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Monday, August 20th
Hour 1. Tim Allen, Host of the Baseball Post Game Show on The FAN in Milwaukee, is in for Bill today. We will do some sports news and notes to get the show going.

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From the league's front for the want this is where Wisconsin sports fans content. Michael's show named best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. Then how we look at Wisconsin it is not bill Michael's here today on the bill Michael's show on the bill Michael's sports soccer network my name is Tim Allen filling in for bill today. Bill's got an outing today. That what I hear Joes and Zola it's those rumors are correct executive producer extraordinaire. And engineer. Joe's and Zola. And nick don't call me David bode behind the last night so we've got to Monday edition of the bill Michael showed today. Bill is doing a golf outing golf outing them assuming yes for the Fisher such gotcha all right so. He has recovered a little bit. Almost fully but still there's little. A little bit going on from the the lightning strike last week side I don't want to belabor the point here on that. But I do wanna say this that. Over the weekend I started duel looking around on social media and just got to check it out TV star often. Ellison reports out there about what had happened and everything and it just hit me over the weekend about how. Rican lucky we are how physical life can be you know that this is crazy. And mean it didn't hit me last week. As hard as it did over the weekend once I started delving into it. That's pretty crazy. I mean bill is a lucky dude and everyone involved with that her in that area that broadcast area there. You know Clarence everyone's pretty lucky man that's it's like you it's like situations like daddy's wanna go home and hug your family now. And so. Good thing that. Bill has a little horseshoe in him. And NEC's. Recovering just fine so we're gonna keep the seat warm today. As a lot going on in the world of sports year. Now world coming up a little bit later on over the weekend those that aren't aware of it throughout state of Wisconsin. Now last thirteen seasons. My full time job is to do brewers post game on the on the flagship for the bill Michael's network. In Milwaukee 1057 FM the fan. For years it was AM 1250 ciller's. There are Milwaukee but. Over the weekend a lot of tanks toward manager Craig Counsell we we have to get to that. Because the of them bullpen management and decision making and this brought into question. Certainly in the last 3456. Days that fair to say I think that's fares some of you people have gone too far with this manager. Joseph drops you people you people. I'll. So we have to get to that we also have to. I talked to my Clemens. Training camp continues said today that what 1215 I think resumes. And Mike McCarthy's going to speak we're hoping to get that on by by the end of the show Saturday to. And we will. Chat with though from fox sports Wisconsin cranky shot he will join us stocks of brewers baseball and press and doing a nice job filling in for B day. And I do miss our broadcasters however as a brewer fan first not a broadcaster. Did you miss our guys missed Bob you care don't Jew. And nothing against Ivan levering is is awesome dude. And lane griddle as is common on he really is but I do miss Bob duke or I do miss Ryan Anderson. It's so lucky the depth department in the brewers broadcast areas is pretty solid really is between Matt will pay him. Greg is Sean and accelerant so. We'll talk with Greg is John coming up in about an ourselves. And as so stick around for that now and I always start out Gil Michael show with news notes of the sports world over the weekend just grab a nice note cup of coffee Europe. A beverage and kick back and then enjoy if you. Things that you may have missed over the week I literally have a couple of copyright here's some ready go okay the Sabena S. Brewer's situation as we speak right now heading into this week six game homestand. And it will fire up with three games against the reds tonight at Miller Park. Need to take two out of 33 and a half back. 36 games left. Three and a half back 36 games left. Twelve games over 500. And there's a hot streak in them. I don't know when. I don't know for how long. I do know with a 36 game win no. There's a hot streak in baseball team and that goes for the 2018 brewers as well. Cubs. Over the weekend the team the brewers are chasing down again. This three and a half back. They they score a grand total for runs and four game set against Pittsburgh Pirates. And split that series. They they are the lucky as steam in the live ball air you know that the Chicago Cubs you talk about lucky they're lucky. It's this constant luck with the team. They scored exactly one run in four consecutive games all on solo home runs. That's a far I think I read that first time that that has occurred. So three and a half behind the cubs the cardinals nip the brewers just for a second there on Saturday night. And jumped over the brewers now the cubs are the cardinals a half game behind the brewers said that four games back so. There's your brewers situation make just finish up at three and five road trip losing two or three in Atlanta. Splitting a two game set in Chicago. Losing two of three against St. Louis Cardinals. You could say things get might get easier here just for a little bit. So they've got to come through here it's Homer Bailey tonight yeah one in ten. I don't understand and again I've ever at the risk of jinx in things. There's no chance that he should be in anybody's