HR2 – 7 games left for Packers…How many can they win?

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Tuesday, November 14th

Hour 2. Plus, we’ll do another installment of the Mike McCarthy Decipher Machine!


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From the league runs the river runs this season we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall but bill monkey show. While Joseph umbilical shop. On the area that is all we. He's we are so glad that you are part of the program thanks for take a listen to us we certainly appreciate it 8558308648855. 830864. Raid that some loans boy kept Tom. Told free chalk line if you want China and feel free to do so and as owns. Always a good day when now we get to your interaction as well a lot of different things to talk about are caught up here in just a few we are effort and we should be talking to you met her. Go back years and years Billy white shoes Johnson the gridiron great. He. He he was a debate he just had such an incredible career in obviously because he wore white shoots. He got notoriety EN he was a guy that really one of the first real good end zone dancers. He was a guy that's you know play the Houston Oilers he had. Kind of the chicken dance leg thing going on in he's listed as is far as the NFL's top ten celebrations all time he was one the original old. So robbers. So our challenge him coming up here a little bit if you remember Billy white shoes Johnson. Around. He's going to be joining us coming up here will be played for the yeah. It was pretty Oilers he played for the a Montreal Alex. Came back and played for Lan man in the Washington Redskins are these where he finally ended his career he's a pro bowler. On numerous times. Now part of the 75 day anniversary. RN FL all all anniversary team and then in the seventies all decade team the eighties all decade team. So he's using our punt and kick returner big time to use. It's a serious motors so our talk with him in an appearance will be held to quote ever weird. Scheduled to have him on in our just try to effort him right now so he's now run around some are arguing that big dance at. Who are older and that's a little bit too via. Touchdown dance some more also coming out we're gonna hear from Mike McCarthy here just a little bit. The question I wanna get into where you in this throughout the hour but they're the seven games left for the Packers. Went through this last night's seven games left for the Packers. And I want your opinion on this realistically speaking. How many do they went. How do they went there are seven games left for the Green Bay I can't believe that we're sitting here with only seven games remain. But there are seven games left for the Green Bay Packers. Okay. Oh by the way this week is throwback week. For the Packers issued a no go check out there what say it's all back to the acme Packers. But when you look at the Green Bay Packers schedule. I went through this last night in any game that I gave him as a wash. That was at home market may be chalked up as a win because they have four. Out of the next seven at home or on the on the road for the next seven on the road. So tell me what they went. They're Baltimore community on this week. Baltimore are playing really well but Baltimore's come just hanging around right now on an AFC north. But not playing great football. They go on the road and take on the Steelers. That is a Sunday night game. They come back home to take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who are really the this again was suppose we know a year for the Buccaneers and they're not playing. Then they go on the road December 10. And they take on the Cleveland Browns. Then they go on the road again. December 17. Scheduled to be noon kickoff. Taking on the Carolina Panthers. They come back home take on the Minnesota Vikings. At Lambeau Field in the end their season New Year's Eve. At Detroit. So when I went through this last night and did the man who is this teams it's your apartment four and when did the math. I think they have a shot at getting a win this week. Takes him to six and four. I don't think they win in Pittsburgh. Six in fine. Beat the Buccaneers. Seven and five. Beat the browns. Eight and far. Losing Carolina. 86. May need then to get either Minnesota or Detroit. To have what I would be considering a legitimate shot at getting in the post season VO while cart. Would nine wins one of those two they either had to beat the vikings. At Lambeau Field. Or going to the hostile environment. At Detroit. One of the two. But if it pans out that way. You'll be talking about a nine win season. And in your hope. Your hope is. That after nine wins. You're in your view most optimistic. Thank you Santa Claus would be is if Aaron Rodgers was able to come back and play NL wildcard week. Which generally is gonna happen okay I'm on that is has so far outside the realm I'm not even really making an consideration but. That is something that many of you were holding onto. And I don't want to