HR2 – Have you enjoyed these TD celebrations?

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Thursday, October 12th

10/12/17: Hour 2. Plus, CBS Sports Radio’s Scott Ferrall stops by. We’ll also chat with UW-Whitewater Football Head Coach Kevin Bulls.


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From the league runs to the river runs this season we're Wisconsin sports fans column should talk. The bill Michael shown. Here's your host the home Michael's. Welcome no Michael shows on the we are glad to have you gonna media talking. With Scott for relevant for a wanna venture from CBS Sports Radio coming up here. Shortly we'll chat with him on. Daewoo the kind of follow up before we given discount for row. And just a quick opinion have you like with the NFL who's done by allowing the players. To do choreographed in such end zone celebrations has it made it more watchable I guess the best way to put it. Have you enjoyed got a lot of fans have. Mean don't get me wrong we are that we live in the land of Lombardi of act like you've been their before. Wellcare. That's that's were really needed it speed. It rings loudly. In this area. But I got it man I've enjoyed some of the things that you know the players have come. And I just wanted to take the Paulson deceive muted too. 85583086488558308648. Personal loans by Kim dotcom told free talk on. 8558308648. Argues a call I just wanted to not have you enjoyed. Wide toe with the NFL visit has allowed the players to do with the players have done what. I have I've I've found it to be creative and I love creativity have said that before if you get creative. And you do things that are that are cool. No problem when that if you're not demeaning anybody. If you're celebrating as a team. I don't promise that I always hear from a guy is it that one a run the fans yelled look at me now at Lambeau leaping is different ages it is okay that's that's. That's tradition that is. Something that players aspire to do it Lambeau Field. Palm before most part of always been a big proponent of being celebratory. With your teammates and that's resisting a lot of right now. A lot of guys are bringing something that table was Jordy Nelson said just a little while ago. And and I'm enjoying it I remember a lot of fun when I'm on a lot of fun watching I anticipated touchdown sort can see what it is they're going to do next it's almost. Palisades boring because I don't think it's ever born and play. Now it you know if you scorer he's Cunningham the bulk of the refereeing. It's all you're looked upon it's like you got to come up with something not a like a set I don't see any crazy a levered on one seat all kinds of stupid stuff and eventually some mice and do something a record for everybody. Because it's the way it happens unfortunately. But right I'm I'm enjoying with the NFL's doing right now 8558308648855830. 86 foray in the loans by kip dot com. Told free talk on just wanted to take your calls are you liking with the NFL has allowed you like you with the players are doing when it comes to end zone celebrations. Four. I don't wanna get in the rest of the stuff BB a protest in stoppage there's so many people that have. Soured I mean it that stuff his soured them on anything else regarding the NFL you still watch because you watch and root for your team. But as far as like watching other games and such just look at the ratings. The ranger down. The ratings have gone down union. And like a suggestion having its its may be listed some mentality of people just one he'd be over there was an anymore. You know they understand what's going on. It's created quite the discussion but people just won't be beat over the head with a more some more about that come and appear. In just a little bit we bring him in now from CBS Sports Radio you hear him all the time on now while our local station our flagship station out of Milwaukee. I and all the stations throughout the state Wisconsin Scott for a host of Perot on the bench. For you don't money. And it thanks for having me on everything is great man. I am I I've gotta take get your take on what you think first and foremost about the green bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers in season he's having. I mean he's sick. Odds and it. Applies stray. He's just absolutely. Surreal is about that I loved watching him he's invigorating a lot she's just all and every game. If you get that out of all the minutes last. And they're you'd better get out of away because it's common and you know again just caring heart out of the cowboys he owns. He owns. Late game heroics in the run up now he's the bass. Late game quarterbacks. Maybe I've ever seen. Literally mean Joseph Montana. Aaron Rodgers that's I want and I Brady's great. But usually they're winning. So it's a different situations it's Brady you know terrorizing you throughout. And beating your brain and and they are leaving until you. I'm like what they did last year and a suitable obviously take that away from the equation he's usually on top games. But you know Rogers teens at bat you know this talent here that talent there but he made a lot of guys look really good. Because now they've had averaged gains averaged gains out in games all the time playing. Games all the time plant down their competition all the time and then there's been different maker of the equation is them he was great. Date collaborate Cuba greatness and average seat instill. Pull out miracles and he's just such. Credible talent. That watching