rotation. One in ten with what's his ERA close to seven something stupid. It's horrible. Author of two no hitters so a 633. ERA 633. And and one in ten mark is that right totally one. Ten mark in sixteen starts this season for its while. On the brewers have no excuses tonight you should be teeing off on Homer Bailey. What is wrong with the brewers offense will remain trying to figure that out a little bit later on during the showed today also Ryan Bryant's Jersey number eight. Could be retired. For the brewers organization. We'll get into that. Because statistical information now says that you probably have to take a look at it. There's another situation was brawny as we all know that. Have to take a look at that as well this coming Friday night it's a Friday night game right raiders. Yes sir okay our last pre season game number three for the pack and it was is now down to twenty days before the a championship season starts for the Packers. Three weeks from yesterday. I did notice a lot of quarterbacks playing football in the pre season this year. I think it's much more so this year than in years past and look at Tom Brady played all laughed. In week one you had guys like. Patch of my homes and Mario. And Kirk cousins and rock below it right tanning hill all these guys week one were playing football let alone week to. And you guys all dissected the of Packers. The second game. The win over the Steelers so we won't get too much in in of that game per statement. Does Aaron Rodgers play in game three. I say yes he should. Lot of chemistry that's got to be built up with some. It editions as well as young players but they're going to be running on thirteen. This there's a baseball diamond right in the middle of the field rough terrain rough terrain but still chemistry eyes still would get amend their for a a couple of series. I mean that's what I would do. We do play football here. And it's interesting because the been reading a lot about this. Aaron Rodgers is too valuable to the Packers. To risk that injury. I think it's relative to the team has and a couldn't you say the same thing and again I'm not saying. Air Rogers or Jimmy gravel oh is as good as Iran that seldom say the same relative to his own team isn't he as valuable. I paid them a lot of money at bottom that's what I'm saying but yet he plays football I'm just just thrown it out there I think there's some chemistry issues. As as noted by Aaron Rodgers. With a fist for. Well and Timmy that's why way it last year we had the same conversation. I disagreed with you. Because I was very scared about Rogers trying to protect the investment. But this year web. Many more unknowns. With many more guys city testifying chemistry with I think him and Jimmy girl will be fine with some of these younger receivers. I think it is important that he finds something to a couple of these guys in these pre season games are great because. The first month of the season three of your first four games are at home. And it's important you get off to a really hot start you cannot come out of the gates playing like crap you cannot go 212 in the first. I don't see that but again you're right though and and I agree that chemistry he he confirmed. That there are some issues pres come from Aaron Rodgers so. What a better way than to get in there and get some game action but anyway that's maybe for another conversation. Up over the weekend I don't know if you notice us and again I'm not gonna celebrate injuries. For another team but. Yu Darvish for the Chicago Cubs had a little issue over the weekend in a rehab start he did pitch an inning. And then threw six pitches of warming up for a second inning of work was. Mean noticeably. Hurt so something with the arm shoulder elbow and some was going on. Lasted just one inning and that rehab starts triceps and elbow issues. He was seen wincing warming up for a second inning of work so. On that a little bit of bonus for the brewers gaffe he had this. Brewers have had their fair share and way more. That a fair share of injuries this year so like I'm gonna cry a river that other teams have challenges for sure. NASCAR over the EO weekend those of Bristol race Kurt Busch wins Kyle bush sin in a whole lot of trouble with Truex junior you be tapped him. Iran and that's Bristol well. And a fifteen car pileup in there cowboys yeah not. These controlled all day long out there all night long on social media life become and have a really good weekend NASCAR my fantasy NASCAR league so I was gonna ask you I take a peek once in a while the league that we had shared for. Quite a few years there are two of the year off. Tests to the year. And then goggle back at a next year with. Your hanging in there more OK you're all right. You gotta start making a push here the site I believe three races left until the final ten yeah. NASCAR by the way. Kasey Kahne announce his retirement also. Why are these guys go on so young. We ought to you ought to get someone on from the UK to the bottom of this NASCAR thing. Is Carl Edwards junior and obviously Gordon's been gone on for awhile right wonder about that sport. I don't know Kasey Kahne was Leah yeah IC's gonna go I think part time and that's how it all began all of its always Kansas Kansas 20 pensive as well they're named big names are dropped and that's sport. In other commissioner wasn't just got to rested for DUI. So there's some issues their allotted a lot of cars can't find sponsorships. All right news and notes continue here on the bill Michael's showed salmon for build a day fantasy watch. Other Washington Redskins after their rookie running back oh what is out for the