necessarily be the big bucket of cold water that says an and app. So tell me. Is that realistic yes or no. Or do you think. They lose to Baltimore lose to Pittsburgh beat the Buccaneers beat the browns and don't wanna game after that. So they and the season seven and on which very likely gonna happen and I don't know. 85583086488558308648. I'm loans by Kim dotcom told free dark mark. 8558308648. The Green Bay Packers of the ravens at the Steelers the Buccaneers at the browns at the Panthers the vikings and at the lions remain. Can they rip off. For more wins out of the next seven games. Can they beat Baltimore gonna be Tampa Bay can they beat the browns and in split within the vikings lines. KM from here are they have a game above or two games above even if you wanted to really optimistic in crazy about it. Above 500 to get to that point and get themselves in the post. 8558308648855830. 8648. On the loans by kept our council free dark. Because right now. They are sitting at five and four they are battling Detroit Detroit already has the tiebreaker. They are batting battling Dallas. Both of those teams sitting at five and for the team above them right now. Carolina Panthers sitting at 73. Two games two wins above the Green Bay Packers Seahawks right now six in three. Seahawks right now at six in three. Sue those two teams Carolina. In with UN falcons for that matter who were also pardoned four. All of that other wildcard spot. 8558308648855830. 864 in the lone bright kept our council retarded and Euro really wanna look at this web. Your your division race issues. Philadelphia and east Minnesota in the north. New Orleans in the south. In Los Angeles in the west. You've got Carolina and Seattle are mentioned. Then the way it stands. Above the Packers. Atlanta Detroit and Dallas although the Packers. Packers then come in at the bottom is the bottom dweller because the loss within the conference and has some of those teams had had. Sitting tenth right now. Followed by then Washington Arizona Tampa Bay Chicago New York entered in Cisco. Do you think. The Packers gig yet. For more wins. And then I can take that question a step further once we kind of get in that 855 B 30864. It. It's got the lacrosse was in the Seth Seth and abdicate you write nobody was comment. You bill don't make. Packers definitely going to be for he's opinion I think they did. Oh or five more wins and I think. By the time we hit. Minnesota and Detroit they're at in the view and I think by that time on the seven time the national off balance. If things go on to him. And I think we can definitely be at least one of the two Minnesota or to try it in the C unit or whatever shut the playoffs. Do you think just getting a nine wins is gonna be enough though. That's the thing I would look at. He conferences and divisions the other day and it's competitive I mean wild cards definitely going to be up this is your guy com New Orleans in the falcons fans. You got. Egos I mean it is going to be definitely. You know wildcard spot this year it just depends now. All of these schemes his debut in incidents. Yeah I either so much mediocrity there's not normally in the past we've seen teams it. You know 45 teams will really win and then everybody else is really on the downside there's not much in the middle of this year there's a tone in the middle. Yeah that's a big thing is you got you know and then we target talking about those losses in the conference against head to head you know certainty yet to be that they have the tiebreaker was Seattle. But they got to get to Seattle level before the media consider that good it's just. There's so many teams in the middle they're gonna have to LeapFrog if you team's effort and hope for some help along the way I. I don't I don't think there are shuttling Univision anymore but you know stranger things have happened and don't forget to mean Minnesota's got a very tough road ago from here on out there have always uses schedules. It yeah. I presume that he drops up to get onboard 855830864. And if you look at in the grand scheme of things the schedule for the Minnesota Vikings are one of those yesterday. What do they have by LA coming in Minnesota big test is with decent defense and offense has gotten better big test this week again for the Minnesota defense. Then they have Detroit. Because that's Thanksgiving so they play Saturday early place and they then they played turnaround play again in next Thursday. And they take on Detroit and have that kind of that many by their 1010 days because their three straight three straight road games they'd go to Detroit. They go to Atlanta. And and they go to Carolina. You don't know what Atlanta team's gonna show similar with Carolina. And then they get Cincinnati and Cincinnati's a roll over lame duck they're gonna bigger take it and then they've got to go to green that. Now the two easier games and their schedule live Cincinnati coming to Minnesota in Chicago at the end of the season. Coming to Minnesota so you could almost say those two games you win everything else. I think he's up for grabs. 