HR2 – Are the Browns better than we think?

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, December 7th

Hour 2. We’ll get the inside scoop on the Browns with Daryl Ruiter. Also, Dan Kasper from 105.1 in Eau Claire talks Packers.


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From the league runs the riverfront. Please see is we're Wisconsin sports fans column should all the bill monkey show. I. And Julia welcome. No Michael show on the Arab and you know Michael's radio Joseph crossed the way reaching all of us on the network thinks they have. He body listening. Whether it's actually over the air and on the network from. The Minnesota borders all the way down to Chicago Illinois a in the UP in the big triangle I guess this week imported the weekend again they give our people on in Dubuque Iowa that listen. Our great station and PB on plateau can't can't discriminate against them aren't. 855830864855830864. In the loans we kept our council free talk like. Brown's sitting over right now and Excedrin is jumping on a parade. You've got fans that have been there for quite some time wanting to throw parades were B quote perfect season 2.0 which is a season of being defeated rather than undefeated. And just a lot of things happening right now on the Cleveland Browns team they are fired the vice president and the break it all down and makes some sense. Out of this whole mess that is Cleveland Browns Darrell writer he is the browns reporter for 923 the fan in Cleveland Darryl how you doing that a man what's going on. Then I'd given up trying to make sense of the Cleveland Browns that. That's like is resolution for 2000 being. Now I I've got to tell you when it may give you the here's the disclosure here I grew up in Cincinnati were I learned early on if it was brown push it down that's my dad always screamed at me. I am I the point now has that gotten now I I've I grew upon Bart Starr and packer football and Kenny Anderson in Bengals football and I remember seeing particularly on own site and all that stuff and from years gone by. When I got to tell you. I was saying this that I. I feel bad if I'm part of that I feel bad for Cleveland Browns fans they have been screwed royally in this deal this such rain rat so at weigh how. Is this thing even begin to get back on the rails. That the current question. Yet it's not hiring the right people can't let. Yeah. Operations. Hired this morning around a thirty. Armed with a certain that there you cannot. Or. Other guys could I got this thing per ounce mark and how. Any or somebody that's the group's I immediately hit it probably sit outlets began to open air out. You're an actor you have acquired early on but. I stick to promote a lawyer. Take over little awkward to use salt and a complete. So. On all. You got it back on. Next year and now I would say yeah. Sure Zuckerberg to repeat. Well record worst. Seven mark he has a lot of this you heard it yet but you're eating some. Going to survive. All you look at a guy like Mike Zimmer Jay gruden both of those guys came out of moral Marvin Lewis is coaching no tree so to speak is those guys were pretty successful in Cincinnati. What is made hue Jackson. Culpable in this train wreck. Well I bought the team. All Ivy League. The way. I enter. Or some of the decision to meet at quarterback. Both big trap on loose in. All the truth. Belgrade had also been some diapers that position it has. Let her court. You got blamed what it. The victim. And I think it summer kind of a human girl that got them here but that did not. Decades he tremendous amount of Blaine. He again and it was able. Some young where are we this front I don't know what it. Early adapter. Spain board. Your support item item or. Action could throw up their socks so our. Eat it if I am excited yeah you're basically couldn't get there yet another shot where it began saying yeah. The article here's an artist talent yet as to eject. That. He uses what the orders not only a shotgun marriage. And they'd have a work. Do they have talent on that team. Yeah happy you know. And you know I do not ground like the course. And that the I don't know what is called the will the billiard ball. Who executing the treatment and cure which clearly shown that borders and once each corner. And who would every ounce weren't able to get their work into the yeah it's simple legal office at times in two constantly that deal or. Arbitrate that Michael would look at this bill. Got wild Garrett who has battled injuries. It is but this shown a lot of prop eight and I waiting to. I get big picture group very well out of Miami. Up or the back and pop out the first round draft. Get a touchdown that I record or I don't and all right he's shown his ability to make them play. Jury picnic is this I don't last year or quarters Coleman. Or could it a couple of that it back. What he's been on that as you know so some. In some you know some comments I think the biggest problem or. I'm proud to be don't have. Alex who compete at this level that's why we're. Yeah there's only really a couple of guys on this team that are making. And he kind of money from my mistake and it's Joseph Thomas and what's cellular and the other country or Jamie Collins right Judy Collins may but death cab money I think he's got a boatload of money come into. Editor says they're a lot that they have got any group we're