HR2 – Does Greg Gard get a pass?

Bill Michaels Sports
Friday, January 12th

Hour 2. How long of a leash do you give Greg Gard? Should would be considered with Badgers basketball program? Plus, we’ll play “Buy or Sell?”


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Promo links runs. This season we're Wisconsin sports fans columns should tall. The bill monkeys show. No I don't know Michael shows on the air we are glad day have you thanks so much in this Friday ever take a listen we certainly appreciate today as always on the Michaels ready or Joseph crossed the way. You wanna go all of his numerous ways to do so aren't Twitter if you wanna instantly respond at bill underscore Michaels at villains or Michael's or religious sports. Tracked down over the FaceBook fan page is well simply FaceBook dot com slash V bill Michael show and then all of which is the blue verified check mark by the way. And that always look for everything over there on the website bill Michael sports dot com that's bill Michael's sports. Dot com we were talking before into the job the break and ask the question is Greg Gard deserve a bit of a pass this year because. They they've had some injuries and got some injuries prior to. Really the season getting deep into it but. As is is Chris says chris' take guys remembered for the two guards went down with a injuries. There were four and seven he's a guard is paying the price for several years of poor recruiting classes conversely coach won't joke. Is it two years of above average recruiting classes in next year's class looks extremely solid. And he is on sale let's hope the saints go marching in that's talking about the game coming up this weekend in Minneapolis who have more pressure on. Because Greg Gard is expected to keep a certain level of standard mean bowl is always in the top for the Big Ten bowed head all of string of NCAA tournament appearances. Never missed it. So. Who has more pressure because the recruiting classes have been better at Marquette. Marquette then in essence should have the pressure because they should have better players therefore higher expectations. But I think there's a level standard that was set when Bo is there that UW has to hassled by the UND. Going backwards in in not making in ninety. Is not not acceptable. I mean that that's gonna turn real quick now I think there's a very passive I mean there's a passionate hard core fan base. Of badger basketball fans. But there's more and way more badger football fans that pay attention badger badger sports during that football season and there are during basketball season unless of course are making a run. Into the tournament than the entire states in ball. So. I don't think there's as many people that are upset. As to where they're sitting right now. Blight you're gonna look at the box scores and your look at the standings eventually Newser women does this isn't this isn't which is signed up for. Okay and NEC with dig into next year in Europe should you do you better testimonials come and then. That's gonna elevate this team you you kings got to be real did you DB got to see some people do this. Well he's hurt so I know that a starting next year. Yeah also today. Should Tressel also hurt this year and then this had traces one of those players that we really need to see whether or not he can elevate his game. And doesn't help that he is this foot injury now he is supposed bedecked at some point. I don't know away and maybe in the next month. Why Greg guarded me it's a big answer 2018. He does this team that this is so foreign bill. To. Badger nation when it comes to. Those the success of this basketball program has had for so many years what Paul Ryan has done. Things have drastically changed and you ought nor talks about this but Greg Gard was responsible for a lot of recruiting under Bo Ryan. Now Greg Gard is in the situation where he's doing the recruiting and now it's his jab to coach these kids up the problem is they can't stay healthy. And you're reliant on Ethan out every single game to go up there to put a double double numbers try to be double teams. And then Brad Davis and who's really I think he's played so wells true freshman. It's those two guys that are kind of lead in the way and then after that what do you half. Mean you're you're really you're kind of dig in deep here now. Brevin Brit soul. I'm kind of surprised he's not a ball more offensively it was good to see the other Vegas Nebraska in the second after he finally got his game going a little bit mean. We really don't know what reverend pretzel is. And Britain pretzel that could be a big mess under Greg Gard. What I just feel like this season a lot of things have not gone right forearm injuries have been I think a big thing to let the badgers also. People forget this tape played four straight top 25 teams to start the season early in the year four top 25 teams. One by the way it Celek they got blown out and Noble's games some close games and inexperience badgers team they've also. Got some big games coming out just do got Purdue led damage