year. It was last it was nice. They're taken a look at orally in stark what just keep in the back your mind to draft succumb now. Orleans dark while Jamaal Charles. And now Adrian Peterson. It's a little look see by the Washington Redskins. Nick Perry activated off pup list will get more details with though Mike Clemens a little bit later on during the show that's good news. As she's gonna get I doubt he'll play this week. Is that we're hearing. I don't view if you're here and now we'll get it to the bottom of that with climates don't pinkie he would play this way. Into the final week Patel Woolsey we'll get more continue there's some things that you it didn't catch over the weekend. Including. Those poor New York Yankees. Ala I'll explain that coming up next year on the bill Michael's show this. You broke Roger are good friends and cousins doesn't offer it on Sunday August 46 of its aborted cancer foundation hosting the inaugural start children's fallen punt pass kick competition present my cousins subs in by playing at the events in Milwaukee Madison fox valley. Kids are gonna be helping raise funds for the pediatric cancer here in researching to register now it's open to boys and girls. Six to thirteen years old the top performers in fund raisers in each age category. They're gonna have the opportunity. To win an autograph items. Cousins of gift cards and other great prizes register today at the Marty foundation dot org slash punt pass kit that's important foundation dot org slash punt pass kit. Order to a reporter Phil Phil Michael's voice talking work. Yeah. Yeah. Welcome back Wisconsin has the bill Michael's show Tim Allen in for bill today. Thanks for listening. Until Monday. It's a great time on sports. They think about it brewers in the heat of a serious about it right. Although there's some brewers fans MAV debate. Factors. Heading into. If game number three. Fox on the horizon it's good time kids or go back to school. At. Three headaches headed back to school loans and a. We'll continue with our news and notes and again we'll get to the Yankees in just a second here. Players weekend as this weekend in Major League Baseball has started this last year last year the year before. Where the players put their nicknames. On the jerseys like that it's fun school. I don't know if it's in an effort to sell them but I I doubt it but that's now a cool. That'll read this week on the 24 25 and 26. All right now some not so good news for the badgers football program. Wide receiver Quincy finesse. A Joseph you've got the statement put out. By C office and it's it seems to be a messy situation. And that's just he took a leave of absence I think to anticipate staying ahead of some potential charges that may be headed in his direction I think is the right move I think you stay proactive witness she get out in front of it. And you go from there but he put up that statement. Yet he says late yesterday afternoon my lawyers and for me. The Dane County district attorney's office intends on issuing unspecified charges against me for an incident that occurred in April of this year. And been wrongfully accused of unlawful conduct an innocent of any allegations associated with this consensual relationship. Coincide only as the football season approaches the three plus month investigation is now leading into unwarranted charges. I am now forced to take a leave of absence from the team in order to focus all my attention and clear my name. But football family has been supportive to me and I have too much respect for coach Chris. His staff and my teammates become a distraction. And what I know will be an outstanding year for the badgers. See that's goes on a sea air realize that I don't have the relationships and political poll that others may have here at the university. Or with the Dane County district attorney's office but I am going to fight. Clear my name of these allegations. As an academic all Big Ten selection and an honorable mention all Big Ten receiver. A look forward to resuming both my academic and athletic careers in the near future finally. Not the fine by these allegations or this episode and great hope and my future and know that my lord and savior uses all situations for his good. Quinn says secrets. Too bad yeah Aaliyah as. Mr. Bedford. Just impersonal ways of the badgers program will do whatever is don't we don't know what's happening but I like the fact that. There is some thing that he wants to stay ahead of and and we'll see what happens not a lot of details out on this of course. But will keep you posted on your bill Owen. You'd Joseph keep everybody posted on what's happening right there are speaking of our college sports. Our colleges now wanna cut the pie in sports wagering. I agree. The pros want it you know legalized. Sports wagering on these teams. And they should get a content apply. Their product right and one's making money on their product that split the pie up come on and there's enough money thrown around gambling. However. If the sports wagering facility. Can show that's. That they have lost money. In a month. And think they get their cut. It shouldn't be a cut on the handle it's be cut on the profit. Think about that no one's brought that up yet. It is wanna go to apply. You bet ten bucks looks to be all of the. Although the wooden split up the pie with sports wagering it appears to me and in everything I've read by. That's about 180%. The facility will not make on any weight to about 20%. If you tack on all that incidental and all the cost and pay outs in the holding. 