glad I saw. Yeah its been a problem trial. On the field from our standpoint. In my opinion he's not a very good in what was it courtroom you're looking good quality veteran Croat and Kenny Britt is not it. Again and action that it couldn't be brought in Kevin slightly Caricom. And you quality service to tracker who. They're they are. Peter. A group that got hurt we hear the young kids. Specter. Go. You know politically they're Coleman is these are young right apple but they out but the apple produce the picture now that your alma got a little we all call. You know begin to address. Eight Democrats. Also apply elect should get you. We want the ball a lot only heard about all of war and you know it's. Reopening daughter ain't. If you look critically the content on the your. Beat the Obama titans are properly. Idea crow well be strictly for her. Are now they eat consistently inconsistent. Accounts of Eagles are a couple more strikes. Against each action by our. Is it is the youngest all. They look like. Dell writer of the browns reporter for 93 the fan and Cleveland sharing with us on the line Newsom break down the Cleveland Browns next opponent for the Green Bay Packers talked to us about the rookie their first pick was -- peppers this year playing champion. How is he looked. I'll walk it probably riddle is the her partner with her now are seeing that the crowd support is currently a partner at. It's quiet while they're not a whole lot of big at present commission at 2 o'clock it. Turkey not playing in the box so you got a lot of apple late. It again. Eight acre he kind of try to work through you with your status Sunday of course are. I. Could cancel when baker went that you'll. Get the art the art. Natasha brown column order that he even knew it down now. I electrical cover a lot I'd want to let you know I think that. I didn't. Want to get to coach yet. It how has Greg Williams defense immune defense is pretty good I mean it's not pusher I really thought they'd be better offensively when they secured the offensive line I agree with you injuries have decimated them by. I really thought they'd be better offensively but how is this defense. Been able to visit defense is. It put some pretty good positions throughout the season a grand they've given us some big plays but it's it's not that it that side of the football is is may be a player or two away from being much much better. Where they're not the train wreck that that the team appears to be. Yes good luck on our scenic college. He does it it was an out and yell surfers or he'll serve he. It is seat on an annual rock Welker Kyra young current event at the other one. Year ago. So it is at the looking let. I don't Garrett. It yet or back. He. It while it beat it down pat the football. Problem Burton. Her greatly. Out direct don't writes it's worse the National Football League basically. If the Packers get that the court on Monday. They're guaranteed. It that the brown be. On the course Colbert okay. You know without. You'll come away with a medical report likely start trouble happened. Get a degree that you keep it quiet. It quite well they're not at eight Aruba are getting more pressure on. The quarterbacks see complete our common analytical. Yeah. On that side of the people are a lot court. The side I don't want to be that accurate score or. Give up at a. Real quick before I let you go I did start out by talking about this whole parade thing at how the fans taking this they just looking at something to grasp on to Iran how how is Charlie looking at all this. I hated it all well the Cleveland and the like this nineteen year I'll. 88. Hike in 1201. Point uniting our our. You know that apple should they get older that are dedicated to her. You doubt that all they want kind error like all. So Coker. I'll let 2012. And we would seek to create the perfect great whatever they're they're called it it's just this you know there we could decode it well it you know. We can't have a super ball pretty clear that we're at about a I heard there were yet. I think it's true that the Brownback. And let it is. I haven't. Eaten that would be but. On dad brought it markets are yet to cope with what is your column well we're franchise go. Man I wish the best the lockers at this point after I feel sorry for what's going on a clear that I really really do man. Unbelievable. It could be eight they're playing at. Or rain here including artwork and that seat he they want what I came back. In an expansion will help put off I'd eat all the leak it there though that a couple of I'm trying to help out got Colin. Is it to doubt it was the ask. Only made it help local apple which banner. That'll last year. It right circle and it helped the law hasn't helped either so yet felt biblically than any we've ever. I. It's meant we appreciate it we'll talk to you soon okay. I still talk to assume their writer he is the browns reporter for 923 FM the fan in Cleveland giving us the breakdown on the browns. Ms. fielded good about that the Packers matchup with the browns coming up this weekend. Blades I don't think any program that you gotta get a win I mean that's that's the number one focus it doesn't matter that we all pick the Packers to win. And especially since the fact that you know a brat obviously on the road that he hasn't home someone say Bret he's gonna have a better game. But I think he's still got a hold your breath going in this one until the lead in the win is secure. He join us on this matter which Alan shatter our drivers right now you work hard each region there eighty plus years at beginning and called. 