literal day they've got they've got a big games coming up I mean they're half. You know I I'll be honest with you I can't believe that the the way they turn things around over Ohio State Ohio State's undefeated in the conference right now. Although I'm blown out to Ohio State right back games for brutal I wish I can't believe how quickly they turn around at the Fed ma so you know you've got right now you've got three really good teams talk the Big Ten. Michigan is still fourteen and four in another three and two in the Big Ten even Nebraska sitting at twelve and. Six. Or twelve and seven Reynard into the Big Ten as well. And you've got you've got some decent teams that are Big Ten that you hit it doesn't get any easier menu would woods on the schedule your Purdue company coming up. 8558308648. Talk a little badger basketball it's good to delisting was in fell more do you walk into the program and a Michael show. I had the ability joke. On they're being jailed on two little wonder about the shift today. I'll give cart path because they pollute our and that always being. You give clashing maybe you don't to compute that you crude which culture pop. Anybody doing your ex couple right. You also like that through the class for you going did you not actually been at this point correctly you into a pretzel didn't disappoint not you have to rely. Also freshman sophomore and quit playing which aren't strong when he connected again which shall keep making seasonal. Start if he's in the oval. Are these soft more of those diss set way to their junior year. I may very humble keep it to you like if I don't got no don't excuse couldn't keep total market bit the big east right now or animals deep dish. Conferences in America from front Quebec market is pretty much later it was far more. Yet got one junior they got once they pretty much leveled off or they claim that trip and actual child Opel rise. In almost so conduct they know your dog in basketball we will be back extra large white streak Al stall guarded excellent cook. Correct you form a I don't recruit classes and adult culture and I think that started me about the badgers just changed fundamentally all that this frequently trying to formal ball to kill. It played less after basketball and swamps everybody complains they will go up and backed people. In the wanting power let backers for those caught were market without good score. Thanks so often that's what you won't believe what they'll do that that person could everybody what was the key word you know. Market was this little one but they're the troubles with the vertical well as a vote. Because the down market flop it in the back at that time. So now look at it there's no excuse but it could profit where are class and that's certain not my country I think that would that big of a recruit company. Are you expecting him kick it used up afraid you'll feel. The library item right now it's it's it's not just price well no it's not just tries to what I'm saying in goma who he says Bridget focal. Is not you Sheila a lot of things that are just on and only a year on accustomed to when it comes about basketball again that this is a young team that let's distinguish something here will come parents see people with freshman before but you're talking blue chipper and got a deal. This is a young team like the Milwaukee Bucks. This is a young team this is an inexperienced team. You're putting a lot of pressure on freshmen and sophomores to go up there and compete against some of the Hollywood. You can tag with freshman and sophomore if you're gonna go out there and doing much like say Kentucky does when you're getting five star. Top ten in the country recruits that are coming in as freshman and they're dominant that's the only way you're going to be able to continually surprised that I agree with you want. But what he's saying is his team before they Rendell injury. Georgia and it done and his team even though they're young they're still not playing that great basketball. And that all agree with his wealth and look I'm not saying that it should be higher but what I'm saying is is there's a certain level of expectation coming out of that program now. And even though they have had some injuries and even though they have played some Monday you know that the record is what it is people expect more out of surely do but when it goes to recruiting on back to these point that you don't have Greg garnered the same recruiting throwing more Greg Carr was a great recruiter for bowl. DE he's he's not recruiting himself anymore because he's got to do all the other duties of head coach what do I need to remind everybody that the badgers are never ever going to deal at the top recruits. We just be honest about this the badgers are never going back. One of the top recruiting classes in the country are not going to knock out to vote or not they're not the be in order ones are not due to not North Carolina Kansas and OK they're not those programs went there that next level. You had so many years you have final four appearances you've had so many