him is Mike Bossy you'd have to watch this guy every week we don't watch your route just like football you're a loser. I I think I I wanted to ask because I listened to when I listen jealousy you go over somebody every numbers and statistics and you get into that this presents such. But with this team the way it is in the NFC there's no clear run away. Head and shoulders above everybody else we believe that at Atlanta should be the most complete package with that being said. How much better does this defense in the Green Bay Packers organization have to perform for Aaron Rodgers to get back to a Super Bowl do you think. But the great question though I think a lot better to be honest Lydia there as I said there in games where there. You know getting sat down to a different level of competition whereas instead of being Albany game. They have do come back in the game and it happens all the time. You'd you'd seen on it would de hail Mary left and right. It's just a constant battle for them. I'd like what I see and I'm right now I'm not gonna deny. Daryn first they're winning they're hot they're good. If you don't have to worry about hammers receivers I think the question is not brought it had a lot of injuries that double Lucas etc. they'd have to be healthy. Offensively you cannot worry when you have a guy like that there entire franchise's success will depend on the defense. Their linebackers. They're secondary. Unless they're ready Iraq it will all come January. They won't go to the Super Bowl it all comes down to making stops. Get back. Getting pats defense or passes picked. And that happened a breaker to let turn over. Late in the game are and then you know middle of the port quarter that can turn up a board game upside down that late in the states. It's what ruins genes. In the NFL McCartney doesn't you know what I know that we all know what you wait for a mistake and whoever counts on that capitalize on it usually wins the game. Talk with Scott for all for a lot of urgency BS Sports Radio. So I'll wanted to ask you who wins do you believe right now the real deal in the day in the NFC area of Philadelphia sending a 41 I still don't know if I believe in them I mean obviously the giants are complete train wreck and I thought they would be better this year. Dallas I still have a belief in Carolina seems to have turned it around who do you believe is the realty. Well I think tonight you're gonna see two good football games and salient and Carolina Carolina looks to be back. So there normal selves after a hangover from their super ball. Failure. Where it came might cancel so much she lost a year others like. Begins the difference and that about game. Bill is that their pass rush is is just on fire they've got. Tremendous pressure on the pocket they're making life miserable for every once. State beat up Tom Brady and that's how you beat them if you're going to be the pats and Tom Brady and Belichick you have to do as a giant mastered in Super Bowl. Put him on his dot. And I mean a lot they hit him a lot and they would and they erupt if not and I like the way Carolina pass rushers you'll see it tonight against Billy. Affiliates in major problems up front right now with injuries they're patch work tonight at offensive line to keep that game. And about games are won and locked inside in the trenches you know that. Philadelphia at Lott for two reasons wedge and really. A deep and that no one ever thought it was going to be doing what they're doing any kind of surge back there would be blocked. But if they used one effectively and and there are Smart with them and and keep him. You know flash don't overuse them just pound them in that game situation where they acted like. Raiders are kind of doing wetlands like this he got elected equivalent to about maybe they overused it a little bit in Seattle and and glorious career down. But blunt now at age. With all the banging eat steak and when they used them effectively in small doses he will. And step on your day. He would say. Brutal grinding back it will literally just destroyed. Guys. And run over him and. That fact that they can get that one yard or the fact that they can get that port down or that third down and sort and they get app Winamp and again. Great pressure up front and they're getting wins. Well and the different guys I mean that they look dangerous to me but those gains and I would put the Packers and Matt in that group I think Stafford. Is unbelievable he has the capability lighting anybody up. And I still think Atlanta. Is dangerous. And I think people again a little too hyper on Iran as a lot of people at the rams. Going places and there are bits and that I like barely. I think Bob has been pretty good. But pretty good doesn't cut it in the NFL yet to be great to win in the playoffs and and to get to the Super Bowl. And it got ready for that but they are happen that an exciting he's got about. Because they've been so terrible for so long. Hey before I'll let you go are a couple things I wanna ask you one being how do you enjoy the NFL this year we're just talking about n.'s own celebrations a little while ago. And I had to look I enjoy the creativity I keep waiting for somebody do something stupid to Wear the NFL has come downs OK we're gonna cut this out. Like how do you enjoy what the NFL is allow the players to do. Well I thought the vikings which tactic they're terrible to be inlet I just wanted to say that. I can't even bear watching what they expect gamers Chicago was so