when sitting through seven lead team. Ryan brawl and another hit last night 1 for 4 last evening also took a walk did strike out wants. But. He continues to our after coming off that weekend in which he was 36 for twelve he continues to be high. Earn on perera as picking it up a little bit where he's really kind of dug himself out of an early season hole two for four again yesterday. But the rest is just it was it was more flailing and anything. And it's just it's it it was disappointing was watching that team tighten up last night. How did you see I guess the best way reporters for as much as I can sit here and put different spins on things. How did you see that 85583086488. By 58308648. On loans by Kim dotcom whole free talk line junior Gharib by the way deserved a better fate. Deserved a better fate and I'll tell you this. I'm not so sure anymore about pulling pitchers. With 67 the eighty pitches. You know in less it seriously situational baseball which Iran is on the pawn. So history. I'm you know some of these guys are Dylan and now granted you talked about turning it over to the best pen and baseball but the best kind of baseball. There's also one of the most worked pens in all of baseball. When you look at the numeric so when it comes to innings pitched their two to have three games ahead of of people. 8558308648. Would love to hear from you give us a shout last night not a good. You don't let's talk about their per second. You know I can go back and forth on this whole debate on what this whole thing about porn junior gear after six and whether or not he should've gone into the seven. Well we've seen it you're a just in general over the last like you take the weekend you had guys go private third minute 80607080. Pitches. You're talking about a bullpen right now. That has 200 going in the last night 241. And two thirds innings pitched right the next closest team. Was 232. That's the Chicago Cubs so you're still talking about a four game ahead of the cubs. And the team with the best ER one of the second best urinal baseball bullpen wise is Arizona who's thrown 213. In two thirds innings pitched. While. That's going to be one of the things are going to have to pay attention to because of word two and a half months into the season and is bull and be able to us sustain the same success they've had all season long and I and I think that is a concern. The thing is though. If I'm gonna put any blame on last night's game it's on the offense for not getting more runs because I believe bill. Had the Burris put morons let's say there was a three run cushion. I think Craig Counsell trots junior Karabakh dollars in seven think it makes more sense but hearing are your your nurse seen a one run lead. And now you have to play the odds here do you put Josh shooter in that situation who's going up against Kyle swore over a lefty. And do you try to say haters been almost perfect this season. The cubs have only faced cater once. Let's play the odds here and put Josh hater in there and try to get the six outs that we need. Or do you put junior gear out there who has been pitching well but. Has been thrown a little bit and do you try to goal that way and and take your chances with a rock one run lead. You could go either way on this debate I and I understand both sides that I. Think about it last night I don't think it was the end of the world that they hold junior Garrick to put in Josh hate rats are not mad I'm not agree when I talk problem Logan were talking about Josh. Hater I completely agree with that my my point being is is that it's it's a pattern in which guy starters aren't guard Steve who still have gas in the tank. Are being cold and therefore you are racking up innings on your bullpen I I was a scenario and it's got lights double parent right now and that's what you've been living opera. But eventually it's going to come back and take its. Well. If junior error it Jonathan BR actually hangs out of the baseball gets Ben Zobrist out at second when I'm talking about this today the brewers win their baseball game. And this is a game. And again for those that don't know this I've been keeping track of a list. Of games the brewers should have won and games the brewers should have lost and I have a certain set of criteria as to how. That falls into. So last night's game fit my criteria as to. This was a game the brewers should've won and they ended up losing. And luckily if you look at the brewers throughout the season so far they have won more games that they should of lost which is seven. Compared to games that they should've won and end up losing which is at three. That is my little tracker and it'll get to this during the all star break we'll go through some of these games. On that have gone either way. What last that was unacceptable that dapper offense you see all these other teams scoring runs off of polls taken time out why can this brewers team not. Do that's exactly my point why can't he do it because they're in their head. There in their head it doesn't make any sense to grip of a bad tighter they're worried about the cubs fans it's loud at Miller Park every play every pitch is cheers and boos in. You know I mean you got your own guys being booze it comes to play in during their head. During their hat all brawn was getting booed Rondo and I don't know what else we can use delight stay united not as roundly as brawn no of course. Bronze the only gets booed abroad hey let's. What does this match and ran brawn here. Overnight last night defensively he he was fantastic that was awesome. He was fantastic Robbie contreras. The other diving play to play some. Chorus of brown last night. Nick says can we now touch on the brewers leaving guys stranded on second base no outs they could even moving over. Whatever all the sent