85583086488. By five B 30864. He gets along wicket to accountable free chocolate. Do you think the Packers have will be favored in any of those games or have four wins in the Marv I guess the thousands all whole state to more than what a show next. Border to border. Film Michael's sports talk network. The guys. A good bit of filing and again again it's been three weeks. They're long weeks and but is it not to begin his backhand is just beginning and we gonna come come together tomorrow watch film make the corrections and maternity benefits of the ball. Towards Nevada house. Packers' secondary. Corner. Freeagent bring him. Good to finally get away get the monkey off their back with a quarterback that is not name Rogers. How much innate feeling continue now always say. Now wait and see. 8558308648855830864. In the long way to go council free talk want. Feet 55830. Feet six story. This portion of the program his bride to buyer great forensic Qwikster vine sitting here today with my you know point four ounce Packers Tumblr in the studio. Philip a quick trip on the way in the event that some gas after the show let. Nice to end. I specified spend about as much time as quick a quick trip as I do about anywhere else as matter of fact and in their fantastic. There protest it by 58308648855830. 864 in the loans we kept our council free talk time recommend that you met in the quick trip you know why because of Packers got a winning evident. And yesterday. Which was medical. That the refills and a thing or free took advantage of that action how we look. That is are great friends over at quick trip here's a question. And Gary Ellis and I got into this last night in the news discussion. Regarding the Green Bay Packers in the horse and plow huddle which by the way is just fantastic. To fund showed hopefully get a chance to come on the face in the crowd there court because it's just aux. Why. Can the Packers. Out the remainder of their schedule. Win four more. Baltimore at Pittsburgh Tampa Bay who struggling Cleveland who sucks. At Carolina. By teens and home and then at the lions. They would have to split probably one of those two either beaten Minnesota at home or repeat the lines on the road the last indices. Can they win four more and put themselves in position to be wild card team. Yes knowing different. Taking your thoughts go to tirelessly to is in Philadelphia Todd I don't that was going on. Very cool little. Well it's what's going on your world today Philip. A in the this mode there's so duo is evil so. Are you is making me sick better. But I four opens the the rest of the schedule. I think they think it's. To look forward unaudited due to glory but though blessed to have the mitigating dust was going to be the has well me you know you gotta think we gave more Christmas Eve globally was going to be the game. That they're gore have to win but you know his vote against Minnesota with a bit more engagement. Thought our defense. You know less that this supplemental Greg currently is ready for. Low scores Singler right in the tigers and there is. Very dull for Barrera excrement that. Without paying for a beautiful produced before acting cute or at a comeback for a little less to lose engines. I noticed that just I don't think it if you put it this way if he if your season hangs in the balance to get a wildcard would you even bring Aaron Rodgers back. Yes you know. These 34 years ago I received an pills that are brought forward for this guy. As for this organization of bickering that is guard power. Over the back. Okay. Aren't. Give it a shot and see if it happened so I appreciated as always 855830. 864855830864. Either so long why -- dot com told free tart or. 8558308648. Gives you shall. Call me. That's that's another question we get in that discussion last night as well. If you're sitting there with eight wins and you need a win to get it. Would you bring Aaron Rodgers back if you sitting there with nine wins. And you need a win to get in would you bring Aaron Rodgers back this is not the Dick rats are the difference between winning the division I realize all of a sudden things went horribly south. For Minnesota. It Minnesota just went bad. And why saved for the next five. And the Packers won a few and all the cell and the Packers are sitting atop the division in your thinking yourself we just need this one win and he just started throwing it's not 100% healed but it's close in would you even consider bringing in Aaron Rodgers. Which we've won this year and Rogers back. 855830864855830864. In the loans we kept our town. Told free chocolate. There's another question in all of us. Cover version buyer shall foolish you the question last night you'll know exactly what it is and talking about the kind of reversed by herself when he didn't. Shame to see two Asian. Watch on WR IAG. The whole other way of twain's cover it all one jurors listening today news one of our fine sponsors sending us up to the big game