years we've had consistency. Where you've been there you've had a exposures Alec people don't know what Wisconsin badger basketball is in an addition to that you put quite a few people in the pros. So it's not like day. It did this in the football side of things footballs been very productive but again they don't have a national title this team has been on the national title staging numerous times had a ton of exposure. And obviously when Bullock a little bit of that charisma. But they're rebuilding now. Mean you lost four I agree you lost four starting seniors lesser in this badger state. Okay that's a lot to make up and you can't expect ethernet to go out there and carry the load every single night that's not going to happen. You're asking Brad Davis and who again has been playing well this season to go out there and have a big night at any is he replays even now immoral said yesterday that you eat you've got a heavy and have beat the all American and everybody expects to be. You know in ago but again this it's the badgers success cannot just be on need to have no you're asking for a lot of younger kids would you guys like you gotta say right council on researchers. You have three guys that are scored that's it. The bench the other night scored nothing you have no shooters and rice keying on him. Doles of the guys who were supposed to rely on this year and their out king is done for the year tries will be back at some point it's just. For me bottom line bill give Greg Gard a pass for 2018. I've no I it's. And fired regard I'm not saying that all I'm saying you're gonna give a pass what I'm saying is you better have a lot more sitting on the horizon. That that's my point is that what people are gonna look producing great what did you pass in the next year if you don't get say above the 500 to get yourself back into the tournament. There is there a way America. We don't you pass a last year where's where's the talents of both becoming that one could guard. You that they may not be in the tournament next here either because they're saw an inexperienced botch the that would be where people really begin to Marquette on the other hand. What is martek and consistently be a top 25 team in the country. When is that gonna start now they finally got a big win against Seton Hall the other night he'd been about 21 minute. But the one issue I've always have a quote shall they've got scorers up and down but they have never been able to play consistent defense. Remember when I. They had a good dealer that's performance and aren't hall could not have from the outside now he's got the they can rein it from the state everywhere yeah. They imported from everywhere and this team doesn't commit the same play the same style basketball that buzz or or Tom Green had them play they've they don't you do this team's. This team is the chicks dig the long ball team. The big guys that can hit the three and that's the way they've lived in dot. But you when you beau called you're gonna die that way if you can't play deep Marquette is expect to go to the tournament this year they've got enough to get an 855830864. Gonna go and take a quick break his Porsche program brought by new male medical training guys with a ED all of the state of Wisconsin. On the borders as well they have not only the low key treatment when 90% success rate but also are the ED treatments with a low key treatments. They had a lot of success with those popular for more energy betterment of clarity better mood better stamina. Energy that are gonna give kids are due cordial lose some weight your sleep better tonight feel more rested and refreshed during the day. And then the only one weight loss program yes it works just call 414. 4554451. That's 4144 by five. 4451. Steve Mike and guess that sounds a whole state to more than a washer and art. Sixteen stations strong. Bill might school's sports talk now. Welcome back felt like oh shoot a it's on the air we are so glad. You are here today Good Friday to you. Good cooler Friday Syria are still down my body Scotty down and as Cincinnati called me on Monday. Now. A real quick background on this. Cincinnati is not quite different Cisco. But it's a really hilly area if you've ever been their Cincinnati the city itself lives in the valley. But everything else around it his all hills so they get snow there it's the image of snow shut the city. So on Monday. The forecast was. Eight to twelve inches and people there are going nuts I mean there's like a wrong on every grocery store they have all the television cameras out showing no bread milk is gone water's gone the whole thing it's like the way pretty apocalypse right. So. May get to Wednesday it says off. You may not get twelve to six to ten and it's it's it's you know you better get everything so they fixed. They show all these people didn't chains on their tires and it's like they're living in late hours on the you know. So today I guy caught on ice and a younger January to go over the weekend in the season we're gonna yield as sleet and freezing rain. So yeah he's agree there