disgusting. Sam Bradford finished I mean it is not as my pillow. And I know that that may be mean to say that but let's face of this guy's been injured as we know the Norman. And I mean he literally gets injured when he turns up the alarm clock. But the fact is that dot that the state did the other night in at a Monday night game was that was brilliant stop that was we were all laughing at Masada. I would like the end of a lot bill have a huge fan of it. Altered rom what bothers dispute is standing feeling sitting this. Raising all that nonsense. You can't have that on me when that's over I don't wanna watch the anthem in the red does. Pregame shows per hour and everybody's ingenious and everybody's picking games. They all do the same saying these shows are terrible. Everybody's are predicting things wrong. And it's embarrassing. You can say whatever you want I think those shows are terrible all of them and I wanna watch football and win the game starts I am so all in and I am centered around. Great talent and great games all the games like the greatest game ever go to every game in about how has become with the greatest game ever played out the last. Snap the last app collapse that get the last call everybody. Hanging on the edge of their seats. It's almost like it's the text. Because that never seemed as so many greatest games the ball but it every week 1 at 4 o'clock your name on it UC I love the league. Everything that goes around off the field. And before that game. And after the game and the during the week when they're not playing you can have that and have a sandwich still yet he's. He's surrounds do about it I eat all that nonsense. But when they play. I can't get enough of it. Broad street and every comment I certainly appreciate you got a this year is up Pittsburgh repeating again and then the majority testimonials. If they win the Stanley Cup again and I'm gonna literally. I think I'm gonna run it like forced up around the nation naked eyes when it again. Three times in a row it's impossible to resist. No way it would injuries changes. Have. Players moving here and there are new guys. Constantly and again that all the bounces and he can't be entered the matte of fact that they want back to back twice in my lifetime is insane. I can live with that and I would that I'm happy man in my casket if they win it again I. I hope he'll lover and I can't about a title albums so much more than my family in fact. That if they do it again I don't know what I'll do it myself because I think they'll lose this year but I think they're gonna get there I think they'll be in you know. That you know Sammy Serb finally and I think they're back I think. They have a unless about playing hockey when you have guys like rod you've vaulted. I had a Murray helped beat the great playoff performer. But they're not thinking without Marc-Andre Fleury trust me I think that'll come back to bite him in the end. Guys actually bring in my friend you have a great day appreciate it will be listening okay. YouTube about doctor uses and they go Scott for almost a foot on the bench and CBS sports radio and that is the reason. But I was imminent. That's a strong man I love that that is strong. He Georges is not a Lawrence college not our drivers right now at York are they treat you fair eighty place YouTube the pain was more of his own family. It. David whatever over eighty years elevate under reported or try to go to Schneider jobs aren't coming 144 prior to go to Schneider jobs dot com that was freaking fantastic. Welcome back seven lacrosse refers television more but Michael Simmons. Border to border filled film Michael's voice talking network rescinded by marsh field clinic health system. Sam Bradford. Finished I mean it's not just my pillow and I know that that may be mean to say that but let's face of this guy's been injured as we know the enormous. And I mean I see it literally gets under way turns off the alarm clock. In your what are users of the alarm clock part. The president says it. Welcome back. You're still off. 85583086. Separated by a 583086. Foray. On the loans by Kim dotcom told free talk line 855 B 3086. Foray gives you shall that was Ben says that. This portion of the program rush to buy new Mal medical treating guys with ED. All of this it was Johnson beyond the borders and other location in Milwaukee wanna Green Bay they also have one. In patent. Does Chicago's Landers column in a 90% success rate is 98% success rate in treating guys with ED. And they also have a tremendous rate of treating OT treatments as well. Low teacher is really for better mental clarity better mood better stamina you can check them out also. You can check out the own weight loss program. Call 41444544514144554451. On loans might give dot com told free talk. A long. Let's just we talk about n.'s own celebrations prior to the prior to and fro on the bench coming on. Scott for all joining us for complements one to get back to that put you know I guess the question then becomes. He is have you enjoyed what the NFL has allowed players to do. Have you enjoyed with the NFL as a allow players adored no core way little baby on the quarter point of the season. And as things you've gotten creative things have been far and I know there are some people that are. For lack of better term there traditionalists. They don't wanna see all of that Jews scorer and the football often walked back to the huddle or whatever it is you're going to do. But I I gotta be honest you know I I don't mind I really don't I'm somebody that a look I think you should act like you've been there before apply. I have to say I have enjoyed creativity a lot of teams. A lot of the people led to a lot of players have scored a brought to the table 85583086. Torre go to Seth listening to a signal across FA doing. You know bill I am sure. Yeah on the touchdown celebrations I mean. I think it's great I mean I love it. Of the creativity. And more and meaning I think the players you know let them have more orange a little more. Camaraderie and long ago. LBJ that we keep taking it is on the ground. I think I think it's fine but the. Persia a man thanks. 