bonds that they ran a few years back small walker won that game without going the extra innings last night. Are we have talked about a time and again and they don't know how to bark. The brewers I mean there is no is not a small ball with the Milwaukee Brewers they don't out of this so we can end the discussion. Fundamental baseball and that sense is not a part of their. Modus operandi OK just it's not what they deal. If we argue about it yelled you don't yell and scream that why don't you doing knows but it's now they do they just they can't which is embarrassing. But they can't always go to Eric was he too was in Brookfield Eric welcome the program the Michael shows on comment. They built that in great shell. I watched the whole game I thought of the great game I forgot the inning that brought the fifth or sixth inning. Somebody that went deep to right we caught it and then he he went to they're taken up. And we missed yes sister at second base and that the gentleman Africa it was placed second last night we are. He couldn't take them and you just hit them point. Became an extra ultimate lefty came up and that debt does smash to right field and scored that run eat and you could from that point on. You can almost just yet in their faces like all all here we go again and has a one call mansion. They'll lead off double with no outs and you can't get him over that one would have been Kiet and that would have been a two run. Cushion at that point and again it's just does the small little things against the cubs and it seemed like dirt right because when you're tight those things really magnify themselves. Don't know I can blew a great conclude your Bridget phone call. And we talked about that the borrowers tightened up. They tightened up this portion programming Broadway cut themselves where they believe in better. Annika is out there wanna make you a VIP and summer fast only have to do. Is go to cousin subs dot com slash big gig giveaway. And you could be treated like a VIP catch when the concerts at summer that's an American family insurance at the theater a couple of tickets parking pass gift cards all compliments of cousins subs. The officials sub sailors who know Michael sports talk network. We are talking brewers baseball did the brewers just simply tighten up last night. Stay tuned Tim Allen was the baseball post game show he's gonna add to that very question caught a national Michael show. Everywhere he Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Well Josh. You know just walked a guy and give a single. Holliday tagged up and not let go in my had a player on the on the tag of atoms in the replay but. They get out there and and no embedded database. There was nothing. Much to that. Nomad just. You know you obviously. No the first pitch changeup homer. I mean to set it's a hard time kind of put guys away really. It has been a passenger in the eleventh sure. Not almost requires a decipher machine regarding Matt Albers because Matt Albers dudes look beyond just didn't look good. You exhibit you want. But. I mean you just say lit up. That might do that might be the best way to put it. So home. Not a great night. Not a great night for the Milwaukee Brewers. And quite frankly it's it's now I you know Albers going two thirds of inning giving up three hits five runs all of them earn a walk. I'm along ball along the way they'd that you and he took the loss user 32 on the season bridges. That was bat as does bad is bad gets you know you can either not hit the strike zone or throw meat balls down the middle. I mean they're just didn't seem to be an in between. Hater I during the coming inning giving up a very rare run. Struck out a couple but walked a couple. Corey today in court can able comes in a granite PI heaving a Barack. But it. He has his control is nowhere near. What he needs to be right now. He came in did through what six straight balls before filing to anyone over the plate. Jeremy Jeffers comes in solid. You know birds Albers and Logan just. Oh well it is what it is loading comes in at that delegates that last out. But by then it was all it was all pretty much done. By 85583086. Foray joining us now to shatter warns colony guided dealt with the aftermath of last evening. Tim Allen hosted a baseball post game show and Tim I can only imagine what last night wise as you were taking phone calls from angry brewers fans. It's that's quite nauseating and being you know on the air till 1 o'clock good two hours on the air. We kind of hash things out it was very therapeutic in a way. I'm not gonna go so far as as to use the word choke yeah. Not yet. It's eight of nine due to tight now. Are they in there had I I think we can all agree there are yeah you can't you can't you can't be making these mistakes. Mid and late game. Game like that and that includes the manager the managers learning on the fly. The manager needs to do something a little different and the freight train on the tracks and a smooth assailant. That'd be rail it's summer now. Whatever it is I don't know the answer that I really don't and I'm not saying borrows the towering gunfight with these guys is now announcement. A lineup saying. A change of strategy a little bit I've heard you guys talking about leadoff double there. In the seventh inning you and who won once you change your strategy just don't want your gut. And for one. For once in your life go on your gut set aside the numbers a little bit see if that works because it's clear that what you're doing isn't. Problem. With Josh hater I would do that I would make that move again in a second. In a second. You go to hater you. You got the lead. 98 times out of a hundred that's gonna work in these guys are occasionally gonna give up runs what what that warning sign was which workers at bat against cater. He was getting around on him these and that that's what that's what flared me though this might be the one here where where they get dominance funny how the stars. And the based law cosmic Tomlin is just Thailand due to having given up around since early may. Get all these games in the met all these road trips and big wins in games and hater do in this thing and it dialed the landing zone dials it right in on Miller Park. Game one of a cup. Of series. And it just the stars did not lineup for just given up that run at in itself. So I AA in the way I look at it on win. When you. Have a team that is in your head in baseball when I describe this you know football. You can see guys began interest try to overplayed do too much when it's basketball guys start missing shots. When it's baseball. 