HR2 – Best Brewers fan giveaway?

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Wednesday, September 13th

09/13/17: Hour 2. Tim Allen, in for Bill, chats with Brewers TV Voice Brian Anderson. Plus, we’ll have the Stat of the Day.


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A stock more brewers baseball as we hit the Schneider orange hot line and welcoming from fox sports Wisconsin. Ryan Anderson Brian how aria. Doing great you gotta get your own open what's the deal I mean that's easy enough to do. Still gone here all of do employer right now. Here's Tim Allen. Our next guest edit that then next time and then people won't be so confused. I I'm putting together my end of the year retrospective. And instill words were two weeks out of the end of the season here but. It only go through all of these things I take notes and every game Brian and I got to go through put things together. Has been a roller coaster. Ride of roster moves here this year and it outside of this organization is kick in and lighten their way to get into the situation aren't that. He had to completely. Right or wrong completely different philosophies and the Doug Melvin regime Doug Melvin was more. Bill that you wanted to ride it out and see players through and oftentimes. That would work especially. In 2008. That again in 2011. Obviously when you're winning as the brewers are that this group is. Very much part of the I don't wanna say. The player is a piece of property but they will make moves to make sure the Major League rosters it is fully prepared and is not it's not cold hearted not cold blooded I just think it's. It's kind of the way it's it goes all across Major League Baseball that's fascinating to watch. The moved I think the example you could have you know wait so long is back with the brewers now and you remember. When he was a rule five pick and he was kept in the big leagues all year and it was basically a roster spot that wasn't able to be used and so debt. Wouldn't happen right now I think the brewers are making so many changes I think it does two things first of all I'm Craig Counsell as a significant voice. On the personnel the ball club. He's gonna manage and that's a good thing because you need that connection between managers general manager and then ultimately owner. And the other thing it keeps everybody engaged at the Tripoli level and doubly level even as well I think if you get to to the public level with the brewers right now you've you know you've got a real shot you perform your gonna get a chance probably. In the major leagues and so I think that. Invigorate its everybody having been in the minor leagues as a broadcaster for nine years I was position. To watched. The Dodgers doubly affiliate none of those guys. Ever got called up to the big leagues other than Adrian Beltre and you knew it like you'd just knew you were either stuck there headed back to Abel very rarely we gonna get a chance in the major leagues and then I watched the bears come into that same scenario and other promoting guys from doubly constantly. And as a different kind of energy in the minor leagues which I think matters means a great deal when you get to the big leagues so it's really fascinating. Occurrence to watch how David Stern's and that are older doing their business and of course. Market announced it was kind of stepped aside and let them do their thing and again I think council's voice and that ultimately when he says this is the kind of person that we need. Really has strong voice and and that's great and that's what you want that's what all the winning teams have been and brewers certainly do an hour ago. Yeah I think that is an accountability kind of factor in both directions I mean you see some of these guys that have some success and when they're hit the skids man go to our work on aircraft and and you know they do it with. The intent that they know they'll beef treated fairly. And get called back up here namely McKeon Broxton M image right it would Willie Peralta and others with. As you mentioned brewers owner mark out and now CO I think he needs to be in the Booth a lot more. Eight data is that a nice run there at the ethical three times have been at that some. The brewers scored etc. and so you know the owner he put those headsets so there are always down their forum. Yeah absolutely. How she'd taken this what what here's what's your read on on mark got inacio here. Well I was curious that's why he came on the air last night as you know and I think that's what you references yeah yeah yeah about it. I it. I feel like this time around I think mark's been. Probably a little more hands off. I don't know if that's true or not it just seems that way. I think he he trust David Stern certainly trust Craig Counsell. As a leader Hisham motivate her. So you have both of those pieces. Connect to them and I feel like during the market inacio tenure there's been times when these pop then he's made a splash as an owner. Made a big move you know big signing or whatnot it's it was the offseason or obviously you gotta sign off on everything but you know I. His public perception anyway. And that's really all I don't. How many conversations with mark outside what is on the headsets with this but for me he's just kind of taken at all and he's enjoying the ride like the rest overseas. Agonizing. The ride like the rest of us so the brewers struggled and so. I think he's enjoying it as. The owner herb but also fan of the team and it's a little bit of a bonus that the brewers are in the position they're in right now. And I think he realizes that this is a good plan in place and probably