8558308648. 85583086. For you don't loans might tip dot com to pull free talk on. Yeah and I've been a fan of another fan of that. And actually he was reprimanded for to be honest with. He was reprimanded for so I was yeah that was good to seek his every again you'd take it too far in you demean. That's now with the celebrations are for the for foreign. Not demeaning. Not demeaning the other team. You know you're not talking about. You know wiping you're in non goal post what random Randy Moss did it and in Lambeau Field during the like that what you're doing is just basically saying they have a little fun. Don't be carried away within enjoy yourself. How we wanna get rid of the moniker the no Fun League. 8558308648855830864. Rate on the loans by kip dot com tool free talk on. Brian Brian writes when he's email inbox. I am like here unit I'm a traditionalist act like you've been there before him the bulk of the refereeing don't do a damn thing however. I do find a few of the dances or choreographed routines funny. I found myself becoming more and more amused with the NFL and a good way. At least it takes your attention away from all the pregame crap that goes off we pay more attention to who's dealing who's not standing. For the National Anthem rather than the actual game itself. It's getting a little bit tiresome and it's getting burdening to watch the NFL anymore at least in fact. Takes my mind off of the mega. Appreciate it thanks for the email I I I. I hope you don't mean negative as in the protests and what they stand for not gonna wanna get deep into this okay. But I'll the only negative in that sense I hope you only mean negative in the sense that there's a ten's we more focused about that anymore. Meant as a man in the house and that's that's that's necessary part of things already KJ says for l.'s best radio guy in the business. Very knowledgeable tells it like it is no matter what log show them. You just joined us by the way if you just during a cent on the program and you wanna hear that coming up later on the failure to do is go back to bill Michael sports start comments bill Michael sports dot com. And I take a listen to Scott roles always fantastic. This one's from I Sheba. Who says love the end zone celebrations they get even more creative without actually using props. Whatever happened Chad Ochocinco. Using the pylon as a potter thought that was very creative as well you're not allowed to use everything. You're not allowed to use anything if you start using pylon and all I can set their ways are trying to one up beach. So. And who was a last year who is it to Antonio Brown the cut in the end zones are working and they sit out on no we're not gonna do that either. He was a simulated sex move and they didn't appreciate that. So they don't want tortilla anymore either. Has to be good taste and that I appreciate. 85583086. Foray let's go to Nicklaus he too was in Milwaukee nick welcome to the program the Michael show. I feel sorry codec and let's. Awad want to chime in on the those are celebrated. I think it groups for the day actually think. They've been what we know that sports in are saying overall not true that in the failed has been. That's from me in the tank for why do. In other sports players are out to celebrate. Soccer. Based. All in is all about hockey all this as sports are never could understand why. It's as our celebration was looked at the bad thing being a formal full while. Thought a really big effort game and in the same acts as. I I I agree I appreciate the phone call look we get we get through all over. Acrobatic dunks. We get through all over poster rising a player. We get thrilled at that flips. On home runs some type of celebration we all enjoyed. When Prince Fielder ran across home plate the bowling pins went down. But yet the NFL you only wanted to shut up and the ball the refereeing a back to the go back to the huddle. I'd like to set on a traditionalist but I not I'm by myself more and more. Liking what the NFL is allowed players to do as long as it's creative and far it's been pretty cool. Some of the I think some of these guys been as much time on choreograph things over the stubs and probably do don't know route. Despite looks. Eight point 583086485583086. For a we'll keep up with this also we'll talk a little bit to talk about the vikings the vikings scare you more than a cowboys you you kind of think this is a chalk up win. For the Green Bay Packers. 