in Minneapolis but Jane I don't. I'm good idea that. As I got a collection of hypotheticals well. Let's make an assumption one Roger gonna miss every regulars cheating game this year. What you gonna return for the wildcard so let's pretend that. That they'll adopt in the college football player out system. What did the community put the actors in the playoffs with the assumption that Roger's return even though they might when he game or receive an. Who. Well they're not gonna win a game in the back of the record get their know they would not but how many. An Iraq that. Target date based on the fact that Hundley would not start the playoff game with the Packers they'll be in their top. For. No because I think what you're you're question mark would be how good is Aron when he comes back is he helped the is he trying to just get back or is he really ready to go I think that question would linger because we've seen of the opposite remember. And I hate to bring it up they go back to Cincinnati when Cincinnati at Kenyon Martin they rolled through conference USA and they were just destined to win a national title early to get the final four. And then in the conference USA tournament Kenyon Martin broke his leg. And then went from being the number one overall seed down to I think a six there and AC man of getting beat the first round. It just because it changed the team that much that's the way teams look at this team without Aaron Rodgers. That even though they're good team with a good coach and good nucleus. It's Aaron Rodgers that's this roasters and drank so would they then prop him up. Knowing well of now I still think so I I don't think they what I just think that they were it because a lot of things have been exposed you have to win with other than just a quarter appreciate the focus great it's great hypothetical. Because the question then becomes do they have enough defense to back up when Aaron Rodgers could drawn on the field. Let's just say Aaron Rodgers can throw you 27 points a game on average. Do Packers then turn around in essence and have enough. To throw you defensively to pitch. A game of less than 2727. Scorched. And towards him points and and I don't know that that's the one thing that has been. Very expo which leads me into my question. And I'll do the reverse wires cell. And I ask Gary this last night. We've heard Mike Daniels. After the ball game say that he has heard in their defense is hurting Dom Capers has heard the outside noise fire people they sock everything that goes along with. Defensively speaking for the Green Bay Packers. They took it to heart they wanted to go out make a statement. Against a bears' offense is one not that good we admit that they're somewhat predictable they run the ball more than they throw the ball. John Fox is a very conservative coach you kind of figures back plug holes saying your gap and know what's common. And they got off the field they don't the field in under 30%. Is forced conversion rates go for the offense so. Then had a huge day five sacks. Mean they they they got the job done sort of you know picking up to miss you all over the field they got the job done. Do you buy or sell. That is packers' defense can replicate that or come close to replicating that. Week in and week out throughout the remainder of the season. You gonna think about this okay because that you're sitting shaking your head. Baltimore is not their political office. Probably the one offense that can beat him up because they just got so many weapons is a Steelers Antonio Brown company William bell they've got their hands full good luck when that. They could be up the Buccaneers they could be up the browns depends on which Cam Newton shows up. The good Camden shows up no the bad Camden shows up. They can they can you have a field day and watch India beat in the ground. Minnesota. Case fumes played well. Casey Hughes played well Teddy Bridgewater once comeback once his job there's no controversy there right now. Taste tunes played well and he got to give them credit look his numbers. By the way that's AS Sunday night game on fox are on a CR and NBC. And then you gotta go and you got to face matches to ever get and that's east every company here at Lambeau Field against a team still trying to find itself. They weren't juggernaut may have struggled. So the question becomes can this defense replicate what they did by yourself. What they did against the bears do you buy or use Celek. That is saying there's no way it was a crappy team until they do consistently now believe. Think about back. Stay tuned morneau Michael chart to that. Six clues stations strong though. Bill might school's sports talk. Michael shot on the air we're glad to have you hopefully you're having a terrific day today. Appreciate you hanging out Willis as always. Go Michael show continues. I know Michael you can reaches on Twitter at bill underscore Michaels at go underscore Michael dragged radio Joe's sports. Find is there 855830864855. B 308648. On the long way to