were expecting her to insist. So. They completely blew the forecast I'm Regis awfully down there. And they consider getting Meese the eight to twelve inches that they predicted in told her right to run by Brad milled putter and raise tabs and cows and goats and Brigham and your house and now they're gonna get maybe two inches and it should be armed gunmen Sunday. Sid good luck when that. Welcome back we are glad so I'm glad you're here to advertise a better read slowly forward to the break the spores in the program. Speaking of going around in the bread milk in the life ending stuff but you're gonna need to hunker down and your bunker. Quick trip has at all they've got the bread as mount effective quick regret is only to those for 99 cents in the specially bred in 99 cents and they're the milk in the breads and cheeses in the eggs and meat cabinets and they've got at all for him to stop in your local quick tribulation you stop until we said hi. So back to the phone calls in dole talked to Mike it was reduce the lacrosse and WK TYMIK. Duma or what's going on. Hey good bill bill well. If you're if you're given Greg guard to pass. Ask overall. And that shows you how you lower your expectations were or how low the expectations are. If you want him just a little bit of a pass from one injury filled season that's fine but for the direction this program is going to. I mean did we don't I don't see it. Yes. Block key if you want to believe he was the big recruiter was always there. Babies but then why isn't she getting recruits now or why are we coach and a mop. We've we've missed out and how was yours and diamond then hand wringing and a bunch of others hero to get. That the culprit the cupboard bare his bare right now. I mean I need to let Hugh Fink and let cyber law and it gets a ton better next year. I I I don't see it this is an improvement I don't think guard who is equality are a quality enough replacement. For a program that had been final fours. Perhaps for the Big Ten consistently always in the top 25 always going to determine a hall of fame coach. If you think you're that type of program. Then you don't hire a no name assistant danger next guy. You go out somebody work. Then that was a tough spot because both kind of put him in the situation which they had hired guards as originally remember Barry wanted to do a national search and voted one that I surround them battle. Oh. Manipulated the situation a little bit and then got a guy in there now. Like but I mean look where he art today I mean again. You're you're Jamaican you're making excuses and I get the injury part for this year if you can live with if you can put up with if you give him. The Packers a one year pass because of injuries you. Then I can deal which goes in a one year past because of injuries next year they're back in the playoffs right. I'm talking about the bat. Well then next year which does it better be right back to where they once were. And I don't see it happen. I I'd. Like Giorgio says appreciate the focal I don't. I'll be expectations gonna be and still determine next year I just don't know that's gonna be realistic expectations and Susie here's the other problem you know people talk about top recruits in the state we'll look at Tyler hero for example. Tyler hero was being sought at pine many programs including Wisconsin. There was talk that Tyler hero was gonna go to Wisconsin that would have been a huge get for Greg guard may be the biggest get on under his watch. But guess who came in his living room. John Calipari can now here's the difference. What success is Greg Gard really have as a head coach he doesn't have any success. Know what what is Greg Gard done so far. If Ed Ryan was O and finally when he took Bo Ryan's team when bowl. That team was found during a little bit great guard to get team over and then rose them up because they did play much better once regard to the back over got bags back to the basic downswing off. But I'm talking about. Right guard and bull Ryan head coaching wise. What his Greg Gard really accomplished as a head coach. That's similar to what Paul Ryan has been able to accomplish as a head coach. Sits difference when we're talking about when he someone like Sam Decker Sam Decker was highly recruited. Sam Decker was a very highly rated prospect that was being inside out and he would have gold Wisconsin because of the success of bull Ryan. Greg Gard does not have that same track record as ball just Greg Gard coach under bowl but more talk about great guard as a head coach. Not even it's nowhere close to bull Ryan Moore talked much try to get someone like Tyler hero. If you got cal Perry and Greg Gard goal when after I'm in your Tyler hero. You know if it was Bo Ryan may be that says only I'm gonna go play for ball because ball was that successful. But now the we got Calipari and Greg Gard if you're tether your Oakmont where you know pick pick Kentucky now of course that's where you're gonna go. And maybe that's going to be the issue on office because again. You go where you weren't gonna get a cal Perry