844 product or Schneider jobs aren't coming 144 Bryant. Argo to Schneider job's done countless portion program brought you by quick trip tops your alternative fuels no PAT and matter of fact they they bought a lot of PDQ throughout the rest of the state Wisconsin. And I went into one of the PD uses mornings right by my house just the seat because they seize on the the signs that are out front. That's a quick trip. And sure enough there's the quackery. Bakery goods. There is the coffee there's everything is quick to reduce hasn't changed facade outside yet Patel looking digits and did like three yards from my house. On from there I was fired up. Stop and it's your friends at Qwikster when we come back. When we come back as soon to the browns. Today and who lose to by how much during this win with season because there are a little bit better team I think that you think there. They're immortal Michael and. Six blues station strong though. Bill might school's sports talk net. I. Yeah. The Michael shows on the air. Hopefully your ramming a terrific day today and go Michael's doing it all goes on to what you can do so at bill underscore Michaels had cylinders or Michael. But I was there. Follow us. And also at radio Joe's sports. Over on the FaceBook fan page so many people in China and over there it's been great. I try to keep bubble there I really really do. So awesome you get mad if I don't get right back you look I try to keep up with everything but. Over the FaceBook fan page simply FaceBook dot com. Slash v.s bill my school's show or just look for bill Michaels in the blue check mark him in polish. I shot out by the way you know gosh gosh. Hosting mount union in the congratulation arched actually keeps winning Indy three guys and we weren't look we we don't a piece every week. We view into our waters had coach gamble is he's told us about you know obviously what Wisconsin that we act has gone on we've talked about it all season long so congratulations to UW rushed gushan titans. For our Guinea radical against the team that has been much like oh Whitewater for a long long time they have been one of the powers in. So good luck to them army will be in the semi finals right there yeah right it's for a chance to go via Amos Alonzo state correct correct. The browns if you look at the browns' schedule going in his blog and we start to go through it they launched by by a field goal of Pittsburg to start their season off. In Cleveland they won the road he got beat them by fourteen he got beat by Baltimore. They launched by a field goal in Indianapolis. Cincinnati drilled. Cincinnati got an in Cleveland 317 I was an awful game. They lost by a field goal to the jets. They had drilled by Houston. They lost twelve to nine by a field goal again. To dissent Tennessee Titans Minnesota got a pretty good 3316. They ended up losing to Detroit 3824. I Jacksonville beat them nineteen to seven Cincinnati got and again. In Cincinnati scuttle weeks ago thirty to sixteen. And then the chargers came inning god our know they went on the road and took on the chargers. And lost in nineteen attempt it's it's not like they're getting blown out every week they have a few blowouts in their name. Like its knowledge it didn't just drilled weekend we Carol. They've they've they've got some talent their defense is light and we heard is not dead but the inside the red zone mean the defense has Barack been horrendous. But they've got some speed they've got some decent defenders. I just. It it's. Offensively they've launched a lot of their offensive line. The quarterback situation is not very good. In as you heard just a little while ago Darryl Reuters writer. From the fan over in Cleveland. They just said there was that there in the run game has been just erratic. They have really decided on one guy they try to run the rookie out there who's looked good in just when he starts in his feet during the cold mountain. So it's it's been down through banging your head against the walker browns fan I just can't figure this team on the direction they're going. And they'll also have to wait and see but when you start to go through. Their schedule you look okay who'd they play what talented dude it's been funny though because when you take Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh almost got beat by Indianapolis they got beat by the bears they have struggled. At times this season. So as much as I wanna say man they went toe to toe with the Pittsburgh Steelers opening day all I kind of stepping. You look at what Pittsburgh mayoral accomplished. Pittsburgh his struggle they won by that field goal over Cleveland Nellie did beat Minnesota quite handily in Pittsburgh. They got beat quite Hanley by Chicago. They beat up on Baltimore. And then they got drilled by Jacksonville. They barely beat Kansas City in Kansas City they they beats Cincinnati handily twice now. They they ended up beating Detroit without a close game right to the very end. They had to come back late in the ball game and win on a last second field go I'm not mistaken in Indianapolis they drilled Tennessee. Are they just barely beat the Green Bay Packers. And they struggle with Cincinnati in Cincinnati 2320 they came back in that game with with a visually tenancy on bargain they were down ten. And they came back and won that blog so pretty spurs had their struggles this season as well now obviously the record very good you learn how to win. But I want you Leo peoples who you know it's Pittsburg and a ploy to Cleveland lightly non Pittsburgh struggle a lot of teams should. Struggle a lot of teams. 