8558308648. Sports in the program also being brought by Marshall like don't just live. Get out there enjoy your life to the fullest that's right just like I did. I wasn't feeling good went there and my knee done. Now I'm enjoying life to the fullest. I was sick feeling terrible. Called care my way 844 care way it's 844 fairway. Gummy prescription over the phone feel better living life to the force it's that simple Marshall clinic. They can help you out Marshall clinic health system the official health care provider the bill Michael sports talk network end. Yours truly I highly encourage you to go check him out good Marshall clinic dot org that is Marshall clinic dot org. And that is a Marshall clinic health system mortal Michael show next. You're listening to go bill might school's sports talk network. Presented by marsh field clinic health system. Michael shows on the air. I'm no Michael traitor Joseph across the way can always get all listen find this on the website go to the Michael sports dot com for all the interviews every anyone listened to including listen live button. You find it always go Michael's sports dot com MI CH EE OS though Michael's sports. Dot com. Come up here in just a little bit Kevin bullets of UW Whitewater football they head coach there he's going to be joining us Jeff ever international baseball insiders going to be here after the top of the hour man. How far ahead of the game or the New York Yankees after knocking off. The Cleveland Indians yesterday. Man oh man. Proof. They they. Got to be honest guy and I never saw that coming. But the Yankees with everything they've put together. Including some veteran pitching from CC sabathia yesterday. They got the job done and they are now off to the ALCS will get into that discussion coming appeared in just a little bit. 855830864885583086. Foray on the loans we kept dot com told free talk went back to the phone calls. Marvelous thing to us is Ager AMR I don't name now it's up. Angela Merkel or are sure to actually job. Number. Matter. In that regard. A response. Two that celebration. And I felt that particular. Patent. I have been high school varsity coach shouldn't the ports and I've been a long long time shall. I don't like. I don't like all the things that the two I don't picket. I don't think they should be doing that kind of foolishness. For a couple of reasons. One. Article at the size of that because this opener now those younger. Bicycle it's a particular. Batter out it was to walk over the dugout at institute. At all or on. Yeah wasn't there a long long time and work to try and guess what in public I've been talked about. And all school cultures. Are hatched and coop. They're kids. Like football and score much on what a pre order. Ought to call. And throwing out good you are and all of that I think but there elbows and general everybody. But the ball. Referee literature it's quite a moment ago at the pin their act like an adult. Yep appreciate the phone call I there's a lot of people that feel that way we talk about trickle down effect you'll need to look any further. And what goes on a Little League World Series if you really wanna see how kids act and emulate the pros. All within reason because they know they pushed too far they're they're gonna get you know kinda heavy hands so to speak. But you'll need to see any further than how kids emulate pro players watched a Little League World Series. Just watch it and almost at times make you cringe. By the way some of these kids act. 855830864. Right if you're using the excuse of it's for the kids don't do. Again I don't I I love fund creativity. When you take it over the line when you demeaned when you are you know kind of warning in the correction. Of you know the opposing the opponent. That's one source to get any. 855830864885583086. Four rate on loans like it dot com tore free talk let's go to Jake Jake courtroom programmable Michael show. Hi guys thanks earlier I still like the celebration saying it is targeted state case well that'll be good. GO Marat then they took it over and and it get out of control addict but it's about sonic now you know where you Clark. At certain judge called me and I write a vacuum recovery. I think we have the option. Of have a top. And but I regret I have choked up a bit goes out at least eight. What are you what class were. That's the up at my opinion that you're Erica. I appreciate it I could excuse me I ate. The running back situation I think it's hearing jones' job to lose I don't necessarily sit here and say he's going to get. 25 carries a game nor is he going to play 95% of the snaps. What I think is forest running situations in the way he looked in what he's done and maybe his quote newness if you will the fact that he's not banged up right now. I think it all of that culminates. To him getting the bulk of the carries if it's 1517. Carries a game eighteen carries a game so be it if you're gonna get 789 carries atomic gummery. In that realm I don't have a problem. Doctor gonna give the war to Jamal wipes an arm problem on just simply saying what he did last week for the first time in a long time. You actually had a running back. To the eyeball test taker statistics out of to the eyeball test the quickness. Hitting the hole quicker. Did the cuts yet all of that. Following a block in knowing instinctual Lee went to follow that block or a busted outside wanna hold just isn't going to materialize. All of that. I think made him look more. Like eight Truman running back if you will. 855830864. Let's go to Jeff listening to a you know Clara won a five point one Jeff how you doing. Oh great you're great at. An hour away. Yeah it trickled out that of this celebration. A little high school level attention to your box where. Allow cooler than Abu. Celebration for a lot of kids you know. And I had level ever play act and elegance out of court like their credit card Ellie Koerner told