coach of that ilk to come into Wisconsin. Who was out there that you're gonna silly drip away from another dime maybe. He. Worry you don't you work. Who's gonna come in Wisconsin ahead and I that I I don't remember the coaching can't I don't even think. I had there wasn't anyone out there that we were talking about on the showed say that yeah that's who Barry should go laughter because again ball had to say on it. All want a guard in the air period and want that. And so Greg Gard had approved to bury. And they got iMac hot rod never once thought the badgers were left for dead that seasoning Greg Gard brings amount brings the swing offense back they get things going. And then they went on an economy and product is Tony Bennett and obscenities and use it Tony Bennett Tony Bennett wasn't going back they sign him to that big contract so he couldn't come back like he wasn't coming back. There's not a there there's not a coach Al their bill right now that the badgers. Did say. OK this guy. Could turn this program around. My bottom line argument is best. Greg Gard. He's gonna have to do this on his own for the next couple years and were really going to see. Can Greg Gard with the recruits that he does bring an even if they're not the top recruits of the top in state recruits it's going to be up to Greg garden out coach him up. It does coaching staff to do what they need to do to make them in the best position possible to be successful. And if that doesn't work out in the next three years doom three years I always generous when it comes to rebuild as we all know. Give Greg got at least one year doesn't put his team in the tournament either next year year after he's not gonna get familiar to. Walls saying I won't have Woolsey I minutes and this this'll come down a very is very well he's brought it up to make another big decision. If progress is not made here in the next two to three years but this season for me Greg guard gets a pass. Here at 5830864. Ito wrote quote goes go to let's go to Stephen burrows Steve I don't and owns up. Pretty good pick thank you got a lot. I think Greg Gard big problem right now at that he doesn't have a Greg guard Logan that it would keep it for all. So I think and I think that's probably art it's fine brought out coaches in the first start out. So I think you gotta get in the past that and hopefully you Albert laws and a find that guy that can be what you bought for all. He he needs that you appreciate the focal he needs that guy I mean you hope to king turns out to be that. That next to all Americans that guy it's gonna take this thing to another level that's which are hoping for. And the east of the union put the pieces maybe get one more of those guys you command. You're the pieces together and then everybody else's filler but right now the big thing you're missing on this team this is scoring of any kind. You have three guys who can drop the basketball that's it. Nobody else 85583086. For a good I take Great Britain we come back. We buyers cell route around it right around the corner gonna go back as the Packers chatter coming up here to tell tiara as well. A lot more than a light Russia's portion programming brought to buy Marshall clinic health system. Training guys sell all over the state treating girls all over the state I adore the PD problem they can treat you I'm telling you whether your player. Or what he just some of the other at a little gardening and in the knees Kuerten in the backers are making LP out. Call 855. MC ports are. That's 855 MC or felt in many of the future home as little as a day you don't have to live with pain anymore is a little as a day. Just call made by five MC or so we're gonna Marshall clinic dot org Marshall clinic held his new official health care provider of meek more than a lot of your next. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. A look at on this Monday how weary look here. No Michael shown. Rolling along I'm bill Michael's radio Joseph across the way. Our our friend Matt writes hey guys love listening to the program and all the discussion. Big Packers fan here we see what the off season holds I feel they guard is making a lot of excuses for losses. Voted lose any of his big players. We have a way of getting guys to play better. And making them earn their minutes do you think they guard is just plain people now at this point just to play people because of the injuries and they haven't really learned to calm. Well I I Eddie there's a good combination there because when you start imagery you have to play you can't just say I'm not gonna play and just because. By. Picture you're not getting any scoring off the bench. So it doesn't matter who you're thrown out there. LaDainian scoring off your bench. This is one this was from pinching. Who says hey guys I'm looking forward baseball season nominee moves being made in Milwaukee Brewers is this worry you immunity heading out the spring training in March when you guys don't. It's a matter of fact and we just kind of solidified this will be out there. I'm gonna be arriving on march 10 which