88 it's it's it's gripping too tied to the played its you can just see it throughout a ball game you know what I mean. And the year well yeah our largest job. I just. It you can feel that this team is. Is just and that I. I don't know what else to say Tim I until they beat Dem I said this was going to be the series it was gonna feel like a playoff series inning and they need to punch him in the face. They clearly gut punch last night because the cubs did everything they could lose that ball game. And the brewers still David tool they made errors at key times yards air obviously it was costly Garcia couldn't right now he's just a bit of bad at the plate to say the very least. It was just everything that could went wrong for the brewers went wrongly that ball game when they really need to Muster the internal for Ford the intestinal fortitude to be able to win aboard. Yeah and that happens mid to late games in the end review we have been tracked and that. Since the start of the season for the brewers Bruce gonna do 67 days and ninth innings and they did OK in the top fourteen. Of the top fourteen batting averages. In the seventh eighth and ninth innings. This year thus far in the in the National League members of the real bombs so they are doing a little bit better with regards to. You know score runs late. But it just that you get that he'll land where things do tighten up a little bit and that's thinking about things and just the roll it off the tracker Cragg just thrown off the tractor ride I don't believe for a second there are no cracked counsel's gonna cover his guys. Jonathan VR it's funny how eyesight tends to go with managers when there's a critical question at a critical call. Dude you're watch in the game the arsenic on that baseball and it should have been a double play yeah it was as simple as that. It's okay to admit that yanked Travis shop for a blatant. Issue the other day it's okay and it's it's all right but it's little things like that brought setter Reitman you're gonna have to start doing these little things. I really thought speaking of brawn. He makes that. Home run robbing catch and then comes of the buried actually what you want I I really thought it was right and wrong from. Could joining eleven. I I would note above probably will little scratch that he was gonna gain change right there and had a three run bomb tape that it just felt that way to me also. On the other side but. You know when you when he continue to do the same things we have to say results eight at some point and I'm not I'm not saying win that point them. At some point you will have to change something cracked and he knows that I know he knows that he's an intelligent dude. If you continue to get the same results and continue to just laid back concede chill out relax it's baseball. I just I can't buy that I don't I won't buy at. I'm not gonna accept that and then that's just my that's just my thoughts on that he's gonna have to change something. At some point I don't know when that point yet. I don't know that's tonight. Maybe it's a lineup saying. You know maybe it's about the pitcher in the eight spot maybe get get VR down there on the nine cents. Hacking is it in 276 cent thought it was interesting yesterday pregame. I'd Joseph was down there as well. You know this one may ask about BR he said not one word about his off. Not one single word about his offense it was about the improvement on defense. And I don't know what the deal is with let those guys and beyond which you got a 276 batting average I don't see how it's not an every day. The IA. The we were talking Monday on the opposite side of the spectrum what about Garcia. I mean I I doubted because of injury right now you're kind of against the wall late how do you still send that sink hole out there. It's it's something that's so funny thing he's a far better hitter and while he's showing and it's amazing their base walking home Liu and such a way that. You're just you're not owning the at bat you're just. You're let the pitcher on the at bat as funny how when you're going well you drive the baseball it's it's going hard somewhere. And when you're struggling. You're like Tom and I need to get a piece of this thing and maybe get a hit a player base debt. He'll get back there there's a guided it to 77 last year he can't give up on that they wanna get him right there and and quite frankly they need them. They do because what did you think bill when you looked at that line companies sell off but VR. Craps. Garcia and pitcher's spot. Single. If I mean Aurora look BR I mean BR it like you said to Sunni six average he hasn't been terrible on these big where it was at 231 last year and looking bad and striking out do it just a pace of nauseam. He's picked it up you know his ars is off is defense is in. Perfect we know that OK but offensively. If you're getting if you're getting the same numbers out of Garcia you are not complaining about what's up the middle. No matter no not at all and