feels very satisfied that. He hired the right men and David Stern's and hire the right man and Craig Counsell and you know I think he probably feels pretty good about with the organizations and it. Yeah I I agree with you were talking or Brian Anderson of fox sports Wisconsin. You see him nightly call in the brewers'. On TV and and Brian you know I don't get down there obviously as much as you do but. Dan Craig Counsell is instilled this. Out staying connected staying in and togetherness and supportive of of each other and you've been down there for years you see a difference under Craig Counsell in that regard. Why did I mean I remember as a player and I think he's always had a great perspective on the game. He doesn't dive into the day by day so much the ups and the downs you know you show up when we are losing you show up when you're winning and every day's a new day all those cliches all apply but I think council has a really interesting way. Of communicating that and and you know he's he's a champion right so he's. He's seen baseball played at its highest level he's got two World Series rings and he was a key figure. All of those World Series title teams in Arizona and the Marlins and so and not really expected to be that kind of impact or roll player I mean it was expected year old player not an impact players so. He brings a lot to the table he they don't share one bit with you from last night so. And run Ricky did this as well but I was really just blown away last night after the game we had our annual TV crew party. We do it every year the brewers put on a great spread. The the TGI Fridays and and we entertain our crew our camera operators video all the technicians. And has a lot of people there we've we've done it every year I don't know many organizations that do that but. The brewers with Tyler Barnes and only the Mercer feel like it's very important to do that so that is setting. And then a couple years market and not feel came and he made a speech and he was great and people. Really loved having him there all of our crew and got to hang out he would always state. Lleyton. So last night. Mark could make it mark had a flat right after the game and I just that council before the gave us so would you mind. Come and buy in could have said yes specimen that was the first well that's really cool and then he showed up last night. They made a little speech in the not only give you all The Beatles but one thing he said. He was appreciating the talents in the skilled apart TV crew to significant bodily. Our our technicians are fantastic he did mention goes we're gonna. We're about to have a memorable three weeks here and I'm glad all of you were here to capture all this for our fans and I was like. I can't imagine another manager. Saying it having the presence. To understand what that all means and then to deliver a speech like that mean we are our guys we're ready to run to wall right Gerri so imagine that with his ball club company's own speech making raw rock guy but. When he's asked to speak and when it's when it calls for a moment he he delivers those moments and I think that's probably the best way to summarize. Craig Counsell is is leadership ability and his perspective on everything that's going on for him. Being there with our TV crew most of these people been around for a long time we've got camera operators have been thirty years. He knows. What that's about pharma forum for that particular audience and being fans of the team covering the team. Well oftentimes you forget they're human beings behind those cameras and those microphones. And Craig just nailed it dead and if as he left and they were all do look at each other going that was special. I don't know how many Major League managers they would do that and be be able to deliver that kind of messed. Yet while some without via some other Brian though is because he I mean he grew up here and and I think to capture for the fans he was one and I've always. A wanna get to Cragg. And ask him you know over his years of of being a kid and his is pop that at the park and all that. You know with Bob you occur on the radio side being here as long as he has. You know full well that he cern and it's a manager shell the broader problem college stadium. And now all of a sudden you fast forward a couple had a few decades and and it's it's you'll Cragg I mean you you are the Q Ed you're the kid play in Little League Baseball lifers make. Yet Bob you appear resigned to radio now you're sitting in the dugout next to him every game. Yes that's bill out to big piece in your I mean that's kind of my point with with Craig is that he's he's a unique. Person to have this job because that's great is Ron Ricky was as much as I love the man. And and what he did and how great he was with a all of us always win or lose he was just a special human. You know even the California guys so there's there's nobody in the major leagues are no really there's nobody that could take over a job like this and have that. Connection to the brewers franchise record council doesn't. Even mis speaking as an outsider moving from Texas being the broadcaster and I've been here eleven years now but I still feel a little bit. Like the new guy even not been here eleven years because people. People do stay and there has not total loyalty here and I think it's it's a really special place and and Craig captures that members commercials a couple of years ago which was. Brilliantly done by name Greg Marshall in the brewer's marketing department and and and that was the truth. Mean it resonated because it's the truth so. Whether that and analysts say that's