is a Saturday Joe's gonna go out there a day later in the week of the twelfth we're going to be out. So we will see audit Maryville baseball part of are going to be out to the week of the twelve. In the best part about it is that the Girl Scout Cookies were already be sold by the end. And I'm going to be heading out there zona and kick him back during the day watching some brewers baseball. And college basketball at night as March Madness will be underway and we have defendants with me pack. I'm just looking forward to. They don't that's organ mean. So are ready are the weather radio shows travel a lot we will be radio row. Live from radio row from the last week of January into the first week of February. And then we're going to be alive for merry go baseball park. Out there are the week of march 12. So look for a sell their event so we're terminal or put some frequent flier miles on a show outward. 8558308648. This portion of the program. I'll be brought to buyer friends it quick trip again topped your alternative fuels Nokia ATMs in Mike Hsu Stockton Qwikster today picked up a group of coffee which are really enjoyed our of those smug you've been talking about. At half price and he said it was already because I had the no fee ATM it's always great to get your own money when you ought to pay for so they got things are different Mike for shooting us an email regarding our sponsor Qwikster. Some brewers news so we were just talking about the brewers Bob nightingale reporting that Corey can enable won't get a nice healthy raise 23 point 65 million dollars for the 2018 season avoid pain. I was actually our attrition lets you don't want that that is for baseball it's a drop in the bucket. Really that's that's like I got a 100000 dollars in baseball. Considering some of the contracts that are out there. Right odd to reducing by lower shell let's give him that now Dario Joseph shot. A world of sports a lot of people say a lot of things. But does it past the big unit test let's play buy or sell. This is the bill Michael's show. Our solid bring in questions is ready or dozens all of when he got more like the statements the Packers need to re sign Jerry Evans. Bomb shell on that you don't need to from you like to we played pretty solid Jahri Evans had a nice year for piece tonic contemplating what he wants to build. He's even talking hinted at retirement so I don't know even if they wanna do I only know they're going to be able to Aziz hinted that maybe this was his last year. But if he does say I'd like to combat yes I that I think good jury Evans would be pretty solid and he played the entire season he was very quiet. You know Dave wasn't terrible wasn't you know wasn't this. He stole a blocking. Road greater than I'd like to see but he could play pretty solid season. So you mine you'd like to keep as much your line intact as you possibly can so yeah I mean. You like to sign him but that is if you can because he has a question in the back in his mind is whether he's actually called career. Free agent signing that worked for the Packers sly yourselves. The Packers need to give him an extension to Morgan Burnett. To see. Combined. I'm buying it because again it's a veteran he knows the system he's been back there quite some time he's got guys around him that he trusts. You talk about keeping veterans keep a veteran now. I have to put with a copy. What are you gonna pay him. Because it is just going to be another guy is good demand double digits of millions I'm not doing that. Knew there was some talk for a while he's in the he's June 11 or thirteen million dollars on like there's no way in hell and pay Morgan Burnett that. Morgan Burnett sacrificed money in his season this year because of the way they used him as a linebacker. By. When you look at it there's other teams that are starting to do this they're putting the smaller faster guys more athletic guys. In the linebacker position that it would judge Joseph just here and Josh Jones and more successful. So yes I wanna see them sign and keep a veteran guy. No I'm not gonna payment on money if he's gonna get guys to demand more than more than ten million dollars it's not gonna happen. Buy or sell. DR Andre Jordan to white power or Hassan Whiteside are in a Bucs uniform before the trade deadline. Self. The Bucs are gonna stand pat. They're gonna wait for the offseason to see what they can get is for the big men marquis goes so they don't get a big man and all know. Oh well it well did make it Bogut but it. Right now and you do we talked about it earlier at Jordan Howard and that's on one side that I get any of those guys. The prices too high. You know you're not you're not gonna could people's civil trade him or he's an unknown commodity that just days and no money promised time and effort into him. He got it right where you wanna be KG he's he does eat once a contract. Why don't road Gonzales and trade chip away. Now he comes back he has played well at six months well then you go ahead and cut loose. So okay calculator. But no I am not doing that I I'm not giving up