start council free to our part. It was a shelf. This horse in the program being brought to you by our good friends in numero medical treating guys with ED erectile dysfunction all over the state it was cuts beyond borders as well. There location in Green Bay Milwaukee. One south of the border got to Chicago. It was he too was down there. All over the the Michael sports talk network. Call 4144554451. In the low key treatments. People ask you about that all the time what does that for a look at you got kind of a sluggish as to you for always fallen asleep mid day just feel like you're most like a mark let Dick. And they can help you out maybe issues to a combination of being right in and adding a few things chemically that you have may need your body to kind of boost metabolism a little bit. Who's the energy level mental clarity better mood stabilizer. Our candidates up. Give it all together feel good new mail article 4144554451414. 4554451. That's the new male medical. Senator. That's the phone calls talking Packers talked and I can this team get a few more wins. What I believe you have this ball club because if they if they're gonna get to the post season the figure nine minimum. To get to a wild card ten possible and what you've seen. This ballclub in the progression of the quarterback play over the last few weeks it hasn't slid backwards or stayed stagnant it's gotten better. Yet to admit that. Do you think this team would have enough. To be able to get enough wins and put themselves in position at least. Two to have a shot to post he's let's go away Gary listening to us in the cross Gary welcome program though Michael shows up. O'Reilly auto belt I think I think. I think it's really that type overall field with the Packers played on grass circular. Because I think elect of the plate to topple their daughter Kayla on the grass. And I think the record could buy you wouldn't six game. And I think. When I went ba attic a paying job who broke a collarbone he came back and eight weeks. I think I think Rogers will be back pie it's either the sect in the last game or maybe the third the last game. Okay well hang on of that that that's a look at appreciate that phone call I I know. When he came back the last time it was on non throwing shoulder. So Woolsey. Woolsey as it was on a non throwing shoulder last time this time. It's on his throwing shall. 85583086480. Part five B 30. 864 rate on the loans by tip dot com tall free talk want. Let's go to John listening to is so while judges listen to a put out John I don't then it's up. Bernard Gruber art. Or Eric orchard Eric's career purple circle to where are we not only couldn't move Kurt Kurt last couple weeks or later proved greatly. Probably go we have improved territory orchard directly give. What do you continue to improve order he can they continue the web. Will it make a decision. Promptly I'll try and what the bill did actually ninety's with Doug Flutie. Where they went and done what he was fantastic during their time completely off. And then we can interpret a player out there that tortured their deserve our critical original charter can be built. Right and now I tell you what I if they're Aaron Rodgers comes back air rises again. I via meet. Is much you appreciate the phone calls much as I look at that situation. Care of flu he had a proven track record he had. Obviously. We just have proven track record at that point he was use the already been there done that. Even if you know let's Brett Conley is playing unbelievably lights out. There are just certain things that Aaron Rodgers can do. That hung lead. Either has an able to show us or can't. And I don't know what Aron Rodgers arm would be like coming back what is throwing shoulder in motion and stuff would be like coming back I don't know I don't know. But it. I would if I would have. There's no way MTV the hall of Famer out. Of gun. There's going to be a Moffett field if Aaron Rodgers is 100% ready to go and he feels good ease ease the man. That's it. That he's he's back he's my. Hands down not even a thought. Not even a thought. 85583086488. By 5830864. In the loans which hit a couple free talk like a state could break because when we come back. Org into the Mike McCarthy deciphering machine. From yesterday's press caps won a listener that I got a break things down for that is coming up next and don't like bush. Everywhere you Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. This segment of the bill Michaels shows brought you by concordia veteran services department dedicated to preparing veterans to make him. Their next mission through education. As CE OW dot edu slash veterans now let's hear from the coach. The bell micro show on the air we're glad there. Hopefully you're having terrific game and certainly appreciate take a listen to us. 85583086488558308648855830864. Rate home loans by tip dot com poll free to our part. Always look dear friend and as portion of the program. Brought to you by our good friends that are gonna be setting us up to the