because he's been able to step away from a play for other organizations. When a World Series. Be it a different role elsewhere he kind of brings a lot more perspective to the picture than somebody who have been here. Their whole life elected Jim candor let's say or or even Jerry Augustine you know that they have that Wisconsin borrower's perspective. Craig table to bring a little more to that from the managerial seat so it's it's a fun ride and I said last night it. If the brewers I don't have a manager that your vote but if the brewers make the playoffs so I mean he's going to be. The manager the other is going to be stiff competition would bought black and toward development Craig Counsell what he's been able to do this ballclub has is tremendous. I just maybe it's my gut them I don't know what it is I think there's something special brewing under counsel I'm a huge fan and people forget. They fans forget sometimes he's still developing as a manager eased or near the manager he's going to be in a year or two were four but I do think he wins a World Series in a brewers uniform as manager Brian before let's ago. We miss CEO when when you're gone and nothing against the guys that are filling in for you but. You'd be pretty proud of your career as a broadcaster Brian to do what you're doing on the platforms it's doing them on. Well I am I appreciate that I mean. I am because I I I spent. You know nine hard years in the minors that was as much fun as I had. And I did a lot of fun but nine years in the minor leagues and the schedules of beast in. The bus ride to mean everything you've seen in boulder and that was it it was it was dropped. And you don't know audience. Kind of self motivating so sure I mean I'm. I never expected this you know I'd just. I just did my job and try to get better and so it's been great you know I've been here eleven years I've had a number chances. To go elsewhere have had some opportunities to go elsewhere in every time in my life and I've always landed on. Then oughta know to go elsewhere and and we we like being here my daughter's pretty much grown up here from second grade she knows senior in high school and carts and we love. Everything about it you know even the wintertime it's believe it or not we've kind of dig the fact the world bulked up and that we have plenty of opportunities to get out warmup. We've. This is such underrated. Community area. I'm trying to keep it underrated because I don't want people showing up they're like they didn't taxes when I was there and everybody just overwhelmed. The city I was living in I think it's a great place and I loved working for the brewers in working with rock and the brewers have been great to let me spread my wings a little bit makes me a better broadcaster to go to national gains in. You know as long as the brewers are happy and and after with this arrangement along as turner sports. Are happy with the arrangement that we have with the brewers and like I have no reason to do anything other than this. Let's say well real quick I needed to make Manson as you know I don't see each other that often but the in the interview with Vin Scully in the emotions that that were shown by you. A really renewed. They have respect for you Brian as broadcasters I love pass and I love emotion whether it's you know. As a broadcaster on the baseball field that was pretty cool to say. Yet I was a special moment for me in the you know he's such an important. Piece of my career as I said on the interview and you know I I started that first of all he wasn't granting many interviews so when he came over and is his guy boy cable over have been with. Would love to do an interview with Q if you would like gore and of course so instead it you know I just I wanted to dive in the more than men and you know one point it looks like you know feel like I'm looking into the eyes of the Pope. Like overwhelmed because that voice you know when you hear him speak and you're sitting right next to him and we've had hundreds of conversations. But when you're on the air with demand and you know it's gonna live for awhile. He speaks he's just. It there's something special about I grew up listening and the Saturday game of the week with joggers you know Vince Scully you know it was the whole run. It was the baseball bunch in and in this we can baseball on the missed the game of the week you know that was my childhood really so. Yeah that was great I missed then miss him being around Joseph Davis is doing a great job there. For the Dodgers but then then one of those he set the bar so high for all of us that will never get there are so he ruined it for the rest of us is always say. That stir it inspected. It was popular you know you treasurer Bob to that same deal bombs that much different personalities and then but you know just to be had a long conversation with you yesterday and we're talking about Donald Maier and just just that be in the present and hear the stories and like how lucky in my either. To be able have this conversation and the brewers in a Major League clubhouse with a legend like Bob you are so I'm a lucky man. Via that you and I both all right Brian Anderson hey great catching up with fuel will will see at the ballpark before the season's up mount. I would do markets are open their attempt on meant that you picked out. I can't thank you Brian. There is Brian Anderson fox sports Wisconsin joining us on these Schneider orange top line Schneider hiring drivers right now they work hard you work hard to treat you fair for eighty plus years they think getting it done called on the 844 prior to grow the Schneider jobs that come.