I think he'd just recovered to a degree and then maybe the timing is going to be good here in them in the mid summer here. That he does start pulling out of this thing at the right time and and go to the status of the other thing to take a look at I don't care lefty lefty or not. How you got names activated and you have eleven inning game and found no chance for him to get you know maybe a man and a dog. I didn't I didn't understand that either. Always good jelly I'm sure tonight's gimme just is interceding and we'll chat again down the road OK no problem right about dark resume their ego that is a Jim Ellison baseball post game show. Joining us in the shatter orange hotline and Schneider right now hiring drivers if you're looking for. Our career if you're gonna change teams call Schneider a 144 prior go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs dot com this portion of programming brought to our friends at Bud Light. Over Dick coming up tomorrow night the toys are on the stage over the Budweiser pavilion at the Wisconsin state fair park. I and it all kicks off tomorrow evening free admission only cautious six bucks a parked car head on around enjoys music on FaceBook to be about 81 degrees. And Sony tomorrow as well also. I should be a great night beautiful night for music on the Sharjah cared about was absolutely it was cut to speaker Parker it's all brought to buy Bud Light the official beer sponsor. Although Michaels sports stock now where when we come back and talk a little race seeing. Charlie Kimball he's the IndyCar driver for Carla motor sports he's gonna be joining us coming up also after that gonna give back and talk it's more brewers baseball. Ugly and on the ball in our last down last night we'll talk more about that coming up without a McKelvey after the top of the hour as well say to immortal Mike Michaud next. Wisconsin love. So Phil Michael's sports talk and work. No the girls who feel they are going to Wear. Whom you. I don't shows up we're glad to have hopefully have a terrific day we certainly appreciate you hanging out what those as always. Take your mind off the brewers and cubs for just little they can talk about some racy racing is coming back to road America in Elkhart will begin looking forward to it in about a week in a couple of days is a matter of fact. They're gonna start roaring through that beautiful road course therein to talk more about the IndyCar driver joining us here. On the Schneider orange top line Charlie Campbell is in the house Charlie I don't today. I'm doing well extraordinary step off my pleasure so did tell you why road America is special nobody has a reason as to why the road courses are so cool would this one's got a lot of the legislation's in such a telling one about road America feel like. I think it's the fact that it has never backed. It has the elevation it has fast corners like turn want. Carousel McCain got heavy braking and in certain slower corners like turn five in Canada corner it it's got at all and it's been a part of a racing country I mean I reiterate that I went to U racetrack I went to you with a bar there and formed a board that 2000. And what this June sprints will be back in 2002 there so it's it's one of the great racetrack and in the US. So when you start to have because right now sitting about midway sitting as far as the standings go in the seasons under way just getting under way. But that being said win when you're racing at road America. I mean it in reality how many opportunities are there to really get somebody soon as it. But passing opportunities abound because the racetracks so law. But the IndyCar Series of great interest here it is so competitive. That that makes it really challenging there's such a parity within this series in and for us. In at number 23 Novo Nordisk car. Earlier quick and Eugene this year I have the driver and you've caller in team. And I Carlin racing circuit first foray into the IndyCar Series in. I think we've we've shown huge recruitment. Lead to coerced myself and and Gallagher. As spot thirteen named Alex Chilton in the number 59 are both qualified in the top twenty feet 500 but over the last. Five weeks we've had quite a few top tens. Qualified twelfth and finished tenth last Saturday night and in Texas so hopefully we can keep that momentum going and gets her Erica for the court grant. I'd I got to ask you because that's seem to be what everybody was talking about was coming out of Detroit was the fifth consecutive driving the pace car and and smashing them in the wall and that our race number two you ended up coming in eighth place starting out 21. And that what what is it like because you guys go from an Indy. Big super speedway to some of the smaller tracks to the Texas Grand Prix and you've got the streets of Detroit. On. It's challenging I think that's why things that makes it curry and created there are so many different. Types of racetracks that type of races that you that we can at at Indianapolis grand pretty as semi permanent road course. QB Indy 500 or reject the week of practice two days of qualifying. Platform while on a Q&A half mile racetrack. We go to double header on the street circuit and that violent half so which is like great fighter jet into the Japan India and that we can look to road America. For just over four miles it and it's a chance encouraged to stretch their ranks and it's such a substrate or other support series. There's a lot going on with our be campaigning at this golf than. The fact that it sixteen and under get in free with a paying adult makes it such a great. Family weekend. Armed with your top with three top ten finishes his so far this season I believe is that's what you have three top tens. What does it's gonna get your over the top as he's just been as