big game as we get realist and Mike McCarthy because we've got numerous sponsors are gonna Suisse inning is over to a Minneapolis in one on. Signature women's senior preferred nationwide ground transportation. What I use whether it's four I got to an event coming up on December 9 them going to be taken a much of friends we're gonna go. So nobody has a drink a driver going for a night out literacy sixteen candles at the rave we've got a car book in his they're great people. Richardson forty bucks were in the game were in this is fantastic but if you look at maybe just go to the airport in Chicago or something that you talk that's up to call info. Info at the book's signature dot com or 2628881002628881000. That's the preferred carrier we use monitored using last night for the horse and -- hope so. Our body according and a whole crew got a coach is probably grow home of the big boy burger shoppers surged thirteen street. In Milwaukee. Stop and tell Corning we said hi he's a fantastic guy. And then our friends at auto paint in supply check amounted go auto paint our town their Waukesha Milton wall warts are seeing counties. Auto paint auto supplies vote restorations you name it you have a project like that they can help you out. Their family out they've been around long time the really good people go auto paint. Dot com those go auto paint ducked out. Mike McCarthy. My regarding dogs are bred on least each. What are broke and every week. Although we're getting better each week only threw the ball with Chris Todd talked this week bill better than than last weeks off over December if we're not. Normal same thing after we've seen realistic that is dramatic potential but out of bread definitely got better in the game and made a big key play wounded. PA crack. And yank crap. And mean against Ottawa and urgent. As Mike McCarthy who. Worry about my quarterback system. Tamales says the football coach I was worried there. Brent only has gotten better. Incredibly has my regarding your. Village growth gay crap. Now special teams that's not that I look at a crap. Over two years old specialty and devote Mauna November December and I'm hoping for that to continue this year so I was just more training involved there you know it's a part of it as far as individual time. Known for more time however have developing the fundamentals and that it's paid off more for us but in the years historically saw him open threatened to take off her next couple was. Does it matter we're working on it. As it. But like Tom Silverstein of the journal sentinel reporting their bread code samples becoming that I thought I mean stunned for the year. Yelling was on IR but they have that IR designation we can bring guys back I don't know what the settlement type of thing is and how that specifically works all the time. It is relatively convoluted that they have but the thing is they've already brought sprigs beckon you can only bring back one more person. You just be one but now he he can do it up to tool soul. I would beg the story but if that's the case that Aaron Rodgers is not coming back right. Correct almost as something separate going on I thought they put good on the IR. I. I I. I'll tell you here hands and usually our go to my depth chart listings. And bread dude here house reserves. No bread do not on the air. It's. Not that I see now must have already updated but it was an injury settlement the air. So what they could of done with in game injury settlement cut him loose. And brought him back yeah it says here in Tom solar science piece Packers is that com. Spread good doesn't count as a result he expected to be resigning yes dude injured hamstring week three against says it was ruining your input on the injuries are the Packers then cut him loose remember right timetable first. And and Greg Boone was that allowed become a free agent. Crap he never signed with anybody they're forty was a pre street he was he freeagent additionally basically what they've done is for another time now they of resigning bright dude. That's one way to work around it. So they knew it was gonna get picked up anybody solar wind is cutting loose and recorded on the IR right the Smart actually read very very Smart. Very very short yet says reason why it worked out yet also says here the two sides agreed on a four weeks settlement which meant the Packers couldn't resigning him until three weeks after that period expired. I root is healthy and has been working out his agent Kevin gold said several weeks ago yep so that's that's the whole deal there. Yeah that's it that's that's what news. Because he was not on the injured there reserve list still and I'm looking at the official list and he's not there. So that means they cut him loose made room for he's wheat which puts him out there on the market anybody can sign him. But basically they kind of gave more cannot say they are gonna bring it back just get healthy and then come back we need the space right now and that's what they did. That's what they did good vote. 