British. After you wonder what their what are your thoughts. A allowing high school event he'll come gathered happy celebration Aucoin and always either lock up apparently what it would. I don't have a problem if it's a team thing. I added there's there's always criteria for me one. Are you involving your teammates is that a team celebration to. Are you doing it to celebrate are you doing it to demean as it pointed towards. The other team don't sorting subtle were later we're gonna find out that you're making fun of the TL you know the opponent nurses union something that happened to somebody or whatever. If you're just doing a genuine celebration no problem when it. But its way to what happens is it what it gets taken too far then it's it's very tough to kind of put the blank back in a horse or spate of. Yeah totally agree I think it's our cooperative about what level app but that's all. Advocates say computer seriously at Berkeley Kirk begin to look at the college or professional level. Right no I completely agree appreciate that phone call 855830864. It was wrong listen to us on the northwest side Ron Walker with a program the Michael shop. They worked so bill arm. I don't know man. I've got mixed reactions group who some of the the reason that new being. And put up a little war against god wanted to let down package that would adult content was just about now. And in all of us let me start bringing in hand you know I can't blame borrowers in tiger's event like. I don't. Know about you and I who would what was it doubly Blake Griffin ended up but Duncan over a Kia. Yeah Carter and yeah. And that's why Howard put on October may have diluted there's been all all of us but that don't. Became kind of liked. Now to get the public exhibit about the secondary. That allowed it just. The ducks aren't as good it and it's just gotten out of control and I don't need to enjoy. But don't worry yet it's angled it's hot. They've been after a while being so maybe can't be bad you know you kind of forget about games so I think comes at a pretty creative way it. I don't worry dad you know don't go over the top BW looked tired of the original one bad guys always outdo the other guys being duke of Oregon sports center. It's sold in any of it I'll get I'll and it would go over the top in his. I don't know this react to the bought the CBL. Have a problem with the guys spike the ball and Clapton fans but as meager air. Lambeau leap economic that what the scene being you know big they are creative and pretty cool sometimes. But I. No I don't go to aren't you. And in that you don't. Waiting for unfortunately that team you're actually right has a waiting for Bridget from us were waiting. The way for some way to go over the top and you have to kind of Porter all back you have back together again. And that's a shame so just like like gazette in George the team celebrations enjoyed. Some of the choreograph stuff to enjoy. You know you what it is some of these guys are coming up with but eventually summoned to take over the top you have to be slapped pork. And that's the way it always it's why we have rules and laws. Used to because somebody went too far. So I did something they weren't supposed to do out of the spirit of what it is. Was going on that three Wii and we rules and lost some of the most stupid rules that are stupid laws that are out there is because somebody did it. And somebody found it won't. You know. Somebody did it and somebody found the wrong. There was when we heard we used to do a thing. Years ago of stupid laws in certain states and there was something about you not allowed to drive your tractor. Naked. On and met the a state row or something like ID. And in and the thing about what you're laughing about it but the thing about what somebody did that. Somebody did that history and had actually come about law that you cannot drive your tractor make it on a state route. No longer will you be allowed to do this because. Somebody did it. You know it's common sense but just don't don't be stupid against the best way to put a 55830864. It. When we come back Kevin bullish UW Whitewater head coach he's going to be joining us we'll continue with his discussion as well. After the top of the hour CFM international baseball insider is going to be here what challenge him by the baseball postseason is portion program brought to my cousins out where they believe in better. They're the brisket going on right now the barbecue brisket will Wisconsin cheddar cheese crispy pickles. Onions horseradish Mayo they have the barbecue sauce all over that thing it is social good. For a limited time stopping any check that out download the app on your apple your android phone you can download it. And I ordered exactly the way you want it in and just be able to stop I'm picking up your local custom sub shore. I always recommend though Michael's pepperoni on extra mail question jeez at a radio Jude t.'s merger in there to go. Stop and any local presence out there the officials sub sandwich and go Michael sports talk network. Talk to you don't know why what are football coming up next in the Michael show. Wisconsin love. We'll Michael's sports talk and work. Rescinded by marsh field clinic health system. Michael show on the air reminding you coming up tonight we're going to be and most average father and while woods owes itself brought you by Budweiser go Michael subtle 68 tonight Jay peak adorn. From us back from sports is going to be there or chuck Freeman from sports