something where Regis not enough on an off day hours left and a day or what's been what's event. Well I think the challenge for a new team is we're competing against teams like Penske get that seat majority that 253050. Years of experience. And we're at a new IndyCar team and while I. Children happy experience under my belt then. And access the couple two and a half years under his belt. There's there are things that the team just doesn't know they don't know and we're learning those were cleaning up little mistakes here or there aren't. Twitter IndyCar race. You have to be perfect and sometimes get a little lot. When you're competing with those power houses so we're getting there were making huge progress I'm really proud. The operation. The mechanics. And make a huge effort it took it to run pretty flawlessly October November last year they didn't have a single goal of the IndyCar. And come away with the first half of the season. Three top tens with those cars in the top twelve at Texas last week and the second. The double headers in Detroit. I mean that sure is real meaningful progress. In this series. You know I know guys are close and our body obviously week to week to week you're gonna see a lot of these guys truth. When sitting back you're sitting at seventy for an a when you're sitting back and you're watching some of the other abilities on the skills who admire and it's on either on the search and our guys that you watch in the past. Well growing up I always watched guys like Dario frank ED Alec and our eat faster. But and then getting it to be a teammate Dario was pretty cool it. Now I think Scott Dixon and underrated feature is. He is so understate it. As a driver he he wanted 43 career victory Saturday night in Texas that. And his ability to to get speed out of the car aisle to get fuel mileage is something that. I learned a lot I was eighteen Munich actually. I think he will continued to write. New records. Again like will power who were our students of the sport and so much. There was a time where. Is result font on the ovals works. At that at the same level of his broad street circuit racing. The ball in. He learned a lot and became more with the 500 win this year that was totally your. And has that been Chevy power as well. Being able to sort of see what he was capable of doing around Indianapolis or street where he is always. How difficult is for your crew presume you mean for a driver obviously when you talk and a road courses specifically there's a lot of Wear and tear on you but. How difficult is it for the for a course has so many unusually Asians as road America does. Are how different is set up is it for your team so to speak as opposed to say like you said in IndyCar when he comes to. You know Indianapolis Motor Speedway or when your flying fighter jets in the gym that type of thing. The Icrc completely different race card at the same chassis. Ian very similar body work but the senate is totally different. And we will continue to develop that learns that round. Our race the Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama and April Indianapolis Grand Prix in pain. We'll take it didn't development and learn and I work with our technical partners to do some simulation work. Polish on it and trying to be better at road America the other challenge it where America's most such a long lap. You'll it is a real issue because if you beat the colts determined to blame. Four miles it's not like you're gonna live around that make at all he you're gonna that's fuel and an ruin your day so. Getting all of those things right are a really important coming after America. What is it about IndyCar no we are caught him this last week from where some of the other series we've seen there are. And their numbers are ratings their viewership their numbers as far as ticket sales go seriously decline what is it about IndyCar where not necessarily windy cars rocketing up board. But they've either stayed the same where they've actually had to take an increase in other areas. I don't think it's it's all under the leadership. You know Mark Blount came and Jake tries to create jobs. On the competition side developed and good news and your body work for this year is something that the drivers audit that you can't kick iffy at this Herbert were the car former. The news TV package moving forward detected in BC and Kerry. All of the races the action here there there's an uptick on network TE pursuit cable. Over the top programming is more available. I think he comes down to the fact that the be on track product as you couldn't stay consistent and stay solid. And the more people watch. They keep watch. And so when can't canal to the racetrack or watch on TV. I think the road America race the beach however on NBC sports network. And when they see it it's all about what that and they keep coming. Charlie bass a lot to deal we're out looking for to see up at road America here about a week and a few days show up best elect and we will talk to that OPEC. Absolutely and if people want tickets still available even for camping at road America dot com. They don't always promoting Charlie percent but we'll talk to soon. Thank you thanks so much and your Charlie Kimball IndyCar driver for came the motor sport shipped in SE. And they'll look at port on a road America lot of guys just love. Or road America has to offer in so many different ways whether it's. Like he said talking about the actual views in such or the driver. Musicality actually having more to do with driving that it is just going around the oval and hoping that your set ups goods so. Interesting we can always when road America opens itself up. To the Indy cars that are gonna come roaring through there and like to set a weakened a couple of days good stuff he join us on