855830864. A good move by the green bay Packers and they hope to give Purdue back so that continues to get better as well. So what are they doing to correct special teams in the penalties on special teams. You better applesauce and I think it's important to. Evaluate everything combative Federal Reserve you got to work thrown you know middle lawyers and Prius maps is no excuse so that there was a second one was poor decision. Including behind the moment on the block but don't just the first one was Joe's. You know. Whose fault. Penalties are driving me back crap crazy. It's close it's like come on. You know better positioned better technique. Do your job that type of thing. That's that's it. That it that's it. Better job better technique do your do your job in stopping the penalties it's not cut. Shark fining guys for stupid penalties there's nothing you can do. Players or players are gonna go do their thing. That's it. Jamal Williams the running back who actually ran with a little bit reckless abandon. Talk about it. Smallest player excellent and his action game ball water on hot specialties you'll do we put a pencil I thought I mean clearly pledges blissful pause agreement packer. Probably came in there and you know ray of hope all the time we're just needed to run an Indonesian phone Booth style Robinson and he delivered miles per person to replace. Phone Booth style runs. Phone boost down around that's the way he ran he was running a phone Booth. Circling cutting skiddie get down all they don't throw most now runs how we look at. I like that. Basically he had did exactly what they need him to do it he he ran the way a true running back should run. And when they call it running in a phone Booth a major just to a lot of hop in las skip and Peter continually move you're driving for and you try to just pick up their yardage in the one thing about small ways that you noticed. He fell forward. Picked up yardage. Then there's the airy Jones in time when gummery inch injuries when you talk about your rotation when it comes to the opposite side of football. Also airs off on multiple week injury tie I figured the store worker through. You know exams and so forth so I would think he has chances. Did you figure Scruggs. We're down a running back may be other guys' income. That's it did figures trucks. Were down one hit Mike McCarthy actually bowl probably one of the best challenges he never made. Was so watching John Fox across the field with a hands out going what the hell just happened. Kyle has bristled you're allowed to vote. My viewpoint I was. What's in the street got to have a clear look at the pile on but there's some information to that point we've. We've written we've had apple want to start playing it's been after him to jawed cellist or are so I was like can you challenge challenge and I miss the old student who. That this little little work softball. Intelligent Shalit. UK had. Can you jealous you're jealous do we Challenge Tour I'm challenging you to challenge it challenge. And our governor agreement Packers. Because the Packers ended up with a not only to the bears not score an out and a with the ball is scoring position. But then in addition to that they lost the ball. And and obviously things oneself from their that was really kind of the turning point diggers had they reported Indians on there it might change a complexity certainly change the momentum and apple. Without a doubt no turn overs in the last three games regarding Bret Holley Mike McCarthy giddy. Also EA number one priority he touches the ball every snap and you don't in minutes ultimate you know I don't know if every team football that. That's the saw a little bit you know he you have to take care of the football he's gonna have to secure it you know this week against Baltimore so look at those games with a one. Amend the terms of 3.4 turnovers and in the wings so you have to take care of the football and he's still an adequate job. The number one thing in the Mike McCarthy quarterbacks who always do not turn over the football. You can always cheering sot who hasn't done that either. Make you look on a good or. Who does. And does suck as a little bit Rick flair right there for you watch the thirty for thirty documentary earlier this week. Doesn't suck as Mike McCarthy. Mike McCarthy is the is the jets running around at Lambeau Field right now. It doesn't suck. Mike I don't today and dozens are heroes of talk about drive through. I want to talk about I take your daughter. Doesn't suck. My goes in the same he's going to pizza. The Sox went on at pizza. Hundley. Doesn't suck. McCarty breathing a sigh of relief right now now can they stack success in street Paul yeah I'm staying positive. You know you're welcome thank. God let up. Now we believe we have the man the myth the legend the guy that was really the individual dancer that started your whole end zone craze. Billy white shoes Johnson taking a step back in time coming up next though Michael show. Johnson won. Bill Michael's sports talk.