8558308648855830. 864. In loans wicket Telekom told free time on. As Santa's reindeer. Says every email you when he's you know him. The Cleveland Browns are awful there's no way. There is no way for agreement Packers to lose them but I am hoping the Packers lose it is time to clean house this loss would put the signature stamp on the season. And that would then get rid of Mike McCarthy Ted Thompson. And Dom Capers. But let me say this Santa's reindeer the I don't think so. Even if they would lose this bogon. I don't think there's going to be wholesale firings it's it's not gonna happen. I would be surprised. To be honest with. This was from Troy. Says look you for this game I would what area out of Mike McCarthy I would allow Brett Hundley who do his thing a little more than read option and see how good defense actually is against a pour offense they usually played well. They've got a few sacks. And they pin their ears back has Dom Capers likes to say I picked the Packers to get a 3317. Win. I don't take it to be that after the Packers to win. When if I'm gonna be from mama Packers fan I'm saying 2413. 241417. Some like that but I don't think it's going to be this blowout victory. Are would pick a little bit closer and remember with Brent only. The Packers seminoles scored that many points. So. I don't know what makes you think against some pretty decent defense in Cleveland not great by any stretch maybe not even above average but a decent defense in Cleveland. That they're all of a sudden gonna run out there and put up forty. And that that's not gonna happen. Not gonna have 8558308648. You'll do is a co host of the morning locker room on sports saguaro five point one auto Claire. Our Dan Casper he's gonna join us we'll get his perspective on this we come back stick around more than election next. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Eating snacks and wouldn't it wouldn't know an excellent. Yeah. Michael shell on the ads. Glad to have you Packers need this one this coming weekend against Cleveland if they have any shot can you post season. There real reason for Aaron Rodgers to come back. Maybe taken on a magical run if they should it. Go on Iran and make it's up to Minneapolis Saint Paul government joining yours truly end our cats there are going to be broadcasting live from radio row. In Minneapolis. It's coming up. So as we get you ready for Super Bowl ally ally in our our participation their brought you by our friends at breakers ship me a burger for the official vehicle. But the bill Michael show live from radio row in Minneapolis over 200 Silverado is a lot right now they're dealing to be the best in Wisconsin and don't forget to see my buddy Collette over there. They have some great stocking stuffer gift card specially if you like the clean car they do a lot of for Chris was also our friends it's Denny's Milwaukee's number one sports or shuttle all the games including shuttle buses to Packers game. And guard the co host the morning locker room on sports start 105 point one Dan Casper now joining us Dan I don't. Do good billable little cold over I don't actually drive your source. All right well first gonna say guys are involved in and we did the big win down here and inflation station last week in that you guys are where are you exactly. I'm almost like double good one of the new social foods locations here on retreat acquire 2 o'clock in Torre's donations all goes toward him and promised eligible rally here. Perfect then how is how is Adrian how is traffic been throughout the day. It's been off the bill has been off so we have some volunteer chair rather open about this so this is the best they you know a couple of years here too so. Great turn out so far on day one here for everybody that took about helping out a bunch of families that need especially those kids I think you know you guys did your drive. Last week billiards story it was awesome. It's. And like that all around here everybody. We need to double these kids these families make every kid have a memorable. No doubt about it now you guys there a week. I always started there were archer. And even in this surrounding areas beyond that that are listening the program duties to come down and and drop off some toys are cash monetary donation you'll take it no doubt. Idea and that I was seriously you're talking about how meaningful this game has. And as Joseph and I both agree I'm personally got to win this. But after that I mean the big game is going to be coming up against Carolina he beat Carolina you have a really legitimate shot at advancing from their because I think both of the games after that. Are probably get a bowl. On the so give me your thoughts on this team going forward and the likelihood that Aaron Rodgers in your opinion should or should not combat. I think you really get to delete we investigate visits against Cleveland you know it. If screen base somehow loses