20% however what if what if the O wagering establishment. Can show you that we got our tails what this month. Okay and they don't get a piece of the pie that you'd you'd didn't even make you don't bake the pie you don't get that so maybe that's common. Which is so you know. Integrity fees are involved here. For educational purposes don't be swayed by and swindlers that they're gonna have its shape points at 20 game etc. I understand it I've fully for. A mall for. But if you don't make money on a given month and I don't even know of that has happened. You don't make money there's enough money to go around. Ford Japanese basketball players. Word kicked off their Asian games team this was in Indonesia. Indonesia. They spent the night in the hotel with women. The four players hooked up with the women after eating and drinking in an entertainment district. They were kicked off the team and had to pay for their flights home. What's. Like one held a night so. WNBA regular season is over the playoff start for those of follow this Phoenix against Dallas Seattle Atlanta. I'll Washington Connecticut head. LA Minnesota they're all him for those of follow at high school football's when he eighteen season kicked off over the weekend. Goal whoever your root for. Whoever that might be. Worth mentioning. Category. Super slam was a super summer slam last night. You get into this is wrestling stuff no. My man cactus Jack. Gone down don't you think he was involved. A half from Brooklyn rains universal champion now resolved is foreign to me. I don't know why I don't know all about not same yet. Ron arazi apparently won so there's there's I don't she is. Golf. Brent Snedeker wins at Wyndham. Senate 59. Yeah I know a little bit more about golf Russell and now months ago. A Little League classic the second year there doing this for the Little League World Series mats over the Phillies Bowman field which holds only 2500. Seats. Us all of the Phillies class a minor league affiliate and that's pretty cool 2500. For the Little League World Series yet. A by the way the pirates and cubs are scheduled to play next year's Little League classic. Okay here's some Yankee news neither the brewers are in a tough spot here right let's take a look at the Yankees and I know. That is the evil empire. The New York Yankees here in 28 team. Our 32 games over 500. 320. Think about the brewers are twelve we'd like who twelve games they were eighteen over southern Denton. Regressing a little bit but twelve Gonzales a pretty good baseball team. Yankees 32078. And 46. You know what that's good for. They're nine and a half games out in the east. 32. Games. Over 500. Nine point five back. Commonly gets it. It's evil empire there. You know why right because the Red Sox are 88 and 37. 51. Games over five and that's just unreal man and his unreal. Potty you manage that. I don't know but I do feel a little bad for the Yankees who will say that. 32 games over 500 there almost doubled back I never feel bad for the Yankees ever. I'm surprised you would even say that tonight do you know I just did though. Ever since the brewers went to the American League the nationally from the American League. I don't mind the next. You got to deal with exactly every thirty year you have to deal it's just such heritage elect that part of it. Always been around and then now they got a lot of money to. Deal with and work with that. 32. Over 500 almost ten games first and those that hate the Yankees are saying god. Good for them. They decide Kaiser is a Green Bay Packers quarterback or is he. We need to talk about that out next year it's Tim Allen. Radio jealousy here it's a Monday it is in the bill Michael's show. Six clues stations strong the bill might school's sports talk now. Reports of the programming brought Meyer president knew well medical center Kevin fever it is real it's finally getting warm you wanna get outside you wanna move around because maybe the indoor sports are good that's okay. They can help you out in 98% success rate of treating guys with ED. Or you're gonna head out you look for more mental energy better move mental clarity they can help you out low T treatments they do that as well yeah help me out myself that's right plus teacher whether it's here. You don't wanna look like you're smuggling half barrel on your shirt come on. 4144554451. Yo weight loss program yes it works just column for what four. 4554451. That's our friends over the new male medical center. Welcome back it is the bill Michael's show Monday edition Tim Allen in for bill today just. Walk and our way through Monday in the world of sports. Among other things. Is a fight on a golf course in Massachusetts. That you're not gonna believe what happened. Was also a a championship competition in the Milwaukee area. In the world the sports I think. We'll talk about that coming up as well. Game three pre season Packers. And raiders go latter it's Friday night. And over the weekend I had a an opportunity do once or reading. And been what I've been listening to run on bills show here among other things. The shot Kaiser Brett Hundley. Is that a quarterback competition. Is it really truly a quarterback competition. No knock. Od on the other guy but I don't believe it's a competition whatsoever. Is it. Does Brett Hundley actually have a chance to be the backup quarterback for this football team. I seriously doubt it. This is me. You traded for discharge Kaiser right. Did I get this right that you traded to marries Randall for Dashon Kaiser. So that being said. Either to marry is Randall you wanted him out of town in a big time hurry you didn't care what she got back. Or disarm Kaiser. Is your backup quarterback. Which one it. You're gonna trust