the farm right now for what you have even a title contender. If this team was a top two or three. But you just needed that big man yeah I do that. But they're not this kid Kenny and weak they can't win consistently over bad teams why in Helmut given anybody got to go get somebody. For a team that can't win consistently over bad teams. So no I'm not I'm not doing that just yet you're you're about ready to hit the ground running you're just generated the ground running right now. So I'm not regular perform just to get a guy. Body or say oh. Yeah honest puts up forty tonight against the warriors yachts shall put up 27. And here's the reason once or twice him. Here's the reason 11. He jumped two teams of work. Pack a box. Total value honesty beaches packed the boxed macaroni on some make everybody else gore if they can't. Then you start to spread it back out but teams have learned to do not allow the honesty have free rein particularly. He'll just flat out Q so we've seen teams do it. Stagger around me honest try to stay as close to as you can harass him. And let him kick it out in a guy start hitting a flight suit starts hitting it middle to start hitting that you gotta spread things back out again but until they start hitting consistently news. Nosedived their Ford's days it's gonna diminish his productivity. Warrant for settlement of throwing an extra virus also rigor to more or. The warriors put up at least a 120 points thing this blog planet. I and it's some minor. Johnson had 27 how to defend against the warriors but the thing is. The box always flow well I don't go against him until they get up for it but it's always against the warriors are the. Some good game tonight class comes out and see finals for them getting out of bed today. You know they'll they'll get up for this game but they'll still score 120 they'll lose once when he won those seven. And do you you know today they could what I don't get me wrong they convicted turnaround one when he won eighteen or something like Danny's there while they got away against the warriors and then. You know all assuming a play next against Michigan gets IUP why you addressed it. So. I would be surprised the won but I'm saying 14103. Fox take it on which any honest with 27 points. And if it becomes a shoot out nobody said. But yourselves OK so here's the last one for you are right back to the conversation we had a college hoops. There is more pressure on won't show then there is on Greg Gard. The no. I'm with selling that even though we'll just have a better recruiting class and there is expectations. Be still tough. I think there's pressure but there's not as much because people are doing Wisconsin is the big program. That's the one that had the most success in recent history they have more than a decade of sustained a tournament appearances. They've had numerous final four appearances it's coming off of the highest of the highs. And great guard got it on the backside those teams during the founder a little bit guard came and picked him up diamond determine made an impressive run got a job earned the job. And now he's got quote his guys that are starting to take over as programs not looking nearly as strong. I think Greg Gard like ice UCL given three more years as he gets to eat it next year. Still a young team goes say okay may will be a little loop there but if you don't get that team back in the tournament in two more years. He'll be he'll be looking for a job. There's very very doesn't put this week period as what's your program founder to the point that he has to go out and it's stupid and recruiting some way to command in rebuild a program again. Very won't cut it off at the head is never very good one to begin. Very wanna do a national search very it was kind of force number is throwing the way things unfold. With the way the rumor started elbow and invoke got out of there quick to guard took over in a guard turnaround. You had to get the job we also you can get the job. So very didn't get to do we wanted to do. And varied as what the program down to where even if you wanna go after good coach you're gonna see you kidding me as you can before yours just you that thing back respectability Lebanon until the fall like that but. But the issue here is. If Greg Gard is not the answer. Then who is how do you get one of the top basketball coaches in the country to take over this Wisconsin program you're gonna have to take someone. And assist them. Well that's not gonna happen. You gotta pay him again and see if somebody's gotta tie here or something like him people keep bringing the main shock or Smart somebody's gonna have to cut you got to pay him. You're the figured out you have to pay to get to come in because this could very sick this debate last higher. He does a one of the Woodbury who decides who were to ride off into the sunset. With the a glass of Scotch in one hand in the cigar or any other and go down to Miami and ten permanently. He does not wanna do with any portion of the athletic department. In stress he wants to go is say look what I did. Not only