Radio One 057 FM the fan is gonna be there at about purely going to be there a clear there is a face the crowd as well as you be good time tonight. Most Irish pub and wallets Sosa. Finally 100 and blue mound road six days all brought to buy Bud Light the official beer sponsor a bill Michael sports talk now where got to win last week. Show and Al you don't use down to a top 45 ranked team though we now go to the Schneider orange hot line. Coach Kevin bullets from UW Whitewater joining his coach congratulations I don't want. Or do great go to it was an exciting web. It worries it was a defensive game I guess more so than any thing offensively both teams were a little bit stagnant but defense who you guys created some turnovers and got it done now. No doubt I mean it was what almost did well it was raining and wind had to be about 35 Volvo got so that was really it castigated for the offenses and came down to our stake in the ball away from now Monday and we did not give up the ball out there really that simple. Got to ask you because if you place these guys play tomorrow night or tomorrow night 7 o'clock you have a lot of pregame the festivities there's a free pregame tailgate concert featuring a national country recording honors Jacki Lee used to be a lot of buzz around this. It what's it like going from you know playing normal Saturday day games to a Friday night game. A carried him or really for the player temper the culture it's not a huge change I mean basically. When you look at it Monday becomes Tuesday Tuesday becomes Wednesday and and it just everything pops of this forward so we keep our same routine all the precautions they moved to do your preparation but we make up for a that we partner to be. Be honest. You guys have beat UW across the last always at fourteen matchups there are losers from not mistaken in that you guys did have a pretty good streak against them. That being said it hasn't in the season you won and obviously so what kind of challenges you go Duke Lacrosse present tomorrow night. You all the crops and has an explosive tandem. With their quarterback. Mr. your view of him. Holcomb there wide receiver Sean it it's really going to be key piece for us is just not allowing them on real big place. United you know there are so good that you're back and now. Ball of fire them what you got to minimize their their big play damage that they can do media and offensively we got to take care. The football. And we got to get damaged or artful supplies in the last week against Al. We probably have three opportunities sturgeon bridge big plays that happen suggested China shop that both these priorities for. The things you and I talked about a couple weeks ago was similar turnovers offensively you're kind of hoping that even though he had some turnovers that the offense was started getting going last week he said the wind obviously. The conditions didn't make it real conducive to get the ball downfield but that being said how are you feeling about your offense right now. Right now I mean it's it's like or I feel like we're on the cusp of exploding but we just haven't done it. You know what I mean dollar and the sense of just really unleash a bit. And that was to me last week there was the indicator was when we've got a couple long perhaps we are you guys wide open window shop. Dropped a couple balls in and that's the difference I mean be it became a football. It's a matter of 34 place and you can backbeat addiction trickle win or loss or or or significant. They are counseled. The good news I guess is that your defense is still play really really well seven sacks last week forcing three turnovers. Amin and if you're gonna have an offensive even doesn't seem as if it's in you know kind of hitting on all ciller's if you got a defense is playing lights out like that given your offense the ball back you figure it's kind of like the buckshot approach eventually something's gonna hit the target right. All know belt and everybody now BJ and which means special with that environment that we have last week with the weather and everything. Craig Smith who was very important particular football I've gamble. And and American also you know minimize her limits public your scorn him in the keeping his picture that brown football a potential for. Coach jurors always should be a great atmosphere tomorrow night with a band everything going on down there looking forward to it and we will talk again next week vessel locker okay. Rick are you don't like it took our doctor scenario coach Kevin bullish in the you don't you what what are warhawks this this Friday night tomorrow night. Should've ball went out of Perkins stadium they've got a lot of good stuff planned warrant family fest day alumni day. Aren't that was last week I should say they have the the Friday night festivities pregame tailgate I should say. I would Jack Healy the national recording artist country music singer to get out there enjoy it tomorrow night 7 o'clock kick off and everything gets under way a lot earlier. At UW Whitewater in African stadium should be going on the parking lot at a time. Look forcing out there. I'd take a quick break we come back let's change or baseball shall we show up dev international baseball and selling a lot to talk about lot of good stuff going on policies are right now big game coming up tonight more than a Michael show right after this. Sixteen stations strong though. Bill might school's sports talk net. Presented by marsh field clinic health system.