the Schneider warning shot like Schneider hiring drivers right now you work hard. And they treat you fair eighty plus years that beginning you don't call 844 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com. Eric Fain says something to say we'll hear from them coming up next in the know Michael show. You're listening to go there. Bill might school's sports talk network. The programme though my coach Joseph on the air we are glad to have hopefully you're having a fantastic day. Appreciate you hanging out what this has always. It's very fame torn the progression are your from Craig Counsell in the brewers. Rays manager. Tough not a bought our last night for the growers I think mirror our. Most fans. And even some of the you know Levy broadcast. Broadcasters I guess around in the area believe that the brewers just. The big cubs are there had. For lack of better term on animal house to put it are you wanna say Cho comedian bill Schroeder last night during the broadcast said this is disastrous. You know the way the inning was going he was speaking more beginning by you got the sense in general that this is disasters this is just. This is a team that they just simply can't get over right now which is so baffling because they didn't have a bad season against them last year wasn't until. The chips were down they really need to call the big series win the DNN opinion really drilled last year lean September by the cubs in the cubs basically delivered a knockout blow. And since then the cubs have owned them. Last night Craig Counsell says. You know oil will want what kind of we'll have a chance is did the crew have last night. Yeah I mean look it was you know the double place the first couple innings. But it was you know we we didn't have much coney yesterday on tonight offensively it was it was quiet generally on the home runs out to put some runs on the board but. You know there was some spikes you know announced they don't double I thought it was a it was a really good spot and ringgit. And then we get enough and after that. So you know it was it was pretty equal those quiet but also as it for an excellent eleven. On that he goes on to talk about how the brewers just you know kind of gave game way. Well Josh. You know just walked a guy and give a single. You know that they tagged up and not let go in my had a player on the on the tag up items in the replay on it but them. They get out there and then no guided database. There was nothing. Much to that. You know Matt just. You know you obviously. You know the first pitch changeup homer. And they just said it's hard time kind of put guys away Ireland it has been a passenger in the eleventh sure. Also he goes on to talk about hey were you. There that is Hayward is really started to heat up for the cubs and he came in and had did that big hit off later. Now I mean I think and yeah I mean he did it's. You know I think I was worried about Bryant's you know I think is just because of Josh has band against left handers I think you know your. You'd think a non you know it's a tough since Bryant's could be a really tough at bat there. You know second inning. And no I didn't see the pitch but whatever the pitch was yeah left handers have had not done much since Josh has been in the big leagues and so I'd certainly give they were a lot of credit there. And in addition that he talked about his decision to take junior guerra out of the ballgame. He was leading off the seventh I mean he was I'm sorry is they know the bottom of the sixth. And you know so that's you know in combination with Evan Josh fresh and available for a couple innings. I I thought we added you know put Domingo up there with you know the top borrower coming up is is it you know chance to put together an inning. An and you know Josh has been pretty darn good man so it's. You know I mean he obviously was pitching very well and capable of you know continuing. You know on and it's not just get it to announce and you're done but dumb wits with Josh really. Teed up and ready to go tonight. As a rental. All right in addition of that he also talks about Gary himself on the job the at all. Well don't don't worry about the decisions he's patient he's pitching really well I mean he's he's. That outstanding. Give us a chance to win and then more on that every time is in the volleys is such an outstanding. He has been pitching really really well didn't deserve the loss last night. And to take a lossless. So. Tough one for the Milwaukee Brewers in I guess my biggest question becomes sale or is right now about do you believe the brewers won. Or sitting there with the cubs in their head and and now you've seen the bridge and I'm not saying everything's dark okay. But the cubs have now. Climb the mountain and they take over first place in the National League central do you believe it is now a scramble from here retirement amicably bruised common in the BR count. Coming up here in the next hour also Mike Haynes pro football hall of Famer. The cornerback he is gonna be joining us coming up here a little bit later on that about an hour and ten minutes away. Where to go to the enemy side zags they may in the pre in the post game post you also here and call ugly it's a fifth inning in the cubs' broadcast on the cubs' radio network. Reagan Zacks take on this in what the dead the club side in this is because if you were listening to Chicago radio last night and today like I was. They look at the brewers is merely a a one to be big league team and that's it. Is that the perception. And is that where brewers fans including his brewers team are headed. We'll get an active discussion coming up a little later as well Saito. Got a lot more about Michael show coming up right after this. Border to border film film Michael's voice talking network.