did we build it up and I brought the football program back to life but then when I left we were one of the top schools in the country athletically. I'm not gonna allow basketball found. So I have a feeling it he got a short leash in Wisconsin two year windows about it. I'm way too generous when it comes to rebuild sensors may have I'll admit he's not can be part of berries legacy. Could barely figured as what very comes in gets his team back to back suit Rose Bowl next thing you know it's it's a prominent program. Then they re build and renovate an added in additions to camp Randall stadium. Then additional athletic facilities are grown. Then you've got the pole setter you've got voted Reagan and I mean I think just his coin and just this past year they were third overall in total. Academia and athletics in the country. There's no way they were all that there's no way he's gonna allow this thing to slide back into the eighties there's no way and now so it's a short leash. Very gonna demanded and there is gonna say look at you don't get it together you're out he won a national championship. That's hockey program started Democrat or stalked you later get your ass out on the hit two hockey stick if you pass me. Eight and a so there's no way they're gonna allow him three years to let this thing continues slot you've got two years. Injuries this year next you get it back on track if you don't get it back into the end slowly turn in two years. A healthy badger team next season. I think will be the true measuring centers where we know where this program is right now maybe it's only everybody is healthy next Europe's immediate injuries again. Funny car you get injuries again I mean you know that was. And guarded they get more injuries next to the argument is going to be where is he is the recruit will depth that other teams have that you don't know if you move memories a top player your top scorer or whatever that's gonna hurt you but you get a couple of injuries. They're gonna say where is the deep depth that other teams are recruiting you're not getting. And that's going to be that's what it was ultimately cause you're only as good as your weakest link. If you've got five or six guys Dee and your bench in just they're guys there that are just tackling dummies that's on you. They know that is why awards show us they do more than my gym next. Wisconsin one. Bill Michael sports talk and work. Welcome back. The Michael shows on the air we're glad to have you thanks so much particularly listening has always makes you find everything about the bill Michael show podcast downloads. Listen live go to. Oh Michael sports dot com as though Michael sports dot com. Going to be heading over to yeah sure all looking forward to it. Don't narrowed buyer of good friends a lot of good says sponsors and to me take us or they're quick trips one on. Also our buddy Dwayne from wings cover all of in Wausau home upholstery business on links furniture boats cars he does at all. Go to twain's cover it all dot com points covered all dot com also the Milwaukee admirals and more experienced nonstop action in Milwaukee admirals hockey. The play down the pandering for more information. Go to Milwaukee admirals dot com they'll agree promotions and bands and stuff the player after the games in Milwaukee admirals dot com are cashed bag. Mill hockey also are our bodies stews florid stews Floyd talked about them. About a week ago stews for men I don't want to show they're fantastic people they came to my house. And dice or it's argument has merit sizing and came in my house. And said yeah I will take care some of these strips and stuff Fauria you know to minimal charge okay great they do great work my god my wood floors look fantastic. Holy smack committee got. Good stuff stews foreign Al Waukesha as well and there there'd there'd there'd be way and the if they have a pretty few good guys out there and play some pretty good softball from what I understand. Odd sort of like later on the program today. Our buddy Mike Clemens is going to be here. And in mice got some good stuff coming up from ten listened because Mike Kidd Michael always bring something that you know nobody else right Mike always has something like. It's gonna hang around in the wind where he's he's the mall have always said Mike's like underneath the ground up there but take a listen to some of the stuff Mike has come and Mark Murphy talk about Charlie just. I also want to recognize many Charley casserly. Who was very helpful to me in this process. NATO he's gonna talk about Charlie casually or a relationship there. With Mark Murphy and Charlie can actually in my digs into a little bit and and then he's got a court he went out of your about John Fox John Fox lost is monkey fatalism. They demolished in trouble. He planned retirement to divert us solo. John Fox losses monkey and we all lost a monkey one point or another. That's coming up here in about an hour and twenty minutes stayed true we got a lot more than a like a show evident. 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