Brett Conley again. Let's say Aaron Rodgers could stand up just for a couple of games this time we really need to win in two games as though the example up their two games he's down for two. And you really need to win unit trust Brett Conley. No matter how we look. If you could say all they want it looked pretty good in pre season. So did Tim Boyle. I don't know if it's a showcase to. Move Brett hunley. That possible. Who wants Bratton raise your hand if you want Brett Hundley. As a backup quarterback this year. 85583086. Foray. I don't know where the cut where the competition is coming from. It's a better question for Mike Clemens but. Where's the competition we've. Billionaire and Don that you're gonna tell me the bread on Lee's game stepped up so much in the span of seven months. To the point where now you would trust him behind Aaron Rodgers. Not a chance. No way. He's had three years. Mommy mommy doubled sued Joseph you might know how many years has he been a packer on. Believe this is his fourth CNN's Susan okay he said three years. With McCarthy year. And you saw what he did last year. There were some. Variables and involved. In that book for the most part you do not like the way Brett Connolly played right. Anyone like the way played last year all told collectively. Known now. That was not enough to back up Aaron Rodgers and save the city's so huge traded away a decent DB. In an area Saran. I think that might be an understatement decent. I think he's person this is just me I think he's. Potentially a really good DB in the NFL. That being said. You get in I love I love the move if you if you if they felt they had doubt in the secondary I love the move because. Kaiser correct me if I'm wrong is number one draft. Pick right. Is a first rounder. No he was he was it Keyser was later was he later I think you as a second or third round OK second round. OK I didn't Notre Dame you assert that. Decent quarterback the very least at the very least better than Hundley. Or is it. Maybe are confused here. Well keep in mind here and maybe this would give you a little clarity on there to Marius Randall mantle situation when they made that trade. Missiles ball for the draft Lou and this we were at a point as packer fans we're looking at the secondary insane. Geez. They've got no one and now you just traded to various ran. That's the core position was depleted. And really only had was the Marius Randall and then you tradable way. That's what I'm saying it if you're just gonna move him out either you wanted him out in our hurried. You didn't care maybe there are somewhat there was that off the field issue with him. Unique events the one game. I told to go to locker room whether it was a bear game yeah Clinton. So there were some issues there maybe there was an attitude thing. But you moved him out a a talented dude. For Kaiser. And I'd do it again no knock on hunley man I'd I really respect a guy that plays in the NFL I really do. There's some talent there saw. Relative to his peers. Know. So. Relative to you when I first sir it he'd kick our ass. But relative to Kaiser how can you get. How can you move a corner like that for Kaiser if you didn't believe it was a slam dunk that he was better than home. Is there a quarterback. Competition for the backup position. Lot of people think Perez. I don't. And then it's already done. A they get a hold three quarterbacks. I think they won't. I I I think they have to this year so he's the third stringer then Hundley would be the third stringer. Hunley should be the third stringer. Kaiser should be the second straight guys are still has a little bit more upside because he's he's younger than Brett Conley. And based on Brett Conley in this old development crap. Mean he was good in the pre season was that last year two years ago when he got actual timing wasn't hurt and he looked good and it didn't translate. Now he looks good here in the first couple games sodas Kaiser also disguised looks that bad no in fact they kind of look the same and their play in the same there. Are there making Smart decisions. And they're doing a good job getting out of the pocket when there's trouble they're making good throws down the field. But I think. I agree review you traded for Kaiser. Kaiser should be the guy he should be the back of terror. Would someone want. Brett Conley and trade. They might. But the situation Leo Buffalo Bills aren't. There's a team that I would call today. I would be on the phone with them today. AJ McCarron busted collarbone over the weekend. They're next to guys Josh Allen the rookie. And Nate then pea shooter then. Yet here remember how his NFL debut went all Elaine I've got like five for six or five packs. That was the yeah I think something like that. So there's a team I would call immediately they want Brett Hundley got some NFL experience. Played what how many games last year seven may games. Whenever was. You do put together a highlight package Israel and audition video. And send it to the bills here's what you get. Which you don't get all the times that he was looking at his holes. And play as an action eight Brett looks that way. Go live look down field okay buddy. I was looking at the ground we look at the ground for. Anyway we'll take a break here if you wanna join the conversation 8558308648. As I don't believe there's a backup quarterback competition here now for the Packers when he eighteen team. But you might have a little different opinion. We've been round and round and I'm gone matter with a couple of people last year on this Brett Hundley thing. And dot the mistake wasn't. Putting Hundley in the after the mistake was not drafting a viable. Or picking up a viable backup quarterback just in case Aaron Rodgers went down more than bill Michael soon Max. This sort of program brought you bud Bud Light wanna remind you that our motorcycle ride coming up to benefit the Fisher house Wisconsin is Sunday September 2 for all the information they get pre registered please go to bill Michael sports dot com and click on the events page that's bill Michael sports dot com and click on the events page it's brought you by bug light peak forty university the Veterans Affairs Department and the Wisconsin borrowers deal download the Wisconsin tap chaser wrap. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. No hope Radisson hotel and conference center green and gold training tempo up to each rescinded by Robert pack diamonds in Green Bay eight years Mike Clemens. The Packers are headed Oakland to face the raiders on Friday night on defense. Two rookies stood out against the Steelers. One is quarterback Josh Jackson who had a pick six the other inside linebacker Orrin Burks. Who's got speed size and ability to move from sideline to sideline on the bench during the game you'll see Burks go right to the iPad to watch video to figure out what the opponent's offense is up to. I feel like we've you're complacent with the way and that's that's going back and so they have and so you always sort of fix the little things that could go will be there to put some of them are simply go about it. When you suffered technocrats and that's essential investments that didn't towards ID integrated player. Veteran outside linebacker nick Perry has been taken out the PP list when did you find out. The Soviet. Right. It Perry is still guarded about details regarding the offseason surgery he had on his ankle and says he still has always to go. It is still a day by day situation we know so long week this week. For me to ski enough dentists just didn't into the progresses and give it give my footing back every day's news that they can be due to continue to get better and continue to work Democrat. What do you like to play Friday night against the raiders although the plea for a that's not my quote though. Their few prisoners as Brady do Terry's right the Oakland coliseum is set for baseball the Oakland a's during infield runs between the forty yard lines at midfield soda in my view no no reason why they might say hey you know. Just made it easier way to the next week so after months of rehab I asked Gary what was it like when they told them he's cleared to play. It's a beautiful. By my bed series its exquisite. From training camp being Green Day I'm Mike Clemens on the bill Michaels should. Had nobody does it better might clemens' right there we're gonna have him on the show a little bit later on this afternoon let's get back to you guys get a couple minutes here. Let's go to TJ you're next in the bill Michael showed. Kaiser hunley is they're really quarterback battle for the back up. I sure hope. And I'd rather have ties are back there 100%. Then. Brett on the we saw bringing out samples I'd last year. The guy's not good it three years is now like yours or purity came in any way better for nine games it's just they're your belief. Two years to learn the system and they had dumbed down so much area east who have no idea what used to work out there is terrible. I don't want a little third quarterback because I think the temptation to put him in. The Mike McCarthy is going to be wages are. And I don't know why everybody hate on Tim Boyle just because you don't have. The name recognition or why that dispute doesn't look at Italy he looks just as good as well. You know the other to reject good mechanics and everything or understand why everybody ate some astute. TJ they are third quarter thanks for the call thanks for the input list it's Scott in here Scott you're next on the bill Michael's you know. Yeah I'd I don't know I think many packer fans have been as disappointed. And media whipped retired feud back up quarterbacks that you would be shipped I think it's kind of obvious. You know they should kinda move on. Mr. on the united day. I tired but. I assume they'll want more high that the government if you missed open at sea on. Well. It's just it's just not there at the moment maybe he'll do better he gets straight into the picture some I think there may be either scope of potential there but. Like I said I'd call I'd call the bills meant thanks for the call Scott I'd I'd call the bills here's here's why the back of quarterback. When when a team. How it is poised. To win a championship which I think the Packers are. And I think there's other teams that are also. If you don't have a viable backup. Then your Super Bowl chances go from. Very good to gone. If you have a viable backup they go from very good to ask if things go right. And we can still win one here. You want that or do you want gone. And last year they were gone so it was Rogers went down it as it turned out we all knew I don't want have a show that just hammers on brought home. Again. But this is big boy football here. I'd be surprised. Honestly this final thought on this I'd be surprised if he's on this football team by the time they kick off in twenty days. I'd be surprised. By let's switch gears here. Craig is John from fox sports Wisconsin. Called the cardinal series over the weekend jets and brewers baseball and after that is their trouble in river city. According to some brewers fans for the 2018 championship season here. We'll talk more after the break Wisconsin you're listening to the bill Michael's show. Wisconsin wow. Bill Michaels Stores called me.