this game and you know I'm not even Arctic out of that date. Go to Cleveland get a victory but he has a lot rides on his game. And Mike McCarthy talks on getting a ten wins. I don't know this year sent dwindling even do that play they gotta start off this weekend against Cleveland. Take care of business and then I think you know we have discussion. Aaron Rodgers coming back so if they can get this victory against Cleveland get the seventh six. That would fall special man I mean you when you have number twelve on the field and and from reports he's chalk it all over the place and anything can happen. Go on into Carolina potentially a team that's in the fighting for a playoff spot to that's going to be a tough match up they're deep they're playing really good defense over there in Cleveland to yourself. Courtesy of the Carolina. Take care of business this weekend. Make sure you come away with a victory in Cleveland and then let's get a little bit excited and look forward to be potential playoff push. The likelihood that the Packers if Aaron Rodgers comes back when now. Well that's a good question. You know what. Does Carolina game I think ski I think that Carolina game that he had no Minnesota's played extremely well and he says it is legit. The column back to Lambeau you've got to got to want you know it's a rivalry game green bay area of course we're gonna wanna put you know that there's going to be some emotions of that game because will air went out. It was a victory against. Minnesota that game so. That's a tough task I don't know they can do whatever we ask you need to put a percentage on a bill revolt on those 657%. Then you look at the defense come you know they play a little bit better in the last couple weeks program a couple weeks ago they weren't necessarily great. Played this defense really since Chicago his his played better as far as giving up points it's been less. Do you think this is starting to come around now they're getting a little bit healthy your obviously with Kevin King going going going on the IR. In the secondary it's still going to be extremely susceptible. He has that kept thinking prosecuted not even know what what Kevin King you look at your report live from yesterday Davone host yeah shoulder injury even Dmitry Goodson who they activated. Off the populist he had a hamstring injury on that group or saw the secondary. Government to the last shall go secretary the military's don't are starting games and out so they're taking a beating. The other defense hasn't played better and spurts I think a lot we're hopeful that defense to the offense would just you know go the better time of possession. These last few weeks of defense has been on the field all locked you know a lot of minutes you can kind of tell it deems are getting. They get a little bit drained out but yet the defense hasn't played better but. Losing Kevin King that's going to be huge queues for the secondary. If by chance god forbid they lose this game. Is this a signature game in which you would say a serious changes need to be made or do you think the changes you're gonna be made anyway minus. Ted Thompson Mike McCarthy. I think there will be changes made within that he I mean if Green Bay loses this game Arnold I want a commitment commitment of morning built as a source says that's it that's going to be head hunting. On Monday morning so I think for most fans point of view they they're gonna want drastic changes if the Packers lose this game on Sunday. I agree that we build and market. Mark Murphy Ted Thompson they're not guys that are gonna make drastic changes are not gonna overreact I think you'll see. Some changes regardless of what happened to this game maybe it's a different defensive coordinator of the future I don't I don't know but I think if there was going to be changes. They kind of have an idea what it's going to be reporters game. I was I was gonna say my assumption of their community changes most likely. You know you are indeed you've already made some decisions abate based upon that knowledge just before regaining your four remaining games but I. I just ahead. It is so tough to say you're gonna make drastic changes because you're so late the career Aaron Rodgers however you can also say if I'm gonna make changes on doing it. Because we need a fast fix that is going to take is an energized direction because we wanna make sure that this thing it's a couple more shots assume wall before it's all said and done. I don't see Mike McCarthy going anywhere I know that I'm listening though these are a lot of national shows are saying well again it could be on the hot seat. You know proving he can't win without those guys who we might McCarthy Mike McCarthy per per Lesotho one about Brett Connolly. But that did the game against Baltimore he looked terrible other than that we've seen progression. And we since you've seen some better create more creative play calling last week wasn't great for brenly he missed some passes. But for the most part at least we've seen him progress but I just think he is what years. Yeah I totally agree that you tobacco quarterback you know any any talk that Green Bay Packers traded him for maybe a higher draft pick. To a team that's looking for a starting quarterback I think that discussion though the window and you go back the draft there was that rumor that. Grip it was close to trading brotherly and there was Al wild rivers agreed there was actually attracted to shut Kaiser like gazillion firsthand glimpse. A two shot Kaiser you weekend that would be solved and just shot totally to. These right no doubt about it Tom offensively speaking. Do you believe the Packers are legitimately found run game four when aaron's mark Rogers comes back. That's an interesting thing we're talking about that the couple days ago and it seems like we've talked about this sort the last two years you go back to Eddie lacy rookie of the year. Good base finally got their running game and then. Kind of trailed off there you go back to even Tubal 45 g.s start they don't make that they don't win that Super Bowl without. James Starks but that he Tenet never really developed into that number one now running back. And a slasher type Montgomery also OK finally green Bay's got that running attack while injuries pulled out his progression so it looks the part so far. But I think we've got to keep our soldiers are rookies Aaron Jones and Jamal Williams they've looked the part due date they have different styles loving. Williams has more than bruising type but earning back. Jones the big play threat so it looks like it it's interesting because. But you know that's offseason in the upcoming RC's agreement NAFTA makes choices with the receivers in Delonte gonna get get a big contract. Jordy Nelson's got wonder left rent a cops got when your life. There's the emergence of these two running back kind of may get it be a little bit easier for the Packers front office to make. Of those decisions with the right wide receivers because we didn't know well known to bring in a bushel wide receivers and I'll order Rodgers but. If Green Bay got two running backs does it make those decisions a little bit each or what to do with the offer. They real quick before I let you go I died I've enjoyed talking Packers football but I wanted to find out because last time I was there. There are some people are generally enters genuinely interested in what the Bucs had going on in talking about your honesty company as John mrs. rise. Given two more discussion. In that valley there. I got definitely has more people are paying more attention to the box especially the honest the whole Lotta Eric Bledsoe trade. Kind of got everybody a little excited now the rumors with a hundred or so it's a little bit of a buzz I think they'll pick up a lot more though went football season's over west you know football game. Badgers. And the Packers right now so it has peaked. A little bit more here they're socially on it started out the season you know and be peacock and all that sort of stuff I think it'll really hit its peak as soon as football is don't. Yeah based on his way I still thinking he can he can pull this thing off his team has to get to the park top four but you get Jabari back to give him a little help by I think there's going to be a lot more recognition for his team. Down the stretch when it counts Dan always a pleasure great now tell everybody where you're out again Helen you're gonna be there and you're did today and tomorrow for sure. It you know we're a subtle clues when the nutritional food here nuclear armed birch street. We're doing our social. Of toys here all the toys of monetary donations going to the gym and promised to triple valley we're here until 5 o'clock tonight and then. Bright and early against our morning rate at 6 o'clock in the morning until 5 o'clock tomorrow as well we have some auction items. On our web sites Forestar wolf. Or how about that devalued Helena football. I don't they've got a couple redundant to also but I think you were doing now for us and I'll put us lace them on our space and money. After all these kittens or non. It's my pleasure and if everybody get out there and support those guys at B hey I gotta ask you real quick are you winning a tent or you just outside elements magazine here in the elements grew even more kudos you. I'm in the helmets are now walking out walking around the park and up and have an RV here we wanna warm up a little bit right now on outside. The RVs come in handy this time here are my goodness out Orlando Dan always a pleasure royal Dutch descent. Thank operatives out they go dead cats from the whole crew at this festival foods on birch street and he he series. Take a couple minutes today lunch hour and to go for this afternoon tomorrow in the morning before you had to work if you're in that area. Head on over birch street and the special foods and say had a dental crew they do that to a great job they really really do a good chance to listen to every now and then when not cruising around so. Say hi to him on this portion program was brought to buy our terrific terrific friends over cousin subs were think ju one game left teacher's name. Best seats in the house or it is good Packers dot com slash best seat Packers dot com slash best seats. And you could be could be heading to see agreement Packers. Taking your feet up taken the easy to DR like plush leather requires may be cousins seven your hand if you're doing little tailgating was some cousins so it was a great way to go. That is cousin suddenly believing that the officials sub sandwich of the Michael sports talk network more about what a joke on next. Johnson won. Bill Michael sports talk and work. When she saw on the air we are glad to have him. Cochlear how many have fantastic day. Fantastic. Why don't play tonight they play two more room where they're going to be taken on the Dallas Mavericks. Last night not spread last night yeah honest with 2521. From Chris Middleton 22 from Bledsoe. He had a 21 off the bench between Prague and in Barnes and as we mentioned before Von getting a little more playing time and making the most is matter of fact he was we talk about the plus minus impact for the team he had the most last night as far positive impact your policy team on the rating scale. So Rashad Vaughn getting as some quality minutes the end and it's paying off for the minutes that he's playing it's been paying off overall. But yeah I'm not brought them last night ten points on eleven. To go there by the way I'm not broadly in pledged to. Plus two last night Bledsoe was a minus ten. We talk about defensive prowess last night Marianna was a plus for. On the only got it was higher was found maker eight plus spot. At a rebound and assist. And a 4000 a night a couple of turnovers. But he 23 minutes. Only O for two did not put up a point. But. But I had a little bit better defense. So thought it was Vaughn was a plus eighteen. Vaughn. Right as president here's a policy team. Fund maker was a plus five. Last night. And I Jonas was a plus for. But the armour shot on had the best plus minus ratio last night. From Milwaukee Bucks to him. About a way the stats are brought to our friends in a broil chicken on the limit eight PP RO YO dot com eight PP RO YO. Dot com they're taking SAP and big data solutions to your company implementing them. And then have putting all that information together and it's deciphering and given back to your company's you can figure out the best course of action for you to take that is ample oil again on the web HP PR OY O'Dowd count. Talk about basketball markers in Huntsville Alabama Mark Walker the program I don't man thanks for Holmes has a longer time. There are different yeah. Go. To smuggle the sides yeah. You're definitely been a while. Home a W do you not read a lot of people and WS but you have to have been allowed to the president putting about. It was like critically look at that outlook outlook you can go it. Little bit I didn't. Come home on the Xbox version of the bowl would do have more respect to a point about our people here don't you know yeah. Well long story short. No I also opened in the national media were particularly. Good there are no. You know basically. Nobody involvement. Didn't seem here in the hole they've Bob Barker movement. Billboard and everything. I don't understand why the media is being you know the whole outreach dirt course I mean you can spend that yeah which doesn't mean he's going to. No. Let out three you can dine and that can sort of in. Between all of them. They've agreed that they couldn't own the team slowly they need each other. And I know that the national poll ruling. You know when mentioning them nationally and you want to count appropriate cut corners on the I mean you don't do arena or our servicemen are involved. Mean idol don't understand you know how Old Dominion continues don't cordon. Nor popular Korean abilities. This. I am calm this thing because he was the director from mid 20066202000. Since October 2070 taking over. Four for dole for a James Dolan who's the owner of the in New York mix. And he was there from mid 2015 to June 2016 when layers are eventually took over. Bomb what is it what the assumption is is that he was just there at that particular timing got out on the newest. Signaled that I haven't you know I'm not familiar with. You know all of our arm hoopla that's going I mean it would of gotten quite I probably lying to put you know when you're. Know that you got family here and how you would look at Bagram. The pertain to welcome to most of the economic impact. Are the Bakken premier. That don't anything like bill in any nerves are reprehensible behavior. Little would need you and Freddie bought. Right no I I I get there mark Karr got to run your top of the hour the real quick and outsourced basis again but basically it was the Weinstein Co. Okay party Weinstein we all know has been accused numerous times numerous times of of sexual misconduct in in rape and sexual assault images you go on and on and okay. And then according to court reports which were obtained today by USA today there was a kind of broke the story. There was a suit filed in federal Manhattan court by six women who alleged they were sexually harassed. But because the Weinstein Co. Okay. James Dolan who's in New York Knicks owner. Was the head of the Weinstein Co. from about mid 2015. To June 2016. As a New York based company he was there. They they claim that he knew of Weinsteins. Practice they call it predatory sexual conduct toward women. And then. Doling got a wealth Landry took over. From about mid 2016. Through October 2000 sentence about a year and a month or two something like that. And they say he also knew this which is a reason those two guys are are named in this lawsuit. I'll buy these six women who claim they're doing this for all. Of of the women that have live. Act accused of once you this we'll talk more about this coming up globally and programs are more like a show next. You're listening to the bill. Bill might cool sports talk that. Network.